My Exhibitionist Straight Brother - Chapter 14

(in which they do Dan's laundry)

by Andrew J

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“You need some help with the laundry, handsome?” Tom asked when he saw me collecting the dirty clothes strewn all over the floor.

“Uh, sure,” I said. I was leaving in a few days, and my big brother’s apartment was filthy. I felt a little guilty because my boyfriend Tom had basically moved in on day one, and I hadn’t done much by way of cleaning any of either my or Tom’s mess.

“I’ll grab the sheets of the bed and the towels,” Tom said, heading for the bed.

Good idea, I thought. Tom and I had been having sex pretty much every day, often twice. He was a leaker and I was a shooter, and neither of us really cleaned up afterwards. Wiping up cum seemed like too much work, and sharing those precious moments of sexual afterglow with Tom was too important to be bothered with anything else. The result, however, was the sheets desperately needed washing.

I grabbed all the stuff out of Dan’s gym bag. What a mess. Several sets of shorts, t-shirts jock-straps and socks that he’d worked out in were crammed inside. He was such a slob.

The laundry room was empty, as one would expect at 10AM on a Thursday. It was nice to have it to ourselves. It was a sweltering hot day, and we were both shirtless and wearing old shorts. They needed washing too, but would have to wait for another time.

“Here’s a bunch of quarters.” Tom pulled several quarters out of the pockets of his rumpled khaki shorts. I didn’t have enough. I’m glad he thought of things like that.

“Hey! Dan was wearing these ones last night,” Tom said, picking a pair of blue CK hip briefs out of the basket. “He looked really hot in them.”

The blue briefs were a pair I’d brought from Chicago with me, that matched a pair of my own. Those were my favorites, and I had several pairs. Over the last week, not just Dan but Tom had started using my underwear too. So there were a couple of pairs of blue briefs in the laundry basket.

“No, those aren’t Dan’s. You were wearing those ones,” I said. Then, picking up an identical pair of blue hip briefs, I added, “These ones were the ones Dan was wearing,” Somehow, I could feel it. I’m not sure how I knew, but I knew exactly which clothes were Dan’s and which ones weren’t.

“Hey these red ones here… I love these on him.” Tom said, grabbing a pair of low-cut red bikini briefs. I’d bought those at a gay shop in Chicago.

“Now those he was wearing,” I said. I held them for a second, and could almost see the outline of Dan’s cock in them. When he wore them the pouch was filled out completely, and I could picture the outline of the head of his cock practically at the bottom of the pouch.

I suddenly started feeling horny. A nice, warm tingly feeling originating in my groin started spreading through the rest of my body. I looked over at Tom, who was still eagerly rifling through the laundry basket. He was unshaven and unshowered, his hair was a mess, and he still hadn’t quite shaken the sleep out of his eyes. All this made him look incredibly sexy to me.

“Hey! Here’s Dan’s red gym shorts!” Tom exclaimed.

Gleefully grabbing them from the basket, Tom held them up to his face and inhaled. He paused for a minute, like he’d taken a deep hit of pot. Then he looked over at me lustfully. I was tightly clutching the red briefs I’d pulled out of the basket earlier.

“Handsome?” Tom said to me, stepping closer.

“Huh?” I responded. I could feel the warmth from Tom’s chest against my own.

“Would you put those red briefs on? Please? Please? I want to see what you look like in Dan’s underwear.”

I dropped my shorts in a second and pulled on Dan’s briefs. The irony was they were actually mine. But they were Dan’s for the moment… he’d worn them a day earlier, and that somehow made them feel infinitely sexier than the identical pair I wore. Knowing my big bro had just worn them, and that his cock and balls and entire crotch were contained intimately within them, and that they were now holding my cock and balls, made me terribly horny. My cock stiffened against the fabric as I imagine the head of my cock being exactly where Dan’s was.

Without asking, I undid Tom’s zipper and let his shorts fall to his ankles. “Put Dan’s gym shorts on,” I said, gesturing at the red gym shorts he was holding.

Tom obeyed. He’d been fully erect since he smelled Dan’s shorts, and had to stuff his stiff cock into the shorts. A dark, wet patch of precum formed almost immediately along the left side, right at the head of his cock. He looked up at me apologetically.

“Sorry. I can’t help it,” Tom said.

I took hold of Tom cock through Dan’s gym shorts. He closed his eyes. I loved the familiar feel of his cock between my fingers. The length of his shaft, and the tautness of his skin, and the shape of all his veins and ridges were very familiar to me. Always wet and leaking precum when he was aroused. No matter when or where.

“We should get this laundry going,” I said, swallowing. I didn’t let go of Tom’s rigid cock.

“Uhh huh…” He put his arms around me and started kissing my neck and caressing my shoulders.

I closed my eyes. It felt so good to be in his arms, and having Dan’s underwear on was having an extremely arousing effect on me.

Disengaging from him, and still fully erect, I loaded 2 washers full of clothes, towels and sheets. Tom threw his khaki shorts into the load as well. Neither of us took off Dan’s underwear.

After the washing machine started, Tom and I went back to making out.

“I feel so fucking horny with your big bro’s shorts on,” Tom said as he enveloped me in his arms and pressed his raging hard-on into me.

“Mmm… me too,” I said, wrapping my arms around Tom and rocking my hips against his erection.

As the washing machine was filling with water and making all the usual washing machine noises, Tom started caressing my body, and my hard-on, through my underwear. His adept fingers roamed over my bulge, and traced the ridges of the head of my cock, and the tender skin of my ballsac, making me jump. I was leaking precum into the shorts, in the exact same places Dan would have leaked precum when he was turned on.

As he caressed me, he kissed me. We soon began making out in full force, our tongue probing each others mouths and our saliva drooling into each other and all over each other’s faces. I put my arms around Tom’s ass, and felt his hard ass cheeks through Dan’s gym shorts. That’s what Dan’s ass cheeks were, I thought to myself. I could feel myself ejaculating mini squirts of precum into the already wet fabric of my pouch.

Then, slowly turning me around, Tom bent me over a machine and started massaging my back and my ass.

“You look so fucking hot. Hotter than ever,” Tom said lustily, kneading my ass and back through my big bro’s briefs. “I… I need to… uhhhh…”

I felt his cock jump free from the waistband of his shorts and graze my inner thigh. It sent a shiver up my spine.

“Tom we can’t fuck here… it’s too public and besides -” The washing machine’s whirring sound cut me off.

Tom slowly continued massaging my ass cheeks and the very private and sensitive inner area between them. I was in heaven, and could provide no more resistance.

I felt him move the leg of Dan’s briefs aside just enough for him to get his cockhead against my waiting asshole.

“Mmh…” I shuddered involuntarily.

He entered me easily, and, holding on to my hips, slowly built up a steady rhythm. It felt so good I was lost. As he fucked me I could feel Dan’s gym shorts against the back of my thighs, and my cock, held within the confines of Dan’s briefs, was pulsing with its own rhythm. The washing machine I was leaning over was cold against my front, but Tom’s body was hot against my backside. And his cock felt like fire.

“You feel so hot in Dan’s briefs.” Tom grunted and groaned as he fucked me. Somehow his cock felt harder than normal, and his rhythm was more furious and intense than before. His thrusting had a raw, masculine, almost animal quality that wasn’t normally there. He bit and sucked on the back of my neck he fucked me.

I felt hot. And I felt his heat. I was leaking lots of precum. The visualization of the cum stain I would cause, layered right on top of Dan’s own cum stain in the briefs I was wearing, was too much for me.

“I… Tom... I feel like I’m gonna cum” I panted.

“Yeah, go for it, stud. Cum for me. Give it to me.”

I felt a powerful force surge through my loins, and could feel the beginnings of an intense orgasm commence.

Just then the door burst open.

“Oh, wow! I’m sorry…” A handsome, 40-year old man carrying a laundry basket walked in to the laundry room.

I turned a shade of deep, deep red.

“Oh fuck – we’re sorry –” Tom started.

“Oh, no, no! Don’t stop because of me, I was just going to –”

A younger guy walked in behind him. I’d seen him in the building before.

“Tom?!? Oh my God! What’s up! Where’ve you been!” The guy smiled broadly at Tom, completely ignoring the fact that we were fucking.

“Brian? Uhh… Hi!” Tom voice was confused and apologetic. He was frozen in his position. I was completely impaled against the washing machine by Tom’s cock inside my ass, so couldn’t move either.

“This is kind of awkward. Here. Let me – ” and he started pulling out of me and moving away.

“Oh relax, Tom! Is this your boyfriend?” Brian looked at me, pinned down over the washing machine. “Hi, I’m Brian.” He offered me his hand.

Not knowing what to do, I awkwardly introduced myself and shook his hand.

“Now if you’ll excuse us, we forgot something upstairs.” The older man said, taking Brian by the hand and leading him out. “See ya later!”

“Bye Tom! Call me! We should catch up -” Brian called back as the older gentleman pulled him away.

I looked up at Tom. He was smiling down at me, blushing deeply. He was still breathing heavily, and his cock was throbbing. It was definitely harder than before.

I was really irritated. “Geez Tom, that was embarrassing. The least you could do was –”

“It doesn’t look like you minded that much, big guy,” Tom said, grabbing my hard-on through the pouch of my briefs.

He was right. I didn’t lose my erection through the whole interruption, and if anything, having gotten caught seemed to heighten my state or arousal.

Tom just laughed. “I love you, hotstuff.”

I rolled my eyes, slightly (but only slightly) less annoyed at him, and pressed back into his stiffness. I love you too, Tom, I thought to myself. He picked up his pace again, and before we knew it, we were fucking like just before the interruption.

It didn’t take long for Tom to make me cum this second time round. Tom had become adept at the timing and rhythm of his strokes, and he could read my body reactions like a book. The orgasm that ensued consumed me. The added combination of my delayed first orgasm, getting caught by Brian and the other guy, and both of us wearing Dan’s underwear produced undescribably intense waves of pleasure. I shot copious amounts of jizz into the pouch of Dan’s red briefs, and shouted out loud until it subsided. My shouts were joined by Tom’s as his own orgasmic contractions took hold of him. He shot his load deep into me, and his cum leaked out of me on Dan’s underwear and his gym shorts.

As the force of our orgasm subsided, Tom leaned on top of me and hugged me close.

“Mmmm….” I was filled with a sense of bliss. I turned around, and gently kissed him.

Then, looking slightly embarrassed, Tom said, “If it’s OK with you, can I wear these shorts for the rest of the day? They feel really good.”

It was as if he was reading my mind. I replied, “Only if I can wear these ones all day.”


Later that evening, the three of us were relaxing on the bed in front of the TV. We’d just gotten home from dinner (and Tom from his shift at the gym) and so still had our clothes on.

“Let’s get comfortable, boys,” Dan said, meaning let’s shuck some of our clothes.

Dan pulled off his jeans and shirt, and was wearing a pair of old boxers underneath. The dregs of his underwear drawer. It was all that was left to wear this morning when I laid out his clothes. When Tom and I stripped, Dan noticed we were wearing his underwear… me his red briefs, and Tom his red gym shorts. There were still visible flakes of dried cum on both of them.

“You boys have fun with the laundry today?” Dan asked, laughing. Tom and I both blushed.

Still laughing, he lay back on the bed and patted both sides of him, gesturing for both of us to lay on either side of him. We snuggled up close to him, and lay our heads on his chest. He put his arms around us, still chuckling to himself.

As we lay there watching TV, Dan held us, gently tracing lines and circles on our backs with his fingers.

“Buddy, can you do me a favor tomorrow?” He asked, ruffling my hair. “Grab my credit card out of my wallet and do some shopping for me. Buy me some more underwear. Get good stuff, like the stuff you brought from Chicago.”

“Sure,” I said.

“And I could use some more socks and shirts too. Check my closet. And if you guys need underwear, go ahead and get some more."

“OK,” I said.

"Do you need to buy anything for school?”

At the mention of school, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t want to think about school, or of leaving New York. My trip was coming to an end, and I desperately wished it wasn't. How did the last 2 weeks fly by so quickly? I buried my head in Dan’s shoulder as the sinking feeling in my gut began to take hold of me.

As if he could sense my unease, Dan kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him, and he winked at me, smiling broadly. Don’t worry buddy. It’ll all be OK.

But somehow, underneath Dan’s confident, big-brother smile, I sensed a butterfly or two of his own fluttering around. .. in no way did this diminish his confidence or self-assuredness, but somehow it did acknowledge that he'd be affected by my absense too. I wish you didn’t have to go either, little guy.

I reached over to Tom, who was lying on Dan's left side with his head on Dan's chest and his eyes closed. When I took hold of his hand, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I noticed he’d gotten a bit subdued too. Tom seemed to always intuitively pick up on other people’s angst.

Holding Tom's hand, and being held in my big brother's arms, it occurred to me that I wasn't the only one who desperately wished this week wouldn’t end. The thought that I'd be missed as much as the missing I'd be doing was, in a way, a comforting one. It felt nice to be loved.

(to be continued…)

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