My Exhibitionist Straight Brother - Chapter 15

(buddy's last day in New York)

by Andrew J

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“So, I don’t know what you told Luke when you took him out to that movie yesterday, but he’s crazy about you,” Tom said, as we walked down 8th Avenue, hand in hand.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah! I talked to him this morning. All he can talk about is you, and how cool you are. And now he wants to go to college in Madison!” Tom laughed. “The kid hasn’t been out of New York in his life! You’ve become his hero!”

Wow. I was Tom’s little brother’s hero? I’ve never been anyone’s hero in my life.

“And he wants to move to Chicago. Thanks to you, he thinks New York sucks.” We both laughed at that. Tom leaned in, holding me closer to him. “You’re my hero too, you know,” he whispered in my ear.

I reached over and kissed him on the cheek. I was consciously trying not to think of tomorrow, or what would happen with Tom and me after I returned to Chicago. It was terribly selfish of me, but I honestly I had no idea what I wanted. Every time Tom looked at me with his sad, I-need-to-talk eyes, I turned away, averting any attempt at talk about our relationship or our future.

Tom’s cell phone started ringing.

“Hi, Jen!” he said, letting go of my hand and instantly perking up. Jen launched into a long, self-centered monologue the moment he answered the phone.

“Yellow, definitely. Orange is done, besides it’s too hard to co-ordinate with anything,” Tom said, in response to something. Then added, “I’m positive, Jen. Trust me.”

I frowned at Tom. Did Jen always have to be a part of everything we did?

“Listen, I gotta go. K2 has that look on his face. Bye!” Tom said, laughing, and putting his phone back in his pocket.

“Do you have to talk to her every 5 minutes?” I asked, “And do you guys have to use codenames for me and Dan? What the hell is K2 anyways?”

“Never mind,” Tom said, smiling smugly. “Jen was at Macy’s and needed some advice on something.” Then, noticing I was still frowning, he astutely changed the topic. “What store to next?”

We continued shopping for underwear and clothes for Dan. I wanted to make sure he’d be the best dressed guy in Manhattan. And it didn’t hurt that the clothes I bought him would fit me too.

When Dan got home that evening, I showed him all the stuff I bought for him. He was like a kid at Christmas, and loved everything I’d picked out for him. I bought two each of several of the shirts, one for Dan and one for me, so we could dress identically.

“Keep it,” he said when I handed him back his credit card. “Use it for school expenses and stuff when you get back to Chicago. Don’t be asking mom and dad for money anymore.”

I slid it back into my wallet, gratefully, wondering what I’d done to deserve Dan.

Dinner was wonderful. We all got dressed up. Dan and I wore new, identical shirts. Jen was dressed with impeccable style, as always, and Tom looked more handsome than ever. It felt like the first time the four of us went out to dinner together. That seemed like a lifetime ago, even though it had only been 2 weeks. This is my family, I thought, looking around the table.

Even Jen was nice to me. The iceberg was finally thawing. I didn’t expect we’d ever be best friends, but I was really beginning to like her. She still rarely spoke to me, and I resented how she sucked up every bit of Dan and Tom’s attention, but she was what Dan wanted, and Dan’s happiness was more important to me than anything else.

During dessert, Jen handed me a little gift-wrapped box. She wouldn’t see me again before my flight tomorrow morning, and said it was a good-bye gift.

I eagerly opened it, and found a really nice wristwatch – a Fossil, with a yellow faceplate. I beamed as I put it on, effusively thanking her. It was beautiful. My favorite brand and my favorite color. How could she have known? In fact, how did she know I needed a new watch?

“I knew he’d love it,” Tom said, winking at Jen.

Good-bye presents. The butterflies in my stomach started flitting around again. No amount of expensive wine at dinner could stop them.

After Jen left us, Dan, Tom and I went to a bar nearby where we had a few drinks. We played a few games of pool until we figured out how good Tom was. He could beat both Dan and me with his eyes closed. Dan was a surprisingly good sport about it… considering how competitive he got with his other buddies.

By the time we got back to our apartment, all three of us were happily drunk. I felt a little sorry for Dan that Jen wasn’t with us. It was Friday night and he wouldn’t get laid.

“Buddy!” Dan called from the bathroom. I could hear the steady stream of his piss as he stood in front of the toilet, relieving himself. He still had all his clothes on, and was swaying slightly on his feet.

I stood behind him and hugged him, holding him steady. That was all he needed. When he finished peeing, I flushed the toilet, and led him to the bed. Tom and I clumsily undressed him, got out of our own clothes, and we all fell onto the bed. Almost instantly, Tom and I started making out.

“You guys go ahead. I don’t want to take away from your night together. ” Dan said, slurring his words slightly. My big brother then lay back on his side of the bed, and closed his eyes.

Tom was more passionate than I’d ever seen him before. There was a desperate urgency in the way he held me, and in his kisses. I love you, I’ll miss you, I want you to be a part of my life and my future. And I’m afraid to think of life without you, they said. Words I wouldn’t let him say out loud.

I returned his kisses with an equal passion. In just a few hours I would be on a flight back to Chicago, and, thanks to my own unwillingness to discuss it, the future of our relationship was completely up in the air. I love you too, Tom. And I’ll miss you like crazy. And I’m sorry for being unable to talk about us.

Our hands clutched at our bodies as we tumbled over each other, clinging on to whatever part of each other’s flesh we could. Long threads of Tom’s precum dribbled from the tip of his erect dick to me… my thighs, my chest, my abs… wherever his dick touched me. My own cock was erect and pulsing.

I was in a peculiar state of arousal, one which combined lust, melancholy, and anxiety for the future. I felt a deep, empty feeling in my gut, where the butterflies were flitting around in full force. What if Tom was indeed the love of my life, and I never saw him again? All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with fear.

I felt Dan’s hand on my back.

“You OK, buddy?”

I’m not sure, Dan. I leaned back towards him in response to his question. Dan moved in closer, and held me from behind, as I lay on my side, facing Tom, who was kissing me passionately.

Being inside the zone of comfort that Dan’s touch provided made me feel better almost instantly. My fear and anxiety slowly started to dissolve, and the butterflies settled down. I knew everything would be fine as long as Dan was there for me. I started relaxing into Dan’s embrace as I felt Tom’s body pressed up against my front.

Sensing that I felt better now that Dan was holding me, Tom’s lovemaking doubled in intensity. He moved in closer, kissing me even more fervently than before.

Then, Dan did something strange. He moved back slightly and started exploring my body with his hands. They roamed all over me… my shoulders, my back, my ass, everywhere he could reach without disturbing Tom’s & my embrace.

Dan’s touch was having an intensely erotic effect on me, but I wasn’t sure what it meant. He had never done this before. It didn’t feel particularly lustful (as I imagine his touching Jen would feel). Rather, it felt like he was exploring my body out of curiosity and intrigue, as though he wanted to know how I felt while Tom was making love to me. I welcomed this notion - that Dan wanted to enter, and be a part of, that very private space I shared with Tom. It made me feel stronger and more complete inside, and heightened my already very intense state of sexual arousal.

Tom moved in even closer, gripping my body close to his as his tongue wrestled my own inside my mouth. My rigid cock was pointing straight up, aligned alongside Tom’s. I could feel the sensitive skin of Tom’s scrotum pressed against mine. We were both throbbing at full force, and my precum was mixing with Tom’s and generously coating both of our cocks.

When Tom noticed Dan caressing me, and the intense emotional and sexual effect it was having on me, he slightly loosened his embrace. This gave my big bro fuller access to my body. Tom looked at me with such love I could have melted on the spot. Then, still holding me, Tom turned me around, giving Dan full access to the front of my body.

Now facing my big brother, I watched as he continued exploring my body. As Tom kissed me and massaged my back and shoulders from behind, both of Dan’s hands roamed all over the front of my body… every inch of it… my face, my shoulders, my chest, my abs. I shuddered every time his fingers passed over my nipples. He felt my inner thighs, my balls, my pubic area, where the hair was trimmed very short, and my cock. Delicately, yet meticulously, he touched my private parts, cupping my balls in his hand, holding my cock in his fist, and lightly tickling me all over.

My cock stood outward and up at full attention. Dan’s body, and specifically his cock, was a few inches away from mine. I looked down to see that while he wasn’t erect, he wasn’t flaccid either. He reached down and took hold of my right thigh with both his hands, guiding it up so my right leg rested on his side. This gave Tom free access to my asshole and perineum from behind. It didn’t take long before I felt a warm, wet coating of Tom’s precum all over my sensitive area below.

Then, Dan drew me close to him. He held me up against his own body, so my face was right up against his, my nipples were mashed against his, and my cock stood rigidly up against his abs. I stared at my big brother helplessly, like a deer caught in headlights. I put my arms around him.

Holding me this way, Dan said, “Tom, fuck my baby bro.” I felt his breath on my cheek.

Almost instantly, I felt Tom’s hard cock enter my willing hole and he moaned upon first entry. I deeply inhaled as my insides adjusted to the warm, familiar feel of Tom’s cock. My inhale was filled with Dan’s musky scent. I closed my eyes and started relaxing into the feeling of being fucked by Tom.

It was an intense moment. My front was in full physical contact with Dan’s, as my boyfriend fucked me from behind. I felt completely open and exposed to my big brother. And I felt safe. As Tom fucked me, I stared into Dan’s eyes, and there I saw more love, more protectiveness, and more dominance over me than any words could possibly express.

Tom’s rhythm picked up, little by little, until he was fucking me furiously. I could tell from the way Dan looked over my shoulder that Tom, as he fucked me, was staring straight into Dan’s eyes.

“Let go, guys.” Dan said to us.

And we did.

With one last thrust deep inside me, Tom came with full force. He held me from behind tightly as his jizz filled me. He let out a loud moan with each shot of cum. My eyes squeezed shut as my own orgasm arrived at the same instant. Violently tightening my grip on Dan's shounders, I shot my load between myself and Dan, who was still holding me tightly. The space between our stomachs began to feel wet and sticky, as I unloaded my cum, shuddering and moaning, sandwiched between my boyfriend and my big brother.

As our orgasms subsided, we continued to lay together in post-orgasmic bliss. Tom was still breathing heavily, holding me tighly from behind. I could feel his breath on my neck, and his torso was covered with sweat. Dan was still holding me from the front, and I could feel my cum between us beginning to liquefy and dribble onto the sheets.

Held by the two most important men in my life, I felt safer, more surrounded by love and more protected than I’d ever felt before. This would be a moment my mind would save and eventually recall often in years to come. As I was unconsciously memorizing the feels, sights, and sounds around me, I was overcome with waves of joy and gratitude surging deep within me. For Tom, for Dan, for myself, for our lives, and mostly, just for having had that moment in time.

I’m not sure how long I had been crying. Or dozing, or floating in the bliss of the moment the three of us had just shared. When Dan let go of me, it was late, and I could hear Tom’s light snoring behind me. Dan reached over and turned out the light on the nightstand.

Then, kissing my forehead, my big brother said, “Get some sleep, buddy boy. You’ve got a plane to catch in a few hours.”

(to be continued…)

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