My Exhibitionist Straight Brother - Chapter 8

( in which they measure)

by Andrew J

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“You’ve got such a hot bod, man!” Tom said, drooling at the sight of my big brother sitting in front of us on the futon.

Dan had just gotten out of the shower, and was lazily stretched out, naked, in his usual spot on the futon in front of the mirror. Tom, positioned on the floor right behind me, was giving me a backrub.

“Yeah, thanks man.” Dan said, smiling. He looked down at his cock. “Remember a few nights ago- those Aussie chicks?”

“Dude, they were all over you!” Tom replied. I could feel Tom’s stiffening cock graze my back as he worked the knots in my shoulders. “I bet they’ve never had a guy as gorgeous as you, with a cock as big as yours.”

Two nights ago, we watched Dan have sex with 3 girls at the same time. The 3 girls were all drop dead gorgeous… dark hair, petite, very trim and short. Exactly Dan’s type. He fucked each one of them, he went down on them, they blew him, they rimmed him, and they all did everything else conceivable, often all at once. By the end of the evening Dan had cum atleast 3 times, once with each of the girls. We had practically kick them out, or they would have stayed for more. Tom and I were both stunned at Dan’s sexual prowess, virility and stamina. In our eyes he’d become the ultimate alpha-male, no contest.

“Man they couldn’t get enough of you!” Tom said.

“Yeah… that was fun.” Dan said, smiling as he remembered that night. He leaned back, stretched his legs out and put his hands behind his head. His cock was responding to the worship, and it started snaking upwards along his pubic area and lower abs towards his belly button. “Buddy could you -”

“Sure… hold on.” I said, and headed to the kitchen to get us beers.

When I got back, Tom was sitting on the futon, massaging Tom’s shoulders.

“That feels great, man!” Dan said as Tom worked on his shoulders. “Hey, do you think I need to work on my shoulders more at the gym?”

“Naw, they’re perfect. I’ve seen some guys with really lame traps and delts, but yours are hot!” Tom said, running his hands over Dan’s shoulders.

I handed them their beers and sat on the other side of Dan.

“What do you think, buddy?” Dan asked me.

“You know you’ve got the bod in the family,” I said. “I can barely keep up with you when we’re at the gym.”

I looked over at Tom. He was really into worshipping Dan, and Dan was loving it, so I figured why not just go with the flow. I decided to set my own insecurities and need for recognition aside for a while, and focus on Dan.

“Dan, I wish my cock was as big as yours,” I said. He closed his eyes nodded in a cocky sort of way, and thrust his hips out a bit.

“You’re fine, buddy. Besides, you’ve got Big Guy over here to keep you happy.” Dan ruffled Tom’s hair. “Good thing you don’t like being on top… you’d kinda be in trouble!” He laughed.

I took a deep swig of beer. Part of me felt humiliated. I’d been letting Dan get away with this since we were kids! I mean, we both knew, in fact anyone who saw knew, that our cocks were, like the rest of us, identical. We were both built the same, head to toe. And our cocks were exactly the same length, girth, and even had the same skin and vein patterns in them. I knew, because I’d examined Dan’s, and mine, very closely. Even the hair patterns around them were identical, and now that we’d both trimmed down to almost nothing, that was identical too. But then part of me felt happy that Dan was getting off so much, and truth be told I was really getting off seeing Dan so happy. It always made me horny to see Dan so happy. My stiffening cock was trying hard to poke its way out of the confines of my boxers.

“So Dan, what’s it like to fuck three girls in one night?” Tom asked. “You must have been exhausted!”

“Naw, not really. I coulda gone for longer if they wanted. It’s all good. They needed me bad. I could tell. And I couldn’t say no. Ya know?” Dan took his tool in his fist and gave it a hard squeeze. It was steel hard now. “Hey buddy, check this out!” There was a small drop of precum glistening at the tip of his cock. Using his thumb, he neatly wiped it off, and held it up for me to see. Then he wiped it on my chest. I looked down at the shiny patch of Dan’s precum glistening between my nipples. If I could, I would have licked it off my own chest.

“Here Dan, lie down so I can massage your legs.” Tom said, getting up. We unfolded the futon, and Dan lay back down on his back. Tom positioned himself at Dan’s feet. I sat down beside Dan, and watched while Tom kneaded his feet and calves.

“That feels good, Tommy boy,” Dan said, closing his eyes. His cock, pointing upwards, looked gigantic, especially given we’d cropped his pubic hair short and shaved his balls smooth.

“I can see you’ve been doing a lot of leg workouts too,” Tom said admiringly as he massaged Dan’s thick thighs. “Your quads are pumped!”

“Yeah, just did a full leg workout today. Didn’t we, buddy?” Dan looked over at me.
“Yeah. You shoulda seen Dan at the gym, Tom. Every girl and guy there was staring at him. His body was all pumped up and everyone was admiring it.” Watching Tom massage the hard muscles in Dan’s legs and watching Dan’s thick, rigid cock pulsate at all the attention we were lavishing on him were making me incredibly horny. I desperately wanted to grab it and jack off.

Dan noticed my fully-erect cock poking out of my boxers fly, and said, “You know, buddy, you’re not that small.” He reached out and grabbed hold of it. “I mean, look at this --”

God, it was all I could do to just shoot right there. I sat there frozen, barely breathing, as Dan held on to my cock, moving it around, and looking at it at different angles.

“It’s probably only a little shorter than mine.” Dan took his own with his other hand and held it out. “What do you think, Tom?”

“Uhhh--” Tom was obviously uncomfortable, and didn’t want to get caught between Dan and me. “I’m not sure - you’re both pretty big.” He said, looking at me questioningly. What should I say? His eyes asked.

“Tell you what. Buddy, go get us the ruler in my desk drawer. Let’s measure them.” Dan said, letting go of my cock.

The thought of measuring cocks with my big bro made me very uncomfortable. I knew I’d be the same size as him, but knew that would make him feel bad. “No, I don’t want to,” I said.

“Come on, man, don’t be a wuss. It’s OK if you’re a bit smaller,” Dan insisted, and I reluctantly went and got the ruler. “While you’re up, turn on the big light, will ya?”

He took the ruler and placed it at his crotch. Spreading his legs apart, he said “Tom, move in closer. I want you to be the judge. Hold the ruler while I hold my cock up against it,”

So, Tom moved in between Dan’s legs, and took hold of the ruler. Tom’s dick was erect and had been leaking precum all this while, so there was a huge wet spot on his boxers. Holding the ruler steady at the base of Dan’s cock, he watched as Dan teased the underside of his cock to get it to maximum erection.

“Man that’s huge!” Tom said.

“Yep, hold on, one sec,” as Dan, slowly running his finger along ridge of his cockhead, held it out against the ruler. He licked his finger and repeated this action, making his cock stand at full attention.

“9 inches,” Tom said. “On the dot.”

“That’s what I thought, man,” said Dan, letting go of his cock and moving away from Tom. As moved away, a thin trail of precum glistened from the 9 inch mark on the ruler to the head of his cock. “Now you go, buddy.”

I was really confused. On one hand, I desperately wanted to confirm, once and for all, that my cock was exactly the same as my big brothers. The insecure feeling of having a smaller cock had followed me all through junior high, high school and college, and I wanted to put it to rest. I hoped that Dan would have a newfound respect for me once we saw that my cock was exactly the same size as his.

But at the same time I also feared that when we finally established that my cock was 9 inches long, which I knew it was (I’d measured several times before), that Dan would be upset. He’d built a big part of his identity around being my big bro, and having a bigger dick than me, and being the alpha-male. I didn’t want to change any of that, I wanted for him to always be my big brother. I knew how important it was to him to…

“Whatcha waiting for, buddy?” Dan asked “Let’s see what you’ve got!”

So, I positioned myself with Tom between my legs, and played with my cock a bit until it was fully hard. I looked up at him, and saw a bit of apprehension in his eyes too. He’d sensed the unease I was feeling, and wasn’t sure how to handle it.

Smiling at me, he took hold of my cock and played with it. He bent down and kissed the sensitive area right underneath the head, and swirled his tongue around the ridge, just the way I liked. That got me erect in no time.

“OK, let’s measure,” Tom said, and held the ruler up against my cock. I saw my cock reach the 9 inch mark on the ruler as I expected it would. But before Tom said anything, I surreptitiously grabbed his hand - the one he was holding the ruler with, and moved it upwards slightly from the base of my cock. Tom resisted at first, until I shot him a quick help-me-out-here glance. Instantly realizing what I was doing, he complied, and helped me move the ruler up the base of my shaft in a way that Dan wouldn’t notice. I moved it up till my cockhead was at 8 inch mark.

“8 inches!” Tom said out loud. He then looked at me, co-consipratorially.

“8 inches, huh! That’s… not that bad, buddy! I always knew I was bigger,” Dan said, smiling proudly. You could have told him he’d just won an Olympic Gold… the look in his eyes. “Yeah!” he continued, looking down at his cock, holding it, almost like he was shaking hands with it.

Tom and I looked at each other, with a mixture of relief, and, on my part, embarrassment. I realized I’d just cheated downwards to make my brother look good. I felt ashamed at what I’d just done. But at the same time, the look of pride on Dan’s face, and the feel of his irrevocable domination over me from now on, made me feel more sexually aroused than ever.

“Pretty hot, huh, little guy?” Dan said, standing in front of the mirror, looking over at me.

“Yeah,” I said, joining him in front of the mirror. Instinctively I kneeled in front of him, slightly to the right, so as not to obstruct his view of himself in the mirror.

“Pretty hot, huh, Tom?” Dan said, over at Tom.

“Dude, you are the hottest!” Tom said. He came over and joined us, and sitting down beside me, put his arms around me. Then, with his natural intuitiveness, sensed what Dan wanted. He moved over to Dan’s left leg, and knelt in front of it, slightly to the side. Now we were both kneeling in front of Dan. He smiled down at us both.

Dan bent down and kissed us both on our heads, and then, standing up again, held both or heads tightly against his sides. His cock was pointing outwards between Tom and me, straight at the mirror. Our mouths were inches away from it. We almost could have stuck out our tongues and licked it. Tom stared into my eyes lustfully, with Dan’s cock pulsing between us. I could smell the familiar musky scent of Dan’s, one I knew too well.

Taking hold of his cock, Dan started slowly and deliberately jacking off, as Tom and I held his feet, and let our other hands wander over the back of his thighs. Our own hard-ons were pressed up against Dan’s calves. Tom, as usual, was leaking a steady trail of precum. We both started jacking off, matching Dan’s rhythm, as we gazed at the blurred motion of Dan’s fist pumping his cock, and at each other.

I slowly looked up at Dan. His face was radiant. His eyes were mostly closed, and when they weren’t they were looking at his reflection in the mirror. His beautiful smooth chest glistened with a thin sheen of sweat, and his nipples stood erect. He was holding Tom’s head tightly against his side, and Tom’s eyes were half closed in reverie. They were both moaning. This was the closest he had ever gotten to Dan, and Tom was in heaven.

It didn’t take long for Dan to cum. Dan let out a fierce growl as his cock erupted, showering both of us with his hot jizz. Long, thick ropes of cum shot out of Dan’s cock, landing mostly on Tom’s shoulder and back. The moment he erupted, I did too, all over his right foot. I heard a loud moan from Tom, as he climaxed, all over Dan’s other foot.

All three of us were spent. I looked over at Tom and saw Dan’s cum on his shoulder, trickling down his back. For a split second this made me feel jealous of Tom.

As we stood up, Dan smiled at us. “I love you buddy boy,” he said giving me a kiss on the forehead. “And I love you, Tommy boy,” Dan said, kissing Tom. Dan put his arms around us, and we all held each other that way for a few minutes.

Then, disengaging himself and lying down, Dan said, “So how about the rest of that massage, Tom?”

“You bet!” Tom said, hopping onto the bed beside Dan.

I went and got us a towel and cleaned our cum off Dan’s feet. Our cum had gotten runny by then and had gotten in between Dan’s toes and on his soles. As I wiped, his feet and toes glistened with our cum. This looked very beautiful to me.

Then I wiped Dan’s cum off Tom’s back, and lay down beside Dan. He reached over and pulled my head close to him, pressing it hard against his side. From this vantage point, I could hear Dan’s heartbeat, and could feel his body move as Tom pressed into his back. My face was not far from Dan’s armpit, and I could smell his familiar musky odor… an odor I always felt comforting.

I drifted off to sleep that way, with my 2 favorite men right beside me.

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