My Exhibitionist Straight Brother - Chapter 9

( in which Dan and his bro go to a gay club together)

by Andrew J

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. If you are not 18 or older, please leave immediately. Do not continue reading. Also, if gay male sex isn't your thing, you might not want to stop here. Otherwise, enjoy!

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“It’s Friday night and it looks like it’s just you and me, buddy!” my big bro said, stretching out on the futon.

Dan and I just gotten back from dinner. Jen had called earlier to say she was teaching the Friday night late class, and Tom had dinner plans with some friends of his. I was glad for this, because it would be the first time since I’d arrived from Chicago that I’d get to spend time alone with Dan.

“Buddy! What say you and me go out tonight, like to a dance club or something?”

“Really?” I said, surprised at his suggestion. God the last time Dan and I had been out to a club together was 2 years ago.

“Sure! We might as well do something fun! Jen won’t be home till midnight or knowing her, later. What time is your boyfriend coming home?”

“He isn’t my boyfriend, and this isn’t his ‘home’,” I said. Even though Tom had practically moved in since we met last week, and even though we’ve been having sex like crazy, like twice a day and still couldn’t get enough, it was still nice to pretend I was taking it slow. “Tom said he’d be back at around 11.”

“Well, he can wait for us, right? I gave him a key this morning so he can just let himself in or whatever he wants.”

“You did what?!?” I can’t believe he gave Tom a key to the apartment! Tom and I were nowhere near that close. And yet a part of me was kind of glad. Over the past week I found myself getting more and more into Tom.

Then, Dan stood up and started stripping, handing me his clothes as he peeled them off. When he stood there, naked, in front of me, he said “I’m gonna take a shower. You go figure out what we’re wearing, OK?”

I put away Dan’s clothes, throwing his underwear and socks in the hamper. I found 2 identical black T-shirts, so figured he could wear one and I’d wear the other. We were completely out of underwear. We’d first gone through all the ones I’d brought from Chicago with me, then all of his. And we hadn’t done laundry yet. So, laughing to myself, I took a pair of pink satin panties out of Jen’s drawer and left it with the other clothes I’d laid out for Dan. He’ll get a kick out of that, I chuckled.

I stripped and went into the bathroom, waiting for Dan to finish up. He was in a great mood, and whistled and sang non-stop in the shower.

“Buddy we’re gonna have such a good time just you and me!” he said in a sing song voice, stepping out of the shower. “So you wanna go to a gay club?”

“Uh, sure!” I said, getting into the shower. I must admit, the idea of going to a gay bar with Dan sounded pretty exciting.

Dan was already dressed by the time I was done. He looked so hot in his low-rise jeans and tight black t-shirt. His muscles stretched the shirt tightly across his chest, and his biceps bulged out of the sleeves. He hadn’t shaved, so the stubble across his chin and jaw, gave him an extremely masculine, virile look. He’s gonna get eaten alive I thought to myself. I put on an identical pair of jeans, and the other black t-shirt. I didn’t put on any underwear, since we were out of clean pairs.

“Hey buddy, I’m more of a lace kinda guy, but if you insist, I’ll wear satin!” Dan pulled down his jeans, to reveal Jen’s pink panties tightly stretched against his crotch and waist. He gave me a wild grin, mouth open and tongue out.

“Dude you’re crazy! You can’t wear those!” I said, completely shocked by Dan’s audacity… I’d never see him do anything like that before.

“Why not? C’mon, let’s go!” Dan buttoned up again, and went to the door to wait for me.

I hurriedly put on the rest of my clothes, then, as an afterthought, decided if it was good enough for Dan, it was good enough for me. I hastily grabbed a pair of Jen’s panties and put them on.

Just before we head out the door, Dan took me into the kitchen and said, “Here buddy, take one of these.” Dan said, handing me a little beige pill. He took one with a sip of water, and handed me the glass.

“OK,” I said, swallowing the pill. “What is it?”

“It’s the best stuff Jen’s ever scored, bud! It’s an amazing trip!”

“Did I just do ecstacy?” I asked, a bit worried.

“Yep!” Dan said, grinning proudly at me, “You’re gonna love it, bud!”

“I…” I was definitely worried now. I’d never done it before.

“Buddy don’t worry. I’m here. Nothing will go wrong. You’ll be fine! Just enjoy it!”

When we got to the club, Dan and I got drinks chatted with a few guys. We were both a hit. We both looked like identical twins, were dressed identically and were both out to have a good time.

Dan was getting a lot of attention, and I was surprised at how at ease he was with it all. He easily chatted with all the gay guys, he took their compliments in stride, and when asked, told people he was straight (even making jokes about it), and was all smiles and laughs. His eyes had that cocky, confident look in them that gay guys ate up so readily. I was glad he was getting the attention… I sat beside him but didn’t really do much talking unless he asked me something or someone talked to me first.

“Let’s dance!” Dan said, leading me by the hand to the dance floor

And we went back to dancing. The club was beginning to get crowded, and the music was getting better. This was one of the most popular clubs in New York, and drew a really good looking crowd. Soon the dance floor was crowded with hot looking guys, dancing, cruising each other, and most of all, looking at Dan and me dancing together.

Needless to say, Dan was loving the attention. He smiled at everyone as he danced, and I noticed his moves got increasingly sexy as the crowd got larger.

The pill hit me all of a sudden - like a 10-shot expresso style jolt of caffeine. Not unpleasantly at all. More like a surge of happiness and energy filled my entire body. I took a deep breath, and looked over to Dan. He had an idiot grin on his face as he looked over at me, dancing to the house music.

“You OK buddy?”

“Yeah, I feel great, man! I love you, Dan!” I said, putting my arms around him as we danced. I was so happy I could cry.

“I love you too, buddy! Wow, it’s getting really hot in here.” Dan peeled off his t-shirt and handed it to me, still inside out. “Much better!”

I took his t-shirt and tucked it into the back of my jeans. Then not taking my eyes of his gorgeous, smooth skin and pumped chest, continued dancing. He was so hot. The stubble on his jaw accentuated his tanned skin, and when he smiled his teeth stood out white and perfect. His hair, which was beginning to get wet with sweat, laid partially flat against his forehead.

I felt so much love towards Dan at that moment I could hardly breathe. He tugged lighly at my t-shirt. In an instant, it was off and tucked into my jeans along with his.

Now, we were both dancing together, shirtless, and almost everyone in the club was watching us. Dan leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. “Buddy-boy, you’re my favorite little buddy-baby brother, you know that?” God we were both wasted and high.

I leaned into him, into his beautiful, smooth chest, and could hear his heartbeat. He put one arm around my head, and held me there. His other arm moved to my waist, where he hooked his fingers into the waist of my jeans, just above my crotch, and held me tightly.
We continued dancing this way, for a long while… he roughly guided me around, with his hand pulling and pushing at my waist, while I submissively followed, loving every minute of it, every second of being held by my big brother.

“You my buddy?” he asked, holding me close.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Would you kneel for me, buddy?”

It was the most natural request in the world. I got down on my knees, and put my head against his right thigh. His jeans were slightly moist as he was beginning to sweat profusely, but they still felt hot against my cheek. He held the side of my head tightly against him. I don’t know how long we stayed this way, and I don’t think he did either, the only time we kept was the beat of the house music, and the pulsing of the strobe lights. Being this close to Dan made my heart soar… here I was, kneeling for my brother, with all of Manhattan watching.

“Undo my jeans,” Dan said.

I obeyed. I undid the top button of his jeans, and they slid down slightly. With that, he pulled me back up to standing and undid my jeans. We had the attention of a lot of men, and about 4-5 of the hottest guys in the bar made a small circle around us. They must have all been models or Broadway actors, and were completely taken in by our show. Their eyes were all fixed on us, now that our jeans were undone they all wanted to know what was next.

Dan’s pants rode lower, to the extent that the silk panties he was wearing started showing. I’d completely forgotten about them. They had a tight thong back, and rode deep into his asscrack. His hard, full asscheeks weren’t confined at all, and forced the silk upwards and into his crack. He had a bit of hair at the small of his back right at the base of his perfectly curved spine. This accentuated his masculinity. Dan, a straight, testosterone-charged, rugged-looking hunk with 5 o-clock shadow on his face, a buffed bod, and muscular body glistening with sweat, with red satin fucking panties riding up his ass, above his faded jeans!

As his jeans rode lower, a couple of guys noticed. Jeez… most guys didn’t know what to do except stare and drool!

This one guy, who was easily the most masculine and handsome guy on the dance floor, came up and started dancing with Dan. He had a buzz cut and thin goatee, and his shirtless torso was ripped with muscles. His dark nipples stood out on his pecs, and he had a light coat of hair on his arms and lower abs. He had a chain link tattoo encircling his left arm. He held my big brother from behind, with his arms around his waist. Dan danced facing me, in lock step with the guy.

The three of us danced that way for a while, and then Dan turned towards him and put his arms around the guys waist. When guy’s hands slowly moved down and into Dan’s pants, Dan gently took the guys hands and placed them back on his waist. Dan then smiled and whispered something to him. They both laughed, and continued dancing together, as I stared in disbelief.

They made quite the couple. The guy was the perfect gentleman, and his hands rarely left Dan’s waist, albeit his lower waist, at the waistband of the panties Dan was wearing. The spot where his pants would have been had they been buttoned. The guy’s ruggedness made Dan look graceful, even his stubble and raw masculinity. Most eyes in the bar were on them. Their moves started getting more and more intimate, and soon Dan’s hands started roaming over the other guys torso. Soon they were grinding their hips together, and Dan’s hands rested on the other guys firm, well shaped ass.

I just watched in awe. I couldn’t figure it out. I mean I knew Dan was straight, but he seemed to be enjoying the guys company too much to care. Whatever the case was, the drugs I was on were at their peak, and my body was surging with love, pride and happiness. I quickly started my mental video recorder, to record every second of Dan dancing with the other hunk. It would give me jack off material for years.

In the meantime, I danced with several guys. None of the really hot ones seemed to want to dance with me (they were all waiting for Dan) but lots of other guys did. It felt great! I’d never felt this hot and this desirable in my life!

After some time had passed, Dan, returning from a bathroom break, tapped on my shoulder and said, “Buddy, come with me, quick!” He urgently dragged me back into the men’s room.

“Quick, man... give me your panties” he said, locking us into a stall and hastily undressing.

“Huh? Why?” I said. Dan’s sense of urgency was contagious, and I started earnestly ripping my clothes off.

“There’s a guy over there that wants to pay us 300 bucks for our underwear!” Dan could barely contain his excitement.


“Yeah” Dan said, “He wanted us to go home with him for 1500 bucks, but I said we were busy tonight. So I offered him the underwear instead.”

“You’re crazy, Dan!” I laughed out loud, and didn’t know whether to love my big bro more or be amazed at his sophomoric sense of adventurousness.

When we were both stripped and naked, our clothes lying in pile on the restroom floor, I looked into his eyes, and told him a million times, how much I loved him, without actually saying a word. I knelt in front of him, and put my head on his leg. I moved my head towards his crotch, but he abruptly pulled me up.

“No time for that, buddy -let’s go! Put your clothes on!” And he whipped his clothes back on and was out the door.

When I returned to the dance floor, I saw Dan talking animatedly to a silver haired, very handsome looking man in the corner.

When he returned to where I was, he said, “Here, buddy!” and handed me 300 bucks, his eyes beaming. And a business card. “The guy wants us to call him whenever we’re free!”

“Shouldn’t we give the money to Jen? They’re her panties afterall,” I said, and we both started laughing hysterically.

“Jen! Shit! Buddy what time is it?” Dan, suddenly realizing it was past midnight, said “Give me the cell phone! I need to call Jen!”

We stepped outside, still shirtless, to call Jen. Dan looked really worried “Buddy, she’s gonna kill me. I’m dead meat, man!”

“You sure are dead meat, man!” I said, laughing. Maybe she’ll do you a favor and dump your ass, I thought.

“Buddy, I have an idea. Call your boyfriend, and ask him to call Jen and make an excuse.”

“No way! We’re not using my boyfriend like that. Besides, she hates him.” I said, irritated at the suggestion of putting Tom in that position.

Dan finally got his way though, and I called Tom, and asked him to hang out with Jen for a while, and we’d be home by 2. Tom wanted to make sure we were OK, I said we were, and hung up.

We went in and danced more. The music was getting better and better, and the club was completely packed. It was hot inside. Dan and I danced together, shirtless, our jeans undone. The combination of the music, the drugs and the other shirtless hunks around us was making me happier and hornier than I’d ever been before. It was an undescribable feeling.

At times, Dan would dance right up close to me, his arms around me, and I could feel his breath on my neck, where his stubble grazed my skin. At other times, he would hold my head tightly and pull me towards him, towards his chest or anywhere else he felt like. And at other times, his hands would roam over my body, stopping to undo a button or pull me by my now almost fully opened jeans. As the night progressed, so did Dan’s inhibitions, and he danced with more men, forgetting the rules of being straight. I don’t think he was ever actually physically excited by the contact of other men, but he definitely was excited by the attention. I’d never seen him happier in all his life.

Before we knew it, it was last call, and we needed to go. I was still on a high, and so was Dan. I wondered what Jen and Tom would think. To be honest I didn’t want them around. Much as I loved Tom, that night was our special night, and I wanted to be with Dan and have him all to myself.

As though reading my mind, Dan said, “Buddy, how bout you and me get a room at a hotel somewhere. I don’t want to go back home to Jen and Tom. I wanna spend the night with my little baby buddy bro - just you and me and noone else.”

If there was a way to possibly be even happier and more excited and aroused than I already was that night, my big bro had just found it.

To be continued...

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