My Father's Glory Part 10.

By Chris Z.

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"What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think.  This rule, equally arduous in actual and intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness.  It is the harder, because
you will always find those who think they know what is your duty better than you know it.  It is easy in the world
to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great person is one who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude."

                                                                 -- Ralph W. Emerson --

It was now, close to seven in the evening and still no sign of my father.  I had been practicing with Mr.Foglio, for the last hour and I was sweating buckets, starving and needed a break.  Mr.Foglio, showed no signs of tiring and quite to the contrary, he was full of enthusiasm and vigor.  He was showing me the next move, called the 3 punch combination and told me to watch him and pay close attention.

"All right, cub.  First you have to throw a jab to the stomach, which will force your opponent to drop an arm to guard himself, then a quick jab to the forehead to knock his head back and then you pop his chin up, like so.", his movements were electric and swift, he truly was an impressive iron man.  He continued to dash around the ring and said.

"Then, quickly and powerfully throw a straight punch, right to his chin.  Your first punch is then to wait for an opening for a two punch assault.  The professionals tend to use a  four punch combination, but I think beginners should use three.", Mr.Foglio moved and talked so fast, that I think he forgot I was 8 years old.

"Always, remember cub. When you train, train as though you are training for the heavyweight championship of the world.
Give it all you got, because there is someone out there, that you're going to have to fight and the man that works and trains the hardest is going to win.", as he spoke, his muscular hairy chest was dripping with sweat and muscles were rising and falling with every step he took.  The size of his muscles had a great deal to do with his strength and majestic performance, he certainly was a skilled professional and he incontestably, trained you to be the very best.

"If you are sparring, cub.  Try to spar with someone that is on your own skill level, many beginners are thrown in the ring with
a veteran fighter, who isn't willing to "take it easy" , on the new guy.  Sparring with someone who is much more advanced than you can make you into an overly defensive fighter.", as I watched Mr.Foglio, I could clearly see that he could dance circles around anyone even half his age and like great wine, he just kept improving with age.

"Remember, that it's better to be accustomed to winning than it is to losing, cub.  Always, train your mind to be a winner.",
He certainly was a experienced teacher and a great mentor.  I could see why my own father was such a skillful, efficient and disciplined boxer.

As I lay my back against the ropes, he kept talking and said.

"I'm not saying, that you should spar with someone you can always beat.  You need to be challenged, you need to practice,
just don't spar with someone who is going to use you for a punching bag and knock you around the ring.  When in training cub, take everything you do into consideration and make sure every aspect is a positive experience.",  he told me that we were going to spar for a few minutes and then take a break.

"You ready, cub.?", and he gave me a great smile.

"Yeah,.... I can take you.!", and I grinned at him.

"Oh really?. Well now, that's pretty big talk, cub." , he started to take the defensive stand and would jump around the ring.
I then launched at him, with great speed and gave it all I had.  I hit him hard in the stomach but it felt, like I was hitting a brick wall.  Mr.Foglio, yawned and didn't even seem to notice me and said.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk, pitiful.  Hey cub, you need help and old Foglio is going to teach you, to fight like a bear.", he then started to dance around the ring and motioned me to mimic his moves.

"Now, you've got to loosen up, then start to dodge,..... shift a move, that's it. Now give me a big growl, c'on......scare me!.", and I gave him, what I thought was a good growl.

"grrr...rr...r", well, at least it was an audible growl.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk. Oh boy, I'm talking about a big growl, like a big bear!.", he then gave a growl that rocked the entire room.

"GRRRRRR...! A big one, like me and right from your toes, cub.", he made a face that would have intimidated, anyone that didn't know him.  In his prime days of boxing, I'm sure that his mere presence, physique and stature must have been unnerving, to his opponent.  I gave him my most angry face and growled.

"'s that?.", Mr.Foglio face lit up and he gave me a great and approving smile.

"Ha-ha-ha........Yeah, you're getting it, cub. Come on, that's it......yeah!.", and we both started to dance around the ring and throwing punches in the air.

"Now, dodge cub. Look for an opening, keep moving and shuffling your feet, don't stop moving........this is an easy way to burn out, your opponent.", I then took a swing and tried to hit Mr.Foglio in the stomach but again missed.

"Ha.....Yeah. That's it cub,......come on, that's it!." , we danced for at least 3 minutes around the ring.  When Mr.Foglio stopped to catch his breath and was about to say something, I saw my opening and I nailed him right in the stomach.

"Ooph!........Damm.", he then playfully grabbed the ropes and slid down onto the mat.

"Ohhh....excellent punch, cub. Didn't even see it coming." , he winked at me and had a very pleased look on his face.

It was funny to see Mr.Foglio, just lay there and pant.  He looked at me, playfully messed up my hair and said.

"All right, cub. I've think we've both have had more than enough lessons for one day. So, what do you think about getting
an ice-cream?.", my face lit up at the sound of having something refreshing, I took off my gloves and said.

"Yeah, that sounds great.....I'd love an ice-cream!.", I grabbed the water bottle and took a quick sip.

"Excellent, cub. We'll first go to the locker room and take a quick shower and then head out to the snack lounge.",
We climbed out of the boxing ring and headed for the locker rooms.

On our way to the locker rooms, we were stopped by alot of men asking Mr.Foglio for my father's whereabouts. One group
in particular, approached us long enough to have a small conversation.  The leader, must have been in his late 30's and had a desperate look on his face, he was accompanied by two other men, one in his early 20's and the other in his late 40's.

"Have you seen him Foglio?.  Antonio, disappeared right after the match and no one has seen him since.", the man talking, appeared to be in his early twenties and had a look of ravenousness in his eyes, even the sound of his voice spoke  volumes.  I looked up at Mr.Foglio, who had a huge grin and as he smiled, said.

"No, I haven't seen Antonio.  Well, he couldn't have gone far, he's gotta be in the building somewhere, because
I'm baby-sitting his little cub."
, he patted me on the head and then all eyes turned to me.

With all the commotion, excitement and agitation, no one had even noticed me.  All of the sudden I felt, as if I was under a magnifying glass, everyone was looking....and I mean looking at me. They were checking me, from head to toe and I got the impression that they wanted to make sure that I was Antonio Martinello's, son.

A man, who looked to be in my father's age then said.

"This is Antonio's son?.  My God, the man has truly exceptional and superb genes.", he gave me a charming smile and politely shook my hand.

"Hello gorgeous, my name is Dino and these two, are Umberto and Flavio."

The younger one, kept looking into my eyes and said.

"Jesus,......identical right down to the beautiful hazel eyes.  Hi cute little tiger, I'm Flavio and what's your name?.",
he extended his hand to me and I gave him a firm handshake.

"I'm Dante Alessandro.", and I politely smiled.  The last man who must be Umberto, then said.

"So,'re taking lessons from Old Iron Paws, Dante?." , he was looking at Mr.Foglio as he said it.  Mr.Foglio, just smiled and said.

"I think Dante, will do well in boxing, after all he has his father's blood flowing through his veins. I'm sure he'll be the next champ, the kid's a natural.", and he stroked my right cheek.

They all smiled and nodded in agreement.  Dino, then softly stroked my left cheek and said.

"Now.....I really have to find Antonio.  You take care little Martinello, we'll be seeing you.", the three of them waved and headed into the direction of the locker rooms.

I looked up at Mr.Foglio and asked him.

"You really think, that I can be a good a boxer, as my dad, Mr.Foglio?." , and carefully paid attention to his facial expression and words.

"Sure cub, with practice, hard work and devotion, anything can be accomplished.", we then made our way to the locker rooms.

"Mr.Foglio, why did Umberto call you, Old Iron Paws?.", he smiled and gave a loud roaring laughter.

"Ha...ha...ha...well cub, that used to be my nickname when I was a boxer. The name, refers to a very powerful and enormous animal, the grizzly bear.  Grizzlies, use their paws as a club and it's their most powerful weapon, they use it to shatter a skull or shoulder bone on their challenger.", I found it fascinating that both Mr.Foglio and my father had nicknames as boxers. 
I wondered what mine would be, if I ever got as good as them.

Mr.Foglio, had that fiery look in his eye, it was the same look that my father got, whenever they spoke of  their younger days.  He then, continued to explain the mystique behind his nickname.

"Grizzlies, possess a fierce and aggresive temperament and that was pretty much, my reputation in the ring.  I was an opponents worst nightmare and I guess it was my size and body frame that scared the shit out of them." , Mr.Foglio gave me a wide grin when he said that and I could see why he must have been intimidating to say the least.  In the photos that I had seen of his youth, the man certainly was herculean, imposing and truly overwhelming.

We made our way past, The Hall Of Honours and walked into the locker room.  The locker room was now packed with men in all sorts of state of undress, some were changing in a hurry and looking at their watches, while others were rushing out of the showers and dashing to their lockers.  I'm sure some of this men, were either married, attached or single and on their way home and to their families, after spending a day having a good workout at the sports center.  We headed to Mr.Foglio's locker, which was situated right next to my father's, his was lucky number 13.

He opened his locker and just like it happened to my father earlier, a multitude of little papers fell from the locker and onto the wet floor.  Mr.Foglio, shook his head and loudly said.

"Figlio di puttana,....succhiacazzi,....puttane!."(Son of bitch,....cocksuckers,....whores!.)

I sat on the bench and paid meticulous attention to his every gesture and move.  With a careless attidude, Mr.Foglio, threw the rest of the notes on the floor and extended his huge hand to me and asked me to give him my boxing gloves for safe keeping.
He took out a bar of soap and shampoo and placed then on the bench, he then turned around and said.

"Take off your shorts cub and I'll put them in the locker, you can leave your sandals on.", he sat on the bench and undid the laces on his black boxing shoes and neatly placed them inside the locker, as he stood upright he resembled a monumental, and magnificent golden God.

He stretched and lifted a muscular and mighty arm to scratch the back of his long and elegant thick neck, which gave way in displaying wide and broad hairy shoulders.  The huge and imposing biceps, swelled and contracted to display a gloriously hairy body, I sat there scanned and admired every perfect inch of this awesome and powerful mature man of pure muscular perfection.

He slowly pulled down his silk boxing trunks and I got a good eyefull of his hairy and beefy butt.  As he folded his trunks and put them in the locker, my eyes followed the length of Mr.Foglio's arm, from his powerful and hairy shoulders and along the bulging perfect lines of his biceps and forearms, all the way to the graceful, masculine hand with it's long fingers.  He was wearing, his worn-out jockstrap, which I guessed that at one time the colour had probably been white.

He had a rippled hairy belly that was filled with condensed power and a bulge in his jock, that left nothing to the imagination.
He adjusted himself in his jockstrap before he took it off and I felt my mouth go dry as his impressive cock, strained against the elastic of his jock.  He finally pulled down the jock and showed a hefty and mighty cock, that couldn't possibly be real.

As Mr.Foglio turned around to face me, I noticed how his sweaty hairy pecs were very well-defined and stood high and firm. They were covered with thick blue veins and cascading with rippling muscles.  My eyes then fell to the prodigious cock,
that was nestled in a golden bush of pubic hair and the cock appeared to be close in size as my father's, but perhaps thicker in width, his hairy balls certainly were immense and heavy.  He gave his hairy sack a scratch and closed the locker.

We then started to walk towards the showers and I saw guys turning to look at us and nudging other guys.  Mr.Foglio, however paid no attention and picked up two white towels from the shelf and we entered the showers.  He hung the towels on the hooks that were aligned on the walls and turned on the water.  I got under the current of water and it felt incredibly cool against my warm skin.

While Mr.Foglio lathered his body with the soap, he handed me the bottle of shampoo and I lathered my hair.  I did my best, not to stare at this muscular man but that was very hard not to do so, his massive cock just hung there under the stream of warm water and I think it had grown in size, since the last time that I saw it.  It was huge, really huge, one could say a ..........giant of a dick.

His cock, was certainly bigger than I remember seeing in the locker room a couple of weeks ago and the jewel in the crown
was nestled in a golden blond bush.  The vein-sculpted, shaft was perfectly round, straight as an arrow and quite thick at the base.  My eyes roamed over the delicate and intricate patters of veins that veiled the eminent cock, his incredible lemon-sized balls, swayed and hung heavily suspended beneath his cock.

After he was done with the soap, he then lathered my back and I felt his rough, masculine and callus hand.  He turned me around and gave me a quick wash and I gazed in awe and wonder at this impressive piece of flesh that was very close to my face.

Once done, Mr.Foglio turned off the shower and we grabbed our towels.  The cool shower felt energizing and exhilarating, and as we entered the locker room, I noticed that it was almost deserted, with the exception of a young man.  He looked to be in his late twenties, thin and quite tall.  He immediately, recognized Mr.Foglio and cheeringly said.

"Good evening, Mr.Foglio.  How are you doing this evening?.", he was about 5'10 with short brown hair and eyes to match and he was picking up wet towels from the floor and benches.

"Hello Dom, how's your day going.?", and the young man approached us both.

"Busy, always.", he gave me a very polite smile and said.

"Hi little guy.  I don't think that we've met, my name is Domenico but you can call me Dom.", and I shook his skinny hand.

"Hello, I'm Dante Alessandro....nice to meet you.", Dom looked at Mr.Foglio and said.

"Now, this handsome young man, can't be another one of your boys, they're all blond and have beautiful green eyes.  But he does remind me of someone else, those captivating hazel alluring.", he smiled again at me and gazed at my eyes.  Mr.Foglio chuckled, smiled and gently stroked my face.

"Actually, he's Antonio's boy.", as Mr.Foglio said that, Dom snapped his fingers and yelled out.

"I knew it,.......damm.  Wow, Antonio's son.......what an honour.", he vigorously, shook my hand again and kept staring at me from head to toe.

"He truly is Antonio's son.  Just like his father...... tiger father, tiger son.", he smiled at me and picked up a towel that was lying under the bench.

"I missed the fight in the ring and I heard your dad was phenomenal.  Quite an outstanding fight, that's all everyone keeps talking about in the center.", he looked at Mr.Foglio and said.

"I hadn't even started my shift, when I was already being asked as to what locker belongs to Antonio Martinello!.", he kept shaking his head and grinned at Mr.Foglio, with that last comment.  Mr.Foglio, just smiled and said.

"Yeah, I'm sure Antonio will get alot of fan mail or I should say,.....more than the usual.", Mr.Foglio, started to walk towards his locker and I was right behind him.

Dom, was also right behind us and said.

"Well,.... yeah.  Between the five of you, I certainly keep busy with all those notes of paper that I have to sweep, throughout the whole day.", he looked down where Mr.Foglio's stood and I followed his gaze.

Sure enough, there was a litter of papers around Mr.Foglio's feet, who looked down and said.

"Oh, about's just that these notes get really annoying after a while.", Mr.Foglio did sound sincere when he said that.

"Don't worry Mr.Foglio, it's my job and I don't mind at all.  Besides, I don't blame the culprits that leave.....mmm...the fan notes in the lockers.", I think he wanted to finish the sentence but with me presence, he just blushed.

Mr.Foglio, smiled and gave Dom a playful wink, he then opened his locker and took out my soccer shorts and boxing gloves and put them down on the bench.

Dom, started to pick up more towels and other pieces of clothing that were left behind in a hurry.  He looked, at us both and cheerfully said.

"Well, I'll leave you gentlemen to get dressed.  I've just started my shift and I'm on my way to check up on the saunas and you know the condition they're left at the end of the day.", he winked at Mr.Foglio and extended his skinny hand to me.

Mr.Foglio just chuckled, took out his gym bag and pulled out a blue fleece jogging suit, white brief underwear, white socks and  running shoes.

"Have a good evening Mr.Foglio and you too, little Martinello.", he looked straight into my eyes and gazed for a second and said.

"And please little tiger, give your daddy a warm salutation, from me.....o.k.  Ciao, bello.", and he walked towards the entrance, carrying a handfull of wet towels and dumped them, into a huge laundry basket.

As Mr.Foglio got dressed, I took a look at the clock that was hanging on the wall and I wondered, how much longer my father was going to take.  Mr.Foglio, must have sensed my worry and said.

"Well let's get going to the snack lounge, before they close.  I'm really in the mood for some gelato(ice cream), what is your favourite flavour, cub?.", he was getting dressed and putting on his fleece jacket and matching pants.

"Chocolate!.  Can I get sprinkles on they even have sprinkles.?", I quickly put on my soccer shorts and grabbed my boxing gloves.  Mr.Foglio smiled and chuckled as he said.

"I'm glad you're not into vanilla, cub.", I didn't get what he meant by that, but I guess he just didn't like the flavour.  I'm not a big fan of strawberry or vanilla but chocolate......I can't get enough!.

"I don't know if they have sprinkles cub, I guess we'll just have to ask.", he closed the locker behind him and we were on our way to the snack lounge.

"What flavour do you like, Mr.Foglio?.", I truly enjoyed Mr.Foglio's company and even though, he was older than my father,
he was still a fun guy to hang around.  He was quite
attentive and affectionate, I certainly felt very safe with him around.

"Well cub, I love Banana Mocha, and I think I'll get that.", we then started to walk towards the The Hall Of Honours.  Once we got to the main hall, Mr.Foglio was constantly being stopped by various members of the sports center that wanted to talk about the fight.

I stopped for a second and something caught my eye.  There was a photo of my father on the wall and like the rest, it was
set in a silver frame, the year above the photo read 1970.  The sunlight from the big windows reflected a glimmer from a plaque that hung underneath, the plaque was cast with gold letters and read, "Antonio A. Martinello.  A roaring tiger full of spirit.".

I looked up at the photo of my father and felt quite proud to be his son.  My father's smile was bewitching and captivating
his sweet smile was contagious and it even made me smile back at his photo.  There was another photo of my father at the opposite wall but it was too high up and I couldn't make out, what it said.  Mr.Foglio, stood next to me, playfully messed up my hair and said.

"What are you looking at cub?.", and stared in my direction.

"My dad's photo.  What does that one say?." and pointed to the one that was quite high up.

Mr.Foglio, picked me up and brought me close to the photo, "It says.......1969.  Antonio A. Martinello. Heavyweight champion of San Remo, Italy.  Walks like a dragon, has the heart of a lion, steps softly as a tiger and with the strength of a bear.", my father was holding a gold championship belt and was drenched with sweat and had a couple of bruises on his handsome face.

I looked at Mr.Foglio and curiously asked him.

"What does it mean?, walks like a dragon and all the other stuff?.", he put me down on the marble floor and said.

"Well Sport.  Walks like a dragon, means that he has an impressive way of walking.  The heart of the lion, means that he is very brave, fearless and quite powerful.  Steps softly as a tiger, refers that he is crafty, skillful, cunning and observant in the ring. And finally the strength of a bear, refers to his muscular, athletic and strong body.

I smiled at Mr.Foglio and nodded in agreement.  As we walked towards a pair of heavy oak doors, I noticed how much deserted the whole place was.  The sign above the door read, medical center, rest area and snack lounge.

Once we entered the hall, there were more photos of athletes adorning the walls.  I got closer to the frames and tried to look for my father, I kept looking but it was strange that he wasn't in any of the photos.  Mr.Foglio, must have read my mind again and said.

"You won't find you daddy in this section of the center.", he grinned as he said that, and I looked at him with deep curiosity. 

"Oh.....why not?.", and I went back determined to find at least one photo of my father.

"Well, his photos used to adorn these walls.......but, they just kept disappearing.", he frowned as he said that and that got me more curious.  He playfully messed up my hair and continued.

"Disappearing or ......stolen.  So, it was decided that all of his photos were to be kept in the The Hall Of Honours, since it was much easier to control and keep track of.", he took long strides and I did my best to keep up with him.  I was very curious and wanted to know, as to why anyone would want to steal a photo of my father.

I wanted to ask more questions, but Mr.Foglio was in a rush to get to the lounge and said.

"Hurry up cub or we'll get no ice-cream.", he walked up to the ice-cream stand and asked the guy if they were still open.

"Well Dante, what's your pleasure?.", I walked towards the glass window, where there were at least 60 different kinds of ice-cream.  I was so hungry that I wish, I could have one of each flavour.  The man behind the counter had a displeased look on his face, I think he was about the close the ice-cream stand, before we showed up.

"Ah.....there are so many different flavours,.....where is chocolate?.", I glued my face to the glass window and read all the names of the different chocolate varieties.

"Right here kid.  We have .....Chocolate Pecan, Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Fudge,
Dark Chocolate Amaretto, Dark Chocolate "Spiced" Ganache, Dark Chocolate Caramel Ganache, Milk Chocolate and Bourbon Truffles, Chocolate Mousse, White Chocolate Mascarpone, Bittersweet Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Coffee, Empress Chocolate, Velvet Chocolate, Chocolate Biscotti, Meringue & Chocolate, Rich Mocha Mousse Chocolate, Chocolate and Banana and Chocolate Mint.

"Well kid.......what's it going be?.", I hated to be rushed so I took my sweet time and said.

"I'll have......Mr.Foglio, how many scoops can I get?.", I looked up and Mr.Foglio, just smiled and said.

"Well, how many scoops do you want?.", he stroked my right cheek and playfully messed up my hair.

"Can I get two scoops?.", Mr.Foglio, smiled and nodded.

"Then, I'll have one scoop of dark chocolate fudge and the other one, of chocolate mint .", my mouth was completely dry and I couldn't wait to get a taste of delicous chocolate in my mouth.

"Will that be in a regular cone or sugar cone?.", the guy looked a bit impatient by now.

"Sugar cone, please and can I get some sprinkles on it, as well." I looked at Mr.Foglio and I think, he was also trying to figure out what flavour, he was going to pick.

"I'll have two scoops on a regular cone of banana mocha.", Mr.Foglio, paid the guy and we headed towards the lunch tables and picked a table that had a great view that overlook the ocean.

The snack lounge was just as big, as the rest of the building.  Due to the amount of light, that the lounge received during the day, there were various types of plants in here.  The lounge, resembled a huge solarium or sunroom, the term, once referring to open sun porches and apartments on the roofs of ancient Greek or Roman houses.  It now typically refers to rooms that are enclosed in glass.

Huge, beautiful ferns decorated the windows and Rattan palms(Calamus rotang), adorned  the lounge and were growing out of  huge, black marble vases.  The sign, that was attached to these huge palms, said that they're origin was from South-western Asia.  I't's generic name, derives from the Greek, calamos, meaning....reed, and with reference to it's slender stem that is much like a bamboo cane.  It's specific name, refers to the native name for material obtained from the stem(rattan).

"You know cub.  The slender and cylindrical stem of these palms, if properly worked is the source of the well known rattan. 
A very valuable and expensive material, which is used in the making of furniture, walking-sticks, umbrellas and wickerwork.",
he told me that some of  these palms, were here even as far back as when he was a teenager.  As I looked out of the window and towards the blue ocean, you could see tons of ships in the harbour.

I was looking at a white marble statue of the Roman God, Bacchus.  The statue, was set against a fountain and surrounded by beautiful giant ferns.  Bacchus, was the son of Jupiter and was raised by the Nysaean nymphs and is the Roman God of wine, beer, song and ecstasy.  Mr.Foglio, looked in my direction and asked.

"Do you know, who that is?.", and he stood up to take a closer inspection of the old statue.

"It's Bacchus....but he looks different.", I had seen many different versions of Roman/Greek Gods, on school trips to the museum but this one, I had not seen before.  Mr.Foglio, motioned me to come closer and said.

"Well, this particular version of Bacchus was originally done by Michelangelo.  The original statue is at the Museo Nazionale del Barello in Florence . The original was long ago vandalized and Bacchus is missing his penis.", he pointed to the fig leaf that would have been covering the male organ.

"At the tender age of 21, Michelangelo went to Rome for the very first time and he brought along his first works of art, Bacchus and the Pietà.  During that time in Rome, he was brought into contact with some of the greatest sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome.  The influence of that art upon his own works, became apparent in many years to follow and that classical influence is to be seen in this statue of Bacchus, which was carved at the age of 22.  This particular statue, was commissioned by the banker Jacopo Galli, for his private garden and so the story goes, he wanted it fashioned after the models of the ancients.",  
I watched carefully as Mr.Foglio went into complete detail of the history of this beautiful statue.

"The body of the statue, gives an impression of classic beauty, set in youthfulness and femininity.  In this strange blending, Michelangelo chose to depict Bacchus as a soft, plump and drunken adolescent, rather than the riotous traditional Greek/Roman God.", Mr.Foglio, reminded me of Sister Maria Angelina, who went to great lenghts in trying to motivate and encourage the rest of the students in my class at appreciating art.

"Look closely cub.  In no other statue, do we observe more concerning the character, the physical and mental state of the subject than in the depiction of this body.  See, the backward drooping left shoulder, the listless tilt of the head, the utterly relaxed left arm clasping the bunch of grapes, the cute belly portruding above the unsteady legs, the face transformed by a vacuous gaze, the parted lips and the expressionless features fixed upon the cup which is wearily supported by his right arm,
all speak of a mind and body dulled by inebriation.  To a classical form, Michelangelo has added his own interpretation, and has diplayed a marvelous sensitivity to the expression of the human body." he stood gazing at the statue and staring at the face
of Bacchus.

I was savouring my ice-cream and looking at the statue, when I said.

"Mr.Foglio, what is inebra...?", and looked up at him.

"Oh.....inebriation.  It means, a drunk or intoxicated person,......someone who is stupified with alcohol.", he smiled at me and motioned me to follow him and we sat back on our table.
As I admired the amazing size of the palms that were all around us,  I asked Mr.Foglio.

"Mr.Foglio, how did my father get the name of, Tony the Tiger ?.", and I paid careful attention to his beautiful, catlike green eyes.

"Well cub, there's a story behind that.  The year that your dad was born, falls under the Chinese lunar calendar for the Year of the Tiger.  The tiger, in the eyes of the Chinese, is an animal that generates respect, strength and fear.

He took small bites from his ice-cream and continued with his explanation.

"Tigers may not be the king of the jungle, but these striped cats are no softies, cub.  People, that fall under this sign are said to  be, magnetic and self-possessed, born leaders and they have an air of authority that prompts others to fall in line, which is exactly how they like it.  Although they are magnetically charming and fun to be around, tigers like to go it alone sometimes too. A Tiger's main interest is in following its ambitions and maintaining control.", I thought that this was an awesome explanation and observation.  Mr.Foglio, saw how entranced I was and continued.

"Tigers are courageous beyond compare and generally come out ahead in battle, be it in the ring or the bedroom.", he grinned at the last comment, but when he saw my blank expression, he just continued.

"Seduction is one area where the Tiger is definitely king.  They are also noble and warm-hearted and have a natural,raw appeal that's extremely attractive to others but they're not just about attraction, though.  Ever on the side of right, Tigers will fight the good fight to the bitter end if the cause is worthy and that's why opponents are wise to fear your father!.", I had my mouth open the whole time and the chocolate fudge, was beginning to melt on my warm hand.

"Who found out about this?.....was it you, Mr.Foglio?.", and licked the back of my ice-cream covered hand.

"Nah, it was Fabrizio.  He's always reading stuff and wanted to trace your father's, skills and strengths."

"And what sign are you, Mr.Foglio?.", I smiled and waited eagerly to hear about his sign.  He laughed, cleared his throat and said.

"Well, cub.  I'm a horse!.", and he neighed like a horse.  

"I've been told that I need plenty of room to roam, that I'm energetic, good with money, love independence and freedom.  I also, take situations firmly in hand, I'm self-reliant and a hard worker.......well, so they say." , and he winked at me and gave a roaring laugh.

"What about me?.  What am I supposed to be?.", I stopped licking my ice-cream and with fondness, paid attention to Mr.Foglio.

"Well, why do you think we call you a cub?.  You're born under the same sign as your father.  Really, I'm not kidding, shit!.", and as Mr.Foglio, was going to say something else, I heard the lounge door open and a familiar voice, yelled out.

"There you are.  I've been looking all over the place, trying to find the two of you.", It was my father, he was now fully dressed and by the looks of his wet hair, had recently showered.

"DAD!.", I was so happy to see him, that I ran as fast as my feet could carry me and did my best at juggling the ice-cream, and hoped that I wouldn't drop it.

"Hey there Sport, did you miss me?.... I'm sorry, that I took so long.", and with his strong and muscular arms, he lifted
me up with one quick swift and gave me a big loud kiss on my forehead.  He smelled great, a combination of shampoo, soap, deodorant and his favourite cologne, Drakkar Noir.

"Yeah, I missed you!.  You took so long.", I looked straight into his enchanting hazel eyes, which looked so full of vigor and vitality.

He looked very attractive in his crew neck, white t-shirt.  The shirt hugged his powerful, muscular frame and showed every muscle in his body, his tight clothes left nothing to the imagination.  It was no wonder, that both men and women alike admired his supple physique.  With every movement that his body made, his biceps flexed with victory and every inch glowed with power and masculinity.

"You're having ice-cream.......yum.  I'm starving as well, can I have a bite of your ice-cream?.", he certainly knew how to use his gorgeous eyes, when he wanted something.  He was simply irresistable and he knew it.

"You can have a small bite but just a small one.", my father gave me a mischivious smile and in split second, took a huge chunk of the dark chocolate fudge.

"DAD!....I said....a small bite!.", but he had practically devoured the entire ice-cream in one bite.

He quickly put me down and put his right hand on his head and said.

"Ahh...merda(shit), headache!.", as my father shook his head, Mr.Foglio laughed and started walking
towards us.

"For fucks sakes Antonio, that must have been some sweet piece of ass.  The cub and I were wondering, if you were ever going to show up.", Mr.Foglio playfully messed up my hair and patted my father on the back.

"So I take it.....he learned his lesson?.", Mr.Foglio took a small bite of his ice-cream.  My father, grinned and said.

"He was a great student, took the lesson like a duck to water.", my father then looked at me and said.

"And you Sport?.  How did you do with your lessons?.", he threw a look at Mr.Foglio, while I finished what was left over of the ice-cream.

"Mmm....good, dad.  Mr.Foglio showed me, how to dodge and do the 3 punch combo.",

"The 3 punch combo......excellent, Rocco. Well sport, we need to get going, so let's start walking towards the locker room.", my father then picked me up and carried me on his shoulders.

As we walked towards the exhibition hall, I brought up the subject of  the photos.

"Dad, is it true that you're photos were stolen from these walls?.", I couldn't see the reaction on his face, since he was carrying me but he did look at Mr.Foglio, who smiled as he was enjoying his ice-cream.

"Ahh....yeah, that's what I was told.", he tickled my legs as we entered the main lobby.

"Why would they want to steal your photos?.", I played with his wet hair and pulled his right ear.

 "I honestly don't know, Sport.", he caressed my left leg and as we walked through the main lobby and into The Hall Of Honours, there were quite a few guys that greeted and congratulated my father on their way out.

Mr.Foglio told my father, that he was going to start walking to his car to get the you-know-what.

We entered the locker room and the place was completely empty and looked like it had been swept and mopped clean.  My father, walked towards his locker and as he opened it, more little papers fell to the floor.

"Goddammit!.  Look at this mess, they're always doing this.", he shook his head and passed me my soccer jersey and sports bag, while he picked up the pieces of papers and walked to the garbage can.

As I was putting on the jersey, I asked him.

"Dad, why do they leave notes in your locker?.", I sat on the wooden bench and arranged my gloves at the bottom of my sports bag.  My father, stopped for a second and simply stared at me and said.

"Well Sport, ......they want lessons but sometimes, I just don't have the time or I'm not interested.", he gave me one of his heart melting smiles and took out a bottle that I recognized quite well.  It was the frosted black bottle, in rich ebony..... his signature fragrance, Drakkar Noir.

"C'mere, Sport.  You'll want to smell nice for the ladies.", he splashed a couple of  drops on my neck and arms and put the bottle back in his locker.  I remembered, the message that Dom had given me earlier and said.

"Oh yeah, dad.  Dom, told me to give you a warm salutation.", I grabbed my sports bag and his hand.  He them lowered his gaze to mine and said.

"You've met Dom?.", he closed his locker, picked up his sports bag and gave me a curious look.

As we walked hand in hand out of the locker room, I said.

"Yeah, he was cleaning the locker room, when Mr.Foglio and I came out of the showers.", I kept staring at that handsome face that seemed to radiate charm and enchantment.

"Dom is a very nice guy.  If you ever need anything, he's always there to be of service.", he playfully messed up my hair and told me to pick up the pace, while he looked at his watch.

When we got to the main lobby, my father spoke for a minutes with Franco.  He was sitting, behind the oak executive desk and
wanted to hear about the fight, directly from my father's point of view.

"Listen, Franco.  I'd like to go over the story with you but Dante and I, really need to be heading home.", he shook Franco's hand and motioned me to do the same.  My father, then waved to Mr.Arduini and headed out the door. 

"Nice to meet you, Franco.  Ciao!", I started to follow my father and then turned around to wave goodbye to Mr.Arduini.  
My eyes, then got a glimpse of a very good looking guy, that was standing at the top of  the marble stairs, I quickly recognized
the guy, as the same young man, with whom my father had boxed earlier.  He stood at the top of the stairs and looked a bit different, I couldn't quite make out exactly what it was but he did seem different.  I smiled and waved at him and he waved back, I then heard my father call out my name and I ran out to the parking lot.


I had carefully and silently been watching Antonio, talking to the old guy at the front desk.  I found it hard to believe that here was this man, with whom I had just recently been boxing in the ring and had had a fierce and exhausting battle and the very same man, that had just recently acquired my body and soul.

I had been watching Antonio in fascination and with deep concentration. I felt his charm and seductiveness and
even from here I could make out, the enormous cock that bulged against the tight pair of jeans. You could clearly see, that Antonio was packing heavy artillery between his legs and if that weren't enough, his muscles were powerful, robust and unyielding.

His clothes were so damm tight and revealing.  A white t-shirt that was hugging his skin so close, that you could make out his two erect nipples and just barely covered his torso. The sleeves, seemed to want to split at the base of his strong biceps, the shirt collected at his heaving pecs and fully exposed his rocky rows of abs, that cascaded down to a small waist.

Even as he spoke with the old guy, I noticed how other men in the sports center, hungered for Antonio. You could see it in their eyes, they didn't have to utter a single word. I don't know why, but this caused my blood to boil, was it
jelousy?.  I didn't want anyone to look at Antonio, I wanted him for............................ myself.


I ran down the stairs and quickly followed my father.  We walked towards Mr.Foglio, who was standing in front of  a
1980 Black Fiat Spider
, this was exactly the same car(except for the colour), that my father kept in the garage.  
However,  Mr.Foglio, actually put his car  to good use.

"Well cub.  I have a surprise for you, the guys and I did not forget your birthday,.........we just weren't invited!.", he smiled and looked at my father.

"That's not true, were all invited!.", my father sounded a bit upset, when he said that.

Mr.Foglio, opened the trunk of  the car and took out 4 big presents.  I wish, that  I could have seen the look on my face, because I was very surprised.

"Well you see cub, your mommy dosen't think that the three of us are a good influence on your daddy.", he had a huge and mischivious grin as he said that.

I looked at my father, who now looked quite serious and had his huge arms crossed as he looked at Mr.Foglio.  I looked at Mr.Foglio and said.

"But Fabrizio, was there.", I looked at my father and then Mr.Foglio.

"Ahhh....well, Fabrizio is an angel in your mother's eye.", and he winked at me and playfully stroked my cheek.  My father looked at Mr.Foglio and said.

"Allright, Rocco......I get the picture.  Sport, say thanks because we really need to get going.", and he started to walk towards our car.

"Thank-you, Mr.Foglio.  Please give my thanks to Mr.Mesto and Mr.Cozza.", I gave Mr.Foglio a big hug and he kissed my right cheek.

"You're very welcome cub, you're one of", and he gave me a pat on my butt and sent me towards my father.

My father opened the back door of the car, so that I could put the presents in the back seat and yelled out to Mr.Foglio.

"Rocco, those two are still up there.  Could you please go up and check on them?.", I got into the car and turned my head to see Mr.Foglio smile and say.

"Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.  Don't worry, I'll check on the two stooges.", he closed the trunk and started walking towards the sports center.

My father, started the car, drove and stopped in front of Mr.Foglio.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow at church?.", and he smiled at Mr.Foglio

"Cazzata, merda.(Bloody nonsense, shit), yeah....I guess.  The two hags at home are breaking my balls, with threats
if I don't attend mass this sunday.", he shook his head and made a face.

My father and I laughed and waved Mr.Foglio, ciao!.


Rocco Foglio, waved at the car that was slowly disappearing out of sight and he started walking towards the
sports center.  He had enjoyed baby-sitting Antonio's boy, the kid had a natural and appealing character
Dante, had reminded him much of his own sons and although they were all grown up and married(well at least the ones he knew about) his paternal instincts had kicked in, while looking after the little cub.

"Good evening Mr.Foglio, did you forget something?.", Franco Arduini, put down a book that he was reading and greeted

"Actually, I did and hopefully I won't take long.  I'll see you.", and made his way to the marble stairs that led to the third floor.

He whistled and muttered to himself....

"Those sons of bitches, better be done by now.  They practically had that kid in there for what.....almost 3 hours?.", and he hurried up the stairs.

The halls in the third floor were almost empty. There were the occasional, unsatiable cocksuckers, that were still roaming around and sniffing for more cock.  Rocco, paid no attention and headed for room number 9, the room that was used by Paolo Mesto.

Rocco, stood in front of door number 9, and could hear pleasurable groans and moans that came from within the room.

There was a loud knock on the door.

"Knock, knock.", someone at the other side of the door, the most likely culprit Cozza, answered in a fake high pitch voice and said.

"Who is it?.", the fake voice squealed and then, there was laughter......that had to be Mesto.

"It's, YOUR MOTHER!.  Now, open the fucking door!.", there were more giggling and groans.

The door flew open and there stood, only in a towel, Enrico Cozza. He was dripping with sweat and the room reeked of sex. 

"Mamma!.", Enrico threw his arms open and said.

"Wait a minute, you're not my mamma.  She's not that hairy!.", and threw a smile at Paolo Mesto.

I couldn't see Mesto........Cozza, was in the way.  I only heard Mesto, say.

"Yes, she is.  I've seen her and she's even hairier than Rocco.  The woman, resembles  a bear.!", and laughed out loud.

Cozza, threw him a dirty look and said.

"Vaffanculo!(Go Fuck Yourself!).", and gave Mesto the finger.  Paolo Mesto, rebutted with.

"You're a cafone(ill-mannered person).", I pushed Cozza aside and said.

"Get the fuck out of the way!.", I walked into the room and did my best, at trying to keep a straight face.

There he was cute, little Giovanni Cragnotti.  On all fours and with his sweet and hairless bubble butt up in the air and his head facing the pillow. Cozza, closed the door behind me, patted me on the back and said.

"This one is pure dynamite!.  A born cock whore, if I've ever met one.!", he grinned malevolently, took off his towel and threw it on the chair.  

Enrico Cozza's, 10 inches of prime Italian beef dangled back and forth.  He gave the foreskin a couple of tugs and went back to straddling the kid's face.

"Open that pretty mouth, Puttana!(whore!).  We're certainly not done with you yet!.", Cozza, played with the kid's mouth and inserted one finger, then two and finally three fingers and made the kid suck them, like they were an imaginary and juicy cock.

The look on the kid's face, was feverish, fiery and flushed.

"He's appetizing, isn't he Foglio.?", Paolo Mesto was taking his time and enjoying the slow thrusts into the kid's no longer virgen ass.

"Uh....what?.", I gazed at the kid, who's supple and healthy pink skin was covered with dew drops of perspiration.  The sweat was sliding down the arch of his muscular back and down to his delicious, exquisite and fucking gorgeous bubble butt.  I came out of my daze and said.

"Yeah, he's fucking heavenly and certainly is inviting.!", my mouth went completely dry and my own cock was trying to rip free, out of it's confinement.

"So have a go, at him!.  I need a break, I've shot my load there so many times, I've lost track.", Paolo gave the kid a slight slap on his ass and slowly pulled out his 9 inch cock.  Once Paolo's thick cock left the kid's asshole, there was a wet, smacking sound and a stream of semen gushed out of his pink rosebud.

I licked my lips and started to undress.

"How old is this sweet little puppy.?", and threw the fleece jacket on the chair and then the shirt.  Cozza, who was busy feeding the kid with his cock looked up and said.

"Hey, pup.  Rocco is asking, how old are you?.", he gently slapped the kid on the face.  The kid, then looked up at Cozza, took out the massive and thick cock out of his mouth and said.

"I'm 17, Sir.", and then dove back down on the Cozza's 10 thich inches and swallowed it whole.  The kid, deep-throated Cozza, right down to the pubes, the pleasure was too much to bear and Cozza, yelled out.

"AHH....FUCK YEAH!.  Man, the mouth on this kid.......DAMM!.", Cozza, closed his eyes, rested his back against the wall and gave a huge smile.

 Mesto, who was taking a drink out of a water bottle said.

"The kid is no angel.  He has definitely, sucked cock before.....but....that beautiful and sweet ass, was 100% pure virgen,
before we deflowered it.!", Paolo's deep blue eyes, never lied and fucking this baby, was truly going to be sweet.

I grabbed the kid by his waist and took aim. I inserted, one finger into the bruised pucker and a steady flow of
elixir of life, gushed into my hand and fingers. I looked over at Mesto, then to Cozza, who were both grinning from ear to ear.
 The boys had certainly bred this baby well.

"Turn him around, I want him on his back!.", Cozza, then took out his wide and thick cock out of the kid's mouth and said.

"You heard the boss, puppy.  Turn around!.", Cozza, then stood up to take a sip out of his water bottle.


As I got up, my knees felt like jelly and I felt very weak and exhausted.  I had lost track of time and wondered how much longer these men were going to have their way with me. I kept thinking of that idiot, Markus and the mess that he had gotten us both into.  Did he suffer the same fate or did Antonio, beat the living shit out of him, behind closed doors?.

These men were determined to get their way.  They were athletic, big and muscular and you simply did not fuck with them, no matter what!. I had told Markus that .......but the stupid son of a bitch, did not heed my warnings.  
I had admired this men from afar and been fascinated and attracted to their brawny, potent and powerful
strength and physique.

I felt guilt and shame, when they brought me up here, cornered me and forcefully made me tell them about my sexual awareness and knowledge. My face had been burning, when I mentioned to them, that I had learned about sex and masturbation from the other guys, that lived in my neighbourhood and I felt incredible stupid, when I made the huge mistake of telling them that I had sucked the cocks of two older guys.

The look on their faces, said everything.  The tall, good-looking one, Mesto with the jet black hair and amazing deep blue eyes, had given a huge leer on his face.  The other handsome stud, Cozza with the dark brown hair and seductive brown eyes to match and who I gathered was the most mischievous and rude of the group, had inspected and scrutinized, my body from head to toe.

All Enrico Cozza, had to do was to slowly and almost in a slow motion manner, lower me down to my knees and when I was at the same level as their crotch, he said.

"You know what to do!.", and gave me the most wicked smiled I had ever seen.

I found myself, staring right at their thinly covered cocks.  I tried to revert my eyes but I couldn't help to look and take notice of the clear outlines of their massive weapons.  I don't know why I did it, but in an almost dream like state and with trembling hands, I lowered Cozza's and then Mesto's boxing trunks all the way down and past their hairy knees.

There they stood, only in their jocks, I took a big whiff from the strong essence of male, that they gave off. The raw scent of this two virile men, made something click in my brain and as I looked up, they had a very pleased look on their faces.

The two other cocks, that I had ever sucked, were done under the influence of alcohol.  They had been two brothers, from the neighbourhood and had been at least two years older than me. The day after the incident, we never spoke of it    and the episode was almost forgotten......but now, that I was staring at these two captivating and attractive men, it was a whole different story.

I pulled down, both jockstraps at the same time.  With my left hand, I held Cozza and with the right, Mesto.
I really, wasn't prepared by the sight in front of me, not only was I speechless but also dumbfounded.

Enrico Cozza's cock, was a 10 inch, jaw breaker and extremely thick at the base. I tried to get a hold of it with just one hand, but that proved very difficult to do.  On my right, I was staring at Paolo Mesto, who's own cock was  also incredibly thick, in fact as thick as my fucking wrist.  The brightly red head, was even thicker than the shaft, this was a killer cock, made to rip assholes and throats apart.  His cock, must at least been an inch shorter than Cozza's but it was an impressive 9 inch baseball bat.

I knew very well, what I needed to do, and this was going to be a masterful and skillful, juggling act of my cock sucking abilities.

I felt Cozza, grasp me by the shoulders and shoved the thick cock, eagerly into my mouth.  My tongue, swirled around the thick shaft of his giant dick, like crazy.  Then almost instantly, the shaft seemed to swell to even larger dimensions while I eagerly washed the head clean with my wet tongue and licked up all the sticky fluid that seemed to flow out of his piss slit and I heard him groan and moan with pleasure.

"OH FUCK,....yeah......ohhhhh, yeaaahhhh!", and by the way he was fucking my mouth, I knew that I was doing a good job. They spoke to themselves and completely ignored me, except for the fact that I had in my mouth their potent
baby makers.

"You've got to try this mouth!.  Fuck, this kid is nice!.", he then pulled out his saliva covered cock and another thick man shaft, took it's place.

I felt Paolo Mesto's, 9 inch cock conquer my mouth and out of the corner of my eyes, I could see a big gold wedding band on the fourth finger of his left hand.  I wasn't surprised that this amazing man was married but what drove me wild with lust was that here I was servicing his delicious and enormous, cock.  I began to bob my head up and down on the thick shaft of the fat cock and felt the heat and hardness of his cock in my mouth, it was intimidating the overpowering size but I was willing and able to take it all into my throat.

I opened my mouth even wider, to take all his 9 fucking inches and my hands caressed his firm hairy legs and taut buttocks, while I kept flicking my tongue over the smooth skin and chewing the delicious foreskin.  His rock hard cock, invaded my throat and drilled deeper and deeper, while pushing against my twirling tongue.  My own cock, was dripping pre-cum and was jerking wildly out of control, in response to Mesto's excited moans and encouraging groans.

I wanted Mesto's cock as far deep in my throat as humanly possible.  I spread my lips wide and wider than before, and took inch by inch of that thick, fat cock, slowly down and into my willing throat.  Finally, once I had the base of that throbbing, pulsing cock down my gullet, I felt satisfied that I could feel the thick black bush of his crotch-hair and huge hairy balls scratching at my chin.

My jaws ached but I didn't care, once I realized that I had taken every fucking inch of this amazing cazzo into my mouth and down my throat, that made my head spin and brought my own cock to full mast. The combination of hissmelly, sweaty crotch and savouring the taste of his pre-cum was driving me delirious.  I looked up at him and my eyes roamed to his handsome face and those magnetic and enticing deep blue eyes.  

I lifted my arms and let me hands roam over his rock hard abs and muscular hairy chest.  I focused my attention,
to the various parts of his glorious body, from his handsome and smooth face, rosy cheeks, full sexy lips and prominent Adam's apple.  His strong, broad shoulders and narrow, masculine hips and the thin line of black hair that ran down from his muscle-plated stomach and down to his crotch. Cozza, broke my concentration because he slapped the side of my face with his thick sausage and said.

"Allright, already.....fuck!.  Quit hugging that pussy mouth, Mesto.", and without ceremony, he shoved his cock into my mouth, which made me gag and choke.

"Easy there, Cozza.  Careful with the kid.!", I couldn't see his face, only hear his sweet and seductive voice and he did sound sincere when he warned Cozza.

"Yeah .......yeah.  Next thing I know, you'll want him as your second wife!.", and he continued pounding my mouth.

I looked up at Cozza, and saw him shiny with sweat and glowing with fervor.  My lips were tightly wrapped around the hard cock and as I stared up and into his dark brown eyes , my mouth and throat were completely filled with his mighty sword and I could feel the beat of his heart in his giant dick.  And with that wicked gaze, he looked down at me and
I could see a sexy grin on his seductive face and his eyes completely glazed with lust.  He brought one of his powerful hands on the back of my head and held me firmly in place.

Cozza's gaze was still burning into my eyes and very softly said,

"Yeah, Gio......suck my cock, suck that big, throbbing cock.  Yeah, that's a good boy!.", even though I was sucking Cozza, my eyes were on Mesto and I think, ......that he was also watching me, but with a different look in his eyes.

Cozza, was taking his time in my mouth.  He had a great tasting cock, but I hungered for Mesto.....if only I was alone with him....

"You're good, kid......really good.  A natural......I knew it, I always knew that you were a cock craving puppy.  Everytime,  you came into the boxing room and took quick looks at us, you think we didn't notice you?.", he gave a roaring laughter and I felt a surge of embarrasment and uneasiness.

They knew?........they had known all this time that I was looking at them?.  I felt that my face was on fire, I lowered my gaze and closed my eyes.

I came back to reality to hear Cozza, say.

"Hey pup, to Cragnotti, you there?.", he stood right in front of me and was waving his right hand in front of my face.  I was staring at his malicious, brown eyes, when he said.

"Puppy, the boss wants to get a piece of your tight, sweet ass.!", I looked at Cozza and then to Mesto and my eyes finally focused on the blond giant that was now standing naked in the room.  He spoke at me with a very deep andmasculine voice and said.

"Well baby, if you were yearning and craving for thick've certainly found it.", I was speechless and couldn't find the strenght to speak.  

The man that was standing at the foot of the bed was a mature, towering and giant of a man.  He must have been at least 6'4 and was an awe-inspiring man of unbelieveable muscular proportions .  I froze and held my breath as I looked down from his mammoth cock, that was surrounded by tufts of dark, blond wiry crotch hair.  My eyes, roamed hungrily over it's monumental dimensions, his cazzo was huge terrifying club, a thrusting hugeness of male reproductive organ.
I took notice of the two huge, weighty nuts that hung suspended in the air and defying gravity.

The cock, was pure perfection.  Covered with thick, rich veins that were traced in the bright white skin, simply put a delicious uncut cock.  He was pulling at his foreskin, pulling it back and forth, and he knew that I knew that he was teasing me, he just kept staring at me with those piercing green eyes.  I licked my lips and took a step forward.

I took a quick glance towards Paolo, who was watching in complete silence and stroking his own erection and whose cock was still at full mast.  I had enjoyed earlier, how he had penetrated my ass and had at least dumped 4 loads of his semen into my willing asshole.  Deep down inside, I was very glad that it had been Mesto, and not Cozza, who had taken my innocence.

I turned my head and looked at Cozza, who was sitting on the bed and with his right and motioned me forwards towards the man, that was known in the sports center as, "Iron Paws".  I had seen many of his photos in the center and what a handsome man, he had been in his youth and now that we was older, he was desired even more.

My mouth was watering, at the sight of the humongous cock.  That cock could simply, not be real, my eyes had to be deceiving me, because that cock had to be at least 13 of the biggest inches I had ever set my eyes on.  My fingers, were itching with anticipation and my asshole shivered with lust.  I walked slowly towards him, and once he was towering over me, I knelt down and stood facing his incredibly thick and heavy shaft.  I pulled back the foreskin with my tongue and started to moved it up and down with my lips and I was soon rewarded with large, precious drops of pre-cum.

He smiled approvingly and glanced at probably Mesto, who was the closest.  They shared a silent thought and I continued to offer my eager mouth, ready to consume his thick, meaty shaft.  I took his cock deep down into my throat and as deep possible as I could accomodate him.  My tongue swirled, explored and sucked avidly on his throbbing shaft, I was desparate to milk his cock and eager to swallow his exquisite and highly prized cum.

"Allright, puppy.  I can see that you're a very good cock sucker, now it's time to lie back on the bed.!", this was the sound
of a command, that was coming from this powerful man and I threw a quick look at Mesto, who simply looked at me and nodded.

This caught the attention of everyone in the room, because I heard Foglio say.

"I've think this puppy has taken a liking to you, Mesto.", Paolo Mesto's face turned scarlet and he simply grinned.Cozza, must have felt a little defensive, because he said.  

"They've been looking at each other like that for the past fucking hour.  Fucking annoying,  you'd think they're long lost lovers or something.  Next thing we'll know, this puppy will be wearing Mesto's engament ring!.", and Cozza threw a look of defiance towards Mesto.

My face felt like it was burning and I knew I was blushing, while sucking Foglio's cock.

", what did you do to him.  Look, the cute little thing is blushing furiously!.", Foglio continued to stirr the subject and I felt that my face was probably turning every shade of red.

Foglio pulled his immense cazzo out of my mouth and at a good time too, because I felt that my jaw was probably being dislocated, while trying to accommodate such a monster cock.  Foglio then threw me on the bed and while looking at Mesto, said.

"Mmmm......I don't know, does Mesto allow me to get a taste of his little pup?.", Foglio gave Mesto a malicious and mischievous smile.  Cozza, jumped in and very flustered said.

"I'ts not up to Mesto and you know the rules Foglio!.  Antonio, makes the final decision (he looked at me with anger in his eyes) as to who gets to keep him!.", he grinned as he said those last words and I felt something heavy in my stomach.

They were talking about me, as if I was just a mere possesion.  I was laying on my back completely naked and here were these men talking as if I wasn't even in the room.

"Shut the fuck up, Cozza.  It's obvious who the kid fancies and it's not you!.", Mr.Foglio took a step torwards
Mesto and whispered something in his ear.  I could see that even Cozza, couldn't quite hear what was being said and that made his face turn an angry shade of red.

Paolo Mesto, started walking towards me and sat on the edge of the bed.  He looked straight into my eyes and said.

"We think, that you've learned your lesson today.  You are free to leave if you want but from now on, you don't wipe your ass, before we have a that clear?.", I looked at his desirable blue eyes.

I didn't know how to answer,......I didn't know, what to say.  Paolo, must have sensed the confusion that was running through my mind, because as he kept looking at me, he said.

"Listen carefully, Giovanni Cragnotti.  You and your little friend, played a very dangerous game today and as you can see, you've paid a very high price.", I lowered my gaze and closed my eyes.

I felt his strong hand lift my head and he continued talking.

"My friends and I, don't take it lightly when someone crosses our path.  In fact, we go to great lenghts to make sure they learn a good lesson and never to fuck with us again.", I opened my eyes and pierced his blue eyes and stared into his soul.

Cozza, who was fuming and sitting on the chair then jumped into the conversation and said.

"So,.... what?.  We're just going to let him walk out?.", and by the look of his face, he was not a very happy camper.

Paolo then got up and walked over to the locker that was on the wall and took out a towel, dropped it on the chair
and put on his boxing shorts.  I was relieved that this ordeal was over and now that my saviour had spoken for me,
I felt relieved that I could head home.

As Paolo picked up his towel and threw over his back, I was about to put on my clothes, when he threw me a curious look and said.

"Where do you think, you're going?.", as he said that, I looked at him with a bewildered look on my face.

"It's almost eight o'clock and I need to be getting home to the wife.  You on the other hand, well.... your ass is still up for forfeit and you're not going anywhere.  I'll leave you with Foglio and Cozza to continue with your punishment as you deserve.", and with that last comment, he walked out the door.

There I was left standing and felt as if a strong hand, had slapped me on the face.  If it wasn't for Foglio, who spoke next, I would still be standing and waiting for Paolo to come back.

"Did you hear that, Cozza?.  His ass is still ours and I've been a good boy all day, so what say you and I, make sure that this puppy never forgets this evening.", and Foglio walked up to me and threw me onto the bed.

"On your back, puppy!.  Pull your sweet buttocks wide apart and let Foglio in!.", he took the position and spat a big gob of spit on his cock.  With my trembling hands, my spasming asshole winced at the sight of that giant cock that was about to be rammed up my ass.  With relentless force and regardless of the consequences, I knew that I would be begging and whimpering for a fuck so deep, so hard, so viscious, that I wouldn't be able to think of anything but of Foglio's immense cock and this fuck again.

I did as I was told and was aroused by the touch of his rough, strong hands.  I flexed my taut buttocks and spread my legs wide to give Foglio a better access, to let him see my spasming asshole that quivered in anticipation for his thick and huge hard cock.  With his long fingers, he slowly opened the deep cleft between my buttocks and while spreading them wide apart, he exposed my no longer virgen asshole.  Pre-cum was strating to ooze out of my throbbing cock and he used it as his personal lubricant.

Foglio's face was burning bright red with lust.  He spat more spit on his cock and any second I knew, that he was to begin his forceful attack.  I wiggled my hips, trying to entice him and groaned like a bitch in heat but he remained quiet and enjoying the sight before his eyes.  

Foglio's powerful body was emenating incredible heat.  Pre-cum was dripping from his piss slit at the top of his fat dickhead, coating my asshole and mingling with his spit and previous semen that had been dumped earlier by Cozza and Mesto.  I closed my eyes and quivered with anticipation, he was now on top of me and his strong, heavy, muscular body was pressing hard.

With that he shoved the tip of his huge, fat cock into my tight but well lubricated asshole.  I gasped, surprised and shocked that his cock, felt different in my ass than from what I had expected.  It felt much bigger and alot thicker,
it felt like a fucking cannon that was stretching my ass to the point of riping it apart.  I begun to sweat all over my body and trembled with a fear as a sharp pain, shot through my entire body and I cried out, while tossing my head.

"OH FUCK!.  OH, GOD're killing me!..........I can't ........please take it out!.", I hadn't even noticed that Cozza, was sitting at the top of the bed and was looking down at me, while Foglio was beginning to shove his 13 inches of monster cock up my asshole.

"Please pull it out!.......shit....please, you're too fucking big!.", but Foglio stayed where he was, his huge and thick cockhead was slowly trying to pass through my tight sphincter.  He grinned for a few seconds and while I had tears coming out of my eyes, he said.

"Relax, puppy!  Shhh...relax, my boy.........don't fight me.  Relax and open up for me!.", and he leaned over and gaveme a big wet kiss on the mouth.

Tears welled up in my eye and I could see Cozza, just stroking his cock and enjoying the show.  Foglio, continued with the assault and said.

"That's my boy!.  That's a good boy, relax baby, it will soon feel great up your ass, you'll see!.", and he continued kissing me on the lips and cheeks.

It felt anything but great but at least the pain, was less intense then before and so I begun to relax.

"OH, MY GOD!  OH,'re too fucking big!.....MINCHIA!(Cock!)", Foglio took a quick look at Cozza andsaid.

"This puppy is Sicilian?.", Foglio sounded surprised and Cozza answered.

"Born and bred. You moved to San long ago, pup?.", and he slapped my face.

"FUCK!...Arrrg....3 years ago.'re so fucking huge!.", I didn't know why it was an issue that I was Sicilian and at this particular moment it really didn't seem like an issue to me.

"Oh, sweetie......this hole of your's feels fucking nice!", I was breathing quickly now and with little gasps.  My body felt different, it felt as if I was burning from inside and my rectum was twitching and writhing uncontrollably.

As an intense heat spread through my entire body, Foglio did not waste any time to fill me with more and more of his throbbing rod of man meat.  He was taking much longer moments, teasing me again but then I started to hear myself cry.

"Oh yeah........yeah.  Fuck...that feels nice!.", I felt that perhaps I was stuffed with at least seven of the thirteen inches that were still to be drilled into me.  The sensation was changing, what had started as a painful assailment of my ass, had now turned into pleasureable awareness and enjoyment.  

Frantically, I pushed back my ass against his hairy crotch and impaled myself his his throbbing meat.  Foglio, was groaning huskly and lunging forward into my ass, more forcefully than before.  

"Oh yeah, that feels sooo....good!.  That big cock up my ass.....that feels good!", the sensitivity in my asshole was of pure ecstasy and elation.

I felt so fucking full of hard cock, that I simply could not believe it.  Even, when my brain sent a message to my ass to clamp itself shut, my body responded in another way. My whole body cried, craved for more of Foglio's mammoth cock.

Rocco Foglio, was panting rapidly and his sweat was dripping over my body and face.  His face looked flushed and he was gritting his teeth and fucking like this was to be the last fuck of his life.  He was simply a man consumed in his own frenzy.

Rocco, shoved the last inch of his incredible huge and fat hard cock up my well stretched asshole and he was so fast, hard and furious that his hairy orb sized balls, slapped noisely at me buttocks with a juicy smack. I held on to his hairy and sweaty back for dear life, as the onslaught of his huge cock, drilled deep into my burning and aching asshole.

"FUCK THIS BABY!.  What a sweet and fucking tight ass.........Oh,'ll remember this fuck for a long time!.", he would ram his cock up my ass and then take it out again and he felt like a well oiled piston.

His body felt wet and slippery, my cock was aching for release.  I bit my lips, in trying to prevent from yelling out, I could feel that cock drilling and drilling, going deeper and deeper into my body.  I moaned, helplessly and tossed my head from side to side.

"SWEET ASS!.....What an ass......gonna fuck you hard and until you can't walk anymore, puppy!.", while Foglio,was preparing to tear me a new asshole. I was able to see that Cozza, who had just been enjoying the show, was now pumping his cock and ready for his own assault.

Cozza, leaned forward and angled his 10 inch cock forward and towards my open mouth.  At this angle, I was able to see his huge hairy balls and strong hairy legs.  He steered the huge cockhead into my widespread lips and slowly into my mouth.  I struggled to open my mouth as wide as possible and Cozza's fat dickhead, finally stuffed my mouth to the fullest.

The wicked grin was still on his face strong and handsome face.  The dark brown hair was now completely wet and currents of sweat were running down his muscular chest and into his rockhard abs.  He kept pressing forward and kept sinking his meaty shaft further down my highly strained throat.  I watched with unblinking as Cozza's hard, thick cock
disappeared between my lips.

While I felt that Foglio was ramming his cock faster and faster up my ass, his breathing became heavier and heavier and he started to grunt.  He grunted like a horse, fucking away at his mare, the man certainly knew how to give a proper and magnificent fuck.  I was completely impaled by his massive cock and I found myself thinking as to who had conquered whom?.

Cozza, observed me coldly.  He hovered his magnificent maleness above me, flexing every powerful muscle of his articulated physique.  His hot and terrifying dick was buried deep inside my throat and he began to rock the over sized cock, deep into my gulping throat.

"Not bad, pup.  You've seem to have become the perfect cock whore!.", he continued to fuck my mouth and increased his tempo.  His strokes, were becoming more jabbing and while he fixed his piercing brown eyes on my face, I became lost in admiration of his muscular, strong torso.

Foglio, was groaning with shuddering delight, as Cozza fucked my face.  Cozza, then pulled out his saliva coveed cock and stuffed his hairy balls into my mouth, cutting off my groans and cries.  He looked down at me, smirked, smiled and said.

"Here, puppy.  Take this as a gag!.", I trembled as I fought for air.  I arched my trembling body and opened my mouth wider.  I regained control over my breath and sucked noisely at his hairy balls, I licked them clean and would play with the sensitive orbs with my tongue.  Cozza's body, was sweating profusely and his magnificent, hard muscled torso glowed with sweat. He threw me a direct look and while smiling, he asked.

"You want more of my cum, puppy.?", his smile said it all and my mouth went instantly dry.  No words came out of it,
so I just nodded, while staring at those alluring deep brown eyes.

"Answer me, cock whore.", he said this softly but with a menacing tone in his masculine deep voice.

While I was being impaled from the other end by Foglio, my eyes fixed on Cozza's heavily bouncing, thick cock.  I managed to say with effort.

"Fuck......oh, yeah.!  I .......I want.....your cum, please!.", Cozza did not look satisfied with my answer.

Confused, I looked at Foglio who's face looked as if he was about to have a massive heart attack and who was grunting and moaning like an out of control train that is closed to being derailed. He had his head thrown back and had my legs over his hairy shoulders and his eyes closed.

It took me some seconds, before I knew what Cozza wanted.  I gazed at his good-looking face and with pleading eyes, then said.

"Please........Arrgghh!. Enrico, please give me your cum, I need it .........want it!.", he smiled and malignantly curled his lips and said.

"That's it puppy!.  That's a good wide then, open that sweet whore mouth!.", and without thinking, my hands grabbed his hips, my head even with his hairy crotch.   I licked my lips and saw his massive, muscular frame of Cozza's, sculptured body that was glowing with sweat.  His rockhard cock, jerking erratically right under my face. his wide heaving chest, his strong meaty pecs and he shoved the that throat stretcher down my throat.

"I know that you want me to cum in your mouth, pup!.  Drown you with my sperm.......don't worry.....I'll do.....I'll do that,
in no time at all....if you go on sucking me like that,.....ohhh....fuck yeah!.", he continued with his even thrusts for minutes or what seemed like hours, soon enough I was to be filled at both ends.


The sun was still quite bright, as we drove down Via Montenapoleone.  My father seemed happy and elated, he looked at me, gently tugged at my nose and said.

"So did you like the sports center?.", he paid careful attention to my words and facial expressions.

"Yeah, the place was huge and I had alot of fun with Mr.Foglio.", he gave another big smile and said.

"Well Sport, I'm very sure that he liked spending time with you too.", he checked his watch one more time and made a face.  
I know that we were late for dinner and my mother, was quite punctual and on schedule when serving meals.

We stopped at major intersection, Via Venezia d'Arte.  The street that was filled with charming, quaint and expensive looking shops.  My father, found a parking spot that was close and walking distance to the shops and motioned me to follow him.  I noticed one store in particular, whose sign read Franco Dell' Orto, Antique And Decorative Rugs, established in 1922.  We hold the largest European models, preference on Spanish decorative, Savonnerie, English and Portuguese needlepoint, Aubusson and Flemish tapestry.  Our wide collections are exhibited in Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Milan and Rome.

The streets were busy with people.  It was saturday evening, the weather was great and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. We walked, hurriedly and hand in hand to the more high-end shops and jewelers section of the shop district.
We stopped in front of a store that read Venezia Oriente, this was an art gallery that sold ancient pieces of oriental art.  
There was a sign, next to the window in gold lettters that read, Ms.De Lázzari, curator of the prestigious Scuola Grande San Teodoro di Venezia.  There were small bronze and stone sculptures on the window display and as we were about to walk into the store my father, smiled but very seriously said.

"Please, Sport.  Look all you want, just don't touch anything.", and he playfully messed up my hair and we walked into the gallery.

A very attractive woman, who looked to be in her late thirties, with straight raven, jet black hair and dressed in an expensive beige suit, was talking to a pair of customers but as soon as she saw my father, she excused herself and advanced towards us.  

"Ahhh, Mr.Martinello.  I wasn't expecting you this evening!.", she approached my father and shook his hand.  She had long flowing hair that reached to her shoulders, she was wearing Fendi oval rimmed glasses and I thought that she would look alot prettier if she didn't have to wear those glasses.  She caught me staring at her, smiled and said.

"Don't tell me that this handsome young man is your son?."
, she pinched my cheeks and I noticed that she had huge nails, that remembled claws.

"Ms.De Lázzari, I would like you to meet my son, Dante Alessandro.", and he motioned me to shake her hand.  I took a step forward and said.

"Nice to meet you, Ms.De Lázzari.", she smiled and gave a little laugh.

"What a bello regazzo.  It's a pleasure Dante Alessandro.", and he motioned my father to follow her.

This place was full of cool stuff, there were masks adorning the walls and huge sculptures many that were done in wood, stone and bronze, there were also vases and tapestries. All the furniture had signs of where they came from and year made, she had stuff from, China, Japan, Burma, Cambodia, Tibet and India.

"Well, Mr.Martinello, the vase that you acquired for your wife, has arrived. Let me just get it for you, I'll be right back.", and she walked towards her office.

I thought.......vase?  I then looked at my father, raised my eyebrows and said.

"Vase?.", he smiled at me and said.

"Your mom's birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her something special.  I always get her jewelry, perfume or clothes and this time, I know that she was eyeing a similar vase in the gallery a few weeks back.", he winked at me, while Ms.De Lázzari came back with the vase.

"Here it is, Mr.Martinello.  A beautiful, exquisite, emerald green glazed terracotta vase, it's from Cambodia and dates back to the XII century. She'll love it!.", she was gushing about the thing like it was the holy grail.

"We've had quite alot of people ask for this particular vase.  I know that when I first saw it, I was simply speechless,
it's quite breathtaking, isn't it?."
, she eyed my father, smiled and played with her hair.

My father only nodded and said.

"Would you be able to keep it with you, until the day I come to pick it up?.  There is no way that I can hide this at home and I don't want anything to happen to it.", and he smiled at her and took the vase in his hands and gave it a good look over.

"Oh certainly, Mr.Martinello. It would be my pleasure to hold it for you!.", she then walked towards my father and took the vase from his hands but I noticed that her hands lingered on his, longer than usual.  She smiled at my father, took the vase and put it in an art pedestal for us to admire.

"You've simply chosen an excellent and elagant pedestal for this graceful vase.", she stood next to the pedestal and my father and I got closer to get a good look.  My father, looked quite pleased and said.

"So it will be exactly like this one?.  In colour, height and design?.", he inspected everything carefully and told me to get a closer look.

"What do you think, Sport?.  Do you like it?.", I nodded and carefully watched Ms.De Lázzari, who was now standing behind my father and looking him up and down.

"You wife has immaculate taste. She's lucky to have a husband that has selected such a marvelous, magnificent, stunning and tantalizing work of art.", she was standing behind my father as she said this and I caught her shamelessly looking at him up and down.  I would follow her eyes as she stared at his tight jeans that provokingly displayed his taut buttocks and ample male basket.

"Yeah, this will do just fine.  I will give you a call, Ms.De Lázzari when this can be delivered home.", and he extended his strong hand and politely shook it.  

"Oh, me Belinda!.", she took of her glasses, put them on her desk and grabbed a soft drink.  She took a sip and started to lick the straw in a teasing and inviting way.

"Ah, mmm....right.  Well Belinda, my son and I need to be heading home and I appreciate all that you've done.", he shook her hand and motioned me to follow him.

As we were leaving, she touched my cheek and gave me a slight kiss and as she looked at my father, she said.

"I hope to see you soon, Antonio.", and waved a warm ciao.

Once we were outside and heading towards the car, my father was grinning and smiling, he looked at me and said.

"Did you see her nails, Sport?.  Like a lioness.......Grrrr!.", he used his hand like a lion uses his claw and made a loud growl.

I laughed and held his hand tight and he surprised me by walking into a flower shop.

"Well Sport, what kinda flowers do you want to take to your mother?.", he then started to walk around the shop and was smelling the flowers.

The shop was filled with all kinds of gorgeous flowers.  From Italian ruscus, to carnations, stargazer lilies, violets, orchids, daisies, lisianthus, asters, dahlias, foxglove, matsumoto asters, delicate tracheliums, oriental lilies, rainbow-hue roses, etc.  The aroma in the shop was a sweet combination of amazing sweetness and perfume, the colours were breathtaking

I walked towards the roses and couldn't decide on the colour, they were all beautiful.

There was a colour and meaning chart for roses on the wall, it read.

Colour &  Meaning of Roses.

Peach: Let's get together, sincerity, gratitude, appreciation.
Peach/ Pink: Gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy.
White: Reverence, purity, innocence, secrecy, I am worthy of you, keep a secret.
Yellow: Joy, gladness, freedom, friendship, I care, welcome back, remember me, jealousy.
Red: True love, respect, courage, romantic love, I Love You, congratulations, job well done.
Pink: Perfect happiness, gentleness, sweetness, please believe me.
Lavender: Enchantment
Light Pink: Grace, joy.
Dark Pink: Thankfulness

Orange: Fascination, enthusiasm.
Coral: Desire
Red & White: Unity
Black: Farewell, death.
Deep Burgandy: Unconscious beauty
Red & Yellow Blend: Jovial & Happy feelings

I looked at my father and pulled him to the chart and said.

"Can we buy one of each colour?.", I smiled and looked up at him.

"Whoa, that's going to be expensive, Sport." and he was reading the chart and the prices.

He was reading the meanings to the colours, when he said.

"Hey, what if we take a dozen black roses to your grandma?.", and he tickled my tummy.

"That's not funny, dad!", I smiled but also managed to make a face.  He gave a very sexy laugh and said.

"I meant as a a nice and warm...ciao!", he walked over to the lady behind the counter and said.

"Well Sport, stick to one colour.  C'on......we're really, really late.", he winked at me and I made the final decision.

"Mmmm....for my mom, I want red.  Yeah, I guess red and for my grandma .....mmm...(I heard him cough, which sounded like!) and he laughed.  

"No, dad!  Don't be mean,......for my grandma, peach pink!.", and he rolled those gorgeous eyes.  He looked at me
all serious and said.

"You're paying for these right, Sport?.", I raised my eyebrows and said.

" But I don't have any money!." he made a face, scratched his head and said.

"Fine,....guess I'm paying!.", he winked at me and we waited while the lady behind the counter prepared the 2 dozen roses.

As we walked towards the car, my father carried the two bouquets of fragrant roses and as we headed home, towards
Via Bocca Di Leone, he mentioned how hungry he was and I quickly agreed.

"Listen Sport.  I truly enjoyed that we spent most of the day together but remember that you can't tell your mom or grandma that I am teaching you to box, allright?.", I looked into his charming hazel eyes and nodded in agreement.

"And as to what happened this afternoon in the ring, well always remember Sport, that you have to learn to pick your battles and to control your temper.  I know that may be hard to do sometimes but with patience and a clear head, you will prevail.", he gently stroked my cheek and smiled.

As we arrived to our home, my father made a face and shouted out loud.

"Damm, we have company.", I looked towards the black Mercedes-Benz, that was parked alongside the curb to our house.

"Who is it dad?.", and by the look on his face, he really wasn't pleased to see this person.

"It's the Black Widow.  One of your grandmother's best friends or should I say fiend!.", I knew who my father meant.
 The black widow, was the nickname that was given to her long before I was born.  Due to the infamous fact that she had been married 6 times and all her husbands died after being married for a short period of time.

If my memory serves me right, the six unlucky guys, had been.  A doctor, 2 lawyers, a politician, a french diplomat and the last one a banker.  Now, after the second husband dying under mysterious circumstances(he fell down the stairs), one would think twice before marrying this woman, but it was said that in her day of youth, the woman had been quite alluring and beautiful. Now she was an extremely wealthy, bitter, withered old crow that was mean looking and with a nasty short temper.

In the inner circle of society, she was to be addressed by her first name, followed by all the last names of all of her deceased husbands, that she had accumulated over the years.  So she was addressed, as Lilith Aragona Galliano Jannetti Olivetto Ungaro Del Santo, if you knew her well and if she liked you, you could call her Lilith, if not, you were to address her as Mrs.Del Santo or as the rest of the town called her......the black widow.  

She would hardly visit us and when she did visit, it would only during special occassions or when there was some big gossip going around town and she felt that it was her duty to inform my mother and grandmother.  She was not at all fond of my father, she had known him since he was a very young lad and he had been one of those kids that stayed in her memory as being a ruffian or trouble maker.

We got out of the car and I heard my father take a deep breath and sighed, he smiled at me and said.

"Allright Sport, now remember all that I told you and no matter what, don't let that old witch, get to you!.", he gave me the peach/pink roses, so that I could give them to my grandmother and he took the dozen red roses.

We walked into the house and we could hear them in the back patio and gossiping left and right.  My father, motioned me to go first and greet everyone.

"Mom......we're back!.", and I walked out into the patio.

My mother was drinking a caffe latte and looking stupendous as always.  She was wearing a Chloé, tweed elongated jacket in a sugar almond colour with accents of pink/green and white and matching dress.  Pink and goldtone buttons adorned the sleeves and front single-breasted closure, she looked simply magnificent and incredible.

They were all sitting down on the patio chairs and enjoying the sun, my mother got up and said.

"Finally, I was getting worried about you two!.", and I went over to give her a kiss.  My mother, looked straight into my eye trying to tell me that we had company and to be as polite as ever.

"Dante, my love....say good evening to Mrs.Del Santo.", and she motioned me to greet her.

"Good evening, Mrs.Del Santo.  How are you doing?.", as always she was wearing her favourite colour....crow black.

Even though she was in her early sixties, she had a very good figure and was wearing a black/gold Chanel suit.  It was set in the classic style, double breasted jacket and signature gold chanel buttons.  She was draped with beautiful pearls all around her, from the earings, to her bracelets and even a giant tear shaped grey pearl that dangled from a gold chain on her chest.  She had a grey silk Chanel scarf around her hair and matching handbag.  She was wearing the classic, refined, signature fragrance of Chanel #5.

She squinted her eyes at me and then she decided to put her glasses on, before saying.

"Look at this boy, he's growing like a weed. All skinny looking and pale!.", she nodded her head in a disapproving manner and said.

"And where have you been?. Do you know what time it is, you should be home studying or doing your homework!.", as usual, she was being her sweet self.

I swallowed hard before looking at my mother.  I smiled politely and said.

"I was with my father at the sports center, Mrs.Del Santo.", and I walked over to my grandmother and gave her the dozen peach/pink roses.  The look on my grandmother's face was of pure joy and surprise.

My grandmother was wearing a sleeveless Chanel wool dress, in a baby blue/white colour and lined with silk, embossed with Chanel symbols.  

 "Mon Dieu! Dante.....mon petit garçon, merci!", my grandmother stood up and gave me a billion kisses, while the
black widow .....I mean, Mrs.Del Santo glared at me.

My mother looked quite happy and said,

"Dante, love.......where is your father?.", and as she was finishing the sentence, my father came from behind her and with
his giant arms he encircled her and gave her a kiss on the back of her neck.

"You were talking about me?.", he turned my mother around, who was smiling from ear to ear and blushing.  She gave him a big kiss on the lips and as my father, whispered something in her ear that we couldn't make out, he said.

"These are pour vous.  Cara mia, ti voglio bene!(My darling, I love you!).", and my mother practically melted in his arms.

When my mother saw the roses, she put her arms around him and gave him a big kiss on the lips.  I thought that this was getting revolting and the old crow(Mrs.Del Santo) must have felt the same way, because she took off her glasses and drank her caffe latte.

My mother continued to gush over her roses and said.

"Oh my wonderful men!.  These are beautiful......thank-you, both of you.  Now come inside and I'll warm up the dinner, you must be starving by now!.", she excused herself and headed towards the kitchen.

My father bowed to the ladies in the patio and sat down on one of the chairs.  Mrs.Del Santo, finished with her caffe latte and glared at my father and said.

"So the two of you have been at that gastly sports center?.  Nothing good ever comes out of there, just hooligans and delinquents.  I don't know why this town has not closed that eyesore down!." , she was breathing hard as she spoke and I was watching very hard to see if she had any smoke coming out of her ears.

"When I was married to Giorgio(her 4th husband and the politician), I told him to close that cesspit and dump.  But the stupid idiot, wouldn't hear of it!.", she shook hear head and made her lip curl.  My father, simply smiled and said.

"Well, I heard that he himself, used to like going to the sports center.", at that moment my mother came out and told us that she was going to serve us dinner in the dining room.  My father turned around and said.  

"Well ladies, it's been a pleasure and if you'll excuse I'm going to have my dinner, c'on Sport.", Mrs.Del Santo, was still fuming at his last comment and said.

"I stick to my words, nothing good ever came out of that sports center!.", and she took a bite out of a cookie.  My father looked at me, gave a wicked grin and said.

"He was probably trying to get away from you, since all you do is nag and whine.......", and he stepped inside.  Mrs.Del Santo, didn't hear the whole sentence, she looked up and said.

"What did he say?.", she raised her head and looked at my mother.

"Antonio said, if you would like some wine?.", my mother, blushed, smiled and tried to recover from my father's comment.

Mrs.Del Santo, made a face and said.

"Don't be silly girl.  Unless you have a bottle of Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux Mers, don't bother, I like to drink quality wine, not that vinegar that you have lying around!.", my mother smiled and stepped back inside and gave a furious look at my father, who was sitting on the table with a big grin and winked at her.

"Oh really Tony, you're impossible!. You know that she's one of the vice presidents in the board of directors and her word is gold to them.  Please try to be nice to her, just for a little while longer.", she went to the kitchen and brought our dinner to the table.  My father, winked at me, gave me a mischivious grin and said.

"I'll give her some vinegar to drink, the acidic old crow!.", and he grabbed his crotch in an obscenely and wicked way.

"Antonio, Stop It!. She might see you, please.....sit down and I'll get your dinner!.", my mother was in a very good mood because she gave me a smile and nodded her head.

As my mother brought the lush and succulent dishes to the table, she said.

"Look she even brought us some baccala(dried cod) and capitone(eel).", my father and I made faces at the eel.  I thought that was pretty gross thing to eat.

I was ready to devour anything that my mother had prepared.  I was practically seeing stars, caused by hunger.

"I prepared, Agnello al Forno!(Roast Lamb!)", she set the dishes on the table and lifted the lids.  My father and I shared the same thought and that was.......YUM!

This was a slow-cooking dish.  With patience, the right seasoning and a gift for cooking, the meat came out very tender and for my mother, it always did.  The savouring aroma, from the olive oil, garlic, lots of rosemary, peeled baby onions, and babypotatoes that were mixed in and had been cooking with the juices of the lamb, was simply scrumptious.  

She set a large bowl of salad on the table.  This was one of my favourite salads, made of  baby lettuce, cut cherry tomatoes,mozzarella, onion, garlic, basil, thyme, lemon juice, robusto olive oil.  She served us, a small portion on our plates and sat on the chair next to me.

My father and I attacked the tantalizing lamb, like it was to be our last meal.  No sooner did my mother set the plates in front of us that I heard her say.

"Sensible bites.....Mon Dieu!.  Tony, Dante....sensible bites!.", we were wolfing down the lamb like starving lions in the savannah.

My mother was going to serve us more salad on our plates and as she was about to grab my father's plate, I literally heard him growl and said.

"Grrrr,.....more meat woman,......less green.", and he gave my mother, a slight slap on the butt.

My mother jumped and laughed at his comment and said,

"You don't want salad?,.......what has gotten into you two?.", she looked at me, with a curious gaze as I was extending my plate for a second helping.

I burped and a said.

"Sorry,....excuse me!.", and blushed.  My mother, stood there with her mouth hanging open and said.

"You're done?.....already.....Mon Dieu!.  That must have been some exercise that the two of you did.!", she served us both more lamb and sat staring at us both.

My father had his mouth full of  potatoes and said something to my mother but it came out sounding like.

"Bii ehh weigh ernnando varvoosa zeyysiii.", he looked at her straight in the eyes and winked.

My mother made a deep sigh, looked very upset and said.

"I beg your pardon?.", she said politely.  My father gave an enormous swallow and said.

"By the way, Fernando Barbosa says, hi.", he took a sip of wine and started to eat his salad.

I looked at my mother, who's face first blushed and then tried nervously to avert my father's eyes.  She got up from the table, looked at me and said.

"Are you finish Dante?.", I nodded and she took the plate from the table.

My father seemed to be enjoying himself and gave me a very mischivious smile and winked.  I saw that flame in his eyes and his eyes seemed to change colour......somehow, they burned a brighter shade of hazel.

"Fernando, has invited us to Il Capriccio Restaurant, I've accepted and we are all going.", he looked straight at her eyes and she just lowered her gaze, perhaps knowing full well that this was one battle, that she could not win.

As my father finished that last sentence, my mother's face look very flushed and flustered.  She threw him a look of pure anger but at my surprise, she said nothing.

My father, just sat back and enjoyed his salad with a big smile on his face, he just kept twirling his red wine and said.

"Oh, and remember that red Valentino dress that I bought you last Valentine's day......I want you to wear that.!", my mother face was scarlett and looked so angry that I thought she was going to start shouting.  But at that very moment, the patio door opened and in walked the black widow.....I mean, Mrs.Del Santo and my grandmother.

"Well dear, I must be leaving now.  It was a great afternoon and I simply loved the Chocolate Mousse Cake, that you baked." she looked at me and then glared angrily at my father, who was still smiling.

As my mother got up from the dining room table and went to kiss Mrs.Del Santo on the cheek, my grandmother was getting  her shawl and was about to walk Mrs.Del Santo to her car.  As my mother was opening the front door, my father gave the loudest,  rambunctious and most ear-piercing burp, that I had ever heard.

"BUUUUUUUUUUUURP!, oh....mmm....excuse me.", I sat there with my mouth wide open and quickly looked at all three women, who had their backs turned and were about to set foot outside the door.  To my surprise again, no one said anything and they completely ignored my father and walked out the door.

As the door slammed hard, my father smiled, looked at me and said.

"Well, I guess I'll be sleeping in the guest room tonight.  But damm,.......that was fun!.", he winked at me, picked up his plate and walked to the kitchen.

I thought that he was crazy for having done that.  If I know my mother, she was going to be sooooo angry, that she wasn't going to talk to him for days.

My father and I, had cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwashing machine, by the time my mother and grandmother came into the house.  I was then sitting in the living room and watching television as they closed and locked the front door and  for the third time in one evening, as soon as my mother walked through the door she didn't say anything and headed upstairs to her bedroom.  I only heard the bedroom door slam and my grandmother walked up to me, kissed me on the head and said.

"Thank-you, for the beautiful roses, my prince.  I will put them in a vase and next to my dresser.", she looked at my father and said.

"We should all be heading to bed soon, as we all have to attend mass in the morning.", and with that she headed to her own bedroom, leaving my father and I, standing in the living room.

My father walked to the television, turned it off and said.

"Your grandmother is right, Sport.  We should be heading to bed and get some sleep, besides I'm really, really tired.", he picked me up and threw me over the back of his shoulders and walked up the flight of stairs.  Once in my room, he sat me on the bed and said.

"Allright, Sport......time to brush your teeth and go to bed.", he kissed me on the forehead and headed out the door.  I gave him the biggest smile and said.

"I had a great time today, dad...........thanks.", he stopped at the door, opened it and gave me one of his most seductive smiles and said.

"I love you, Dante.", and he closed the door.

To be continued!