My Father's Glory Part 12.

By Chris Z.

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"Success is not measured by what a man accomplishes, but by the opposition he has encountered, and the courage with which he maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds."

-Charles A. Lindbergh-

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Eagle's Honour



As I left the house that warm and sunny morning, I didn't realize the abrupt changes that were soon to occur in my life.  I was in such a rush, that I didn't even have time to sit down and have breakfast.  I looked at my watch and it was almost 8:30 a.m., I had to find a suitable and smart girl to help me with my Civil Engineering exam and aside from that, I had another thought floating around in my head, the appointment at the tattoo parlour.

I felt that this was going to be one of those turbulent monday mornings and one helluva of a week.  As I reached the University, I scanned the hallway for possible candidates, but most of these blockheads had barely made the passing grade last semester. These idiots simply wouldn't do, I had to find a brain, a genius, better yet....a scholar.

I was in my third year of Architecture and Civil Engineering, at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura San Remo.  This was a 7 year course and so far, I was doing quite well and working very hard to obtain my architectural degree.  Courses in architecture required a high standard of academic ability and I was fortunate enough, to have a great head in mathematics and science.

I needed to maintain a very high average in my courses because in my 5th year, only the very best in the class were hand picked to work in an architect's office and under the direction and supervision of a registered architect.  I remember that even as a kid, I always had an interest in building things.  One particular Christmas, my parents gave me a set of building blocks and I spent the whole morning building bridges, homes and castles all around our house.

I looked at my watch and it was now 8:45 a.m., the clock was ticking and I was beginning to get nervous, I had to act quickly. All of the sudden, I felt a bit of relief as I spotted Donna Marie de Costa talking to her best friend Anna Lucia, they were standing by their lockers and going over their notes.  Donna Marie and Anna Lucia, were both on the top five list of the University's Honour Roll, I decided to make my move, took a deep breath and calmy walked up to them.

"Hi there ladies.  How was your weekend?.", I had to use all my charm on these two if I was to get any help.

"Hi Markus, how are you doing?.  I was just going over the notes for our Ethics exam for this morning.  I was tellling Anna, that  I was up until 3:00 a.m this morning, going over my notes and I'm sooo tired.",  as she closed her locker, I felt my heart sank into a dark void.

"Wait a minute, what do you mean, Ethics exam?.  I thought today we had our Civil Engineering exam.?", I felt a small drop of sweat on my brow and my heart was beating faster than anything.  Anna Lucia, raised her eyebrows and then looked in disbelief at Donna Marie.

"Oh my God!.  No, Markus....our Civil Engineering exam is next monday.  Today, in exactly 5 minutes it's our Ethics exam!.", She gave Donna Marie a big smirk and I knew what she was thinking.  If I failed this exam, then my average would plummet and she could now beat me out of third place in the Honour Role.  I felt numb and my stomach started to hurt, I sighed and looked directly into Donna's eyes.

"Markus, how could you have made such a big mistake?.  The Proffesor, has been reminding us of this very important exam for weeks.", she was nodding her head from side to side and she honestly looked worried.  Anna on the other hand, started walking towards the class and humming a very happy tune, she turned around and with the biggest grin on her face, said.

"Well Markus, if you would have shown up to class like the rest of us, then perhaps you wouldn't be in such a tough spot, ciao bello.", She waved at me and walked into class.  I leaned against the lockers, closed my eyes and slammed my head into them.

"Oh Markus, please don't do that, I can't believe I'm going to do this but listen carefully.  Professor Alfieri, will hand out as usual two different exams, exam A and exam B and I will bet anything, that these two will be printed on different colour paper.", I couldn't believe my ears and luck, if she was suggesting, what I was thinking.  She grabbed my hand, pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

"I will seat by the window, you in the middle and Anna will sit on your right.  Once, Professor Alf, has handed out all the exams you and Anna will make the switch, that way we both end up with the same exam.", She gave a small nervous laughter and bit her lip.  I had my mouth open the whole time and was completely dumbfounded and caught off guard by her plan.  I looked at her, with skepticism and managed to say.

"Are you serious?.  But,....but Anna will never go along with it, you know that she wants my spot on the Roll.", My heart was beating so fast that I was getting dizzy.

"Oh, don't you worry about Anna.  I know a little something that will shut her up, she's not as smart as people make her out to be.", I raised my eyebrows at her comment and as I was about to ask her what she meant, when Professor Alfieri walked past us and greeted us.

I gave another huge sigh and in the spur of the moment, I kissed Donna Marie on the lips.  I don't know what caused me do that but for a brief moment, I felt relieved and as I looked at her eyes, her pretty face blushed a deep shade of crimson, she smiled, took my right hand and said.

"C'on, we have to get the right seats.", We started walking towards the door and for a moment, I considered the huge risk that she was about to take, not to mention that we were dragging Anna into our madness.

As we walked into the room Professor Alf, as everyone called him was setting up the exam papers on his desk.  I noticed the two colours of paper that he had chosen, one was a very bright orange and the other in a dark green colour.  Anna, was sitting in the middle row and talking to some guy that I had never even noticed in class.  Perhaps, because as she had so eloquently put it, I had skipped alot of classes.

Donna walked up to Anna and with her head, motioned her to follow her to the back of the class.  Anna looked confused, suspicious and hesitated in getting up.  Donna told me to have a seat, while she quickly spoke to Anna.  The next thing I knew, Anna shrieked outloud,

"What?, have you gone insane?.", She was hushed by Donna and some people were looking at us, while others were paid no attention and went over their notes.  I quickly looked at Professor Alf, but he was in deep concentration writing instructions on the blackboard.

Donna then called me over.  She looked a bit flustered, but she simply rolled her eyes.

"It's allright, she'll do it.", She sighed and I took my spot in between the both of them.  I wanted to say something to Anna but she wouldn't even look at me, her face was showing an angry red colour and her eyes, almost seemed to want to bulge out of their sockets.

All of the sudden Proffessor Alf, cleared his throat and spoke outloud.

"Allright, ladies and gentlemen, it is time.  Please clear your desk of any papers, I only want to see a blue pen and no other colour.  You are not to erase your answers but simply cross them out, please keep your eyes on your own paper and of course there is to be no talking.", He picked up the exams and started walking down the rows of desks.

Donna looked at me and in an almost hush voice, said.

"Let him hand out all the exams first and then make the switch.  I will write my exam first and then I will pass you the answers, in the meantime, pretend you're writing something.", She winked at me and I did my best at faking a smile.

Proffessor Alf, was almost to our row and as he cleared his throat for a second time, he said in a very loud voice.

"If I catch anyone cheating on my exam, I will kick you out of my class.  I will also, do everything in my power to have you expelled.", I looked at the ceiling, closed my eyes and felt my heart sank even further into a deep abyss.

Once he handed out our exams, I noticed that Donna got the orange exam, I got green, therefore Anna would get orange.  We weren't allowed to turn over our exams, until Proffessor Alf was back at his desk.  He looked at his watch and bellowed.

"Goodluck to all of you.  You have exactly 2 hours to write the exam and once you are finished, please walk up to my desk, hand it over and you're free to leave.  You may begin.", He sat on his desk, took out his newspaper and started to read.

That was our queu.  I looked at Anna but she simply ignored me, I threw a quick glance at Donna and she had a look of pure anger in her eyes and slammed her fist into her desk.  That got the attention of Anna, who looked at the both of us with displeasure and perhaps even hatred.

Donna gave her the sign to pass the paper and as I looked at the front of the class, Professor Alf was reading the sports section and eating a sandwhich.  Anna, held her exam for a few seconds and then passed it to me, I slid the exam under white sheets of paper that were supplied to write our essays and I quickly passed her my exam.  Once again, she gave me the look of death.

For the brief moment, I felt relieved that we had at least gotten this far.  I turned the paper over and held in my hands, exam A. I began to read the exam and see if I could bullshit my way out of some questions.

Ethics and the Professions

This course explores the moral standards, responsibilities, and duties of professionals, such as accountants, architects, engineers, journalists, lawyers, physicians, scientists, and teachers.  We will scrutinize the obligations of professionals towards their clients and towards third parties.  While we will examine cases that come up in "real life," we will intersperse our study with explorations of common philosophical theories of moral obligation, rights, and justice.  Since this is a philosophy course, we will consider various views with an eye toward critical assessment instead of blind acceptance.

As always, cheating will not be tolerated.  Please read the following questions carefully.

Naturally no help in answering the questions may be received from anyone (except yourself) during the examination.  The work you hand in should be your own work.

1. How are moral considerations to be distinguished from non-moral considerations?.  What sorts of non-moral considerations might go into making a decision?.  How do each of these considerations differ from moral considerations?.  Critically discuss.

2. Explain the difference between descriptive morality (or ethics) and normative morality (or ethics).  Give examples of questions that are questions of descriptive morality.  Give examples of questions that are questions of normative morality. What is metaethics?.  Give examples of questions that are questions of metaethics.  Where does "applied ethics" fit into this categorization?.

3. Explain what is meant by "reflective equilibrium."  Explain the analogy it draws between ethics and science.   Give 5 examples of the process of reflective equilibrium in thinking about ethics.

4. Using the structure of General Moral Principle plus Factual Claims yielding a Derivative/Particular Moral Judgment.  Then construct one argument for the view that medical resources should not be used to keep alive irreversibly comatose patients and one argument against that view.  Challenge one of those particular moral judgments using one of the techniques discussed in class.

5. What is the difference between monistic and pluralistic ethical theories?.  Give an example of each.  Can moral dilemmas arise if monistic theories are correct?.  Why or why not?.  Are moral dilemmas inevitable if pluralistic theories are correct?.  Why or why not?.  Critically discuss.

6. What is the difference between intrinsic value and instrumental value?.  What things have intrinsic value?.  What things have instrumental value?.  Does anything have both?.

7. Explain the differences between utilitarianism and other consequentialist ethical theories.  Use examples to explain how different consequentialist theories might provide different answers to moral questions.

8. What is rule-utilitarianism?.  Describe how a rule-utilitarian would go about determining whether a psychiatrist who has strong reason to believe one of his patients is about to commit a murder should inform the police.  How would this differ from how an act-utilitarian would reach a decision on the matter?.

Monistic and pluralistic ethical theories?, intrinsic value and instrumental value?, what the fuck?.  What does intrinsic even mean?, these questions are really fucked up.  I couldn't even swallow my own spit, I was truly up to my eyeballs in shit.

I quickly flipped through 5 pages of the same kind of messed up questions and I can't really say that I could even pick one question, where I could bluff my way out.  I looked around the room and almost everyone was either reading the questions or already answering them.

Even Donna was writing like she was possessed and I was glad, because the plan was for her to finish her exam first and then she would pass the answers to me.  I looked at Anna and she caught me looking at her and I could have sworn that she had the look, as if she wanted to cut off my balls with her teeth,.... the ugly bitch.

At that moment, I heard a chair move and saw Proffessor Alf stand up and take a look around the room.  I dove into my exam and tried to cover it, especially since Donna and I had the same colour exam.  Thank God, Proffessor Alf just sat back on his chair and continued reading the newspaper.  Donna didn't even take notice, she was writing up a storm and completely immersed in her exam.

When an hour had passed, I had practically soiled myself.  This was worse than having a tooh pulled or getting fucked up the ass and I had just recently, experienced one of the two.  Finally, I heard a whisper coming from Donna and as I turned to face her, she quickly passed a sheet of paper to me.  I grabbed it quickly and I was glad that no one took notice, well for the exception of Anna.

I quickly read the piece of paper, it said.

M.  Make sure that you actually have the same exam that I do.  I have changed your answers, so that they don't sound or look the same as mine, all you have to do is to write the answers as they are.  I will go over my exam again and once I'm done, I'll hand it in.  Once you've written your exam, make sure that you keep the cheat sheet and meet me outside, by the parking lot.  I hope that you've learned your lesson, because I'm not going to do this again.  D.

Well, I certainly have learned my lesson and swallowing my pride was going to be a small price to pay.  At least, my average wasn't going to go down and if Donna had answered correctly, I'm positive that my average was actually going to go up.  As I made sure that Donna and I had the same exam, I caught Anna looking at me and still giving me a dirty look.  I couldn't control myself so I winked at her and blew her a kiss, that got her really pissed off and she gave me the finger.

As I started to write the exam, I heard Professor Alf, say outloud.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you have exactly 40 minutes left, I strongly suggest you leave time at the end to go over your answers.", I looked at my watch and realized that he was right, I was going to write faster than I've ever written before.  I smiled at Donna and gave her a quiet thank-you and put ink to paper.

Once I was half way into the exam, some students started to get up, walked over to Professor Alf and handed their exams.   I was getting nervous and starting to sweat, time was running out and I was still not done.  I needed to write faster, I couldn't  afford to be the last one writing the exam, because that would make Professor Alf get suspicious.

With 5 minutes to spare, I was finally done.  I gave a huge sigh of relief, went over my paper and checked all the answers.  My hand was killing me and when I checked the classroom, I didn't even notice when Anna had left and there were 6 other students left in the class, writing the exam.

I got up and calmly walked over to Professor Alf.

"Hello sir, here it is.  Have a good day.", Phew,......I'm glad that was over, now I just had to find Donna and give her my thanks.

"Excuse me,.... young man.", I stopped dead on my tracks and closed my eyes.  The only thought that came into my mind was, busted.  I slowly turned around and tried to look as calm as possible in such a situation.

"Mmm, yes sir?.", He was now looking at my exam and flipping the pages.  He looked at me and in a very serious tone said.

"You forgot to write your name on the exam.", He smiled and handed it over to me.  I felt the noose around my neck dissapear,  I quickly walked over to him and wrote my name on the front page.

"I grade over 100 papers a day, Mr.Wolfsburg and at my age, I can't keep track of everyone.  How do you think you did on the exam?.", He raised his bushy eyebrows and showed a pair of crooked teeth.

"I think I passed, that's for sure.  It was a tough one but I'm sure I did quite well, well I need to get going.  Have a good day sir.", I walked out the clasroom and closed the door behind me, I leaned back and rubbed my eyes.  I glanced at my watch and ran to the parking lot.

Donna was reading a magazine under the shade of a tree and when she saw me running towards her, she smiled, walked up to me and said.

"My stomach has been in knots for the longest time.  What in heaven took you so long?.", She pulled me under the shade of the tree and checked around to see if there was anyone that might overhear our conversation.

"Well, you really know your stuff and I was writing as fast as I could but of course I had to be careful, so that no one could see what I was doing.  Oh yeah, as I was about to leave the classroom, when Alfieri gave me a heart attack.", Donna's eyes popped up and she covered her mouth in nervousness.

"Oh my God!.  What,....what happened?.", She grabbed my arm and squeezed tightly.  I smiled and gently reassured her, that everything had gone allright.

"It's fine Donna, just breathe.  I was so nervous, that I forgot to write my name on the exam and Professor Alf, just pointed it out.", Donna smiled and punched me, in the arm.

"You goof !.  My heart practically lept through my throat, you really gave me a scare, you retard!.  I really hope that you've learned your lesson Markus.", I rolled my eyes and grabbed her hand and gave it a small kiss.

"Yes, yes.  Believe me, I have learned my lesson and I don't plan to cut anymore classes.", I pulled her close and we started walking towards the school.

"Listen, since you were so kind in saving my ass today, the least I can do is to buy you lunch.  So let's start walking towards the cafeteria and you can tell me, what you meant by Anna not being as smart as everyone makes her out to be.", She grabbed her school bag, smiled and we started walking towards the cafeteria.

"Well Markus, I'll take you up on that offer.  I couldn't even have breakfast this morning, I can't eat a thing the day of an exam, my stomach is full of butterflies.", We walked through the doors and I headed off to my locker and dropped off my school bag.   I glanced at my schedule for this afternoon and I had the following classes; Business Information Technology, from 1:00 p.m to  3:30p.m, the class after that was Public Relations, from 3:45p.m to 5:00p.m.

I closed the locker and we headed towards the cafeteria.

We found a nice secluded bench at the back of the cafeteria and I was practically seeing stars, due to hunger.  I had the Veal Parmigiana, topped with tomato sauce, parmigiano, mozzarella cheese and a side dish of pasta, while Donna had the Chicken Parmigiana, also with tomato sauce, parmigiano, mozzarella cheese and a small salad.

We stared at each other in silence and Donna broke the ice by giving her review on the cafeteria food.

"Thank-you, for the lunch and at this point event the cafeteria food looks promising.", She started to take small girly bites out of the chicken parmigiana, while I wanted to shove the whole veal down my throat in one single bite.

"I should be doing more than this.  I mean, you've saved my ass big time and I can't thank-you enough, Donna.", I smiled at her, while I took a big chunk of veal into my mouth.  She smiled, played with her long brown hair and said.

"Well, why don't we see a movie friday evening?.", She took a sip of mineral water and blushed, while she waited for an answer.

The first thing that came into my mind, was Antonio.  I don't know how long I drifted in my thoughts and I didn't even realize that Donna was waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry Markus, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.  If you're doing something that evening we can catch a movie, some other time.", I gave a small cough and cleared my throat.

"No, wasn't that.  I think I'm free that evening and it sounds like a good idea.", I pretended to enjoy the meal but I kept thinking of Antonio and I didn't know how he would react if he ever found out, that I was going out on a date with a girl.

Then again, there was really no harm in going to see a movie with Donna.  All he said, was that he didn't want to see me fucking around with either guys or girls.  Besides, how would he ever find out, I didn't have to see him until saturday, so he would never know,.....right?.

After we had our lunch, we flipped through the newspaper and checked the movies that were to be playing on friday.  We agreed on The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick.  Donna and I, had read the book by Stephen King and we were both curious to see how close the movie came to the book.  We got into an intense debate, in regards to which book was the scariest or best written, she truly sparked my interest and it was fascinating how much we had in commom.

We parted ways as Donna went to her history class, The Age of the Renaissance and I headed to Business Information Tech.   I had already decided to skip my last class and head down to the tattoo house and check it out.  The rest of the afternoon was a complete bore, I went to my Public Relations class and after our first break, I took off like a bat out of hell.

I took Antonio's card from my wallet and re-read the address.  I actually had the addressed memorized, but I just had to check it one more time.  I started walking towards the bus stop and waited for the bus that would take me to the East side of the city.  The tattoo place, was located in the eastern part of the docks and it would take me about and hour or so, to reach the harbour.

I got off the bus and started walking towards the docks.  I had never been to this part of town and as far as I knew, I had been told many times to avoid this area.  There were alot of fishing boats decaying in the harbour, old pubs, forgotten buildings, closed warehouses and garbage strewn everywhere.  The drunks were the most annoying, as they tried to follow you around asking for money.

I crossed the street and headed south towards the docks.  I was walking on the sidewalk, when a whore approached me and  gave me a loud wolf whistle as I walked past her.

"Oh baby, you're just too fucking delicious!.  Would you like a free blowjob, sweetheart?.", My face must have turned a deep shade of red and I heard the other hookers laugh and started walking towards me.

"Mmmm, no thanks.  Really kind of you, though.", Two harlots, approached me and stood in front of me.  A small blond with big tits, stood next to a dark skinned old whore.  I noticed that the blond one, must have been real pretty at one time, but now she looked wasted and like a piece of shit.  The other one, had to be in her late 30's, with a scar above her left eye, she was smoking a cigarrette, while she looked me up and down and rubbed her hands over my chest.

"You're really cute, handsome.  Listen, friend and I could give you a good time for a couple of bucks, so how 'bout it?.", She pulled the blond girl next to her and revealed a nice set of tits.  I had to laugh and give them credit for their hard work.

The first whore that approached me earlier walked up to the other two and said,

"Fuck off, you bitches.  I saw this baby first, so get lost!.", Before this got real ugly, I got out of their way and started walking away.  I hadn't even taken three steps, when I heard one of them say.

"Come back, sweetheart.  I'll give you a fuck that will rock your world!.", She ran behind me and grabbed me by the arm.  I was getting tired of this, so I gently took her skinny hand off and said.

"Sorry hon, not interested.  Besides, I don't pay for what I can get for free.", I smiled and kept walking.  It was now past five o'clock and even though the sky was still bright, I didn't want to be looking for an address this late and especially in this area. I decided to ask one of these hookers, if perhaps they knew the address.

"Listen, perhaps you could help me out. ",  I could see the other whores looking curious and they started walking towards me.

"What is it sugar?.  How could I be of service to you.?", She grabbed my hand and I politely pulled it away.

Well, I'm looking for a tattoo place and it's called Tapu.  Do you know where that is?.", Her eyes sorta bulged out, she raised her eyebrows and gave me a weird look.

"Let me get this straight, gorgeous.  You are looking for the Tapu?, are you sure you have the right place, maybe you got the names wrong or you were given the wrong address.", She had a skepticallook on her face and as she was about to say something, she was interrupted by the dark skinned hooker.

"Did I hear right?.  This sweetie, is looking for the Tapu?.  Sugar, there is only one tattoo master in San Remo and old Augusto, is that man.", She started circling me and was checking me out from head to toe.  I was getting impatient and said.

"Yeah, that's right.  I'm looking for Tapu, so do you know the place or not?.", The tone of my voice sounded a bit pissed off and she smiled, revealing a pair of dirty and yellow teeth.

"Oh, I know the place sugar.  But a fine young man like yourself shouldn't be going there, unless....", She stopped mid-sentence and hesitated to say anything else.

"Unless,....unless, what?." She was really getting on my nerves and by now she had a huge smirk on her face.

"Unless you lost a bet.", Then all four of them started laughing and my heart sank.  I turned around and started walking away,  my face felt like it was on fire and there was enough anger boiled inside of me, that wanted to punch anything that was in front of me.  I was a block away and I could still hear their laughter and derogatory comments.

I finally found Via Sant'Angelo and by glancing around, this was one shitty neighbourhood.  The houses looked like they were ready to be demolished, garbage everywhere and there wasn't a single soul walking around the street.  I looked at my watch and it was now 5:45p.m, the street was getting dark and I noticed that only two or three street lamps were lighting the way.   I could hear in the distance, the howling of street dogs and perhaps 5 houses down, someone was throwing bottles against a wall.

I had to hurry and find this place, because who knew how dangerous this neighbourhood must be after dark.  I didn't have to walk far and that's when I spotted a green neon sign with the word Tapu, blinking loudly.  The first thing that came to my mind was, what a fucking dump.  

I stood outside for three minutes and checked the facade of the tattoo parlour.  It was a three storey building and loud music could be heard coming from the second and third floors and even though the curtains in the windows covered the view, you could make out some shapes of people moving around.  I honestly couldn't take a single step forward, I was pretty nervous and I don't know what the fuck, Antonio must have been thinking when he sent me here.

Perhaps, I got the wrong address.  I mean, maybe the whore had been right and this was not the place.  I mean, for fuck sakes!, this place looked as if you could catch something, just by breathing the air.  Something brushed against my leg and as I looked down a cat was rubbing himself on my pants and begging for food.  I took a step forward and decided to check the place out.

I crossed the street, stood in front of 21 Sant'Angeloand walked in.  There was no one there at first, the place was covered in photos of exotic places and people.  I caught one photo that had a very tranquil and soothing look of the ocean and the sun setting over the horizon, on the bottom right of the photo was a date and it read New Zealand, July 15, 1910.

There were photos and drawings of mostly men showing off their tattoos.  Some had their faces covered with tattoos and other intricate objects, suddenly I heard someone approach from the back and a deep voice bellowed.

"Can I help you, young man?.", An old man, perhaps in his early or late 80's, came out from the back room with a cup of coffee in his hands.

"Uh,.... hello there, I'm just looking for the moment....thank-you.", I couldn't help but to stare at his face.  He had a full facial tattoo, in the same fashion as the men in the photographs.  I averted my gaze, so that he didn't think I was staring at him and  recognized almost instantly a very familiar and handsome face, that decorated the wall.

I walked up to the photo and sure enough, it was of Antonio Alessandro Martinello.   I couldn't help to smile as I stared at his handsome face, in the photo Antonio was covered in sweat and bruises and had apparently, just won a championship belt.  The year on the photo, read 1969.

"Uhmm, Antonio Martinello sent me to see you about a tattoo.", I tried not to look into his eyes and I continued to look over the darkly lit room and at the photos that covered the walls.  He walked up to a chair and motioned me to take a seat, he made his way over to the counter, where he started to clean and take out many different types of weird instruments.

"Then you're Wolfsbutt.  Antonio mentioned that you would be showing up.", He washed his hands, grabbed a towel from the railing and took a step closer to me.

"My last name is Wolfsburg, not Wolfsbutt.", I said angrily and as he started to clean some instruments, he hummed a tune and took a sip from his coffee.

"Wolfsburg, it is then.  Is that German?", He had the cup of coffee in his hand and gently set it on the table.  I was beginning to get a bit edgy and so I shouted at him.

"It's Austrian, not German!.  Listen old man, I was told to see Augusto Lorenzini.  Are you Augusto, 'cause I was expecting someone, well young or younger.", I gave him a look of disgust and he just simply smiled at me.  I started to get up, when I felt with incredible force someone push me back down on the chair, I looked up and it was Augusto.

"Sit your ass down, Wolfsburg.  It's exactly that kind of shitty attitude that got you into this fucking mess, so don't move or I'm gonna punch your lights out, so that I can do my work in peace.", He caught me completely by surprise and I had enough anger boiling inside of me, but I decided to follow his advice.  He took out what looked like a tool kit and begun to display his intruments on the table.

"Listen up, Wolfsburg.  Antonio has designed a custom tattoo for guys in your predicament.", He had a huge grin on his face, when he said that.  I shifted my body on the chair and tried to avert his gaze and so I decided to look towards the wall.

"Roll up the sleeve on your upper right arm,  I'm going to tattoo a tiger's claw.  I'm not going to lie, Wolfsburg this is going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.  My advice is to take deep breaths and take it like a man, before you know it, we'll be done.", I closed my eyes, sat back on the chair and did my best to relax.

"I will be using traditional tattooing tools and I will be explaining in details, as to what I will be doing.  So, if you have any questions, just ask.", I looked at the photos around the room and saw different kinds of tribal tattoos, many done on different parts of the body.  Augusto, cleaned the area where the tattoo was going to be done and went on with his explanation.

"I do my tattoos in the traditional style, that is done in polynesian culture.  From Hawaii, New Zealand to Easter Island, natives have worn tattoos for a variety of reasons and these tattoos have many different meanings in these cultures.  In Samoa, it is an initiation into manhood and no matter what accomplishments one might have, the males are still considered boys until their tattooing is complete.", No wonder his face looked all creepy, that was a Polynesian tattoo on his face.

"Tradition is the only way for my tattoos.  First, I will go in detail as to what it is that I'll be doing.  The traditional tools, consist of a comb with needles, which is carved from a tortoiseshell and fixed to a wooden handle.  The needles, will be dipped into a pigment made from the soot of burnt candlenut and mixed with oil.", Augusto, showed me the small bowls, were the candlenut and oil were kept and mixed.

"The needles, will then be placed on the skin and I will tap the handle, with a second wooden stick, this will cause the comb to pierce the skin and insert the pigment, which will then be deeply imprinted onto the skin  Also, the name tatau comes from that tapping sound that you'll soon hear.", He was showing me the instruments but I was quite nervous, that I could only feel cold sweat running down my back.

"You my boy, will be getting an Enata.  This is a natural symbol that represents one’s, social level and you've been branded by Martinello.  This symbol, his symbol, will not only protect you, but will let others know to stay the fuck away from you, if they know what's good for them.", He smiled, took a sip of coffee and started the process.

With all the pain and Augusto's constant conversation, I actually lost track of time.  I relaxed as instructed and tried to block the excruciating pain out of my head, but the constant "tapping", made it hard to ignore.  Augusto, took a short break to finish his coffee and to see how I was doing.  Once, he made sure that I was allright, he continued with his work.

"Tattooing indicated status, Wolfsburg.  Tattooing, begun at adolescence and boys around 12 years old, were tattooed to mark the passage between boyhood into manhood and different tattoos were added with the passing of years.  The more a man was tattooed, the more prestige he had and tattooing was not only a sign of wealth but also a sign of strength and power.", This was all very fascinating but my arm felt like it was being sliced open and the pain was beginning to get unberable.

Finally around what seemed like a lifetime, Augusto said.

"There, we're all done.  A fine piece of work, if I do say so myself and another novice for Antonio.", He laughed at his last comment and cleared his throat.

"Now comes the most important part, Wolfsburg and that is taking care of your tattoo.  Now that it's on your body it is your responsibility, and think of your brand new tattoo as a new pet.  You'll have to feed it and I'll give you some healing ointments for that, you'll have to water it and by that I mean keep it clean and walk it, by exposing it to fresh air.  And unlike a puppy, no matter how much it begs you must not scratch it.", He washed his hands and got a gauze to wrap up the tattoo.

Augusto motioned me to take a look on the mirror and have a look at my tattoo.  At first I was a bit nervous and when I took a look at the tiger's claw, the skin was showing an angry red colour and looked very irritated.  Even though at the moment it looked scary, I knew that in the end, this was a tattoo to be proud of.

"That's normal, Wolfsburg.  Shortly after you get your new tattoo, you'll notice the skin in the area of your new acquisition, will be a little bit irritated and sensitive.  It's like spending a few hours out in the sun but emotionally you'll be feeling very charged up and this is a direct result of the endorphins which your body releases in response to any stimulating experience, it's like that little energy jolt you get when a loud noise startles you.  The way you feel after getting tattooed can be summed up, as the fuck or fight syndrome.", He laughed at his comment and I neither felt like fucking or fighting anyone, at the moment at least.

"Now, I want you to leave the bandage on for exactly 10 hours, so leave it on over night and no peeking.  Besides, you've got the rest of your life to look at it.", Augusto, was gently wrapping the bandage over the tattoo and I felt the rush of energy into me.  The feeling, was fast and sweet, I felt that my head was spinning and in the end, I felt good, proud and highly spirited. Once the bandage was snug but not too tight, Agusto went on explaining the care of the tattoo.

"When the time comes to take the bandage off, be gentle.  If it sticks use only the amount of warm water that it takes to unstick it.  Then using your hand, not a washcloth and some gentle unscented soap, gently rinse the tattoo clean of old ointment and all the other crusty stuff that might be there.  Pat dry and again be gentle and lightly cover the tattoo with a small amount of healing cream.", He handed me some ointment in a small bottle.  I took the lid off and it smelled kinda funny, Augusto laughed at the face I made and he gently patted me on the back.

"Ha, ha....relax, Wolfsburg it's an old healing recipe.  Just don't slather the tattoo with the cream, use enough to keep it moist and during the day, reapply the cream when the tattoo starts feeling dry and tight.", I smelled the so called ointment and not only did it have a strong and offensive odour, it was green and slimey in colour.  I didn't even want to ask, what the ointment was made of.

"After the first week, you can switch to using a non-fragranced lotion for dry skin instead of the healing ointment and expose the tattoo to the air as much as possible to speed healing and if you like, you can take vitamins, such as extra B complex and Zinc, these seem to help the body heal faster.", I didn't know the tattoo was going to involve so much care.  But I guess, this particular method was way different than the regular tattoo needle.

"Now, the tattoo may develop a light scab, and may peel slightly.  Remember, it will itch for a bit and you must not scratch it or pick at any scabs that might form.  And keep those pretty hands and anybody else's off it, except to wash it and to apply the ointment.  It will heal in about 10 days to two weeks.", He motioned me to have a sit, while he walked to the phone.  I looked at my watch and it was close to 9:00p.m.

"You can shower but keep it out of the direct spray of water and cover the tattoo with ointment, apply a little heavier application than usual, before you get into the shower.  Don't swim for at least a couple of weeks, and don't sunbathe. You have to let your tattoo heal and settle into your skin with as little trauma as possible.  Remember, that a fresh tattoo is an open wound, treat it with care and common sense.", I sat back on the chair and heard Augusto talking with someone on the other end.

"Yeah, we're done.  He's fine, it took the usual time and he's ready to go home.  Do you want me to put him in a cab?.  Allright, will do and I'll give him the message.  Allright, Antonio....'night.".  Did I hear right?.  Had he spoken with Antonio?.

"That was Martinello.  You'll be taking a cab home, this neighbourhood is not too friendly after dark.  Don't worry about paying the cab driver, I'll be doing that.  Most important Wolfsburg, mind that tattoo and remember all I've said, tonight.", I nodded and thought for a moment about Antonio.  I got up and looked at Antonio's photo hanging on the wall.

"Augusto?.", I cleared my throat and looked at the old man, who was now washing his tools.

"Mmm?.  Yeah?.", He stopped what he was doing and looked up.

"Have you done this, alot?.  I mean, tattooing guys for Antonio.", He raised his eyebrows and looked seriously at me.

"That is something, that it's best if you asked Antonio.", He went back to washing his tools and started humming another tune.

I sat back on the chair and kept a lookout for the cab.

"How long have you known, Antonio?.", Augusto grabbed a clean towel and dried his hands.

"Do you mind, if I get myself a cup of coffee first.?.", I nodded and he went to the back room.  I heard him wash something and he then, yelled out loud.

"Would you like one, Wolfsburg?.  Coffee or water, I'm afraid that's all I have.", I really didn't want to touch anything in this place, so I politely declined.

"Umm, no thank-you, Augusto.  I'm fine, I'm not that thirsty.", Augusto came back with a fresh cup of coffee in his hand and a cigar on the other.

"To answer your question.  I guess, I've known Antonio since he was a young lad.", He grinned as he said that.  I raised my eyebrows and looked at the photos around the room.

"You've been to all those places?.", I motioned with my head to the different islands, that decorated the tattoo parlour.

"Yeah,....born right here in San Remo, but grew up in Upolu Island and other places.  I'm kinda of a free soul, I feel at home in those places, better than this rat hole of a town.", He took a sip of coffee and a puff, from his cigar.

I wanted to ask him more questions, when I heard a car pull up to the front of the house.  We both looked out of the window and a cab driver waited out front.

"Well, thanks Augusto, that's my cab.", He nodded and gently but firmly shook my hand.

"Oh, and before I forget.  Antonio, wants you to call him before the end of the week.", He opened the door and he caught me by surprise but I simply nodded and made my way to the cab.

"Thanks, Augusto.  Be sure, that I'll give Antonio a call.  Have a good night,.... ciao.", I got on the cab and gave the driver my home address.

" Via Portobello, 25 please.", I sat back on the cab and closed my eyes.  The pain on my arm was very strong and I also had a severe headache, so I just wanted to get home and crash on my bed.

By the time I got home, the entire household had gone to bed.  I quietly made my way to my bedroom, sat on the bed and carefullly took off my shirt.  I looked at my bandaged arm and part of me, couldn't wait to see how the tattoo would look after it had healed.

I lay back on the bed, closed my eyes and I could picture Antonio, wanting to speak to me.  A million and one thoughts, ran through my head, first it was curiosity, then anxiety and finally exciment.  I took the business card from my wallet and tried to remember, what hours he wanted me to call him but with all this pain, I couldn't remember exactly the time.  I think, he said anytime after lunch, so I will give him a call tomorrow.

I lay on the bed thinking for a couple of minutes and visualized, the kind of day that I was going to have tomorrow.  The house was so quiet that I could even hear my heartbeat.  I was so tired and in such pain that before I knew it, I fell asleep.  The next thing I knew, my alarm went off and as I turned over on the bed, I rubbed my tattoo on the mattress, which made me jump up in pain.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face.  I looked myself in the mirror and man, did I look terrible!.  I had bags under my eyes and I now my whole fucking body was sore, first my ass and now this.  I took a warm shower and was careful to avoid getting water in the bandage, I remained under the shower for at least five minutes and then jumped out.

I walked to my closet and picked my clothes out of ramdon, I didn't care if they matched or not.  I didn't feel too well and I only wished that I could stay in bed and under the covers.  I made my way downstairs and noticed that my parents had already left for work.  My mom, had left me a note and an envelope with money for school, I had a bowl of cereal and headed out the door.

It was another sunny and humid day.  I hated the fucking humidity and living near the harbour made it even worse.  I walked slowly and took my sweet time in getting to school, I didn't really care if I was going to walk in late to class, I glanced at my schedule and the first class was, Strategic Marketing.

I groaned at the thought of having this class so early in the morning, this was a 4 hour class, divided into two periods, which practically took the whole morning.  I had a one hour break, which was basically lunch time and the first class for the afternoon, was Literature of European History of the 16th and 17th Centuries and finally to end this agonizing day, Retail Management from 2:45 to 5:00 p.m..

At around noon, I was famished and had a big fucking headache.  I took a cheese sandwich from my locker and decided to eat it outside and sit under the shade.  The parking lot was almost empty, either everyone was having lunch inside or preparing for the midterm exams.  That reminded me, I must prepare notes and ask Donna about the exams dates, because I don't want to fuck up again.

I was looking up at the nice and bright sunny sky, when I heard a deep masculine voice say.

"How's your ass today, Markus?."

I stopped dead on my tracks and slowly turned around.

"Come again?.", I wasn't sure, if I had heard right or if my hearing was playing tricks on me.

Standing there under the sun, stood Antonio Alessandro Martinello.  He was grinning from ear to ear and eating a big and juice apple.  I wish, that I could have seen the expression on my face, because it would have been priceless.

"Oh my God!.  What,....what are you doing here?.  How did you know, this is where I go to school?.", I blinked rapidly.  I couldn't believe my eyes, this had to be a wild hallucination.

I could feel that I was blushing, yet I managed a nervous smile.  My throat went completely dry and as I stood there, without saying a word, I simply admired the man.  It had only been a couple of days, since I had seen Antonio and as he stood in front of me, once again, I felt his imposing physique and stared at those beautiful eyes.

He broke the silence, simply by saying.

"That sweet ass of yours, should me pretty sore, right?.", I felt my whole face burning, as he said that.

"What are you doing here?.", I was getting nervous and I was hoping that no one that I knew would walk into the coversation.

"Now what kind of tone is that?.  I thought, you would be happy to see me.", He took another bite of his apple and took a step close to me.  He was inches from my face and I could smell his cologne and sweet breath on my face.

I felt my knees go weak and for a split second, I thought that he wanted to kiss me on the lips.  As my lips were about to meet his, he mockingly pulled away and took a bite out of his apple.

"I came to take you out for lunch.", He motioned me to follow him to his car.  I stood there on the steps of the entrance and I composed myself.

"Antonio, wait a second.  I have class in fifty minutes and I have to be back by then.", He turned around and simply gave me a heart melting smile.

"Oh, that's right.  You have Literature of European History of the 16th and 17th Centuries, with Professor Tizzoni, correct?."  I stood there with my mouth open and shook my head.

"How did you know that?.", This was getting scary.  How the hell did he know that?.  He teasingly winked at me and motioned me to follow him.

"That sounds like a very dull class.  Actually, pretty fucking boring if you ask me.", He walked up to an amazing set of wheels.  I didn't know much about cars but the car that Antonio drove was a classic.  It was a Fiat Spider and fire engine red in colour, he opened the passenger seat for me and gave me a playful pat on the butt, as I got into the car.

Antonio, finished eating the apple, dunked it into a garbage can and we set off.  I hadn't even buckled my seatbelt, when the car was racing it's way out of the school's parking lot.  I had only known Antonio for a couple of hours since we met, but this man really did have many different sides to his personality, he was truly cloaked in mystery.

I had seen the competitive sportsman side at the boxing ring and from afar, I had observed the devoted and loving fatherly side. My asshole, was still pretty sore from the sexual aggressive side and now, here I was with him and he was acting all, I don't know....flirtatious or just mischievous.

He kept his eyes on the road, turned on the radio and started humming the tune of the song being played.

"Antonio, are you going to tell me, how you knew I attended this school?.", He drove like I wasn't even in the car.  He simply kept driving and humming the tune from the radio.  After two minutes of silence, my patience had worn thin and I turned off the radio, that got his attention.

"Hey!.  That was a good song, why did you turn the radio off.", He was still smiling, with that flawless smile and pearly white set of perfect teeth.

"Well?.", he furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me seriously for one whole second, before he gave me another annoying smile.  He cleared his throat, took off his shades and said.

Well,....well what?.", I gave a big exaggerating sigh, which made it worse because he just laughed.

"Allright, allright,....I'll bite.  You want me to tell you, how I knew that you attended this University.  Is that correct Wolfsburg?.", Now he was just stalling and getting me more pissed off.

"I tend to make it my business, to know everything possible about what belongs to me.", He gave me a very serious look and I knew that he meant what he had just said.

"I know plenty about you, Wolfsburg.  I know your blood type, your allergies, the name and address of your family doctor and your dentist, where you live, your parent's names, your family's history, the car they drive, where they work, the school you attend, your course schedule, how long it takes you to get to and from school, your Proffessor's names and even how many times you've gone to the washroom this morning.", I didn't really know wether to believe him or call his bluff.

"Oh really?.  Well, then how many times have I gone to the bathroom this morning?.", I paid close attention to his face, he appeared to be quite calm and completely unmoved by my question.  He gave me a wicked grin and in one short answer he said.

"Twice Wolfsburg.", I couldn't believe my ears but he was right.  How the hell, did he know this?.  Had it been a lucky guess on his part or was he telling the truth.

He would glance back and forth between the road and me and in the most wicked of all his grins, he said.

"Do you also want me to tell you, wether you took a piss or a dump, in the washroom?.", I shook my head no and decided to look the other way.

All of the sudden we reached a major intersection and I heard Antonio, yell out.

"Duck down!.", In the split of a second, he pulled me down by my shirt and into his crotch.  Had he seen someone that knew him?.  I stayed down for a couple of seconds and I was staring at his massive bulge.  Antonio, was wearing faded blue jeans and the bulge was pretty impressive, to say the least.

"Oh never mind, I thought I knew someone.", He gently pulled me back with his massive hand and felt a little light headed and  flustered by the quick and brief episode.

We made a right intoVia Marostica and headed towards the downtown area, a section of town where the very trendy and expensive restaurants were located.  We were at another major intersection and Antonio was waiting for the light to change, when he said.

"Get down again, Wolfsburg.", I looked around and only saw cars and different size trucks, all around us.  The traffic was at a standstill and no one was moving, so I raised an eyebrow and asked.

"Why, has someone recognized you?.", I was about to duck down into his crotch again and that's when I saw that the driver to the right of us was admiring Antonio's Fiat Spider.  The man, was perhaps in his late 40's and driving a furniture truck.  He was smiling and nodding to the Spider, when I heard him yell out.

"That's an amazing car.  A Spider, I take it.", Antonio, simply nodded in agreement and responded.

"Yeah, it's a Turbo Spider.", Here we were, stuck in traffic and I couldn't believe that Antonio was having a conversation with a fucking furniture driver.  The driver, kept nodding his head and with all the honking that was going on, he once again yelled out.

"Is it a new model?.", I rolled my eyes and glared at Antonio, but he just gave me a wink and continued with the conversation.

"Yes it is, actually.  Brand spanking new.", Antonio, then turned to face me and while smiling from ear to ear, very softly said.

"I thought I told you to get down.", I gave him a confused look and before I could realize what he was saying, he started to undo his zipper.  I couldn't believe what he was suggesting, especially while we were stuck in traffic and at such a busy intersection.  But in a very cool and casual manner, he simply whipped out his colossal cock and started stroking it.

The look on the truckers face was priceless, as I'm sure mine was.  My mouth went dry and arid as the desert, as I saw how Antonio would pull the foreskin up and down and wave his mighty rod in a very cruel and teasing manner.  Antonio had that mischivious glimmer in his eyes and the next thing I knew, he buried his fingers into my hair and pulled my face close to his crotch.

In one swift move, he had impaled my mouth on his thick cock.  My eyes were almost bulging and my throat felt like it was being torn apart, but I did my best as I swallowed and licked the fierce weapon.  Antonio gently stroked my face and quite loudly said.

"Oh yeah, that's my boy!.  That's the spot, sweetie.", Antonio yawned and simply stretched his legs.  My face felt like it was on fire, it burned with either shame or desire, I didn't know which one at the moment.  But I was very sure, that the truck driver had a perfect view, of me deep throating Antonio's cock.

Antonio, begun tapping his hands on the steering wheel and in loud voice said.

"Kids..., always looking for a big lolly to suck on.", As I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up, I saw Antonio shrug his shoulders and give a satisfied sigh.  For a brief moment, I couldn't hear anything, there were too many cars honking but finally, I did hear the trucker say.

"Did he come with the car too?.", Both Antonio and the trucker laughed in unison.  I didn't think it was that was at all funny, here I was sucking a man's cock in the middle of traffic and both of these men, quite casually started talking about the fucking car again.

"Who was the designer for the Spider?.", I couldn't believe my ears.  Here I was giving a blowjob and this half-witted imbecile, was asking Antonio, as to whom had designed the fucking car?.

Now, I was getting pissed off.  I stopped sucking and I was about to raise my head, when I felt one of Antonio's hand push me and keep me down.  Antonio, grabbed my head and with both hands continued fucking my mouth.

"I believe it was Sergio Pininfarina.  I know that the Spider's body, was designed and built by Pininfarina but the final assembly was carried out by Fiat.", This was unbelievable!.  The annoying conversation carried on for a few minutes, and the next thing they spoke about, was the car's engine and so forth.

"The Spider is fitted with a1995cc engine and Bosch fuel injection which produce105bhp. It comes with electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, power assisted four wheel disc brakes, 5 speed transmission, twin-cam 2 liter engine and Pininfarina coachwork, which is the same company that builds Ferraris.", I felt that we were finally moving again, only to stop after a few seconds.

Antanio kept stroking my face and finallly addressed me.  He pulled my mouth of his wet cock and said.

"Hey Wolfsburg, my balls are aching to be kissed.  So get to it!.", I started kissing and tenderly licking his hairy ballsack and within a few seconds of slurping and lapping his sack, Antonio was telling me to take his balls into my mouth.

I had to try this a couple of times, until finally I managed to get both orbs into my mouth.  I had forgotten how massive his balls were, they were practically the size of lemons and as I sucked his balls, I began to feel a warm stream of precum, dripping all over my face.  I could feel that this was getting to him, so I shoved my face deeper into his crotch and inhaled the savage and musky smell of his crotch.

Antonio, on the other hand was simply continuing with the tiresome and boring conversation of the stupid car, with his new found friend, the truck driver.

"Well, I've also made modifications to the Spider.  I've put in 14" Panasport rims with Nankang 601 tires, Hella HB2 headlights, CIBIE auxilliary lights, chromed resonated exhaust tips, lowered suspensions, red oak dash inserts, rear swaybar, 1" front swaybar and a custom turbo system.", This all sounded so fascinating but was killing, my mood.

Again we started moving and this time, the traffic was moving faster.  I heard the driver say goodbye to both Antonio and me, but with all the noise, I couldn't quite make out what I'm sure would have been a cute remark, on his behalf.  Antonio, is by now adjusting himself on the seat and I'm sure quite close to cumming.  He pulls me off his gigantic cock, leaving a trail of saliva all over his delicious cock and my mouth.

"That's enough,Wolfsburg.  You can't have dessert before lunch.", He winks at me, gently strokes my left cheek and turns into Piazza del Sole and the first think that came to my mind was, I hope he's paying for the meal.

This part of town, held the elegant shopping district and very expensive restaurants.  It is here, that the rich and famous do their shopping and where tourists window-shop and take photographs.  Antonio, drove towards the beach and famous names such as Armani, Bulgari, Chanel, Cartier, Chloé, Christian Dior, Escada, Ferragamo, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Missoni, Rolex, Tiffany, Valentino,Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels and Yves Saint Laurent, had their fashion boutiques.   The long list of famous names, decorated the street with it's impressive and expensive boutiques.

The street is paved with cobblestone and features two and three story boutiques.  These are are faced in a brick, stone and marble facades, that create a unique blend of classic architectural style.  There are romantic archways, bubbling fountains and charming balconies, the street is lined with black, wrought-iron street lamps, polished brass fixtures and ornate planters, filled with colourful flowers.

Trees, line both sides of the avenue, as well as the center divider, which is always planted with colourful flowers, that are rotated to match the current season.  The street looks great at night and especially at Christmas time, when the Yuletide displays in the shop windows take on a particularly lovely glow and twinkle-lights adorn the many trees.  During the holiday season, the street's center divider is planted with bright red poinsettia flowers, and the trees all along the street are tied with matching red and gold ribbons.

The toughest thing to find, was going to be the parking.  Some street parking is available, but Piazza del Sole is always crowded and most days parking spaces are hard to come by.  There is a major municipal parking garage just off Piazza del Sole (west of the street), on Via Schwarz.  This underground garage offers two hours of free parking, there are also outdoor parking lots located on the streets around Piazza del Sole, most charge a fee but some are free on Sunday.

We drove down the tree-shaded lane and headed towards the restaurant section of this posh district.  Antonio, wasn't saying a single word and in a very malicious sort of way, hadn't even mention as to where we were eating.  My patience and hunger were wearing thin.

"So, where are we eating?.  Or are we going to swim in the sea and catch our own lunch?.", He smirked at my comment and gently pulled my nose.

"Patience grasshopper.  Relax and breathe in that refreshing and invigorating sea air.", He took a big whiff and turned off the radio.

Antonio, parked the car in front of Il Capriccio Restaurant.  I raised my eyebrows and thought that perhaps he was joking or  more teasing on his part.  In order to dine at Il Capriccio, you needed reservations many, many weeks ahead and this particular restaurant like many in the area, have a very strict dress code and there was no way in hell, that they were going to let us in.

Antonio gave me a charming smile and got out of the car.  He walked up to passanger side and like a gentleman, opened the door for me which made me smile and give a short, little snicker.  I closely observed his handsome features and gazed into those piercing hazel eyes, that shone and gleamed brightly.

Antonio, was wearing faded blue jeans, black rugged, lace-up steel toe safety boots and a white button down, long sleeve shirt. The white shirt, clung to his broad shoulders, massive pecs, broad chest and to the ridges of his well-defined abdomen.  The man simply looked awesome.

Antonio, rolled his sleeves up to his mid-biceps, barring his thick and extremely hairy forearms, which in turn caused my body to shiver with excitement.  His massive and muscular arms, seemed to want to burst from the seams of his shirt and the tight blue jeans bulged with strong muscled thighs, which provided an excellent view of Antonio's impressive mound, that tented the fabric of his crotch and showed off his nice round and firm ass, quite well.  Oh yeah, this man is irresistibly attractive.

As he closed the car door behind me, I caught a scent, his scent.  It was an overpowering mix of cologne and sweat, a perfect combination.  I was getting turned on by his masculine smell and the sight of those massive arms, with all that covering of dark hair, was giving me the start of a hardon.

A young man who I took was the valet, walked up to us and took Antonio's car keys.  As Antonio walked ahead of me and headed towards the entrance to the restaurant, the young guy gave me a look of either envy or dislike.  The entrance to Il Capriccio, was elegantly decorated in a rustic and romantic setting and in the waiting area, there was a stone fireplace with a beautiful fountain and huge ferns that decorated the main entrance.

I had only been here once, only to be turned down at the entrance, because I was not wearing a tie.  I was so embarrassed and crushed that I promised myself, never to set foot on this place.  Today however, I was very curious to see what Antonio had in mind and how he was going to pull this off.

As I joined Antonio's side, there were at least 8 well dressed men and women in front of us.  I cursed myself, for not having  picked at least something that was ironed in my closet, this morning.  There was a mirror at the entrance and I didn't want to even see my reflection, I must have looked like a gutterpup in these wrinkled clothes.

I wanted to tell Antonio that I wanted to leave but he simply walked ahead of me and headed to the front of the line.  He cut in front of an old man, who was wearing a very expensive suit and was holding hands with a young twenty-year-old nympho, who was practically old enough to be his granddaughter.  The old man, simply huffed and puffed his belly and in a loud voice said.

"Excuse me, Sir!.  I have been waiting in line for forty minutes and you can't just simply cut in line.", Antonio had a wicked look on his face and simply looked at the old man, up and down.  He turned his gaze to the young blond vixen and said.

"Is your Grandfather taking you to lunch?.", She simply smiled and I heard her whisper something barely audible, like.

"He's not my Grandfather, he's my date.", She blushed and coquettishly, started flirting with Antonio.  The Maitre d', came to the scene and gave Antonio a very nasty and almost dirty look.  He gave a little cough and in the most affeminate tone of voice, said.

"The delivery entrance is in the back.", He gave another little gay cough and raised his eyebrows as Antonio was still standing there with his arms crossed, looking defiant and very irritated by the Maitre d's comment.

"I'm not with the delivery service.  I would like a table for two, in a non-smoking section and if possible overlooking the sea.", I closed my eyes and started walking towards Antonio.  This was going horribly wrong and I just wanted to leave and eat somewhere else.  I got close enough to hear the fagotty, Maitre d' say.

"I beg your pardon?.  YOU, want to dine at our restaurant?.  I don't think so!.", The old guy, behind us laughed and shook his head in agreement with the Maitre d'.  I felt my heart sank pretty low, as the pompous ass spoke in a loud tone of voice, so that everyone could hear.  Antonio on the other hand, looked quite composed and I was wondering as to when he was going to knock the little queer with a left or right hook.

"Tell, me.  Ummm, what's your name?.", Antonio looked at the bitchy Maitre d' and with a wide smile, stood his ground.  The snobish Maitre d', was now looking at me from head to toe and in a very disapproving way, was shaking his head from side to side.

"François.", He simply said.  He raised his plucked eyebrows and waited for Antonio's comment.

"Figures, well listen François.  I'm a good friend of Signor Valerio Portiere.  So, why don't you move your skinny French ass and tell him that Antonio Martinello is here and would like to talk to him.", François's eyes, seemed to bulge out and he looked a bit worried as Antonio, mentioned that name.

"Ohh,....excuse Monsieur?.  Did you say, you know Signor Portiere?.", He took a white handkerchief, from his jacket and wiped the little beads of sweat, that were forming on his forehead.  I could tell, that Antonio was loving this and had a grin from ear to ear, he was batting his eyelashes in a very teasing manner and I could see a small flame, glittering in his eyes.

"Yes, I know Signor Portiere and he's a very good friend of mine.  Now please, don't waste more of my precious time and just call Valerio.", François's face was now very flushed and looked very worried.  He picked up the phone and made a call.

"Hello,.... Signor Portiere?.  I have a gentleman at the entrance, who says his name is Antonio Martinello.", François stopped after that last sentence and looked extremely worried.

"Uhhh,....yes, Signor.  I understand and I will give Mr.Martinello the message.", This was funny, even I wanted to laugh but the look on Antonio said it all.  He just stood there, eyes looking straight at François's, Antonio's eyes looked as if they wanted to penetrate François's inner core and burst him on fire, in a single gaze.

"Signor Portiere, sends his greeting and will see you very soon.  Please accept my humble apology, Mr.Martinello.",  The fairy Maitre d', was sweating buckets and giving us both a very nervous smile.

I don't think a minute had passed when a man, perhaps in his fifties showed up.  He's face was flushed and seemed to have gone to great lenghts to hurry and greet Antonio at his stablishment.  He was perhaps 5'6, with very white hair, clean shaven, bright blue eyes and a very friendly look to his personality.

"Antonio, it's great to see you!.", He was wearing an expensive suit and for the hundreth time, I felt completely out of place in my shabby clothes.  He shook Antonio's hand and led him into the restaurant, Antonio called me over and introduced me, to Mr. Portiere.

"Val, I would like to introduce you my protégé, Markus Wolfsburg.", I extended my hand to Mr.Portiere and he gave me a strong and warm handshake.

"It's a pleasure Mr.Portiere.  You have an amazing restaurant and I've only heard great comments and reviews about the service and food.", He gave me a simple nod and smiled.

"My pleasure as well, Markus.  Wolfsburg,....Wolfsburg, now where have I heard that last name?.", I blushed, as I thought that perhaps Mr.Portiere, must have heard my name at the Sports Center.  Antonio smiled and gently patted my back

"I will be taking young Markus, under my wing and I'll be his boxing coach from now on.", Antonio winked at me and grinned at Mr.Portiere.

"Ahh, I see.  Well young Markus, you're in very good hands and you've got yourself a great teacher, so perhaps in time, you'll be as good as Tony, here.", I walked behind them, as they spoke about work, soccer, friends and family life.

Il Capriccio restaurant, is divided into two floors.  The large salon on the ground floor, is characterised by rustic-elegant fittings, and luxurious furniture, that reflect the romance of Old Venice.  It's interior's is set in a palace-like adornment of, wooden staircases, ornate Venetian chandeliers, beautiful antiques, fine paintings, tapestry rugs and a gorgeous century-old stone fireplace and lacunar ceiling.  The view even on the first floor, is fantastic since one can look out upon an inner garden-courtyard that brings back memories of old venetian restaurants.

In the second floor, there is an intimate and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant's beautiful terrace/solarium, with it's splendid, breathtaking and panoramic view of the sea.  In the evenings the view must be very romantic, especially to watch the sun set and what must be a great view of the harbour.  A perfect accompaniment was the music, that came from the piano bar on the first floor and could be heard, throught the whole restaurant.

We walked to the balcony and Mr.Portiere, showed us to our table that overlooked the ocean.  The view, was spectacular and serene, we were sorrounded by a rose garden in full bloom and beautiful little palm trees, that provided a nice shade and aided with the breeze.

"I hope that you enjoy this table and I'll have the waiter bring the menu.", He once again, shook Antonio's hand and the old man, looked quite please to have Antonio at his restaurant.  He excused himself and told us that he had to go back into the kitchen and overlook the staff.  As he walked away, I gave Antonio a look of pure amazement and finally had to say.

"Are you going to tell me, how you know the owner and head chef of Il Capriccio?.", Antonio was looking at the menu and I think I heard him snicker something but with the menu covering his face, all he ended up saying was.

"Man, am I starving!.  Everything in this menu, looks so good.", He was fast at changing the subject but I wasn't going to give up that easy.

I opened my menu and wondered as to what I felt like having, besides Antonio,....I mean.

A young lady came to our table, within seconds of being seated.  She had her long brown hair, rolled up in a bun and wore an ivory white shirt, white gloves, black vest and classic black trousers, with black laced up shoes.  She was going to give us a few minutes to decide on our order and in the mean time, I asked for some Ice Tea and for Antonio, a large glass of Coke.

She suggests, that share a carpaccio as an appetizer.  Antonio and I, look at each other and agree on the carpaccio and within minutes, she appears with two plates that are completely covered with a layer of finely sliced rare beef, sprinkled with truffle oil and topped with shaved parmesan.  Even the fresh bread, the sesame encrusted breadsticks and unsalted butter, taste wonderful and every mouthful is divine.

From the food critics that did many reviews on this restaurant, I knew that the menu varies daily and is available in seven languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Thanks to its welcoming refinement, detailed meals arrangement and presentations, the restaurant Il Capriccio, has received many international awards and acknowledgments, which were listed on the menu.  The awards were, Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France, Diploma Eccellente dell’Accademia Italiana della Cucina, Diploma di I° grado della Accademia della Buona Tavola Italiana, Diploma “Ospitalità Nostra” and a Premio Speciale al Merito Gastronomico “La Forchetta d’Oro".

This particular restaurant, has beaten many other expensive restaurants in this posh area, in the awards department.  The other well known and expensive restaurants, which many people end up going if they can't get in here are, La Terrazza dell'Eden, Le Lanterne, Montevecchio and Roma Sparita.

Il Capriccio's menu, combines traditional Venetian cuisine with international gastronomic developments to ensure that each guests fondest desire is to be met in full.  This restaurant boasts over 80 years of experience in the organization of banquets, for all kind of ceremonies, such as gala evenings, receptions, congresses, conventions and even offer a catering service, for special parties.  They go as far, as to create personalized menus, floral decorations and musical entertainment, for their clientele.

The menu is centered around centuries-old traditional Venetian fish recipes, accompanied by exquisite vegetable dishes and delicate sauces.  As well, as local fruits, vegetables and meats are used in sophisticated local interpretations of international and traditional specialties.

The wine list is comprehensive and prestigious, with over 300 wines on their list, which are personally compiled and maintained by the proprietor.  A choice from among the best labels from every region in Italy are available, in addition to fine French wines, Champagne and a selection of other foreign wines.

Antonio was raving, that he wanted a seafood dish and so we took a look at the mouthwatering dishes.  There was, Granseola (a very special crab) with fish sauce, fried oysters and scented with fennel, Fegato d'oca all'aceto balsamico(Duck liver with balsamic vinegar), Risotto Tiziano(rice dish with shrimp and Champagne), Tortelloni alla granseola con vellutata all'aragosta(Large granseola crab pasta with a lobster sauce), Spaghetti with lobster and cherry tomatoes and Lamb stuffed with Norcia truffles.

Many dishes in Il Capriccio, are characterised by traditional venetian cooking.  These offer different kinds of fish, molluscs and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea.  Many food critics, have said that the recipes used at Il Capriccio, have been handed down from past century Venice and made precious by using seasonal vegetables and delicate flavouring, but the place is also famous for its refined interpretation of the Veneto-Italian cooking which combines the use of local meat and vegetables with the international gastronomical art influence.

I kept reading the menu and while Antonio was debating wether to have the, Spaghetti with lobster and cherry tomatoes. I couldn't yet decide, especially since everything looked so appetizing and succulent.  I read the menu, under Specialities and I decided to pick my choice of meal, from there.  The Specialities of the house, were; Spelt tagliolini with scampi and chick peas, the Braid of sole and salmon with a vegetable caponata, the Terrine de fois gras with truffles, Crown of lamb with soufflé, Linguine with lobster, Spaghetti with shrimp, Beef filet in Armagnac sauce and the Grilled fish and filet with porcini mushrooms.

I ended up picking the Beef filet in Armagnac sauce and for Antonio, the Spaghetti with lobster and cherry tomatoes.  So while the waitress left with our order, there I was sitting right across Antonio in complete silence.   I took a small sip of my Ice Tea and decided ask him a couple of questions.

"Are you going to make me ask again, as to how you know Mr.Portiere?.", He took a big gulp of his Coke and took an ice cube into his mouth and started sucking it.  I hate him!.

He continued sucking on the ice cube, before crushing it into his mouth.

"I've known Val, since I was a lad.  I met him at the Sports Center a long time ago.", He took another big gulp of Coke and raised his eyebrows.

Now it was my turn.  I grabbed my ice tea and started sucking and licking the straw.  That made him smile and grin wickedly, he wasn't the only one that could play a tease.  I licked the side of my glass and with my index finger would run the lenght of the glass up and down and in a very seductive and tormenting way.

Antonio sat back on his chair and put his gigantic arms behind his head.  He spread his legs and I knew, that he knew he was getting a hardon.  The bulge on his jeans began to grow and expand, I could make out the outline of his massive cock and my hands were itching to touch it.  He never took his seductive eyes off me, he would just sit there and stare at me, after 5 seconds that gaze was melting my heart and I wanted to get up and give him a big kiss on his rosy lips.

If this was going to be a test of will, then I was going to do my damnedest not to lose.  Antonio, slowly and in a teasingly manner, unbuttoned his shirt, took the glass of ice cold Coke, brought it close to his mouth and licked the rim.  That move right there, made my cock stirr and my balls ache.

The son-of-bitch, knew what he was doing to me.  In a true Martinello fashion, he wanted complete control of the situation, this was his naturally competitive nature.

At that moment, our waitress showed up with our lunch.  I quickly composed myself and put the napkin on my lap, I had to cover my very obvious and prominent hardon, Antonio on the other hand, sat still and did nothing.  When the young girl placed the dish in front of him, I caught her staring at what I'm sure was Antonio's obscene 12" cock outline.

Antonio, was simply looking straight at me and wouldn't take his eyes off me.  The poor girl, even came close to dropping the plate on the floor and when I caught her gaze, she blushed a deep shade of fury red and looked the other way.  She gave us a barely audible.

"Enjoy your meal.", And like lighting, she took off and dissapeared into the restaurant.

I glared at Antonio, grabbed the cutlery and took a sip of my drink.

"You're an ass!.", Is all I needed to say to him, but in that irritating mocking manner, he responded.

"Who, me?.  Why am I, an ass?.", he placed the napkin on his lap and smelled the delicious aroma of the spaghetti with lobster.

"You didn't even bother to cover yourself.  That poor girl, was offended and most likely embarrassed about seeing that huge bulge in your pants.", I took the fork, knife and started slicing my succulent filet.

"Well, then that's her problem.  I got an erection, because the person sitting right across from me, did something to sexually arouse me.  So, I was the victim of a cruel tease, therefore it's not my fault.", He took a plum and red cherry tomato and placed it, between his lips and begun to suck on it, before biting and swallowing it.

For some weird and unexplained reason, I felt the weirdest sensation in my ass.  As I looked into those betwitching hazel eyes and handsome face, I felt my asshole twitch.  The deepest and most inner part of my body felt in heat, I was squirming and fidgeting on my seat.   Antonio noticed, raised his right eyebrow and in a very curious tone of voice, said.

"Are you allright?.  You seem uneasy, are you uncomfortable?.", He took a sip of his Coke and waited for my answer.

I snapped back at him and decided to eat my meal in peace and not let him, get to me.

"I'm fine!.  The beef filet, looks very good and how's your dish?.", He was looking right at me and didn't take his eyes off me, when he said.

"Succulent, exquisite and quite heavenly.  I love all kinds of cherries, don't you?.  They have the sweetest of flavours, each cherry, tastes and feels differently and I can never get enough of relishing the savor and essence, that they leave in my mouth.", Antonio's eyes were flickering and glowing enthusiasticly.  I looked at him up and down and for a brief second, I had to fight my impulses to launch at him like a wild animal and start fucking him.

I don't know if it was the reflection of the sun on those gorgeous hazel eyes, but I could swear that they shone like diamonds or like a blazing fire.

I had to avoid his gaze, I had to close my ears and be strong.  I had to prove to myself, that he was not going to get his way with me, that I was strong enough to push away all of his advances and flirtations.  He didn't have me completely, despite of what he thought.

"You told Mr.Portiere, that I was going to be your protégé.  I already know how to box, Antonio.", I took small bites of my filet and saw the big smirk, that he had on his face.

"One of the biggest problems with you Markus, is that you're so full of yourself.  Even when you get your ass kicked, you think that you've accomplished some great goal and in the end, you're a victim of your own arrogance. ", He had a serious look on his face, as he said that.  That made me stop eating my meal and I put my fork and knife down, loudly on the table.

"What the hell, does that mean?", I could feel my blood rising and I knew that he was talking about our boxing match.

"What do I mean?.  I mean that I let you, go 5 rounds in the ring with me.  I wanted to teach you a lesson, a lesson in humility.", He took a mouthful of the spaghetti into his mouth, yet he never took his eyes off me.

That comment got me so pissed off, that I wanted to get up and punch him in the face.

"Fuck you!.  I went 5 rounds in the ring with you and that was for real.", I pushed my seat back and unvoluntarily, cracked my knuckles.

"Language, Wolfsburg.  You better watch that mouth of yours and I am not going to repeat myself.!", The tone of his voice said it all, he wasn't kidding.

"The other problem that you seem to have difficulty in, is controlling your temper.  Anger, in the boxing ring is of no use and will actually work against you.", He also stopped eating and sounded more relaxed as he spoke.

"So, now that I own your tender and sweet ass, you will do as I say.  You will listen, watch and learn and once you've mastered all that, then and only then, you will pounce.  But, you will have to watch that temper or so help me God, you'll learn the hard way.", I was still craking my knuckles but one thing sounded true and that was my temper.  It had always gotten me into trouble, wether at home, school or on the street.

"Now, let's enjoy our meal and we can discuss things further later on.", He started eating and I followed suit.

There were a couple of silent moments throught the meal and I think, Antonio was using this quiet time to let me adjust to the many changes that were occurring in my life.

The young waitress showed up a couple of times, but I had seen her check our table from afar and then after making sure everything was in order, she would show up and ask how things were going.

"Oh by the way.  I want to see you, this friday.  I will be going to a poker game on friday evening and I want you to be there.", I looked up at him and immediately, remembered the date that I had with Donna Marie.

"Umm, did you say this friday?.", He looked up and raised his eyebrows, as he took a sip of Coke.

"Yes, I said this coming friday.  Why, is there a problem?.", I nodded a quick no and thought for a while if he might know that I already had a date this friday or if he was just testing me.

"Where am I supposed to meet you?.  Is the game going to be held at your home?.", Antonio, almost choked on a small piece of lobster as I said that.

"At my place?.  Oh God no, Adrienne would have a heart attack if I brought these guys home.", He gave a hearty laugh and my anger was slowly beginning to dissapear.

"So, where is this place?.", I took another bite of my filet and I was beginning to actually get some taste back in my mouth.  That little spat, that I had with Antonio had left my taste palate with bitterness.

"The card game, will be held at the tattoo parlour, Tapu.  I want you there, at exactly 9:00 p.m because the doors will be closed right after and no one will be admitted into the place after nine.", I shivered a little as Antonio mentioned the tattoo house. My arm was still in a bit of pain from the tattoo that I had just recently gotten.

"Your tattoo, how is it?.  You allright?.", By the tone of his voice, I could tell that Antonio did sound concerned.

"Umm, yeah it's doing allright.  Hurts here and there but as Augusto said, it will take a couple of days to heal.", I took a sip of my Iced Tea and noticed that Antonio, nodded in agreement.

"Well, follow Augusto's instructions.  He's a master at his art and he knows what he's doing.", Antonio brought a very important subject and I'm glad that he was the one who let the door open for this discussion, although I can't say,wether he'll tell me what I was dying to know.

I was halfway done with my meal, when I noticed that Antonio was looking at another table.  I could heard the voices of two women, speaking quite loudly and sounding like they didn't have a care in the world.  Antonio, all of the sudden stopped eating, lowered his head and closed his eyes.

"For fuck sakes!.  That's just fucking great.", He kept lowering his gaze and I turned around to see, what or better said, who he had seen to bother him this much.

In a table by the corner and under the shade, were two beautiful and luxuriously dressed women.  They were laughing and talking up a storm and when I turned my head to see Antonio's expression, he looked quite angry.  At first I thought, that one of them must be his wife or something.

"What's wrong?.  You know those women?.", He was trying to not look at them and it was funny how at this moment, it was him, who now seemed to be unconfortable.

"Yes, I know them.  They're two of my wife's best friends but unfortunately, they're two of the most nosy and meddlesome women in town.", He let a deep sigh and I continued eating my lunch.

The next thing I knew, I saw Antonio close his eyes and give out a little groan.

"Oh fuck!.  They've seen me, whatever happens just follow my lead, allright.", Now, he sounded very serious and in one gulp, swallowed all his Coke.

"OH MY GOD!.  Antonio Martinello, I thought that was you.  I was telling Bianca, that it was you but this silly girl, wouldn't believe me.", The tall and beautiful blond, that was speaking looked absolutely radiant in a violet coloured Chanel suit, dripping with jewels, from head to toe.

Antonio stood up and I followed his lead.  He hugged and kissed both cheeks on the gorgeous blond and I stood silently watching and enjoying the show.

"Hi Chiara.  Wow, it's great to see you.  Look at you, as always you look radiant.", The blond, took Antonio by the waist and planted a wet and full kiss on his lips.  The other lady behind her, started coughing in a mocking tone, which made the blond pull her face off Antonio and compose herself.

"Bianca, how are you?.  You look gleamingly beautiful and resplendent.", The other lady, had shoulder lenght jet black hair and beautiful light green eyes.  She was wearing a very expensive yellow suit, but I couldn't make out the designer's name.

"Hi Antonio.  We didn't mean to intrude on your lunch, but Chiara just wanted to be sure that it was you.", The knockout brunette, then looked at me and smiled.

"Where are my manners.  Ladies, I would like to introduce you to my colleague, Markus Wolfsburg.", I politely bowed and shook their extremely soft and sweet smelling hands.

"Markus, I would like to present you, Mrs.Chiara Imbruglia and Mrs.Bianca Raffaelli.", They smiled and greeted me, while they were both looking at me, up and down.

The one called Chiara, pulled a chair from the empty table next to us and as I was pulling a chair for pretty Bianca, she took my hand and said.

"Oh, no....please.  We don't mean to disturb your business lunch, we have our own table.", The blond one, gave Bianca an ice stare and turned her head to speak to Antonio.

"You don't mind if we stay for a while, right Tony?.", She was batting her long lashes to Antonio, while I heard Bianca give a short but audible sigh.

Antonio looked at me, smiled and said.

"Ofcourse not.  Besides, we were almost done with our lunch and we should be heading back to the plant.", I nodded silently in agreement and simply smiled.  We all sat down and I resumed eating.

"Well at least stay with us until they bring us our drinks, please Tony.", Chiara smiled at Antonio and Antonio nodded in agreement, while he made room for Chiara to sit next to him.

"How is your daughter, Chiara?.  How's little Clarissa, and your girls, Bianca?." Antonio, politely kept the smile throught the whole conversation.

Chiara answered first and while speaking to Antonio, she ran her long fingers over his hand and up his muscular arm.

"Oh, I wanted to apologize Tony.  In regards to what happened on Sunday and what Clarissa said about Dante, I don't know what got into my daughter, but the other girls explained everything and I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.  Please, give my apologies to Dante.", Chiara kept caressing Antonio's hand, while Bianca glared at her and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, don't even worry about that anymore.  Kids have a way of over reacting but be sure, that I will give your regards to Dante.", I looked at my watch and it was past 1:30 p.m.  I really had to get back to school.

I guess that Antonio, saw me looking at my watch and that was our ticket out of here.

"Well ladies, we really have to get going.  I still have many other things, that I need to show Mr.Wolfsburg at work.  So, you will have to excuse us.", We both got up and I made my leave.  I shook their hands and walked ahead of Antonio, the waitress walked up to Antonio and they were discussing something in a very lone tone and so I decided to wait by the door.

Chiara gave Antonio a big hug and kiss on the lips, while Bianca hugged him and kissed him on his right cheek.  Antonio waved good-bye and as he was walking towards me, he was rolling his eyes and muttering something.

We encountered Mr.Portiere, on the first floor and he asked, if we had enjoyed our meal.  Antonio and I gave him our deepest and most sincere thanks and Mr.Portiere, handed Antonio a small white box with Il Capriccio, written all over in gold letters and tied with a big, red lace ribbon.

"I've prepared, some chocolate mousse with vanilla sauce and tiramisù, for the guys to enjoy at the plant.", He handed the box to Antonio and shook hands.  Mr.Portiere, walked us both to the front door and waited with us, until the valet brought our car.

On my way out, I noticed that François the Maitre d', had been replaced.  I wondered if he's shift had finished or if he had gotten in trouble.  Antonio must have noticed it too, because he looked at Mr.Portiere and asked.

"Where's François?.", Mr.Portiere shook his and looked very angry, as he said.

"François, is and will be washing dishes for the next four weeks.", Antonio raised his eyebrows and gave me a sly little smile.

Our car was brought by the valet, who gave Antonio his car keys and once again, gave our thanks to Mr.Portiere.

"I hope that both of you enjoyed your meals.  And Mr.Wolfsburg, please know that any friend of Antonio is and will always be welcomed at my establishment.", We shook hands and I got into the car.

"Antonio, please bring the family over soon.  Fernando, has been asking about you for days.", Antonio, shook his hand and nodded in agreement.

"I promise Val, I'll bring the entire family one of these weekends.", Antonio waved goodbye, got into the car and we drove away.


"Oh for heaven's sake, where is our waiter?.  Excuse me, could I borrow your phone?.", The waiter excused himself and quickly returned with the cordless phone.

"Chiara my dear, who are you calling?.", The blond socialite, dialed and took a sip from her caramel French vanilla cappuccino.

"Adrienne, ofcourse.  Hello, may I speak with Adrienne Martinello please.  Yes, I'll hold.....thank-you.", The brunette, smiled and took a very small sip, from her white chocolate raspberry cappuccino.

"Adrienne darling, how are you?.  Well, I know that you're busy, so I'll be quick.  Who do you think I saw at Il Capriccio,  having lunch?.  Mmmm,....Antonio, my dear.", The blond coquette, twirled her golden locks between her fingers and rolled her eyes.

"Yes my dear, I'm positive it was Tony.  We sat with him at his table and funny you should ask, he wasn't alone, he was with a work colleague.  Oh listen darling, I have to leave you now, our meal has arrived.  We'll, I'll talk to you later, ciao.", The blond siren, gave back the phone to the waiter and glanced at her menu, in a very satisfied way.

"Chiara, darling.  You forgot or should I say, intentionally left out the part that it was a male colleague, that Tony was having lunch with.", The stunning brunette commented.  She took another sip of her cappuccino and glared at the statuesque blond.

"No one, calls my daughter a liar!.  Let Adrienne, enjoy the rest of the afternoon at work, thinking wether it was another woman, Tony was with.", She lifted her cup and mocked a toast.  The graceful, brunette shook her head in a disapproving manner and said.

"Chiara, you really are a bitch.", The striking blond nodded in agreement and smiled.


"Well, that wasn't so bad, your wive's friends, I mean.  They seemed nice.", Antonio rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Well, Bianca is not so bad but Chiara, she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.  With that wicked tongue of her's, she's been known to  break up marriages.", Antonio turned the radio on and drove me back to school.

As Antonio, drove into the parking lot, he reminded me of friday evening.

"Remember the poker game this friday.  I will send a cab to pick you up, at 8:30 p.m and it will be waiting for you, two blocks west of  your house, that way your parents won't get suspicious when a cab comes to pick you up.  Again, don't worry about paying the cabbie, I'll be taking care of that.", He placed his right hand on my left leg and rubbed it.  In the split of a second, Antonio pounced on me and gave me a big wet kiss on the lips.

"Well, I hope that you enjoyed the meal and the little detour, from your classes.", He winked at me and blew me a kiss.

"You better hurry, Markus.  You don't want to be late for Professor's Corbinelli's class, he never admits anyone, once he's started a lesson.", I stood there with my mouth hanging open, as I saw him sped away and leaving me behind in a cloud of dust. My mind reeled, as I wondered how the hell he even knew about Corbinelli's late policy.


As I pulled the Spider into the driveway, I could sense that Adrienne would definitely know about the run in, with Chiara and Bianca at Il Capriccio.  I would bet my balls, that Chiara had called Adrienne as soon as Markus and I left the restaurant.

I saved the box of goodies, that Val had given me and instead of sharing it, with the goofs at work, I was going to share it with my family.  That way, Adrienne would know that I was at the restaurant and that it was a business lunch, with a colleague and nothing more.

I was going to play this cool and be prepared for anything.  If I was going to go out for a poker game on friday, then I better play my cards right, and be in good terms with my love, Adrienne.

I walked through the door and I could smell the aroma of something delicious being prepared in the kitchen.

"Evening everybody, daddy's home!.", Adrienne came to the door and greeted me as usual.

"Hi honey, dinner is almost ready.", She gave me a big kiss on the lips and I figured, well so far, so good.

"Great, I'm famished.  Where's the cub?.", She saw that I was hiding something behind my back and she kept trying to take a peek.

"Dante is upstairs.  He's doing his homework.", She went back into the kitchen and checked on the dinner.

"What are we having?.", I placed the box on the kitchen table, while she said.

"We're having Veal escalopes with Madeira sauce and Carrots sautées in butter and for dessert, I've made Chocolate mousse with vanilla sauce and your favourite, tiramisù.", She checked on the veal and fixed her eyes on me, while she poured more butter into the carrots.

BUSTED.  Adrienne, had been tipped by the intrusive and meddlesome, Chiara.

At that moment, I could hear little loud footsteps coming from the stairs and I knew, that it was my little cub.

"DAD!.", Dante ran towards me and jumped into my arms.  I caught him, right in time and gave him a big kiss on the forehead.

"Hey there, Sport!.  How's my boy?.", I messed up his hair, which he hates and sat him on the kitchen counter.

"I'm fine.  Grandma was helping me with geography, but I want you to do it!.", Dante's eyes, quickly caught sight of the box,  pointed to it and said.

"What's that?.", He picked it up and shook it.

"No Sport, don't shake it.  I brought home some desserts from a restaurant.", At that moment, my mother-in-law, walked in and gave me a very angry look.

"A restaurant, really?.  The gold letters on the box, says Il Capriccio.  That's a very exclusive and expensive restaurant, you need reservations weeks ahead to eat there and you just walked in?.", By the tone of her voice, my mother-in-law had spoken  to Adrienne about the lunch.

"I know the owner of Il Capriccio, he's a good friend of mine.  His name is Valerio Portiere and we go back a long time, he told me that the entire family will always be welcomed at his restaurant.  Besides, today we had a new employee who got transferred from another department and Rocco thought it would be a good idea, if I took the new guy out for lunch.", Adrienne quickly looked at her mother and I could see, that they were silently communicating with each other.

"Did you say a guy, honey?." Adrienne's face changed to a more pleasing and warm tone.

"Yes, a guy.  He's name is Markus Wolfsburg.", I forgot that Dante was sitting on the counter and when I looked at him, he had a strange look on his face.  Right away, I knew that he was trying to remember as to where he had heard that name.

"Hey Sport, have you washed your hands yet?.  Dinner is going to be ready soon, so why don't we go wash up?.", I took his little hand and headed upstairs.

No sooner were we walking up the stairs, that I heard Adrienne speak to her mother, in a very low tone.

"I told you!.  I knew that Tony wouldn't be running around with another woman,.....", I could hear my mother-in-law, trying to calm Adrienne down and telling her to keep her voice down.

Dante, was tugging at my shirt and as I lowered my gaze, he looked up and in a soft whisper, said.

"Mom has been in a very weird mood this afternoon.", I guess that Dante also heard the conversation going downstairs.  I gave him a small playful pat on the butt and said.

"What do you mean, Sport?.  Did she say something or do something?.", He was trying to carefully pick his words.  This little Prince, can observe and absorb everything like a sponge.

"Mmmmmm, well.  I don't know, she just kinda kept shouting your name and Il Capriccio, like ten thousand times this afternoon.", I smiled, lifted him and carried him to the washroom.

"Wait Dad!.  Isn't Markus Wolfs.... whatever, the same guy that you boxed with at the Sports Center?.", I sat him on the bathroom counter and looked into Dante's hazel eyes.  He has beautiful eyes, a very light shade of hazel with just a touch of green, that he got from his mother's side.  The rest, I can proudly say, he inherited from me.

"Yeah, Sport.  It's the same guy but remember that you can't say anything to your mother or grandmother, about seeing me box with anyone at the Sports Center.", Dante, played close attention to my words and silently shook his head in agreement.

"Don't worry, Dad.  My lips are sealed.", He gave me a playful wink, while batting those long, jet black lashes at me.  This little cub, is very special to me.

As Dante carefully lathered his hands, I couldn't help to notice that although we do exhibit many similar traits, he is a unique individual and that he's also growing up so quickly.

I looked at Dante in the mirror and it seemed only like yesterday, that I was holding a baby boy in my arms.  That day, the earth stood still and the day that I brought him home, I looked up to the sky and wept for the miracle of life.

The day Dante was to be born, I was pacing up and down in the waiting room of the Hospital and I remember Rocco, taking me aside and saying.

"Relax, Tony.  You'll see, that everything will be fine and this day is the first day of the rest of your life.", I had wished, that my parents would have been there to see their grandson being born but at least I had my best friends with me and they are closer to me, than any blood relative, I've ever had.

Rocco was right, not a day in my life has been the same since.  Thank goodness.

As the soap slipped out of Dante's hand and landed on the floor, I picked it up and gave him a great smile.  I had made a promise to myself a very long time ago, that I was going to give my children unconditional love.  The thoughts about being a father and starting a family, were something that I spoke to my closest friends about.  The connections felt can never truly be described until the day actually comes.

It truly was unconditional love, it was that pure and simple.  I thought, I knew what that term meant but talking about it, is by no means the same as experiencing it.  There are so many ways in which I experience the joy of being a father, even when it's not easy.  There's also the hardships of the poopy diapers, pains of teething, misguided streams of piss, screams of hunger and sleepless nights, which are never easy and yet, by not being easy, the joys become much more appreciated.

Dante, has taught me the value and importance of unconditional love.  Prior to his birth and due to a lack of understanding on my part, I thought I knew what unconditional love meant.  It turns out that I did not.  If anything, that was a reflection against me, and through his love, Dante has rectified that in my life.

My son, has been such a blessing, that just his presence in the world, helps me realize there is much more good in the world than I probably would have understood.  He's taught me that there is so much more to love about life because I am once again seeing the wonder of the world through the eyes of a child and for that, I am truly grateful.

My little man, has also taught me patience.  By that I mean, he has taught me the importance of being patient as I watch him, try to figure things out for himself and behold his role in the learning process.  As much as I want to "help" him through it, I know not to, as that is part of the learning process one must go through, as I did, as his mother and it is better that he learns these things sooner rather than later.

Another thing I've learned from Dante, was the need to share.  He has taught me this better than anyone else, that I've ever known.  Even when I make his breakfast in the morning, the first thing he does, is to offer and share his food with me, such is his giving nature, that touches my heart in ways I had long forgotten and once again reminds me of the divine origin within each of us.

For if there is anything, that Dante has taught me in the time that he's been my son, it has been the importance of a father's love. What's more, my love for him has helped me gain me a deeper appreciation for love.

I can still see Dante's first smile, his first laugh, his first word, the hugs and kisses, the peaceful moments, all cherished.  I remembered the times, when I would watch my son on his crib, as he fell asleep.  I couldn't believe that I had created this magnificent life and all the wonderful moments that come with it.  I had truly, created a miracle.

When I look into Dante's eyes, I see such an innocent being, capable of feeling and giving love.  The presence of this child has given me a new feeling, a deeper connection, and a different path to travel down.  Having Dante in my life has encouraged me to question things differently.  Is this right?, Is that wrong?, How do I currently approach a situation?, How would I want Dante to approach it?.  All of these questions have given me new insight into being a man, being a father.

As for religion, I have never really viewed myself as a spiritual and faith-filled person.  I did the "doubting God" thing early in my life, but eventually formed my own personal relationship with Him.  To my surprise, I find myself hoping that Dante will one day find this relationship with God.

Religion is the organization of faithful people.  The Church offers community, traditions, theology, and education.  I look forward to Dante finding his own faith, one day.  It was my wife's and mother-in-law's decision, to provide and install the Catholic Church to him and I do want him to experience the bonds of community, to learn and grow in education and I hope that one day, he can philosophize - perhaps even argue - about the teachings and theology of the Church.   I certainly don't want my son, to be a follower or just another lamb but to be able to think for himself and be able to decide on his own.

I have taken the opportunity to reflect on the occasion and to once again be thankful for the privilege of having had my life blessed and become a father.

Dante is my most treasured possession and as a parent, I will teach my son, what it means to love someone and be loved.  Not only, am I a provider of every physical need but I also will show my son that I, as a parent, will never "hurt" him.  My son, will have to learn that even after discipline my arms will always be open to him.

I will always be ready to hug, encourage and forgive him and as he grows, my expectations will also grow.  He will be expected to act differently at age 8, than at age 16.  Through his "growing up" years, my discipline will be there to correct and never to bring my son shame.

I remember Rocco telling me, after I had become a middleweight boxing champion, that those first years in my early youth, when I was nothing more than a street hoolingan, boxing had given me a sense of balance, worth and direction. With Rocco's discipline, instructions and most important care and love, I became a better man, a better person.

Even though, I came many time to crossing the line, Rocco never attacked me, either physically, verbally or my character.  This was because he never wanted to "wound" my spirit.  Rocco, wanted to teach and show me, the meaning of the word, patience.

I will do my best, in following through with what I've said or promised. As a father and parent, I know that I must keep my promises, even if it took time for them to be fulfilled.  Therefore, I never want to make promises lightly or ones, that I as a father cannot keep.

If I am only able to become half of the father that I now aspire to be, I will still have accomplished a great deal.  Dante, is my little prince and I love him.

I was startled by Dante, splashing water to my face.

"Hey, Dad!.  Mom is calling us, dinner is ready.", I grabbed the soap and quickly lathered my hands and he stood there, just looking at me and smiling.

"Dad, we better hurry.  She's already called us three times, you know how she gets if she calls us again.", I nodded and grabbed the towl and dried my hands.

I grabbed the little cub and carried him upside down to the dinner table.  He laughed and giggled all the way down, he made me smile and my heart beat strong, Dante truly is my pride and joy.

To be continued!.