My Father's Glory Part 14.

By Chris Zaldana

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Chris Zaldana


"The strongest is never strong enough always to be master, unless he transforms strength into right, and obedience into duty."

-Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, 1762-


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I was awakened and startled by the loud ringing of my alarm clock, and a very powerful snoring.  I yawned, rubbed my sleepy eyes and as I stretched on the bed, I was a bit surprised to find my dad sleeping next to me.  The clock flashed 6:00 a.m., and the morning light was slowly starting to stream through the curtains.  I shivered, and covered myself with the cotton sheet as a cool morning breeze slowly swept the room.  

I don't know what time I fell asleep last night, but I do remember that I was very tired, and feeling quite drowsy.  My father fell asleep as soon as he had hit the bed, which was typical of him.  He can fall asleep at the snap of a finger, and not even an earthquake will wake him up, he's lucky that way.  I sat on my bed, and tried to remember everything that had occurred last night, especially the long and strange conversation that I had with Fabrizio.

I remembered sitting on the kitchen table and drinking my hot chocolate, while Fabrizio sipped his coffee.  We sat in near darkness with only a ray of moonlight illuminating the room.  I thought that it was a bit strange to speak in a hushed tone of voice, but Fabrizio said that he didn't want to wake up my mother, and grandmother.  We had a long discussion about everything that went on while he had been away on vacation, and he was especially interested in hearing about what had happened at the sports center.

Throughout the entire conversation Fabrizio wouldn't take his eyes off me, and he barely touched his coffee, the whole time he looked quite uneasy, sad and concerned.  He paid close attention to my every word, it was like he wanted to hear everything down to the last little detail.

Fabrizio seemed especially interested, and agitated when I told him about the boxing match between my father, and a young man by the name of Markus Wolfsburg.  It was at that moment, and as I stared at his charming face that I saw the glimmer in his soft green eyes fade away.  I stopped talking and asked if he was feeling alright, but Fabrizio didn't respond, he simply turned his head towards the window, slowly got up, took a few steps, and stared into the backyard in deep silence.

I got up from the table, walked over to him, and I took hold of his warm hand.  I don't even think that he was aware that I was holding his hand, it was like he was in another planet, I followed his gaze, and tried to see what he was looking at.  In the cool summer breeze, and dancing around my mother's prize-winning roses, an army of fireflies were flashing and twinkling in the shadows.  I was about to point them out to Fabrizio, but when I looked up and saw his face, I saw a tear trickling down his right cheek.

I was confused, and puzzled to see Fabrizio behaving so strangely.  Why was he crying?  What was he thinking?  I didn't know what to think, or even what to say, so I just quietly held his hand, and after what felt like an eternity, he slowly came out of his trance.

Fabrizio looked at me, smiled and gave me a hug, but there was something missing in that hug, it wasn't like all the other hugs that I've received from him before, this time his touch felt different, kinda... distant.

Even though my mother had prepared the guestroom for Fabrizio so that he could spend the night, he decided to leave.  I tried to change his mind, but no matter how many times I begged and pleaded, it didn't do any good.  As I walked him to the front door, the usual radiance, happiness and spark that glowed within him was gone.

He had started the evening looking so happy and full of joy, now he looked sad, and his beautiful lime green eyes looked red and tired.  I don't know what I had said to Fabrizio that had caused such an effect on him, but whatever it was, the damage was done.

I felt so tired and groggy this morning, that I just wanted to go back to bed and sleep.  I didn't sleep well last night, I kept tossing and turning, while images of Fabrizio kept popping in my head.  I closed my eyes for a minute and laid awake on my bed.  I was so drained that I simply couldn't stop yawning, it was way too early to be up on a Saturday, even for me.

I usually wake up around 8:00 a.m. to watch my morning cartoons.  I don't have a clue as to why my dad wants to be up so early in this morning, especially on his day off.  Before he had fallen asleep last night, he mentioned to make absolutely sure that I was to wake him up, especially if he didn't hear the alarm clock.

As more light filtered through the curtains, my right hand came across something large, yet felt soft to my touch.  I was shocked, and confused to find my right hand cupping my dad's enormous balls.  I tried to remember when I had placed my hand in such a private and personal place of my father's body, but nothing came to mind.  At first I thought this was nothing more than a dream, so I blinked, and blinked expecting to wake up at any moment, but nothing happened, my right was still gripping my dad's gigantic balls.

At first I didn't want to move in fear of waking him up, so I decided to stay still, and not move a single muscle.  In my hands his balls felt huge, and quite heavy, yet they also felt warm against the fabric of the white underwear.  As I held the family jewels (as he so often calls them) in my small hand, a weird but powerful feeling ran throughout my entire body.  The feeling was sort of electric, like a rush of excitement that stirred every part of my body.  It was a bizarre feeling that felt quite extraordinary, and intense.

It was a powerful thrill, I had the urge to do something improper and naughty.  As I carefully juggled my dad's immense balls gently in my hand, I wanted to do more.  I knew that to touch him down there was improper and risqué, yet that's exactly what I wanted to do.

I couldn't explain this feeling that was burning inside of me.  It felt intense, and uncontrollable like an urge that boiled within me, a wildness that I couldn't control.  By now, small drops of perspiration were now forming over my upper lip, and forehead, my body's temperature was slowly rising.  My brain was telling me one thing, but my conscience would say otherwise.

As I lay next to my dad, I couldn't stop exploring his muscular body with my eyes.  I was completely and utterly stunned by his handsomeness, his seductiveness, and the powerful magnetism that he had over me.  Everything about him was special, you could feel it, you could sense it, and even smell it.  There was an attraction to him that was indescribable, and hard to explain, but the feelings that I felt for him were beyond words.  I slowly crept closer to him like a cunning fox about to bounce on his sleeping prey.

My dad was lying on his back, and snoring quite loudly.  He looked like a giant on my little bed, and the poor guy was in a deep, pleasant and restful sleep.  I gazed at my father for the longest time, and simply admired his handsome tanned face.  My dad had one brawny, muscular arm raised, and using it as a pillow, which exposed his hairy armpit.  I felt bold and brave, so I decided to got close to his armpit, take a big whiff, and inhale the sexy manly aroma, even the natural smell of his body is alluring.

His arousing scent is so powerfully masculine, that ever since I can remember it has bonded me close to him.  I can clearly remember that when I was a lot younger and felt afraid, I would run to my dad's arms, place my head on his chest, and snuggle against him.  It was his unique scent, his smell that I learned to associate with a feeling of safety and security.  My father made me feel protected, shielded, and safe.  I knew that in his presence, no harm would ever come to me.

I stood still for a second and listened to his soft breathing, while gazing at his sweet face.  As my fingers gently stroked his balls, I suddenly heard a very soft, and almost inaudible groan.  My father moved for a couple of seconds, and kinda mumbled something that I couldn't quite make out.  I quickly rested my head on his hairy stomach, closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.  Even if he did wake up, then he'd find my head resting on his stomach, and wouldn't make anything of it, at least that's what I hoped.

While I listened to the beating of his heart, I kept one eye open, and the other one closed.  I wanted to be completely sure that my dad had gone back to asleep before I tried anything else.  I raised my head and checked to see if he had gone back to sleep, and sure enough he was out like a light, and snoring as loudly as ever.  In the soft morning light, I stared at my dad and I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Lying there in bed, my dad looked so innocent, angelic, yet sexy.  It's no wonder people get all tongue tied and nervous when they're around him.  He has a very charming, likeable, and persuasive personality that is hard for anyone to resist.  It's clearly visible that my dad has the power to delight, and attract anyone around him.  Even if you try to resist the lure of his charm, it will only be a matter of time, when you'll end up giving into his natural appeal.

Being this close to him, and carefully observing every part of his body, I can see why he gets all these looks from both men, and women.  He's certainly stunning to look at, even now this early in the morning with his hair all messy, and with a rough, scratchy stubble across his face, and snoring so loudly that I'm sure even my Grandmother can hear him at the end of the hallway, he's still very irresistible.

When I grow up, I hope that I look every bit like my dad.  Even though I hear it all the time from my parent's friends, our relatives, or even complete strangers on the street, that I resemble my father, they make the annoying habit in pointing out that I still have some of my mother's finer features.  I want to grow up tall and strong like my dad, with the huge muscles, super powerful strength, a manly hairy chest, and be just as good looking.

The older I get, the more things I carefully observe and which don't make any sense to me.  Interesting things for example,  whenever my dad and I go out for our daily afternoon walk, or we decide to ride our bikes around the neighbourhood, I've noticed the attention he gets.  We could be walking down a busy street packed with people, and both men and women stop dead in their tracks, and turn their heads to give my dad a good look over.  It's a strange sort of look, it's like they want or demand something from him.

I guess that it's natural to feel that way about my dad.  I mean he's certainly eye-catching, but he does have other special qualities about him that people seem to recognize, and appreciate.  For one, he's a great friend to have because he's always there when you need him.  One call and he's there to give you a hand, and help you out in a time of need.  I've seen how dedicated my dad is to his family, and friends and even if he's busy doing something, he'll drop it in a second for anyone that needs help.

This is one of the many reasons why I look up to my awesome dad.  To me, he represents someone who cares, loves, protects, and shields his family, and close friends.  As a true role model, my dad also possesses strong qualities that I want to have when I grow up.  My dad is very supportive, and attentive of everything that I do, and even sets strict, but firm guidelines for me to follow.

He's also a good listener.  Even when he's had a long, and strenuous day at work, and hasn't even had time to sit down and relax, he'll come up to my room and ask about my day at school.  He'll sit on my bed and with the most sweetest, and loving smile across his handsome face, he'll carefully listen to my uneventful and boring day.  He never takes his eyes off me, he simply smiles the whole time, and silently absorbs every word that I say, no matter how dull.

I also adore him for always being patient with me, especially when he's teaching me new things, my dad has the energy, and patience to calmly explain, and clarify things to me.

Even at his soccer games, his teammates always listen carefully to his advice and guidance.  The confidence and respect that they have in him clearly shows in their eyes.  I guess it's true what Mr. Foglio said at the sports center the other day, he said that my father was a natural born leader, and it's no wonder, since he was born under the sign of the Tiger.

I felt a smile across my face as I remembered that.  After all, I was also born under the same sign, and maybe I'll be destined to be like my father.  For those born under the sign of the Tiger as Mr. Foglio had said, "Are always in the lead, very noble people, and quite fearless.  They are respected for their courage, their determination, their valour and endurance, even from those working against them."  As I ran my fingers over his hairy stomach, I felt a smile on my face, and gave my dad a hug.

Being this close to him, my fingertips itched and burned with every second that passed by.  I could hardly prevent myself from reaching out and grabbing the noticeable, obvious, and massive bulge in my dad's underwear.  As the curtains danced in the wind, a beam of sunlight cut through the room and illuminated the dark thicket of wiry, and glistening hair on his upper torso.  As he lay uncovered, I continued to stare at his strong and muscular body.  I grinned, as I saw my father looking so innocent, and yet at the same time, so sexy.

If I was going to make a move, then I had to pay careful attention to his breathing.  With my other free hand, I ran one finger over the heavily muscled and hairy thighs.  The bolder I got, the more my dad kept snoring, so I glued my eyes to his crotch, and now that the room was getting filled with light, I could clearly see the outlines of his large cock and balls.  Even soft, my dad's cock was huge, really huge... a python of a dick.

But to my annoyance and distress, his cock was still hidden under the thin fabric of his underwear.  That set my mind on fire, I had a fever that was burning throughout my body.  I wanted to touch, feel and see more of my dad's body.  My dad's breathing was getting heavier, and the more I gently played with his balls, the more he squirmed and fidgeted.

My dad had stopped snoring, but he still had his eyes closed.  I felt droplets of sweat forming on my forehead, my cheeks felt flushed, and my own body felt kinda hot.  I knew very well that I was playing a very dangerous game, but I didn't care.  With one free hand I played with his balls and with the other, I ran my finger over the outline of his massive cock.  His cock was now growing in length, twitching, and pulsing wildly.  I had awakened the sleeping giant.

As I kept caressing the outline of my dad's cock, the large penis slowly emerged from the confines of its cotton prison.  Like a flower blossoming under the first rays of sunlight, his penis swelled and expanded to an unbelievable and astonishing size.  It's always breathtaking to see my dad's cock, I can't explain it, but every time I see his cock, it's always bigger than I remember.

The spectacular and humongous cock was jerking and throbbing.  If I had gone this far, then I certainly wasn't going to stop now, so I carefully and warily pulled down his underwear to free the mighty goliath.  From a thick bush of dark hairs, jutted a mast of hard and throbbing flesh, at least twelve inches long.

The veiny cock was perfect in every way, straight as an arrow and hard as granite.  I tried to grab the base of the penis, but it was way, way too thick for my small hand.  It had to be at least four inches thick, and not just at the base but the whole length.

My eyes roamed over the intricate pattern of veins that covered his manly weapon.  This was so fascinating and interesting to me, some veins were small, some thin and winding, while others were strong, straight and noticeable.  His unbelievable lemon sized balls were also to be admired, and most importantly...treasured.  My dad's balls also looked heavy, full of potency, power, and strength.

I was so absorbed and entranced with my father's body, that I didn't even notice when he woke up.

"Dante?... what are you doing?"

I froze as I heard my dad's deep masculine voice.  I was so panic-stricken, and petrified that I couldn't even move.  What's even worse, I still had his rigid thick cock in my hand.

"Ummm, sport.  I need to get up and take a piss, do you mind letting go?"

I felt so extremely embarrassed, and mortified that I couldn't even look at my dad in the face.  I quickly let go of his cock, and he jumped out of bed, I was so red-faced that the whole time I just stared at the floor.  My face felt hot, actually it felt like my whole body was burning with shame.

"What happened to the alarm, son?  I thought you were going to wake me up.  Now we're running really late, I need you to get out of the bed, and hit the shower."

My dad was now getting dressed in a hurry, and the whole time he kept looking at his wristwatch, which made me feel more guilty.  Even though his giant hardon was still tenting his underwear, he got dressed in the blink of an eye.  While standing by the door, he gave me a stern look, and said.

"Once you're done with your shower, quickly get dressed, have some cereal, and meet me outside.  You've got ten minutes son, now I have to run downstairs, and make a phone call.

And with that last sentence he left the room.  I can't even think the last time that I made my dad angry, but by the tone of his voice, he sounded very upset.

I jumped out of the bed, and ran towards the bathroom.  I locked the door, and stared at myself in the mirror.  As I brushed my teeth, I couldn't believe that I had been caught by my father.  I felt so embarrassed, mortified and crushed.

When I finally came downstairs which must have taken me five minutes, my father was still talking to someone on the phone.  It was now 7:05 a.m., and as I walked by past him my father lowered the tone of his voice.  As I headed towards the kitchen, I stopped dead on my tracks, as I heard my father say.

"The cereal, milk and toast is on the table.  Eat up and don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards, you've got five minutes Dante."

I simply nodded, and quietly sat down for breakfast.  I didn't even bother to turn on the television, and watch my morning cartoons.  I wasn't feeling too hungry either, so I only had a glass of cold milk and a slice of toast with orange marmalade.  On occasion I would take a quick look at my dad, and whoever was on the other end talking to him was making my father more upset.

"I don't give a shit if your shift has already started, and I know damn well what time it is.  Just take a fucking bike and meet me at the top of Eagle's Rock.  I'll be there in forty minutes, so that gives you more than enough time to take a quick detour."

And with that my father slammed the phone.  He gave a big, long, exasperated sigh and caught me looking at him.

"I'm heading upstairs to take a very quick shower, and by the time I come down, I want you in your bike gear.  That means helmet, pads... the works, and be waiting for me outside, alright?"

I simply nodded, and my father took off like lighting up the stairs.  I don't understand what all the fuss and commotion in wanting to leave the house so early in the morning was about.  I mean, it's not like we had some important appointment to attend, so why all the fuss, and rush?

Like the character of Alice, in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, one thing had me curiouser and curiouser... who had my father been talking to? and what was Eagle's Rock?

I was checking the tires on my bike when my father rushed out of the house.  He was wearing his grey Umbro fleece sweatshirt, and black running shorts that left nothing to the imagination.  He's had those shorts for as long as I can remember, and whenever he goes out for his morning jogs, or for a ride on his bike, it's the only thing he'll wear, which is really next to nothing.

I wondered if I was the only one that ever took notice of this obscene and aggressive display of his private parts.

"Ready to go, sport?  I got our water bottles, and some fruit for us to munch on."

My father locked the front door and gave me a smile.  While walking over to the garage, he winked at me and messed up my hair.  I gave him a strange look, and wondered if he was in a better mood?  He placed the saddlebag on the lawn and walked over to the garage to take his beloved Bellini mountain bike from the garage.  While my father was checking the air pressure on the tires and giving the bike a quick inspection, I checked the saddlebag to see if my father carried any candy, or gum in the bag.

As I rummaged through the bag, I came across the sportsman Swiss Army Knife that my mother and I had given him as a Father's Day present two years ago.  I had handpicked the knife myself, and it even had his name engraved in gold letters.  It came with everything you could think of; a small and large blade, nail file with nail cleaner, corkscrew, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener, hook, scissors, ruler, tweezers, wood saw, fish scaler with hook disgorger, night light and the coolest thing, a digital altimeter, and thermometer.

My father also carried a multi-tool bike repair kit, a mini-tire pump, and a blister kit.  The kit had everything from, adhesive tape to antibiotic ointment, an emergency blanket, and last but not least, a first aid kit.  So far I hadn't found any candy, so I opened the first aid kit, and figured that there must be at least one stick of gum in there.

I mean having a craving for something sweet, qualifies as an emergency in my book.  Unfortunately, all I found were bandages, tape, antiseptic towelettes, aspirin, antacid and something called instant ice pack.  I was about to close the kit when something fell onto the ground.

I picked it up, and thought that I had finally found some candy.  The shiny silver wrapper read, TITAN XXL Bareback Ultra Sensitive Condoms.  For the "well endowed" and "sexually active male".  I kept reading the silver and shiny wrapper; A very light, very strong, and very sensitive condom that gives you all the coverage, comfort and enjoyment that you'll ever need.  It's so thin, it's almost like using nothing at all!

I had no idea, not even a clue, as to what I was holding in my hand.  I searched the first kit, and found at least five more of these... condoms?  At that moment, my father came out of the garage with his Bellini mountain bike.  I was about to ask him about these condoms, but at that moment the front door opened.

"Good morning, my handsome men."

My mother was standing at the front door, and she was wearing a pink silk robe that was richly embroidered with roses.  She was holding a cup of coffee in her hand, and as she waved at my father, she also blew him a kiss.

I dropped the saddlebag on the lawn, ran towards my mother, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  By the look of things, she had already showered, and her body smelled sweetly, she wore her delicious signature Chloé perfume.

"Ahhh...thank you, my precious prince.  Is my little man going bike riding with daddy?"

While I gave my mother a big hug, I nodded, and heard my father say.

"Morning love.  Yeah, Dante is tagging along with me, and we're running quite late, so we'll see you later."

My father picked up the saddlebag, and fastened it to his bike.  He walked over to my mother, gave her a long wet kiss, and a playful pat on the butt.  He smiled at me and with one wink, said.

"C'on son, we have to get going."

My father nodded for me to follow him and while checking his watch, he blew my mother another kiss.

"We should be back around noon, love.  When we come back, we'll have a light lunch, and then head out to the sports center."

My father nodded for me to follow him, and we both waved goodbye to my mom.  Our neighbourhood was almost deserted at this time of the day.  There were a few people either watering their manicured lawns, picking up their morning paper, or heading out for an early morning shopping.  As we headed south on via Cofra, we ran into a neighbour who was walking his dog.

"Well, it seems that this is my lucky day.  How are you Tony?  It's so good to see you, and who's this handsome young man?"

I stopped alongside my father, and smiled

"Good morning, Mr. Rizzoli.  How are you today?"

"I'm doing a lot better now, young prince."

Mr. Edoardo Rizzoli batted his blond lashes, and gave my father a warm and flirtatious smile.  My dad on the other hand, simply gave Mr. Rizzoli a polite nod.

"Morning Rizzoli"

The silence that followed after our greeting was deafening.  Both my father and Mr. Rizzoli didn't say anything else, they simply stared at each other.  Mr. Rizzoli took a couple of steps closer towards us, and placed his right hand on the steering wheel of my dad's bike.

While looking into my dad's hazel eyes, he addressed me.

"This polite, and charming young man can't be little Dante Martinello?  It's only been a couple of months since I've last seen you, and I can't believe how much you've grown.  Soon enough you'll be just as tall, and strong as your daddy."

I gazed at my father with pride, and gave him a big smile.  My dad on the other hand, remained silent, and gave me a mischievous smile, and winked.  Mr. Rizzoli on the other hand, kept running his index finger back and forth over my dad's steering wheel, and while they silently eyed each other, I noticed that my dad's crotch was getting larger, and larger, and quite obvious.

Mr. Rizzoli lived a couple of houses down from us, and like my mother, he also worked at St.Agatha's Hospital.  He was a nurse massage therapist, and looked quite young for his age.  He was quite tall, very attractive, always clean shaven, and with short dirty blond hair, a rosy complexion, and dark green eyes.

I thought that Mr. Rizzoli was up quite early in the morning, too early for my taste.  He was walking his prize-winning poodle, a beautiful and classy looking dog by the name of Antoinette.  Mr. Rizzoli had brought the dog to our house a couple of times, and my mother (who can't stand animals) was actually surprised as to how well behaved Antoinette was.  This beauty of a dog, stood at over 15in(38cm) and her type of  breed was called the Standard Poodle.  She had won many ribbons in her young life, and most were won in the best of breed category.

One thing that you couldn't miss was that Antoinette was coloured bright pink.  It was kinda funny, and amusing to see this bright pink fluffy poodle prancing around the neighbourhood.  Right away, Antoinette recognized me, and started licking my knees, and wagging her fluffy pink tail.

"Hi Antoinette, how are you girl?"

Antoinette started barking like crazy, and kept biting and pulling at her leash in the effort to approach me.  Mr. Rizzoli, had a hard time holding the leash.

"Easy there, Antoinette!  Relax, honey."

I got off my bike, and walked towards Antoinette.  She was very happy to see me.  I guess that she remembered me, and was quite fond of me, as I was of her.  I gave Antoinette another good look, and I just had to ask a question.

"Mr. Rizzoli, why is Antoinette pink?"

Mr. Rizzoli laughed while blushing.  He kept his green eyes fixed on my father.

"Antoinette and I, were in France the last couple of months on vacation.  While we were there, I decided to treat her to an elaborate grooming, and the results were worth it.  Doesn't my baby look marvelous?"

I smiled and nodded in agreement.  Antoinette certainly looked well groomed, and she did have a graceful and elegant look to her.  The colour was eye catching, and it suited her perfectly, after all she was a girl dog.  Mr. Rizzoli, stroked Antoinette's coat, and in a very proud tone of voice, said.

"The grooming, I believe is called the English Saddle Clip.  So the face, throat, feet, forelegs and the base of the tail are shaved, leaving bracelets on the forelegs, and a pompon on the end of the tail.  The hindquarters are covered with a short blanket of hair except for a curved shaved area on each flank, and two shaved bands on each hind leg at the stifle and hock joints."

I gave my father a look of pure puzzlement, and my father simply smiled, and silently nodded in agreement.

My father cleared his throat, and got off his bike.

"So that's were you went.  I wondered what had happened to you, so how was your vacation?"

Mr. Rizzoli took another step closer to my father, and placed his right hand on my father's shoulder.  I couldn't see the look my father's face, or his reaction, but Mr. Rizzoli quickly pulled his hand away, and turned to face me.

"Well... yeah Tony, I needed a vacation.  I needed to get away for a while, and think things over.  I'm sorry that I didn't tell you where I was going.  It was a spur of the moment thing, I'm very sorry."

I looked at my father, and felt that there was more to this conversation.  My father simply nodded, and didn't say anything.  He did however smile.

"Look Edoardo, I'm sorry as well.  I know how you feel about me, but..."

Mr. Rizzoli walked away from my father, and looked at me.  He looked kinda sad, and gave me a soft stroke on the cheek.  His hands felt very soft, and he smelled sweet, like my mom's.  He interrupted my father, and gave Antoinette a scratch on her right ear.

"Did you know that the poodle is the national dog of France, Dante?"

I nodded no, and looked at Mr. Rizzoli's face.  He looked very sad and somber, his eyes were getting a bit red, and even his voice sounded distressed.  He sorta reminded me about Fabrizio, who had that same look on his face last night.

"Poodles are intelligent and elegant animals.  Did you know that the Standard Poodle ranks second in intelligence of all the dog breeds? and these dogs are fast learners, and have a passion for fun."

My father sighed, and took a step closer to Mr. Rizzoli.  But Mr. Rizzoli simply ignored my father, and kept talking quite fast, almost babbling.

"I entered Antoinette on France's National Dog Show, and she ended up winning the Best of Breed, and Best In Show.  You should have seen the competition Dante, there were beautiful poodles everywhere.  Every colour you can think of, black, chocolate, white, silver, apricot, and cream to name just a few."

My father walked towards me, and placed his huge hand on my right shoulder.

"Listen sport, I need to speak to Edoardo in private.  Why don't you take Antoinette for a short walk, and don't wonder off too far."

My dad gave me a warm smile, and took Antoinette's leash from Mr. Rizzoli hand, and gave it to me.  Edoardo's face however, looked even more depressed, kinda glum.

"C'on Antoinette, let's go for a walk."

I gently pulled her leash, but she wouldn't budge.  Antoinette looked at her master, and obediently waited for instructions.

"Go on girl, go with Dante.  He'll take good care of you, go on..."

As soon as Antoinette had permission from her master, she walked with an air of distinction and dignity.  She would on occasion look back after her master, and so would I.  In the distance, I could see that my father was having a serious talk with Mr. Rizzoli.  Whatever they were discussion it was out of hearing distance and my dad's right hand rested on Mr. Rizzoli's shoulder while with his left he would gently stroked his cheek.

I gave them a couple of minutes of privacy.  The further I walked away, the more curious I got.  I wondered what they needed talk about?  What could be so important that they didn't want me to hear?  I must have walked Antoinette for at least ten minutes when I decided to head back.

I took my sweet time and eventually headed back.  When I came around the corner, I saw that Edoardo was leaning against the wall, and he was staring down towards the pavement.  My father was still talking to him in a very low tone of voice, while he tenderly caressed his cheek.  I guess that my dad must have been leaning too close to Mr. Rizzoli, because all of the sudden Antoinette got extremely agitated, and started barking like crazy.

The loud barking startled both of them, and both looked stunned, like they were caught off guard.  Antoinette kept pulling me forward and barking like mad.  I had an extremely hard time keeping her in a tight leash.

"Hey girl, easy there!  Mr. Rizzoli, Antoinette's gone crazy... I can't control her!"

I had to let go of the leash, or I would have run the risk of been dragged behind her.  Antoinette viciously lunched towards my father, while barking and looking really aggressive.  She was showing all her perfect white teeth, and for a split second I was afraid that she was going to bite him.

"Antoinette, stop this right now!"

Mr. Rizzoli loudly scolded Antoinette, and grabbed her leash.

"Easy there girl, it's only Tony.  He's a good friend, and he's not going to hurt me."

Mr. Rizzoli's tone voice seemed to calm Antoinette, and within seconds, she settled down.  She would on occasion growl angrily at my father, but he simply kept his cool, and smiled at Mr. Rizzoli.  My father gave both of us a warm smile, and obscenely scratched his balls.

"Don't worry about it Edoardo.  Antoinette is only doing what comes naturally.  She was protecting her beloved master, it's obvious that she's loyal, and very devoted to you."

Mr. Rizzoli, gave my father a warm smile, and nodded silently.

"I'm sorry about all this Tony.  I've never seen her behave this way, she must have gotten confused..."

My father placed his index finger on Edoardo's lips.

"Shhh, don't give any explanations, it's alright.  Dante and I need to be going, so I'll talk to you some other time, and please remember everything that I've said."

Mr. Rizzoli gave my father a warm smile, while wiping his face.  Had he been crying before I showed up?

"Well son, let's get going. We still have a long way to go, and now we're really, really late."

Mr. Rizzoli was scratching Antoinette behind her ear, and trying to calm her down.

"Where were you two heading?"

Before my father could say anything, I blurted.

"We're heading towards the hills, and to Eagle's rock, right dad?"

My father closed his eyes, and I instantly knew that I had said too much.  Mr. Rizzoli's face quickly changed to an angry red colour, and he looked quite upset.

"Is what Dante said true, Tony?  Are you heading to Eagle's rock, and you're taking him along?"

Mr. Rizzoli was pointing at me, while giving my dad an angry look.  My father shook his head from side to side, and rubbed his stubble with his right hand.

"It's not what you're thinking Edoardo, honestly.  I just have to meet a friend there, and that's all."

Mr. Rizzoli gave my father a suspicious look, while my father on the other hand gave Edoardo an angelic smile.

"Remember all that I've said to you, and trust me, alright?  I'll give you a call one of these days, and we'll be able to have more time to talk."

I waved goodbye to Mr. Rizzoli, and Antoinette.  As we rode away, Mr. Rizzoli's face still had an unpleasant look, what was the big deal was about heading to Eagle's rock? and why such an angry look from Mr. Rizzoli?

We rode south towards via Michelangelo, where we saw a neighbourhood that was under construction with elegant, and expensive looking homes.  Both sides of the street were lined with beautiful pinewood, which gave lots of shade under a canopy of leaves.

My dad rode ahead of me, and on occasion he would look back to check up on me.  The whole time I got the impression that he had something else on his mind, something important.

The first time that I met Mr. Rizzoli, had been about a year ago.  My father had suffered a painful injury while playing soccer, and it had been Mr. Rizzoli, who had been hired by my mom to look after my dad, and help him with his rehabilitation.  My dad had put up a fight from the very beginning, he was stubborn and didn't want anyone making any fuzz over him.  He said that he could take care of himself without the aid from anyone, especially from a fucking nurse.

My mother had another opinion, and she took the initiative in hiring Mr. Rizzoli to help her at home with dad. With my mom's busy work schedule, and my grandmother being away in France that summer visiting her relatives, my mother needed someone to look after my father's every need.  The doctor had given specific instructions that my father was to stay in bed, and off his feet, somewhere between 4 weeks to a month to allow proper healing.

Due to my father's very delicate condition, he was accommodated in the family guestroom.  The Tuscany room, as it was known was on the first floor of the house, and my mother thought it would be easier, and more accessible for my father to use, rather than being on the second floor of the house.  This room had it's own bathroom with separate bath and shower, and was used only for guests, so basically this room was off-limits to me.

This was very large room, and extravagantly decorated with old junk.  Things like porcelain vases, plates and ornaments, surrounded the walls.  My mother had decorated this room with the assistance of my Grandmother, and they had decorated the room with bedroom furnishings purchased from antique shops from the region of Tuscany.

The furniture consisted of impeccably detailed carvings, and intricate marquetry made of rare rich woods that added life to this beautiful collection.  All of the pieces in the room were made of solid wood cherry, and done with superb craftsmanship, and a high degree of attention to detail.  My favourite piece in the room had to be the Tuscany Column bed.

The huge king size bed had a Venetian overhead metal canopy, with four impressive pier columns that were carved with details on the bases, as well as the columns.  The headboard and footboard also featured fine detail, which added an opulently rich appearance to the bed, making it befitting for the use of a King.  In this case it would be the King of the household, my father who would be using it.

Even the vintage linen duvet cover was carefully chosen by my mother.  It was uniquely textured with just the suggestion of a floral pattern, and set in a soft natural colour.  Making it perfect for the season because it felt cool against the skin in the summer, and warm in the winter.  The pillows on the bed were designed with luxury in mind and filled with the highest quality cluster of Siberian goose down.  My Grandmother had pointed out that the geese had been hand picked, and raised in the colder climate of Siberia just for this purpose.

Across from the bed stood a two piece Tuscany Armoire that held the television.  The doors also featured double hinges that opened a full 270 degrees, and allowed full viewing of the television from anywhere in the room.  There were also two full size drawers on the lower unit that provide additional storage for clothing or other accessories.

Next to the bed stood two generously scaled nightstands. They each featured the same styling, finish and fine details as the rest of the furniture.  There was also a large dresser that featured drawer fronts done in the same woods as the footboard, and headboard in rare birds-eye olive, and cherry marquetry.  The dresser was augmented by a mirror that had side column pilasters that match the pier columns on the bed, and the top was also finished with fine carvings.  An expensive chest of drawers with the same richly decorated features, and fine styling stood next to the large bay window.

The decor of the room was designed to create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.  The wallpaper pattern that my mother had chosen consisted of incorporated scrolls, vines, and birds, and these were generally small-scale, and finely detailed.  The ceiling had a molding that was elaborately carved and painted in lighter tones taken from the colour of the walls.

The window drapery was also a significant feature.  The drapes were made of white muslin and silk, and these were folded and held back with gold coloured ropes, and embellished with tassels and ribbons.  Richly embroidered patterned rugs from Aubusson, and Savonnerie lay on the wooden floor to complete the room.

When Mr. Rizzoli first arrived at our house, I was lying on the bed with my dad, and we were both comfortably watching television.  When we heard the doorbell, we both instantly knew who it was, and my father muttered something that I didn't quite understand, but I think it was a curse word.  When I looked up at him, I saw that look of mischief in his hazel eyes, my father was determined to cause trouble, and give the poor nurse a hard time.

My mother walked into the room with Mr. Rizzoli in hand, and she introduced us both.

"Tony, Dante... this is Edoardo Rizzoli."

I smiled at Mr. Rizzoli politely, but I was baffled and confused. When I was told that my dad was going to be getting a nurse to help him out, I had assumed that it would be a lady nurse, and not a guy nurse.  I didn't even know there were guy nurses around.

"Edoardo, I would like you to meet my husband Antonio, and my son Dante Alessandro."

Mr. Rizzoli smiled at us, took a couple of steps forward, and approached the bed.  He politely extended his hand towards my father, but my father rudely ignored him, and continued flicking through the tv channels with the remote control.

My mother just stood there observing my father in silence, but glared at him.  If her looks could incinerate anyone, then at that moment there would only be ashes left of my father.  Mr. Rizzoli on the other hand continued to smile, he extended his hand to me, and gave me a strong handshake.

"Well, it's a pleasure meeting you both."

Mr. Rizzoli took a step back and politely addressed my father, who was busy sipping his fifth beer.

My father rarely drinks and if he does, it's only on special occasions.  However, after the accident his spirit had been crushed, and not been able to play soccer was slowly killing him.  He only watched television, drank and was in a constant gloomy, and somber mood.

"Mr. Martinello, I'll be your private nurse for the next month.  I look forward in assisting in every way possible, and what I hope to be a speedy recovery."

My father scratched his balls in our presence, and responded with a loud belch.


I was so stunned and taken aback that my father had done this in front of my mother.  I thought this was a riot, and I wanted to laugh out loud, but when I saw the look in her face, my smile faded. Her expression was priceless, she was pissed!  My mother's face turned an angry red colour, I seldom have the pleasure of seeing her in this state, and when my mother gets this angry, I run in the opposite direction.

Mr. Rizzoli kept his cool and smiled.  He turned to my mother, and gave her a look of "don't worry about it, it comes with the territory."  I guess having difficult patients is one of those things nurses, male or female have to deal with on an everyday basis.

"Well then, now that we've introduced each other, please feel free to call me Edoardo."

Mr. Rizzoli took a few more steps into the room and gave it a good look.

"Is this the room you were telling me about, Adrienne?  It's absolutely beautiful, you've done an amazing job.  Just look at all the attention to detail, you've worked so hard to get all the right pieces and it shows.  You should consider sending a photo to Arte Magna Décor Magazine."

My mother's anger subsided for the time being.  Mr. Rizzoli continued praising her work, she had an ecstatic, and euphoric look on her face.

"Oh my God, you mean that Edoardo?  You really think that Arte Magna Décor would be interested?"

My father just snickered, and continued flipping through the channels.  My mother gave him another deadly glare, and ignored him.  Mr. Rizzoli on the other hand, was carefully inspecting every porcelain vase in the room, and admiring every piece.

"Oh, positively honey.  I know a friend that works in the magazine, and I'm sure that he would love to interview you, and do a story on the way that you've decorated your beautiful home."

My mother's face looked like she had won the lottery.  Mr. Rizzoli carefully, and meticulously checked every painting and every porcelain vase in the room.  In all the excitement he made the mistake of standing in front of the bed, and blocked the soccer game that my father was watching on television.

"Look Adrienne, I'm an art admirer, a connoisseur, and I have an eye for these things.  Believe me, when I say that I know my objects d'art."

Again my father snickered, and in a rude tone of voice, said.

"I'm sure you do, but now you're blocking the television, and I'm missing my game.  So I'll ask you politely to get out of the fucking way."

Mr. Rizzoli blushed a deep scarlet colour, and silently got out of the way.

"I'm very sorry Antonio, my fault.  Sometimes I get carried away, but enough talk.  I'll get my things from the living room, and then I'll be right back with your pills."

Edoardo had hardly left the room, when my mother moved in like lighting towards my father.

"Alright that is it!  I do not want you to be rude, or in any was disrespectful to Edoardo.  Are you listening to me Antonio Alessandro Martinello?"

When my mother uses your full name it's a crystal clear sign that you've managed to piss her off so badly, that she's on the verge of exploding like Mount Vesuvius.

"Edoardo is just doing what he was hired to do.  I am not going to accept this kind of rude behaviour from my own husband, set an example to your son, and stop being so callow, vulgar and insolent!"

I just stood next to my dad and kept looking at both of them.  This was getting close to catastrophic, my mother's nostrils were flaring and her chest was huffing and puffing, at any moment, any second,... BOOM!

My father was lying on the bed, bare-chested and proudly presenting his broad shoulders, his hairy pecs, and the rippling muscles of his flat stomach.  With his arms behind his head and exposing his hairy armpit, he looked so incredibly sexy that all I could do was to simply stare at the handsome, strong and powerful man that I called, father.

He looked so seductive, so powerful.  His strong arms were covered in thick stiff hairs, and not just his forearms but also his massive and striking upper arms.  A dark forest of hair even covered the skin above his bulging triceps, and only the two hard mounds of his grapefruit sized biceps were hairless, which made them look even bigger.

My father turned his gaze from the tv, and curled his lips in a cocky smile.

"Adrienne Christine, you're running late for work.  Please get going, and don't worry about me.  It looks like I'll be in very good hands, and I promise that I'll behave."

I gave my father a curious look, and wondered what he had in mind.  My mother raised her beautiful eyebrows, and had a look of pure suspicion and skepticism.

"Well yeah, I am running late for work, and I still have many things to do before I start my shift.  So please both of you, be good and for the love of God, be on your best behaviour."

And with that my mother left the bedroom in a hurry.  My dad was still grinning from ear to ear, and he must have suddenly realized that I was sitting next to him on the bed.

"Oh sport, you startled me, I forgot you were there.  Hey listen, why don't you go and play in the backyard for a while?  It's such a beautiful morning, and it would be a waste to spend it indoors with me."

I was still looking at him with one eyebrow raised, and wondered what he was up to.  I wanted to stay in bed with him, and I didn't really want to be playing outside.  I was about to protest when Mr. Rizzoli walked in carrying his medicine kit.

"Well gentlemen, Adrienne has left for work.  So, I guess it's just us men in the house."

Mr. Rizzoli stood with his arms crossed, and smiling the whole time.  I hadn't really notice it before, I guess it was because of all the commotion but he was wearing his nurse's uniform.  Both the shirt and pants were ultra white in colour, which gave him a crisp, clean, and wholesome look.

He was quite striking, and looked very handsome, and pure in the white uniform.  The only other colour I could see were the heavily polished black leather shoes that he wore, which made him stand out even more.  The clothes fit him to pure perfection, and tightly hugged his skin.  You could see every detail in his muscled body, I did notice that his shirt cuffs were monogrammed with script black letters, EJR.

My father took another sip of beer, pulled off the duvet cover, and exposed himself.  He was wearing a pair of white jockey shorts that were way, way too small for him.  His underwear was so worn out, that if you stared you could see his huge, uncut cock and his impressive, lemon sized balls.

His private parts clearly stretched the fabric of the underwear to the limit.  And as my father spread his legs, he gave his huge balls a scratch, I barely had the time to catch Mr. Rizzoli's facial expression.

Mr. Rizzoli's face was trying to reveal all sorts of expressions.  His charming green eyes were blinking wildly, and showing signs of amazement, admiration, bewilderment, confusion and last but not least, shock.  He stood under the door frame and didn't move or say anything, he now looked nervous, dazed and confused.

Mr. Rizzoli's face looked kinda flushed.  It must have been my dad's immodest and indecent display of his private parts that had caused such a reaction.  My dad winked at me and motioned me to come closer to him.  I crawled on the bed and got close enough to his gorgeous face, but I pulled a bit back because I detected a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

"Alright, listen sport.  Edoardo has to give me my medicines, and a much-needed massage.  You need to take your shower and have your breakfast, so I'll see you later.  Now... scoot!"

He gave me a playful pat on my butt and motioned me to head out of the room.  Mr. Rizzoli still had a confused look on his face and gave me a nervous smile as I walked out of the room.  I was still within hearing distance, when I heard my father say in a loud, harsh tone of voice.

"Close and lock the door behind you."




I can't believe how late it is, for fuck sakes!  I'm not even sure if Andres will be at Eagle's Rock anymore, he's the only man that I can rely on to do this job, and who'll follow my instructions without question.  Andres Massoli, came highly recommended by the Agency, and from what I've been told, he's been working with them for the last fifteen years.

He was a private investigator, and also worked for the police department in Milan.  He had graduated with top honours at the Police Academy, and the Agency had said that he was their best man.  I needed someone that knew the streets better than anyone, a man who is relentless, and will stop at nothing to track down someone.

I didn't need to run into Edoardo this early in the morning, but when things go wrong...  At least I know where he's been, and I'm glad that he's doing a lot better.  I never meant to hurt his feelings, but he had to know my position in life, and that my son, and family came first above anything, or anyone.

It was only last year that I met Edoardo...

It was the height of summer, during the soccer finals and that Saturday we were to play Club Inferno.  We made a dream start in our campaign and in all honesty, we didn't expect such a weakness from our opponents.

That day, Paolo Mesto had to deal with a nasty bruised foot.  Even though he's a strong player and tough as nails, it was hard and painful for him to play his position of offense.  On the field he gave me 110% and played the best he could, but when Club Inferno got a wind of his injury, they aggressively fell on him like bloodthirsty, and maniacal hyenas.

I had to rely on the rest of the team, and poor Fabrizio had to work extra hard that day, since he played defense.  Fabrizio's main agility was his speed, he had the fucking swiftness and quickness of a cheetah.  He moved gracefully like a gazelle and his velocity was unique, and unsurpassed. Without Castelli on the field I felt naked, he was my support, my protection, and a strong reinforcement, so in other words he was like my jock strap.

Enrico Cozza, also had a tough time that day.  Cozza was a target for Club Inferno, and as an excellent soccer player, he was marked from the very beginning of the game.  He was tripped, pushed, kicked, and elbowed throughout the game, the poor guy had a ball-breaking, and difficult time playing his position of striker on the field.  Franco Barbosa had done his homework that day, he knew that if he was to win this game, then he had to take out my number-one players and protectors.

Even when I saw that son-of-a-bitch of Barbosa walking into the field, I could smell something foul in the air.  At the start of the game, and as we shook hands, I instantly felt a surge of electricity run through our bodies.  We didn't say anything to each other, but I'm sure he felt the vibe as well.  We hated each other too much to say anything, so no words were necessary.

Our team's superior physique and prowess in the air, overwhelmed and stunned Club Inferno.  I like to push my team hard, and when they don't live up to my standards, I push them even harder.  So I knew that this game was far more important than anyone realized, I knew the kind of slime that we were up against, so we had to be cautious.

Club Inferno only managed one shot on goal during forty minutes of the game.  The devils as they are often called, remained cautious but the sheer power of my team, and our superior strength, height and swiftness tore their defense apart.  The extensive use of crosses, and arial balls proved to be our safest route to victory, which turned into a severe thrashing on the field.  Cozza's magical left foot provided two identical and beautiful goals which confirmed all hopes placed in the talented, and superb striker.

Five minutes before half time, our best defenders from Reggina Calcio, Corrado Maldini obtained his very first goal of the season, closely followed by Christian Abbiati (a very good looking kid, who had it badly for Cozza) and who pounced on the ball to make it 4-0.  At the break in the second half, Club Inferno unleashed their onslaught, and "The Butcher's of Hell" swept the field.

I had been waiting to see when Barbosa would bring in his most treacherous and cutthroat mercenaries.  Once his team had been humiliated, and their asses kicked 4-0, it was time for Club Inferno to play in the most malicious way possible, and these brutes didn't know the meaning of the word, fair play.

Marco Delvecchio, a strong and aggressive striker from Reggina, completed the first hat-trick of these finals, and his goal was followed five minutes later by fellow defender, Fabio Cannavaro.  So twenty minutes before full time, we were at the advantage of 6-0 and that's when the game got extremely aggressive, and nasty.

Despite the buoyancy felt by our team, Rocco had these words of caution, "We must keep our feet planted on the ground because our opponents today weren't that strong or agile, and we have to prepare well for our next two games." Indeed the next two matches against Forza Lazio and Chievo Verona, would prove to be an entirely different challenge.

From what I can remember, and from what I've been told, it all happened so quickly that there's only a blur in my mind.  There were fifteen minutes left in the game, when I saw Franco Barbosa sweep the field alongside his goons.  As I stood in front of the net, I was able to fix my eyes on Franco, who had an angry and bloodthirsty look on his face.

Barbosa passed the ball to his teammate Cristiano Gattuso, who was followed closely by Luigi Zambrotta and Vincenzo Montella from Club Inferno.  From our team, Cannavaro and Castelli guarded the net, while keeping a close eye on the ball, and the brutish advancement that was rolling like a tidal wave towards us.

I blocked shot after shot against the relentless devil strikers, and then it happened.  The last thing I remember was Barbosa stepping up to the ball, and firing it to the right side of the net.  I took a dive to knock it away, and then the three goons of Gattuso, Zambrotta and Montella advanced towards me like a freight train, and everything went dark.

When I opened my eyes, I could hear some murmuring in the background, but a splitting headache pounded at my head and made me forget everything else.  I was in a large, cold and quite dark room, there were figures moving around, but with all the pain I was in, I couldn't make much sense of anything.

"Tony, how do you feel my love?"

Even before I opened my eyes, I could detect her scent.  It was an alluring and enchanting fragrance that drifted softly, and sweetly in the air.  The sweet voice belonged to Adrienne who was standing next to the bed, and holding my hand.

"What happened?"

"The doctor said you have a mild concussion, and you'll have to stay overnight for observations.  Can you remember anything? anything at all?"

I tried to touch my head, but a powerful bolt of pain hit me so hard that I had to close my eyes.

"Don't touch your head, Tony.  It's pretty sore, I'll let Dr. Vialli explain everything."

Adrienne walked out of the room and I could hear voices talking in the hallway.  My vision was a bit blurry, but I could detect a tall figure in white walking towards the bed.

"How do you feel Mr. Martinello?"

My vision was getting better and as I kept blinking, the images became more clear.  I saw Adrienne who was standing by the door and wiping the tears off her eyes with a handkerchief.

"I feel like shit, and everything hurts, next stupid question.  I feel like I've been run over by a fucking truck."

"Well Tony, my name is Dr. Sergio Vialli and you were brought into the hospital this afternoon with a dangerous concussion.  You've been unconscious for the last 5 hours, so we'll be keeping you overnight in the hospital to do further tests, and to make sure that everything is alright." 

I've been out for 5 hours?... damn.  In all the years that I've been playing soccer, I've never had a concussion or a serious accident before.  I swear those motherfuckers, and sons-of-bitches at Club Inferno will pay for this.

"So Doc, will I be able to play in the next two games?  These are the finals, and as the Captain and goalie, I have to be there."

Dr. Vialli cleared his throat, and looked in Adrienne's direction.  Adrienne averted his eyes, and looked towards the window and bit her lower lip.

"Mr. Martinello, I don't think you've realized the seriousness of your injury."

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath.  I really hate it, when people don't give me a clear answer, and beat around the bush.  That's one sure way of getting me truly pissed off, and I end up losing my temper.

"So, I take it that's a no."

Dr. Vialli approached the bed, and looked at my chart.

"That's correct Antonio, that's a clear no.  There's more to your injury, aside from the concussion that you've suffered, you also received a severe sprain, and strain on your right foot.  I'm afraid that your season playing soccer is over, you'll be wearing a cast on your foot for about a month."

I closed my eyes, shook my head, and sighed.  Barbosa had won this battle, but I swear that I'll get that son-of-a-bitch if it's the last thing I do.  I was thinking about the match and trying to remember the last couple of minutes, when I was brought back to reality by Adrienne's angelic voice.

"Tony, please listen to me.  This is not the end of the world, your team is heading to the finals and you've accomplished your goal.  As Captain you have to set an example, and what happened in the field will stay in the field, do you hear me?  I don't want you to stir any trouble with Franco."

I listened to everything that Adrienne was saying, but the blood boiling inside of me was ready to overflow.  Dr. Vialli took a look at my chart again, wrote something in it, and showed it to Adrienne.

"Listen to me Antonio for the time being you have to get plenty of rest.  Even mild concussions can cause memory problems lasting up to a week.  Concussions are head injuries caused by a blow to the head, and these can result in brain damage, sometimes a person can suffer varying states of consciousness or none at all.  There also may be confusion, dizziness, and memory loss, so that's why you have to be very careful over the next couple of days."

"A concussion is a concussion, whether it is mild, moderate, or severe.  Changes in brain chemistry persist for about seven days, or more after mild injury, so if the brain has not had time to heal, it will be more susceptible to further and more serious damage.  Headaches, dizziness and nausea will be common, but they seem to disappear within four days, but some athletes had memory problems seven days after they received a concussion."

All this talk was making me sleepy, either that or all the drugs that I had been given were kicking in.  While I was semi-conscious, I remembered that it wasn't that long ago that the Agency had sent us to Coverciano.  Coverciano is where the National Training Soccer Center is situated.  It's the base camp for all of Italy's National Teams. 

Here you will usually find one of the national teams in training, and making use of the facilities.  Coverciano was nestled in the hills above Florence, and it was the place that held the Soccer Hall of Fame, a FIGC referee training center, full medical facilities, a five-star hotel, restaurant, and leisure area.

All that training and hard work down the drain.  To be taken out by a fucking concussion, and sprained ankle, fucking unbelievable!  The Agency was not going to like this, they had spent a lot of money in our training, and in our team.  They were going to be extremely pissed off in the manner that I had been "taken out" of the season.

I could let Agency handle Barbosa, that would be the smart thing to do.  Then again everyone is expecting me to do that, and that's just not the way that I do things.  I like to take care of my own problems, I want to face Barbosa, and only then we'll be able to finally settle our old score.

The next evening I was released from the hospital, and Fabrizio came to help me out.  Walking with a cast was going to be a challenge, and a major pain in the ass.  It was on the way home that Fabrizio suggested to Adrienne to look into getting a nurse for me, so that I could have assistance at home.

With Adrienne's crazy, and busy work schedule, and my mother-in-law in France, there was no way that she could look after Dante, and myself.  I saw the logic in getting a nurse, but I simply didn't want anyone fussing over me, and especially by a complete stranger.

I put up a good fight and argued all the way home, but there was no way that I was going to win this argument.  Especially since I was going against Fabrizio and Adrienne, and once those two join forces there's no stopping them.  So over the next couple of days, Adrienne made all the necessary arrangements, and a nurse was on the way.

I can still see Edoardo Rizzoli standing with his back to the door, and looking at me like a scared rabbit.  I didn't mean to give him a hard time, but with all the anger inside of me, I had to vent it out on someone.  Unfortunately for him, he was the closest available candidate.

"So, are you going to stand there like a bump on a log, or are you going to give me the pain killers?"

Edoardo's face flushed, and he rushed to grab his medicine kit.

"I'm sorry Tony.  Here, these will take care of the pain.  Give me a second while I get you some water."

Edoardo handed me the pills, and he was about to grab an empty glass, when I swallowed the pills with my beer.  Edoardo's face turned an angry shade of red, and in a serious tone of voice, said.

"You know Antonio, you're not supposed to take any medicines with alcohol.  Mixing alcohol with certain medications can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, drowsiness and even fainting.  You're taking some strong pain killers, and you could have a serious reaction."

I yawned and burped again, which made Edoardo get even more upset.

"I'm serious Antonio, alcohol also can decrease the effectiveness of a medication, or make it totally ineffective.  Taking these medicines while drinking alcohol can make you even more drowsy, dizzy and even light–headed.  Mixing alcohol with any medication puts you at risk for a dangerous reaction."

I gave Edoardo an angry stare, grabbed the remote control, and turned the volume even higher.

"Oh, for fuck sakes man!  Don't be so fucking uptight, you're beginning to sound like my fucking mother, enough..."

Edoardo didn't flinch at my outburst, quite on the contrary he stood his ground, and gave me a defiant look.

"I'm here to do my job, and not to scold you like a child.  I however, take my job very seriously, and as my patient, I am telling you that from now on you'll take your medications with water only."

Edoardo looked so serious, that I wanted to laugh.  I realized that I was behaving like an asshole, and I was giving him a tough time.  I also remembered the promise that I made to Adrienne, and decided to behave, at least for the time being.

As Edoardo took the rest of the medicines out of his kit, he was so nervous that he dropped a couple of bottles on the floor.  That's when I got a good opportunity to give his tight ass a good look over.  He did look cute and inviting in his white, sissy uniform, and damn did he have a perfect bubble butt, just the way I like 'em.

"Sure thing, nurse Rizzoli.  From now, all the medicines will be taken with water only.  I got it Sir!"

Edoardo sighed and went on to pick up the beer cans that were scattered all over the floor.  As he kept bending to pick the cans, I started to get horny, my balls were itching, and aching for release.  I couldn't even remember the last time that I had been given a good blowjob.  So I decided to get to know this tender morsel a little bit better, before I had my way with him.

"So, nurse Rizzoli what made you go into the field of nursing?  Why not go all out and become a doctor?"

Edoardo gave me a warm smile, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Well, my mother and grandmother had been nurses, and I wanted to continue with the family tradition.  Honestly, I did try to become a doctor, but the stress of job, and the pressure was too much for me to bear.  I decided to stick with nursing and I haven't look back since."

I nodded in agreement, and smiled at Edoardo.  Our eyes met for a brief second and for the moment, he seemed a bit more relaxed.  I decided to test the waters, and bait Edoardo to see if he'd take the bait.  Even though our home was air conditioned, I decided to take off the covers and expose myself.  I wanted to push all of Edoardo's buttons, and his face blushed violently once he saw me in my underwear.  He nervously and quite rapidly got up from the bed, and walked towards the window.




I had a lump on my dry throat, and I didn't know which way to turn.  Antonio was making it next to impossible to do my job, and now I was getting aroused by this handsome man.  I had to keep thinking and telling myself to concentrate on the job at hand, and nothing else.

My ass was on the line, and I've known Adrienne for a very long time.  She's been a good friend to me, and I shouldn't be sexually attracted to her husband, I mean the man is married for crying out loud!  I had to fight Antonio's temptation, I just had to...

I've heard a lot about Antonio Martinello, some good, and some not so good.  The man was said to be a heartthrob and a heartbreaker, and even before I met him, I'd heard of his dark, and sordid reputation.  He was said to be charming, incredibly handsome, a happily married man, a boxing champ, exceptionally well endowed, and he was respected in the community, yet also feared.

I had also heard that Antonio belonged to a secret and elite organization.  Apparently only a selected few had the status to join this club.  This organization is so secretive, and private that no one knows where they meet, who they really are, and no one even dares to talk about it, or even acknowledge their existence.  The only way I found all this out was because at the time, I was dating (sleeping with) a certain Director of Medical Records, from the hospital.

Funny how much you can learn from a person when they talk in their sleep.  At first I thought it was all some kind of nonsense, that maybe my Director lover was suffering from some delusional nightmare.  The things he said just didn't make sense, it was something out of a mystery novel.  Apparently in this society they used code names, met in different places for different things, and the things they did there well, that was extremely hard to believe.

But then I started hearing other names.  Names of people that were very high up in the social ladder, and Antonio Martinello's name came up all the time.  My lover was sharing so much juicy information that I kept a diary and wrote down everything that he said in his sleep. Over the many nights, I heard about Antonio's winnings in gambling, his boxing fights, about his family life, and even the lovers that he kept.

Sometimes I would drag my lover to bed, and have a quick romp, and the trick never failed.  As a typical male, once he was done ejaculating in my ass, he would roll over and fall asleep.  But getting all the information on his club was well worth the mediocre sex.  Once he was out like a light, he would start babbling, and telling all the stuff he had seen, and done at the secret meetings.

Their members included pillars of the community, such as police officers, lawyers, judges, doctors, politicians, etc.  I also found out that many men flocked towards Antonio for favours.  They wanted to be a part of his close circle, and many are desperate for his friendship, and to form a faithful alliance.

As for Antonio's lovers, his motto was said to be, fuck 'em, use 'em, and leave 'em.  Although I had never personally spoken to any of his ex-lovers, especially since they were so fearfully tight-lipped about Antonio, I really can't say if those rumors were true.  I really don't know how much I could believe in wild, and unfounded gossip.

Even though we've lived so close to each other, I had never really had a chance to meet him, or even get to know Antonio.  It's unbelievable, and astonishing that Adrienne has never heard these accusations, and defamations about her husband.  I guess it's true about what they say, the wife is always the last to know.

I mean, Antonio seems like a great guy.  He's a caring husband, a father and provider, but there's also something more to this man than meets the eye, there's something puzzling, and secretive about him.

I've been a nurse for ten years, so I know the hardships and duties that come with the job.  I also know when a patient, man or woman, is coming on to me, and Antonio is effortlessly doing something.  If this is not true, then I'll quit my job, and become a fucking priest.

I walked slowly towards Antonio and as I was about to check his pulse, I was standing inches away from the Reggina soccer star, when I felt a surge of electricity run over my entire body.  It was weird, I've never felt such a strong force, even the hairs on my arms stood up. What was it about this man that caused such a powerful effect?

I couldn't help to stare at his beautiful, bronzed skin that glowed with a flush of maturity, and confidence.  Those captivating hazel eyes that sparkled with the promise of one, whose greatness is on the brink of arrival.  Every line and every crease on his bewitching face was elegant, pleasing, and revealed a lifetime's worth of knowledge.

As Antonio surfed through the tv channels, my eyes admiringly roamed over his thick neck that spread into broad, and heavily muscled shoulders, and over his firm pectorals.  I couldn't help, but to stare at his huge, hairy and iron-strong arms that were covered by a network of visibly-lined, and flesh-rippling veins that throbbed and pulsed with blood, and life.  Looking down at him made the massiveness of his physique even more dominant and the broad, muscle-packed shoulders to his small waist even more impressive.

My eyes wondered to the massive and obscene basket that was hidden from my eyes by the thin and well-stretched fabric of his underwear.  The briefs that Antonio was wearing were way too small for him and I had to fight temptation, but I wanted to  touch his irresistible and magnetic crotch.  By the looks of his basket, his cock must be enormous, fucking huge to say the least and his massive balls were clearly outlined as well.

My mouth felt so dry and parched that I needed to quench my thirst.  I needed, no... wanted to suck Antonio's cock, I wanted to suck it dry, and to drink his sperm.  For a split second, I was the one that felt faint, and I needed fresh air.  There was something in this room, some sexual scent in the air that wasn't letting me concentrate.

God, what was happening to me?  I have never had these kinds of thoughts before, and especially from a patient.  I quickly retreated and went to open the window to get some much-needed fresh air, I felt as if I was suffocating.

I felt relieved as a cool breeze woke me from the blinding stupor that I was in.  In the distance, I could see Dante playing in the backyard, and just looking at his innocence brought a smile to my face.  He's a cute, smart and well-behaved kid, who I'm sure one day will be quite the handful, and like his father, a heartbreaker.

With his father's masculine spirit, strength and virility, and his mother's beautiful and delicate good looks, you can't achieve a more perfect blend of DNA.  As I kept looking at Dante, I couldn't help to wonder at what the future would hold for him, after all, this boy will one day grow up, and develop into a perfect specimen of manhood.

Antonio's deep voice startled me, and I had to collect my thoughts for the moment.

"You feeling alright, Rizzoli?"

I turned to face Antonio, and my heart started to beat faster and faster.

"Umm, yeah...I'm fine.  I just wanted to check on Dante, he's playing in the backyard."

Tony tried to move, and look out the window, but I guess the pain was too much for him, and he fell back on the bed.

"How is the little rascal?  I'm glad that he's playing outside, it's too nice of a day to be cooped inside the house.  However, we can find something to do inside, don't you think so?"

Antonio gave me a mischievous and malicious smile.  At that moment, I remembered what I wanted to tell him about his sprained ankle.

"Listen Antonio, I need to mention a couple of things about your sprained ankle.  Your body needs time to rebuild itself stronger, and to heal.  Now that you're not training, you'll need plenty of rest, and sleep to recover."

Antonio yawned, and while grinning from ear to ear, said.

"I need something more important than sleep..."

Antonio rubbed his crotch in an obscene, and indecent way.  His bulge was now growing and the massive cock between his legs was getting bigger, and like a moth attracted to the flame, I walked towards him.

I couldn't understand his teasing, even with all the alcohol he had consumed, he was still pretty sharp.  I had to stand my ground, Antonio was my patient, and I couldn't, shouldn't cross that line.

"Listen Antonio, I'm being serious.  You've suffered a severe strain, and ruptured your Achilles tendon, you're suffering from Achilles tendinitis.  You have a severe sprain and strain, and the best way to treat this injury is by getting plenty of rest, and by using ice, compression, and elevation."

"Achilles tendinitis is a common injury in athletes, unfortunately it's also a problem that doesn't go away very quickly.  Traditional achilles tendinitis treatment is rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics, cortisone injections, icing, ultrasound and conventional physical therapy.  Not all of these are very successful, and about 25 % of athletes who suffer from chronic achilles-tendinitis problems end up undergoing surgery."

Antonio stopped touching himself, and gave me a very annoyed look.

"You're killing the fucking mood, Rizzoli."

"I'm sorry Antonio, but I just want you to know what you'll be facing over the next couple of months.  The oral anti-inflammatories that you're taking will help to reduce the pain and the swelling.  I'll get you an ice bag to cool off that angry nest of connective tissue near your heel.  Elevation is also necessary to drain excess fluid from your Achilles back to the heart, and even everything else fails, there's the possibility of ultrasound to break down scar tissue."

"When you've strengthen the calf and Achilles tendon area, you can go on hikes to strengthen, and help control future Achilles wear and tear.  As your reduced exercise schedule allows your tattered tendon to heal, you'll eventually give yourself the green light to return to training gradually."

Antonio yawned and muttered something that I didn't hear correctly.  He flipped through the tv channels, and kept rubbing his crotch in an obscene manner.  I lowered my gaze, and stared at the hardwood floor.  I had to look away, I had to fight his advances, I'm here to do my job, and so I kept talking...

"So, what you need to do to keep your Achilles tendons out of trouble is to prepare them for the eccentric, rotational forces as you carry out your training programme.  I know four essential achilles tendon exercises that will help your Achilles tendon heal, and toughen up properly.  Obviously, you don't want to throw yourself into these exercises with too much abandon, because if you do, you might actually harm, and not help your Achilles. The idea is to progress from fairly easy Achilles routines to very difficult ones, making your Achilles tendons, and calf muscles progressively stronger as you do so."

I raised my head, and stared at Antonio's muscular body.  He was the definition of male perfection, he exuded and radiated raw, and potent sexuality.  I felt somewhat feverish as I inspected every part of his delicious body, I felt like I needed to be satisfied in every way possible by this man.  It was Antonio's obligation, and duty to quench my thirst, to fulfill my every desire, and needs.

As our eyes met, Antonio gave me a condescending and arrogant smile.

"Do you know what you want?"

I stopped dead on my tracks, closed my eyes and listened to the sound of my heartbeat.  The voice of reason in my conscience had been silenced.  I opened my eyes and nodded yes, to Antonio.  I walked towards him, and I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do, what I needed to do...

I stood by the foot of his bed, and I couldn't stop shaking.  My whole body felt hot, and as I looked deep into those mysterious and enigmatic hazel eyes, I froze.  I didn't know what to do next, until Antonio opened his sexy mouth, and in a deep tone of voice, said.

"Get undressed, and do it slowly."

It felt thrilling and exciting to gaze at Antonio's eyes, while he watched me getting undressed.  I felt his eyes all over my body as I slowly removed my clothes.  He had such a perverse look on his face, and by the look on the huge bulge in his underwear, he was enjoying the show, and my reactions.

The outline of his cock in the underwear clearly stated that this man was huge.  Antonio lay back on the bed smiling, and the more he smiled at me, the hotter I got.

I unbuttoned my shirt quickly, and I was stopped by Antonio's loud command.

"Easy there Rizzoli, I want you to take your clothes off slowly.  I want to enjoy the show, so don't rush!"

I simply nodded in silent agreement, and slowly unbuttoned my shirt.  One by one the buttons came off, and I neatly and carefully placed my shirt in the chair that was next to the bed.  As I stood in my undershirt, I noticed that Antonio approved of my muscled body, and although my body doesn’t even come close in comparison to his, at least I was relieved that he found my body attractive.

I sat on the chair and slowly undid my shoelaces.  For one brief second, I kept thinking about Adrienne and the moment, when she had approached me with her dilemma.  She needed a nurse to look after her husband, and she had chosen me as her number one candidate.

Adrienne had confided in me that she was concerned about having another woman taking care of her husband.  Almost everyone at the hospital had met, or had heard of Antonio and many nurses if not all, would jump at the opportunity to fuck him.  Now here I was about to do exactly the same thing, but I couldn't help it.

I was in the same room as this handsome man, and he was freely offering himself to me,  He was teasing me, he wanted to fuck me, and I had no problem with that.  I wanted him desperately, I wanted him to rape my body, I yearned for his touch, his body, his soul.  Antonio is everything you could ask for in a man, and more.

Adrienne knew that as the only male nurse at the hospital, I would be the perfect candidate to look after Antonio.  She had mentioned, and warned me about Antonio's severe depression, the drinking, the mood swings, and the nasty short temper that he had.  That was to be expected and not much of a surprise, besides I'm always up for a good challenge.  But I never could have expected that the rumours about Antonio could be true.

Once the shoelaces were undone, I took of my shoes and placed them under the chair.  I stood up and unzipped my pants, my hardon was painfully obvious, my own cock ached, and there was even a wet spot of precum that I'm sure Antonio could see from the bed.

As I stood there in my underwear, I felt lewd, and indecent.  Like a piece of meat, ready for the wolf to devour and swallow.

"Looks like someone is horny.  You've got a nice body Rizzoli.  Now turn around, and let me see that perfectly round and fuckable ass."

I sighed, closed my eyes, and slowly turned around.

"Now that's a perfect ass!  You've got a beautiful and juicy bubble butt.  Man you're just begging to get fucked!  You will get fucked today Rizzoli, mark my word... you will."

I faced the window, and I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of this man's mouth.  I could hear the words alright, it's just that my brain couldn't process the information.  Was this really happening?  I mean, how can a married man with a kid playing in the backyard, be saying these things?

"Now turn the fuck around, and remove my underwear!"

I must have suddenly come out of the daze.  I know what Antonio had said but my brain was telling me...No, don't do it!  I shook my head from side to side, and said no.  Antonio's eyes looked like they were changing colour, and the man seemed full of anger.

"Don't fucking defy me Rizzoli.  You don't want to get me angry, so you better remove my underwear, NOW!"

His voice was loud, serious, and Antonio demanded swift action.  His voice was too hypnotizing, and spellbinding to simply ignore.  I took a quick step and slowly, very slowly, and with trembling hands, I reached for his underwear.  Part of me was behaving like I was in some kind of a spell, and the other half was acting freely.

As I removed his underwear, I held it in my hands and it felt warm.  I slowly raised my eyes and looked at Antonio, he still had that malicious look on is face, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

"Well, go on... smell it.  I know you want to take a good whiff, so let me see you..."

I couldn't believe this was happening.  Antonio was putting ideas into my head, and no matter how hard I tried to resist him, I was losing the battle.  I stood there trembling, and shook my head from side to side... No.

I held his precious underwear in my hand.  How did he know that I really wanted to smell his underwear? to smell his body?  How could I get this man out of my head?  My hands were trembling even more violently, and by now I felt that my forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

"Go on, you know you want to.  C'on baby, don't fight me..."

The last words that Antonio had said sounded so clear... don't fight me.

And he was right, why the hell should I?  I wanted him, I desired him and he was offering himself freely to me.  Perhaps a little bit drunk, but he knew what he was doing, so why should I deny my body of Antonio?  After all it was Antonio who my soul craved for, and I hungered for his supreme, and flawless essence to fill my insides.

I was mesmerized by Antonio's exquisite uncut cock which lay against his rock hard stomach.  His penis was long, very thick and simply magnificent to look at.  I was nervous, and frightened, yet also excited and drawn irresistibly to Antonio.  I wished nothing more than to savour his splendid large cock, and taste the liquid essence of his masculinity.

Antonio gave me a sinful smile, and beckoned me to come closer to him.  He waved his king-sized cock at me, while giving me a sparkling, and radiant smile.  His enticing gesture was similar in behaviour to the eminent cobra, who like Antonio has the unique trait to persuade, and hypnotize.  I crawled onto the foot of the bed and tried to be as careful as possible, after all I certainly didn't want to hurt his foot.

I lay my head between his hairy strong legs and while staring at those captivating eyes that held so many secrets, I licked his hairy legs and gave him little bites, while putting my face right next to his erect manhood.  I never took my eyes off Antonio and while I studied his male member closely, and in the most teasing manner I stuck out my tongue, reached out and touch the tip of his penis.

Antonio's cock instantly jumped at the touch of my tongue.  I marveled at how big this cock was, I guesstimated that it must have been at least 12" long.  This was a monster of a cock, a fucking behemoth.  Even though I've seen all sorts of cocks, in  many different shapes, colour and sizes at work, and during my own play time, I had never seen a more perfect penis than this one.

I felt hungry and wanted to devour his thick member and choke on it, I wanted to run my fingers up and down the length of his cock, and give his body the shivers.

I wrapped my hand around his cock, and began to jerk it slowly, very, very slowly.  I wanted to tease him, the same way he had teased me, and I was going to enjoy myself, and take my sweet time playing with him.  I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and let it rub against the palm of my hand.

I could hear Antonio moaning softly, and as he closed his eyes, he began to hump my hand.  The stud fucked my closed fist with his hard cock, and by the look on his face, my love was enjoying every minute.

After a couple of seconds I stopped jacking him off.  Antonio opened his eyes, and furrowed his eyebrows while giving me a glare of pure annoyment, I had to laugh because he looked so fucking cute.  His face was getting all flustered, his ears were turning red, his neck was all red, I guess that the poor stallion hadn't had any sexual release for a while.

I slid up a little higher until my mouth was only inches from the large cock head.  I could see pearly drops of pre-cum seeping out of his piss-slit, so I stuck out my tongue and, like a hungry kitten, I lapped every juicy dewdrop.

"Ohhh fuck yeah!  That's it baby, taste it..."

I was already excited, but his taste turned me on even more, if that was possible.  Antonio had his eyes closed, and he was really enjoying my talented tongue.  The amount of pre-seminal fluid that Antonio was producing was overwhelming, I was tasting the most valuable essence a man can make.  This was Antonio's lifeblood, his sacred spirit, his every structure was touching my lips, swirling on my tongue, and would eventually be consumed, and absorbed by my body.

I felt feverish, disoriented, confused, but with an incredible sexual hunger.  I took the head of his dick into my mouth, closed my lips around his cock, and slid my tongue around.  Ever so slowly, I took more, and more of his dick into my mouth, and as my mouth was impaled with Antonio's cock, I caught our reflection in the mirror.  Everything was spinning so fast that I couldn't believe that I was sucking this man's beautiful baby maker.

How many men and women desire Antonio on a daily basis?  I mean, the man is pure physical perfection, we've covered that.  He's got everything, he's the whole package, he has an incredible athletic body, he's handsome beyond description, he's strong like a fucking ox, I mean the man used to be a professional boxer for fuck sakes!

He's got the cash, the car, the status, and there's also another side to our God.  He's married, he has a son, and from what I hear he's very family oriented, devoted to family and close friends.  All of this would make him unattainable, wouldn't? but does it really?

So what is this strange, inexplicable, and mysterious sexual aura about him that draws anyone that comes within an inch of him, and able to trap you under his spell?  In the end, you're left powerless, you're unable to resist him, I don't care how much you're willing to fight him, or how you try to convince yourself that you can say no to him.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you try, and convince yourself otherwise, in the end you're left at his mercy, you're his to command, and to do as he pleases.

I had died, and gone to heaven, cock heaven... that is.  My scorched lips were touching his penis, and my tongue was tenderly caressing and tasting the slightly salty flavour of Antonio's pre-cum as it oozed like a strong flood from the piss slit.  My stud was groaning loudly while lifting and thrusting his cock upwards and roughly into my famished mouth.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible and showed my lover what I was willing to do for him.  My own body was shaking, and my hard cock also wanted to explode.  I dropped one hand to Antonio's hairy balls, and I stroked and gave them a gentle squeeze with one hand, and with the other, I encircled the base of his cock and stroked upwards in short, jerking movements.  My mouth, and tongue were going crazy by licking, sucking, and eating his mouthwatering cock.

I thought of this man as my sexual conquest, or was I his?  And from that moment on, I became possesive of my new lover.  Antonio was the man I wanted, he was the man that I wanted to spend every single moment with.  I was making love to every inch of his delicious body, and I was going to make sure that I did I good job at pleasing my man, so that I could keep him forever.

I wanted to be a part of this beautiful man's life, so much so, that I could taste it!  I wanted to take over the place of Adrienne, I wanted to be his wife, his lover, his bitch!  I wanted to play stallion and mare, I wanted to be filled night after night with his supreme sperm.  I wanted to be pregnant by him, to give him another son, a house full of sons to carry on with his legacy.  A man of this caliber is unique, and I WANTED HIM!

After all the perfect son he had fathered was testimony to his magnificent virility.  Antonio's semen was distinctive, and of superior quality, it was unmatched, and of a very high grade.  I wanted to swallow every single drop of his liquid gold down my throat, and be absorbed by my body, so that he could live within me.

As I sucked his cock, I felt one of Antonio's huge hands move to my head, and guide my mouth up and down his shaft.  He ran his fingers through my hair, and tightened his grip when my lips would pass over his sensitive cock head.  Antonio was getting more aggressive, as he held my head in place, and kept shoving more cock into my mouth.  He was moaning louder and louder now, and his hips were bucking faster and faster.

His huge cock was stuffing my mouth full, and I had to breathe in short, quick gasps to accommodate the gargantuan cock down my throat.  If it wasn't happening at this moment, I would have never believed that I could have taken his monster dick into my mouth.  Even as I choked and gagged, Antonio kept a firm grip on my head, thrusted his hips, and didn't let go.  He enjoyed fucking and raping my mouth to the full extent.

Antonio was breathing harder and thrusting faster, this was a sure sign that he was close to cumming.  I wanted so much to taste his load, to swallow every delicious drop, and to suck his balls dry.  Suddenly he gave one final deep thrust, and his body went stiff, he groaned like a lion and his beautiful cock pulsed in my mouth.  I felt a warm current spill within my mouth, his precious sperm pumping through it and flooding my throat.  I swallowed as fast as I could, I certainly didn't want to spill a single exquisite and valuable drop.

I tasted Antonio's thick and rich nutrient.  This sperm was delicious and heavenly, if it was only available by the gallons I would be a very happy man.  I would drink it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I loved the feeling of his seed sliding down my throat, and it's serene warmth spreading through my body.  I continued to milk his cock, even after the last spurt had disappeared down my throat, I wanted to make sure I had swallowed every precious drop.  I didn't let his beautiful cock out of my mouth until it was soft, and he had been satisfied.

It was a matter of pride, and honour to completely swallow to the last drop of Antonio's baby batter.  Even as I swallowed all his baby juice, I still hungered for more.  I felt like I had been possessed, I can't explain why I was doing all these things, but I wanted more of Antonio.  I hadn't had my fill yet, so I gently pulled opened his piss slit, and sucked out three more large globs of thick baby nectar.

Antonio still had his eyes closed, and as I savoured the taste of his delicious and strong sperm in my mouth, he slowly opened his hazel, honey coloured eyes.  His adorable face was still flushed, and radiating heat from the violent orgasm.  Looking at him in this condition, he looked so helpless, especially with the cast on his foot.  I also know that he was drunk as a skunk, and heavily sedated with medications.  A brief and devilish thought crossed my mind, this would be the perfect opportunity to rape him, and have my way with him.

Antonio gasped and let out a big yawn.

"Damn, that was great.  Where did you learn to suck cock like that?"

Grinning from ear to ear, I responded.

"A nurse has got to know how to take care of his patients.  I am here to take care of all your needs, remember?"

Antonio gave me a seductive, and wicked smile.

"Yeah, you're right.  I have a feeling that I'm going to be in very good hands with you.  The look on your face says it all Rizzoli, and don't you worry.  You'll get your daily supplement of cum, I guarantee it."

Antonio was very good at reading minds.  He was right, it was more of his cum that I craved, and thirsted for.  Right now, my jaw was aching and my lips were numb, but I was very happy and extremely satisfied.

Shortly after that Antonio fell profoundly asleep.  The drugs, alcohol and the orgasm had all kicked in at he same time.  As he snored loudly on the bed, I could see the sheer masculine of his perfection.  Looking down on this sleeping King, I could see what others see in him, the many unique qualities that make him irresistible and seductive.  Yet I also felt a bit sad, knowing that perhaps I was going to be thrown away just like all his other conquests.

For the moment, being near him was enough, and to have been granted the honour to provide him with oral sex was something dreams are made of.  But, now I felt very confused, I wanted Antonio even for more than just sex, I don't know how to explain it, I'm so fucking confused.

I needed to get out of this room, and think clearly.  It's like there's something in the air that doesn’t allow you to concentrate at all.

I dressed in a hurry while stealing quick glances of Antonio in his naked state.  I had to smile at the sexy sight, he seemed so relaxed and out of it.  His large penis was still half hard, and seemed to twitch slightly, this man is unbelievable.  Before I left the room, I got closer to him, and gave him a long kiss on the lips.  Simply by pressing my lips to his, I actually felt a sexual charge, a spark that had ignited once our lips touched.

I ran my index finger over his sexy lips, and blew him a kiss.  I covered his naked body with the sheet, and very quietly headed out the door.  As I turned around to face him, I could still savour his delicious semen in my mouth, the ultimate male achievement.  His living soul, was now being absorbed by my body and I felt blessed that I carried a bit of Antonio in me.

I was about to head to the washroom, and when I opened the door, I almost had a heart attack.  Dante was standing outside the door, and looking at me in a very creepy, and curious way.

"My God, Dante.  You startled me, little prince, how long have you been standing there?"

Dante had a motionless look on his face, as he said...

"Long enough..."



It was well past 8:30 a.m by the time we reached the hills.  I sighed, and wondered whether Massoli was still waiting for me at the top of Eagle's Rock, I turned around and made sure that Dante was still trailing behind me.  I felt bad for having snapped at the cub earlier, but I needed to wake up early in the morning so that I could speak to Andres in person, and privately.

"Hey sport, you want to rest for a bit? or should we keep going?"

Dante rode next to me, and looked tired.

"Can we rest for a bit, Dad?  I need a drink of water and my legs are killing me."

I had to give the poor cub a rest.  After all, he was doing his very best in trying to keep up with me.

"Sure sport, we'll take a quick rest.  We're already quite late, so I don't think it matters anymore."

Dante breathed a sigh of relief, and took the water bottle from my hands.

"Why did we have to be here so early?"

I didn't want to give too much information to Dante.  He's very good at keeping secrets, but this is one secret that I wouldn't want him to know about.

"Well sport, I kinda needed to talk to someone.  He works very early in the morning, so I needed to see him before he headed off to work."

Before Dante continued to ask a million and one questions, I decided to cycle up the hill, and towards the path that lead to Eagle's Rock.

"Now c'on, son.  We got quite a steep ride ahead of us, we've got to get going.  Now, ride behind me and follow my lead."

I heard a loud groan coming from Dante, which made me laugh and smile.




My father rode ahead, always looking back and making sure that I was right behind him.  We finally reached the forest that  surrounded the hills.  This area was public park land, and many people use it on a daily basis for jogging, roller blading, running and cycling.  The park is heavily wooded and quite popular, especially by those that want to leave the crowded town streets, and enjoy a nice afternoon surrounded by nature.

I had never taken this particular route before, meaning that I had never been taken this way before.  This part of the park was completely new to me.  Very few people were walking, or jogging at this time of the day.  We rode our bikes through an old wooden planked bridge, passed an empty parking lot, and eventually reached the trail that led into the hills.

There was an old sign posted on a tree.

Experienced cyclists only.

Use trail at your own risk.

The sign gave me a queasy feeling in my stomach.  I looked at the trail, and it looked quite treacherous and difficult.  I stopped to catch my breath, and yelled out.

"Dad, what about the sign?"

I gave my father a concerned look while pointing at the large sign that was written in big, bold black letters.  My father stopped, turned his head around, and said.

"Don't worry about the sign, son. You'll do well, just follow my lead, stay close to me, and don't fall behind.  I know you can do it, sport."

Yeah right, don't fall behind...that's easy for him to say.  I readjusted my helmet, took another sip of water, and tried to keep up with my dad.  As we rode higher and higher, the trail got trickier and more steep, and also felt more cooler.  My legs were beginning to get tired and I wanted to stop, but all of the sudden a nice cool breeze swept around me, and it was the perfect rouse that I needed to wake up, and keep pushing.

The road up the trail was lined with beautiful trees, wild flowers, and lots of challenging climbs.  As we got to an awkward turn in the road, my dad yelled out.

"Hey sport, don't be surprised if a deer, or a fox jumps into the path, just stay on your bike and keep cool.  If you see a skunk... don't move!  It does happen from time to time, and the last thing you ever want is to be sprayed by a skunk, besides most of the animals are just as startled as you are, so keep your cool."

My father kept riding effortlessly, while I struggled to catch up to him.  Now that we were quite high up, the view from the top was breathtaking.  I could even see our neighbourhood from up here, and finally after about forty minutes of cycling, we came across an open clearing.  My dad gave me the signal that we were going to take a short break, and rest... Thank God!"

I was so drained and exhausted that I had a hard time getting off my bike.  I walk to the nearest boulder and sat down, as I took my helmet off, a nice cool breeze cooled my warm skin.  It was so quiet up here that if you listened carefully, and closed your eyes, you could even hear the soothing sound of the wind.

The branches of the pine trees, and the tall grass swayed back and forth in rhythm with the wind.  As my dad parked his bike by a large rock, two wild hares jumped from the tall grass, and scurried out of sight.

The clearing on the hill was covered with beautiful wildflowers of every type, and colour.  In the far distance, I could make out an opening in the trees, and where another trail continued.  The entrance to the trail however didn't look too inviting, it was dark and creepy.

My father took an apple from the saddlebag, and tossed it to me.

"Here sport, think fast!"

I caught the apple, and took a huge bite.  The exercise had opened up my appetite, and since I didn't have a proper breakfast, I was so hungry that I could eat anything.

My father took his water bottle from his bike, and took a short sip.

"So sport, what do you think of the place?  Do you like it up here?"

I nodded silently, while I voraciously devoured my apple.

"Mmmm, yeah.  It's very nice, kinda quiet, I like it."

I was almost done with my apple, when I saw a wild chipmunk cautiously approaching my feet.

"Dad, don't move!  Take a look."

I pointed at a cute little chipmunk who was begging for food.  My dad hadn't even noticed, he was too busy looking at his watch, and looking towards the dark path that led deep into the forest.

My dad finally turned his eyes to the little chipmunk and smiled.

"I think it wants a piece of your apple.  It must be accustomed to people feeding it all the time, the little guy is not even afraid of us."

I threw what I had left of the apple on the ground, and the little chipmunk quickly snatched it, and started munching away.

After it was done with my apple, I thought that the little chipmunk would disappear into the forest.  Quite to the contrary, instead the chipmunk jumped onto the boulder, and into my lap.

"Dad look!"

My father laughed at the sight.  The chipmunk was now sitting on my shoulder, and chewing at my hair.  I was amazed and speechless at how bold this little guy was.  My dad kept laughing, while scratching his stubble.

"It looks like you've made a new friend, and I think he likes you.  I wish I had brought a camera, your mother and grandmother are not going to believe this."

"Dad, can I keep him?...please?"

I gave my father a look that would melt any heart.

"Yeah nice try son, and that look only works on your grandmother.  Besides you know that your mother would freak out if we brought a rodent into the house.  She would probably take you to the hospital, thinking that the chipmunk gave you some strange disease or something, you know how she gets."

My father was right, my mother loves to overreact about things like this.  She would never let me keep the little chipmunk as a pet.

"Now c'on son, we have to get going.  We still have a bit more to go until we reach Eagle's Rock.  Tell the little rodent that the free meal is over, and that we have to go."

By now the little chipmunk was chewing at my ear lobe and tickling me.  I was growing quite fond of the little guy, and I wished I could have taken him home with me.  But there was no way to hide him from my mom, and if she ever found I was keeping a chipmunk as a pet, I'm sure she would flip out.  I was sorry to leave him behind, but there was no other way.

"Alright, little guy.  I really like you, but I have to go now."

I placed my hand on my shoulder, and the chipmunk jumped on it.  I set him down on the boulder and he simply stared at me, while sniffing the air.

"You should go now, go to your home.  Go on, get going..."

The chipmunk wasn't budging.  He jumped onto my shoulders again, and started to lick my earlobe.

"Dad, he's not listening.  Look, he's on my shoulders again!"

My dad came back with his bike, and adjusted his helmet.

"Dante, he can't come with us.  He's a wild animal and belongs in the forest.  Now please son, we need to go."

My dad got on his bike, and motioned me to follow him.  I sighed and gently took the little chipmunk from my shoulders, and gently set him on the ground.  Before jumping on my bike, I remembered that I usually kept cookies, and candy in my saddle bag (for those emergency situations when you get the munchies).  I checked the bag and sure enough, I found some buttermilk cookies that I had stolen from the kitchen's cookie jar.

I left a couple of cookies on top of the boulder, and while the little chipmunk was busy eating the cookies, I got on my bike and rode away.  I wanted to take a last glimpse of the friendly chipmunk, but by the time I turned my head around, both he and the crackers were gone.

We rode our bikes to the other end of the clearing, and towards the entrance that led into the forest.  As soon as we entered the trail, it suddenly got dark and very cold.  The trail was covered by a thick canopy of branches and leaves that didn't allow any sunlight to penetrate through.

This trail was also more bumpier, narrow and strewn with fallen pine logs, branches, rocks and all sort of debris.  You really had to be extra careful on this road, because next to the trail there was a deep precipice, and the bottom was also littered with big logs and huge rocks.

My dad stopped, and gave me a concerned look.

"Dante do you think you can ride through all of this? or should we leave the bikes back at the clearing, and walk the rest of the way?  It's been a while since I've been here, and with all the storms we've been having lately, the trail looks like it's covered with all sorts of shit.  I'm afraid it's too dangerous for you, I wouldn't want to risk it."

The look on my dad's face said it all, he was very concerned.  I took a peek ahead and the visibility ahead was pretty bad, the lack of sunlight made it look even more treacherous, and unsafe.

"Ummm, I don't know dad.  I mean if I follow you, it might be okay.  There's no other way to get to Eagle's Rock?"

My dad shook his head from side to side, and sighed.

"No son, this is the only trail that leads there.  I'd rather be safe than sorry, so we'll leave the bikes at the clearing, and we'll walk the rest of the way.  I wouldn't want anything to happen to my precious cub."

My father tenderly caressed my cheek, and motioned me to follow him back to the clearing.  Once we were out of the forest, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, and we were able to find a perfect spot to hide our bikes.

We hid them behind a large boulder and next to a large pine tree.  For extra precaution, my father took out a thick cable lock, and locked both our bikes around the trunk of the tree.

"Now remember son, this is very important so please listen carefully.  The combination for the lock is the same as your birthday, 04/16/73"

I gave my dad a warm smile, and took off my helmet.

"So it's the same combination that you use on your locker at the sports center?  So I turn the dial to the right and stop at 04, then to the left and stop at 16, then right gain and stop at 73?"

My dad gave me a playful pat on my butt and smiled.

"That's correct sport.  If anything was to happen to me, then it's important that you have a way of getting help, especially in this place."

I gave my father a confused look, and wondered what he meant.

"If I had an accident up here, then it's important that you're able to get to your bike and get help.  I've seen quite a few good cyclists take some serious and nasty tumbles up here.  There's a park ranger's station on the main entrance of the park, it's right next to the parking lot, remember?"

I nodded and understood.  I've seen the ranger's station when we've come to the park on family picnics, so if anything was to happen then I knew exactly where I had to go.

We started walking back to the entrance to the trail, when my father stopped and whistled.

"Hold on sport.  I gotta take a major piss before we head to Eagle's rock."

I smiled and nodded.  I figured that if my dad needed to take a piss, then I might as well do the same.

"Me too dad, I'll join you... wait up."

My dad whipped out his thick cock, and pulled back the foreskin.  I stood close next to him, and as we exchanged smiles, we took aim and pissed away.  While pissing in silence, and with a cool breeze encircling us, I couldn't help to take a quick peek at my dad.  I just had to take a peek at his cock, the size alone was fascinating and irresistible.  I tried to mimic my dad's every move, from the way he pulled back the foreskin, to the way he held his dick in his right hand, and the way he stood with his legs spread apart.

My father caught me looking at his cock, and our eyes met briefly.  I blushed for a split second, and felt my face get all red, and flustered.

"Feels good doesn’t it, sport? and you know my motto right?"

I smiled, frowned and shook my head from side to side.

"Well, if it feels good do it, and do it often."

With that my dad chuckled and winked at me.  He gave me such a warm and perfect smile that I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I wanted to remember this moment forever.  My dad must have been wanting to take a piss for a while, because the current of piss wouldn't stop, he just kept pissing, and pissing, and pissing away.  Just at that moment, a noise startled me and caught my attention.

A man suddenly appeared from the main trail, he was jogging and holding a water bottle in his hand.  My dad was so busy pissing, and whistling that he didn't even notice the jogger.  As the guy got closer, he winked at me, and that's when I heard a loud gasp escape his mouth.  The guy had caught a good look at my father's cock, and he wouldn't take his gaze away from my dad.

As my dad shook the last droplets of piss, he gave the enormous cock a good hard shake, before stuffing the mighty snake back into his shorts.  The poor jogger wasn't even paying attention where he was running, and almost tripped on a pine log that lay on the ground, my dad snickered at the sight, and gave his balls a hearty scratch.

"See that guy right there, son?  He's the perfect example of someone that does not pay attention of where he's going.  You can't afford to get a twisted ankle or a broken leg up here.  Always be careful and alert, no matter what distractions may lurk around the corner."

I nodded, and silently followed my dad.  While looking back, I caught a look at the jogger who was massaging his leg and trying to conceal his wounded pride.

After walking about 15 minutes in almost complete darkness, and with only the sounds of our steps crushing the dead leaves and twigs under our feet, the only other sound was the creepy howling of the wind.  This place had an eerie feeling to it, and I don't know how my father can come here by himself, and not feel afraid?

All of the sudden, I heard something.  It was the sound of branches being heavily crushed, and whatever it was, it was moving towards us.  I turned around and couldn't see much, it was way too dark, there were too many trees and fallen logs scattered all over the place.  The wind didn't help either, in fact it made it worse, branches were being shaken and battered by the strong wind, and the howling was getting even louder.  Far in the distance, I could faintly see the entrance from which we came, the sun did not penetrate past that opening, it was like the sun feared to tread in this place.

I swear to God and all saints in heaven, that I could see a shadow hiding behind a tree.  Quite suddenly the loud crack of a branch made me jump ten feet up in the air.

"Dad, I think I saw something!"

My father stopped and turned around.  He squinted in the direction that I was pointing at and took a hold of my hand.  My father remained silent and perfectly still, he's hazel eyes gleaming in the dark.  I had never seen my dad's eyes do that before, it was really creepy, he's vision was fixed at the shadows, and branches that danced in the sinister darkness.  He took out his sportsman Swiss Army Knife, and turned on the flashlight.

Even though the light was not that potent, it served it's purpose.  It looked that at least for a second the light had stopped whatever was hiding behind the tree, even the howling of the wind stopped as well.  My dad made a strange signal by blinking the flashlight towards the direction of the noise.  Three shorts blinks, pause, and followed by a fourth, my father then took another look, and while holding my hand we continued walking.

I turned my head around, but I was distracted by my father's loud, and serious tone of voice.

"Dante?  What did I say about paying attention?"

I looked at my father's face, and his eyes were still shimmering in the darkness.

"Uhhh, sorry dad.  But what did you do back there with the flashlight?"

My father looked serious, and playfully patted my butt.

"I was trying to scare the deer that was hiding behind the trees."

I gave my father a curious look, and raised both eyebrows.

"Dad, I don't think that was a deer.  It didn't look like a deer to me, besides the shadow was much taller.  Whatever it was, it hid behind the tree as soon as I turned around."

My father smiled, and softly stroked my hair.

"Listen son, it's alright now.  It was probably a buck, a male deer protecting his territory.  At this time of the year they're always looking for females to mate with, and they can be very territorial.  They don't like anyone trespassing into their terrain, especially humans."

We walked the rest of the way in silence, but the whole time I firmly held my dad's hand.  The rustling of the branches and even the howling of the wind had died, the whole place was quiet like a tomb.  Finally I could see a light ahead, and I was more than happy to be out of this creepy forest, so I ran ahead and left my dad to walk alone in the dark.  I could clearly hear his stern warnings to watch out for branches, and other dangerous crap on the trail.

As I ran out of the forest, I felt the warmth of the sun embrace my whole body.  The brightness was blinding, and as I rubbed my eyes, I was struck speechless at the sight before me.  I could finally see why this place was named Eagle's Rock.

The exit of the trail led to another clearing at the top of the mountain.  This open space was larger, wider and even more rocky, it also had a gigantic monumental boulder that resembled an eagle's head.  Flying and screeching overhead, I could count at least 8 eagles of different shapes, and sizes circling the top of the boulder.

My father came out of the trail, and stood behind me.  As he took a sip of water from his water bottle, he rustled my hair, and said.

"Impressive, isn't it?"

I turned around, and greeted my father with a huge smile.

"Wow, it's awesome dad.  The boulder looks like it was carved to look like an eagle's head."

I grabbed my father's hand, and rested my head on his crotch.  All of the sudden a loud, and masculine voice startled us both.

"Well, it's about time, Mr. Martinello.  I've been waiting here for hours, I was beginning to think that I had been stood up."

Quietly, and out of nowhere, a tall and very muscular guy appeared from the bushes.  He was wearing dark sunglasses that hid his eyes, and he was finishing a cigarette.  My dad had a look of surprised on his face, but he also seemed relieved.

My father took a step forward, and looked at his watch.

"Lieutenant Massoli?  Is that you? I thought you would be gone by now."

As the tall man came closer to us, he took another cigarette from his pocket and lit up.  This guy was just as tall as my father, but a lot more muscular.  He kinda reminded me of those guys from professional wrestling, pure hard muscle and bulging everywhere.  He was also shirtless, which exposed an extremely hairy, but amazing brawny chest.  He had short black hair, a goatee, and just like my father he was wearing cycling shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

As he got closer, he extended his right hand for my father to shake.  I couldn't help to stare at the large tattoo on his right bicep. This tattoo was awesome looking, and immediatelydrew my attention.  There were two lighting bolts at either side 16:16 10:26 16:16 and another symbol in the middle that I couldn't quite figure out.

"Punctuality is a virtue, Mr. Martinello.  I take my job very seriously, I've been waiting here for quite a while."

 As they shook hands, he gave me a good look over and winked at me.

"My name is Andres Massoli, and I was told that you had an assignment for me."

"Yes, I'm sorry that I'm late, but it was one distraction after another.  You were referred to me by the Agency, and I have a job for you.  I had to talk to you as soon as possible, it's a matter of urgency, and that's why I called you this morning."

The guy made silent eye contact with my dad, and then they both looked at me.  As I stood there looking at Mr. Massoli, there was something about this guy that gave me a strange feeling.

"Allright, Mr. Martinello.  Perhaps we should find a more private place to talk? away from little ears..."

The guy kept looking at me the whole time, while giving me a big smile.  This guy showed a perfect set of white teeth, and I wondered how he kept his teeth so white, especially with all the smoking that he did.

"I take it, that this is your son?"

My father didn't say anything, he simply nodded.  The look on the man's face changed to a more pleasant manner, and he crouched to my eye-level.  This guy was quite good-looking, but I noticed that he had a scar above his right eye.  His dark blue eyes, gave me the shivers, and the more he smiled at me, the more uncomfortable I felt.

"Hey there, Dante.  My name is Andres Massoli, how's it going?"

Mr. Massoli extended his huge hand, and gave me a firm handshake.

"I'm fine, Mr. Massoli, and how are you?  How did you know my name?"

Mr. Massoli gave a loud roaring laughter, while messing up my hair.  He leaned closer towards me, and softly whispered in my ear.

"I'm a cop, kid.  I know everything..."

I raised my eyebrows at his comment, and as he stood up, I once again caught a glimpse of the tattoo.  Mr. Massoli caught me staring, and gave me a mischievous smile.

"You like the tattoo Dante?"

I nodded, while he flexed his powerful arm to give me a better look.

"The lighting bolts come from the runic alphabet, which originated and became associated in Germanic countries.  The word rune means 'mystery' or 'secret', so the lighting bolts stand for strength, courage, victory, and virility."

Mr. Massoli pointed his large, and thick finger to the symbol that stood in the middle of the two lighting bolts.

"This one is called Fu.  It is the name of a sign in Chinese, whose symbol represents, divine power and the ability to judge what is right and wrong.  Thus it is a symbol for justice and authority."

My father cut our conversation short, and started walking closer to Mr. Massoli.

"Listen Massoli, I don't want to keep you too long.  Let's go for a walk, and talk for a bit, then we can both go our own ways."

My father caressed my cheek, and gave me a big smile.

"Listen son, I need to talk to Mr. Massoli in private.  I need you to be a good boy, so please go and sit on that rock over there, and don't move from there.  This will only take a couple of minutes, so please don't wander around."

I nodded in silence, and walked over to the boulder that my father had pointed at.  They both walked away, talking in a hushed toned of voice, and I was left to take in the warmth of the sun and enjoy the view.




I pulled Andres as far as I could from Dante's curious ears.  This was not something that I wanted my son to hear, and hopefully Andres would be able to help me with my dilemma.

"Allright Mr. Martinello, we're far enough from the kid.  Now, are you gonna tell me what's going on?"

Andres Massoli didn't waste any time in getting to the point.  The guy was direct and blunt, no pussyfooting around, and no side-stepping around tough questions.  From what I've been told about this guy, he's tough, determined, and full of pure balls and bravado.

"There's this kid that I tried to help out a couple of years ago.  He was heavily involved with drugs, prostitution, grand theft, and he also owed a lot of money in gambling."

Massoli had one of those faces that showed no emotions, but I could clearly hear the wheels in his brain slowly turning and piecing everything together like a jigsaw puzzle.  He listened carefully, and took notes of everything that I said.

"Val has tried to contact me many times, but I've made it very clear to him that I don't want to see, or have anything to do with him until he cleans up his life.  I've received three identical letters this week, and these were sent to my home, work and to the sports center.  I don't know where Val's mind is at the moment, I don't know if his intention are to blackmail me, or if he's really being honest with his feelings."

"I have a soft spot for this kid, and I don't want to see him getting hurt, or being used anymore.  I want you to find him, get him off the streets, and away from the drugs, and the pimping.  I don't care if you have to search heaven and hell for him, don't worry about money, just find him.  I need to talk to him, I want to force Val into rehab and this time, he won't have one fucking say in this."

"When you find Val, I want you to set him up at my private suite at the Hotel Villa Bonera.  As I said to you earlier, don't worry about the expenses, just put everything on my account.  I have spoken with the owner of the hotel, Paolo Maldini, he's an old friend of mine and he's arranged everything to keep Val comfortable, and hopefully out of trouble.  Make sure that Val is well taken care of, but make sure that he doesn’t leave the hotel.  This kid can be very cunning and slippery, so arrange for extra security if you have to."

Massoli simply nodded and continued to write everything down.  He kept nodding his head, while silently indicating that he understood everything that was being said, so I hoped.

"Allright Mr. Martinello, I understand.  But are you sure that you want me to set up Valerio at the Villa Bonera? that place is very exclusive, and extremely expensive.  I can find a cheaper place for Valerio to stay in, and it will save you a bundle of money."

I nodded my head side to side, and grinned.

"Money is not a factor Massoli.  The Agency pays for all my expenses, so don't worry about it.  I just want to make sure Val is off the fucking streets, and this time hopefully for good."

"Alright, Mr. Martinello.  Now, do you have a recent photo of the kid? and a description would also be helpful.  I'll need the last address of where he lived, the name of the places where he hangs out, and I'll take it from there.  I will give you a report by the end of the day."

By the end of this day? did I heard right?  this guy doesn’t fuck around.  I wasn't expecting results this quickly, but then again I've been told that this guy is the cream of the crop.  I looked at my watch, and I was getting worried for leaving Dante all by himself back in the clearing.  I didn't want to leave Dante by himself for too long, specially with those fucking cocksucking hounds that were following us back on the trail.

"The kid's full name is, Valerio Laurentius Mazza.  He's 21, 5'11, about 120 lbs, he's lost a lot of weight with all the shit he's been taking.  He has short light brown hair, bright green eyes, and a light complexion.  He's also a runaway, and his family lives somewhere in Firenze, but from what I understand, they don't want anything to do with him.  The last known address that I have of him is the place where I set him up.  He lived at a student's residence near the harbour at Via Vespucci, and his pad number was 519/A.  Val hasn't been at his pad since he took off, but I do have a photo of him and this..."

I handed a letter to Massoli.  The same letter had arrived at my office, the sports center, and my home.  I don't know how Val had found out where I lived, but the kid was determined to see me, and before he did something stupid, I had to intercept him.

Massoli took a good look at the photo, which was taken about two years ago.  It was around the time, that I had taken Val as my novice at the sports center, and the kid was full of attitude and arrogance.  I was training Val to be a boxer, and the future looked promising, I really had high hopes for him.  I wanted Val off the streets, back in school, and cleaned up, unfortunately it didn't last... nothing good ever does.

"He's a very cute kid.  Is there anything else that I need to know about him, Mr. Martinello?"

I cleared my throat, and I knew that I had to tell Massoli everything.  Better that he heard everything from my own lips, rather than to find out on his own.

"I never slept with him, and I want to make that perfectly clear.  Despite what he says in the letter, I only wanted to help him, nothing else."

Massoli face's didn't show a single sign of human emotion.

"I'm not here to judge you, Mr. Martinello.  I'm here to do my job, and I take that it's my job to find this kid for you?"

I nodded silently.

"Alright, I'll start right away.  Where do you want me to contact you, in case I find something?"

"You can call me at work, the sports center, even at home.  It doesn’t really matter, just be..."

Massoli gave me a wicked smile, and snickered.


"I understand, Mr. Martinello.  I've dealt with many cases similar to yours over the many years that I've been with the Agency, and discretion is always assured."

"Do you mind if I give the letter a quick read?"

I could feel that Massoli was trying to read my thoughts, while giving me a good look over.

"No, I don't mind... go for it."

I hadn't bothered to open this letter before handing it to Andres.  I had received two other identical letters, one at work and the other one at the sports center.  Massoli carefully inspected and examined the letter thoroughly, while on occasion taking quick glances at me.

"It seems that Valerio wrote you a very distinctive and unique letter Mr. Martinello.  He even used a very special and expensive type of paper.  Interesting, wouldn't you say?"

Massoli was starting to get on my nerves, his smugness was getting thin.  I simply wanted to find Val and talk to him.  What I would say to him? I don't have a fucking clue, but I guess that I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

"You know Mr. Martinello, the authors of 18th century love letters were masters at this form of letter writing.  They would also use a special parchment paper, much like this one, and a feather quill to write their message."

Massoli looked like he was really enjoying this, he held the parchment up to the sunlight and carefully inspected it.

"By the look and texture of this ink, I would say that this is pretty much the blackest ink you can buy.  At least one hundred percent opaque, and known as Encre De Chine, or better known as India Ink.  This ink's principal component is the lacquer found in the Punjab region, and many artists appreciate the permanency of its color.  This type of ink is designed specifically for use with nibs, and the ink is both pigmented and formulated with coloring agents to give it exceptional covering power."

I gave Massoli a look of pure stupidity, and amazement.

"That's very, very boring, yet somehow interesting, Massoli.  I'm missing one thing though, what the hell is a nib?"

"A nib is the sharpened point of a quill pen Mr. Martinello.  You see, this ink contains natural resins that allows the ink to adhere to the metal nib, but will flow easily and consistently.  The composition of the ink allows the calligrapher to write lengthy passages uninterrupted by constant re-dipping."

I sighed, scratched my head and mustered all the patience I could stand.

"Again, this is very intriguing, and extremely fascinating Massoli, but how the hell is this supposed to help us find Val?"

"But you see, it does Mr. Martinello.  Now we know that Valerio is a gifted young man, all I have to do is to check what type of art stores in the area sell this kind of expensive paper, high quality ink, unique quills, and I'll take it from there."

"The sealing wax that Valerio used, is most likely just as unique and expensive.  I'm sure that it's made with several natural elements such as pine resin, ground limestone and lacquer."

I was staring at the letter that was now in Massoli's hand.  I felt kinda guilty because I'm sure that Val had only intended for me to read such a private, and intimate letter.  He had poured his soul and feelings into the letter, and for a brief moment I wanted to snatch the letter from Massoli, and tear it.

As Massoli broke the seal, I had to look away for a brief second.  I saw the red seal with the initial M break into two pieces, and fall on the ground.

"The principle function of the sealing wax is to ensure the security of documents, and also adds your personal touch to the letter."

"The letter is written in Italic calligraphy, Mr. Martinello.  Valerio is full of surprises, did you know that the Chinese calligrapher Wang Hsi-chih once said, "Writing needs meaning, whereas calligraphy expresses itself above all, through forms and gestures.  It elevates the soul and illuminates our feelings, and senses".  Valerio went all out when he decided to write you this letter, not only did he wanted to catch your attention, but he also wanted to make a personal statement."

I sighed, and thought about Val.  I really wanted this kid off the fucking streets, perhaps once Massoli finds him, and I have a chance to talk to him, perhaps then he can see the light, and turn his life around...for the better.

Dearest beloved, Antonio;

You probably must be thinking how strange it is to receive a letter from me.  I've tried to contact you in other ways, but I'm never able to get a hold of you.  I have the impression that you're either avoiding me or pushing me away.

Believe me Tony, when I say that it's a cruel feeling to be pushed aside by the one person that you love and trust.  I'm not a stranger to this kind of treatment, it's been my life story, so I'm used to it.

I've tried calling you at your office, but you never return my calls.  I've tried to see you at the sports center, but I've been denied entrance and told that I'm not welcomed.  I've even walked up and down your neighbourhood for hours, in the hope of seeing you, but it seems that we keep missing each other.

At this very moment, I've mustered every ounce of courage that I have, and wanted to express and declare my true feelings for you.  I feel a special, strong, and eternal bond between the two of us.  The love, passion and devotion that I have for you will always be indescribable, and even when you're not at my side there's a tenderness that exists around us.

Do you know that to love, and be loved by you is the best of all sensations that I have ever experienced in my life?  With you, I always felt secure, happy, powerful, invincible, and free.  Your concern and sentiments for me were beyond words, and I will never forget what you tried to do for me.  You were, are and always will be my white knight.

I want to thank you, for trying to help me when I needed it the most.  Looking back I will admit that I acted in a very stupid and immature manner.  You cared a lot about me, and only wanted to offer a helping hand.  And what did I do in return?  I took the easy way out, the only way I knew, and like a coward, I fled.

I'm very sorry that I let you down, and in turn, I know very well that I let my own self down, but those were turbulent and dark times in my life.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me, and for trying to rescue me from that dark abyss.

That is one of the many reasons why I love you so much.  You had such high hopes and confidence in me, and your heart was full of pure intentions.  I'm sorry that I didn't see that, I was too preoccupied with my own selfishness.  But in all honesty, I think that your expectations towards me were a bit high.  I wasn't as strong as you thought, I lacked the will and courage to overcome my demons and addictions.

At that time, I was a very angry, scared, and confused young man.  I couldn't take that first step, and admit that I had a problem with drugs and alcohol.  I felt that I was unworthy of feeling happiness, I was so messed up that I didn't care if I sold my body for money.  I didn't want to make any drastic changes in my life, even if these changes were for my own good.

Your love and care for me was so great.  You secretly took every broken piece of my heart, and put it together like a puzzle.  Our troubled times were those of which my heart was not put completely together, but once the last piece was placed, that was the moment when I realized that I couldn't live without you.

You're an amazing man Tony, I really mean that.  I can't imagine a day without knowing you, and even when you're not with me, I see you, I smell you, and I can feel your presence.  I can't wait to see you again, please find it in your heart, and give me another chance.

You're always with me, and I always have you in my thoughts, and prayers.   You're constantly in my heart, and feeding my soul with happiness and hope.  You leave me with a feeling of fulfillment and like a beacon, you have drawn me irretrievably into the harbour that is your heart, where I can seek refuge, and where I'll be safe from stormy seas.

Thank you for the times when I needed a shoulder to cry on.  You were always there to listen, and to give me your support.  Especially the times, when my confidence level was very low and your kind words were, and always will be appreciated.  Again, thank you for listening to my problems in silence, and for not sounding judgmental.

This letter reaffirms everything I feel for you.  I want to tell you, one more time of how happy I am for having you with me, even if it is sporadically, and for a lot less time than I’d like.  But, I understand that you're very busy with work, and family life.

Please don't take this the wrong way.  I’m not trying to ask you for anything, you've given me enough, and I know very well that your family comes first.  I did have trouble accepting that at first, but now that I'm a little older, and a tad wiser, I can understand and respect your very delicate position.

I learned to value those precious times when we were together, and when you were exclusively mine.  I will admit that my total lack of patience was unjustifiable, so please accept my apologies for being so aggressive and intrusive.  But you have to understand that it was painful being away from you for such long periods of time.

It was hard for me to share you with your wife, your family, and your friends.  I wanted you all to myself, and I felt that I had the right to have you at all times, and without any interruptions.  I felt jealous because you spent much more time with them than you did with me.  I'm very sorry Tony, and now that I look back, I realize that I was only being self-centered and selfish.

Even as I write you this letter, I must admit that I miss you.  But it's not the kind of "miss" that makes you feel sad.  Quite on the contrary, it excites and prepares my body, so that at the first chance of being together, I can give in to your every desire, and give you my body and soul.

When I first met you, and you took me under your wing as your novice, I understood the privilege and recognition that came with the position.  I was honoured in having been chosen by you, and I enthusiastically accepted my fate.

I knew that I would be the envy and rivalry of many, but I didn't care, I knew the distinction and prestige that came with the territory.  After all, you're a man that is highly sought after, and desired.

Many men would do anything just to be a part of your inner circle.  Some for the pursuit of status, and the many privileges and immunities that come from being a part of your clique.  Others, as I'm sure you already know would do it to serve and please you in any, and ever imaginable way.

I do want to tell you that when I'm with you, I know that I have the best of you. The euphoric and ecstatic feeling that I get in knowing that I'm the only one that can satisfy every need in your body is intoxicating.

To see all eyes at the sports center focused on me, and giving me looks of envy and resentment was delicious.  I had the man everyone else wanted and hungered for, where others would never have the chance to even come close to touch you.

I can clearly remember the first time that I saw you at the sports center.  I instantly became attracted and enraptured by you.  I was fascinated and bewitched by your assertiveness, your physical prime, your sexiness and tough behaviour.  I was also intrigued by the way every man in the sports center gave you their respect, and how highly they regarded your opinion on any subject.

You were, and are, so striking to look at, so handsome and always with a smile on that gorgeous face.  I fell in love with those lovely, bright hazel eyes that could stare deep into any soul.  Sadly, I didn't have the courage to approach you, I was way too nervous and felt very intimidated that a married, and impressive man would ever take notice of me.

Even though my fingers itched like crazy and I wanted to run my hands all over your incredibly muscular body, my feet were frozen and I couldn't even take a single step. You don't know how much I longed to caress and explore every part of your body.  That day, I made a promise to myself that I was going to make every effort possible and make you mine.

Do you remember the first time that our eyes met?  I was walking into the steam room at the sports center, and you held the door open for me, even then you were such a gentleman.  I slipped on the slick floor, and I was about to fall face down, when a strong hand quickly grabbed me by the arm, and stopped my fall.  I remember looking up at a very attractive and charming man who would became the man of my dreams.

Your first words to me were, "watch that first step, it's a bitch."  I must have smiled, and blushed like some stupid school girl.  I was so nervous and shy that I just gave you a soft, "thank you".  You gave me such a seductive, and warm smile that made my heart beat a thousand beats a minute, and my knees weak.

You walked away and headed towards the benches at the opposite side of the room.  I couldn't help to stare at your amazing body, and the way the towel, wrapped around your slim waist, gave an unbelievable hint at a hidden and bountiful treasure.  As you took off your towel, and sat next to Rocco, you proudly displayed, and flaunted your glorious weapon of creation.

No matter what images I tried to think of, I couldn't keep my eyes off you.  I tried to control myself, but it was impossible.  You looked so delicious, so provocative, and seductive with all those beads of water glistening on your broad shoulders.  Those fresh drops falling from your jet black hair, and onto your massive hairy pecs.

I remember looking up and glancing around the room, and even though the steam was getting thicker, I could see other men hunger, and fawn over you.  You know what I'm talking about, you know very well the alluring power of seduction that you have.

I remember glaring at you, and feeling so jealous and envious.  I didn't want anyone else looking at you in that manner.  I was captivated and under your spell, I felt that I was yours to command, and I would do anything for such a handsome and strong man.

You are the epitome of the perfect male.  You are the embodiment, and essence of what it means to be a man.  I could see why every man at the sports center had something to say about you, good and bad.  You're a provocative and seductive man, a sports hero, the perfect husband, a loving father, and the envy of all men.

As you shifted your position and raised your legs, I had a perfect view of your large and heavy testicles that hung suspended in their wrinkled hairy sac.  I felt as if my entire body had been engulfed in fire, and whole body trembled with desire.

As more droplets of water ran down from your shoulders and down your broad muscular back, I yearned to reach out and tenderly caress your magnificent tanned skin.  I yearned to feel the powerful muscles, and sinews of your body and trace the flavour of your body with my tongue.

Panic hit me when you caught me looking at you.  You were drying your jet black hair and I had been studying you closely, perhaps too closely.  You gave me a stern, yet intriguing look on your face.  I lowered my gaze, and while you continued your conversation with Rocco, you covered yourself with the towel.

Even as you did this, a large and obscene bulge was now blatantly obvious in your towel.  I suddenly felt faint, light headed and even disoriented, whether it was because of the heat or you, I'm not sure.  I left in such a rush, that I didn't even now which way I was going, and eventually found myself in the locker rooms.

It took me a while to come to my senses, I was so unbalanced that I eventually  remembered my locker combination.  I was about to open my locker, when a large hand slammed my locker shut, and as I turned around the look on my face, was I'm sure... priceless.

There stood within inches of me, Antonio Alessandro Martinello, dripping from head to toe in sweat, and  looking so provocative and drop-dead gorgeous.  Your beautiful hazel eyes stared so deep into my soul that I felt a surge of energy detonate within my body.  You gave me a killer smile, and with the naughtiest and most wicked smile, you said,

"Leaving so soon, Valerio?"

You leaned into me, and whispered softly into my ear.

"Why are you in such a rush to leave?  I thought you wanted to talk to me, or were you just teasing me?"

As you came closer to me, I could feel your sweet breath on my neck, and everything felt like a dream.  You boldly took my hand and placed it on the huge bulge at the front of your towel, and you watched through narrowed eyes as I  explored the contours of your genitals through the fluffy fabric.

As our eyes met, I remember that I blushed violently.  I couldn't form any words in my brain to make one sensible sentence.  My hands had a mind of their own, and one hand began to tug at the folds of your towel around your waist.

You simply stared at me and gave such a sexy, and devilish smile while batting those sexy lashes.  My hand slowly pulled away the towel to reveal your naked maleness beneath, and your magnificent organ, although not yet in full erection, had nonetheless swollen to impressive proportions and stood out almost at a right angle to your body.  I was fascinated and speechless, to see such a large penis shift and sway as you moved even closer to me.

I stared wide-eyed, at the monster that I had unleashed, the massive cock that I exposed.  I stared at your penis with amazement, as well as apprehension and I was immediately transfixed by the root of your king sized manhood.

I had never seen such a large, and thick penis.  I mean, your semi-hard cock was as thick as my wrist, your cock was perfect in every way.  The foreskin was partially retracted, and the shiny glans protruded from it like a young bird peering from its nest.

Your testicles, matched your cock in size as well.  Large and heavy, like a pair of massive orbs that hung low in their wrinkled sac, and from where a forest of black hair curled up across your belly, thinning as it reached your navel and then growing dense again as it spread across your muscular, and hairy chest.

I felt a delicious warmth surge through my body, and a tingle of anticipation ignite between my legs.  Being this close to you had cause me to get a hardon, and your alert eyes caught my predicament, and with that mischievous smile, you once again whispered in my ear.

"Would you like to touch it?"

My whole body trembled as your lips touched my ear.  I wanted to drop on my knees and worship your cock at that moment.  I wanted to savour the flavour on my lips, and to taste your delicious creamy nectar.

You looked down with pride at your mammoth member, and with a huge smile across your handsome face, you said.

"See, he's trembling at the thought of your soft little hand holding him, touching him, and of course... tasting him."



Massoli stopped reading the letter, and lit another cigarette.

"The kid has a violent crush on you, Mr. Martinello, that's obvious.  I don't think he's intentions are to blackmail you, but that's just my personal opinion, and you probably know him a little better."

I nodded silently and listened carefully.

"As I mentioned to you earlier Mr. Martinello, I'll do my very best to give you some information by the end of this day.  I have a feeling that if Valerio is really looking for you, then he shouldn't be hard to find.  I'll start by checking out the streets."

Again, I nodded.  I wanted to be sure that I gave Massoli all the information needed to find Val.  The sooner he found him, the better.

"Alright, that sounds like a good idea.  Last I heard of Val, he was selling himself by the harbour near the Naval Academy at Via Bruxelles, and Parco della Resistenza.  I've tried looking for him at the park, but that place is too big for one person to cover."

"Listen Massoli, I need to get back to Dante.  I've left him much too long by himself, and we need to be heading back home."

Massoli checked his watch and nodded in agreement.

"I agree, this is not a place to leave a kid his age alone for too long.  Did I mention to you, that I had four guys who offered me blowjobs while I rode my bike up the trail?  I couldn't believe it either, but as soon as I flashed them my badge, they were left speechless, and with a dreadful look on their faces."

I had to smile at the predicament Massoli had been through.  But I'm sure that as a cop, and a private detective working for the Agency, he had seen it all, heard it all, and I'm sure done it all.

"I'm sorry to hear Massoli.  Well, you're right about one thing this place sees a lot of action."

Massoli gave a loud grunt, and fumbled in his pocket for another cigarette, and once he had found it, he lit it up.  I had honestly lost count of how many smokes this guy had gone through, what a filthy fucking habit.

"Well my feelings on that are, if I want my dick sucked then I'll shove it in your mouth.  Otherwise leave me the fuck alone, and keep your queer fucking mouth to yourself."

I smiled, laughed out loud, and made our way back to the clearing.




I had lost track of the time, so I don't know how long my dad had been gone with Mr. Massoli.  I wondered what my dad had to say to him that was so private?  What didn't he want me to hear?  Time was flying by, and I was getting bored and restless, when all of the sudden I heard voices coming from the main trail.

All of the sudden, two men came out of the trail.  They were laughing out loud, holding hands, and wearing practically next to nothing.  They seemed to be around my dad's age, the tallest of the two was wearing a white tank top, and a pair of shorts that were way too small for him, and in a flashy neon pink colour.  The other one was a shorter, skinnier man, who was wearing a blue tank top, and grey track pants.

"Holy shit Dom, this must be our lucky day.  Take a look over there, there's a cute little elf sitting on a rock."

They both walked slowly, and cautiously towards me.  They seemed curious and kept looking around, perhaps trying to see if I was indeed alone.  As they both came closer, part of me felt weird, and kinda uncomfortable.  I couldn't really describe the feeling, but I didn't like them at all.

"Well, well, well... and what do we have here?  Are you a cute little elf, or a mischievous little leprechaun?"

I knew better than to talk to strangers.  I've been warned by my teachers, my mother, my grandmother, and especially my father to avoid talking to people that I don't know.  Besides, there's something about these guys...

"I'm waiting for my father and his friend, they should be back very soon.  I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not allowed to talk to  strangers."

They both looked into each other's eyes, and it looked like they wanted to laugh.  This was the first time that I felt nervous about being left alone.  I wished my dad was here.

"My, my... aren't you a very cute, and polite young thing.  You're right about not talking to strangers little one, it's a golden rule that you should always follow."

I sighed and kept looking for any signs of my father, and Mr. Massoli.

The tallest of the two sat on a rock opposite to me, and while giving me a degenerate look, smiled.

"So little one, does your daddy come here often?"

I shrugged my shoulders, and pouted.

The other one stood blocking my view, while keeping close eye contact with his friend.

"Do you always tag along with your daddy?"

These two men were really getting on my nerves.  I shook my head from side to side, and decided that I wasn't going to answer anymore of their nosy questions.

"Oh give it up Dom.  It's obvious that this little field mouse is not going to tell us anything else..."

Out of nowhere, I finally heard a very comforting, and masculine voice that brought much joy, and warmth to my heart.

"Dante? Are you alright, son?"

The two men simultaneously jumped into the air.  They were caught off guard, and both seemed to be very nervous, and certainly startled as they heard my dad's deep baritone voice.

"I'm very sorry that I took so long sport.  It's everything alright?"

My father kept looking at me with deep concern, while giving the two men a nasty, and suspicious look.

"Yeah, I'm alright, dad.  I was getting worried, you were gone for so long."

My dad gave me a sweet, and warm smile while caressing my right cheek.  The two stranger's eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets, and they were practically drooling at the mouth as they leered at my father and Mr. Massoli.  One of the men, took one step forward, cleared his throat, and introduced himself.

"Good morning gentlemen.  My name is Domenico, and this is my good friend Eliseo.  We were just keeping the young lad company.  I would also like to congratulate the father of this little boy for raising him to be a smart, and very polite young man."

Domenico was addressing my father while batting his eyelashes, as he spoke.  My dad took a hold of my hand, kissed it and pulled me close to him.

"I appreciate that you kept my son company, and thank you for the compliment.  However with all due respect, you'll have to excuse us, but my son and I need to be heading home now.  Have a good day, gentlemen."

My dad and I had started to walk towards the trail, when the one called Dom blocked our path.

"Do you really need to go?  My friend Eliseo can look after your son, while I could perhaps... entertain the both of you?"

I held my father's hand and looked up at him.  My father's face looked a little bit annoyed, and I could tell that he didn't like these two men either.

"That really won't be necessary, Dom.  I'm not at all interested, now if you would excuse us..."

Dom looked disappointed but determined, and continued to block our way.

"I'm very good at pleasing my regulars, and I would certainly do anything, to please both of you in any way possible."

My father gently let go of my hand, and took one step forward.  He's face looked flustered, and he seemed angry.  For a brief moment, I thought my dad was going to punch him.

Mr. Massoli took one step forward, and quickly blocked my father.  He placed his giant right hand on Dom's shoulder, and his left on my dad's shoulder.

"Listen guys, my friend here is trying not to be rude.  He has a kid that needs to be taken home, and be nursed by his mommy, but I'll take you up on your offer.  So how about it guys?"

Dom immediately jumped out of the way, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.  Eliseo on the other hand was busy checking Mr. Massoli from head to toe, and licking his lips.  My father gave me a playful pat on the butt, picked me up, and sat me on his strong shoulders.

"I thought that you were going back to work, Massoli?  You changed your mind, or they changed your mind?"

Mr. Massoli obscenely rubbed his crotch while looking at Dom's delirious face.

"Well it's way too late to show up for my shift.  I'll just tell the Chief of Police that Antonio Martinello had a very important assignment for me, and that it was a matter of urgency.  He's always talking about you, and sees you as a son, so he'll more than glad to know that I'm helping you out."

I had to chuckle at the idea of being used as a scapegoat.  As far as the Chief of Police and I are concerned, we go way back. If it wasn't for his constant watchful eye on me while growing up, I don't know where I would be right now.

Once in a while, I tend to run into the Chief at the Tapu, and while enjoying a quiet game of poker and a cold beer, we'll talk about the good old days and my short career as a professional boxer.  One thing that kept my mind racing was the fact that Massoli had accepted Dom's offer, I would have never, ever imagined that.

"Alright then Massoli, give my best to the Chief, and give me a call if you find anything.  You know where you can reach me, ciao."

I carried Dante on my shoulders, and headed towards the path.  As I walked away, I turned around to see Dom and Eliseo lead Massoli behind some trees, and in a blink of an eye they were out of sight.




I was led into a very secluded area, it was a safe enough distance from the main trail, and where we wouldn't be easily disturbed.  Now, I don't usually hook up with faggots but then again it's been ages since I've shot my load, and as the old saying goes, "What's good enough for the goose, it's good enough for the gander."

"Alright you faggots, this is far enough.  I don't think we'll be disturbed here, so I want those fairy lips giving my cock a good tongue bath.  Now, let's see if you two cock hounds really know how to give a decent blow job."

These two morons seemed nervous, yet anxious to do something.

"Well? what the fuck are you morons waiting for?  Don't just stand there looking stupid, get to work!"

I pulled Dom close to me with such a force, that I ended up ripping his tank top in half.  The look on his face was priceless, he looked scared, and like he wanted to cry.

"What's the matter little girl?  Is the little faggot going to start crying?"

Dom gave me an angry look, while Eliseo watched in scared silence.

"This is a brand new tank top that you've just ripped.  You're being too rough man, take it easy, don't..."

I leaned closer to Dom, so that I was towering over him, and while looking down at him, I growled.

"What the fuck did you just say, faggot?"

Dom cowered, shook his head side to side, and quietly lowered his gaze towards the ground.  Apparently Domenico had lost the ability to speak.

"That's much better Dom.  Now, I'm going to make myself very clear, and I want the two of you to pay careful attention.  If I want either one of you two faggots to speak, then I'll tell you what to say and when to say it.  Otherwise keep those pussy lips closed.  Is that clear girls?"

I stood there waiting for an answer, only both morons remained silent not knowing how to give a proper answer.

"Are you stupid fags, deaf, mentally retarded or what?  I didn't hear a fucking answer!"

Dom and Eliseo both jumped at the sound of my angry voice, they both took a couple of steps backwards looking terrified.

"Are the two of you nodding because, you are stupid?  I don't understand you guys, a couple of minutes ago, you were practically ready to jump my friend back there, and rape him and his kid.  Now, you're all coy and silent, so what gives a fuck?"

Finally Eliseo had the balls to take a step forward and open his mouth.

"Look, we're extremely sorry for coming on too strong.  It's just that when Dom and I saw you coming out of the woods with that handsome friend of yours, and we honestly thought that both of you were looking for a good time.  As for the kid, look man don't get the wrong impression, there was no way that we were going to touch him, honestly.  Perhaps my friend and I should just go quietly, and we'll forget that this incident ever happened..."

I stood there in silence while looking at them sternly and defiantly.  Who knows, perhaps these two fucking idiots were telling the truth, then again...

"It's too late now for your fucking apologies.  You see my cock doesn’t lie when it comes to perverts.  In fact, I got a major hardon right now, and it's leaking a lot of precum.  So my cock is telling me, and I'll bet my right nut that the two of you sick perverts were itching to fuck the little kid back there..."

I was going to enjoy grilling these two fucking fagots.  There was no fucking way that I was going to let these two perverts get away this easy.  Besides, the look on their faces was hilarious, they were both practically shitting, and pissing their pants.

This was way too much fun, I was going to enjoy humiliating, and degrading these two sick fuckers.

"Enough bullshit, I want both of you two fuckers to take off your clothes, and do it slowly, very fucking slowly.  I want to take a good look at the whores that I'll be soon fucking."

Dom and Eliseo exchanged panic-stricken glances at each other.  I think they were figuring out that perhaps they were in over their head on this occasion.  When these two pieces of shit woke up this morning, I don't think that they ever expected that their  day was going to turn out this way.

These two morons are typical cock hungry fags that have come to the park cruising for sex, and this part of the park is notorious for being a gay cruising ground.  It's been known for ages that gay men come here looking for sex but the police department has better and more important things to do.  So in other words, we simply turn a blind eye to the sodomy going around in the park, and let the fags do their thing.

Finally Dom and Eliseo were taking off the very little they were wearing, and once undressed they stood shivering and covering their private parts with their hands.

"Not bad, not bad at all, pretty good.  It looks like you two girls take good care of your bodies, I'm very impressed."

I slowly took off my shirt and threw it on the ground, I could feel both of these two faggot's eyes feasting on my body.  I had to smile as I saw them practically drooling and licking their tongues.  These two queers thirsted and yearned for something they wanted, and wanted it badly.  As I took off my shorts and underwear, I heard a gasp escape their mouths in unison.

"Now I want both of you fucking morons to crawl on your hands and knees, and get your worthless asses over here!"

Dom and Eliseo gave each other a quick look, and immediately got on their hands and knees, and started crawling towards me.  Dom was the first one to crawl right next to my leg and as he looked up at me, I could see fear and desire in his deep blue eyes.

"Look Eliseo, your queer buddy beat you.  I believe that Dom is showing more enthusiasm, don't you think so?  I mean at least he looks more eager, so I guess that the polite thing to do is to have him worship my cock first.  Unfortunately for you, well you'll just have to stay on your hands and knees, and watch."

Eliseo looked terribly disappointed.  He looked pretty pissed off actually, while giving Dom an angry look.

Dom was about to touch my cock with his right hand when I slapped him hard across the face.

* SLAP *

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?  Did I say you could touch me?  Well, you stupid faggot did I?"

Dom gave me a look of pure confusion, while trembling in pure shock.

"I'm very sorry, but I though you wanted me to suck your beautiful cock?"

I angrily spat on his face, while even more anger boiled within me.  I held his chin in the palm of my hand, and roughly squeezed his lips.

"Listen very closely you stupid faggot, because I'm only going to say this once.  Never, ever touch my body without my permission, you got that?"

Dom was trembling violently and tears were forming in his eyes.  He got me so angry, that I pushed him back with such a force that he landed hard on his ass.  I directed my gaze towards Eliseo, and with my index finger motioned to come to me.

"YOU!  Let's see if you're any better at taking orders.  Get your worthless ass over here!"

Eliseo trembled the whole time, the poor fucker looked like he was about to piss himself.  He did however, move like lighting towards me.

"You heard what I told this fucking idiot.  Now, don't make me repeat myself Eliseo, do you understand? Don't fucking answer me, simply nod your head, yes or no."

Eliseo nodded silently, while staring deeply into my eyes.

"Now, what is it that I want you to do?"

Eliseo looked at Domenico, but I snapped my fingers in front of his eyes.

"Don't look at him!  I asked you a simple question, and you don't need his help in answering.  Now let's try this again, what is it that I want you to do?"

"Uhhh, you want me to suck your delicious and beautiful cock.  It would also be my pleasure to service you, and pleasure you in any way that you may wish.  You're a powerful and handsome man that deserves anything he wants..."

I crossed my arms and gave Eliseo a nod of approval.  Eliseo sighed a breath of relief, and once again licked his pussy lips.

"Not bad Eliseo, not bad at all.  You're quite good at kissing ass, then again you're a faggot, so it comes naturally to you.  Now, is this what you're thirsting for?  Does the faggot want to suck my cock?  Are you thirsting for a real man's cock Eliseo?"

Eliseo had a glazed and mesmerized look on his face, the faggot seemed to be hypnotized.  He actually reminded me of something, but what?  Then it hit me, the way his head swayed back and forth reminded me about the Snake charmers from Sri Lanka.

On my trips around the globe, I've seen a lot of cool and some mighty fucking strange things that are difficult to explain.  Snake charmers are the perfect example, these men have to be seen to be believed.  A snake charmer will play a few notes on his flute and will hypnotize the deadly serpent with the movements he makes, and since snakes don't have external ears they use a sensory organ that picks up vibration which moves through solid objects.  So the Cobra picks up the vibrations of the flute and concentrates its full attention on it, and nothing else.

Eliseo was reacting the same way, I waved my thick cock in front of his face, and he wouldn't take his eyes off it.  It was obvious that the fucker was in a deep trance, this bitch was mine for the taking.

Eliseo's throat looked parched, the poor fucker looked really thirsty.  I slowly and in the most cruel, and teasing manner stroked my cock within inches of Eliseo's lips.  I knew that he wanted to launch forward, and suck my cock like some wanton whore, but I had to teach this faggot a lesson in humility.

"Damn that cock is huge, and thick too!  I want your cock, I want you... I admit it and I'm not ashamed to say it.  I need it please, feed it to me, pleeeease, I beg of you!"

Hearing Eliseo beg, got my cock got harder and harder, the poor fucker looked like he was ready to have a heart attack.  Eliseo was sweating from head to toe, and his face looked ravenous just to get a taste.  A drop of precum had formed at the tip of the head, so I took my index finger, gently scooped the clear drop, and held it before his lips.

"Now be a good whore, and stick out your tongue."

Eliseo obeyed my orders while looking up into my eyes, and giving a look of pure delight and excitement.  I aligned my crotch with his face, and gently placed the drop of precum on his tongue.  Eliseo wasted no time and voraciously devoured my finger, sucked it, and licked it like a baby starving for his bottle.

"OH GOD!  That tastes so delicious, so fucking exquisite.  Please sir,... give me more, I want to taste more!"

I gave Eliseo a lewd smile, while gently caressing his right cheek.

"I guess you've been teased enough, Eliseo.  Go ahead bitch, you have permission to suck it."

And with those last words, Eliseo lunged forward and impaled himself on my cock.

"OH FUCK YEAH, GODDAMM!  Damn Eliseo, you're a first-class, outstanding cocksucking whore.  Fuck you're good!  Take that cock down your throat bitch, take all of it you fucking whore!  Open that mouth wide, oh yeah... I'll feed you my cock!  Yeah that's it baby, open that mouth wide!"

Eliseo had gone berserk, crazed in fact.  The fag had an urge and the need to satisfy himself with cock.  This fucker was ravenous and voracious, he gulped down hard and inhaled nervously at my twitching cock.  The bitch sucked my dick like he's life depended on it.  Come to think of it, it did.

Domenico on the other hand, well the poor fuck was quiet and looking resentful.  I felt that he had learned his lesson, at least one that he wouldn't forget.

"Alright Dom, you can join us now.  Now, come over here, and get a taste of this juicy cock."

Dom gave me a cheerful smile, and hurried to join in the fun.

His eyes roamed once again at the thick and veiny shaft that throbbed strongly and wildly in Eliseo's mouth.  I had to force and yank my cock out of Eliseo's mouth, otherwise Dom wouldn't get a taste.  I held my cock in front of Dom's lips, dripping and covered with Eliseo's saliva, it was quite the fucking sight.

This time Dom was patient and ready.  He opened his mouth to form a perfect O, while his tongue fluttered impatiently between his widespread cocksucking lips.  I leaned into him and slowly fed the huge, brightly red cockhead into Dom's already out-stretched tongue.

Dom trembled, while giving a loud groan, and lashed out with his swirling tongue.  I groaned deeply, as I felt Dom's gifted tongue swirling around my cockhead.  I gasped involuntarily, as I watched this agile and expert cock whore suck the living daylights out of me.

Eliseo was sticking out his tongue, and begging for more cock.  I simply nodded my head in approval, and he lunged forward taking my thick cock all the way down to my pubes.  Eliseo planted kiss after kiss on my fat, throbbing shaft, while lapping noisely, and licking out drops of slippery precum.

Domenico and Eliseo took turns giving me an excellent, and well lubed blowjob.  These two cockwhores looked absolutely and undividedly consumed in an animalistic heat.  I wanted to submit these two fuckers to the most salacious, and stimulating fornication that they have ever encountered.

"Dom, stop sucking my cock and give your buddy a wet, and sloppy kiss on the mouth.  You know what? I have a better idea, feed him some of that spit that you're holding in your mouth."

Dom gave me a look of pure disgust, as he looked at Eliseo.

"Ummm, but we're just friends.  We, we... have never done anything sexual together, I don't think I could..."

And before he had finished his sentence, I grabbed him by the neck, and threw him on the ground.

"Now listen to me, you fucking stupid asswipe.  I'm not asking you to do it, I'm telling you!  So don't fucking piss me off, you got that?"

Dom lowered his head, closed his eyes and indulged me by giving a juicy kiss to his best buddy, Eliseo.  They both kept their eyes closed as they french kissed.  Watching these two whores making out was making me hornier by the second, I was sweating buckets, and couldn't control myself any longer.

"Alright... enough, already!  Both of you start sucking my cock again, let's get this show on the go.  I want to start plowing some queer ass!"

Dom's tongue met Eliseo's, and they both shared a wet sloppy kiss.  They sucked, and slurped the clear fluid that gushed from the piss-slit, while both moaned, and groaned with eagerness and desire.

As Dom and Eliseo fought for the possession of my cock, I grabbed Eliseo's chin and raised his head to meet my eyes.

"Bend over, cunt!"

In a heart beat Eliseo did as instructed and got on all fours.  He teased, and provoked me, by wiggling his bubble butt in front of me.  It was hard to remain looking so serious with his taunts, I had to give him an approving smile while I continuously milked my cock.

"Dom, get behind your buddy here, and spread his ass for me."

Domenico arched his eyebrows, but did as instructed.

"Yeah, you heard me faggot!"

Dom reluctantly got behind Eliseo and nervously spread his nice bubble butt apart.  Dom's hands were shaking and while looking at me, he took a big gulp, and knew what was coming next.

"Yeah, you know what you have to do shit face.  Don't look at me like that, I want you to rim your buddy and get that sweet hole nice and loose for me."

Dom nodded his head sideways while looking scared, I smiled at his reaction, it was after all the response that I had expected.  It appears that Domenico was going to learn the hard way not to question my orders.  Being defiant doesn’t sit well with me, and I have a very short fuse when someone questions anything I have to say.

"This is not the time to get coy, Dom.  You don't like this suggestion?"

Dom averted his eyes, and once again lowered his gaze towards the ground.

"You don't want to rim your buddy, Dom?  Why is that? is it too slutish for your taste?  So, you're not the kind of whore that will lick a man's ass?"

Dom was looking at me and silently pleading with his eyes.  Eliseo on the other hand, simply kept wiggling his ass, and even used his own hands to further spread his ass.

"Look at the way your buddy is inviting you Dom, don't be rude, don't ignore him.  C'on it's an open invitation, so you better dive down between those juicy ass cheeks, and get your filthy tongue in there."

Dom gave a loud sigh, closed his eyes and dove in.  Eliseo let out a loud groan, started shivering, and pushed his sweet ass further into Dom's face.

"See Dom, that wasn't so hard.  Besides, it looks like your buddy here is enjoying your talented tongue."

My grin broadened, as I noticed that Dom's cock was also getting hard.  Dom was finally starting to enjoy his own debauchery, it was obvious that this pig enjoyed wallowing in his own filth.

Not even a minute had passed by, when a lusty cry escaped Eliseo.  Dom was doing a pretty good job, and enjoying himself as well.  He would moan, lunge forward, and bury his face deep into Eliseo's sweaty ass crack.  Dom would ravenously kiss, lick, bite and lap at Eliseo's gaping asshole.  He seemed so enraptured in the process that he had forgotten all his hang-ups, and inhibitions.

I had roused both whores enough, and it was my turn to join in this sinful, carnal perversion.

"Alright Domenico, get your fucking face out his asshole.  You've loosed that whore enough, and I want to breed him now."

I grabbed Dom by his neck, and sternly fixed my eyes on his.  Dom had a glazed and flushed look on his face, he was completely turned on by the sodomy that we were both inflicting on his best friend.

"I want you to watch closely, and see how your buddy takes my cock up his ass.  In the mean time, I think that your pussy buddy would enjoy some fellatio.  So why don't you get your head and mouth between this whore's legs, and start sucking away."

Eliseo was getting restless, and itching for a good hard fuck.  The slut would push his bubble butt up to my crotch, spread his cheeks apart while moaning the whole time.  Dom also did as instructed, and soon enough I felt his hot breath on my balls and on the sensitive skin between my ball sack and ass crack.  His heavy, warm breath caused an excitement that gave me goose bumps all over my sweaty body.

My cock throbbed and pulsed wildly at careful attention my balls were getting.  I grabbed the thick, hard shaft with my right hand, and began to milk my cock for lube.

"So are you ready whore? Is the princess finally ready for a real fuck?  Yeah, I believe you are Eliseo, I can see that you're a insatiable, world-class cum-hungry slut.  Now be a good girl, and tell your buddy Domenico what it is that you want."

Eliseo's voice came out a bit slurred, and in panting breath, he answered.

"Oh please, I want you to fuck me.  Please fuck me as hard as you can, do anything you want, do whatever pleases you. Just fuck me already!"

Those were the words that I needed to hear, those were the words I had waited for.  I knew and he knew it, and now it was time to comply to Eliseo's request.

"Hey Dom, open that whore mouth of yours, and coat my cock with lots of spit.  Mind you, coat it well 'cause this cock is going to impale your buddy's ass.  So for his sake and yours, you better do a good job."

Once Dom had coated my dick with so much spit that it was practically dripping, it was time to start the anal assault.  I brushed the head of my cock across the glowing skin of Eliseo's bubble butt, while Dom was happily, and greedily sucking his buddy's cock.

"Alright, here we go faggot!"

I pressed forward and spread his ass cheeks further apart by pushing my thick cock against his quivering sphincter.  I used the strength of my muscled legs to break behind the barrier, and at that moment Eliseo's asshole felt fucking awesome.  It was warm, tight and heavenly, I could even feel his asshole gape open under the pressure.

I'm not one to brag, but I do know that both guys and girls love my cock.  In fact they can't seem to get enough, at first they easily spread their legs, and practically beg for me to fuck them.  However, taking a twelve-incher is quite a challenge, but once you're able to accommodate my thick fuck stick, you'll be begging, and squealing for even more cock.

I prepared myself for the violent protest that I would soon encounter from Eliseo.  Now, I've been fucking since I was fifteen, and I've heard all the excuses imaginable.  Many think that simply because they can spread their legs or ass, that they're experienced in the art of riding a cock to full glory, but there's more to it than that much, much more.

At first you'll feel a sharp stabbing pain, which usually lasts for couple of minutes.  That's when the complaining, and bitching begins.  Once I commence my assault, that's when they start struggling, squirming, and trying to free themselves from my hefty cock.

This reaction in no way makes me slow down, on the contrary it only provokes me to fuck these whores senseless.  To fuck them even harder, and basically pound their asses to a pulp.  After all, these filthy whores need to learn a good lesson, and one that they'll never forget.

So far, I've never had any pity on anyone that I've fucked.  These sluts mean nothing to me, they know exactly what they're getting themselves into, and if being treated like a harlot is what gets you off.  Then I'll gladly accommodate you, indulge you, and treat you like the piece of shit that you really are.

For a moment I was actually thinking about the kid that Antonio wanted me to find.  Valerio is very cute indeed, quite the looker, and a tender young morsel.  Who the fuck cares if this kid has been used, and abused like a two-cent whore.  Still, I could take advantage of this situation once I find him.  I mean a whore's a whore... right?

For some fucking insane reason, I couldn't get that sweet smile and full red lips out of my head.  I had practically popped a boner when Antonio showed me the photo of the kid.  I know by heart that this kid has got to be an excellent cock sucker, I mean guys with a perfect set of lips like those were born to pleasure another man's cock.

I was pounding away at Eliseo's ass, and hadn't even noticed that the poor bastard was crying, and shouting at me to slow down.  I guess that a burning and blistering sensation had engulfed Eliseo, and was now spreading rapidly throughout his whole body.  The poor fucker was getting a taste of what it's like to feel stuffed, and impaled by a real man's cock.

All of the sudden I came out of my stupor.  At that moment Eliseo was sobbing, and whining uncontrollably, which was annoying the hell out of me.  The stupid fucker made me lose my train of thought.

"Ohhh Jesus!  You're too big, please pull out, please!  I beg you, you're just too fucking big!"

Eliseo was now screaming at the top of his lungs.  The worthless asshole's voice sounded stressed, and quite strained.

"Take it like a man Eliseo.  Shut the fuck up, and take it like a man!  Besides, I'm halfway there honey, keep pushing your ass towards me, and suck it up.  All you whores say the same thing at first, but once you learn to accommodate my cock, you'll be begging for more cock.  Trust me cunt."

Eliseo kept whining, and wailing like a virgin on her wedding night.

"See what I mean Eliseo?  First you were such a confident whore.  You were practically wriggling your hips, and shoving your ass in my face, begging to be fucked.  You fucking sluts are all the same, you're all like, 'Fuck me, do me, please fuck me harder!'  Bending over right in front of my face, spreading your ass apart, and making sure that your asshole winks at me."

"But now that you've gotten a mere taste of this monster cock, you're like "Oh,'s way too big, you're ripping my ass apart.  Please stop, please take it out, I beg you...!'  Tsk, tsk, tsk, tease, tease, tease... it's the only thing you whores are good for.  You're a cock teaser Eliseo, but I don't care, you're gonna ride this cock and you'll learn to enjoy it, or die trying!"

And with that I gave his bubble butt a very hard slap, grabbed his hips, and fucked him even harder.  Eliseo screamed, and screamed bloody rape.  The faggot begged for mercy, but I simply ignored him.  I fucked him brutally, senselessly, and without any mercy.

With all the screaming, and thrashing going on, I grabbed Eliseo's face and while nibbling in his right ear, I softly whispered.

"Listen carefully faggot, no matter how loud you howl, no matter how loud you scream, no one is going to come to your rescue.  So go ahead, scream all you want, but I'll see to it that your ass, and every other part of your body will be sore tomorrow!"

Not long after Eliseo's resistance crumbled, and disintegrated much like his self-respect.  He, like all the rest before him, eventually gave in to the heat, the lust and the passion.

"Arggh, no please, no more!  You're killing me, you're hurting me!  You're too goddam big!"

I chuckled and continued my assault, while Dom was very busy sucking Eliseo's cock, and lapping at my hairy balls.

"Take it, you fucking slut!  For fuck sakes Eliseo, take it like a man!  Have some self-respect, you fucking whore!  You'd think that I was ripping you apart with all this screaming, but don't worry, soon enough you'll get the itch.  You'll want me to feed you more cock, to drive inch after inch up your ass, despite all those pleas."

After about thirty minutes of ass pounding, and holding myself true to my word, Eliseo was now pushing his ass further into my thick cock.  He had finally taken control, and was slowly fucking himself.  He grabbed my hips, dug his nails into my flesh, and pulled me closer to his already bruised ass.

"Oh, you're right Andres, you're absolutely right.  I'm hooked on you, at first when you pushed that thick cock in my ass, I felt an agonizing and burning pain.  Now, you're making me hornier and hotter by the second, please fuck me, fuck me hard, I want your cum inside my ass!"

As I had predicted, the whore had been tamed.  I soon felt Eliseo's firm ass, pressing back to meet my cock, now he had a mind and will of his own.

"Ohh, shit man!  Ohhh fuck!  I want to be bred by you, please give me more of your cock.  I wanna feel you deeper, I need your big cock, all the way in, please fill me up!"

Underneath us, all I could hear were loud slurping sounds.  I guess that Dom was really enjoying himself, the other cunt was in heaven too, sucking, slurping, and swallowing Eliseo's cock juice.

"Glad to see that you've come around, Eliseo.  A slut like you is always looking for a good time, and especially a good fuck, right Eliseo?"

I forcefully grabbed his hips again, while I thrust more cock into his ass.  Then there was one final thrust downward, and our bodies were fused together.  Eliseo yelped, and groaned as he felt the last inch being thrust deep into his guts.  From then on, we just fucked, and fucked, and fucked our brains out.

Eliseo moaned, thrust, and rotated his impaled asshole on my dick.  The three of us were writhing, and thrashing all over the place.  My throbbing cock drilled and drilled into Eliseo's clenching, and contracting hot tunnel.  My body rose and fell, plunging with a violent force and I buried myself to the balls, while Eliseo clutched his convulsing butt hole.  Gradually Eliseo rose to a high level of arousal, and shouted out loud...

"Ohhhh, Christ!  Shit, man... you're driving me fucking wild!  Fuck my asshole,... ram that fucker deep into me!  Cum... cum in my ass!  Fuck, I love your meat!"

Eliseo's hot talk was really turning my crank.  His squirming, moaning, and erratic rhythm was driving up the wall.

"I sure love it, every fucking inch.  Ohhh fuck... can't get enough, shoot your huge load in me!  Fuck me... fuck me, please!"

I could feel my hairy balls bouncing and slapping in the sweaty valley of Eliseo's thighs and ass cheeks.  My own breathing was getting short, laboured and raspy.  I thrust my hips forward again and again, shoving my cock into his aching and sore asshole.  I slammed the thick shaft up his butt with all my might, and fucked him hard and fast for long moments.  Every now and then, I would change my rhythm between slow and easy, then harder and faster.

Throughout the commotion, I felt Dom's tongue, swirling, licking and lapping at my balls.  Again and again, I felt Dom's tongue trying to lap at Eliseo's ass lips.  Once in a while he would take my cock out of his buddy's ass and give it a good suck and then shove it back into his buddy's pussy.

Eliseo was gasping for air and sobbed helplessly.  He tossed his head from side to side, and his whole body shuddered violently.  I, on the other hand, was totally absorbed and possessed by the fury of this fuck.  With all my strength, I hammered my cock, and ground Eliseo's ass against my crotch.  My heart hammered, my breath was becoming short, and my head felt like it was ready to explode, I was very close to cumming.

I had Eliseo moaning and whimpering, as I thrust my hips.  He, on the other hand, clamped his asshole even tighter, and with a breathless and overpowering desire, our bodies writhed in the heat of ecstasy.

"Ahhh, yeah Eliseo!  Oh yeah, baby... you've got a nice, tight ass.  I'll flood your guts with my cum, baby!  That's it sweet thing, clamp that asshole!"

Eliseo pushed back with even more enthusiasm, ardour and strength.  I groaned, while viciously slamming my cock into his slimy and bruised pussy hole.  Eliseo squirmed with the brutal fucking that I was giving him, and greedily took every inch of cock that I gave him.  At the same time Eliseo was also feasting on Dom's cock, and devouring it like a starved whore, and like all good things, our fuck was coming to an end.

I fucked Eliseo violently and furiously like a jackhammer.  This ruthless, uncompassionate, and unemotional fornication was no act of love, it was just a fuck.  I felt like a locomotive out of control, and at the brink of exploding.

Eliseo went crazy with all that cock in him, he squirmed and moaned with lust.  He had 12 thick inches up his shit hole and his best friend's cock down throat.  The fucker was impaled front and back, my balls were aching for release and I couldn't control myself any longer.  My voice rose above the noise, above the slapping, juicy sounds of hardcore sex.

"Yeah, you fucking whore!  You're hot for big, hard cock.  I'll make sure that I fill you up with the cream from my balls, and I'll make you cum like you've never come before.  You'll have another load down your throat, make sure that you drink every drop your buddy has to offer you!"

"I want to hear you scream, faggot!  I want to hear you groan, and shout.   You'll cum, and cum, and cum...while we fill you with hot sticky cum, 'till you can take no more, 'till it oozes out of your mouth, and out of your ass.  Listen up whore, I'm close now, very close to cumming up your ass!"

I grabbed Dom's head with my right hand and pulled him off Eliseo's cock.  Dom looked completely wasted, he looked kinda high as well.

"Listen up Dom, I'm close, and I want you to cum at the same time.  I want you to shoot your load in your buddy's mouth, you got that?  Make sure that you're ready to unload soon, I can't hold it any longer, I'm going to explode... to shoot..!"

Dom grunted enthusiastically, signaling that he was ready too.  I felt his hot breath at my balls, and pictured him under me, staring wide eyed, and watching Eliseo's clutching asshole as I fucked him.  I then heard Dom's voice, as he shouted.

"Yeah fuck him, man!  Fuck his ass good, drive him over the edge with your big, thick cock.  Plunge it deep, real deep, you're so fucking hot.  I've never seen a cock like that, I've never seen anyone taking a man's ass like that, with such strength, such power, and stamina.  Yeah man, I'm ready to cum, any second... ready to shoot my load into my buddy's mouth!"

In an almost unison reaction, Dom and I rammed our cocks into Eliseo's aching body.  We both groaned in excitement, and with the determination to fuck the living shit out of him.  I could feel my dick jerking, and pulsing, feel it convulsing with raw power.  A second later, we both groaned and cried in passion.

The air was filled with muffled cries and at the same time, our bodies burst like a fucking dam.  Hot cum spewed forth from my cock, and a mass of hot, sticky semen erupted violently into Eliseo's asshole, filling it to the point of overflowing.  Dom had also cum in Eliseo's mouth, I could hear him gurgling, gagging, choking, and panting while drinking his bud's sperm.

Wave after wave, of sweet, creamy cum was shot into Eliseo's ass and tongue.  Eliseo gave such a loud cry, that birds nesting in the trees scattered at the sound of his high pitch scream.  His balls had exploded and he had also had a violent orgasm, brought by the feeling of two pulsing, jerking cocks.

I slowly pulled out of Eliseo, sat on my ass and caught my breath.  Eliseo fell onto the grass, and rolled onto his back, the faggot was still panting, and breathing deeply and rapidly.  His smooth stomach was covered in his own cum, and a stream of my cum was leaking out of his well used butt hole.

As Eliseo lay spent on the grass, I called Domenico over.

"Dom get your worthless ass over here!"

Dom had trouble getting up, the guy was just as tired and spent as I was, but he still made the effort to hurry to my side.

"So Dom, you didn't get to taste much of my cream did you?"

Dom gave me a tired but curious look, while nodding his head from side to side.

"Well, you might still have a chance.  You know where to find it, you know where I've left it for you."

I stepped closer to Eliseo's bruised ass and opened the deep cleft of his butt.  I spread the bubble butt wide open, and inserted three fingers deep into his asshole.  I pushed roughly past the quivering clamping ring muscle, despite the loud muffled cries of protest and pain coming from Eliseo.  I drove my fingers as far as I could into his ass, and began to spread them apart.  Instantly, cum welled up and leaked out of the gaping asshole like a lush river.

It was quite the load that had accumulated inside Eliseo's guts.  It was one giant reservoir of hot and tasty man cum.  As I forced his ass even wider apart, all my sperm ran out, and coated not only my hands and wrist, but Eliseo's ass crack, balls and thighs as well.

Eliseo squirmed and tried to clamp his butt again, but of course that was to no avail.  I scooped up more and more cum with my fingers, while digging deeper, and deeper into his ass.  Dom was transfixed by the scene, so I grabbed him by the neck and shoved his face into his buddy's pussy.  His efforts were rewarded, I could see the tip of his tongue brushing over the wet, slick flesh and dipping into the well slick ass.  Suddenly another wave of hot cum washed over his tongue, and filled his mouth to the point of overflowing.

Dom seemed blissful, thrilled actually, like a pig rolling in his own shit.  He lapped at the bruised asshole and lap it up like a kitten.  Dom was tasting a divine, salty, rich and protein essence, far richer than any other man's cum.  He went mad with lust, moaning, gurgling, groaning, and probing greedily deeper, and deeper with his eager tongue.

Suddenly and without a word, I grabbed Dom by the hair and threw him back on the ground.

"Let me see your fucking tongue, and let me see my cum!"

I grabbed Dom by the throat, and opened his mouth.  A mixture of spit, cum and ass juices cascaded down his chin.

"That's a good whore, all wet and slimy.  You liked the deep tongue fucking, slut?  Looks like you instantly acquired a taste for it, uh? You like my cum? tastes good doesn’t it, bitch?"

Dom had tears streaming out of his eyes.  Now, whether these tears were from pain and humiliation, I don't know and in all honesty, I really didn't give a rat's ass.

"Oh yeah, Sir!  I loved it, really loved it, and want more.  Please give me more, I need more..."

I gave Dom a look of annoyance, and didn't bother to answer the fucker.  I got closer to him, and forced his head into Eliseo's ass crack again, where he resumed his ardent tongue fuck.

"You should take a look at yourself, Dom.  I've never seen such a filthy slut, actually both of you are the same."

I pushed Dom out of the way, and scooped up the little cum that he hadn't quite finished.  I held my cum covered fingers before Eliseo's mouth, and said.

"Lick my fingers clean, slut.  Do you like it? I'm sure you do, you're nothing but a cum crazy slut!"

And with that I slapped Eliseo's face hard, and walked away.

"Well sluts, thanks for the wild time.  I gotta be going now, I've got work to do,... ciao."

Dom and Eliseo looked at each other in confusion, and seemed saddened to see me go.

"Will we see you again?"

I checked the time on my watch, and left them with one word.


As I walked into the clearing, I encountered three fags sitting around some fallen pine logs.  Two were smoking, and the third one was young enough to be in his early teens.  All three looked curious, a bit nervous, and I'm sure that the reason they were here was because they had heard all the racket that had been going on earlier.

"What the fuck is this?  A social gathering of faggots?"

All three jumped into the air at the tone of my voice.

"I'm a police officer, patrolling the area.  Any one of you care to explain what you're doing here?"

All three went into panic mode, and couldn't even form a clear sentence.

"Look, I've had a shitty morning, and I don't want to hear your fucking excuses.  So let's do each other a big favour, I want the three of you to get back on the main trail, and leave this fucking area.  Is that clearly understood?"

All three nodded simultaneously, and in the blink of an eye, they took off in different directions.  A sense of obligation fell on me, when I saw the young kid hanging with this crowd.  He was way too young to be cruising for sex, and even if he was, then as a cop I would have to explain to him the dangers of hanging around his area, and it's repercussions.

"Hey you!  Yeah, I'm talking to you kid, get over here!"

The kid froze when he heard me call him.  He hesitated for a brief second, and looked in the way of the other two fags.  I think that he thought that perhaps they were going to stick up for him, but once they saw that I wanted to talk to him, and not them, they took off like bats out of hell.

The kid shuffled his feet, and took an eternity to walk up to me.  He seemed so nervous that I was sure that any second he was going to faint or piss his pants.

"How old are you?"

The kid raised both eyebrows, when I asked the question.

"I'm... 18"


I slapped the fucking kid so hard that he fell backwards.

"Let's try this again.  How old are you?"

Tears were forming in his eyes, and the kid was shaking like a leaf.

"Don't cry kid, tell me the truth and you'll be fine.  Lie to me and your ass is mine."

I leaned down to pick him up, wiped the tears from his face, and dusted the dirt off his shirt.

"I'm 15 years old, Sir."

I gave him an approving smile, and shook my head.

"Do you mind telling me, what a teenage kid is doing at Eagle's Rock?"

The kid averted his eyes, and stared at the ground.

"I was jogging, and stopped to rest.  I jog here every morning, I'm runner at my school, and this is the time I use for practice."

The body language of the kid spoke volumes.  It was a good story, bullshit, but still a good story.  The kid is a good liar, I'll give him that.  I mean that the little cunt made this whole story up in an instant, so he's certainly got promise.


"Good story kid, but you can't bullshit a bullshitter.  Now, we both know why you're here..."

The kid was now sobbing wildly, and about to interrupt me.  I softly placed my index finger on his sweet pouting, ruby red lips.

"Shhhh...don't say a word, and listen carefully."

"You're way too young to be fucking around in these woods.  It's too dangerous kid, and besides something could happen to you.  You wouldn't want that, would you?"

The kid stopped sobbing, and perhaps sensing that I wasn't going to haul his ass to jail, he stopped crying.

"What's your name?"

The kid gulped loudly, and wiped away the tears.

"Dario Barbieri, Sir"

"Well, Dario Barbieri it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Lieutenant Andres Massoli.  Now, I want you to write down your home address, and a phone number where you could be reached at."

The kid's face turned a pale white, and he starting crying again.

"Now, now, Dario nothing is going to happen to you.  I'm not giving you a ticket, or taking you to jail, this is simply a formality on my part.  And don't even think about giving me a fake address and number, or I'll track you down and tell your parents where I found you.  I'm sure that your parents would have a heart attack if they knew that they have a faggot for a son."

The kid wiped away more tears, and wrote down his home address and phone number.  This sweet kid was a perfect, obedient, and persuadable little puppy.

I read the address, and made a mental note that I was going to do a thorough investigation on Dario, and his entire family.

"Alright little Dario, it's time that you head back home, and remember that I never want to see you here again.  You got that, baby?"

Dario shook his head in agreement, walked away, headed towards the main trail, and vanished out of sight.  I sighed at the scene that had just taken place, and tried to erase it from my memory.  I took a faster, and more direct route towards my car, but one image was still playing in my head... Dario.

I lit a cigarette, and tried to get the kid's face out of my head, but I couldn't.  This kid was a beauty beyond words, emerald green eyes, full red lips, rosy cheeks, and jet black hair in a crewcut.  Very mature looking, masculine, yet still naive, and I bet anything in the world... a virgin.

He was quite tall for his age.  I mean he must have been at least 5'7, lean and with a good muscle tone.  Now wait a fucking minute, was I attracted to such a young boy? FUCK OFF... there's no fucking way!

I couldn't be... could I?  I can't be thinking this kind of shit right now, I have to concentrate on my job.  I have a very important assignment to do, and my reputation is on the line.  Antonio Martinello is an honoured, and extremely powerful member of the Agency, and this guy will want results.

I've been working with the Agency for fifteen long years, and I have to admit that when they first approached me, I was more than a little bit nervous.  But now that I've worked for them for such a long time, I've grown a thick skin, and I have mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared myself for anything, and everything.

Over the past years, I've been assigned jobs that have been so secretive, dangerous, and critical for either our members, or the Agency itself, that would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  Out of 200 police officers in our region, I was the only one that was hand picked, and recommended by the Chief of Police, Angelo Peruzzi to the Agency.

I had been carefully, and meticulously chosen for this secret society.  A thorough investigation was done on my life, every piece of information was gathered, no matter how miniscule.  Everything from the date, place, and time of birth, to family history, schooling, income, medical records, religion, etc.  This is one of many types of information that is required, essential, and mandatory before being admitted to this organization.

I know that I was partly chosen due my immaculate and flawless police record, but I'm sure that there were other motives for having been selected.  At least now, I can rest that my entire family, and my children's children (if I ever get married) will be under the protection and care of the Agency.

At the Agency, I work as a private investigator.  I'm in charge of espionage, intelligence, security, counter-intelligence, and counter-espionage.  My main duty is to help/aid any member of the brotherhood that might have the need of my special services.  Most of the time we deal with issues such as blackmail, ransom, financial ruin, scandals, or matters of personal security.  And instead of letting the police handle the case, I'll take over, keep it under wraps, and most importantly keep it out of the newspapers.

Another reason why so many men would even trade their firstborn sons for a lifetime membership.  Once you're a member of the Agency, you're above the law.  Our selected members, are exempt from rules or laws that apply to the common law-abiding citizen.

So in other words, you don't have to worry about paying that speeding ticket you got last Friday for running that red light, or ever have to worry about paying taxes.  The best lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, financial managers, etc, are available 24 hrs a day, seven days a week for you, and your family, and the best of's free.

What's the catch? Well, nothing is free in life, right?  The one thing, the only thing that the Agency asks of you in return is to fulfill one favour.  What's the favour, you ask?  Well, the favour will depend from person to person, or the type of job the member does.  For example, it could be a simple matter, such as a financial consultation, or a more delicate and serious matter, such as getting a judge to pardon a member from a serious crime that he committed, and was actually guilty of, etc.

However, when the favour needs to be paid, you must follow it through to the end.  You must do it wholeheartedly, without equivocation, or questions asked.  The favour doesn’t necessarily have to be paid in your lifetime, it could be asked throughout your son's lifetime, or your grandson's, or even your great-great-grandson, etc.

Which brings me to another point, only men are allowed in this society.  It's been that way since the early 16th century, and no plans are being made to change that.  As a member of this society, your male offspring are by birth guaranteed a membership, and so are their sons, and so on.  However in the case that you die without a male heir, then your membership also dies with you, there is no exception.  The Agency feels that if you can't beget a son, then you don't deserve to belong to this society.

At the Agency, we have 10 laws, or Commandments as we like to call them.  And just like in the Bible, there're 10 rules that you have to follow, live by, remember, and obey.

With intelligence, secrecy, proficiency, and strength, the Agency has been able to even alter history throughout the ages.  When we find it necessary to "make changes", we do it.  We have every field, every media available and known to mankind in the palms of our hands.

Our society has penetrated every branch of our society.  We have members and spies in every place imaginable.  Everything from law, education, media, publishing, business, industry, commerce, church, banking, health, policy groups, political parties, and of course the Government.

As supreme Power Elite, the Agency is to be admired, and most of all feared.  We have been guilty of creating atrocious events to fulfill our needs.  Wars, revolutions, scandals, assassinations, and more have at one time been forged for our needs, for the pursuit of Power, and our right to rule.

Above all the Agency is powerful, unbelievably powerful, and as our members grow, and provide us with sons, we will always be around.

However, the issue and preference of having sons over daughters has changed somewhat over the years.  At least for those members with a household of daughters.  They feel that it's time to change that old decree and move on with the times.  But old habits die hard, and the entire Council of Elders still want to follow the old traditions, rules, and customs.  As for the issue of sons, the Council feel that a son carries on with the family's ancestral name, and that in most courts there's the fact that inheritance laws on property pass mainly through males.

Over the centuries, many of our male members tried in vain to conceive a son with their beloved spouse.  The lucky ones ended up with a household of healthy daughters, and the rest? Well, their wives weren't so lucky and died while in labour.  I would say that the main contributing factor was the pressure, necessity, and obligation to produce a male successor.

Throughout the centuries women were to blame for the failure in producing a son.  Now with the advancement of science we know better.  Each microscopic sperm carries all the genetic information necessary to fertilize the egg.  Half of your sperm carry an X chromosome (inherited from your mother) and half carry a Y chromosome (inherited from your father).  If an x-carrying sperm fertilizes the wife's egg (ovum), you'll have a baby girl.  If a Y-carrying sperm fertilizes the ovum, you'll have a baby boy.  So all this time, it was the husband's genetic contribution that determined the baby's sex.

There's one passage inscribed in gold letters, found at the entrance of the main library at the Agency, and it reads "The effort put into fatherhood is a man's most important work.  Our need to do something important and enduring is built into us by nature.  Fathers inspire to be the best of what they already are, and their sons will inspire men to tap into the deepest and greatest potential.  A man has the tools and inspiration to be the father he aspires to be, and remember it is also a catalyst in promoting your sons way of thinking.  For boys think about the qualities they admire about fatherhood, and what we admire, we often emulate."

The Elders, feel that fathers are more likely to live with their sons than with their daughters.  In a patrilineal society, fathers prefer sons to daughters, sons are important both as workers and as future caretakers of their parents in old age.  Daughters, on the other hand are to be married off to some other family.  On top of that, their marriagibility depends on providing a dowry.  So the birth of yet another daughter to a family is no cause for rejoicing.  Another daughter is seen as another dowry to scrape together.

According to several recent studies, they suggest that marriages where all children are daughters are more likely to end, rather where all children in a marriage that have sons.  Their parents invest more wealth in their male children.  The differences these studies find are very small, and may not reflect an actual parental preference for sons.  But if they do reflect this, and if the reason for preferring sons is in their value as manual laborers and old age insurance policies, these differences shouldn't exist at all in post-industrialized countries with functioning pension systems.  If anything, one might have predicted a slight preference for daughters, given that it is largely the daughters who provide informal nursing care to aging parents

There's also an old newspaper clipping in the library kept in a glass display case.  The clipping dates back to 1920, and tells the story of a 97-year-old man that married for the tenth time in the hope of fathering a son after having 35 daughters. "Salvatore Beghetto from Rome wants a male child to perform the last rites and rituals after his death.  Mr. Beghetto, fears total damnation if he does not produce a son.  So he married 25 year old Mariabella Gianina, after the death of his nineth wife, reports the Roma Posta.  A close and personal friend of Salvatore, known only as Ugo, said that the pensioner was still "active and robust".  Salvatore's close friend, told the Roma Posta, "All his nine wives have already died, but without giving any birth to a son.  He feels empty and he sees his life as a failure if he does not produce one son to carry on with his family name."  The newspaper reports that his new bride from Firenze, "felt proud to be the wife of a man who had nearly passed a century."

So here's a perfect example at the lengths some men will go to have a son.  I know of some members, who have gone as far as to conceive a son out of wedlock, however making that choice may cause severe repercussions.  If you try to fool the Agency by trying to pass a bastard as your legitimate heir, and we find out the real truth, then you'll have a severe penalty to pay.

Many men, if not all members at the Agency, have at least one mistress.  Members are encouraged to take a mistress, these women have been a part of this society since it's early days.  They are highly approved of, regarded, prized, and respected.  In many cases, the role of a devoted mistress can be exciting, advantageous, and even lucrative.  Some lucky ones, are even treated better than the wife.

If a mistress decides to have a child with one of our members, then she can only get pregnant once.  If she does give birth to the much sought after male heir, her life will be richly rewarded for life.  Many are able to accomplish this task, and the ones that do are in turn showered with jewels, money, furs, cars, homes, etc.

But there's also a flip side to all of this. Once she has given birth to either a girl or boy, she will no longer be able to return to her lover.  She will be assigned to another man, another member, and she will also have to waive all rights to the child.  She will never be allowed to see, or have any say in the child's life, education, religion, upbringing, etc.

The rules are extremely strict and final when it comes to this matter.  Many mistresses are able to fulfill their part of the bargain, and move on with their lives, but for others it's too much to bear, and they come to a very unpleasant end.  I've known of many beautiful young women who either committed suicide, or tried to kidnap the child of the man they once loved, and lost.

A mistress is a marital companion of inferior status to a wife, but one that offers great compensations.  The male heir produced during this alliance is well acknowledged by the father.  Often the man is so joyous, that he brings that child to be raised in his household.  However, if this is too much for the actual wife to tolerate, then the child is raised by nannies, or butlers, and kept in a private school, until he comes of adult age.

I've found that many, if not most mistresses don't find anything particularly immoral about these relationships.  Mistresses are a symbol of wealth and status.  The women employed by the Agency come from all over Europe, Russia, or Asia.  Many of these women have had unhappy marriages themselves, and some had even been forced into arranged marriages.

After talking to some of them, they did mention that they know very well the position of power, and influence that they hold, and they don't really mind being that "other woman."  And these are not just everyday beautiful women, these are stunningly, drop-dead, gorgeous models.  The most elegant, and exquisite creatures God has ever created, whose sole purpose is to cater to her man's every whim.

I've also gotten used to the lifestyle that the Agency has provided me over the years.  For one thing, the pay is exceptional, there's no way that I could live this particular lifestyle with the meager salary that a cop gets, and the benefits are simply outstanding.  The Agency is also well known for taking great care of it's members, as well as their employees, and no expense it's too great to keep someone happy, and well pampered.

The Agency has been around for at least 400 years, some say even longer.  Only a very selected few have the privilege or by birthright, the right to belong to this exclusive brotherhood.  It's members are made up of a rare variety, and they range from wealthy political figures, to blue-collar workers.  No one really knows who are the top members of the club, but from what I heard it consists of ten men who are feared by the law, as well as the mafia.

On the first full moon of the new spring, a prestigious party is thrown at the Palazzo.  It's a way for the Agency to thank their hard working employees, and to treat their exclusive members to the lavish luxuriance that they come to expect from a lifetime of faithful servitude.  Many times there's a theme to the party, some lavish, and flamboyant Masquerade Gala.  On these times, I'll be in charge of security, where I'll have to make sure that everything runs smoothly, quietly, and without any incident.

The parties that the Agency throws are extravagant, excessive, and bizarre to say the least.  They're always held at the remote and reclusive Palazzo Riccardi, which is hidden away in the mountainous region of San Remo.  This private land is owned by the Riccardi family, a family that has ruled this part of the land since the early 16th century.

The Palazzo is surrounded by ponds, rivers, fountains and luxuriant gardens.  Since this magnificent villa is privately owned, no visitors are allowed, and if for some reason you're caught trespassing, we'll shoot first and ask questions later.

This immense and imposing palace was designed by Michael di Brunelles for the wealthy Riccardi family.  Built between 1543 and 1554, the Palazzo is a symbol of the power, influence and strength of the family that built it.  The balance of power was highly desired by two of the most wealthiest families of San Remo.  On one scale you had the Riccardi's, who were born and raised in San Remo, and on the other you had the ambitious, and conniving Pazzi family, who were originally from Venezia.

These two feuding families, were always trying to out-do each other on a grand scale.  The construction of this palace was a matter of dominance, and a boast of their wealth.  Through the years, the Riccardi's had gained power and prestige not only through their military exploits, but also through commerce, banking and manufacture.

The Riccardi's were such great rivals with the Pazzi clan that the feud lasted for many, many years.  Both sides committed many atrocities to each other's clan, everything from stabbings, explosions, strangulation, drowning, medical malpractice, and of course a favourite method widely used during the Renaissance, poison.

The Riccardi's were a family not to be messed with, and like Mafia dons they inspired admiration and loyalty, but most of all they inspired fear.  The Riccardi's killed not only for pleasure and political gain, but also for personal wealth.  They were and some still say, quite ruthless, devious and treacherous.  Eventually during the New Year festivities of 1600, the Riccardi's threw a surprise attack on the distracted Pazzi family, and the entire clan was brutally assassinated.

Once the Pazzi family was taken care of, their grandiose and magnificent Palazzo became the permanent residence of the Agency.  With over 200 rooms, countless libraries, 3 kitchens, 2 swimming pools, 3 gyms, a Turkish bath, a dance club that fits over 2000 people, secret passageways, a real torture chamber, and of course the creepy and dark catacombs.  The immense palace is a perfect stronghold for our society.  The Palazzo has been remodeled many times over the years, either due to fires or just to add more rooms for our growing society.

The Palazzo is situated in an exclusive area of San Remo, known as Billionaires Row.  The compound is situated high on a hill, and near the coast with a breathtaking view of the harbour.  Security is pretty tight to say the least, there's patrolling helicopters flying over head, security cameras set up all over the place, check up points at almost every few yards, and a 24 hrs a day, seven days a week private security.

After all, the mansions in this part of the city can cost up to a billion dollars, and that's a lot of $ bling, bling $.  Your aristocratic, and segregated neighbours are everything from Sultans, to Princes from far off places, to world entrepreneurs, and old tycoons which decided to make San Remo their palace away from home.

As for the Riccardi Palazzo, it contains some amazing treasures as well, and which very few have had the privilege to see.  There's a dazzling chapel with beautiful frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, which portray regal scenes featuring members of the Riccardi clan.  There's also a private art gallery, which contains some magnificent works by Botticelli, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Perugino, Bellini and Titian, to name just a few.

Outside the palace are the marvelous gardens, which offer green open areas covered with palm trees, cactuses, and elegant long-stemmed roses, sweet-smelling carnations, colourful begonias and camellias.  The garden is also designed with a theatrical and scenographic consciousness, and adorned with statues.

I 've seen, and have also participated in many wild orgies, that are thrown at the Riccardi Palazzo.  Sex is abundant, quite bountiful in fact, and at these parties anything goes.  At first I was more than a little turned off in seeing men having sex with other men, and in front of an audience, but with all the liquor and drugs being offered, my inhibitions were thrown out the window.  I found out that faggots really know how to please a man's cock, and as for fucking, well a hole is a hole, and a man's asshole is just as tight, and warm as any pussy.

My job and position has its advantages.  I have access to some members records, and as a Lieutenant and private investigator, I have more privileges than most members, but there are of course exceptions.  There are favourite, and highly selected members of the society that are above everyone, one perfect example is Antonio Alessandro Martinello.

The story of Antonio at the Agency is an interesting one.  It appears that Antonio, was quite a troublemaker when he was a young, and rebellious youth.  He was gifted in sports, he was an efficient and powerful athlete, and that's how he attracted our scouting agents.  Antonio has the charisma, good looks, intelligence, ambition, and seductiveness that made the entire board of the Agency want him to join this influential club.

From what I have read and heard, it appears that many affluent members wanted desperately for Antonio to be part of the club.  Many men wanted Antonio, and they wanted him in many different ways.  I'm not blind or stupid as to the reason why.

I mean no other man in over 400 years that the Agency has been around, has been so highly sought after.  I can see that Antonio is quite the male specimen, he's the crowning embodiment of what superb genes, perfect blood, and breed can be passed down through superb lineage.

Now, I'm very secure with my sexuality, and I can acknowledge that Antonio Martinello is one fucking handsome, and imposing man.  Standing at 6'3, with short black hair, light hazel eyes, a natural tan, and 230 lbs of solid and impressive muscle, this fucker is a force to be reckoned with.

I think that the day this man was born, the Gods blessed him with killer good looks, brains, the ability to be a gifted athlete, an amazing physique, and potent virility.

And from the rumours that I've heard about Antonio in the locker room, the man has an uncut cock so large and thick, with a pair of enormous balls that would be the envy of any bull.  It's a well known fact that Antonio's virility has been described as, "the most beautiful, and perfect cock ever been created, and seen in life."

In order for the Agency to keep it's other members happy, they tempted Antonio with many extravagant, and impressive offers.  Everything from wealth, women, and power were offered to him, but our perfect godlike hero didn't take the bait.  Antonio Martinello, chose instead an elegant, gorgeous wife, and a quiet family life.  He chose carefully, he chose honorably, over the glamour, riches, and power that was presented to him.

But our commanding and exalted Antonio did eventually join, but that's another story altogether...

To be continued!