My Father's Glory--Pt.2

By Chris Z.

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"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming."

                                                                           -- John R. Wooden --

As my father carried me on his shoulder and into the locker room, I couldn't feel more ecstatic and overjoyed.  I felt privileged, to be included in this all male brotherhood.  Once inside, there was a loud raucous laughter and a rumbustious noise that came from within the dressing room.  The first thing that hit my senses was the powerful, strong and noticible smell of man.  It was pure and raw, with a strong combination of piss and sweat that made an arousal in my brain which caused my head to swirl.

My father was being congratulated for playing an amazing game and being an unpenetrable wall, by not allowing a single goal to enter the net.  Everyone was getting rowdy and giving each other a pat on the back, ass, stomach and the more bolder ones.....a brief and quick tug on the crotch.  My father then put me down on a bench and started to undress, while a man moved in closer and I quickly recognized him as Mr.Castelli or Fabrizio, as my father and I called him.  He shook my hand, rustled my hair and said, "Hello little man, did you come to see your daddy play?".  All I could do was to nod and smile at him, he was my favorite second role model after my father.

Mr.Castelli, has a great sense of humor and the nicest, sweetest and most easygoing personality.  You could feel completely at ease around him and always paid close attention when speaking to you.  He's one of my father's best and closest friends and had been his best man at the wedding.  As far as I knew, their friendship went back years and even though there was a small gap of years between them, there was a connection that I, could not quite make out.

I was always happy to see him, especially since he always had a gift for me in the form of candy, comic book or toy.  Fabrizio, came over the house on very frequent bases, specially since he picked my father up for work each morning and dropped him off  in the evening.  My father always insisted that he stay over for dinner and since my mother and grandmother had a habit of orchestrating an elaborate banquet each evening, there was always more than enough food on the table.  After dinner, the adults entertained themselves by playing cards, which was followed by the usual conversation of daily news or if there was still light out, a game of bocce(the Italian version of lawn bowling).

Fabrizio, is a very good-looking man and quite opposite in looks to my father.  He has alluring deep green eyes, lightest shade of brown hair, which would change from lightest shade of brown in the winter to a darker shade in the summer.  He always carried an appealing smile on his face and was always clean shaven.

Fabrizio is very light skinned and was born and raised in the town of Bolzano(Bozen) which is in the northern part of Italy and just south of the Austrian border.  The town is nestled in a valley and has a breath taking scenery of the Alps in the background and it is also well known for the Oetzi, which is a prehistoric man that was found perfectly preserved in the Alps.  I remember my father poking fun at Fabrizio, one evening at the dinner table and telling my grandmother that Bolzano is Germany coated with Italian spices.

While sitting on the bench, I looked around the room and noticed that the rank that divided the players in the field, followed them into the locker room as well.  My father was clearly the center of attention and it was obvious that he had the most magnetic personality in the room and everyone felt an attraction to be close to him.  Fabrizio held the highest previlige and the right to stand next to my father.  On the field he played Defense and was fast like a cheeta and graceful like a gazelle and watch out if you tripped him on purpose or if you deliberately tried to take him down, because the entire team would soon be on you like wheat on rye.  He was my father's support, protection and strong reinforcement and did a great job by making sure that no shots went into the net.

As he began to undress next to my father, he gave me a malicious wink and it was here for the first time that I got to see his body up close.  He stood at 5'9, with quite a hairless chest that wasn't completely muscular but with very high defenition of his pectoral muscle.  He had some small hairs around his nipples and a faint line of brown hairs that runs from his stomach and dissapears when it meets the waistband of his shorts.  I knew his arms well enough, they weren't as big and thick as my father's but had a nice covering of brown hair, that caused me to get goose bumps everytime he hugged me.  His legs were slightly hairy but very strong and sturdy, due to the constant running, when he was on the field.

By the time I unglued my eyes from Fabrizio, my father was down to his shorts and dripping with sweat all over the place.  He then called a couple of guys over.

"Paolo, Enrico, Rocco, come over here and meet my son."  He said this with a joyous pitch in his voice

"Guys, this is my son Dante Alessandro."......"Dante, This is Paolo Mesto, Enrico Cozza and Rocco Foglio".  My father gave me the warmest smile and most delighted and proud look, when introducing me to his closest friends.

I shook all their gigantic, sweat covered hands and said "Hi".  I had heard these names before, my father would speak of his work colleagues at the dinner table.  This was, however the first time that I was to meet them in person and each one of them was as impressive as the next, as they were all hulking, enormous and towering muscle of men and quite handsome to say the least.

Mr.Mesto, was the closest to me and the first one to address me.  He stood just as tall as my father and when he crouched on his knees and we were both at the same eye level,  I noticed that he had the nicest shade of deep blue eyes that was a nice contrast to his jet black hair.  He looked the same age as my father and gave me a quick wink, grabbed my left cheek and gave it a gentle squeeze and said, "Antonio, he's the spitting image of  you, lucky bastardo!."

Mr.Cozza, was shorter than the other guys.  At least 5'9, with dark brown hair that matched his eyes and a couple of day's growth of stubble on his face.  He playfully tussled my hair and said, "Bello regazzo,(handsome boy), the apple didn't fall far from the tree.""He's going to break alot of hearts when he gets older."

Mr.Foglio, moved closer and was the most mature and menacing looking of the group.  He was at least in his early 50's, towering at least 6'4 and very handsome.  He had short dark blonde hair, with a mustache to match and piercing green eyes.   His arms were very hairy and covered in golden blond hairs, which also were coming out of his team's jersey.  From the angle where I was standing, I was able to see that this man had an impressive, obscene bulge that portruded from his shorts and was an indication of the colossal equipment that was being forced underneath those shorts.

Mr.Foglio, extended his gargantuan hairy bear paw of a hand to me and gave me a strong handshake.

"We finally meet your little pride and joy, Antonio....... very well done.", He said and gave me a wide smile

"One is worth more than a bushel and I should know.", he then laughed and gave my nose a gentle tug

"He's a damm good-looking boy, Antonio and when this little stallion grows up, he's going to have alot of fun grazing in the field.", Mr.Foglio said

Then everyone, except Fabrizio gave an ear-splitting laughter.  He just looked at me and shook his head and gave me a quick wink.

My father couldn't stop laughing and when he looked at me and saw the puzzled, flustered and confused look that I had on my face, gave me a warm smile and pulled me close to him.  I fell right against his crotch and as my face was resting against his shorts, I smelled sweat and felt the heat that was radiating from his body.  I pressed my head harder and took a quick wiff and then felt that his massive cock was getting hard and well on the way to tent his shorts.

Mr.Foglio then turned me around and said, "Don't be shy little prince, we're just having fun and we've heard alot about you,  little Dante."

and while looking at my father, he asked me.  "When is your father going to bring you to the sports center?."

Now all eyes were fixed on my father and after a slight pause, he answered....

"Soon, I want to teach him to swim and besides he's getting too much attached to the women of the house.  And it's time that he spent quality time with his dad.",  He looked at me and said, "Right, little man?."

"Right!.", I said and gave my father a hug.  I wanted to wrap my little arms around him, but was only able to encircle one of his hairy, tree trunks that he had for legs.

My father then told me that he was going to take a quick shower, and to stay put on the bench.  By then the rest of the team was in all sorts of undress and I couldn't keep my eyes focused in one place.

Mr.Cozza then walked to the center of the locker-room and everyone knew what was coming.  The whole place went quiet and everyone was looking in his direction.  He then stood on the bench and wearing only his shorts, yelled out of the top of his lungs........

"Time for the Countdown!." and all of the sudden the whole place exploded and went nuts, there were cheers, whistles, applauses and I covered my ears due to the thunderous loudness.

"Drum Roll, please!.", he cleared his throat, grabbed his crotch with one hand and spat on the floor.

Then I heard guys playing the drums on the lockers, benches and everywhere a surface could substitute for a drum.

My father then pulled me again close to him, rustled my hair and placed my back, against his crotch.  I looked up at him and smiled and we both paid attention to the commotion in the room.

Mr.Cozza then yelled, "Top Ten Reasons Why Soccer Is Better Than Sex!"

There were whistles, laughs, followed by "Silence!"......."Shut-up!"

"Number Ten,.......Balls are always checked for firmness!"......everyone started laughing and I heard from somewhere someone yell, "Check Mine!." and another guy.............."Over here!."

"Number Nine,......Periods only last 45 minutes!"
A man who had a towl around his waist, yelled out........"Tell that to my wife!." and then an uproar of laughter.

My Father just chuckled and looked in the direction of Fabrizio, who gave him a silent stare and smiled.

"Number Eight,.....Parents cheer when you score!"
A guy that was next to Mr.Cozza, yelled, "One of these days!."........the guy next to him, then yelled, "No, you're too ugly!." and again with the shrieks.

Mr.Cozza continued,....

"Number Seven,....Soccer is a legal proffesion!"
followed by ......."Lorenzo, tell that to your sister!.".......Oh!!!!!, that remark was crude and ugly and was followed by howls, whistles and towels were being thrown in his direction.  I heard words that came from Lorenzo that I even knew what they meant.

"Number Six,.........Protective equipment can be washed and reused!"
Someone near the showers, yelled..."I prefer bareback!."......more whistles and outcries.

"Number Five,........Size dosen't matter!"
A very cute young man, probably in his early 20's, yelled....."Cozza, that's what your girlfriend tells you but the slut, told me different!."  Mr.Cozza, looked in his direction and from the look on his face, he was very pissed off and red-faced.  He climbed down the bench but was stopped by Mr.Foglio.

Mr.Cozza then grabbed his crotch and with both hands, yelled "Get over here and put those whore lips around this big cock and we'll see if you can talk as well as you sing!.", Leccacazzi!!(cocksucker).........Finocchio!!(homo)

The young guy, just winked at him and yelled back, "Meet me by my locker after the shower and let's see if you can prove it!."

All hell broke lose and guys were throwing, towels, shirts, shorts, underwear........everything all over the place, followed by "Continue, continue!!."

Mr.Cozza, composed himself and took a breath of  air and yelled........

"Number Four,........If you get too rough you get a red card!"
 A guy that looked in he's late 20's and was standing near the door, yelled "You can NEVER be too rough!.".......and there were whistles and from somewhere, someone was screaming......."Harder........Harder!."....followed by moaning.

My father was having a hilarious fit of laughter.  I'd never seen him in this state before and it was fun to watch and more fun to be a part of this rowdyness.

"Number Three,......You can score using your head or feet!"
Someone yelled, "Corrado, you can't even score in or off the field, then!."

Corrado, yelled, "Vaffanculo!"(Fuck you!), followed by "Testa di merda!"(Shithead!)

"Number Two,.........Lasts a full 90 minutes!"
Another voice then yelled, "Corrado, I heard that you can't do that either!."

Poor Corrado, he was an easy target and just stormed off and yelled,"Andate tutti a fanculo!."(You can all go fuck yourselves!.) and dissapeared into the showers.

"And the NUMBER ONE, reason Why Soccer Is Better Than Sex!"

"You can juggle your balls in front of your mother!"

There was a loud ruckus and whistles followed by laugher.  Alot of the players pulled off their shorts and grabded their hairy balls in mocking motion.  The laughter then continued into the showers, along with the traditional towel snapping an typical ass grabing.

Mr.Cozza then came back to our group, panting and laughing so hard that he couldn't even talk.  His body was covered in sweat droplets that were running down his hairy chest and as he sat down next to me,  I could barely detect a hint of Old Spice.  Either cologne or deodorant and it had blended very nicely with his sweat, so that the perspiration scaping from his pores was to me the sweetest fragrance.

Sitting on the bench, I watched in deep fascination the conversation that my father was having with his closest friends.  I absorved everything like a sponge and paid meticulous detail to their every word.  Just by watching these men, I had a deep and burning sensation inside my body, that had to do with the want/need to see them naked.

To be continued!