My Father's Glory--Pt.3

By Chris Z.

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"There is a boundary to men's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination."

                                                                           -- Edmund Burke Engrave --

My father was standing right across from me and was having a deep conversation about the outcome of the game.  He had a stern and serious, yet attractive look on his face and while talking, was peeling off  his sweaty shorts.  I was beginning to feel a little bit warm and it was perhaps due to the steam that was coming from the showers, although having all these masculine men undress all around me, was perhaps the most apparent factor.

I listened carefully to their every word and wanted to absorb everything like a sponge.  As in a trance, I watched my father pull down his shorts and got to see the object of my affection.  At first glance, something was completely new to my eyes, it was what he was wearing underneath his soccer shorts.  This was the first time, that I had seen my father wearing a jockstrap and I was fascinated and completely hypnotized.  He then turned around and with his back to me, opened the locker and I got a clear view of his hairy ass.

He took his gym bag out of the locker and set it out on the bench.  By looking at his jockstrap, one could tell exactly where his glorious massive cock and lemon sized balls rested.  His jock had an off-white colour and was covered with piss stains that I could smell, even from where I was sitting.  As he pulled down his jock, his impressive cock jumped out, as if it had been freed from an unbearable confinement.  He then picked up the jock, along with the rest of his uniform and threw it into the gym bag.  I made a mental note that I was going to have to do some serious scavenging around the house to look for his gym bag.

The rest of the men, were moving in a syncronized motion and started to peel off their clothes.  The first one that I set my eyes on, was Mr.Foglio.  The man's body was just breathtaking and gigantic, he was also by far the hairiest of the group.  His immense and wide chest was covered in a forest of dark blonde hairs, which went around his shoulders and into his back.  His hairy arms were huge and covered in muscle and he had a flat and well defined stomach to match.  When my eyes finally made it to his crotch, I couldn't take me eyes off  his gargantuan cock.  It was nestled in a darker shade of blond hairs with the biggest set of balls that I've ever seen.  He gave them a quick scratch, which made his cock come to life, it twitched and bobbed up and down for a second.  He caught me watching him and I felt very embarrased and blushed every shade of red but he just smiled and gave me a wink.

I then turned my eyes to Mr.Mesto.  From observation, I could see that he was the quiet one of the group and would smile or nod to whatever was being said.  The man is quite handsome and has the same body build of my father, his eyes, however have a very deep blue colour that is quite alluring and with the cutest dimples that radiate a glow when he smiles.  He just recently got married and landed a nice position at the plant and it was there, where he found out about the soccer league and became better acquainted with my father and the gang.  In the field he played offense and did very well at attacking and scoring goals, due to his constant running and exercise, his legs looked quite strong and athletic.   His chest was a little less hairy than my father and had wide and broad shoulders, with a nice treasure trail that went all the way down to his crotch.  He had a nice hairy bush that surrounded his quite thick and swollen cock and the head reminded me of a soldier's helmet, which protruded a good deal, out of it's foreskin.  His nut sack hung low and his almost completly hairless ballsack swung back and forth.

Where Mr.Mesto was quiet, Mr.Cozza was the loud one.  He hadn't stop talking since he had given out the "Top Ten Reasons..." and just kept chatting away about the game.  He was the same height as Fabrizio and in his early thirties but with more muscle and a stonger, more masculine appearance, his hair colour was a darker shade of brown, with eyes to match.  He had a girlfriend, and often spoke of her and his other casual romances, especially about the groupies that were readily available after each game and how easily they would spread their legs for him.  In the field, he is an excellent soccer player, there is certainly no doubt of that and has a good overall scoring record and this was perhaps the reason, why he was so cocky and sounded a bit conceited, when he spoke about the rest of the other players.  In the cock department, he had a reason to be proud, his cock was an impressive slab of prime Italian beef with a nice set of low hanging gonads, he certainly wasn't modest to walk around naked with a full exposure of his manhood.

I was quite curious to see how Fabrizio, compared with the rest of the men and I knew that he would not dissapoint.  Aside from the hairless and well defined chest, he was not overly muscular and it suited he's 5'9 build.  His body was smooth, yet  not boyish and as for the rest, he was all man.  When the jock fell off,  I got to see an ass to be proud of, his buns were completely round and smooth, he had what you would call a bubble butt, the kind that you can bounce a coin and can spend hours eating & fucking.  It was completly hairless and quite inviting, as for his cock, it was big and long and it gloriously rested on a thick bush of brown hairs and hairy balls.

"Dante......Son,!."........someone was snapping his fingers in front of my face and when I  looked up, I saw that it was my father, who was towering over me and said........

"Stay put and don't move from the bench.  I will take a quick shower and be out in a few minutes........okay."

I came out of my trance and just nodded, he then patted my head, took a towel and soap and walked away, leading the group into the showers.

Mr.Foglio, walked past me and looked at me straight in the eyes, and said......"I'll be seeing you little prince, Ciao." and with his big callus hand, gently stroked my left cheek.

I heard Fabrizio call out to me,........"Dante, don't wonder off.  Your father and I will be out soon."

Mr.Mesto, gave me a wink and said," See you at the sports club, little man." and walked away with a towel around his waist.

Mr.Cozza was the last one to leave and was looking for something in his gym bag.  He then told me to close my eyes and open my mouth for a treat, I did as told and tasted something sweet.  When I opened my mouth, I saw that he had given me a lollipop, he then winked, waved and said............"Later, Alessandro!."

As he was going into the showers, a young man was coming out.  Mr.Cozza, bumped into the young man on purpose and I recogized him as the one that had gotten him upset earlier.  The push was with such a force, that he sent the poor guy backwards and Mr.Cozza quickly grabbed him by the arm, they shared a silence stare and were completly oblivious at my presence.  Mr.Cozza, then let go of the grip and walked into the showers.

I saw that the young man had a perplexed look on his face and walked past the row of lockers and dissapeared out of sight.  I was curious to see where he was going, so I got up and followed him,  I was quick enough and saw him dissapear to the back of the locker room and there in the corner, he stood in front of his locker.  He opened it and started to dry himself off and I liked what I saw, his hair was wet and the colour was a mix of dark brown/red, with a very slim and smooth body and a slightly hairy bubble butt.

I then heard Mr.Cozza, yell out........."I've forgotten something, I'll be right back!."  He came out of the shower and walked past the row of lockers.  I caught a glimpse of  his wet body, that was only covered by a small white towel, that showed a prominent mound.  He carefully and quietly, sneaked behind the young guy and body slammed him, against the locker.  He then grabbed him by the shoulders, turned him around and by the look on the young man's face, he was caught completly off-guard.  The poor guy had a look of confusion and fright but when he saw that it was Mr.Cozza, he smiled and muttered......

"I was beginning to think, you weren't going to show up.", as he said that, he then knelt on the floor and without taking his eyes from Mr.Cozza, looked up, licked his red lips and with his teeth pulled the towel off.  Mr.Cozza's cock was now at full mast and was quite intimidating in size, the young man then slowly took inch by inch of massive cock into his mouth and sucked, slurped and greedily devoured the gigantic cock.

Mr.Cozza then with both's of his huge hands, grabbed the guy's head and pulled him off his cock.  There was a loud,.....Pop! sound, and said......"Don't ever joke like that, especially in front of my friends!.......GOT IT!."  The young man looked at him and nodded yes and said, "I'm sorry, it was just a joke, I was only kid........" but Mr.Cozza, pushed him down and shoved his cock into the guy's mouth, without letting him finish the sentence.

I was enjoying the show, when in the back I heard my father yell......."Dante !, where are you?."

My Father had given me away and saw Mr.Cozza look around the place and in a second looked right in my direction and with his eagle eyes, saw me hiding behind the lockers.  He then made a bee line to me and with his cock still half hard and swinging back and forth walked over to me, grabbed my shoulder, smiled and said very quietly......

"Enjoying the show, Alessandro?.", he then covered his saliva covered cock, turned around and said to the young man......"We'll pick this up later!."

The young man, just stood there and mumbled, "Yeah, sure".  He then looked at me and from the look on his face, I think he was trying to figure out who I was.  He smiled, waved and said, "Ciao, bello."

Mr.Cozza, wrapped his towel around his waist and walked me back to my father's locker, when we reached the locker, he said.....

"Look, who I found wondering around...", he then gave me a little shove forward and I landed right in front of my father.  He was dripping wet and I couldn't help myself thinking that he looked so damm sexy, but when I saw the look that he had on his face, all those feelings faded away.  He then said......

"What did I tell you about staying put,?.", and then Fabrizio showed up, all dripping wet and with a towel around his waist.

I mumbled, "Sorry, I was just looking around.", my father then looked at Mr.Cozza, who just shrugged his shoulder's and said, "I better get to the showers, it's getting late." and walked past us and said "Take care, Alessandro." and gave me a wink.

My father then opened his locker, put deodorant and cologne on his body and the scent was overpowering.  It was a sexy combination of fresh water, soap, shampoo, deodorant and cologne and it just blew my senses away.  He pulled a plain white shirt from his locker and put it on, followed by his white briefs and a pair of blue jeans.  He sat on the bench and was putting his white socks on and a pair of  white running shoes.

He said to Fabrizio,"We better get going, Adrienne and her mom must be home by now and waiting for us."

Fabrizio, was in front of his locker putting on deodorant and then borrowed my father's cologne.  He nodded and pulled out a blue shirt, white briefs and black shorts and put them down on the bench.  He quickly threw everything in his gym bag and started to get dressed.

"I'll just drop you guys off at the house, I won't be able to stay for dinner, though", he said to my father.

"Oh?......Why not?, you know they'll be expecting you."

Fabrizio, was just stared at the floor and said, "I have other things to do, I just can't make it tonight."

My father just looked at him and didn't say anything else.  He got up closed his locker, looked in my direction and said to me,

"Ready to go?, I bet you're starving......I know I am.", my father then smiled and gave me a hug and pulled me close to him.  He then lifted me onto his shoulder and we made our way out of the locker room.

With one hand he carried his gym bag and with the other, he had a hold of my leg.  As we made our way, to the front doors and into the parking lot, we heard someone in the background yell out,.............

"Martinello!, you guys got lucky this time.  It won't be the same in the next game.!", my father then slowly turned around and I got to see who had called out to him.

He was at least 5'9, with jet black hair and a muscular build.  He looked the same age as my father and was sorrounded by a gang of 5 men, none of them friendly looking.  He started to walk towards us, with the rest of the pack right on his tail.

My father then put me down and with one hand pushed me next to Fabrizio.  When the man was close to us, he looked at me and said,....

"Well, well......who's this?, what's your name little man?."

"I'm Dante", I said loudly.  I got an uneasy feeling about this man and when I looked in the direction of my father, I saw him carefully watching him.

"So this is your boy, Antonio?.", he then extended his hand to me and I did the same.

"Nice grip, that you have there Dante.", he looked at my father and said, "At least, in looks he takes after his mother."

My father then moved like lighting and took a step forward, but Fabrizio put a hand on his shoulder and said,

"We have to get going, not here and not now!", He then looked at me and said,

"C'on Dante, you get to sit at the front!" he opened the doors of the change room and stepped out into the parking lot.  He kept saying to my father,

"Let's go, Antonio!." and quickly made his way to his car in the parking lot.  He was fumbling around looking for his keys and when he found them, opened the car door.

My father, looked upset and walked all the way to the car with his hands all clamped tight.  I knew that it had something to do with the guy that I had just met.  I then sat at the front, and heard my father mumble something about sitting in the back seat.   Fabrizio, just looked and smiled at me and told me to put my seatbelt on and we drove away.

To be continued!