My Father's Glory Part 9.

By Chris Z.

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"Flatter me, and I may not believe you.  Criticize me, and I may not like you.  Ignore me, and I may not
  forgive you.  Encourage me, and I will not forget you. "

                                                       --William Arthur Ward --

The elegant triple-arched entrance of the sports center was from the late, Italian Renaissance style.  The outside of the building, was ornamented in limestone, with relief sculptures of maleRoman Gods, done in marble, resulting in a building of extraordinary beauty and architectural coherence.

The building was divided into three wings, the west wing, contained 2 swimming pools, plus 2 dry and 2 wet saunas, solarium and the locker room. The east wing, had the tennis, badminton, racquetball and squash courts.  The north wing, had the basketball, soccer court and a jogging track.  There were also three floors upstairs, the first floor was for boxing and martial arts, the second was the exercise room and the third had small rooms, that were used for housing overnight guests and could also be rented daily by any member of the sports center. The main floor, contained a medical center, rest area and a snack lounge.

The entrance hall or exhibition hall, has a high vaulted ceiling, huge double arched windows and a breathtaking white marble floor.  The first thing that grabbed my attention, were the huge Golden Cane Palm Trees (Dypsis lutescens), that were all around the lobby, these were planted in huge and beautiful black marble vases.  A mature man, perhaps in his early fifties,
sat behind a tasteful oak executive desk with burgundy leather top and as he read the newspaper, he caught a glanze of us walking in, recognized my father and right away, smiled and waved.

"Hello Tony, how are you?Always a pleasure to see you.", and shook my father's hand.  He then took a good look at me and said.

"Now, look at this little man, he's the spitting image of you.  What's your name, bello?", and gave me a pleasant smile.
I looked at my father, he nodded at me and winked.

"Hello, I'm Dante Alessandro.", and I extended my hand to him.

"Well, I'm glad that this young man, has very good manners.  I'm Franco Arduini, but please call me Franco." and he gave me a strong handshake, looked at me straight in the eyes and said.

"That's quite a strong grip, you got there, Dante.  It looks like we'll have another champ in the center.", he said all this, while looking at my father.  He then crouched to my eye level and said.

"You know, little Dante.  Not long ago, your daddy was the best boxer in here and he still is.", he said all this, while taking glances at my father and continued.

"Oh, yeah, little man.  Your daddy was quite the athlete, no one came close to him and I doubt no one ever will.", he then put his hand on my shoulder and said.

"You know, what we call him around here?.", and I heard my father laugh and roll those gorgeous eyes.  I shrugged my shoulders and as I looked at my father, he said.

"Tony the Tiger.", and both my father and Franco, laughed in unison.  I also laughed, I thought that was very cute.  Yeah, I can see, why my father got that name.  I smiled at my father and said.

"Is that true, that what they call you?.", and he walked over to me and stroked my left cheek.

"Yeah......I'm afraid so!", and he gave a mischievous look at Franco.

While Franco, was in deep conversation with my father, about the upcoming soccer match.  I read the sign on the desk that mentioned the membership regulations.

San Remo, Sports Center  MEN ONLY

* While we want you to enjoy your time at our sports center, there are some rules and regulations that must be
followed.  Listed below are those rules:

*All males utilizing the sports center, must have a current Annual Membership or Daily Pass. You are required to present your pass upon entry to the center.

*The only exceptions to this rule is for sponsored or co-sponsored group/class activities conducted/supervised by City of San Remo personnel, participants and spectators of a City sponsored sports league program or rental groups.

*A Daily Youth/Teen Pass can be purchased only when a father or legal guardian is in attendance to complete the required registration form for any youth under the age of fifteen.

*Boys under the age of 12 must be directly supervised by a non-participating adult (16 years of age or older) while the father or legal guardian of that child is participating in a specified program at the center. For example, if a father playing soccer brings his son to the center, he must also bring an adult male to directly supervise that child.

*A man shall be denied admission to the center if they are found displaying or presenting false identification.  Anyone who may be discovered "after the fact" of presenting false identification will have their center privileges revoked.

*Annual Membership or Daily Passes are non-transferable.

* Lost or stolen Annual Membership or Daily Passes must be repurchased. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*The Sports Center is not responsible for personal items either lost or stolen.

*Food and drinks are restricted to the hall and lounge areas of the center.

*Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or firearms are strictly prohibited.  Males under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be refused admission to the center.

*Smoking is not permitted in the center.

*Unless otherwise specified, adult programs are for males 15 years and older.

My father, had a life time membership to the sports center, that was paid by his company.  He never really had to use it, since he was well known and had been coming to the center, since he was in his teens.  Franco, then waved us both in and we made our way into the main black marble hall, this place was breath taking and huge, my eyes soon caught a glimpse of all sorts of  trophies, medals, certificates, plaques and championships belts that were displayed and adorned the main hall.

My father, then told me that this hall was known as The Hall Of Honours, and in the middle of the room, stood two giant white, marble statues of the Roman Gods, Mercury and Apollo.

Mercury was the son of Jupiter, King of all the Gods and Maia, he presided over commerce, wrestling, gymnastics, even thieving and everything, which required skill and dexterity.  He is the messenger of  Jupiter and wore a winged hat and winged sandals, he bore in his hand a rod entwined with two serpents, called the caduceus Mercury is said to have invented the lyre, the story goes, that he found one day a tortoise of which he took the shell, made holes in the opposite edges of it and drew cords of linen through them and the instrument was complete.  There were nine cords in total, in honour of the nine Muses,  Mercury gave the lyre to Apollo, and received from him in exchange the caduceus Mercury, also invented the musical scale, astronomy, weights and measures, boxing and the care of olive trees.

Across from Mercury, stood the glorious Apollo. He is the only God, that has the same name in both greek and in roman form, aside from being the most beautiful and handsome of all the Gods, he was the God of the sun, mathematics, music, poetry, medicine, and the sport of archery. Apollo represented the height of male attractiveness, he was the son of the Olympian Jupiter and the Titan Latona, also the twin brother of the Goddess Diana.

The myth of Apollo's birth includes another instance of the wrath of the Queen of Olympus, Juno.  Again, the result of another case of infidelity on the part of Jupiter, the Queen of all the Gods, discovered that her husband had impregnated yet another goddess, and this time it was the Titan Latona.  In her anger, Juno would not allow Latona to bear her children (remember, she was pregnant with the twin Gods Apollo and Diana), and the land itself was afraid to provide a shelter for Latona, because of the fear of Juno's notorious retribution.  Finally, Latona found an island that was willing to allow her to give birth, and this island was named Delos (which means "brilliant"), Apollo was then cared for by Themis, who fed him nectar and ambrosia for a few days, after which time he was an adult capable of assuming the full responsibilities of a God.

As we walked down the huge hall, that led into the locker room, there were photos set in silver frames of athletes from the sports center, throughout the years.  The photos were in black and white and hanging from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.  They were devided into sports categories and when I got to boxing section, there was my father.

He was instantly recognizable, by the sexy gleam in his eyes and if you looked directly at the photo and gazed at those captivating, beautiful hazel eyes, you could be drawn in and be hypnotized.  In every photo ever taken of my father, his seductive and bewitching smile, always indicated, his sweet, enticing and charming qualitities.

He always has that approachable and magnetic look.  In the photos, he stood confident, knowing that he looks great at any distance and in any kind of light.   I was very surprised and astonished, as to how many photos he was in, there were photos taken through different stages, from his early youth and well into young adult.  I looked at my father and proudly said.

", you're in all of these.!", and grabbed him by the hand and led him to the photos.  He looked at me with that sweet, glimmer in his eyes and said.

"Mmmm....yeah.  I'm kinda all over the place." and playfully messed up my hair.

He was right, as I kept walking, he was in almost every photo frame, that involved almost every kind of sport.  He had been in the basketball team, swimming team, soccer team, volleyball team, wrestling team and ofcourse the boxing club.

I walked over, to the large and colossal glass trophy case.  The cabinet, was at least 72"x66", set in an aluminum and black vinyl laminate frame.  My father's name was in most of the trophies, everything from, soccer, wrestling, swimming and basketball, his name could also be found in gold and silver medals and in at least 14 championship belts for boxing.  The endowments of honour and distinction, regarding my father was overwhelming, he truly is a superb athelete and supreme sportsman.

Directly off the The Hall Of Honours, we went through massive, carved oak doors, that were  framed with dark green, veined marble.  This was the way to the locker rooms and it was here, that I saw men of all ages and in all sorts of state of undress, some were wearing white towels around their waists, others swimming trunks and the bolder ones were just naked.  We then walked into the locker room and my father took me to his own private locker, the locker was near the showers and the number read, 12.

My father, then set our gym bags on the bench and told me to come closer, so that he could show me the locker combination,
and said.

"The combination is easy, Sport.  I've set it to your birthday, so it's 04/16/73, that means, you turn the knob to the right and stop at 04, then turn to the left and stop at 16, then turn to the right and stop at 73 and pull!", he softly stroked my cheek and winked.

As he opened his locker, numerous strips of paper fell out of the locker and onto the floor.  One landed by my foot and
I quickly picked it up, I then heard him swear loudly.

"Merda!(Shit!).", he spoke very softly to himself and said.

"I really wish they stopped doing this, dammit! ", he picked up all the pieces of paper, walked over to the garbage can and with force, threw them in.

This was my opportunity, to read the piece of paper, and it read."I'll be in room 22 this saturday, from 4:00 p.m. until closing time.  I would be most honoured, if you would allow me to give you a pompino(blowjob)", followed by a phone number and signed Leonardo.

As I got older, these notes were also to end up in my locker and I quickly found out that these were sexual invitations.   Some were very extreme and went into explicit detail, as to what they were willing to do for you.  Now, you had to be very careful, as to whom you wrote this notes to, because both straight and gay men used the sports center.  On more than one occasion, I saw some poor guy get verbally threatened, for living such a note on a straight guy's locker.

As my father came back to the locker, I quickly got rid of the paper, by throwing it under the bench.  My father's handsome face, looked a bit annoyed but soon melted into a warm smile, when he came back to me and said.

"All right, SportLet's get undressed.", he took off his shirt and hung it from a hook inside the locker.

I sat on the bench and took off my sandals, my father stood by his locker and put both of our sports bag at the bottom of the locker.  At that moment, a young man, perhaps in his early twenties came out of the showers, with a towel around his waist  and sat at the end of the bench, that was closest to the showers.  He was very cute looking, completely hairless and very fair skinned, with reddish brown hair and freckles, all over his young body.  He smiled at me and waved, I simply smiled.

He kept his eyes focused closely on my father, who was beginning to undo his belt.  My father then pulled down his zipper and the sound echoed, throughout the locker room.  He then dropped his pants and stood there in his white, low rise briefs,
the fabric hugged his body, very tightly and you could admire the perfect and well-rounded ass-cheeks, with every movement that he made.  He looked very masculine and desirable and with a huge seductive basket, that looked like it was ready to explode.

As I remained seated, I pulled off my jersey and handed it over to my father, he put it in my sports bag and as I stood up,
I asked him.

"Dad, should I take off my underwear and leave my soccer shorts on?", and I curiously looked at him.

He then turned around and sat on the bench, undid the laces on his white running shoes and said.

"No need for your soccer shorts.  We'll be swimming naked.", and winked.

I raised both my eyebrows and heard one of his sweetest laughs.  As he took off his shoes and threw them in his locker, he said.

"Don't worry, Sport.  It's just us guys in here, no ladies." and messed up my hair.  He then took off, his white socks, picked up his jeans and put them in his sports bag.

As I looked past my father, the young man, was still there.  He was now standing in front of his locker, naked and drying himself off and on occasion, would take a quick and nervous glimpse at my father.  My father, then stood up, pulled down his underwear and the huge, broad and mighty python, bolted from it's confiment, as if the cage of soft fabric was preventing it from reaching it's maximum growth and uttermost supremacy.  The pair of  huge lemon sized balls, hung in the air, like a pair of heavy grapefruits from his hairy ballsack.  My father, then smiled at me and said.

"Allright, Sport, let's head to the pool.", and he grabbed my hand and headed to the pool area.

As we passed by the young man, who was now getting dressed, he politely smiled at me and said, "ciao".  At this proximity, he looked even younger, then what I had guessed earlier, although old enough to know what he wanted.  He had very warm and beautiful light green eyes and he still kept glancing at my father, but he didn't even acknowledge, his presence.  As we left the locker room, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious.

My father must have sensed my intimidation, because he gently stroked my left cheek and smiled.  As we kept walking to the pool, I could hear splashes, laughter and conversations, getting louder and louder.  Just the size of the place made me feel  insecure and now that I was naked, I felt like a small fish in a big pond.  As I looked at my father's face, he simply had a relaxed, self-assured and confident attitude.  As we walked, hand in hand to the pool, I couldn't help to take quick glances,
at my father's enormous cock, it actually reminded me of an elephant's trunk as it swung back and forth.

As we reached the pool area, there were three entrances, two at either side for the swimming pools and the other led to a long corridor that had a sign above, that read, Saunas.  The entrance on the left, had the name and statue of the Roman God, Neptune. The sign read, built in 1920, Olympic Pool.  Lenght: 50 meters; width: 25 meters; maximum depth:5 meters; minimum depth:2.20 meters. This pool contains eight 50-meter lanes, twenty-two 25-yard lanes, a diving area equipped with two 1-meter and two 3-meter spring boards.  This pool, is only to be used for sport competitions, such as water polo and swimming.  You must be over the age of 16 to use this pool.

The other entrance to the pool, had the statue of the Roman God, Aloadae, son of Neptune.  The sign read, built in 1920,  Instructional/Therapy Pool .  Rectangular pool: 45 meters; width: 25 meters; maximum depth: 2.20 meters; minimum depth: 1.50 meters.  This pool, is to be used only for recreational and swimming classes.

As we stood at both entrances, I could smell the chlorine and hear the rowdyness coming from inside the pool.  The fear in me was subsiding and I was actually looking forward of getting into the water. With my father at my side, I knew that there was nothing to be afraid of and felt quite valiant.  My father, then kneeled to my level and said.

"Allright, Sport. We're going to go into the beginners pool and if at anytime you want to leave the pool, just say so.....o.k?", I nodded, smiled and he kissed my forehead.

As we walked into the pool area, I noticed that it wasn't crowded at all, there were a few men and some youths.  As my father, led the way to the wading area, I saw two men resting on pool chairs and as soon as we walked in, they locked their eyes on my father and me.  They looked to be in their late forties and were looking at my father with a lecherous, lustful and wanton desire and as we passed by them, one of them said.

"Enjoy the swim, little pup.", and winked at me.

As I turned my head, to look at them, I heard my father say.

"Watch we're you're going, Son.  Keep both eyes on the floor, it's quite slippery.", and motioned me to walk closer to him.

We then went down the steps and into the pool.  The water felt great on my body and by not wearing anything at all, I felt free and uninhibited.

"Well, Sport.  Dosen't it feel great to be in the water?", and he pulled me closer to him.  I nodded and smiled.

"Allright, Sport.  We're going to start with the basics and I want you, to learn to swim with skill, confidence and have complete assurance, whether you're swimming in a backyard pool or the ocean.", he then told me to relax and pay attention.

"Lesson one, you have to find your balance and your "sweet spot.", he was being quite serious, when he said that and told me to relax and that he was going to lift me with his arms and show me how to do a back float and balance my body in the water.

As he supported me with his huge and strong, muscular arms, I felt like I weighed nothing at all.  Floating on the water, felt a bit weird, I tried to relax but got distracted by the water that was going inside my ears.  I could hear my father's voice echo, throught the water, as he continued with the lessons.

"Allright, Sport. Try to relax and think pleasant thoughts, you're going to get a feeling of being supported by the water, so just lie there motionless, breathe in and out and most importantly relax.

"That's it, Sport.  Just lie there, breathe in and out, now I want you to relieve the tension in your body,... now extend your arms.....Yeah, that's it!.",  I felt the support of his powerful and strong arms, I was doing my best at looking calm but now that I was in the water, it was completely different story.

"How's that Sport, you o.k?", as I looked at him from this angle, the warmth of his eyes made me feel, very comfortable and the look on his gorgeous face, could speak volumes.

"You got it SportLook, I've let you go......see, you're floating on your own.!", When he said those last words, it broke my concentration and I panicked!.  Suddenly, I was trashing and kicking in the water and sank.

"Whoa....easy, there!.....relax, Dante!.  I'm here......relax!", and he picked me up.

"What happened? were doing fine, Son.", and he smiled.  I didn't think it was funny and said.

"You let me go. That's what happened!", and I must have looked quite upset, because he gave me a hug and said.

"Dante, I'm right hereNothing is going to happen to you, but you have to learn to trust yourself, your sorroundings and relax.", something caught his eye and when I turned around, I saw that one of the men, who was watching us earlier was swimming towards us.  He was wearing a red speedo and was much shorter than my father and as he approached us, he said.

"Quite a cute little dolphin, you got there.  My name is Stefano, and that over there is Silvio,(he pointed to Silvio and he waved), would you like some help in teaching him to swim.?", and he gave my father a mischievous smile and playful look.  My father, pulled me close to him and said.

"I'm Antonio and... no, thank-you.  I can manage on my own.", and he cradled me onto his hairy chest.

"Well,... if you get tired.  My friend can watch, the little dolphin, then perhaps, you and I could enjoy the use of  the sauna.", and he had a grin from ear to ear, as he said it.

"Once again, thanks but no thanks.", My father, then carried me and we made our way, a little bit deeper into the pool.  The guy stood there, looked back at his friend and shouted.

"If you change your mind, I'm at your service.", and winked at my father.

Silvio, also shouted. "Me too!", I then heard him say to Stefano.

"Strike one and two!", and laughed.  As Stefano, got out of the pool and sat on his chair, he said.

"Strike one and two, but not out......yet!", he laid back on the chair and continued to watch us.

I was looking at my father's face, he looked annoyed and murmured something like(leccacazzi), which translates into cocksucker.

"Allright, enough distractionLesson two, is about bobbing your head, up and down, give it a try, Sport.", he then let me go and told me to float on my own and to relax.  It wasn't that bad, it was kinda fun and after 5 minutes, we moved to the  wall of the pool.

"You're doing well, Sport.  Now, it's time to learn lesson three, the flutter kick.", he told me to grab a hold of the wall with both hands and with my knees straight, to start kicking in the water.

"Doing well, Sport.  The farther your foot bends forward the more leg power you will be able to transfer to the water and the farther you will travel with each stroke. This is why learning how to develop a good kick is very important. ", As I continued kicking, he went on with his detail explanation.

"The flutter kicking movement involves alternately separating the legs and then drawing them back together.  The moment the legs separate, the surface of the legs encounter drag from the water which slows down the swimmer.  When the legs are drawn back together, they produce a force which tends to push the swimmer forward and if the kick produces considerably more forward force then it causes drag, then your kick will be propulsive.", With all the kicking and splashing I was doing, I did not hear a single thing! so, I just nodded.

We then moved on to lesson four, the front float and I was able to do that quite well and with minimal support.  My father, then taught me to do arm switches on my back, with assist and we finished the lessons with breathing drills, where he taught me to hold my breath, under water for 3 seconds.  My father, must have sensed that I was a bit tired and said.

"Well, Sport.  I think, that we've both had enough lessons today, just let me do two laps around the pool and we'll head out.", he then playfully messed up my hair and dove back into the water.  Having my father as a teacher, made it easier and more enjoyable to get into the water and I discovered the pure joy of swimming like a fish.

He was very fast and his movements were flawless, he was quite a site to behold.  His whole body, generated an effortless power for propulsion, his muscles were most dynamic and the powerful movements balletic.  In the end, my father swam with the flow and grace of an Olympian.

My father, then appeared like a dazzling, bottled nosed dolphin and with that cuteness of him, used his mouth to spray water on my face.  I laughed and with my feet, tried to kick him away, he looked quite happy, smiled at me and said.

"Allright, Sport.  Let's make our way to the locker room and dry off.", he used the ladder to climb up, and as he did the
humongous and fat cock, hung loosely and was swinging, swaying and dangling back and forth.

As I sat on the floor, with my feet touching the water, I could hear a murmur, coming from Stefano and Silvio.  I turned my head around and saw that Stefano's eyes, were hynotized on my father.  He kept licking his lips, as if he had a thirst, that water would not quench.

My father then grabbed my hand and we made our way, back to the change rooms.  As we passed, Stefano and Silvio, they both uttered at the same time.

"We're at your service, Antonio.......Ciao, bello!", and waved at us both.  I caught my father, give a mischivious smile and said.

"I'll keep that in mind, ladies.", and confidently walked out.

As we reached the locker room, my father told me to open the locker.  He wanted to be sure, that I remembered the combination.

"Allright, Sport.  Please, open the locker, I want to be sure that you got it.", and he motioned me to open it.

"Yeah....o.k.  It's mmm... my birthday, so it's 16......then, wait...don't tell me!.  It's 04.......then 16.....then 73 and pull!.  I looked at my father's face and he had a pleasant smile, as I opened the locker, a small piece of paper fell out and onto the floor, as I picked it up, my father said.

"Give it here, Sport.", and he extended his giant hand to me.  He read the note and gave a malicious smile, I thought that he was going to throw away but quite to the contrary, he took out his wallet and carefully put the paper inside.

He then walked over to a shelf, picked up two white towels, told me to close the locker and to follow him. We walked into the shower area and hung our towels in hooks that lined the wall and we rinsed off.  As he was scrubbing my back, I backed up against him and with my left hand, I stroked his hairy left thigh.  At that moment, I heard someone whistling a tune and the sound was coming from the locker room.

A young man walked in, carrying a towel on his shoulder and soap on his right hand.  He must have been in his early twenties and very cute looking, with short light brown hair and dark brown eyes, beautiful red lips and rosy cheeks, about 5'9, 150lbs and with a healthy tan, the only hair on his body, was the "treasure trail", from the belly button to his groin.  He gave me a wink and when his eyes met my father, his eyes kinda changed.......I don't know how to explain it, but it's like he went on a sort of a trance.

He took the shower that was to the right of us and would on occasion steal a quick glanze, at my father.  My father, had his eyes closed and I'm quite sure, that he hadn't noticed the young man, he just stood under the shower, enjoying the current of warm water.  I was carefully looking at this very cute guy and as he looked at my father, his penis was getting larger and harder.  My father, finally opened his eyes and looked to his right, his eyes caught the stare of the young man, my father gave a polite "Hello".

The poor guy was so nervous and caught off guard, that he dropped the soap and blushed.  I heard my father, give a snicker
and just "stare" at the kid.  The poor guy, blushed every shade of red and by now it was "very" obvious that he had a full erection and due to the level of nervousness, kept dropping the soap.  Every time, the young man bent over to picked it up
I caught my father, admiring the kid's hairless bubble butt and give a mischievous smile.

While witnessing this interaction, I also noticed that my father's cock was getting bigger and thicker, I then heard my father say,

"Allright, Sport.  All done, do me a favour and get the locker open, I'll be right there.", and with his head, motioned me to start walking.

As I made my way to the locker, I heard my father say to the young man.

"You know, you keep dropping the soap like that and someone is going to take it as an invitation", and heard my father's indistinguishable sexy laughter.

The young man, got all tongue tied and with a nervous laughter, finally said.

"Ha......yeah......well.  It kinda is...."

There was no conversation or a single sound for 5 seconds, so I walked to the locker and slammed the door.  Sure enough, my father then came out of the shower, with a towel around his waist and a flushed face.  His enormous cock, was now at full staff and there was no point in hiding the 12" colossal monster, that tented the towel like a powerful cannon.

As he walked towards me, he had a very pleased look on his face and said out loud,"Oh yeah,.... locker 12!".  At first, I thought, what is he talking about?, then it hit me, that had been intended for the kid in the showers.  At that moment, I felt quite jealous and sat on the bench and tried to read my father's face.  Aside from the huge grin that he carried, when he took off the towel, I noticed that the enormously thick cock was still half hard, the foreskin was retracted and the first six inches of the colossal organ, had been lubricated in something shiny and slimey, not quite like water.....more like spit?

He opened his sports bag and took out a pair of red Everlast boxing trunks, his protective cup and jock.  He placed everything on the bench and then opened my bag, he handed out to me my black soccer shorts and boxing gloves.  He looked at me, stroked my cheek and said.

"We'll go into the boxing ring and work on some lessons.", he picked up his worn out jock, put it on and arranged his manly equipment and placed the protective cup inside the jock.  He caught me looking at him as he arranged his thick cock and big balls in the cup.  He winked at me and said.

"Gotta protect the family jewels, Sport!", and smiled.  He grabbed the red satin boxing trunks and put them on,
he then sat on the bench, took out his black Everlast, low top boxing shoes, laced them on and then put them on.  I quickly dried myself and put on my soccer shorts and sandals, he gave me a quick look over and said.

"Looking good, Sport.  Let's go", he grabbed his boxing gloves and then closed the locker.  As we were leaving the change room, I turned around and was able to see the young man from the showers, heading to my father's locker.

 As we headed back and made our way past the massive oak doors, we entered The Hall Of Honours.  My father, encountered many friends along the way and they greeted him as if he was a long lost relative or the Mayor of San Remo.  They were very friendly, curteous and regarded him, with the highest esteem.

Once in the main hall, as we were about to walk up the great marble stairs and head to the second floor, a group of mature men, wearing only towels around their waists, approached us and immediately made a bee-line for my father.  In a second, they sorrounded and encircled us both, they were being led by a tall goodlooking man perhaps in his late fifties, clean shaven, with salt and pepper hair, a very hairy chest and intense lime green eyes.  He was the first to speak and extend his hand, to my father.

"Antonio Alessandro Martinello, how the hell are you?", he shook my father's hand and gave him a strong pat on the back.

"Hello, Mr. Barbosa.  How are you doing?", and shook his hand and gave a warm, pleasing smile.

"For fuck sakes, Antonio.  How long have we've known each other?", he looked at the other men, who were smiling at my father.

"We've known each other, since you were a young lad of 16.  So, please drop this Mr. Barbosa, ......shit and call me Fernando!", and stroked my fathers left cheek.

The other men, just stood close to my father and laughed at Mr.Barbosa's last comment.  The other men, reminded me of  a pack of wild hyenas.  I was standing behind my father and when I moved to get a better view of Mr.Barbosa, he quickly noticed me and said.

"Holy shit!.  Who's this pretty little swan?", and with his index finger, he motioned me to come forward.

"I didn't even see this little swan, that was hiding behind his big daddy.  What's your name handsome?", and I stared at those beautiful lime green eyes.

"I'm not a swan, and my name is Dante Alessandro!", and I kinda made a face at him.  My father, patted my head and said.

"Son, where are your manners?.  Fernando, is just kidding.", and he grabbed my right hand.  Mr. Barbosa, gave a good strong laugh and the hyenas, did the same.

"Well....well, feisty little man, isn't he?.  Full of spirit, vigour and youth.......mmm....wonder, who he reminds me of?", and gave another strong laughter, he continued speaking to my father and smiling at me.

"Antonio, ....Son, where have you been hiding this precious little one?.  My God.........mirror image of you, this one!", and as he was going to stroke my cheek, I pulled away.  He smiled and as he looked at my father, he said.

"Antonio, this little man is going to be one helluva heartbraker.  It's very clear that this good looking kid took after both parents, and how is the beautiful nurse?.  You know, son still speaks fondly of her, but.......the superior and better man, won the battle and her heart.", and as he said all this, he looked straight into my eyes and there was a flame burning in those eyes, it was kinda intimidating.  I then heard my father, say very clearly and with assurance.

"Adrienne is fine, thanks for asking.  She's once again in the Board Of Directors, for the Flower Festival and very busy making all the preparations and arrangements.", and he sounded quite cool and proud.

"Yes, I know that she made the Board Of Directors.  She once again, beat out my ugly, fat ass, disgraceful,
easy lay, whorish of a daughter-in-law......bagascia......putana......donnaccia."(extremely nasty curse words!)

Everyone,  including my father, remained silent while Mr.Barbosa, insulted his much hated daughter-in-law.  I was dumbfounded and speechless, that someone could use so many curse words in one sentence and even though, I had no idea whatsoever as to what he had said, I knew that by the serious look on everyones faces, that it was bad!

He then looked at my father, smiled and put his hand on my father's left shoulder.

"Adrienne is an elegant, gorgeous, graceful, captivating and intelligent woman, you're certainly one fucking lucky bastardo, Antonio.  You have everything,.... a trophy wife, good job, you're an impressive man, an spectacular and gifted athlete, you got a handsome and virile son, that will give you lots of grandchildren and you're the man, every man wants to be or be with."

I felt quite proud and appreciative, as I looked up at my father.  I was taking a glance at the other men, when Mr. Barbosa looked at me and said.

"Where are my manners, little Martinello here dosen't know the rest of my men.", and he introduced the pack.

"This is Massimo Ambrosini, owner of Ambrosini's Textile".  He was a solid man of pure muscle, in his late fifties, about 5'9 and extremely hairy.  He had a serious face with a trim moustache, dark brown eyes and jet black hair, greying in the temples.  He simply nodded and extended his hairy bear paw of a hand and I politely shook it.

Mr.Barbosa, then introduced the next lackey.

"This is Valerio Portiere, owner of  Il Capriccio Restaurant.  Very famous restaurant in town, he's the fucking chef  and makes the best and most succulent, Ostriche al Prosecco (oysters stuffed with fresh crabmeat in champagne and hollandaise sauce).  You know little Martinello, the restaurant is styled after the famous Venetian architecture of the 17th and 18th century by Palladio.

Mr.Barbosa, then threw me a question of of the blue and said.

"Do you know who Palladio is, little Martinello?." he looked at me straight in the eyes and then at my father.  I nodded and said.

"Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, known as Palladio.  Suggesting Pallas Athene, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, born in 1508 in Padua, mainland possession of the island-based Republic of Venice.  His very famous works, include Villa Godi, the
Benedictine monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Accademia Museum, the church of  San Francesco della Vigna, the church of  San Giorgio Maggiore, Il Redentore and Le Zitelle.

Once I was done, Mr.Barbosa stood there with his mouth wide open.  He had a stupefied look on his face and then looked in disbelief  and in the direction of his men.

I looked up at my father and he had a very big grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.  History,  is by far my best subject
and I'm also fascinated and in love, with architecture.  Mr.Barbosa, then stroked my left cheek and said.

"Holy shit, good looks and brains, you've got a little genious here, Antonio.  Not like my lazy and stupid grandson, he's 12 and can't even count to 100!.........cacasotto....cafone....disgraziato....leccare la figa!."(chicken shit....ill mannered....disgraceful....son of a whore!.)

"Where was I ?.....Oh yeah.  Antonio, I want you to bring one of these days the whole family to the restaurant.  I'm always there in the evenings and the dinner will be on the house.  If  you ever want to eat there, it will always be free of charge for the entire family........isn't that right Val?. ", Mr.Barbosa, looked at Mr.Portiere, who answered.

"Of course, the entire Martinello family is always welcomed, you're part of our family!." and smiled at my father and me.

My father shook Mr. Portiere's hand and said. "Thank-you, that's very kind of you, I'll mention it to the wife."

Mr.Portiere, looked to be amiable, very polite and sweet natured.  He was the shortest of the group, looked to be in his fifties, about 5'6 with very white hair, clean shaven, bright blue eyes, completely smooth, with a very faint line of red hair, that ran from his belly button and disappeared beneath the towel.  Mr.Barbosa, introduced the next man.

"This is Paolo Maldini, owner of the Hotel Villa Bonera.  Mr.Maldini, was the tallest of them all, at least 6'2, very good looking and muscular, with a nice hairy chest and stomach, bushy mustache and bald.  He had a nice pair of light brown eyes and while Mr.Barbosa, introduced him, I noticed the he had a very big bulge that was hidden by the towel around his waist.  He extended his hand and gave me a very strong handshake.  The next one, to be introduced was.

"This is Christian Abbiati, owner of the San Remo Ferrari Dealership. Mr.Abbiati, had a serious face, he was perhaps in his early sixties, short brown hair and brown eyes to match, with a bit of stomach and not an overall hairy body.  When he extended his hand to me, I noticed that his arms, were by far hairier than the rest of him, which I found amusing.  The next on the list was,

"This is Andrea Brocchi, owner of the Due Lune Pub.  Mr. Brocchi, was the most good looking one of them.  At 5'9 and in his fifties, he had dark brown hair that was going grey in the temples, strong muscular arms and well-built body, a slight hairy chest, dark green eyes, clean shaven and nice pouty lips.

"Nice strong grip there, Son.  Are those your boxing gloves, may I see?." and he extended his hand to me and I gave him the boxing gloves.  He inspected them, looked at my father, then at me and then said.

"Very nice gloves little Martinello, you've got virgen gloves though.  You'll have to break them in.", and everyone, including my father snickered at the last comment.  My father, then jumped in and said.

"Well, we were heading upstairs to the boxing ring and I was going to teach Dante, some moves.", and he messed up my hair.

Mr.Brocchi, looked at my father, gave me a pleasant smile, gave me back the my gloves and said.

"You know, little Martinello.  You're daddy and I, used to spar a long time ago, in fact I taught his some good moves but now he's too fast and far too good, for this old timer.", he patted my father on the back and smiled.

Mr.Barbosa then stroked my cheek and said.

"Well, then we won't keep you any longer, we're on our way to the sauna.  So pay attention, little Martinello, your daddy is very good......or I should say he's the very best, at giving lessons." he looked at my father, as he said that and winked at the rest of his men.  Then, they all started walking away and Mr.Barbosa, said out loud.

"We'll be at your next soccer match, Antonio.  You're playing Club Inferno, right?.", he stopped and waved at me.
My father, turned to face him and said.

"Yes, next saturday at 1:00 p.m, we're playing Club Inferno.", and he motioned me to start walking up the marble steps.  Mr. Barbosa, kept walking and said out loud, so that everyone in the main hall could hear.

"We'll Club Inferno is just a name, they're all a bunch of candy-ass, dumb fucks.  They couldn't hit a ball, even if it's  the size of a watermelon, my money is riding on Reggina Calcio.", he then started walking to the huge oak doors and said.

"We'll be seeing you champ and you too, little Dante, Ciao!.", and he went through the doors.

As my father walked along side me, he looked at me and said.

"Well, that was Fernando Barbosa, and he used to be the mayor of San Remo, in the early fifties and late sixties.  He's a very powerful man in this town, so when you meet him, always be in your best behaviour, allright Sport.", and he took my hand and smiled.  I nodded in agreement and said.

"But he swears alot, dad.", and I caught my father smile and say.

"Yeah, he does. When people speak in that manner, they just come out sounding coarse, rude and immature."

When we reached the top of the stairs, there was a huge, white marble statue of  the great war hero, Achilles.  He stood, poised on a rock, wearing a Greek helmet, a spear in his right hand and round shield in his left.   Made famous in Homer's Illiad, some say that without the help of Achilles, the Greeks would have never defeated the Trojans.  Achilles was a great war hero that was sometimes known for his fits of rage and revenge, it seems as though his anger was as greatly known as his fits of prowess.

The legend of his birth goes, that it was told that the son of Thetis, the beautiful sea-nymph would be greater than his father.  Many wanted to have a son by Thetis, but did not want to take the chance of the prophecy coming true. Thetis then mated with a mortal man, she was an intelligent sea-nymph and knew that her son was destined to be a hero that one day, he would would die in battle.  In order to make him invulnerable she bathed him in the river Styx, however the place where she held the child (his heel) was not able to be bathed in the river.  It was this spot that brought the injury that caused him his life, he was a mighty warrior at Troy, but was killed in battle when the young man Paris shot a poisoned arrow into his heel.

We made a left, from the statue and there was a huge metal door, with a sign that read.  Boxing & Martial Arts Training Room.

We walked into a huge room that had a boxing ring, bleachers, punching bags and all sorts of equipment.  There were more black and white photos on the wall and as I looked at some of them, they were from different years and with different boxing and karate athletes.

I recognized Mr. Foglio, from a photo taken in the early fifties, when he must have been in his twenties.  He was an extremely good looking, very blond and muscular young man and even though the photo was in black and white, you could make out the hairy blond chest and the piercing, sexy green eyes.

As I was looking at other photos, I didn't realize that my father was no longer at my side and when I turned around, I saw him talking to, who else but Mr.Foglio.

I walked towards them and I noticed that Mr.Foglio, was practicing using a double end striking bag.  He was covered in sweat and they were enjoying a private conversation, because as soon as I got closer, Mr.Foglio made eye contact with my father and with his eyes let him know, that I was standing behind him.

"Well .....well.  We finally have the son of the greatest boxing champ in our sports center.  How is Dante Alessandro  doing?", he extended his huge, hairy, sweat covered hand and gave me a strong handshake.

"I'm fine, Mr.Foglio and yourself?.", and he continued shaking my hand and smiling.

"I'm doing well, little Dante.  I heard you had fun in the pool.", he grabbed a towel and dried off his face and hairy chest.

"Yeah, my dad taught me some lessons and it was fun.", I looked at my father, who gave me a warm smile and messed up my hair.  Mr.Foglio, then took a step forward and noticed the boxing gloves on my hand.

"Ahh, I see that you brought your boxing gloves.  I helped your daddy in picking them out, we wanted a good quality pair of gloves for the upcoming champ.", he took off his gloves and threw the towel on the chair.

My father grabbed a pair of Everlast punch mitts that were laying on the floor and started walking towards the boxing ring.
Mr.Foglio, then laced up my boxing gloves.

"Well.....little Dante.  How do they fit, too tight or they're fine?." and he took my hands and inspected the gloves.

"They're fine Mr.Foglio.", I practiced throwing punches in the air and followed Mr.Foglio to the ring.

As my father got closer to the ring, I heard cheering and whistling, from the two guys that were sparring in the ring.  I instantly recognized them as Mr.Paolo Mesto and Enrico Cozza.

"It's Tony the tiger, where have you been bastardo?!", Mr.Cozza yelled out.

"Well, and look at the new member that he brought along, it's the little tiger cub!.". Mr.Mesto, announced.
And while Enrico wasn't looking, he punched him in the ribs.

"Ahhh.....Fessacchione!(fucking idiot!) you did that on purpose!." He glared at Paolo and gave him the finger.

"C'on, Enrico......don't be such a pussy!", and put up his gloves in defense stand.

Mr.Cozza, then turned around and directed the conversation back to my father.

"Hey, something is missing in this picture.  Where is your bodyguard.........dearest, Fabrizio?  He's your shadow and never leaves your side." He looked at my father with a wicked smile and batted his eyelashes.

My father laughed and looked at Mr.Foglio and with a mischievous grin, and said.

"Fabrizio is visiting his parents for the weekend, won't be here until sunday evening.", and jumped into the boxing ring.

My father checked his shoe laces and motioned me to come into the boxing ring.  Mr. Cozza, then continued sparring with Mr.Costa and as they were bouncing around the ring, he said.

"Mmmm......and here we were thinking, that you were busy deflowering virgens!.", then all four, my father included, broke into a roaring laughter.  My father, then practiced a few moves and said.

"There is plenty of time for the persuit of sweet, wholesome, and immaculate virgens for later!.", and as Mr.Foglio, lifted me to the ring, my father grabbed my hand and said.

"Allright Sport, we're finally here, just remember to go slow at first and watch your knuckles.", he then patted my head and  Mr.Cozza, approached, greeted me and said.

"Allright, the little man is going to start boxing.   You'll have lot's of fun, cub." he grabbed my glove and shook my hand.  Mr.Costa, had a water bottle in his hand, took a sip and said.

"You got the best trainers and we're all going to give you pointers, so you pay attention and most important.....have fun.", he patted me on the back and as he left the ring, another pat on the butt.

"O.k, Sport Boxing tip 1, When throwing a punch, breath out instead of taking a breath.  This helps if your opponent counters with a blow to the stomach, because a blow to the stomach with your lungs full of air is very painful and brings most to their knees, this also helps regulate your breathing.  Many fighters when they begin boxing hold their breath during their fights, this is because your muscles and brain need oxygen to function.", as he continued with the lesson, his eyes were bright and illuminated from within.

"Boxing tip 2, the balanced boxing stance.  This is the classic boxing stance, with the position of the head to the left.", my father took the position and told me to mirror his every move.

"Allright, to stand.  The balanced stance is the starting point for all boxing moves, if the stance is not executed correctly, it's very difficult to perform the punches and footwork safely and effectively."

"1 - Place your feet comfortably apart and put your weight on the balls of your feet.  You should feel "on balance" and able to move easily, then put about the same amount of weight on each foot.", he looked very serious as he explained in high detail.

"2 - Bend your knees slightly, not too much or you'll find yourself in a crouch, which can be awkward and tiring."
He looked very handsome, like one of the marble statues in the sports center.

"3 - Position yourself slightly sideways to your imaginary opponent, with the front foot, hip, and your shoulders in line ( This maximizes your reach and minimizes the target area.)", my father then approached and made sure that I was standing correctly.

"Looking good, Sport.  Now, to boxing tip 3, the left hand position, the top of  your fist must be in line with the top of your shoulders and your elbow slightly extended but still in position to protect your body.  That's right, Sport looking good!.", his eyes had an approving look on his gorgeous face and he certainly looked proud.

"Tip 4, the right hand position.  Your fist must be close to your chin, your elbow stays close to your ribs and perpendicular to the floorWatch me, Dante.......that's right, and your neck and shoulders should be relaxed not "tight". He then gave me, a sip of water from the bottle and said.

"Boxing is mostly psychological. You're training your mind as well as your body.", he took back the water bottle and took a quick sip.

"Now for tip 5, the perfect punch Ideally, the boxing punch consists of a synchronization between your arm, legs, and trunk action.  The punching movement of a boxer consists of the leg extension, the trunk rotation, arm extension, all of this in succession.  The more effective the coordination between arm, leg and trunk movements, the greater the impact force of a punch.  Your leg muscles, will play a vital role in the power developed in this sequence."

My father then crouched to my eye level and checked my gloves.  He was about to say something, when we were all rudely interrupted by a comment made.

"Look at's the champ......ha!.", said one deep voice.

"He's no champ, he's a chump!, said the other deep voice.

I was looking at my father's face and his hazel eyes changed.  I literally saw them light up like a flame, the handsome features went rigid and he very slowly stood up.

All eyes then turned to the two men, that had entered the room.  They were both quite tall, one more muscular than the other, they appeared to be in their early twenties, both very good looking, oozing testosterone and looking for a fight.

The more muscular one, was very handsome.  At least 5'10, with a platinum blond hair and crewcut.  He had gorgeous,
deep blue eyes, a nice set of deep red lips, completely smooth and void of any body hair and baby faced.  He had a mean look to him, wearing a black tank top shirt, blue Everlast boxing shorts, with shoes to match.

The other one, was a bit shorter, cute too and you could tell that he was working on gaining body muscle.  He was about 5'7, jet black hair, brown eyes and clean shaven.  He was wearing a grey jogging pants, white tank top shirt and black running shoes.  As they got closer the the ring, I looked at my father's friends and they all had a serious look on their faces and you could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

My father then patted my right cheek and said.

"Care to repeat the comment you made.", and took a step forward and took off his gloves.

Mr.Foglio, then motioned me to get out of the ring and go to him.  I started walking towards him and on occasion would take a look back at my father.  The blond young man, smiled a perfect set of white teeth and said.

"What's the matter, you have a hearing problem old man?", and he put on the gloves that he was carrying, he looked around the room and said.

"I called you a chump, old man.  You're Tony the tiger.......right?.   I've heard all these bullshit stories about you.
Well, I say that I can kick your sorry hairy ass from here to tomorrow, what do you say?, he had a wide smile, while he said that and I was getting a worried about my father.

Mr.Cozza, then jumped in after the last comment and said.

"You've got quite a mouth on you, pussy lips.  You're just cranky, perhaps the big baby, should take a nap and I'll give you a nice warm bottle of daddy milk!.", He then obscenely grabbed his crotch and you could make out the huge, thick cock that was hidden beneath the fabric of his boxing shorts.  The whole room, started to laugh and the young man's face went completely red and you could even see the veins jump from out of their skin.

"You shut the fuck up!.  I'm not talking to you assface, I'm talking to the so called.... lame tiger." He then took a step closer to the ring and looked directly at my father's face.

Mr.Cozza's, started to walk towards the young man and was stopped in his track, by what my father said.

"Enrico, no......this one is all mine!.   It seems that this young man, needs a lesson in humility.", and started to put back his gloves.

While Mr.Cozza, stopped dead in his tracks.  He looked angry, and said.

"Kid, you're the cum shot that your mother should have swallowed!.", and spat on the ground.  Meanwhile, Mr.Mesto was laughing and saying.

"Assface, that's funny.  I gotta remember that.....ha....assface!", and couldn't stop giggling.

Mr.Cozza, looked very annoyed, he looked at Mr.Mesto and said.

"Shut up, fucking idiot!...." and as he was going to add to the insult, Mr.Foglio interrupted them both and said.

"Shut the fuck up.........both of you!", and he looked quite annoyed and very serious.

The young man, then climbed the ropes and into the ring.  My father, certainly towered over him and his muscles were more developed and solid but his opponent, certainly was younger.

My father came closer to him and they were standing face to face.  Both, with a very serious look and eyes fixed on each other.
The young man, then got even closer to my father's face, almost touching his body and it was quite a dramatic contrast, one man was older, taller, dark haired, hairier and with a tan, the other was young, shorter, platinum blond, hairless and pale.

the young man, then said.

"I want to see, if you're as good as they say!.", and tried to push my father backwards, but my father didn't even move, it was like his feet were made of stone and deeply rooted to the ground.  The look on the young man's face, was of disbelief and perhaps.... worry?.

I didn't hear, exactly what my father said, but it sounded like.

"I smell fear.", and smiled.

Mr.Foglio, then told me sit on a chair and not to move.  He walked towards the ring, climbed the ropes and walked towards the boxers.

"So, you're looking for a match?.", he spoke directly to the young man.

"Yes, I am." and continued to stare at my father.  Mr. Foglio then looked at my father and just with his eyes, already knew the answer.  He looked at Mr. Mesto and said.

"Allright, we got a match going.  Paolo, you're in charge of the scoring board.", he then turned around and asked the guy, his name.

"So what's your name kid?.", and handed my father a mouth guard and a red Everlast headgear.

"Markus Wolfsburg." and he then walked over to his friend that was outside the ring and got a mouthpiece and blue Everlast headgear.

Mr.Foglio, then told Mr. Mesto, to include both names on the scoring board.  It read, Martinello vs Wolfsburg

Mr.Cozza then looked at Mr.Mesto with a malicious and teasing manner and said.

"It looks like we have a German boy, here!.",he elbowed Mr.Mesto in the ribs as he said it.

The kid, looked at Cozza with pure anger in his eyes and said.

"I'm Austrian, you blödes arschloch!."(stupid asshole!)

Mr.Cozza looked at Mr.Mesto with a confused look on his face and said.

"Same shit, now.....what did he just say.?", and he sarcasticaly scratched his head.  Mr.Mesto, mocked the kid and said.

"I don't know.  Fabrizio is the only one that could help us out in the translation.  I'm afraid, I don't speak Aryan.", and winked at the kid.

The young man, completely ignored the two men that were trying to distract him and get him angry.  He pouted his red lips and
batted his platimun eyelashes and if it wasn't for the fact, that the kid had an infuriated look on his face, he could pass for drop dead gorgeous.

My father looked into the kid's, intense deep blue eyes and said.

"Well, this is an official boxing match.  There should be stakes at hand.", and grinned malevolently.  The kid looked at him and said.

"What do you have in mind?", and looked at my father with curiosity.  My father continued to smile and said.

"WINNER TAKES ALL!", he stood there full of confidence as he said that and the kid, responded.

"Winner takes all, o.k.....all what?.", and I then heard Mr.Foglio laugh and so did Mr.Cozza and Mesto.

I heard someone in the room, yell out.

"Fight.......fight,'s the tiger against some new kid.!", and the guy ran out of the room and was shouting at the tops of his lung.

"Fight in the boxing ring!.", then all of the sudden, men both young and old started to fill the room.  Some sat on the bleachers that were against the wall, while others just stood near the door or anywhere, where there was room.

My father, then went to one side of the ring and had Mr.Cozza, stand for him and on the other side it was Markus Wolfsburg and his friend to assist, while Mr.Foglio, was to be the boxing referee.

I then saw that my father said something to Mr.Foglio, who then started walking towards me.

"Dante, your father wants you at his side.  Stand next to Enrico and follow his orders.", I ran to Mr.Cozza's side and he gave me a wink.

The room was now filled to capacity and very noisy.  I looked around and saw some men in all sorts of undress, some were in their towels and dripping wet, others in shorts, jogging pants and swimming trunks.  >From somewhere in the back row of the bleachers, I could hear someone yelling.

"Little dolphin......over here!.  Darling.......over here!.", it was Stefano and Silvio, they had good seats at the top of the bleachers, where they could clearly see us and had soft drinks in their hands, as they waved.

I kinda waved at them and when I looked at Mr.Cozza, he was smiling and said.

"Do you know those two over there.?", and there was a hint of  maliciousness as he said it.  I blushed, I still don't know why I blushed, and said.

"No, not dad and I met them at the pool, that's all.", and I felt that his alluring brown eyes were trying to find truth, in what I said.

The noise in the room, was unbelievable and I could hear men say.

"That kid, won't last 2 rounds......3, the most!.", and others.

"Maybe round 5 .......doubt it, beyond that!", and there were bets taking place.

Then we were interrupted , by the sound of the bell.  Mr.Foglio, then called both boxers to the center of the ring and said out loud.

"Allright, boxers are required to wear a form-fitting mouthpiece, a foulproof cup and a headguard.  Do both of you have the necessary equipment?.", and looked at both of them.

The young man, took out his mouthpiece and said.

"You want to check my equipment.?", and gave Mr.Foglio a wicked smile.  Mr.Foglio, looked at him straight in the eyes, smiled and said.

"Kid, you're going to learn humility, the hard way!.", he then grabbed both their gloves and checked for attire and suitability.  Once everything looked clean and proper, he yelled out loud.

"There will NOT be any hitting below the belt, any holding, kicking or striking the opponent with anything other than the gloved knuckles.  Is that CLEARLY understood?.", both boxers then nodded in agreement, he took a step back and yelled.

"BOX.", once Mr.Foglio uttered those words, the whole room went nuts.  There was cheering, clapping and whistling, this was truly exciting.

They started off slowly, both taking their time and dodging each other.  My father, moved fast like lighting and showed a very clever and fancy footwork and at times ripped in some nice shots to the kid's body.  The kid wanted badly to get a hit on my father, you could see it in his eyes but he was never given the opportunity to even come close to touching him.

Midway through the second round,  my father caught Wolfsburg with a hook and the kid, went staggering backwards,
only the ropes saved him from going down.  Disorientated, Wolfsburg then took a right to the back of the head, which wrecked his equilibrium.  He appeared to touch down with one glove, which would have constituted a knockdown(the situation where he has not fallen but where a boxer has received a hard punch and in the opinion of the referee, if he is unable to continue and fails to resume boxing within ten seconds, the contest shall be awarded to his opponent.),
had the referee chosen to issue a count, but Mr.Foglio.......did not.

Coming into the third round, Wolfsburg's legs looked unsteady yet still, he managed to shake off the effects of a hard left hook, by my father.  Finally, the kid began to put it together, landing one shot to my father's body, that made him breathe hard.  For the rest of the round, each danced around the ring and were evasive, while shuffling their feet.

The first punch of the fourth round changed the course of the fight.  A left hook crashed into Wolfsburg's jaw and his legs turned to jelly in a delayed reaction.  The kid, was tired and breathing heavily, he chased after my father and was holding his own weight and being quite brave. Wolfsburg, did whatever he could to stay upright until my father's pet punch, the big right-hand, dropped the kid by the ropes.

But after a short count, the kid was up and looking for revenge, which he thought was his when he nailed my father with a left hook.  Unfortunately for Wolfsburg, because my father was playing him like a harp and with the speed of lighting, threw the kid a left-right combination that dropped the kid to the floor.  But once again Wolfsburg got up and fought back, and by the end of the round his grin, if a little sickly by now, had returned.

As we begun round five, the kid stormed out and looking to regain the initiative.  But my father, cracked him with a right punch, followed up with a barrage, and then landed a huge right that seemed to nail Wolfsburg to the canvas, where he lay motionless.  Surely, he'd stay down this time but no..... quite incredibly, the kid returned to life and to his feet, he walked to a neutral corner and grinned at the crowd that by now had reached fever pitch.

My father, looked at the kid and smiled. Wolfsburg, was all but done, it was fitting that the fight should end with him trying to claw his way back into it, putting so much force into a final left hook that, when it missed, the momentum saw him collapse to the canvas, wasted.

Of course he got up again, but the decision to end it there was correct. The kid, had no more left to offer, he had flirted with disaster and even though, he was now standing on the precipice and staring defeat in the face, he knew that he also had accomplished a goal.  In the end the kid, should be commended rather than castigated but that was not to be.

Antonio, stood watching the kid, being picked up by his friend and Rocco Foglio.  He felt wonderful, powerful, indomitable and superior, the sound of the crowd cheering and calling his name, was certainly an ego booster.  The feeling of being in the ring, had also brought him back to life and as he saw how proud his own son looked at him , he knew that one day, his offspring would be the next champ.  The win over Wolfsburg was more exciting but it underlined that at the level the kid had now reached, sloppiness will be punished.

I climbed the ropes and ran to my father.  In all the exciment, I slammed against him and bounced backwards, he picked me up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said.

"Well, Sport. That as close as you're going to be, to a boxing match, for now.", and he picked me and and carried me in his strong arms, his head was completely soaked and his body was glistining with sweat.

The crowd was now beginning to disperse and they were either shouting or coming closer to the ring and congratulating both boxers.  The kid was now sitting on his stool at the opposite corner and drinking from a water bottle, my father walked towards him and said something, that I wasn't able to hear due to the noise.

"Now, to finalize our dealPay close attention, Markus Wolfsburg( he was snapping his fingers, in the kids face.)
I want you to head up to the third floor and go directly to room #12You are to wait for me, until I get that clearly understood?.", and with his right hand he lifted the kid's face.

"Third floor........why there?", and he looked quite worried as he said that.  My father, got even closer to his face and said.

", kid.  Don't test my patience, start yourself.", my father, then turned around and walked towards me, he picked me up and said.

"Now listen up, Sport.  Your father has to take a nice looooong shower and then I have to get a rub down, 'cause I'm sore, all over.  So I want you to stay with Rocco Foglio and under no circumstances are you to leave his sight.  Is that clearly understood?", he then gave me a big kiss on the lips and handed me to Mr.Foglio.

The kid was now whispering to his friend and they both had a look of worry on their faces.  Then, Mr.Cozza appeared from the left and Mr.Mesto from the right and they both approached, the kid's friend.  They looked like lions about to pounce on a poor defenseless gazelle.

"So....buddy, what's your name?.  My name is Enrico Cozza and that on your right, is Paolo Mesto.", and they both put their arm around the guy's shoulder.

The young guy, now had a look of real fear and said.

"Listen guys, I didn't mean any harm......I didn't start was his fault!.", and he pointed to Markus.  But poor Wolfsburg, had problems of his own and was walking with his head down and heading out the door and towards the third floor.

My father, then took off his gloves gaved them to Mr.Foglio and got out of the boxing ring.  He gave a mischivious smile,
when he saw that Mr.Cozza and Mesto, were all over the kid's friend.  As he walked away, he turned around and said.

"I'll be back in about an hour, Dante.  Please, stay close to Rocco and don't leave his sight.!", he then waved at me and  walked out of the room.  He was being followed by other men, who were shaking his hand and congratulating him.

I heard both Mr.Cozza and Mr.Mesto, were still interrogating and having fun with the young man.

"I'll ask you again, what's your name....handsome?.", and Mr.Cozza gently stroked his right cheek.  There was fear in the kid's voice and he muttered.

"Giovanni Cragnotti.  My name is Giovanni Cragnotti......and it's a pleasure to meet the both of you.", and he faked a smile.  Mr.Cozza and Mesto, towered over the young man and practically engulfed him with all their muscles and weight.

"How old is pretty Giovanni Cragnotti?.", Mr.Cozza teasingly said.

"I'm birthday will be next month actually....yeah.", the poor kid was now sweating buckets and couldn't even move with their huge arms on his young shoulder.

Mr.Mesto, then gently rubbed his hand on the Giovanni's cheek and said.

"Really, do you even shave yet?.  This is a baby face, you got hair where it counts?.", at the last comment, the poor kid blushed furiously and tried to move away from his captors, but there was nowhere to go.

Mr.Cozza, being always the bolder one, grabbed the kid's groin with his right hand and said.

"Yeah, you got any hair on your balls yet?." and I could tell that he had the poor kid by the balls, by the face that Giovanni made.

At that moment, Mr.Foglio turned me around, placed me on the mat and very seriously said.

"Allright guys, take him upstairs!.", and he turned back to face me and said.

"Now is just the two of us, how about we continue with some more lessons?." and he gave me a great smile.

I then heard the kid pleading and trying to get out of this mess.

"Please, I'll go.....I promise, that I won't come back to the sports center.  Just let me go!.", and he kinda sounded like he was sobbing.

"Go....go where?.  You're not going anywhere.....but up!", said Mr.Cozza.  He then directed the conversation to Mr.Mesto and said.

"Your room or mine?.", and grinned at Mr.Mesto

"My room, your smells like dry cum and jockstraps.  I know your girlfriend likes your smell, but I don't.!", and they started to walk towards the door, with Giovanni in tow.

Both Mesto and Cozza, kept walking and talking to themselves and completely ignoring the sobs and struggles of Giovanni.

"Hey....that just plain hurts!.  I'll have you know, that my smell drives the cockwhores crazy with lust!.", Mr.Cozza then dragged the kid and kept looking at him with hunger in his eyes and then said.

"What do you want.....heads or tails?.", and Mr.Mesto, looked at the kid's bubble butt and said.

"Oh....sweeeet.  I'll take tails!", and they both laughed out loud.

The room was almost empty and the kids pleads fell into deaf ears.  The few men that remained, actually had the same look that Mr.Cozza and Mesto had, so they were not about to meddle.  That was the last, that I saw of Giovanni for the day,
as he was being dragged away by two tall, handsome and muscular men, who had intentions of their own.

As Markus Wolfsburg, walked up the flights of marble steps and onto the third floor, his body was aching all over.  His shoulders were sore, his legs were killing him, he had a pounding headache and most painful of all, he had lost the match.....but at least not his pride!.

He had gone 5 rounds with Tony the Tiger, how many men can say that?.  He really felt bad that he had approached Antonio in that way, but he was trying to sound and look tough but in the process he came out sounding like an asshole and got his ass kicked.

Now that he was up here, he wanted to apologize to Antonio Martinello, and very sincerely, tell him that he truly is a great champion and that he was going to start to give him the respect he deserves.

He was looking for room 12, and was getting a bit nervous about being up here.  He had heard tales in the locker room, about what really goes on up here and he personally was never interested in ever investigating if the rumours were true.

He had heard that men in the sports center, used these rooms for sex.  The third floor, had 60 rooms in total ,
and it was like a labyrinth, a fucking maze of rooms and hallways.  The halls turned and twisted around, and
he saw men of all ages, some as young as 16 walking around the halls wearing only towels.  He felt disgusted, to be around these "faggots", who were leering at him, trying to make eye contact and inviting him to their rooms.

He was straight, he had a girlfriend, he had nothing to worry about.......right?.  I mean, there was no fucking way, that Tony the Tiger......fucked guys.....right?.........No......NO, he even had a kid, c'on!.  Antonio, just probably wanted to give him a good talk about his poor attitude and at most give him a good tongue lash.

He was lost now, he felt disoriented, the knock that Antonio gave him, was making his head spin and now he couldn't find the fucking room!.  He was too high up, the closest number 24, so he had to take a right and go down.  Finally, he found the damm room, he tried the door knob and it wasn't locked.  He pushed the door open with trembling and sweaty hands and walked in.

The room wasn't huge, it was of a decent small size but a very clean.  There was a bed on the right, but instead of a mattress it was more like a cushy brown mat and the base of the bed was made of wood.  There was a locker on the left, with a lock attached to a metal chain, where you could keep your valuables, a small chair stood by the entrance, a metal wastebasket was against the wall and there were hooks on the wall to hang your clothes.  It certainly wasn't a 5 star hotel but I guess it did the job for staying overnight.  He turned on the light switch and sat on the chair and waited for Antonio Martinello. Now...........he was shaking at the knees.

5 minutes passed and felt like an eternity, then he heard heavy steps approaching the room and the door flew open.
Antonio Alessandro Martinello, threw open the door and stood at the entrance proudly presenting, his muscular and powerful physique.

I admired the man that stood in front of me, he certainly was a giant. Antonio is quite impressive, stunning and physically imposing at 6'3 and roughly 160lbs, the first thing that I noticed were the alluring, mesmerizing hazel eyes.  My own eyes,
then roamed to a finely chiseled nose, rosy lips, a handsome face that had begun to show the slightest hint of a
five-o'clock-shadow, a wide thick neck, broad shoulders, well developed hairy pectorals and two erect nipples that stood out, among the thick mat of glistining black hair.

As I continued to stare at his magnificent body, I noticed that he had a natural healthy tan and that he was covered in sweat, from his bulging and flexing muscles and all the way down to the sole of his feet.  With every breath that he took, you could see the rippling effect in all of his rippling muscles.  He had a very rock hard and flat stomach, with a fine line of hair than ran down the stomach and into his red, silk boxing shorts.  His legs were massive, like tree trunks and heavily muscled, this man had certainly put alot of work over the years to obtain such a majestic, proud and glorious body.

He then closed the door behind him and with a thundering voice, said.

"I'm glad that you found the room.  I want to congratulate you, for the effort and fancy moves that you put up in the fight.  However, showed very poor behaviour in and out of the ring and you behaved, like an ass in the training room and that I do not tolerate!."

I felt that his captivating eyes were burning right through me.  He then took one huge step forward and as I stood up and was about to apologize, all of the sudden and out of nowhere, with lighting force, I felt a huge and powerful hand grab me by the neck and throw me onto the bed.  With a menacing voice, he commanded complete submission and ordered.

"STRIP!.", his face showed no emotion but his eyes spoke volumes.  I wasn't sure, if I had heard him correctly and muttered.

"What.......what did you say?.", and he launched at me like a cobra.  He lifted me up with his powerful arms and slammed me against the wall, I felt like I was being crushed by a ton of bricks and his hands felt like steel.  He looked at me, with  his fiery hazel eyes and I saw the true nature of the beast!.

"We made a bet and you're going to honour it.  Now I am NOT going to repeat myself again, so listen up!.", his face towered over me and as I looked up at his burning eyes, he seemed like a complete and changed man.

"I want you to take off  all your clothes and arrange them neatly on the chair.  GET MOVING!", and with that last command, I nearly pissed my pants.

I rushed to the chair and kicked off my shoes and socks, I then took of my boxing shorts and with trembling hands, I folded them the best that I could on the chair.  I stood in front of this authoritarian, commanding and powerful man, only in my jockstrap and I was trembling with fear.

"Tell me, you have a disability that I should know about?.  I mean are you hard of hearing or just plain stupid?.  When I say.....S T R I P .....I mean EVERYTHING, that includes jockstrap!."

As I was about to open my mouth, he picked me up with those massive, rough hands and ripped off my jock.  I stood in front of him stupified and in complete shock, I couldn't understand his behaviour.  He trew the jock, along with the protective cup into the waste basket and with tremendous force pushed me back onto the bed.

He then took off his boxing shoes and socks, turned around and gave me his back.  As he took off his red boxing shorts, he asked me.

"How old are you?.", and as he folded his silk shorts over the chair, I noticed the magnificent hairy ass.

I stuttered at first and when my voice came back to me, I softly said.

"I'm 21......why are you doing this?.", and I heard my own fear in my voice.

"And where is Markus Wolfsburg from.?", he asked, as he was untying his boxing shoes.

"My father was born in Vienna and my mother is Italian, from the town of  Trento.  I was born here, in San Remo.", and I could hardly swallow, as my mouth was trembling with fear.

As he turned around, my mouth dropped to the floor.  There stood, Antonio Alessandro Martinello naked and in all his glory.  Proudly presenting the biggest, thickest and most menacing cock, that I had ever seen on a man.  The fucker, was humongous and monstrous, my asshole quivered as I realized what he intended on doing to me.  I had to do my best at pleading to him, not to rape me, I had to give it my all!.

"Please Antonio, don't do this!.  I am very sorry for how I acted earlier, I promise that I will never do that again.!", and a tear fell from my right eye.  He looked angry and slowly walked closer to me.

As he got closer to the bed, he gave me a wicked smile and said.

"21, perfect age.  You're no longer a boy and in your prime of manhood but that poor attitude of yours will change after you leave this room.  You'll be a changed man, Markus Wolfsburg....that I promise you.!", and he walked over to me and opened my mouth with his strong hand and said.

"Open wide, comes daddy.!", and with that he shoved the six first inches of thick horse cock, to which I gagged and couldn't even breathe.

"I'm going to make you, into a perfect cockwhore, Markus.  So don't fight the cock and careful with the teeth, learn to relax and breathe!.......yeah, nice sweet red'll be mine from now on!.", and he grabbed my head with both hands and kept shoving inch by inch of colossal cock.

I had been possessed by someone else, there was no way that I was sucking another man's cock.......I was in complete denial.  Yet, my brain told me otherwise, his cock felt awesome in my mouth, it tasted so delicious, my taste buds were trying to collect all the data and send it to my brain.  I couldn't believe how mouthwatering, a man's cock could ever taste like this.

As Antonio, fed me his oversized cock, I saw myself completely at the mercy of this amazing man.  I don't even know,
why I didn't even put up a fight.  In the ring we were enemies fighting to the bitter end, yet in this room, there was something about this man, that you simply could not resist, you simply could not say "NO", to him.......quite on the contrary, I wanted to please him with everything that I had, I wanted to take care of his every desire!.

With a very pleasing sound in his voice, he gently lifted my chin with his right hand and said.

"That's good,.... very good Markus.  From now on, when you're servicing my cock, you must always be looking up and reading my facial expression, this will tell you how you're doing!.", he gave me such a beautiful smile that my own cock was rock hard, stirring and leaking pre-cum.

"You're a very pretty boy, my sweet Markus.  Look at those beautiful blue eyes, and those red lips......mmmm.  Those lips were meant to suck my cock!.", and he gently stroked my right cheek with his right hand.

As he spoke to me, I felt that my face was burning, was burning with shame.  I know that I was a very goodlooking guy, girls were always after me and now, the tables had turn and I was the cocksucker.

I looked up at his beautiful face and gazed at his hazel eyes, he would open and close them once in a while, and I knew that he was enjoying the blowjob.  I felt drops of sweat on my face and they felt like raindrops on my body, I felt that my body was on fire and I wanted to drink and lick every part of this man's gorgeous body.

He then, threw back my head and shoved more huge cock, slowly into my mouth.  More and more thick cock, sank deeper and deeper down my throat, Antonio was determined to truly make me his cock whore and I wasn't about to deny him of that right.

I felt the giant cockhead slide down further and further, down my throat.  The mighty man rod was spreading my gullet wider and wider, he truly was filling me with his magnificent and superior cock.  The invasion was intense, as more of his huge cock, disappeared between my lips and stretched my mouth to the limit.  When Antonio, pushed the last of his 12 inches of thick, hard cock down my throat, he pushed forward with his hips to make sure, that he was completely and totally inside my mouth.

I then felt the wiry crotch hair and made eye contact with Antonio.  With my mouth full of his beautiful cock, he caressed my face and had a very satisfied and pleased look on his face.  His huge, hairy balls bounced against my nose and I gurgled to let him know that I was stuffed to the maximun.

"That's my baby......see, you can swallow cock, I'll make you into my personal cock whore.  You'll make me proud yet, Markus!.", he started to fuck my mouth and grabbed my head with his right hand and fucked away.  He did this for 5 long minutes and while he roughly fucked my mouth, he would take wicked glances at me.

He pulled me off his stupendous cock and there was a loud "Pop" sound.  The huge and thick cock, jumped violently upwards and slapped hard against Antonio's hairy crotch and belly.  A shower of spit and pre-cum sprayed over his rock hard abs and even reached his hairy pecs.  I looked up at him and must have had a dissapointing look on my face, from being pulled from such a powerful life giver, he smiled and said.

"You're doing very good and now I want you to pay close attention to my balls.  You know how sensitive they can be, so I want you to lick them, caress them and have fun with them!.", he then lifted the huge fuckers, the size of these balls were unbelievable.  They reminded me of tennis balls, they were extremely huge and hairy.  I did as he said and licked the skin all around them, they smelled wonderful!.

He had come up, straight from the match and his hefty balls were all sweaty and tasted quite salty.  I licked and lapped up, all his male sweat, my tongue licked every crevice between his bull balls and the hunger within me was overpowering.  I inhaled the mind-blowing smell and I would take quick glances and see if I was pleasing this breathtaking man, he lifted me up and as I looked at his fiery eyes, he said.

"Lie down on the bed and lift up your legs.!", at that moment, I knew what was coming, but I no longer cared.  I was now here to take care of his needs and I was going to do my part and take it like a man!.

I did as instructed and lay on the bed, I lifted my legs and exposed the most private part of my body.  I felt a current of electricity that ran over my entire body and by the look on Antonio's ravenousness face, he was truly hungering for me.
He licked his lips, grinned and said.

"Mmm mmm......virgen.  There is nothing like eating a virgen!.", and with that he dove down and attached my asshole with ferocity.

My first reaction, when I felt his mouth, was that of a jump.  No one had ever touched me there and then I heard, Antonio
laugh and say.

"Relax, my sweet prince.  Close your eyes and enjoy!.", I felt the strangest sensation as soon as his lips touched my tight pucker.  My own cock was aching for release, I felt like I was Mt. Vesuvius, seconds before the explosion.
Antonio's, sexy voice was soothing, soft and lulling.  He continued speaking to me in a very loving manner, which was making my head spin.

"You've got a sweet, luscious and delicious pucker, prince.  Mmmm... I love this!.", he kept licking and lapping and shoving his tongue deep inside my quivering asshole.

"OH GOD!.", this felt fucking amazing, I was truly in heaven, I really didn't know that a man could experience such a feeling.

Antonio, then spread my ass cheeks even further with both of his strongs hands and attacked my hole.  He shoved his whole mouth, that I thought his head was going to penetrate my hole.  I couldn't control myself and yelled out loud.

"OH GOD!....Ohh....yeah.  Please don't stop, I can't ....I ....I LOVE IT!.", and then he would shove his tongue, even deeper into my insides.  He was driving me completely crazy, I grabbed my hard cock and started to jack off.  Antonio, must have sensed this and he looked up and said.

"No, sweet prince.  We can't have none of that, you'll come when we are BOTH ready!.", he got up and I noticed that his enormous cock was leaking copious amount of pre-cum.  He walked over to the chair and grabbed his jock and tied my hands with it.

I looked at him with complete lust in my eyes, I stared at those radiant eyes and wanted more from him.  He leaned closer to my face, and as we stared at each to hazel eyes, he planted me a long wet kiss.

As our lips dislodged, he gently stroked my right cheek and said.

"For now, I will have to tie your hands.  You will need to practice self control, sweet's all in your mind.", he put his beautiful lips within touching distance and then mockingly with his tongue licked my lips.

He moved his mammoth cock, up to my mouth and he didn't have to say anything, because I willingly opened wide my mouth and I said to him.

"Please give it to me, I want it!.  I want more,... I need more!.", he smiled and winked.  He would tease me, as he got his gargantuan cock close to my lips and then pull it away.  I had to extend my tongue, as far as it would go, just to touch the tip.
I saw a drop of precum hanging perfectly in the tip of the giant head and with my outstretched tongue, I licked it up.

This was truly the nectar of the Gods and this handsome man held ambrosia in his king sized balls.  He finally stopped teasing me and I did my best to engulf the entire cock, I choked and gagged but I didn't care, I wanted to be impaled by this mighty weapon.  After sucking him for almost 2 full minutes, he pulled out of my mouth and said.

"Easy there, sweet prince.  I want to enjoy eating your ass more, before we move on to deflowering your precious flower bud.", he lifted my legs again, and started to tongue fuck me!.

"Oh yeah.......this is sweet baby, mmm.  Now, I want you to relax and remember to breathe.  I am going to induct you to the joys of anal sex.  Relax my sweet prince, I'll be very gentle with you!.", he then used his index finger and put it in my mouth and told me to coat it with spit.  He gently pushed it in and I felt my ass muscles react to this foreign invader.

He kept talking to me, while he continued to penetrate me, with his giant finger.

"Listen carefully, sweet prince.  As you learn to relax, the pain often subsides into pleasure.  For men, anal sex also offers stimulation to the prostate, which is an organ that provides the rush of pleasure during orgasm.",he would alternate between using his tongue and finger, I loved it when he would coat my opening with his spit.

" Liberal amounts of lubrication is necessary because the rectal wall can be quite sticky and is subject to tearing and lesions if not kept lubricated.  In addition, the anus and rectum are narrow, so lubrication is needed to press inside smoothly.", as he said all that, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and I wondered as to how many other guys he had deflowered.

As I relaxed with the sound of his voice, I felt that he was now using two and sometimes 3 fingers.  I twitched a little and he was very gentle and said.

"Are you allright?.  You have to try at least to relax, remember that the sphincter muscles around the anus will not allow things to pass through easily unless you relax and take it slow.", he lapped up my ashole and by now he was using 4 fingers.  The pain was a bit much, but it wasn't much worse than taking a good hard punch, so in my mind I was quite prepared and more than willing.

As he stood up, his face was on fire.  I was now truly captivated by this man and wanted him to do anything he wanted with me.  He approached me, grabbed my head and planted a wet kiss in my mouth and shoved his tongue into me.  He withdrew, smiled and said.

"Allright sweet prince.  It's time for you to take it like man.!", he was to use spit, as the only source of lubrication.  He then spat a large amount of saliva on his super-colossal cock, the size of that baby maker, made me tremble and I nervously said.

"Antonio, I don't know if I can take that cock.  It's just too big.......really, I just can't!.", and looked at him with fear.  He smiled and winked at me and said.

"Can't is not in my vocabulary and from this day onwards, it won't be on yours either.!", He than got onto the bed and took his position.

His body towered over me and his tremendous body was breathtaking.  His huge and bulging pecs, rose and fell with his every movement.  His powerful arms flexed and strained, the powerful and hairy chest was coated with sweat.  His torso was truly  awe-inspiring and magnificent, an attractive sculpture of lean, hard and strong muscles.

He grabbed the gigantic cock and took aim for my asshole.  I remembered his instruction and took a deep breath and relaxed.
I awaited anxiously for the penetration and cast my eyes on the huge mushroom-shaped cockhead.  The tip of Antonio's cock, felt very hot, almost like a hot poker.

As he pushed gently, my sphincter was reluctant to admit such a barbaric attacker.  I had difficulties breathing properly, as he started to shove inch by inch of enormous cock, I dug my nails into the mattress and yelled.

"GOD NO!.  It's too big....Uhhhh, Antonio.....I can't........Urrgghh!.", and clenched my teeth.  I heard him say something, but with all the pain, I hardly heard him.

"Breathe, Markus!.  You've barely have the head in you,'ve got 12 more inches to go!........BREATHE!.", and when I opened my eyes, I felt tears sliding down my face.  Antonio, on the other hand had a facial expression of pure joy,
 I was breathing and trying to relax but with every inch, that I felt penetrate my ass, I dug my nails even deeper into the mattress.

"OH FUCK YEAH!.......You're tight, baby...........Oh yeah....what an ass!.", he grabbed my right leg and started to
kiss it.  His face was ecstatic, and he was sweating buckets, he kept looking at me and kissing my leg.

"OH, sweet're up to 3 inches now.  We're getting there!.....yeah....relax......breathe baby!.", I though, what.........9 more fucking inches?, he is tearing me apart already!

I closed my eyes and prayed to all the saints in heaven!.  "Arrghh, JESU!......Antonio.........OHH.....Arrghh!."

"Yeah, sweetie......c'on milk my cock.  C'on......that's it push back, you've got about 5 inches now......that's it,
take it all in!.", at least for now, he was being gentle, he was letting me adjust to the size and girth of his monster cock.  My asshole, felt like it was on fire, I wondered if I was going to be able to walk the next day.

I was on the verge of  fainting.  With Antonio's trashing, I think that I ripped the fucking mattress with my nails.  I closed my eyes and let Antonio, rape my ass and tame it.

"Oh...sweet.  Yeah sweet prince, we're almost've got 8 inches now!." and as soon as he finished saying that, he shoved the next 2 inches with such a force that I saw different colours, spinning around the room.

"That's it my love!'ve got 10 inches in you.  You can do it Markus, c'on my prince......2 more inches to go!",
I breathed in and out, and I wondered if this is what women feel when they are giving birth, but for me it was the other way around, I was getting stuffed with a large, thick, humongous piece of man meat.

I was gasping for air and sobbing helplessy.  I tossed my head and my whole body was shuddering, I became totally absorbed and possessed by the fuck that I received from Antonio.  I caught his gaze and the last words that I heard from him, were.

"OH YEAH, Markus.  Slide that ass, you're hungry for cock.....aren't you?.", and with that he rammed the last 2 inches of cock into me and mischievously said.

"Honeymoon is over, sweet prince.  Now we FUCK!.", and he then hammered me with his powerful cock.  I rocked backwards and grinded against his crotch, eager to meet his pistoning rod.  I was ready, willing and able to impale myself with his big, hard meat.  My heart hammered, my breath whistled, and my head felt ready to explode.

I inhaled slowly and my mind reeled as his smell, got more and more intense.  I took the deepest breath, that I had ever taken in my whole life and pushed my ass deeper and deeper against his groin.  I wanted nothing more than to be completely impaled by his mighty and colossal cock.  My own cock, was rockhard and throbbed with uncontrollable exciment, I was leaking  pre-cum like a broken faucet and a pool of cum, was now coating my belly.

I then heard myself groan and opened my mouth.  I had a wanton desire for Antonio's mouth and wanted to feel and taste his delicious tongue.  He saw the look of pure uninhibited pleasure in my eyes and smiled, I held my mouth open and waited for his reaction.  As he fucked my ass with fervor, he lay his tremendous weight on top of me and brought his mouth closer to mine.
He brought his savory lips close to mine and shoved his tongue all the way into my mouth, my head was now swirling and he rewarded me with a copious amount of  his delicious saliva down my throat, to I which I greedily swallowed.

He held me down with both of his strong hands and I was now staring him, right in the face.  His face was all flushed, covered  in sweat and turning crimson red.  I stuck out my tongue and enthusiastically, licked the sweat from his hairy muscular arms.  He was covered in large amounts of sweat and drops were running down his chest and over his hairy stomach.  I moved my head under his wet arm-pits and took a big wiff, inhaling the scent of his masculine body.

"OH YEAH!.  You like that prince? like my smell, well from now on you'll be coated in my scent!.", and he started to kiss my neck and take small, sweet bites.

His smell was fascinating, it was raw and powerful......strong and fucking masculine!.  I felt like a bitch in heat and just kept grinding my ass closer to get all of his cock in me.  As he kept kissing my neck, I would lick and swallow as much of his sweat that gathered on his hairy, muscular chest.

"OH YEAH!.......Yeah!.  AH.... Scheiße(shit)........Antonio.....please make me yours!.", he was fucking with such a force that the whole room vibrated, I'm sure that if anyone was walking outside the room, they would surely know that we were fucking like stallions.

I moaned, whimpered, and rotated my totally impaled asshole, deeper and deeper into Antonio's giant, throbbing cock.
He slammed the hot poker, deeper into my guts, until we both were writhing, squirming and thrashing.  I felt his powerful body rise and fall, plunging and retreating with violent force, pulling it out to the tip of his broad, lube-oozing dickhead, them ramming it back again.

I tossed my head around in agony, and hunched my hips, fucking myself with the gigantic cock, that was stuck up my ass.
I felt inch after inch of hot, throbbing cock gliding out of my quivering body.  My own cock lurched wildly, bouncing up and down and oozing a steady flow of thick pre-cum.  He continued an exciting and intensifying rhythm for the next 30 minutes, when he was on the verge of coming, he would pull out and devote his time to kissing, biting and licking my neck.

"Yeah, prince.......tighten that sweet asshole!.  Yeah baby, milk that cock with your slimy butt!......OH YEAH!, I would stare at his hazel eyes and felt completely possessed. There was no doubt, in my mind and his, that I was truly enjoying this great fuck!.

Groaning with exciment, and wild abandon, Antonio gave one mighty and powerful thrust, that I thought his cock had reached all the way into my chest.  He heaved and yelled out.

"OH FUUUCK!.....Here I come, prince.......OH YEAH!!.", and with that last plunged, I lost control and went into a complete frenzy.

As he lunged forward he shoved his tongue deep in my mouth and kissed me while a warm current of hot, spewing cum, flowed deep into my guts.  It was fucking sensational, I felt privileged that this God of a man, had filled me with his virile sperm.  As my asshole went into a wild spasm, my body begun to melt and I was hit by my own very powerful orgasm.

I couldn't even yell out, because Antonio's tongue, was still deep in my mouth.  As I was swallowing his saliva, and his tongue was exploring my mouth, my cock jerked and without even touching it, I came like a volcano.

"Mphh...mphh...mmm...yeah!.", my breath became fast, then short.  The first jet of warm cum hit his hairy stomach, the second went right under my chin, and the third all over my already cum coated stomach.

He lay on top of me, crushing me under his weight.  He cock was still spewing small jets of cum, into my rectum and there really are no words to describe the mind shattering orgasm that I had.  He finally opened his eyes, tenderly looked at me and said.

"How do you feel?.", there was deep sincerity in his eyes, when he said that.  He smiled and withdrew the cock, slowly out of my asshole.  I smiled, kissed his lips and said.

" ass is burning and I feel weak.", he smiled and when all the 12 inches left my pucker, there was a squishy sound and I begun to feel the river of warm sperm flowing out of asshole.

He tenderly looked and carefully touched my sore anus and said.

"When you get home, take a warm bath.  There are some drops of blood on the mattress but that's natural, you've had your sweet cherry popped.", when he mentioned blood, I got worried and he must have sensed the look of panic on my face and said.

"You don't need to worry much about it.  It happens and is quite natural for your first time, we'll lay off for a week or so to give it time to heal and all should be well.", he caressed my face and I kissed his hand.  He walked over to the chair and started to get dressed, the gargantuan cock was now half hard and I was still amazed that there was a faint trail of cum still dripping from the beautiful cock lips.

The smell in the room was intense, it reeked of man sex.  I yawned and all of the sudden got quite sleepy, once fully dressed, he walked towards the locker opened it and took out a pen and what looked like a small card.  He was writing something on it and when he was done,  he handed it to me, it was his business card.

He looked very seriously and told me to pay attention.

"This is my business card, with my office phone number and address.  I want you to listen very carefully, Markus.

- You are to call me ONLY in the afternoons, that means anytime after lunch.

- From now on, you'll be at my beck and call.

- If you see me, whether in the sports center or anywhere else, you'll speak until spoken to.

- You are to refrain from any sexual activities with ANYONE.  If I find out that you're fucking around with a guy or girl........there will be hell to pay!.

- You are to go to the address that is on the back of the card.  It's a tattoo house and you are to ask for Augusto Lorenzini and give him my name.  He will then tattoo a Tiger's Claw on your upper right arm, don't worry about paying him, I will take care of that.

This will be a brand and it will indicate to anyone that sees it, that you belong to me.  They try to fuck with you and they will have to deal with me.!"

I didn't know what to say, I was in a way speechless and in another, I felt previliged that I was to belong to this masculine, powerful and handsome man.  He walked over to the bed and planted a big, wet kiss on my lips and kissed my head, he threw the business card on my sweaty, cum covered chest and walked towards the door.  He turned around, smiled and said.

"You can stay in the room as long as you want, close the door after you've rested and I will see you in the sports center, next week for more lessons.  Ciao, Markus.", and walked out the door.

As he closed the door behind him, I smiled and tried to get up but my body would not allow it.  I was too sore and literally, completely I closed my eyes, kissed Antonio's business card and went to sleep.

To be continued!