June 25, 2003

Hello Fans,

I have received an unbelievable amount of e-mails, regarding the story, "My Father's Glory".  I never would have thought that I had any "talent", in writing stories, much less an erotic one.  But words speak for themselves and I have received over 200 plus e-mails, since this story was first posted in the Nifty Archive and it's mirror sites.  Writing, at least speaking for myself, takes alot of my time and it's mostly my own fault due to being meticulous about my work.  I am extremely concerned with details, because I want to produce work that has quality and individuality and something that I will be proud of.  Which brings me to the topic for this announcement.

It came to my attention from one of my readers, that he felt it might be "fun" to start a Yahoo group, regarding
Father's Glory".  I have worked on getting the group started and it's ready to go.


We, must follow some strict guidelines in order to keep this group running.  These rules are set by Yahoo, themselves.....not me.

1. You must be 18yrs of age or older to join. (Sorry, again, I don't make the rules but I will enforce them)

2. You must set up a Yahoo account, and that is FREE and takes less than 1 minute to set up.

3. I will be PERSONALLY, be approving all members, AND .......I will be checking your age, so make sure ,
that when you're filling out your membership, that you include your age and it would be nice if you also included a "working" email address, in case that I need to contact you.  If you don't respond to any of my emails and questions, regarding your status.......you're GONE!

I'm sorry that I have to emphasize this guidelines but otherwise, Yahoo will close the group down and I've seen them do that.

This will be a group, dedicated to you, the fans.  It is because of your inspiring words and support that I will continue with the story and this is a great way to get to know what other fans are thinking and you can "hopefully", get to know each other, who knows......you might find a pen pal, somewhere.  I know, that I have received e-mails from North America, South America , Europe and Asia.......so you never know.

So once again, this is "your" place to post comments and PLEASE keep them clean and to the subject.  Also, I personally feel that everyone is entitled to their opinions, BUT I will not tolerate any offensive remarks either being directed to another fan or myself.

So having said all that, here is the link.


Now, I hope the link works and if not let me know.

Well, I hope to see you all there, or at least the ones that want to chat about the story.

All my best,


Chris Z.