By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story about two brothers. One is gay 27 an adult and the other a 16 year old teenager. The story will contain homosexual acts and if YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS TYPE OF MATERIAL OR YOU FIND THE MATERIAL OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased.

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Chapter #1

I'm pretty sure most boys learn about masturbation starting around 11 or 12 years old and do their fair share of adolescent experimenting by comparing their equipment with other boys the same age.  I know I did but I'm not exactly sure when my cock started acting up.

Usually it starts with exploring and feeling what they have and as they grow older looking at other boys dicks in school showers, playing with themselves in the bathroom at home and jerking off under the covers at night. Some older boys brag about the size of their dicks, 2" or 3" and once in awhile the big dude of the class with 4". The younger boys try and hide what they have while sneaking looks at the other kids. It all leads to that first ejaculation, that scares he hell out of us, followed by jerking off at almost every opportunity. Most of feel like we are cock's of the walk and very proud of that first little spurt. Who of us didn't?  

The big difference with me was that I enjoyed watching the other boys and soon started fantasizing about some of the bigger boys when I jerked off and thought about what their cocks felt like compared to mine. Some of the kids would get half a hard in the showers but not me, my cock would spring up hard as a rock and I tried hiding it by cupping my hands over it. Without bragging about it, it was a little difficult for me to hide the 5" I had and I was only 14.

Being gay and found out in the small mid-western town my family lived in was the worst thing that could happen to any boy. Circle jerks or caught jerking off was expected but being caught with another boy doing the forbidden could mean expulsion from school, sent to talk with a preacher or priest and horror of horrors, fathers talks about what boys are supposed to do with girls and not with boys. Most boys have a pretty good idea about what we can do with a hard cock by the time our dad's got around to it. It's odd, how the talks seem necessary when we are caught jerking the turkey neck.

Like I said earlier, we lived in a small mid-western town  populated by maybe 7,000 people. The houses were old multi-room monsters and most people had party line telephones, separate garages and large lawns with old trees. In those days when the boys were old enough to push a lawn mower, they were old enough for the hormones to start causing strange feelings and things to happen at the worst times. You've gone through it so no need for me to explain except it was frustrating as hell even with a hole in either the right or left front pocket. 

One of the worst things about the old houses was small bathroom with a four legged tub, toilet and face basins but no showers. My dad decided we needed a shower and he built one in the basement behind the coal fed furnace. Basements were large in those days and generally used for storage and washing clothes but they all had a large drain in the center for draining off any water that overflowed when doing the washing. He put the shower head right over the drain and standing under it was almost like you were standing in the rain and I would stand under that shower so long my mom usually hollered down the steps at me complaining I was using all of the hot water. 

There wasn't any place for a soap tray so we put the soap on the concrete base around one of the iron posts that supported the floor/ceiling beams and towels hung on a length of clothes line stretched between two of the poles. Ivory was the soap we used and since I wasn't circumcised it wouldn't burn the head of my dick when I skinned it back. Under the shower was where I squirted my first load followed by many more as I grew older. Warm water beating down from the shower head helped out. If I ever had a fetish, it was jerking off in the shower.

My old man gave me the birds and bees talk when he caught me. It was embarrassing as hell but I lived through it. For all of his talking, it didn't stop me from wanting to find out why I liked looking at boys more than girls and Old Peter was still strangled and spit a load 3 or 4 times a day when there was a bush to hide behind or the old man was at work and I could use the shower or bathroom with relative security. Boys in school showed off and I lusted for a couple of them but I didn't know it was lusting. I guess its all part of growing up but I had a lot of fun learning what my dick could do.

                               Part II

My parents knew I wanted to be a sailor, I said it often enough when I was growing up. Dad tried joining the service at the outbreak of WWII but he had a heart condition no one knew about and that put him on the sidelines. He worked in a war materials plant and mom and I didn't see a lot of him because of the hours he and others worked but my kid brother came into the world almost 9 months to the day after December 7th. Dalton was a chubby baby and between mom and I with a little help from dad, what time he was home, and grandma we did okay.

After the end of the war things slowly returned to normal. I did everything a normal teenager would do, paper route, stockboy in a grocery and usher in our one and only movie house but going to school didn't interest me.  I still wanted to be a sailor and when my 17th birthday passed I pestered my parents about joining. I enlisted in November after my dad signed the papers so I could enlist.   

My kid brother was only 6  when I left home so I'm not really sure what his sex education was like but probably pretty much like mine or any other boy growing up.

After boot camp I was home for a 10 day leave enroute to my first duty assignment. I think I strutted around town in my uniform for almost the entire 10 days. I learned a lot since then but what the hell, I was only 17.

                             Part III  

I didn't take another leave to go home until I re-enlisted. I did take several short leaves in some of the ports we visited and I learned why I liked boys. Being gay in the Navy was a no no and I learned how to avoid being detected by playing the game of gay hide and seek. Like most sailors girls and pussy is what we went after when ashore especially overseas.  Screwing $2.00 whores in Italy, France and Greece with a half hard dick was part of the game. I even managed to catch the "clap" from a whore in Athens, Greece.

I did a lot of jerking off in the showers or while on watch and there was more than one guy I had my suspicions about but making a pass was dangerous. I'd have a hell of a time explaining a Bad Conduct discharge if I was kicked out for having sex with another sailor.

I was discharged the day before my 21st birthday, I had enlisted on what was called a "kiddy cruise." After I was discharged I had early liberty for the rest of the day. 

We were in Newport, Rhode Island and I knew if you wanted your dick sucked, just hang around the Greyhound Bus station, hit the head a couple of times showing a half hard dick and eventually some guy would make a pass. I managed to get my dick sucked a couple of times, once in the head and once by a guy not much older then me in the front seat of his car. He was so fucking horny he begged me to suck him off but I wasn't into sucking dick and he called me a fucking cock teaser.

I re-enlisted the next day for a 4-year hitch and after drawing my re-enlistment bonus I left on leave for 15 days.  My parents and my kid brother Dalton met me at the train station. Dalton was 10 and had filled out quite a bit. He had thick brown hair, brown eyes and he wasn't chubby. He was still growing and developing and I could tell from looking at him he was going to be a damn good looking young man.

On the way home, dad fussed at me for not coming home more but mom was just happy I was home. Dalton sat beside me in the back seat, his arm hooked through mine. He asked all kinds of questions about where I had been, what I had seen and when I was going to be home again. Dad looked at him sternly in the rear view mirror and told him to stop asking so many questions.

"Dalton, Carlton is going to be home for a few days but I don't think he needs to hear all of that right now."

I put my arm around Dalton's shoulders and squeezed his bicep with my hand looking back at dad in the mirror. "That's okay Dad. We haven't seen each other since he was hardly out of diapers"  Dalton pushed his elbow in my ribs grinning up at me.

My bedroom had been changed and instead of one bed there were twin beds with a nightstand between them. One of the drawers in the dresser had been emptied for my stuff and Dalton sat of one of the beds watching as I put my things away and tried answering his endless line of questions until I started to change out of my uniform.

"Dalton I want to take a shower and then I'm going to see if I can scrounge up some of my buddies if dad will let me use his car. Okay?"

He didn't say anything and just left the room. I heard my mother fussing at him about leaving me alone, there would be plenty of time for questions later. I didn't hear what he said but I heard the screen door slam.

The old shower was still working. It felt better than the showers on board ship and I took a long one. My cock stiffened under the water like it always did when I was a kid and I choked the chicken groaning when my load gushed splashing up on my chest and stomach and I watched the creamy white cum wash down the drain. It felt great but I didn't know Dalton was peeking through the basement door window.

I spent the rest of my time home hitting the bars with some of my buddies, watched a couple of softball games and jerked off every time I took a shower.  My mother asked the usual, "why don't you meet some nice girl" questions when we were at supper and dad would say "leave the boy alone, he's got plenty of time for that." Dalton stopped asking question for the most part but he always seemed to be in the bedroom when I changed clothes.

I stayed out kind of late a few nights and she fussed at me for coming home so late. On the morning before I was going to leave, I heard Dalton moving around in the room and I woke up. He had taken a rubber from my wallet and had it stretched out looking and spreading the opening with his fingers. Holding myself up on my elbows I said,

"Dalton where did you get that?"

He spun around wide eyed looking at me and balling the rubber up in his hands, he didn't say anything.

"What were you doing in my wallet?" I asked.

"Don't get mad at me Carl, I saw it sticking out of your wallet and I was just wondering what it was, that's all. Don't tell mom on me please."

He looked like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar and I grinned at him.

"Put it back little buddy. You'll find out what they are when your a little older." I said softly.

He put the stretched latex rubber on my wallet and sat on his bed with his hands between his legs, hanging his head. "Your mad at me aren't you?" He said almost whispering. 

I reached across the space between us and tousled his hair. "You wanna go with me to see grandma? I promised her I would see her before I left."

"Can I Carl? I'd like that." He said his eyes shining.

"Sure, let me get washed up and dressed."

Dalton and I spent the rest of the day together and Mom told me later, when she wrote, that he didn't stop talking about spending the day with his big brother.  Made me feel pretty good too but I didn't see my kid brother until he was 16.

                            Part IV

I didn't suck a guys cock until I was almost 22, a year after I was back from leave and we were in Boston.  My ship was in the Charlestown Naval Shipyard for overhaul and I was on a weekend liberty in Boston when it happened. I didn't know that much about the city but there was a park called The Boston Commons and I already knew that parks was a good place to get picked up.

The Commons was a pretty good sized park with lots of bushes, trees and walks with benches. The was a covered band stand in the center and several benches in a circle around it. I was sitting on one of them in civvies and several older men walked by sort of giving me the eye but I had learned the trick that if you crossed you legs it was a signal that you weren't interested but if you sat with you legs open showing your crotch ---well you know what that meant.

After several passers, a nice looking guy maybe in his mid 30's, dressed in a business suit walked towards where I was sitting and I spread my legs. He gave me a long look and passing me up he sat on the next bench. I'm not an Adonis but hey, I'm not all that bad looking either. I had dark brown hair like my kid brother, 6'1" about 170 and a pretty solid build. A lot of us worked out on board ship when we were at sea since there wasn't much else to do except watch old movies, read paperback books or work out. I worked out with some of the other guys and I had built a pretty well muscled body. It was mid-June and I was wearing a white t-shirt and short sleeve shirt that was outside of my pants and open. It was sort of like displaying what you had and this guy, after giving me a good look, surprised me when he walked on by.        

He sat on his bench and glanced at me several times. I could see his hand in his crotch playing with his dick so I turned on one hip facing him and sitting so he could see I started squeezing the inside of my thigh and after a few squeezes my dick was hard and stretching down my leg. There was no one around so I stood up, facing him, acting like I was adjusting my pants and giving him a good look at my hard dick before sitting back down. He looked around and then getting up with one hand in his pocket and acting casual, he sat down almost hip to hip with me. He was playing pocket pool with his right hand and his left was on the bench between us. Still facing him I pulled my right leg up on the bench and he put his hand over my cock.

He squeezed and I sucked my gut in breathing a little heavy. He had light brown hair and gray eyes, clean shaven and his after shave smelled like Old Spice. He kept looking around and squeezing my cock and I was getting hornier then I already was. He took his hand out of his pocket and showed me his hard cock bulging out his zippered fly.

I moved a little closer so his arm wasn't stretching so far and he said softly, "how much you got kid."

"There is only one way to find out." I answered and he squeezed my cock tight.

"I don't live far, do you want to go there with me?"

"How far is it?"

"Just a couple of blocks." He said, squeezing the hard 7" in my pants.

"You go ahead and I'll follow." I said, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

"You sure you'll follow me?

"I'll be close behind." I said. I felt a little shaky but it wasn't because I was scared, I was just horny as hell.

He walked slow and kept looking back over his shoulder to see if I was following. He had is hand in his pocket as he walked and was probably doing the same thing I was, hold his hard cock so people wouldn't see it. We left the park and crossing the street he started walking up a short hill, the street sign said "Joy St."

His house was three stories and sat right on the sidewalk with three steps in front of the door. The number was #52 and when he opened the door he stood just inside holding it slightly open. He opened the door for me and we went up to the second floor. He took his coat off and pulling my shirt off, I started to unbuckle my belt but he was all over me before we were stripped. Kissing a man was not unknown to me but he was an expert and I let him have his way. Before we were finished I dropped two loads and he coaxed me into sucking his 7" cut cock. It was a hell of an afternoon and I learned I liked sucking a smooth thick dick.

His name was Jerry Hawes and we met several time after that afternoon. I learned everything I needed to know about sucking and fucking from Jerry.

I learned even more about male sex over the next 6 years before I went home on leave again.

                           * * * * * * *

To be continued.  Write me at with any comments.