By Lee Mariner

August 2003

DISCLAIMER: This is the continuing story of two gay brothers. This story is intended for adult readers only as it will depict homosexual events. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE IN YOUR LOCALITY TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons, living or deceased.


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Chapter X

Dalton parked his black beauty in front of the garage doors, leaving dad’s usual parking place empty. When I turned around from making sure the side entrance door was locked his arms went around my chest like steel clamps. He didn’t squeeze me as he had done earlier, he just held me close. I rested my arms over his shoulders and cupped the back of his head with both hands. His eyes were bright and warm, his breathing calm and even. I could feel the slow rhythmic beating of his heart matching mine.

He wasn’t holding me in an excited aggressive embrace but deep in his eyes I could see the passion that lurked in their depths. I pulled his lips to mine and we kissed deeply and softly our tongues searching, exploring. He squeezed gently and molded his body to mine. I felt the impression of his hard cock pressing against mine the lurking passion increasing with the intensity of the kiss.

He withdrew his lips from mine and leaning his head back slightly he whispered, “that was nice Carlie.”

“Unh huh.” I said weakly as he dropped his hands to my ass cheeks and squeezed, pulling my pelvis tighter against his. His eyes sparkled and there was an impish smile playing at the corners of his mouth and a fire was ignited in my loins.

He ran the tip of his tongue over his succulent lips and laid his head on my chest. The feelings that were washing over me were inexplicable. He could do anything he wanted and I wouldn’t resist. I tensed and for a moment my mind went blank when he said, “Carlie, would it be all right if we went to bed and just held each other for a little while.”

“You little devil.” I said laughing out loud. “You get me all hot and bothered and then all you want to do is talk.”

“What’s wrong with that? You said we had three weeks and besides, didn’t you get me all hot and bothered in the shower this morning?  We didn’t do anything then, did we? You said it was foreplay. Turn about is fair play Carlie.” He said grinning as he released me.

“Touché little brother. You learn quickly but be careful with whom you play in the future. Some guys don’t like being teased.”

“I’ve never played with anyone else.” He said coquettishly as I followed him downstairs.

                * * * * * * *

While Dalton was in the bathroom, I sat on the bed thinking. He was right, there was a lot we had not discussed. We had been so caught up in ourselves that we had paid very little attention to the future, his future and our future.

In a month or so I would be in Panama on my next duty assignment. After that I’d probably be going back on board a ship unless I got lucky and managed to be assigned state-side on shore duty since overseas duty was considered at sea duty.   

Dalton still had two years of school left before he would graduate and I wouldn’t be around even though I had promised I would be. Promises made in the heat of passion and professed love aren’t always easily kept even though he was my kid brother. The single largest problem that loomed was that we had not talked about our parents. He had hinted they suspected I was gay, at least our dad did, but it could be a crushing blow if and when they learned that Dalton was gay also.

Admitting to yourself that you liked boys more than girls was one thing but parents don’t think about their offspring as being homosexual. They have visions of grandchildren in their futures but their only two sons being gay and not producing those wanted grandchildren is not something easily accepted.

I was picking at my shoelaces with my mind thousands of miles away when Dalton pushed me back on the bed landing on top of me. Sliding his hands under my shoulders he propped himself up on his elbows with his face only inches from mine. His chocolate brown eyes looked into mine for a few seconds.

“I’ve go a penny if you tell me what you’ve been thinking.” He said.

His face and eyes shone with the innocence of his sixteen years. Running my fingers through his thick shock of hair I felt my heart swelling with pride and love. With a quick upward thrusting twist I flipped him over on his back. With his head resting on the bicep of my right arm, I rolled over half on top of him and pinned his body with my left leg over his hips. He had a surprised look on his face for a moment and then he laughed.

“Pretty neat Carl. That’s almost a wrestling move.” He said breathing a little faster at being caught off guard.

I put my hand in the middle of his chest and lowered my lips to his. He slid his free arm around my neck and opened his lips. Our tongues met in a gentle duel and I felt his heart-beat quicken under my hand, his breathing becoming more rapid. I gently kneaded his breast muscle as he flexed his arm muscles tightening his hold around my neck, whimpering softly mewling like a baby we kissed. My cock stiffened and ached in the confines of my shorts and I felt his cock hardening under my thigh.  

He released his hold around my neck when I broke the kiss and he gazed up at me with a longing look in his eyes. He took my hand from his chest and placing it over the steel hard length of his cock he whispered, “take me Carlie.”

Every muscle in my body burned with the desire that boiled in my loins to feel my cock entering his tight ass.

“That’s not exactly what I was thinking when you offered me a penny for my thoughts Dalt.”

He squeezed my hand over his hard cock looking up at me with sparkling eyes. “Maybe it wasn’t what you were thinking but it’s what I have wanted Carlie.

We got up from the bed and undressed, dropping our clothes on the floor. While he stretched out on the bed I got a tube of K-Y lubricant from my shaving kit and a hand towel from the bathroom.  

When I saw him lying on the bed waiting for me, thoughts of beautifully muscled young Aztec men stretched on an altar as an offering flashed though my head. Dalton was offering himself to me, giving me the one thing no one else would ever have, his virginity.

His legs were spread apart slightly and the silky soft nest of his dark pubic hair enhanced the thickness of his flaccid unsheathed cock hanging down over his slack ball sac, between his smooth muscled thighs.

Closing the bathroom door I turned on a small lamp that was sitting on a bedside table and extinguished the glaring overhead lights before sitting beside him. His eyes gleamed in the subdued lighting and I ran my hand over the satiny softness of his chest and stomach feeling his muscles react and ripple under my touch.

A soft moan welled up from deep within his chest and pulling one leg up at the knee he arched his back and lifted his arms over his head. I leaned down, kissed his breast and suckled on his nipple feeling it harden between my lips.  He ran his fingers through my hair as I lip kissed his body, which I felt shudder with each kiss. When I reached the soft hair growing down from his navel into his thick soft pubic bush, I ran my tongue downward until I found the crown of his hard cock pressing against my cheek. I turned my head and devoured its satiny soft steel length in one smooth motion, letting it slide deep in my throat.
Dalton’s fingers tightened in my hair and he thrust his hips upwards groaning aloud, “Oh shit Carlie, shit, shit.” His cock throbbed and I tasted the oozing pre-cum. I tightened my lips and worked his cock deep in my throat while I rolled his walnut size balls with one hand and played with his pubic hair with the fingers of my other until he relaxed.

As he relaxed I slowly withdrew my mouth from his cock and retraced my route lip kissing and tonguing until our lips met. His tongue was a hot rapier twisting and turning dueling with mine and his breathing was raspy and ragged. He was panting with passion and excitement.

“Feel good Dalt?” I cooed softly as I knelt between his legs. He responded with a long low-murmured “Ohhhhh yeahhhh.”

His balls had tightened up and his cock was slick with spittle from in my mouth. I squeezed a dollop of lube into my hand and spreading his cheeks with the other hand I gently smeared the lube over the soft perineum between his balls and the rosebud my cock ached to enter.  

“Easy Dalt,easy.” I whispered as I pressed my lube slick finger against his quivering rosebud.”

I knew if I went too fast he might panic so I moved my finger slowly over and around the entrance into his canal of masculine love, pressing a little more each time when I touched it. His initial tightening reaction slowly receded and I pushed the tip inside and held it in place expecting his rosebud to tighten. I saw his fingers clinching the sheets and his chest heaving but he lay quietly not resisting the anticipated invasion. Leaning forward a little I placed my hand over his stomach just above his flaccid cock and pushed my finger steadily in as I pressed down on his pelvis until I felt his sphincter muscle tighten when my knuckle passed it. I waited for him to relax before going any deeper. When he clinched and then released the pressure on my finger I pushed and slid all the way in. I waited for him to get used to my finger before starting a slow in and our motion rotating and loosening him up before sliding another finger in and repeating the motion until I had three fingers working in and out of his ass. I hadn’t expected he would react with each thrust but he tightened and relaxed his sphincter every time I pushed in. I knew where his prostate was but I avoided touching it until his ass was working with my fingers.

I hadn’t expected he would loosen up as fast as he did and when I touched the prostate he tightened up and gasped, “Oh Jesus Carl.”

His muscles tightened and his soft cock stiffened. A thick pearl of pre-cum dripped from the urethral slit onto his stomach.

“What did you touch inside of me Carl? It felt like electricity running all through me. Jesus what a feeling.” He sighed as he relaxed from the initial shock.

“That was your prostate.” I said smiling down at him while I pulled my fingers from his rectal passage.

“Does it always feel like that?”

“It will feel better than that little brother, much better.” I said, lifting his legs up on my shoulders.

Drawing my knees up to his buttocks I placed the head of my drooling cock at the entrance to his rectum and leaning forward I pressed gently letting the head slip inside. His sphincter tightened up and he sucked air deep into his lungs as he clinched the sheets again, his eyes widening.

Ohhhhhhh shit Carl, that hurts.”

“Relax Dalt. It’ll hurt a little at first until you relax and get used to it. Breath deeply and push down against me, it will feel better.” I cooed soft reassuring endearments as I my hands on either side of his heaving chest waiting for him to relax.

Every muscle in his body strained against my weight as straightened out my legs until I was supporting myself on my toes and arms. I let my weight imbed my aching cock deep in the hot velvet crucible of his ass until I felt my pubic hair pushing his balls up against the base of his cock. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I felt the contact between us and I exhaled, pulling my legs forward until I was kneeling with his ass impaled on my throbbing cock.  

His hands were like vices gripping my biceps and I let my weight rest against his legs for a few minutes allowing him to get used to my cock being where no one had ever been before.

Straightening up I moved his legs around my waist and he voluntarily locked them in place. He surprised me again by lifting his hips and pushed his ass tighter around my cock. His eyes gleamed with passion and excitement at the pleasure he was now feeling. I knew the ecstatic feelings he was experiencing, the euphoric glow of being coupled and I lowered my lips to his mouth kissing him lightly. “Now little brother you belong to me.” I said softly.

His eyes glowed radiating the only answer I needed and I felt a surge of pride knowing that no one would make him feel the way he felt at that moment.

With long slow thrusts I drove my cock deep with the fire in my loins spreading through my veins. With each steady piston movement I brushed his prostate and his steel hard cock drooled a steady stream of pre-cum as he lifted his hips to meet the onslaught of my hardening cock. The white hot magma of my loins boiled upwards erupting in the depths of his bowels and I roared, “Now Dalt baby, cum with me.”

Dalton’s muscles tightened and he arched his back further thrusting his hips upwards as my cock swelled with the force of my orgasm and emptied the seeds-of-life into his bowels. He screamed hissing, “Yessssssss, yessssss,” when his thick teenage cock erupted with volcanic force spewing rivers of thick white sperm over his chest and stomach; his fingernails biting deeply into my arms with the violence of his climax.

We held each other tightly until my wilting cock slipped from his rectum and then he released his grip around my waist. I collapsed on top of his heaving chest into his arms, my head buried in the pillow next to his; the afterglow of pleasure ebbed and flowed around and through us. He stroked my back murmuring, “Now big brother, you belong to me.”

A feeling of utter contentment spread over me and I kissed his cheek. My kid brother was no longer a kid; I thought as I slipped off of him and pulled the sheet over us.

                    * * * * * * *

We dozed off and on for a while. Dalton’s chest was covered with his sperm but I enjoyed the feel of his pectoral chest muscles hard and firm under the velvety softness of his skin and his developing abdominal muscles. The dark nipples of his breasts would harden when I touched them and when I ran my hand over his shoulders and down his arm; I could feel the power lurking in the firmness of his biceps. I could tell he was not asleep from the way each muscle would quiver and he would inhale when I touched it.

For a brief moment I felt a pang of guilt at having violated the pure masculine beauty that lay beside me. Touching him was like moving my hands over the contours of a beautifully sculpted alabaster statue. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous at the thought that someone else would one day hold him as I had.

He turned his head and looking at me he said, “I still have the penny Carlie.”

“I was just thinking about how beautiful you are and you are still growing. You are the young man that every gay man dreams about having in his life. There will be others Dalt and you will have to learn how to recognize and deal with your feelings. You may fall in love or it might just be for the sex but you need to learn how to be careful about who you become involved with. Lots of men will take everything they can and some will not be concerned with how you feel. I’ve seen the misery that some of my friends have gone through when someone they thought loved them suddenly breaks off the relationship without an explanation and goes with someone else.”

“Has that ever happened to you Carlie?” He said turning towards me with a concerned look in his eyes.

“No.” I said grinning at the sight of sperm sliding down his chest. “ At least not until now. After we take a shower, I’ll tell you about a man I met in Boston. What time will Mom and Dad be home?”

“They usually have supper with Uncle Bill and Aunt Bertha before they leave. It should be around seven or so before they get home.” He said as he followed me into the bathroom.

                    * * * * * * *

We played with each other in the shower. Not passionately, just two brothers having fun tussling with each other. His deep brown eyes sparkled and his muscles rippled glistening under the bathroom lights. He was strong but I didn’t try to overpower him. I loved the feel of his arms around me squeezing and holding me tight. Even though we were playing there was enough erotic touching that we both became aroused again and when he slipped behind me, on purpose or not, and held me tight against him, the feel of his hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass sent a streak of desire rushing through me; I reached behind me and held his cock in place. He tried backing away but I held his cock tight and pushed him back against wall and when I heard him whimper, “Carl.” I put my hands on the opposite wall and growled over my shoulder, “Fuck me Dalt, and drive it in.”

He hesitated and put his hands in the middle of my back but I could feel the head his hard cock pressing against my asshole. When I pushed back I felt the head slip in and then his male instincts kicked in. He grabbed my hips and hunched as he pulled me back against him his thick six-inch cock sliding inside of me in one powerful thrust. I felt his balls hit mine and I bit my lip groaning. He held his cock inside and I could hear him breathing heavy as I pushed back. I held him tight against the wall and waited until his breathing subsided almost to normal before saying, “Lean over and put your arms around me.”

He did as I told him but instead of clasping his hands he cupped both of my pectoral breast muscles and clamped his powerful arms against my rib cage. His heart was beating with the force of a trip-hammer and I eased the pressure holding him to the wall. Animal lust swelled inside of me and I growled “fuck me like I did you, let me feel it.”

His cock felt like a battering ram being driven as deep as it could go and with each thrust his balls hit mine and his cock rubbed my prostate sending fiery bolts of white hot electric feelings raging though every fiber of my body. My throbbing cock drooled thick hot pre-cum and it felt like my balls were in a boiling cauldron of sperm. Dalton suddenly shifted his hold on me and gripped my hips again I heard him grunt with each thrust driving and grinding his swelling cock inside of me. There was no pain only the feeling of being filled with a hot hard teenage cock and I could tell we both were close when suddenly a piercing wail welled up from deep inside of him, “Carlieeee.” He gave his hardening cock a final thrust and I felt him shudder as his hot sperm spewed filling my bowels. I went over the edge and my cock erupted gushing thick streams of cream onto the shower floor.

Dalton collapsed on my back breathing hard; I pushed back against the wall tightening my sphincter muscle trying to hold his wilting cock inside of me. He wrapped his arms around my chest and kissing the nape of my neck tenderly he ran his hands over my heaving chest and stomach murmuring softly, “I love you so much Carl.”

That warm feeling enveloped me again. When I felt his cock slip from my ass I stood up and turned around and put my arms around him. He spluttered a little from the shower when he looked up at me and I reached behind him and turned the water off.

“I can’t call you a kid any more.” I said nuzzling his nose and brushing his lips with mine.

“God Carl, that was awesome. Does it always feel that good?” He said as he put his arms around my neck.

“It never feels as good after the first time Dalt. You gave me your virginity and you experienced the one thing that only two men can ever experience; the joy of coupling and knowing you belong to each other by that coupling.  We better get out of here and dry off or we both will come down with colds or pneumonia. Sex in a shower is great until you turn off the hot water and then you shiver.”

“I need to use the crapper. I felt like I was going to shit a couple of times.”

“Don’t be long, I’ve got the same feeling.” I laughed, draping a towel over his shoulders.

                    * * * * * * *

I finished drying off while Dalton used the toilet and then it was his turn while I took his place on the porcelain throne.

He briskly dried himself off and his skin glowed when he was finished. I don’t think I would ever get over how gorgeous he was.

“I think you got the better part of Mom’s beauty genes Dalt.” I said while cleaning myself and flushing the two of us down the commode.

“Oh you think so do you. Come over here.” He said swinging the door shut revealing a full-length mirror on the backside.

We stood side by side and except for a few years and being a little taller and heavier there was no doubt we were brothers. There was no fat on either of us and his pubic bush was almost as thick as mine. His cock hung over his balls just like mine but in time he would be bigger than me in that very important part of the male anatomy.

“See.” He said his face beaming back at us.

“Just about the same.” I said smiling back at him. “Let’s put some shorts on and fix a sandwich, I’m starved.”

“Me too.”

                    * * * * * * *