Lee Mariner

August 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about two brothers. It is a homosexual fantasy and will depict sexual acts between men. It is intended for adult readers only and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and there is no intended relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter XI

“Hey Dalt, didn’t you say Dad had some beer in the fridge? I don’t see any.”  

“Not in that fridge silly, the one in Dad’s workshop.” He said as he laughed. “You know Mom doesn’t allow drinking in the house.  As soon as I’ve finished these sandwiches we’ll go out there; Dad’s fixed it up pretty nice.”

Dalton was right I had forgotten how Mom felt about drinking but I didn’t know he had set up a bar in his workshop.    

“While you’re doing that Dalt, I’m going to get us a couple of t-shirts.  I don’t think Mom would appreciate us being only half dressed.”

“Oh Christ yes, she’d have a fit.  I put my black polo shirt on the back of the chair Carl.  Bring it and my old gym shoes from under my bed will you?”

I dug a fresh skivvie shirt out of my bag and a pair of shower clogs.  His polo shirt was where he said it was and looking under the bed I found his gym shoes. Dalton was being generous when he called them old; they were fugitives from the trash barrel.

I heard the screen door slam on the side door so instead of going back up through the kitchen, I used the basement door.

I was surprised when I got to Dad’s workshop.  He had always been meticulous and believed everything had a place and should be there when not in use.  His workshop was just like his personality, neat and orderly.

Hammers, ball-peen and claw, hung on pegs with a variety of other tools and saws were hung in order according to size and type, rip, cross-cut or finishing cut.  Rows of small or large boxes depending on the contents were all properly labeled. The workbench was immaculate and his vice would have passed for new.

There was a drill press and a band saw out of the way in the back of the shop. A small apartment size refrigerator with an AM Charlie McCarty radio on the top was in one corner and under the interior window there was a table with two old ladder back wooden chairs.

There were no cobwebs in the corners and the floor was swept clean.  All that was missing was a pair of bright chintz curtains at the windows.

I placed the shirts and his shoes on the bench while Dalton was setting the small table with the sandwiches. I got us both a Pabst Blue Ribbon from the fridge and looked for a bottle opener.  I found one hanging on a nail that had been driven into one of the support 2x4 under the small window by the table.  Opening both bottles I handed one to Dalt and sat down taking a long drink my mine.

“Does Dad still use the shop as much as he did Dalt?”  I said.

“He doesn’t work in it like he did Carl.  He fixes things once in awhile but mostly he listens to the ball games on his radio.  Sometimes Bill Cooper from over on Magnolia comes over and they sit out here.  He thinks she doesn’t know that him and Cooper smoke cigars out here but she does. I get a kick out of the way she wrinkles her nose when he comes in the house but she never says anything about it.” He said as he pushed a sandwich in front of me.

We sat eating and when I finished my beer I asked if he wanted another.  “Think you can handle two beers Dalt?” I asked, teasing him as I got them from the fridge.

“I can match beers with you.” He said puffing his chest out with an air of teenage bravado.

“Uh huh, maybe you can but lets not try it okay.” I said grinning as I handed him the beer and admiring the beauty of his well defined sculpted chest.

            * * * * * * * * *
“When do you want to start cleaning out the garage Dalt? Looking out this window I can see an awful lot of junk that’s going to need to be moved.”

“Yeah, you’re telling me.  Most of it came out of the basement when dad and I did the remodeling. We should have gone ahead and trashed it then or called the Salvation Army for some of it.  You know mom, she doesn’t want to throw anything away if there’s a chance it can still be used.”  He said, rolling his eyes as we left dad’s workshop and pulled the overhead garage door up.

It looked like Fibber Magee’s closet.  Chairs, tables, boxes of all description some open, some taped shut. There was a couple of bamboo fishing poles on a rack over the door but surprisingly enough not very much hanging on the walls. Anyway you looked at though, it would he a job cleaning it out.   

“Heaven knows what you will find in there Dalt but if you intend on putting the Mustang in the garage you better get with mom an dad about what they want to keep and what’s junk. It’s going to take a couple of days cleaning it out. Who’s coming up the drive on a bicycle, do you know him?” I said brushing my hands off and nodding my head in the direction of the bike rider.

Dalton turned and looked for a few minutes before saying, “That’s Jeff Morgan, the kid I told you was teasing me about the “faggot” at the drive-in. I wonder what he wants?”

“From what you told me stud, he probably wants some of you.” I teased.   “Watch his eyes, they will tell you.”

“Carl!!! Jeff isn’t that way. At least I don’t think he is.”  He said, standing beside me.

“You never know.” I said as we watched.

When Jeff topped the small grade in the driveway and came to a stop a few feet away he was puffing a little. He straddled his bike and had both hands on the handles. He was breathing a little heavy but not totally out of breath.

>From the looks of his legs and arms and the width of his shoulders, he had a slight muscular build, wiry.  His hair was light brown but the sun had lightened it even more. His face was slightly oval with full succulent lips and a small nose. The most distinctive feature about his face other than his lips were his steel gray eyes.  They looked out at you from under full but not thick eyebrows. He was just a little shorter and lighter than Dalton but if you looked close, you could see power lurking in his hard sinewy muscles.  Jeff had a certain prettiness about him that indicated he would be a very handsome man when grown. He was the kid that would fool you into thinking he was a pushover until you crossed him and then he was probably as tenacious as a wildcat. If he was your friend, you could count on his being there if you ever needed him.

“Hey Jeff, what’s up.” Dalton called as we walked towards him.

“Not much Dalt.” He said glancing in my direction. “Some of the guys said you had a car and I thought I’d ride over and take a look. Is that it, the Mustang?”

“The word gets around pretty fast Dalton. Hi Jeff, I’m Carlton his older brother.”

“Oh shit, I forgot to introduce you. Jeff, my big brother Carlton.”  Dalton said blushing.

“Your brother beat you to the punch Dalt, nice meeting you Carlton.” Jeff said grinning and extending his hand.

His eyes did not waver from mine and his grip was firm, not weak wristed.  I could feel his eyes searching mine and I detected a hint of amusement in his, as he looked me up and down. I had the feeling of having been undressed.

“You to Jeff. Do you and Dalton go to school together.” I asked squeezing his hand as we shook.

“We are in the same year but not the same class.” He said as he withdrew his hand from mine, raking his fingers over the palm.   

“What does that mean, not the same class?” I asked looking at Dalton.  

“There are to many kids for one class so they split it up. There are three classes that will graduate in the same year but they had to split the kids up according to the alphabet. Three classes of eight alphabet letters each. I’m in the first class and Jeff is in the second.”  He explained as Jeff and I listened.

“That’s different than when I went to school.” I said

“I’ll bet they didn’t have as many kids back then did they Carlton?” Jeff asked grinning at me as we walked towards Dalton’s car.

“It wasn’t that long ago Jeff.” I said.

“I can see that.  If you hadn’t said so I wouldn’t have guessed you were Dalton’s older brother.” He said, his eyes roaming over my naked chest before he looked back at Dalton.  

I picked up on the sly innuendo but I’m sure Dalton was more interested in his car that what was being said.  Showing off his car had blanked out any perception of his surroundings.  

I’ve never understood that part of the male mystique that involved the glorifying of the automobile. Some men would become so involved with their vehicles that they almost lost contact with reality and the cars became a virtual love connection lavished with the affection normally shown to a mate or partner.   

I could see that Jeff’s reality was not the Mustang as much as Dalton.  He was wearing a polo shirt and shorts while Dalton was only wearing shorts.  Jeff managed to press his hips against Dalton as they leaned over and stuck their heads through the window, looking at the interior of the car.  He innocently rests his arm on Dalton’s naked back with his hand on his shoulder and their heads only inches apart.  From his body language I had a hunch Jeff was more interested in Dalton then the car.  They were talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other.

They were giggling like most teenage boys do.  

                * * * * * * * * *

“Carl.” Dalton said as they stood up and turned around from the car. “Jeff wants me to take him for a ride. Is that okay?”

“It’s your car Dalt.  Do you have your drivers license on you?”

“It’s in my wallet, I’ll go get it.  I’ll be right back Jeff.”  Dalton said as he ran to the side door.

“Where are you guys going Jeff?” I said watching his gaze follow Dalton.  

“Probably Devou Park Carlton, that’s where most of the kids go. Everyone was scared they would ruin the picnic groves when the golf course was built but they didn’t. Some walking trails were built at the same time. Most of the parents didn’t like that though, they said the trails would become lovers lanes or something like that.”

“Have they?” I asked

“What do you think? It’s not just the kids that use them though. You can get a real show at night especially if the moon is out. My sister and her boyfriend go there all of the time.” He answered with a sly grin and a glint in his eye.

“I guess some things don’t change Jeff.” I said as Dalton came out of the house.

“Hop in Jeff.” He called out. “We won’t be gone long Carl.”
“Don’t you think you should put a shirt on Dalt? ” I said.

“Maybe I better.” He said as he changed course, running to the workshop where we had left our shirts and I followed him inside.

“Dalton, going off with Jeff is okay but be careful will you? Don’t go showing off with the car. I wouldn’t want anything to happen.” I said trying to not sound bossy.

“I’ll be careful Carlie and nothing is going to happen. I promise.”  He said as he ran out the door.

I didn’t follow him but I stood in the doorway watching. When the engine roared to life I saw him and Jeff laughing as they looked at each other.  A feeling of jealousy shot through me before common sense told me I couldn’t keep Dalton for myself.  He had to spread his wings and learn more than I could teach him alone.  Experience is the best teacher of all and if Jeff was as gay as I felt he was; he would be as good a person as any with whom Dalton would learn more about himself and someone else.

I stood in the doorway of dad’s workshop watching the car roll down the driveway and disappear behind a stand of maple trees.

                * * * * * * * *
The remnants of our lunch were still on the table and after cleaning it up I slipped on my shirt and closed the garage doors before walking to the front of the house, feeling a little lonely.

We had forgotten about the Saturday and Sunday newspapers being delivered and they were still on the porch.  

The porch on the front of the house was open but it ran around on the north side and that section had been screened in.  Mosquitoes had never been a real problem where our house was but the homes closer to the Licken Creek on the west side of Richmond had a bigger problem then we did. Especially when the creek flooded and the surrounding land became water logged.

Memories of when I had helped dad enclose the porch flooded over me.  I hadn’t done much except be his “gofer”, go for this or go for that.  He did the heavy work and I helped by holding boards in place or stretching the screen after the framework was in place.  Mom was pregnant with Dalton when we built it and installed the swing from hooks in the ceiling.  Hers was the most important contribution. Ice water and lemonade with sandwiches.

The two most vivid memories of the side porch I had was dad telling me about boy, girls and sex and being told to stay there out of the way when Dalton was born.  I was eleven years old when Dalton was born and while I didn’t fully understand what was going on I had a pretty good idea about what was happening inside the house.

Doctor Mohr and his nurse with Mrs. Atkins from down the street were with mom in her bedroom and dad and I had been relegated to the porch or at least downstairs out of the way.  Dad chose the porch where he could smoke his cigar.

  I sat in the swing and dad was puffing a cigar while he paced between the porch and the bottom of the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.  Every time the nurse or Mrs. Atkins came downstairs and go into the kitchen he would try asking questions but they ignored him.

I don’t remember how long it went on but when Dalton came into the world it was with an ear-splitting screech. Dad let out a loud “whoopee” and damn near swallowed his cigar. He took the stairs four at a time leaving me on the porch.  I didn’t have to be told Dalton had been born although I didn’t know he was a boy until dad came back down stairs.

He picked me up off of the swing and in his excitement he squeezed so hard I couldn’t breath but all of the time he was kissing my face exclaiming, “You have a brother Carlton a big healthy baby brother. What do you think of that?”

I remember two things about that moment, how bad his breath smelled and saying, “Can I see him?”

My life changed when I went into my parent’s bedroom and saw Dalton sucking on mom’s tit. I wanted to suck on her tit instead of him doing it and I wanted to see all of him not just his head.  

Head-shrinks will try and tell you that wanting to suck on your mother’s tit can be sub-consciously associated with sucking a cock.  I think that is a bunch of bullshit myself; I like sucking a boys tits and sucking his cock not just the one.  Sucking on girl’s tits turns my stomach but my cock gets steel hard when a boy’s tit is in my mouth. My cock started getting hard thinking about it and I pushed down on my groin hard, groaning from the pressure and at first the urge to jerk off hit me until I realized it was getting dark and Dalton wasn’t home from taking Jeff for a ride. He had told me that our parents would probably be home around seven or eight o’clock and when I saw the headlights of a car swing into the driveway I thought it was him.   

                * * * * * * * * *

I had sat on the porch longer than I realized, caught up in old memories.  At first I thought it was Dalton coming home until I recognized dad’s Oldsmobile sedan. Breathing in deeply and sighing as I exhaled, I tucked the newspapers under my arm and walked off of the porch to where he would park.

I opened mom’s door for her while dad got out on the other side greeting them as cheerful as I could.   “Hi guys, Dalton said you would probably be home around seven o’clock or so.  How was the weekend?”

“Horrible.” Mother said. “Where’s Dalton, in the house?”

“He’s out with some of his buddies. He should be home any time.” I said trying to act nonchalantly as I could while expecting a fusillade of questions.

“Do you know who he went with Carl?” Dad asked me.

“He left here with one of his school buddies. Jeff Morgan I think he said his name was. They were going to meet some of the other kids up at Devou Park.”

“Jeff Morgan from over on Glenrose? Jeff doesn’t have a car unless he was driving his father’s but Ted Morgan is out of town until next week. Whose car were they in?”

I hesitated for a moment before answering. “In Dalton’s”

“In whose car!!!” Mother exclaimed sitting back down on the edge of the car seat.

Dad stood with the trunk of the car halfway open a look of total surprise on his face and he looked at me quizzically for a few moments before saying anything. “Mother, I think you better go on inside while Carlton and I have a talk.”

“I will do no such thing William Evers. We all will go inside. Carlton, help your father with the luggage.”  She said sternly as she brushed by me.

Dad knew that tone of voice better than anyone and after I closed the door we extracted the bags from the trunk and he looked at me as he closed the car trunk.  “I don’t know what you and your brother have done son but whatever it is I do believe you should have said something about it first. You’re the oldest but he is her baby and you should know what that means.  We both love you and we are proud of you but with you gone, the sun rises and sets on Dalton.” He said as we walked to the house.

“Dad was right.” I thought as we walked to the house with the bags.  Dalton and I should probably have waited and discussed it with them but his excitement was infectious and I didn’t see the harm in it.   What was done was done and there was no need to have a fight over it.

                * * * * * * * * *

Mom was fussing at the stove putting on a pot of coffee when we walked into the kitchen carrying their bags. She had removed her coat and hat and put on her omnipresent apron.  I helped dad carry the bags upstairs and when we returned to the kitchen she had placed cups on the table with milk and sugar.

Except for her activity, it was quiet and we knew it was best to stay quiet until she was ready to speak.  After she poured the coffee she sat down across from me and put cream and sugar in her cup before speaking.

“Carlie, if you wanted to buy Dalton a car you could have said something about it to me and your father.  It is quite a surprise to leave here on Friday with him riding a bicycle and return on Sunday to hear he is driving a car, his car.”

I glanced sideways at my dad and he had a faint smile on his face as he sipped his coffee. We both knew when she called me “Carlie” it was not going to be that bad. The earlier irritation in her voice was gone but I knew inside of me that the rest of what I said had to be to assure her that Dalton was old enough and responsible enough to drive on his own.

Taking a sip from my coffee, I looked into her eyes and knew that whatever I had done she had absolved me. “Mothers are like that.” I thought before speaking.

“I guess we should have mom but it just sort of happened.  I’ve never done that much for Dalton and it was my idea not his.   He is that age when he needs to feel a little independent; he needs a car so when he goes out with his buddies or takes a girl on a date he won’t have to be asking dad if he can use his.  You should have seen him this afternoon when Jeff rode up on his bicycle and he was showing off HIS car. He strutted around like a peacock and you don’t know how good it made me feel to know that I helped him out. Kids his age are like that mom, they need something they can call their own.”

“I guess your right Carlie but I do so worry about him the older he gets. You left when you turned seventeen and he is almost that age.”  Mother said with a sigh.

“We will face that when it comes about mother. What kind of car is it Carlton?”  Dad said.

“It’s a Mustang, 1955 dark blue two door hardtop.”

“If you bought the one being displayed on the A1 lot it’s a good car.  Charlie McPherson is one of the best mechanics in Richmond and honest.  He buys cars at auction and reconditions them in his garage before he sells the car to his used car lot.  It’s a tricky but legal way of doing business, buying and then selling your own car to yourself. We do business with him quite a bit. He services all of our trucks and cars for Miller.  I bought the Oldsmobile from him.”

“Oh my nerves!!” Mother exclaimed, interrupting us, as we were talking. “You men; I don’t know what I am going to do with the three of you. Here we are talking about Dalton and you start talking about automobiles. Aren’t you in the least bit concerned about a sixteen year old boy driving around in what ever it is you called it?”

I started to say something but dad cut me off with a glance and he spoke in a conciliatory way.

“Now mother, there is no need to get yourself upset. Of course we are concerned but like Carlton said; Dalton is almost seventeen and if we can’t start trusting him now when will we?  He has never given us a reason to be worried and you know how he looks up to Carlton.”

“I know all of that William, I just worry about him being out late and driving.  He’s never been able to do that.”

“Mom, it’s only nine o’clock. That’s not late and besides, we were out later than that when he picked me up at the airport. He knows what time you and Dad usually get home. I bet he’ll be coming down the drive any minute.”

“You’re probably right Carlie, I just worry about him.  I worry about both of my sons.” She said a little wearily as she got up from the table and put her cup in the sink.

“I’ll have breakfast ready at seven William, don’t stay up to late.” She said as she left the kitchen.

“I’ll be along shortly, as soon as I finish my coffee.” Dad said.

                * * * * * * * * *

“I don’t know why your mother fixed coffee Carl, she knows I’ll be up in the middle of the night using the bathroom.”  

“Me too dad and I don’t really like it all that much.  Maybe a cup in the morning or with supper but that’s about it.” I said as I pushed my half empty cup across the table.

“I thought sailors drank gallons of the stuff?”  

“Some do I guess especially when they are at sea.  The car really didn’t cost that much dad. I paid the insurance and registration for the first year but after that it will be up to Dalton.  The title is in his name and McPherson said he would mail it here or Dalt can pick it up.  You aren’t really upset with me for buying it are you?”

“Not really Carl. It surprised me at first but then I remembered when I bought a two-wheeled scooter for my sister, your Aunt Sophie.  It was red with white wheels and it sat in the window at Goldman’s Hardware. It cost $5.00 and Sophie just had to have it but your grandfather couldn’t afford even that in those days.  I paid Mr. Goldman fifty cents a week out of my paper route money and gave it to her for her tenth birthday.  Dad acted like he was upset but he wasn’t. Sophie rode that scooter around the neighborhood showing it off and telling everyone her big brother had bought it for her.  I know how you felt son, buying the car for Dalton.”

“I never heard you tell that story before.” I said.

“Oh, there are many things we never talked about son. There never seemed to be enough time and then you joined the navy.  You’re a little like me Carl, you keep your feelings inside.” He said musing over the past.

I was about to tell him how much I loved him when we heard the crunch of tires on the gravel drive and the brightness of headlights filled the hallway leading to the front door.

“Unless we have a late night visitor Carl, that should be your brother. Lets go outside and take a look.”  He said as he slid his chair back from the table.

Mother must have heard Dalton driving in and she was coming down the stairs dressed in her nightgown and robe.

“I knew she would still be up.” He whispered as he turned on the outside lights.

We stood just outside the side door and watched Dalton park on the grass alongside the garage.  He had to see us waiting and after turning off the car lights it was a few moments before he got out. Closing the car door locked it and shuffling his feet walked towards us. Mom was the first to speak.

“Dalton Evers, where have you been? I’ve been worried sick.”

“Didn’t Carlton tell you mom? Jeff Morgan and me drove over and met some of our buddies at the basketball courts in Devou.  We weren’t gone that long.”  He said looking first at me and then at mom and dad.

“Where is Jeff at Dalton?” Dad asked.

“I took him home. It was dark and I didn’t think he wanted to ride his bike home so I drove him. He said he’d pick his bike up in the morning. Do you like the car?  Carlton bought it yesterday.”  He said. I knew he was trying to divert the questioning and he was looking at me for help but dad got him out of his predicament.

“It’s a good thing you did Dalton. He shouldn’t be out riding on the streets at night.  See mother, you’ve been worrying about nothing.”

“The Lord help me William Evers. You and your sons will be the death of me yet.” She said as she hugged Dalton tight and kissed his cheek.

“I don’t think we will be the cause of that mother.  Now that everyone is home safe and sound, lets get to bed.  You boys lock up and don’t stay up to long.” Dad said as he put his arm around mothers shoulder and looked back at us winking as they went inside the house.

                * * * * * * * * *

Dalton and I followed them and as they went up the stairs to their bedroom we locked the door and turned the outside lights off. While we cleared the table and were rinsing the cups Dalton whispered in my ear.

“I shouldn’t have stayed out so late Carl. I forgot all about mom and dad coming home.”

“You have that right Dalt. Was it that good?” I said chuckling under my breath.

“Was what good?” He said a little louder, trying to act indignant.

“Shhhhhh.” I whispered. “Keep it down knucklehead until we get downstairs.”

“Ohhh.” He gasped covering his mouth with his hand but he couldn’t hide the twinkle in his eyes.

When we reached the bottom of the basement stairs I reached up and flipped the switch that turned the upper landing light off.  Dalton slipped his arms around my waist from behind and squeezed.

“Jeff is gay Carl.” He said hugging me tight.

“I knew that before you left with him Dalt.”

“How did you know?” He exclaimed, loosening his hold.

“I’ll tell you that and you can tell me what happened after we get showered and in bed.”

“Mom and Dad are home Carlie. Are you sure you want to shower together and sleep in the same bed?”  He said laughing softly his dark brown eyes gleaming.

“Get smart little brother and you can shower alone and I’ll sleep in the other bed.” I said, smacking his ass playfully.

He twisted around before I could move out of the way and putting his arms around my neck he looked into my eyes and I pulled him tight to me.  His lips were soft and our cocks swelled hardening between us as we kissed.

His heart and mine were beating like trip hammers when we broke the kiss. We held each other for a few moments letting our emotions subside, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. His eyes glistened and he inhaled deeply as he laid his head on my shoulder. “I love you Carlie.” He whispered.

“And I love you.” I said as I kissed his hair.

                * * * * * * * * *

After we showered and dried each other, we slipped into bed.  Dalton snuggled close with his head on my shoulder and his arm and leg over me.  His soft cock pressed against my hip and I could feel his heart beat slowly in sync with mine.  His breathing was slow and rhythmic and I felt his body relaxing as he fell asleep.

“You have had a pretty busy day little brother. Dream about Jeff Morgan but you’re in my arms.” I thought, feeling my eyelids getting heavier.

                * * * * * * * * *