By Lee Mariner

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about two brothers. One brother, Carlton is 27 years old.  He is gay and in the military.  His brother, Dalton is 16 years old and in high school. The story will depict homosexual acts between adults and young men. It is intended for adult readers only and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE IN YOUR LOCATION TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and there is no relationship implied with any person or persons, living or deceased.


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I drifted off to sleep with Dalton’s arm over my chest his warm body pressed tightly to mine.  His warm breath wafted over me as he exhaled.  The odor of Caress shampoo filled my nostrils as an aromatic aphrodisiac lulling me to sleep.  

He filled my dreams with laughter as he eluded my grasp and ran naked down the beach over brilliant white sand.  His dark brown eyes sparkled and his brilliant white teeth flashed as he laughed running through the surf his wind blown hair flashing golden in the sunlight. The ocean water splashed over him as he ran becoming rivulets of glistening diamonds covering beautifully developed muscles.  Dalton’s hard muscles stretched and rippled smoothly as he ran with the grace of a marathon athlete. He glided through the surf and over the sand with the adroitness of a gazelle and I could feel the adrenalin flowing in my veins as I chased him through the surf and into the hidden valleys between the sand dunes.

He fell onto the soft white sand and rolled onto his back his chest heaving.  The melodious sound of his laughter filled the air around us echoing from the dunes and merging with the soft hiss of the surf ebbing and flowing over the sand. The warmth of a soft breeze and the golden sunlight surrounded us in our cocoon of enchantment.  I knelt beside him captivated by the magnificent beauty of his tawny muscles rippling and swelling as he stretched and flexed seductively; pearls of pre-cum dripped invitingly from the glistening crown of his beautifully tapered cock.

I ran my hand over the satiny softness of his glistening chest and he looked up at me with blazing eyes his muscles tightening as I trailed my fingers over rigid stomach muscles entangling my fingers in the silky curls of golden hair covering his pelvis.  His sparkling brown eyes were filled with a love that answered the feelings that coursed through the fibers of my being.    

Fires of lust and love burned deep within my loins and my pre-cum dripping cock felt like a white-hot steel rod.  As I stretched out beside him his muscles tensed and he sprang with a feline agility covering my body with his. He ran the red tip of his tongue over slightly parted lips and hovered over me his eyes gleaming.  I felt the hot length of his rigid shaft lying beside mine and I could feel the movement of his balls in their sac as they lay upon mine.   

He slid his arms under my shoulders and held me tight. His eyes gleamed brightly and I could see the fire burning in their depths. Encircling his neck with my arms he lowered his lips to mine. His mouth tasted sweet and our tongues twisted and searched as we kissed.  His body vibrated with a passion that transcended the physical and I felt that passion mixing with mine in a pool of pre-cum gathering in the cavity of my navel. As we broke our kiss he looked into my eyes briefly before laying his head next to mine and whispered softly in my ear, “I love you Carlie.”   

His words sent a shiver through me and turning my head slightly I kissed his forehead. He whimpered softly as I moved my hands down over the ridges of his back muscles and when I touched the satiny soft globes of his buttocks he started a slow hunching movement with his hips driving his pelvis into mine. Locking his legs in place with mine I held him tight and lifted my hips in unison with his, our pre-cum slick cocks sliding between us.   We faced each other as our bodies responded in an equable rhythm of erotic friction and ecstasy.  Sweat mixed with the rivers of pre-cum that flowed from the depths of our loins and I felt the seeds of our lives rising in the swelling hardness of our cocks and two hearts beating as one.  Our chests heaved with each thrust as we slipped into a euphoric fog of mutual need, the all-consuming need to release the white-hot magma that boiled in the cauldrons of our nut sacs.

Dalton’s arching body and the powerful force of his driving hips meeting the upward thrust of mine sent bolts of fire shooting through me. The hardening of his swelling cock rolling over mine was the catalysis that joined us as we were swept over the precipice into the chasm of sexual pleasure.   His lips parted slightly and I heard a soft sigh as his throbbing cock spewed thick streams of sperm over my chest and stomach.  My body tightened and shook uncontrollably as scalding streams of my seed rushed up the rigid length of my cock spewing sperm with the pent up force of an erupting volcano and I heard the groan “Yessssss” escape from my lips.

The mists of a warm afterglow enveloped us as our muscles relaxed and hard cocks softened releasing the last driblets of sperm.  The golden nymph of my dream lay feather light lying on top of me, his body molded to mine. Rivulets of sperm and sweat ran down over my ribs as the mist cleared and drifted away as Dalton moved and lay beside me for a moment before rolling away.  He reached under the bed and producing a towel he wiped our torsos clean of sweat and sperm.  When he was wiping the sticky sperm from my pubic hair I involuntarily sucked in my gut when the terry cloth touched the sensitive head of my cock.  Before I could stop him he leaned down and took its still half hard length in his mouth and I gasped groaning, “Daltonnnnnnn.”  He skinned the foreskin back with his lips and washing its swelling length with his tongue he drained the remnants of my climax onto his tongue.  Just as quickly as he had started he released my hardening cock and turning around he pressed his lips to mine forcing them open with his tongue.  I tasted the salty sperm mixing with saliva and when we swallowed the mixture he broke away.

“You’re a real tease Dalt.” I said breathing heavily.

Scooting up alongside of me he leaned on one arm and grinning down at me he said, “I bet I could get you off again, couldn’t I?”

“You probably could you imp and from the looks of you we both could. “ I replied.

“It never takes me long Carlie.  You aren’t mad at me for waking you up are you?”

“I think we woke each other. Right now though, unless you have other things on your mind, we better shower off the mess we made between us.”     

                * * * * * * * * *

After we showered and dried each other off, I slipped back in bed and moved over so Dalton could lie beside me.  Reaching down to the bottom of the bed he pulled the sheet over my hips and instead of getting under it with me he sat beside me cross-legged like a beautiful Buddha.

His flaccid cock hung down over his balls as he sat quietly looking at me.  His unruly damp hair hung over his eyes and his exquisite chest rose and fell slowly as he breathed.   

“Aren’t you sleepy Dalt?” I asked.

“Not really. Do you mind if we talk?”

“Not if that’s what you want.” I said while fluffing the pillow behind my head.  “What’s on your mind?”

“You and me.” He said breathing in deep and rubbing his knee nervously.

A sinking feeling hit me in the pit of my stomach and I thought back over the few days we had been together.  His nervous rubbing of his knee reminded me of how he hesitated before he entered the shower with me and I wondered if he was having feelings of remorse at what had happened.  Maybe what we had done together and the way he went off with Jeff was only a spontaneous and subconscious reaction that I had caused that first night and he was having second thoughts about his sexuality.

Taking his hand in mine I rubbed the back of it with my thumb thinking for a minute before taking a deep breath and asking, “What’s bothering you Dalt?”

He sat with his head lowered rubbing his knee for a minute of two and then moved his hand down over his thigh he let his fingers dangle in the silky softness of the hair at the base of his cock. He   breathed in deeply two or three times before lifting his head and focusing his eyes on mine. “Did you really want to have sex with me Carl or did I force you into doing it?”

“What makes you think you forced me Dalt?” I asked softly, feeling the sense of apprehension fading away as I looked at him.   

“I don’t know why I had the feeling Carl. But I thought maybe since I knew you were gay that you might feel I was teasing you the other night when I showed off by taking my shirt off and letting you see me half naked. I thought that maybe you were thinking that since we were brothers I could tease you and you wouldn’t do anything about it. “

“Well. . . . . .” I said smiling. “You are a gorgeous kid and it was exciting seeing your muscles rippling and swelling when they flexed. A body like yours is a real turn on for some guys.”

“There you go again, calling me a kid and whose teasing who now?”

“Hey, we made a deal remember? You can call me Carlie and I can call you kid when we are alone together. Admiring your body and telling you about it is not teasing Dalt.  You have a hell of a body and no; you did not force me into having sex with you. Showing off that beautiful chest did not force me to want you anymore than I already did. I got excited just looking at you when we met in the airport.”

“You really wanted to have sex with me Carl, even though we are brothers?” He said as he uncrossed his legs, stretching out beside me and bending his arm so he could hold his head up with his hand and look at me.

“Dalton.” I said as I pulled the sheet up over his hips and mine. “Sex does not change who we are. My being gay or you being gay has nothing to do with how we feel about each other.  You’re my kid brother and I love you for who you are.”  I said as I put my arms around him drawing him close.

He laid his head on my chest and whispered, “ I guess I was afraid about how you would feel when you found out I was gay.”

I knew that fear, the fear of being found out. He like the countless multitudes before us found a common bond in the fear of discovery and I loved him all the more for the courage it took to reveal his inner feelings.  

He slowly slipped off to sleep again as I stroked his soft hair.  His chest rose and fell gently as he breathed; memories of the past drifted though my head along with thoughts of the future.  “We have one bridge yet to cross little brother and that one we will cross together.” I whispered.

                * * * * * * * * *