By Lee Mariner


DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story of two gay brothers.  The story will depict homosexual acts and is intended for adult readers only.  IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE IN YOUR LOCALITY TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU SHOULD FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter XIV

The back seat of a two-door Mustang is not the easiest place in the world for sex but two very horny teenagers managed if I was any judge from the snuffling and snorting I heard.  My pulsating cock ached for relief and the fire in my loins said I was not that far from an intense explosion. With one hand on the steering wheel I jerked off at sixty-five miles an hour.  It was a new experience for me and I bit my lower lip to avoid groaning as my asshole tightened signaling the rising of white hot sperm.  With each spasm my gut tightened and the hand towel was soaked with cum.  My foot involuntarily lifted from the accelerator  decreasing  the cars speed until my muscles started relaxing.  It took several  seconds before my breathing returned to normal. The interior of the car reeked with the odor of man sex and I had the urge to glance over the seat back but I resisted.

The towel in my lap  was soaked and I wasn't sure what to do with it when  a sign giving the distance to the next rest stop came into view.  "Hopefully it won't be that busy." I thought to myself before calling over my shoulder.

"Hey guys, there is a rest stop just ahead.  I'm going to pull off there for a few minutes."

Not hearing a response I reached up and adjusted the rear view mirror.  Dalton and Jeff were sitting with their heads leaning against each other and lowering the mirror I could see two flaccid cocks resting on nests of dark hair.   Their chests rose and fell in the easy rhythm of recovering from having enjoyed the pleasure giving themselves to each other.  When Dalton turned his head to the front I winked at his reflection in the mirror.

"Get straightened up Dalt." I said as I took the exit into the rest stop.

We were lucky and there was only one other car using the rest stop.  It was parked further up in the outside parking area closer to the trees.  I parked next to the handi-cap space since it was right at the walkway entrance.  My lap was filled with a cum soaked towel and there was no way I was going to make it to the bathroom.  Dalton and Jeff had closed their flies and were in better shape than I was. 

"Dalt, how about you and Jeff running inside and bring me a handful of paper towels?"  I asked.

"Paper towels." Dalton said sliding forward and looking over the seat back. "Oh shit Carl."

"Oh shit my ass, I need some towels so I can clean up. I didn't have anyone draining my nuts like you did. Get me those towels." I exclaimed trying not to laugh but feeling a little embarrassed.

"Come on Jeff, big brother has a problem." Dalton said grinning at me as he reached for the door handle.

It was only a few minutes before they came out of the men's room but I didn't see any towels. They were giggling and I could bet Dalton was having fun at my expense from the way the was looking at me and then saying something to Jeff.   I was ready to blast him for forgetting the towels when he slid in on the seat and pulled them from under his shirt.

"Do you want me to do that for you?" He asked grinning at me as he handed me the towels.

"I guess you think it's funny." I asked slightly exasperated.

"No I don't Carlie, I wasn't making fun of you.  I just didn't think about you getting excited in the front seat that's all."  He said watching as I wrapped the soaked towel in a few of the paper ones he had brought.

"And just what did you expect?  You and Jeff were all over each other."

"I know Carl, I'm sorry. It's just that both of us wanted each other and the other night is when we admitted it.  Will you forgive me for being such a jerk?"

"It was my fault Carlton, I sort of got Dalton going this morning."  Jeff said pushing his head and shoulders through the window.

Two horny kids in the back seat of a car, what was I to expect.  Dalton looking at me with his soft brown eyes and the soft grayness of Jeff's eyes pleaded innocence.  "I guess the only thing damaged is my pride." I said while wrapping a couple of towels around my still very sticky half hard cock. "I've got to get cleaned up Dalt, lead the way."

                                                                      * * * * * * * * *

Ben Hur was playing at the CineMark theater on E. Washington St. It had been ages since I had seen a picture there and with the new interstate highway that had been built through the center of the city I missed the  exit.  When we finally pulled up in front of the theater we could see a large sign in the box office window, "Next showing at 3:30PM. Box office will open at 2:45PM."

I parked at the curb and turned  towards  Dalton who had shifted to the front seat after we left the rest stop. 

"I thought they had an early showing at the CineMark Dalt."  I asked

"Me too." He answered looking back at Jeff.

"I didn't know you were coming here." He said. "They don't have shows in the mornings anymore.  The first show in the afternoon is for senior citizens and then the twilight and evening shows."

"Ouch!!" I exclaimed.  "Now what? I don't think Ben Hur is being shown at any other theater."

"I've got a suggestion if you guys won't think its to silly." Jeff said quietly. "We could visit the Zoo."

"The Zoo!  I haven't been in a zoo in years. Have you?" I said looking at Dalton.

"Yeah, a couple of years ago when we were in the eighth grade. Neat idea Jeff. "

"The zoo it is." I said.

The CineMark was on East Washington and the Indianapolis Zoo was on West Washington adjacent to the White River Gardens.  I had visited the zoo when I was a kid but not since I had left and joined the navy.  It was impressive the way it had improved into one of the finest in the country.  We spent the remainder of morning strolling around and looking at some of the outdoor exhibits before having lunch at the Cafe on the Commons.  There were several "hot-dog carts" scattered around but my feet were burning up.  

After lunch we visited the new Bonsai House and then the newly born Bengal Tiger cubs Cila and Kisa.  I enjoyed the  day and especially watching  Dalton and Jeff interact together.  It made me just a little melancholy seeing the way they laughed at each others jokes and the way their eyes gleamed when they looked at each other.  Maybe I would have stayed home if I had met someone like Jeff when I was Dalton's age but I doubt it.  I enjoyed the freedom of being on my own to much.

The zoo closed at four o'clock and Dalton drove back to Richmond.  I was sitting in the front seat with Jeff in the back when he asked out of the blue, "When did you know you were gay Carlton?"

"Probably about the same time you and most boys do Jeff, somewhere around thirteen or so."  I answered glancing at Dalton.

"Yeah, me too." He said.  "I really knew it when Mike Weber and I jerked off together in the school showers."

"You and Mike jerked off together Jeff? You never told me you did it with someone else." Dalton said trying to look over his shoulder at Jeff.

"That's all we ever did Dalton, but it's not something you go around telling everyone. Not in a school like Richmond Hi. You've heard how some of those jocks talk about faggots and what they would do to one if they ever touched them or tried to prop them."

"That's one of the main reasons I left Jeff.  Small mindedness, bias and bigotry.  That is one of the drawbacks to living in a small town, everyone knows everyone else.  Dalton was only five years old when I joined the navy and ten the last time I was home." I said

"That's when he caught me playing with a condom he had in his wallet. I knew more about what they were for than I let on even though I was only ten." Dalton said grinning at me.

"Just make sure you carry one in your wallets, you might need it." I said playfully punching Dalt's shoulder.

"Why?" Jeff said. "I ain't going to be screwing any girls."

"You might just to keep up a front Jeff.  Sooner or later someone is going to start asking you and Dalton about girlfriends."

"That's what Susie is for Jeff.  She'll fuck you in a heart beat, just pay her a little attention that's all." Dalton said winking at me.

"And get the clap?  No thanks Dalt I'll fuck my fist first." 

"Nothing wrong with that boy, I've been doing it since before Dalton was born." I said grinning and feeling relaxed. 

"Yeah, most of us do I guess." Dalton said. "We are almost at your place Jeff.  I hope your Dad doesn't give you a hard time."

"It's nothing I'm not used to Dalt.  One more year and I'm eighteen. It's good-bye Richmond."

"Do you have any idea what you will be doing Jeff?" I asked.

"I'm going to join the Marine Corps.  I'll have my high school diploma and Dad can't stop me."

"Have you looked into it already Jeff?" Dalton asked before I could.

"Yeah, I did right after my seventeenth birthday.  I thought maybe my Dad would sign for me but the recruiter told me it would be better if I graduated first.  They could give me a better choice of schools." 

"He was right Jeff." I said glancing at Dalton.  "That diploma means a lot when you enlist."

"That's what he said Carlton, the recruiter.  I wish I had a buddy that would enlist with me though.  That way we could go through training together and help each other out." 

"The navy has the same program. You'll meet a lot of guys from all over the country.  Just be careful, the military is tough on homosexuals."

"Yeah, the guy I was talking with made a couple of hints about it but I didn't fall for it. At first I thought he might be a fairy from the way he was acting but I guess it was just a show."

"They don't do that Jeff but be careful anyway if you do enlist. Jerking off is all right, that's expected of young men. Getting caught with another kid will get you quietly thrown out. That would be kind of hard to explain back home unless you were already out with your family."  I said glancing at Dalton again for emphasis.

"My Dad would kill me if he found out." Jeff said softly.

"Just be careful he don't Jeff." Dalton said. "Here's your house.  If you open the gates we can drive you all the way up to the house."

"Nah, that's okay.  Dad's probably let the dogs loose and they make a hell of a racket.  Can I see you again Dalt, maybe this weekend?"  He said looking sheepishly at me.

"I'll call you later Jeff.  I had a good time today." Dalton said.

"Me too.  Thanks for taking me with you Carlton, I really appreciate it."

"No problem Jeff, anytime." I said as I leaned back against the door.

"You can get out this side Jeff." Dalton said leaning forward with he chest on the steering wheel.

Jeff wiggled out of the back seat and I noticed his hand squeezing Dalton's shoulders as the seat back fell into place.  Before closing the door he kissed him quickly on the cheek and whispered something I didn't hear.   Dalton looked over at me grinning and then watched Jeff undo the chain holding the gates shut.  Jeff waved as the dogs he had mentioned came running and barking.

"Damn Carl, that's like living in a jail." Dalton growled as he put the car in reverse.

"It is pretty austere Dalt.  I'm glad we never had to live that way. Its to bad Jeff does, he seems like a pretty nice kid."

"I guess he is, Carl.  I never paid much attention to him until now though.  I guess looking back I can see things now that I didn't before. "

"Learning that someone else feels the same way you do is a big help.  You don't feel so alone if you have someone you can talk with but be careful Dalt.  Seeing Jeff is fine but don't let it become to frequent or people start talking.  You know what I mean don't you?"

"Yeah, I do." He answered.  "I hate all of the sneaking around though and acting like something we aren't."

"That little brother is the worst part of being gay.  People do not accept it and you must act "normal" according to them.  You were closer to the truth than you realized when you told Jeff about going to bed with Susie.  Until you are old enough and on your own there are some things you must do unless you are comfortable with being completely "out".  I've had to do it in the navy even though I didn't like it. That's part of being gay and living a secret life." 

"You've been in bed with girls Carlie? I didn't know that." Dalton said looking at me with a surprised look.

"Yes and you and Jeff both will if and when you have to.  Being a Marine or a Sailor with a bunch of other men involves talking almost constantly about sex and who fucked who where and when.  There are  always whores around military bases and overseas, it is a profession.  It won't kill you Dalt and some guys even like it both ways."

"Oh, I've heard about them Carl.  Their called bi-sexual or something like that.  I don't think I understand how a man can like both girls and boys.  It don't seem natural."

"You will." I said chuckling out loud.

"I don't think so.  I could never suck some guys cock thinking he had stuck it in some girls stinky ass pussy.  That's yucky."

Before I could answer him we pulled into the drive leading to our house.  "Hey Dalt. looks like we will make Mother happy, we're in time for supper."

"Yeah." He said looking at me with a glint in his eye. "I wonder what's for dessert?"

"You had your dessert earlier." I said grinning and squeezing his hard thigh.

"I like seconds." He said as he drove around the house and parked beside the garage.