My Kid Brother

By Lee Mariner



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Chapter XVI

Before I closed the door behind me, I located the light switch that would illuminate the stairs.  Just as I started to turn on the lights I saw the faint glow that was coming from the night light in the bathroom. 

Closing the door softly, I descended and by the time I reached the basement floor my eyes had adjusted to the semi-darkness. One of the steps creaked under my weight and I hesitated, hoping the noise hadn’t awakened him, before descending any further.  

I removed my shoes at the bottom of the steps before tip-toeing as silently as I could towards the open door of his bedroom.  He was in bed facing the wall with the sheet over his hips.  He didn’t move when I entered the room. 

Slipping my shoes under the other bed, I went into the bathroom to finish undressing and take a shower.  As I closed the door behind me, I turned the knob so the lock would not click in place and make a noise.  The nightlight illuminated the bathroom enough so that I didn’t have any trouble taking my clothes off and getting into the shower.

Adjusting the showerhead to a fine spray so it wouldn’t splash on the shower floor, I stood under the warm water letting my muscles relax.  It had been a long day topped off with the long talk with my Dad and I was tired. 

I stood under the spray not thinking about anything in particular except enjoying the feel of the tingling spray relaxing my tired muscles. Talking with Dad had given me a few things to think about.

Dalton’s joining the marines didn’t really come as a surprise when I thought about what he had told me Jeff had said. I would much rather Dalton go to college, but Dad had more or less said it would be difficult.  I knew Dalton didn’t want to work at Miller’s so his joining the marines would be a good place for him.  Whichever branch of the service he did enlist in, if he did, I knew he would be the best he could be and he would learn a hell of a lot more than being a hired hand in a lumber yard or some other menial type work with no future.

The really hard part about being gay and in the military was something we would have to talk about if his comments to Dad were serious.  He would not be the only gay man in uniform and some of them could be dangerous if he let on he might be gay or even acted like he was.

                                                                   * * * * * * * * *

Finishing my shower and drying off, I left my clothes on the toilet seat and slipped quietly back into the bedroom leaving the bathroom door slightly ajar.

I could see in the dim light that Dalton hadn’t moved and rather than disturb him I pulled the sheet back and got into the other bed.  Turning on my side and facing the wall, I didn’t hear Dalton get out of bed until he leaned over me and whispered in my ear.  

“You didn’t think you could get away with it did you?” He said   

“I….I wasn’t trying to get away with anything, I didn’t want to wake you.” I said as I turned over on my side to face him. 

“I wasn’t asleep.” He said as he reached down and pulled the sheet back so he could get into bed.   “I heard you coming down the steps. I could hardly stop from laughing when you sneaked into the bathroom.”

“Did you take a shower already?” I asked as he put his arm over my chest and one leg on mine and then snuggled closer.

“I did before you came downstairs. I thought you would get in bed with me after you took yours.” He said grinning impishly his eyes sparkling.

“Damn, Dalt, you’re a horny little devil.” I said as he pushed his swelling half hard cock against mine.

“You like teasing don’t you, Dalt?”  I whispered huskily.

“If wanting to make love with you is teasing, I guess so.” He said as he pressed his lips to mine.

His mouth tasted mint fresh and the pressure of his cock against mine sent ecstatic waves washing over me.

                                                                      *  * * * *  * * * *

Memories of Jerry Hawes and the times we were together flashed in my head. He had said that foreplay was the essence of male sex.  He had taught me that to reach the euphoric pinnacle of love making both partners had to feel wanted.  His words echoed in my memory.  “Anyone is capable of raw animal sex, Carlton. Making love is the accepting and giving freely to each other and knowing that you consider each others’ bodies to be temples to be revered not just receptacles of lust.”  What I felt inside of me was not lust. It was the deep love I felt for Dalton, my kid brother.

When we broke from kissing, he ran his tongue over his soft succulent lips and we looked at each other for a moment.  In the dark depths of his eyes I could see the glowing embers of love, not lust.  Stroking my cheek and running his fingers through my hair he said, “Make love to me, Carlie, please.”

Rolling him over on his back, I raised up supporting myself on my elbow.  I gazed at his youthful masculine beauty for a second before lowering my head and kissed his neck while I ran my hand over the hard muscles of his chest.  His nipples hardened under the palms of my hands, and I heard him suck air into his lungs expanding his chest. 

“Oh yeah, Carlie.” He sighed as I kissed my way down from his neck to first one and then the second nipple. His muscles tightened when I raked my fingers over the thick silky softness of the pubic hair around his cock. Pulling my hips up beside him, I turned around and, placing one hand on the bed for support, I kissed his warm unblemished flesh from the sternum down to his belly button. When I pushed my tongue into the cavity of his belly button, his stomach tightened and he gasped breathing in deeply. From the way his cock jerked and then fell down on its nest of silky dark hair, I knew he had felt a pleasant electric shock shooting down into his loins.  

When I blew on the blood-engorged head of his cock, it jerked violently disgorging pearls of thick pre-cum and his stomach muscles tightened.  He moaned and lifted his hips pushing his cock at my mouth. The pre-cum was salty sweet on my tongue when I licked it from the crown; and he moaned again, running his hands up over my back to my head. 

He pushed the back of my head but I resisted, pushing back from his drooling cock. “It feels good doesn’t it little brother?” I said huskily, feeling the emotions rushing over me, my breathing heavy.     

“Jesus, Carlie.” He hissed through clinched teeth. “Who is teasing whom now?”

“I’m not teasing little brother. It’s called foreplay.”

“You keep playing and you’re going to get a face full.” He groaned as he let his arms fall onto the bed.

“You’re sure about that are you. Didn’t Jeff take everything out of you in the back seat of the car?” I teased as I ran my fingers over his flat stomach, tickling his belly button again.  I felt his muscles tighten under the caress of my fingers and his body trembled.  I could tell he had almost reached the ecstatic point where he was ready to release his pent up load and I eased off.  

“Jeff didn’t make me feel the way you are, Carlie. Jesus, I’m so hot I feel like my cock is going to explode. We didn’t do this before.”  He whimpered softly.

Twisting around I stretched out beside him laying my head in my hand and placing the other on his chest. I could feel his heart racing and see the rapid rising and falling of his chest as he breathed. Leaning over I kissed his glistening forehead. “You wanted to make love Dalt and foreplay is part of making love. It’s a lot more fun than just jumping into it.” I said grinning down at him.

”I was horny when you started, Carlie, and I liked what you were doing but when you put your tongue in my belly button it felt like I was going to shoot all over both of us. It was like an electric shock went from there down into my cock and balls. Didn’t you feel the same way the first time someone did you this way?”

“I guess I did.” I said, taking his cock in my hand and running my thumb over its soft pre-cum slick head while he ran his hand over my back. 

“Mmmmmmmmm, that feels so good Carlie. Its as if my whole body is vibrating.” He whispered while he ran his hand up and down my arm.

His half closed eyes had a dreamy look and his angelic face glistened with perspiration.  Lowering my head, I licked his dark breast nipples and when I nipped one with my teeth, his body tightened.  When I started to roll over on top of him, his fingers tightened on my arm and his other hand ran up my back.

His eyes were wide open and glowing softly. “Not that way, Carlie, I want you. I want to feel your cock sliding down my throat as you take mine.  We have done it to each other, but I want to feel your sperm gushing down my throat at the same time as I do.”  He cooed softly, his hands running up and down my back and arm.

“We haven’t done it that way Dalt.” I said, a little surprised.

“I know, that’s why I want to do it.  I want to feel and taste you shooting off with me”

Kissing his lips lightly, I whispered, “Do what I do but don’t get too excited, let it build until you can’t hold it.

Dalton arched his back, stretching and turning on his side as I re-positioned myself.  His pre-cum slick cock glistened just inches from my lips; and, I inhaled the strong, clean stimulating aroma of pre-seminal fluid and his youth through my nose. My mouth watered in anticipation and I felt my heartbeat quicken with excitement.

Placing one arm over his small waist, I positioned my hand at the base of his spine while I slid the other under his legs. I moistened my lips as I opened my mouth to engulf the tapered head of his drooling cock.  The warmth of my breath must have warned Dalton and his hips moved driving his cock into my mouth just as my cock slid into his.   I held him tight with my lips adjusting my mouth to his velvety steel girth while he held my cock like a vise with his.  Hot waves of ecstasy flowed over me as his tongue washed the head of my cock. As I pushed deeper into his mouth he followed with a slightly more impatient movement of his hips.  When his cock touched the back of my mouth, I hesitated briefly as I swallowed opening my throat and I felt him struggle for a moment as he swallowed. With a quick movement of his head, he swallowed the throbbing length of my cock; and, I moaned as he drove his cock deep into my throat. 

I felt him breathing heavily, almost panting through his nose, and I withdrew my cock a little so he could breath easier. His cock felt like a smooth hot rod throbbing deep in my throat; and, as I withdrew he did until we slowly moved in unison with each other our hips driving our throbbing cocks deep with each thrust.  I felt his sweat slick body trembling with excitement as the passion and tempo increased.

Dalton’s mouth was a demanding pump sucking and stimulating the fire I could feel burning and building in the depths of my loins.  Memories of the first time I engaged in mutually satisfying my partner flashed through my head and his youthful exuberance was no less than mine had been.

I tasted the pre-seminal fluid flowing down my throat, his cock swelling and hardening with each thrust.  His muscles rippled and tightened as I stroked his back until, with a final groaning thrust, he held his groin tight against my face as his cock erupted with volcanic force.  A torrent of hot teenage semen flowed down my throat and his moans of ecstasy sent me over the edge. My cock pumped great gushing streams of semen and I pushed his mouth down tight against my groin with my hand.

We drank each others seminal offering greedily until we couldn’t tolerate the erotic sensations shooting through us from the sensitivity of our wilting cocks.

I let Dalton’s cock slip from my mouth, but he continued sucking until I pulled my cock from his mouth. 

“Jesus, Dalton. I can’t take any more of that, you’re killing me.”  I gasped, lying on my back.

With a quick athletic movement, he twisted around and covered me with his sweat-covered body.  He slid his hands under my shoulder blades with his still half hard cock pressing against mine, oozing the remnants of his sperm which mixed on my stomach with what little I had left.  He looked down at me for a moment, his eyes sparkling, then laid his head next to mine.

“That was awesome, Carlie.” He whispered in my ear. “It felt like I would never stop pumping cum, and I wanted every bit of yours.  Does it always feel that way?”

“Pretty much the same way.” I answered, holding him close as we enjoyed the soft afterglow that always follows a mutually enjoyed climax.

                                                                                    * * * * * * * * * *

We laid quietly for a few minutes as our breathing and racing hearts returned to normal.  Dalton was almost feather light lying on top of me. The contours of our bodies matched almost perfectly. I drifted off into a light reverie for a few seconds and my hands moved over his soft muscular back and waist.  I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular except how much I loved him. I knew deep inside of me that as much as we loved each other, we would not always be together.  Life is not always perfect and he had his life to live and I had mine.  All I could do was try and help him as much as I could before we parted.

His breathing had settled to a slow rhythm as if he had drifted into sleep.  Hunching my shoulder, he stirred mumbling, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm.”

"We better take a quick shower Dalt or we might be stuck together at the hip.” I said quietly.

“I guess so, but it feels so good lying here with you like this. “ He mumbled groggily.

“I know it does and I feel the same way.” I said as I kissed his cheek.

                                                                  * * *  * * * * * *

 Dalton rolled off of me and we took a quick shower together.  When we got back in bed, he snuggled close with his head lying on my bicep.   The intoxicating aroma of Sandalwood shampoo drifted from his hair into my nostrils and I ran a finger across his forehead at the hairline.  He cooed softly as he tried to snuggle closer.

“Would you like to spend a few days at the lake Dalt?” I asked. 

“Sure, if you want to.” He said without moving.

“Do you think Mom and Dad would mind?”

“Not really.  They would never let me go alone but as long as it’s you and me, I don’t think they would mind.”

“Let’s make a deal then.  After we clean out the garage for your car or Dad’s if he would rather use it, we’ll drive to the lake and see if we can rent a cottage or cabin.  There’s no need to tell them if we don’t have a place to stay.”

“Whatever you want to do is alright with me Carl. Are you going to ask Jimmy if he wants to go?”

It startled me at first when he asked about Jimmy Baxter and I tried to act innocent.

“Jimmy, do you mean Jimmy Baxter from the car lot?”

Dalton moved away from me slightly, leaving his leg between mine.  When he looked at me, his eyes gleamed and he had that impish grin I was beginning to recognize.

“Yes, Jimmy Baxter. I heard you and him make a date for this Thursday when you bought the car for me. I saw the way you both looked at each other, and I heard you whispering about him picking you up and going out together. He’s hot.”  He said grinning up at me. 

“And you haven’t mentioned it!!” I exclaimed softly.

“Why should I?  Jimmy is a good-looking guy and I don’t think you came home to spend all of your time with me, as much as I enjoy it. Jimmy will probably take you to the Coachman over on Main St. ” He answered wistfully.

“You’re a perceptively little devil aren’t you” I said, chuckling as I ran my fingers over his ribs.

“I’m not sure about that.” He giggled, twisting in my arms. “But I knew enough that if I was gay the best way to find out was with you.  There are a couple of hot looking kids at school that I might have made it with but there was no way I was going to do it until I knew more about what being gay is. Having the feelings is one thing, Carlie, but knowing what the feelings are is different.”

Memories of when I struggled with those same feelings and the fear of discovery they generated made me feel better about the bond we had cemented between us. As much as I loved him, I would have never touched him if he hadn’t opened up and let me know about how he was feeling. He lay quietly in my arms as I stroked the strong muscles of his back and shoulders.

“You would have learned more about it as you grew older, Dalt.  The hardest thing, when you’re young, is meeting the right person.  Some are okay but there are those that will take advantage of someone your age.  That is one reason you have to be careful, as you grow older.  Don’t let your cock rule your head.” I said.

“That’s why I was hoping you wouldn’t think I was being silly the other night when you got here.”

“You did catch me off guard but I had a hunch what you were building up to.  That is one of the things you have to be careful about, Dalt.  Try and associate with guys your own age until you get older and start seeing how other gay guys act.   Being gay and wanting sex can be dangerous if you become involved with the wrong person. In a small town like Richmond people know almost everyone and they talk. Play it safe.”

“Are you going to ask Jimmy up to the lake next weekend Carlie.”  He said softly.

“Whoa, little brother, don’t tell me you have the hots for Jimmy.”  I growled playfully tickling his ribs.

“Of course not Carl but he is the kind of guy I would like to meet…………someday.”  He answered as he laughed quietly, pulling away from me.

“We’ll see about asking Jimmy to spend the weekend with us.  Why don’t you ask Jeff if he would like to come with us?”

“I can ask him Thursday night while you and Jimmy are out. I was going to ask him if he wanted to go to the park, I can ask him then.” He said yawning and snuggling close again with his head lying on the pillow next to mine. 

“Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, Dalt. First off, lets get the garage cleaned out and see if Mom and Dad have anything else we can do for them. Okay?”

“Deal.” He said softly before kissing my cheek.

I straightened the sheet out and pulled it up over his shoulders.  His soft breathing and the faint beat of his heart lulled me off to sleep with him and I heard him mumble “Good night Carlie.”

“G’night squirt.”