By Lee  Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER; This is is a fictional story about two brothers. It will depict sex acts between them and others. All characters are fictional and unrelated to any person or persons living or deceased.  It is intended as adult reading so IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO READ THIS STORY OR  YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE.


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Chapter #2

After our overall haul was finished in Boston we went south for a shakedown in the Caribbean and then refresher training at the Naval Training Base, Guantanamo, Cuba.  Not one of my favorite places but it's really not intended for R&R so the facilities are limited.  The ship pulled in a couple of times for liberty but the only place to go was the Enlisted Men's Club, not as fancy as the Officer's Club but better than nothing. We played what is called recreational softball in heat that must have been at least a 110 and the ship's recreation fund sprang for a couple of wash tubs of  iced down beer. The ship's corpsman stood by with salt tablets it anyone started feeling light headed. 

Two guys were caught screwing Cuban girls in an off limits area where base employees worked. I saw a couple of shirtless Cuban guys cutting the grass around the base and that didn't help my situation at all. Their rippling muscles gleamed with sweat and I had dreams of ramming my cock up their tight assholes.   Six weeks at sea will make anyone horny as hell and I was so fucking horny Molly Palm and her Five Sisters gave Peter a real workout all of the time we were in Cuba and the Caribbean but I wasn't alone.  At night in the berthing space you could hear some guys breathing heavy and an occassional soft moan when they popped their cookies followed by the soft shuffle of feet and then the head door closing.  I always had the urge to follow and see who it was but I had better sense then that.

On the way back to Newport, R.I. we pulled in Norfolk, Va. for supplies. I made one liberty and met a guy on East Main St.  He had a room in a dumpy hotel named The Virginian and all he wanted was my cock in his ass and I screwed his ass raw, all of the time thinking about Jerry and the sweaty Cubans.  The dude wanted to meet me again but I dodged that.  He was a little older then I really wanted but he bought the beer and I was so fucking horny I think I would have screwed a snake.

 I had put in a request for overseas shore duty after the ships last Mediterranean cruise and I was lucky, my orders transferring me too Panama were waiting when we got back. Not what I had requested but it was overseas and off the ship after 3 years sea duty.

I took quite a ribbing about the assignment from some of the other guys telling me there were only black girls in Panama. I went with the flow with the usual ribald comments about taking it like it was.   After I picked up my records and orders from the ships personnel office I was finishing my packing when Woodard, a blond headed, really good looking, hunky and hung dude that I would loved to have made it came into the compartment with his laundry bag.  His bunk was in the middle of the three tired rack of three at the foot of mine and while he was folding his clothes he started  kidding me about screwing niggers since there wern't any white girls in Panama.  When I asked him how he would know, he grinned and pumped his closed fist in an all to familiar motion.

"It's either your hand or a late night shower Evers." He said, leaning up against the bunks facing me and groping his very full crotch his deep blue eyes shining.

"You should know all about that Woody, as much time as you spent taking a shower."

"And I guess you didn't?"

"No more that anyone else in this compartment."

He was about 3 feet from me and stood quietly watching as I finished up,  his cock reaching down his left pants leg and I felt the inevitable twinge in my groin.

"We should have made a few liberties together Carl, it probably would have been fun."  He said quietly, looking around the compartment and moving a little closer.

"Yeah Woody, I guess we should have but you always hung with the engineroom gang not us deck apes." I said straightening up and showing him my cock swelling in my tight white uniform trousers.

We stood looking at each other for a few seconds our eyes locked and I could feel the energy between us. Neither one of us made a move and he breathed in deeply glancing down at my crotch, sighing as he exhaled.

"Win some, lose some, Carl, but  it's a small Navy.  Maybe we will serve together again sometime."

"You can never tell, we just might." I said reaching for the handle on my sea bag.

"Here, let me help you up to the quarterdeck with your other bag." He said, leaning over for the small suitcase I had stuffed with toilet articles and skivvies.

When we reached the quarterdeck both of us had our emotions under control thankfully.  After I was checked off the ship I opened the suitcase and put my records and orders inside after taking an endorsed copy and putting them inside the waistband of my trousers under my jumper.  Woody helped me put my sea bag on my shoulder and carried the suitcase for me to the gangway.  I took it from him and he winked at me squeezing my bicep.

"Take it easy Carl and be careful in Panama. It'd be a shame if a good looking guy like you caught one of those tropical diseases."

"Count on it buddy, you be careful to." I said winking back at him.

When I got on the dock a young seaman took my suitcase and we put it and my sea bag  in the back of the ship's truck.  "The OOD told me to take you up to the main gate Boats."  The youngster said.

"Thanks." I answered looking up at the quarterdeck throwing a salute.  

Woodard had moved up on the 01 deck and took his dixie cup off waved it at me.  His hair blazed golden in the sunlight and waving back I got in the truck.  He was right, it was a small Navy and we would meet again 2 years later on a state side base.

                                                               Part II

I took a 20 day leave before reporting too the Naval Receiving Station at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in New York for transportation too the Coco Solo Naval Base.  I had plenty of time but I decided on flying for the first time instead of taking a train.

My dad was a little surprised when I called but after I told him I was being transferred overseas and was taking leave before I left,  he asked me if I was going to take The Century or fly.

"I'm flying in this time Dad." I said, " I took 20 days off and it will be the first time I flown."

"You will like it Carl, gets you home faster. You flying in too Cincinnati or Indianapolis?"

I could hear my mother asking  him how long I was going to be home when he told her I was flying home.

"That's good but why can't he get home earlier? He could go with us to see Bill in Owenton."

My uncle Bill was big, fat, dirty and ugly, not one of my favorite people. I did a little cursing myself but his mouth was like a cesspool and all he ever asked was when I was going to get married. I  never said anything about him but I think my dad knew and he just sighed .

"The boy might have other plans Edith but I'll tell him."

I cut him off before he could get it out of his mouth.

"I'm flying into Indianapolis Dad. The flight gets in there at 7:30 tonight. Will you guys meet me?
"Tonight?" He exclaimed,  surprised. " How about I let Dalton meet you?  He has his drivers license now and drives anytime he gets a chance.  He'll get a big kick out of picking his big brother up at the airport."

I got a kick out of his saying "pick his big brother up" and answered him smiling to myself.

"Sounds good to me, should I act surprised?"

"Why not.  He'll feel better about it, having something to surprise you about. Be careful on the way home.  It will be good seeing you son."

I liked the idea of Dalton meeting me. The drive from Richmond too Indianapolis was only about 65 miles and since neither one of us were much on letter writing, it would give us a little time to catch up him being 16 and not the 10 year old he was when I left before.  

When I saw Dalton at the airport, dad was right, I was surprised. . . . . . . shocked would be an even better word.

                                                     Part III

The Indianapolis Airport wasn't that big really but after we landed and taxied too where we would get off of the plane it was still a short walk to the gate.  Several people were waiting behind the fence and at first I didn't spot anyone that looked like Dalton until I spotted a hunky kid standing off from the crowd.  He was about 5' 10" with broad shoulders and the white pullover he was wearing was filled with muscle. Under the overhead lights I could see his hair was lighter then I remembered Dalton's being.  He grinned, his eyes sparkling as he weaved his way through the crowd.    When we were closer to each other I exclaimed, "Dalton."  

"Nah, he asked me to meet you." He laughed. " Of course its me. It hasn't been that long since we saw each other last, don't you remember, your kid brother."  He said hugging me with steel muscled arms, squeezing the air out of my lungs. "Good to see you Carl, I've missed you." He said leaning back with his arms still around my chest, his soft brown eyes sparkling.

"Damn. Dad said you wanted to surprise me but I don't think he meant this way. Boy have you grown and changed."

"Just a little but you don't look all that bad yourself. You've put on a little more muscle since you  were  home last." He said punching me in the chest.  " Here let me take that bag, is this all you have with you?"

"I'm not the only one." I thought to myself, answering, as he took the bag. "No, we have to pickup my sea bag."

We followed the signs to where incoming luggage would be and Dalton walked on the balls of his feet with the grace of an athlete. His lean muscles rippled smoothly as he moved and I could see the outline of his ripped abdominal's and I felt a strong tingling in my groin.  

"Jesus, Carlton." A little voice whispered in my head. "He's your brother for Christ sake."

I shook my head gently but I couldn't help licking my lips and swallowing trying to get some saliva back in my suddenly dry mouth.

"Dad didn't say how long you were going to be home Carl."  

"A couple of weeks Dalt. I'm being transferred too Panama for shore duty."

"Dalt? I like that Carl, everyone else always calls me Dalton except Dad.  He still thinks I'm a kid and calls me boy most of the time.  He hasn't seen what's hanging between my legs lately."  He said glancing at me his eyes flashing.

That was something I would expect to hear from a trick or some hustler, not my kid brother. I didn't say anything,  I'd heard stuff like that before but I felt the tingling in my groin again and my cock twitch.

When we reached the area where the luggage carts were, he spotted my sea bag.

 Dalton pointed at the white bag,  looking at me. "Is that yours?"

"Yeah, I'll get a Skycap to take it with one of those hand trucks. It's pretty heavy with all my gear."

"Here, you carry this bag and I'll get the other one. No need to pay someone just to get it to the car." He said swinging the bag up on his shoulder, teenage  muscles bulging.

"Are you driving dad's Oldsmobile Dalt or do  you have your own car?"

"A car of my own, you've got to be kidding.  I want one but dad told me he would co-sign if I saved up the down payment.  You know how hard that is cutting grass and working in old man Greco's store." 

I knew what Dalton was saying, Dad was tight.  He supported his family but when it came to personal things like bicycles or automobiles. It surprised me that he had even offered to co-sign but Dalton would have to do the rest.  Not easy for a 16 year old even one as built and good looking as he was.

"Do you have your eye on one Dalt?" I asked as we got into the car.  

"Yeah, a neat little Ford Mustang on Mel's Used Car lot over on Wabash Ave.  He only wants $700 for it but I need a $200 dollar down payment.  He might as well want a million as far as I'm concerned."

"Dad won't budge?"

"Nope, you know him when it comes to wanting things. You want it, you earn it. Are you hungry, mom had dinner at 5 o'clock on the dot as usual."

"Yeah, a little. I's Friends on Mill St. still open?"

"You don't wanta go there, nothing but  old folks  this time of the evening. There's a new drive-in on Carthage where the kids hang out.  We can get a burger there and check out the chicks."  He said looking at me briefly, grinning and kicking the Olds up to about 60.

I turned sideways on the seat, pushing the door lock down with my elbow and hanging my other arm over the seat back.  The faint glow of the dash lights reflecting on Dalton's shirt accented the clean definition of  his chest muscles and I could see the impressions of his nipples. His stomach was flat and the muscles of his forearms flexed smoothly as he steered the car.   His Levis were just a little baggy but it didn't hide the thickness of his thighs. There was not the telltale bulge in his crotch that sailor uniforms would show and I couldn't help but wonder if the remark he had made about what was swinging between his legs was true.   He was my kid brother but damned if I wasn't getting horny just looking at him.  I could feel my cock getting hard and I pushed it down in my dungarees that were a lot snugger fitting then his Levi's  "Jesus Carlton, get your mind out of the gutter." I was thinking when I heard him calling my name and I snapped out of what I was thinking,

"Huh!! Sorry Dalt I had my mind on something else. What were you saying?"

"Nothing really, just stuff about school. We're almost in Richmond, you still want something to eat?"

"Sure think and I gotta take a leak or I'm gonna piss myself."

"Me too. I should have taken a piss at the airport but I didn't know where the men's room was. " He said glancing at me. "There's a bathroom at the drive-in but if you gotta go bad I'll pull off the road."

"No need for that, I can hold it until we get to the drive-in."  I said seeing a sign indicating the Richmond city limits.  I needed to get my feelings under control and taking a piss right then would have been kind of hard to do and I damned sure didn't need Dalton taking a piss on the side of the road with me. 

* * * * * *