By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XXIV

A soft cool breeze blowing through the window and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee woke me; and I thought to myself as I rolled over on my back, "Damn, who's making coffee this time of the morning."   Still half way asleep and before I realized where I was, I flopped my arm to my right expecting it to come in contact with Dalton. When it didn't, a sudden panic hit me in the gut; and I sat up  looking around the dimly lit room calling his name loudly, "Dalton, Dalton!!   Where are you?"

A feeling of relief swept over me when he called back, "In the kitchen making coffee.  Come on, Carlie,  get out of bed.  It's going to be a beautiful day, and I don't want to waste any of it."

"Oh, Christ," I thought to myself as I swung my legs out of the bed, groaning under my breath, "to be sixteen again."

"And if you were, Big Brother, I'd only be five; and then what would you do?"  Dalton said as he came into the room with two steaming cups of coffee.

He stood at the foot of the bed naked, but I couldn't think of what Greek God I could compare him with since I didn't know of any who had been sculpted carrying coffee cups or who looked as innocently gorgeous as he did.   Even though it was early in the morning and although I was still groggy, he radiated a youthful masculinity that was overpoweringly beautiful.  Gazing at him with sleep-dazed eyes, I felt a glow of pride flowing over me as.

"Damn, Dalton, how can you be so cheerful and look so damn good this early?"  I exclaimed, reaching up for one of the cups he was carrying.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Carlie; and you look just as good as I do," he said a little coyly as he handed me one of the cups and sat on the bed next to me, his beautifully trimmed flaccid cock resting between thickly muscled thighs.

We sat in silence for a few minutes enjoying the morning solitude and drinking the coffee he had made.  My nostrils detected the same intoxicating body odor I had smelt as I fell asleep, and I could feel the warmth radiating from him.  Looking sideways and sipping my coffee, I asked quietly, "Have you thought about what we are going to do today, Dalt?"

"Well," He answered dragging out his response.  "I was thinking that we could have breakfast in town rather than cooking, and then we could do some shopping," he continued after taking a sip from his cup. "We both need bathing suits unless we go swimming in shorts."

A vision of him wearing skin tight black Spandex swimming trunks flashed though my head, and I lingered a moment sipping my coffee and relishing the vision of his well developed body clad in a skin-tight swimsuit with the thin light line of hair descending from his navel and disappearing into the tight waistband leading the eyes to an eye-catching bulge.  I felt  a sharp tingling in my groin, and I licked my lips and took another sip of coffee before answering. 

"Swimsuits or shorts, Dalt, it won't make any difference," I said coyly and glancing sideways out of the corner of my eye.

"What do you mean it won't make any difference, Carl?" He asked quickly, lowering his cup and turning to look at me.    "We both would look a lot better in suits than raggedy-assed shorts.  At least I know I would, but I don't know about you as I've never seen you in a swimsuit,"  he snickered, trying to hide an impish grin behind his coffee cup.

He was right; he had never seen me wearing a swimsuit as  we had never been swimming together.  A momentary twinge of regret at having missed so much of growing up a little closer to each other flashed over me, and I felt a little guilty.  "Maybe if I had come home more often I would have detected the changes in him and helped more than I had," I thought to myself before answering,  "I wouldn't look much different from when I'm wearing briefs, Dalt."  I replied.

"Oh, I don't know about that, Carlie.   I bet you would look tough in a tight fitting swimsuit," he said as he leaned across me and set his cup on the night table.  "Besides, I know what you have, and I've seen guys at school who have less than we do, but when they wear wet swimsuits it looks like they have more than they actually do."

"That's part of the mystery, Dalt.  It's like at Christmas or on your birthday; you don't know what the packages have inside of them until you remove the wrappings,"  I said as I placed my cup on the table next to his.  "Sometimes it is more fun when you don't know what the package contains. You may be a little disappointed at first if the contents are not what you expected, but you still like it," I continued, turning to face him when he suddenly put his hands on my chest and pushed me backwards.

As I fell back on the bed, Dalt with a graceful, athletic movement twisted his body and landed on top of me.  I reacted involuntarily and my hands flew up defensively at first to ward him off, but then I clasped them behind his back emitting a loud "Oof," as I did.  "Damn, Dalton, you forget you aren't a kid anymore," I exclaimed, faking at being angry.

"Then why do you keep calling me a 'kid'?" He asked playfully, his eyes shining with amusement as he gripped my biceps, squeezing them and slowly rotating his hips.

"Because you are my kid brother, but that doesn't mean you are a kid. If you are trying to prove you aren't by doing what you are, you don't have to; you know, " I said softly, feeling the beat of my heart quicken each time his steel hard cock rolled over mine.

"I know that, Carlie," He answered, his eyes shining brightly.  "But, I want you to...," he started to say when, feeling his muscles relaxing, I heaved my hips upwards, flipping him off me and to one side.  Following through, I rolled over on top of him using my weight to hold him down.

When he got over his surprise, he reacted by raising his hands to grab me; but I countered with a sweeping movement of both arms forcing his upwards around my neck while I slid my hands under his head with my elbows and forearms on either side.   I felt his still hard cock resting on his stomach between us, but mine had fallen between his legs resting against the soft hairy flesh of the perineum between  his asshole and balls.

We lay looking at each other for a minute or two, both of us breathing heavily from the exertion combined with the passion that had subsided only momentarily.  I could feel pre-cum oozing from his cock, and the feel of my cock so close to his asshole sent warm shivers through me.  The look in his glowing eyes and his soft grin told me what I felt he wanted, but I wasn't sure.  I had fucked him and loved it, but I wanted to be sure it was what he wanted, again.   I had been as gentle as I could; but, from the look of anguish on his face,  I could tell the initial entry had hurt him; and I didn't want to hurt him again.

"Carlie," he whispered softly as he pulled his arms from around my neck and put them around me.  "Fuck me, please.  I want to feel you inside of me,"  he pleaded as he ran the tip of his tongue over his lips, gazing up at me with innocent, soft brown eyes.

My heart quickened, and my cock surged when I heard him.  His eyes shone with a deep passion as he lay quietly looking up at me.  Breathing in deeply, I sighed as I exhaled; and, brushing his lips with mine, I  whispered softly; "Dalt, we've done it once; and it will hurt a little at first like it did then; but, if you're sure, I'll get the lubricant from my bag." I said, starting  to get up when he grabbed my arm.

"I'm sure, Carlie, but I don't want any lubricant," he said, relaxing his grip on my arm, a soft pleading look in his eyes.   "I want it to be just you and me."

We moved up into the middle of the bed from where we had been lying close to the bottom after I had flipped him.   Fluffing two pillows, I put one behind his head and laid the other one aside.   He lay with his eyes closed, and I could see his muscles quiver in anticipation.  Pre-cum was oozing from the ethereal slit in the head of his cock; and, kneeling beside him, I leaned down and opening my mouth I inhaled deeply and exhaled blowing my hot breath over his dripping cock. 

"Oh, shit, Carlie," he exclaimed his muscles tightening and his hands moving down to where my head was hovering over his jerking cock.  I grabbed his left hand, guiding it toward my crotch and when I felt his other hand touch my hair,  I took his cock deep into my throat.  He groaned deep within his chest; and, when he drove his hips upwards trying to force more of his cock into my mouth, I took his nuts in my other hand and squeezed gently.  "Christ, Carlie," he cried out softly as I played with his nuts and sucked gently on his cock, tasting the bitter-sweet pre-cum that was flowing in a steady stream, "You're gonna make me cum."

I felt the hot churning in my nuts and hot waves of ecstasy permeating every part of my body as I sucked his cock.  When I felt his balls starting to contract and his cock hardening, I stopped.  Holding his cock in my mouth, I felt the beat of his heart with each throb; and the flowing pre-cum tasted bitter-sweet on my tongue.  When I felt his muscles starting to relax from the deliciously agonizing precipice I had taken him to, I withdrew my mouth, my lips squeezing and draining the remnants of pre-cum from its majestic length.

As I sat up, I heard a long shuddering sigh escape from his lips; and I saw the relaxing of his fingers from where, in the throes of ecstasy, he had gripped the bedclothes.   "Jesus, Carlie," He said softly as he opened his eyes and looked at me hovering over him.   "That was fucking awesome; I never knew anything could feel so good.  Christ, every nerve in my body tingled; and I damned near shot my load; I would have if you hadn't stopped," he gasped, reaching up and placing his hand on my knee. I didn't say anything; but I took his hand and, kissing his fingers, ran my free hand over the rippling muscles of his chest down over his concave stomach, twisting my fingers in the thick silky hair covering his pelvis.  I watched as he squirmed, grimacing from the sensations my hand was creating; and I hesitated for a moment before moving between his legs, my emotions washing over me.

Dalton lifted his legs as I moved between them; and, when I scooted closer on my knees, he placed them on my shoulders.   I leaned forward slightly lifting his hips with my weight on his legs, and I slid the second pillow I had set aside under the small of his back.  As he watched me, his eyes glistened and his breathing quickened; and I could see the small beads of sweat forming on his forehead and his upper lip.   His cock had softened, but his navel was filled with his pre-cum.   Mixing his cum with mine, I lubricated the length of  my throbbing cock and leaning forward touched his quivering anus with the blood-engorged head.

Dalton flinched, his fingers clawing at the bed clothes and clinching his teeth; his chest muscles tightened.   "Easy, Dalt, relax and breathe in deeply," I cooed reassuringly,  reaching down and running my hands over his sweat-slick chest.  His half-hard cock was lying on his stomach; and, while I massaged his chest with one hand, I wrapped my fingers around his cock with the other.   I held the head of my own cum-slick cock against his anus while I stroked his cock, feeling it swell and harden as he relaxed.

He lay with his head turned away from me,  his eyes closed; and I could see the rapid beat of his heart in the soft sternum juncture of his heaving chest muscles.  For a brief moment, the thought that I should have used a lubricant and loosened him up first flashed through my head; but he had rejected it.    

I knew from experience that the initial entry of my cock would be a shock and that his body would involuntarily react violently with every muscle tightening, trying to reject the invasion of my cock opening his tight sphincter muscle.  I also knew that, once the head of my cock passed his sphincter, the pain of entry would slowly subside and be replaced with a sense of warm fullness which would increase the deeper my cock sank into his rectum. 

After a few minutes, I could see that Dalton's breathing had subsided to a steady rhythm; and, placing my hands over the thick muscles where his thighs joined his upper body, I pushed gently but not forcefully with my hips while I held his with both hands.   My cock suddenly slipped past his relaxing sphincter and just as suddenly his sphincter clamped down and I gasped at the pressure squeezing my cock.   He cried out, "Ohhhhhhh shittttttttt, Carlie. That hurts Jesus, that hurts."  I stopped pushing; and, not answering his cry, I started running my hands over the thick muscles of his thighs, thankful that Jerry had taught me about using a pillow to help support my lover's hips.

I waited again for Dalton to relax; and, when I felt the pressure of his sphincter relaxing, I leaned forward and, placing my hands on either side of his shoulders, straightened my cramped legs out.   Dalton reached up and, gripping my straining biceps,  opened his eyes and gazed up at me, his eyes filled with a deep love and trust.   His body relaxed as my cock slowly sank into the depths of his bowels; and, when I felt my pubic hair pushing his nuts up, I pulled my legs up under us again.  He then lowered his legs down and around my waist while I pulled his ass tightly into my crotch with my cock buried deep in the hot cauldron of his tight ass.

Dalton grinned and, wriggling his hips, reached up for me as I leaned forward pressing my lips to his.   His tongue fought mine with the intensity of a fencing epee, and I heard the sound of ecstasy in what he was feeling as he moaned and tightened his legs around my waist. 

Leaning forward and locking my arms with a hand on each side of his head, I started a slow withdrawal; and I felt his body shuddering as my cock withdrew until only the head was within his ass.  When I reversed the motion, his eyes widened; and I could see he was feeling the excitement of being made a part of me as my cock slowly re-entered his ass.   He started to lift his hips to meet each downward thrust, and his fingers running up and down over my ribs sent a tingling feeling rushing through me.   Sweat was pouring off us in streaming rivulets, and I felt a joy of pride flowing over me as I watched his reaction to the slow piston movement of my hips.   As the glow of the ecstasy that he was experiencing spread over his face,  I increased the tempo, driving my cock hard into his ass with a feeling of urgency building in my loins as we raced to the pinnacle of releasing ourselves to the euphoric, carnal lust that was consuming both of us.   The magma of my loins was rushing upward to explode with the force of a volcano; and, looking down, I saw Dalt's cock jerking and spewing thick streams of sperm over his chest as he grabbed my arms again screaming, "Carlie, Carlie, Carlie."

The violence of his climax sent me over the edge; and, feeling myself falling into the abyss of animal sex, I slammed my pelvis against his ass, driving my cock deep into his bowels.   I felt each throbbing spasm of my cock gushing,  filling his ass with thick, hot sperm; and I held my cock deep within his bowels, groaning at the electrifying feeling of the juice of my nuts draining from my loins into the magnificence of my kid brother's ass.

With a last upward thrust of his hips, Dalton's legs dropped from around my waist; and I collapsed, exhausted, onto his cum, sweat covered chest.  His arms wrapped around me; and we both lay as one, gasping together, our hearts beating in unison as our breathing slowly returned to normal.  

A feeling of total contentment enveloped us; and, when my cock slipped from his ass, he gave a little grunt that sounded like disappointment or perhaps relief.  I never was sure which for, after that, he always gave a little grunt when my cock slipped from his ass.   I preferred to think of it as disappointment at losing the connection between us; but he only looked at me and grinned, his eyes soft and contented.

After we had relaxed and were able to breathe almost normally, I slid off to the side and, putting my arm around him,  drew him close.  Turning to face me, he put one arm over me; and, laying his head on the other, we held and looked at each other.   I moved my lips to his, and we kissed softly, a feeling of soft afterglow flowing through both of us.  When he pulled his head back, he gazed at me for a second or two; and I could see in their soft brown depths all I needed to know without his saying it.    

We both were covered with sweat and cum; but, feeling the steady beat of his heart and the slow rhythm of his breathing, I reached down and pulled the sheet up over us as he slipped off to sleep.

"I surely hope Mom sent more than one set of sheets," I whispered quitely, kissing the top of his head.