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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XXV

The grumbling in my stomach and the burning in my bladder woke me with a start; and I swung my legs out of bed, sitting up.   Glancing at the electric clock that we had brought, I saw that it read two-thirty in the afternoon.  "Damn," I mumbled twisting around and looking over at Dalton's broad back, "We've slept most of the day away."

"Dalton, Dalton.  Come on Kid, wake up," I said gently; but he didn't move.  Turning and leaning across the bed, I shook his shoulder, calling out again, "Dalt, wake up.  It's the middle of the afternoon, and we haven't gotten anything done.  Besides, I'm starved."

"Me too," he mumbled, "but it is so comfortable lying here," he said grumpily as he put his pillow over his head.

I couldn't disagree with him except my chest was itching from the dried up sperm, I needed to piss and I was hungry; I didn't feel much like a happy camper.  Reaching around behind me, I whacked his solid round ass cheeks with my hand; and he yelped, "Ouch, Carlie, that hurt."

"Then get out of the bed, or I'll whack your ass again."

"You would;  wouldn't you?" He exclaimed playfully as he threw the sheet back and rolling over reached up and pulled half of me and one leg back down on the bed while my other foot was still on the floor.

"Damn, Dalt, not now.  I'm hungry, and I gotta piss," I half growled and half chuckled as my hand fell between us, coming to rest on his hard cock.

"Me too," he snickered, pinning my hand between my hip and his hard cock.

"Jesus, Dalt," I said a little exasperated.  "You can't stay horny all of the time?"

"Why not?  I've been horny ever since you got home," he said quietly in my ear as he was running his hand down my chest and over my stomach and then wrapping his fingers around my cock.

"Dalton Evers, stop playing," I growled as I pulled my head back and turned to look into his impish face.

"Had you going, didn't I?" he asked as he pushed me up; and we stood up, piss hard cocks swing back and forth beteween us.

"Damn, Carlie, we are almost the same size," he said giggling as we went to the bathroom. 

"Not quite, little brother.  They probably cut an inch off of yours," I sighed, relaxing with the feel of my bladder emptying into the toilet; and I heard him groan softly just before his piss hit the water, mixing with mine.

"Jesus, that almost feels as good as getting my rocks off, Carlie," he said, grinning and looking at me with sparkling eyes.

"Pretty close," I chuckled softly, grinning back at him, "but almost," I said as I milked out the last drops watching him squeezing and nursing his still half hard cock as his piss stream slackened. 

I had to admit to myself that he did have a thick smooth nice looking cock and that whoever had done the cutting had done the surgery a lot better than some I had seen.  There was not even a hint of where the foreskin had been surgically removed even when he had a hard-on.  We both were shaped like torpedos, and except for me not being circumsized, it was obvious that we both were the same in the cock department, at least he would be when he caught up with me.   Cock and all, Dalton was a hell of a good looking kid; and, if he stuck with athletics and working out, he would be a stunner with more boys and girls chasing him than he would want.

"You like playing with it; don't you?" I asked as I adjusted the shower water.

"Sure, ever since I learned it was good for something besides taking a leak," he said looking at me with his soft sexy brown eyes,  "You've taught me the most though."

"And you still have a thing or two to learn before I leave, but right now let's get showered before you get yourself all hot and bothered again," I said, lifting his chin and kissing his lips gently.

His mood changed suddenly, his eyes went dull and his lips quivered.  "You didn't have to remind me of that; did you, Carl?"

"I'm sorry, Dalt.  I didn't say that on purpose, but we both know that I am going to be leaving," I said, hesitating before stepping into the shower.

"Yeah, I know," he said as he followed me into the shower.  "I've been trying not to think about it; and, although I know you will be leaving, but I hate the thought of it."

The water was warm, and the huge overhead nozzle made it feel like rain falling down on us.  Dalton melted into my arms as soon as we were under the water; and, locking his hands behind my back, he held me tightly and laid his head against my shoulder.  I could feel the vibration of his rapidly beating heart flowing through his chest into mine, and there was a feeling of desperation in his breathing. 

"Easy, Dalt Boy, easy.  I'm not on the airplane yet," I said softly as I ran my hands up and down over velvety softness of his broad back.

"You will be next week, and that's what scares me," came his muffled response.

"Scares you?" I asked, reaching behind me and unlocking his clasped fingers.

"Yeah," he said, leaning back from me as his arms fell away. 

Sliding my hands upwards over his thickly muscled forearms and biceps, I gripped his shoulders and looked into the sadness in his eyes.  A sharp pain in my heart reminded me of when I had to leave Jerry, and I knew how he felt from the feelings I saw in his eyes. 

"Dalt, Baby," we've got all week to talk about this.  We came up here to have fun so let's not spoil the week talking about it now," I said, gently squeezing his shoulders as I looked into his eyes.

I should have recognized the impish glint that flashed in his eyes, but I wasn't watching for it.  I was thinking about what we had said, and it surprised me when he suddenly slipped his arms up between mine and around my neck pulling my lips to his.  It was not a kiss of passion, but his tongue played with mine gently, lovingly.  It was a kiss that relayed the feelings that we both had for each other; and, when he pulled his lips away from mine, he raked his teeth over my tongue sending a chill through me.  "Damn, Dalt, that was awesome," I exclaimed as I swished my tongue around in my mouth, savoring the tingling sensation.

His eyes glinted playfully; and he ran the tip of his tongue over his lower lip teasingly before he said, "Maybe there are a couple of things I could teach you."

"Maybe yes, and maybe no," I said, laughing and feeling my heart swell as I started soaping his broad gorgeously muscled chest.

While I was shaving after showering, Dalton was drying off behind me.  I wasn't watching him in the mirror; but, when he moved up behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder, the contact of his flaccid cock against the my ass-cheek made me flinch causing the blade to nick my upper lip. I cursed, "Christ, Dalt, you can cause a guy to cut his lip off or cut his throat doing that."

"I'm sorry," he said; and in the mirror I could see him pouting like a little kid; but he still had an impish twinkle in his eyes.  "I just wanted to watch; I don't have to shave yet," he boasted, running his hand over his smooth peach covered jaw.

"You will someday, kid when that peach fuzz gets thicker; but, right now you can watch all you want but it's going to be a little difficult to shave my left cheek while your head is on that shoulder," I said, looking back at him in the mirror and smiling. 

"I can shift to the other shoulder," he said playfully, and then he looked serious.  "Some of the older guys at school shave.  A couple of them are the same age as me, but they kid me about having a baby face with peach fuzz."

"You don't let it bother you; do you?"

"Nah, not really; but after awhile it does get kind of tiresome," he replied wistfully.  "Especially when the guys who aren't any older than I am do it, and that pisses me off.  They think it is so cool to have hair and to be shaving and strutting around like they're studs when theer cocks aren't any bigger than mine, and a couple of them are even smaller," he said almost vehemently.

"Oh, you've been checking out the kids at school?"  I said, jokingly and winking at him in the mirror.

"Oh hell, Carlie, I can't help but see what they look like in the showers after gym; but I don't deliberately check'em out."  He answered, unconsciously slipping his arms around my waist and shifting his head to the other shoulder.

I could feel the pressure of his cock pressing against my butt as it started to get hard; and I grinned at him in the mirror, "If you haven't been looking at anyone, Little Brother, why are you getting a hard-on?"

Looking sheepish, he pulled his hips back; and licking his lips he grinned at me. "Well, there is one guy whom I'd like to get to know better," he said still sounding as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"And...," I said, listening closely as I leaned over to rinse the excess shaving cream from my face, "Do you think he is gay?
"I'm not sure whether he is or not, but I've caught him looking at me a few times," he said, stepping back and letting his arms fall from around my waist.

As I dried my face, I glanced down in the mirror at the reflection of his semi-flaccid cock swelling as we were talking and smiling and turning to face him, I tossed my towel around his neck and pulled him closer, asking, "Is that all he does?"

"Noooo, I guess not," he answered as he laid his arms over my shoulders and looked me in the eye.  "You know how, when you catch someone looking at you, they quickly turn their head away?" He asked, rubbing our noses together like Eskimos.  "Billy doesn't do that; he looks back at me; and I look the other way.  Or when we are in the shower he always gets a shower head close to mine.  I can't help but look at him; and, when he sees me looking, he starts soaping his cock and balls or moving his hand real slowly over his chest and playing with his nipples."

"And...," I said, holding onto the ends of the towel and watching his face.

"And, and what...?" he said quickly averting his gaze from mine. " I start getting a hard on, and he just grins at me."

"Does he get hard?"

"Of course he does, Carlie, and when I see his cock getting hard, I turn by back and finish showering as fast as I can.  I'm not sure whether he is gay or not; and I don't care if he is good looking; I'm not taking any chances.  There have been a couple of kids beat up pretty badly but the teachers don't know who did it.  We heard rumors that they were beaten because they were faggots; and that scares me," he said his eyes holding mine.  "You know how small Richmond is and how most people there feel about queers.  If Mom and Dad were to find out, I think I would die."

"Yeah, I know how small Richmond is; that's one reason I left when I had the chance; and it's also what I meant about some other things you need to learn.  Self control is one of them, Dalt,"  I said as I pulled the towel from around his neck thinking to myself, "I don't think we need to worry about Mom and Dad finding out we are gay."

"Self-control, you mentioned that once before," he said.

"Hgh, huh and sixteen, going on seventeen with raging hormones when you see a good-looking guy like you've told me about,  makes it more difficult to learn.  But, before we get into all of that, I need another cup of coffee. How about getting the mugs from where we left them in the bedroom and bringing them to the kitchen," I said as I wrapped the towel around my waist.

"Sure," He answered, sucking in his stomach and wrapping his towel around his waist as he walked with athletic grace toward the bedroom. 

"Carl," Dalton said from behind me as he came into the kitchen and placed the cups in the sink where I was rinsing the used coffee grounds from the percolators basket. "Are we going out later?"

"I thought we might see whether there is a restaurant where we can have dinner and maybe pickup a few things we will be needing, but we don't need to if you would rather stay in." I answered while filling the pot with water.  "We didn't use the stuff that Tracey and Jake left us, and I don't mind ham and eggs for dinner.  We can do whatever you want, stay in or go out," I said as I finished fixing the coffee pot and turning it on before turning toward where Dalton was leaning with his back against the counter, his arms crossed over his broad muscular chest and his legs out in front of him, crossed at the ankles. 

The thickness of his biceps was accented by the way they rested on his hands, but with only a glance I could see the power lurking below the smooth unblemished velvety skin.  His towel was wrapped around his waist with the overlap tucked in over his hips.  From the way he was leaning against the counter, the towel was stretched across his flat stomach and pelvis, exposing the bulging outline of his cock.   The sun streaming through the windows reflected golden from the fine hair covering his legs, contrasting with his dark brown hair; and there was a partial view of his dimpled round buttock from the way the towel ends separated at his hip joint.  When he was aroused and passionate, he was exciting to look at; but relaxed he was tantalizingly enchanting.  Even though he was my kid brother, I could feel desire churning in my gut; but I took a deep breath fighting the emotions rising in my loins.

Turning his head, I could see a soft smile spreading over his face; and, seeing a twinkle in his eyes,  I knew there was something he wanted to do before he said it.

"I was hoping that, after we get the things we need and eat, we might be able to walk around and maybe see what's going on at that pavillion place by the water.  Do you think we could?"  he asked innocently but with a hint of excitement in his voice.

I hesitated answering, pretending to be concerned with the coffee pot; and I could almost feel the anxiety vibes flowing between us.   He had turned from leaning against the counter and was standing closer, running his hand up and down his arm, and I was enjoying the agitated state he was in.  However, I gave myself away when I turned my head trying to keep a straight face; but, when he saw me grinning, he grabbed my waist in both hands saying excitedly,  "Carlie, quit teasing me.  Can't we go out for a little while, please?"

Twisting around in his hands and leaning back against the counter, I put my arms around him and, pulling him close, growled before kissing him, "We would have gone out earlier this morning if you haden't been so horny."

He squealed like a little kid, and his arms went around my neck. Our lips met, and his tongue was a hot poker pressing against my lips, demanding entrance.  I could feel his cock stirring as our tongues dueled, and feelings of passion started to rise in my loins again.  Squeezing him tightly against me, I ran my hands down over his back and squeezed his towel-covered ass cheeks.   Dalt went limp and laid his body against mine as he pulled his lips from mine, his teeth gently raking my tongue.  His heart was beating rapidly in synch with mine, and we both were almost hyperventilating as we gasped for breath.  He threw his head back for a moment, his hips pressing hard against mine with hard cock; to hard cock and I could feel the vibrations of a soft moan  deep in his diaphragm and then the softness of his lips kissing my face as he whispered, "Carlie, Carlie, Carlie." 

"Dalton," I started to say when he slid down over me pulling my towel with him as he crouched between my legs. I realized what he was going to do; and, placing my hands on his shoulders, I  weakly groaned, "Dalton..." as my cock slipped between his lips.  Falling forward on his knees, he spread my legs further apart; and I felt his hand moving up the crack of my ass as he played with my balls, slowly sucking and running his tongue under the foreskin, washing the sensitive glans with his saliva.  The intense fire boiling in my balls increased in ferocity when he pulled the ballsac down at the same time he drove his mouth down over my drooling cock; but, when his finger touched my asshole, I grabbed his head with both hands and thrust my hips foward groaning huskily,  "oh shit, Dalt, don't do that." Although I protested, I enjoyed the sensation spreading over me as he pressed his finger against my puckered anus.

Leaning forward slightly, I held his head; and my hips reacted to each downward movement of his sucking mouth.  Waves of exotic ecstacy were washing over me, and my cock was starting to swell and harden as the nectar of my balls was rising through the aching length of my cock when he suddenly thrust his rigid finger up my ass.  My muscles tightened, and my back arched at the invasion of his finger. When he touched the prostate gland, a feeling of fire shot through my groin; and my cock jerked spewing thick streams of cum into his mouth and down his greedily swallowing throat.  "Jesus, Dalt, Baby, suck it dry," I  screamed as my sphincter muscle clamped tightly around his finger; and I felt my body succumbing to the waves of rapture flowing over me when he groaned and clamped his lips tightly around the base of my wilting cock.  He shuddered violently for a moment, and after a second or two his lips loosened and my cock slipped from his mouth.  He put his face into the silky thick pubic hair surrounding the base of my half-hard cock, and his finger was still up my ass with my sphincter holding it tight. 

Leaning back, I put both hands on the edge of the counter and breathed deeply regaining my composure as my muscles slowly relaxed.  When his finger slipped from my anus, I stiffened for a moment; and then I felt his hand moving up and down the back of my thighs and the warmth of his breathing with his nose in the pubic hair covering my hard flat pelvis.   It was as if we were frozen in the warm cocoon of afterglow contentedly reveling in the fullfillment that always followed the enjoyment of each other, the pleasure that only two men could experience and understand.    I was reluctent to move and break the spell; but I leaned over and putting my hands under his arms, lifted him until he was leaning with his body against mine with his head lying against my shoulder, his lips touching my neck. 

The counter edge did not feel comfortable with him leaning against me; and aftrer a few moments, I said, "Dalt, the counter edge is cutting into my back."

For a brief second, he didn't move and then putting his hands on the counter edge on either side of me he did a pushup removing his weight from me.  Locking his arms in place with both of his hands still on either side of me, he looked deeply into my eyes; and then, brushing his lips over mine, he whispered softly,  "I love you, Carlie, I always will."

My breath caught briefly at the sincerity of what he had said; and, running my fingers over the line of his jaw, I said, "I know that, Squirt, but I'd still like to have a cup of coffee," I chuckled softly, grinning at him and running my fingers through his hair.

Laughing lightly, he pushed away from me reaching for the roll of paper towels on the counter as he did.  I looked at him questioningly; and then, quickly glancing down, I saw a thick pool of sperm on the linoleum covered floor from where he had been on his knees between my legs.  "What a waste," I said, kissing his cheek as he knelt down to clean it up.

"Not entirely," he said, glancing up at me with an impish grin. "I got what I wanted; but I don't see why you say I'm always horny; you didn't object."

"Oh, you are getting to be a sex slut; aren't you?" I asked as I was pouring the coffee.

"I wouldn't say that either Carlie, "he said leaning down and picking the towels up from the floor after throwing the wad of paper towel into the trash can.  "I've had sex with only two people, and I like it.  I've always enjoyed jerking off, and sex with Jeff was okay after I found out what I wanted and what he wanted.  But it's like I told you; when we make love, it's not just sex; it's like we actually become a part of each other. Does that make sense?"

"Yep, it does, Dalt.  It's called being in love," I said as I handed him his cup with a warning,  "Careful it's hot."

We sat at the small table sipping our coffee and just looking at each other.  I was thinking about when I had to leave for Panama and what I was going to say that would make it easier for both of us.  I still wanted to talk with him about how he should react to what he had told me about the kid at school, and I wanted to give him some pointers on how he could control his emotions and avoid trouble.    His eyes were soft and lazy with no hint of what he was thinking.  He had mentioned being worried about our separating, but we still had time to discuss that and other things that I was sure he would come up against after I was gone -- things like meeting someone he might like and not worrying about what I would think.

Setting my cup down, I reached across to him and placed my hand on his forearm.  "Do you still want to go out?" I asked, seeing his eyes light up.

"Yeah, can we?"  he answered excitedly, his eyes lighting up.

 "Sure," I answered, letting the seriousness of my thoughts fade, thinking, "we've got a whole  week."