By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER: This is the continuing story about two brother. One is gay, in the Navy and an adult. The other is 16 years old and in high school. All characters are fictional and unrelated to any person or persons living or deceased. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF MATERIAL DEPICTING HOMOSEXUAL ACTS, PLEASE LEAVE.


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Chapter #3

I was thankful for the darkness covering the very hard problem I had in my crotch.  After a few more minutes I noticed he turned down Riverside Dr. after he crossed the railroad tracks that ran through Richmond on the west side of the town.  Riverside would take us through the center of the town unless the city fathers had made changes I didn't know about.

"Hey Dalt." I said looking around. "Where is this drive-in at? Riverside goes through the middle of town."

"It does but I thought you might like to see some of the changes that have been made since you were home."

"I thought you had to piss, I'm ready to bust."  I said faking a groan.

"Yeah but this way is just a little longer. Can you hold it?"

"Sure but don't drive all over hell's half acre."

He just grinned looking at me holding my crotch in fake agony but I had the worst feeling he suspected I was not holding myself because I needed to piss.

He was right though, the old town had changed. A new town hall had been built on the corner of Magnolia and Riverside along with a new F. W. Woolworth store.  The Friend's restaurant had a different facade but looking through the large windows, I could see it looked the same inside.  There were a couple of new stores I didn't recognize and a new library.  The high school I had attended was still up on the hill and Miller's Feed and Fuel, where dad worked, was still the same.  Dad had me lined up for a job there when I graduated but that never happened.

"Miller's is still the same Dalt, why hasn't dad tried to get you a job there?"

"Because old man Miller told dad he couldn't afford the extra insurance he would need to hire a minor. Besides, I don't want to work there. You didn't stay here and I'm not spending the rest of my life shoveling coal for a living." He said almost vehemently.

"Whoa little brother, don't get pissed. I was just asking."

"Well, that's the way I feel.  You left when you were only 17 and mom and dad both have pissed and moaned about you never finishing high school but it don't look like its hurt you any.  I'm gonna finish school but I ain't gonna stay here after I do."  He said and I had a feeling he had something else on his mind but my bladder was ready to bust or I would have asked him.

He turned onto Elk St. and I saw the new drive-in a couple of blocks down on Elk on the left hand side of the street.

"Man, Dalt. I sure am glad you finally got here."

"Yeah, me too, I didn't realize how bad I needed to go myself."  

Lights blazed around the perimeter of the parking lot and there were cars sitting under a large canopy on two sides of the orange and white restaurant.  A big orange and white sign on stilts at the back of the parking lot read simply "Richmond  Dog & Burgers" and under it, hung between the stilts, another smaller sign, "Eats."  "That's original." I remember saying to myself.

Dalton parked at the rear of the building in front of two doors that had  "Men and Women" printed on them.  I was out of the car before he had the engine turned off and I heard him laugh as I went inside the men's room.

Like most restaurant rest rooms it was white tiled with a gray floor and double florescent lights in the ceiling.  On the left as you went in there were two wash basins with a paper towel rack between them.  Two enclosed commodes hit you in the face as you went in and next to them on the left,  two urinals with a low partition between them. The partition was just high enough that it would be obvious if you wanted to check out the equipment of anyone standing alongside.  Someone had drilled a dime sized hole, cock high,  in the wall of the commode stall so they could see who was standing at the closest urinal.  I had seen those in just about every men's room I had been in and maybe out of habit I took that urinal and whipped my half piss hard cock out.   Dalton came inside, still laughing and out of the corner of my eye I saw him whip out about 4" of cock, in the same condition as mine, before he moved closer to the urinal.

It sounded like Niagara Falls from the both of us pissing against the back of the urinals but I could feel the tension easing as I pissed and I looked over at him with a look of relief in my eyes.

"You really had to go didn't you?"  He asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

"You damn right I did. It's a good thing Riverside isn't any longer or I might have pissed myself. "

He laughed again, not as loud and leaned over towards me. "Don't milk it down to much or you might get an offer." He whispered looking in the direction of the small hole in the partition.

I had already seen the hole in the wall but I pretended mock surprise, glancing to my right.

"You gotta be kidding me?" I whispered, looking back at his grinning face.

"Nope." He said shaking his dick and pushing it back in his pants.

I drained the lizard and milking it down a few times, sliding the foreskin back from the head I glanced back at the hole but I couldn't see if anyone was looking from on the other side of the partition.  Joining Dalton I washed my hands looking into the large mirror on the wall over the basins.  He was still grinning with a twinkle in his eyes as I glanced down at the bottom of the mirror to see if someone was in the stall . . . . it was empty.

After we finished in the head, Dalton pulled under the front canopy and flashed his lights. A young girl about his age came towards the car on roller skates skidding to a stop on his side.

"Hi Dalton, your father let you drive his car tonight?"

"Hi Susie. I drove over to Indianapolis to pick my brother up at the airport.  Carlton, this is Susie." He said nodding in my direction and then looking out the window,  "Carlton is my older brother Susie, he's in the Navy."

"Nice meeting you Carlton." She said almost to demurely as she bent down to look over at me,  displaying the cleavage between his more than ample breasts for a girl her age. "I've heard Dalton talk about you."

"Good things I hope Susie."

"What else but Carl. Whatcha gonna have?"  Dalton said before she could answer.

We ordered burgers all the way with french fries and strawberry shakes. I ordered a glass of water as well and watched as she skated away.  The mini-skirt she was wearing barely covered the cheeks of her ass and skating gave her an almost seductive sway.

"She's a pretty cute girl Dalt, friend of yours."

"Who Susie?  Nah, she's two grades behind me in school."

"She sounded like she was a friend when she rolled up to the car." I said teasingly.

"She's like that with all the boys Carl." He said swiveling around facing me grinning and pulling his leg up on the seat. Leaning against the door he put one arm over the steering wheel and his other over the back of the seat. He looked at me, his dark brown eyes sparkling.  "You can get some of it if you want it."

I didn't know if he was teasing me or feeling me out from the way he was sitting with his crotch wide open."

"You must be kidding me Dalton, she's just a kid." I said trying for an indignant tone in my voice.
"She wouldn't care. As long as you wear pants and can fill her pussy with meat that's all she wants. Susie fucks almost every boy in school and maybe some other guys not in school."  He said chuckling, eyes sparkling.

Dalton looked like he was having fun with me and I turned facing him drawing my leg up on the seat. "You might get away with it Dalt but messing with her would get me jail time. She's jail bait for anyone screwy enough to mess with her. Sooner or later she will catch something from someone who doesn't care if she does or not."

He sat looking at me for a second running his hand up and down the inside of his thigh. He squirmed at first before commenting.

"I think she has had the clap already Carl. Some of the guys at school were bragging about dicking her and one of them caught it.  He tried saying she gave it to him but her parents had a fit claiming he gave it to her.  It was a big mess for awhile and they both were taken out of school.  The boy's parents put him in the Catholic school over on Montgomery Rd. but Susie was re-enrolled at mid-term. I ain't never messed with her but the guys say she is at it again."

The Catholic school he was talking about, I knew. When I was his age it was rumored that the nuns would seduce the older boys but that's all I ever knew.  

                                                               Part II

Susie brought our order making sure her breast are visible when she hooked the tray over the window glass.  Dalton handed me what I had ordered and he winked smiling, his brilliant teeth flashing.  "She sure has a set of boobs on her." He said watching her skate back to the restaurant.

"You can drive me on home after we finish eating and come on back." I said teasing him.

"Nahhhhhhh Carl. If I wanted her, I could have had it long before this."

"Unh huh." I said munching on my burger, watching as Susie hung with another girl talking. Every now and then she would glance our way  and the other girl would look over her shoulder.  I could almost hear what they were talking about.  

We finished eating and Dalton flashed his lights.  Susie broke away from her friend and rolled our way.  I handed Dalton a $20.00 bill for the bill.  He protested mildly and I waved him off.

"You and your brother want anything else Dalton?"

"Not tonight Susie." He said handing her the money.

She made change from the leather pouch she had belted around her waist and holding the tray on her hip she leaned down and looked my way.

"Nice meeting you Carlton." She said sliding the tip of her tongue over her lips. "You and Dalton be sure and come back."

"We will." Dalton said starting the engine before I could say anything.

 The drive too Cedar Rd where we lived took about 15 mins.  He didn't say anything until we pulled in the gravel drive leading to the old house.  Nothing looked like it had changed much but I could tell from the car headlights that mom had a few more flower beds then I remembered.

Dalton pulled around to the back of the house and a porch light came on immediately draw bugs.  The screen door opened and my parents came out onto the porch, mom waving her hand at the bugs.

"I bet they've been sitting by the front window waiting." Dalton whispered, opening his door. The interior light came on and as he slid out of the car, I saw a wet spot on the front of his Levi's.

"That's the beauty of loose fitting pants." I thought as I opened my door. "They don't show anything."

Mom stood at the top of the porch steps as my dad came down to the car.

"Carlton boy, welcome home. It's good to see you." He said wrapping his arms around me in a bear hug.

"Uggghhh yeah dad, its good seeing you and mom." I said feeling my ribs give a little.

At 55, my dad was a bear of a man. All muscle and very little fat. He didn't have the classic build of someone younger but he still looked good.  He had worked most of his life on Grandpa Evers farm and for old Edgar Miller the owner of Miller's Feed and Fuel. A lot of hard work younger men would have a hard time doing.  

Dalton had opened the trunk and called to me. "Carl you want both of your bags?"  

"Just the suitcase Dalt, we can get the other one tomorrow."  I said looking up at my mother wringing her apron with her hands.

She looked almost the same as when I saw her last but I could see that the hard work was starting to tell on her, there was more gray in her hair.  When I reached the top of the steps she reached for me, tears in her eyes.

"Carlie, Carlie." She whispered hugging me and then took my face in both hands kissing my cheeks and lips almost feverishly.

All I could say was, "Hi Mom" and I hugged her to me watching Dalton walk by grinning and mouthing "Carlie."

No one had ever called me by that nickname except my mother and grandmother but I knew Dalton was going to have fun with it.

"Can I fix you something to eat, a piece of pie or coffee?"  She said linking her arm in mine.

"No thanks mom, Dalton and I stopped at that new drive-in. He said you already had supper so we went there.  I'll take a cup of coffee though if its no  trouble."

"Since when is it trouble for your mother to fix you a cup of coffee in your own home Carlton?"

"He didn't mean anything by it William." Mother said guiding me to a chair.

Dalton was grinning like a cat that ate a mouse, holding my suitcase in front of him covering the wet spot.  I think he blushed a little when I winked at him.

"I'll put your suitcase downstairs in my bedroom Carlie."  He said with a twinkle in his eyes. "You'll be bunking with me while your here."

"Downstairs, a bedroom downstairs?" I said looking questioningly at Dalton and then my dad.

"We, your brother and I, built him a bedroom and  a weight room in the basement. Dalton was getting older and doing his exercises upstairs so we thought he needed a room where those weights of his wouldn't fall through the ceiling.  Your old room is still upstairs but we converted it into a guest room and a place where your mother could do her sewing. I had to put a new floor in Dalton's old room upstairs before we finished it off for the television set we bought for your mother."

"You and Dalton wanted that set as much as I did William so don't go laying it all on me now." Mom said.   "Carlton can still use his old room if he wants but he will probably be more comfortable with his brother unless Dalton wakes him up using those things he has."

"Now mother, no one is blaming you, we all wanted it. I don't think Dalton will be a nuisance while Carlton is home."

                                                         Part III

Mother had put a piece of coconut creme pie on the kitchen table with my coffee and a cup for Dad.  I didn't really want the pie but I ate it so she wouldn't be hurt and I listened to them fussing at each other. Nothing had changed.

Dalton came up from the basement and pulled a chair from the table twisting it around and sitting with his arms over the back, he had changed into a pair of athletic pants.  Dad sat down between us and while he sipped his coffee he squeezed my bicep.

"What's the Navy feeding you Carlton?  You look fit as a fiddle."

"Regular chow dad just not as good as mom fixes that's all. There isn't much to do when we are out except read of watch movies. Some of us work out a little when we don't have anything else to do."

"Damn Carl, you worked out with the boat rolling all over the ocean?"

"Watch your mouth boy." Dad said glaring at him.

"We don't work out when it's rough Dalt, just when it's smooth.  The weights sit in boxes anchored to the floor so they don't roll around when they are attached to the bars."

"I bet they make a noise when you drop one of those steel floors though."

"Decks Dalton, not floors.  We have thick pads but you can still hear them, just not as loud."

"That makes sense to me." Dad said. "We, your mother and I , are leaving  to visit over the weekend with your Uncle Bill in Owenton in the morning.  You boys are welcome to come and I'm sure Bill would like to see the both of you."

Dalton sat up straight glancing at me and then our parents. He turned his head from side to side signaling  "no".

"Maybe the next time I'm in dad. I'm kinda pooped and I'd just like to hang around with Dalton. He was only 10 years old the last time I saw him."

"Well, he has growed a bit since then Carlton but I'm sure you boys have a lot to talk about.  I'm sure Bill will be disappointed not seeing the both of you." Mother said clearing the table and using her plaintiff voice.

She had a habit of doing it when she wanted something from any of us and most of the time she got her way. Dalton was looking at me wide-eyed almost not breathing.

"Not this time mom, maybe the next time okay?" I said and I could see Daltons chest collapse as he exhaled.

Well all right but I just know he will be disappointed." She said almost wailing and I felt dad's hand on my arm.

"I'm sure Bill will get over it mother." He said softly, winking and glancing at us.

Mother gave up and finished putting the dishes away before she said anything else.

"All right then. You boys eat while we are gone. There is plenty in the refrigerator and if you want anything special you know where the store is.  You might want a loaf of bread  though, there are only a few slices left in the bread box."

Dad got up from the table looking at us and her. "They are big enough to take care of themselves so stop worrying. It's getting late and if we are going ot get an early start we better be getting to bed."

Mom hung her dishtowel on a rack by the sink and gave us both a kiss. When she reached the backstairs leading up to the second floor she turned. "Don't you be bothering your brother Dalton, let him get some rest."

Dalton stood up holding the back of his chair and he wailed like a little boy "Awwwww mom."

I ducked my head smiling at my kid brothers mock grief.

"Just mind what I'm telling you young man." She said turning and going up the stairs.


Turning the lights out, I followed Dalton down the basement steps and I couldn't help but admire the way his athletic pants clung to his butt cheeks and his back and shoulder muscles rippling when he reached for a concealed light switch over his head.  

The outside door was still in the same place with the wash tubs and a new washing machine right where they had always been.  A new oil fired furnace had replaced the old coal burning furnace and it had been relocated making more room in the center of the basement.  The overhead shower head was missing and just as I was about to ask Dalton why when I saw the water pipes running along the ceiling and over the partition that my dad and Dalton had built, dividing half the basement.

"Boy Dalt, you and dad really did a job down here." I said standing over the floor drain, remembering the times I had pissed down the drain and lots of times watched my cum disappear down the little holes.. "When did he have the oil furnace put in?"  I asked turning towards him as he pulled his shirt off and threw it in a clothes hamper by the tubs. The dark hair under his arms showing his and his bare back muscles rippled under his smooth unblemished skin. 

"He had it installed year before last. Mr. Miller gave him a good price on it so while they were installing we did the rest except for the plumbing. Wait until you see what we did."  He said,  his thick muscled chest  rising and falling with excitement.

He didn't have a hair on his body except in his armpits and a dark trail leading down from his naval between hard abdominal muscles disappearing into his waistband. Thick, beautifully formed pectoral muscles with large light brown breasts and dark nipples were as well sculpted as a smooth marble statue.  His lateral muscles stretched smoothly over his back  forming a classic "V" at his small waist. I had seen a lot of well built good looking men but my kid brother was magnificent.

I took a deep breath and followed him into his bedroom. The walls were a light maple but you couldn't see much of it for the posters of famous bodybuilders. Sherman Alsop, one of my favorites, Glenn Bishop,  Frank Affrunti, Ernest Albert, Jim Alexander a fantastic blond hunk that I had seen in the Adonis magazine.  None of them were nude but the posing straps didn't leave a lot to the imagination.

"You have quite a collection on the walls Dalt."

"Yeah, Jim Alexander and Glenn Bishop are my favorites."

"And mom and dad don't object."

He grinned at me with that sexy glint in his eyes. "Mom doesn't come in my bedroom and Dad pretends he doesn't see them when he does which is not that often. The bathroom is here.  It took some work but we ran the pipes from the old shower and did most of the inside work but we had a plumber install the commode. The dug down pretty deep so they could hook it in the main sewer line. I wanted a standup urinal but no go, dad didn't see the need for it."

He was right, the bathroom  had all of the necessary equipment. The shower was big enough for two or three people at the same time and the old shower head was in the ceiling instead of on the wall.

"You and dad did a hell of a job Dalt. You've got your own apartment but your missing a curtain on the shower."

"I don't need one." He said sitting down on one of the twin beds taking his gym shoes off.  "No one uses it but me and I talked the plumber into putting a drain in the outside floor as well as in the shower."

I sat down on the other bed and took my shirt off.  Dalton was watching me and before I leaned over to take my shoes off I inhaled expanding my chest and flattening my stomach.  We had the same physiques except I was just a little larger then him.  For a little added emphasis I yawned and stretched flexing my biceps and sort of scratched my rib cage and stomach. Bending over, I unlaced my shoes and kicking them off I unbuttoned my dungarees. Straightening up I looked at him. 

"I'm gonna take a shower kid, how about you?"

He didn't say anything  at first but I could see the pulse of his beating heart at the sternum where his chest muscles met and I sensed the energy  building between us.

"Yeah but you go ahead if you want, the hot water knob is on the left. I'll take mine after you."

A klick in my head told me that if I was going to find out, now was the time.

"Okay Dalt but why don't you take one with me?"  I whispered leaning towards him and looking into his eyes.

He blushed a little and turned his head to the side looking away from me.  "We haven't done that in years Carl."

I  moved, sitting beside him and putting my arm around his muscular shoulders.

"So what Dalt? That doesn't mean we can't shower together just because we aren't kids anymore. I shower with other men all the time."

"Yeah but not in the same shower stall."

"No. . . . . . . but we aren't brothers." I said softly, squeezing his shoulders.

His skin was like warm satin and he shivered taking a deep breath before turning his head to look at me.  His soft brown eyes shimmered filling with tears and his soft succulent lips quivered. He twisted around pulling his leg up between us.

"Something might happen Carl. I love you and I don't want you hating me. If mom and dad found out about it, I don't know what they would do."  He stammered tears starting to flow down his cheeks and he leaned toward me resting his head on my chest, his body heaving as he cried.

"Shhhhhhh Dalton." I whispered rubbing his back.  "Nothing will ever happen that would make me love you any less then I already do. Your my kid brother, how could I ever hate you."

He cried a few more minutes before his sobs slowly receeded and he sat up, wiping his nose with the back of his hand.  His cheeks and chest and stomach were wet from his tears and I took my shirt and wiped him dry.

"Feel a little better?" I asked him softly.

"Unh huh but you'll mess your shirt up doing that." He said grinning and I faked a blow to his chin.

"Do you want to tell me what is so bad that your afraid I'll hate you?" I said looking deep into his dark brown eyes.

I had a hunch what he was going to say but it was up to him to say it, not me.  There was a little worry in the back of my mind that maybe I had pushed a little to hard but he had been sending vague signals almost since he had picked me up at the airport.  If he was gay, it was up to him to tell me.

"Carlie." He said using mom's pet name for me and running his fingers up and down my forearm. "Do you remember when you came home after you re-enlisted?"

"Yeah, you were about 10 years old."

"I wanted to be with you then but you had your friends and didn't want a snot nosed 10 year old kid brother hanging around. You would come down in the basement to take a shower and I wanted to shower with you. You were 21 and had the most beautiful body I had ever seen and I liked looking at you wishing I could be just like you. After you left that time, I started building myself up. I know mom and dad thought I was nuts spending hours down here and at school but I was going to be just like my big brother."  He said pausing to suck his lungs full of air.

"You've done a pretty good job of it Dalt.  I haven't seen many guys as well built."

"That's only part of it. Once when you were taking a shower I peeked through the basement door window.  You were all wet and shiny from the water and soap and it was like I was watching my idol.  When you started playing with yourself I felt strange all over and my little dick got hard. It scared the crap out of me and I ran up to my bedroom but I kept thinking about you and it was a long time before it went soft."  

He stopped talking and sat looking at me his chest heaving.

"So that is what this is all about? You watched me taking a shower and jerking off. Hell, Dalt every man does that. It's nothing to get upset over."

"Maybe but its not the same as wanting to do it with your brother. Its not the same as doing it with other boys Carl.  You asked me if I had ever screwed Susie and I kidded you about having her when ever I wanted it.  I haven't been with a girl.   Do you remember Eddie Elliott over on Glenrose?  We were playing with each other out in the garage one time and he sucked my dick.  I didn't shoot anything but it felt so fantastic Carl and  I loved it."

"Most men do like getting a blow job Dalton."

"Yeah right. No one has done it to me since but I've wanted it again ever since Eddie did it.  He never came around again after that first time. When I started shooting cum I'd lay in bed thinking about Eddie and wishing his mouth was around my dick."

"Nothing wrong with that kid, I've done it many times." I said standing up and taking my pants off my hard cock bouncing up and down in front of his face."

Dalton sat rigid as if  in a state of shock his eyes fixed on my cock, his breathing becoming more rapid and ragged.  I leaned down and took his hands in mine. Pulling him up on his feet I pushed his athletic pants down from his hips and his hard smooth circumsized  6" cock sprang free.  He said one word, "Carl" and I put my finger over his lips.

"Let's get that shower."