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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XXX

Just as I reached the corner of Jake’s building, I stopped; and, turning around, I looked down the hill and saw Dalton wave at me.  His face broke into a smile when I waved back, and then he turned away, trotting after Tip who had disappeared on the lake side of the pavilion.  I stood for a moment longer thinking about when he had met me at the airport and how my cock got hard as I thought about him as he drove me home.   He was a good-looking, well built teenage whom most gay men would try to seduce; but I didn't know then that he was experiencing the same feelings I had when I was his age and that those feelings were confusing him.  He wasn't sure of what he wanted or why he felt excited when he looked at another boy, and he was afraid to tell me because he was so frightened that I wouldn't understand even though he was my kid brother.   "At least, I was there with him when he poured his heart out and needed someone who would listen and try to understand him," I said to myself.  "How many gay brothers hear their kid brother tell them how much they love them and then have the chance to help them when they reveal that they are gay?"

"Oh well," I said quietly to myself, sighing audibly as I released my grip on the railing. "All I can hope is that he has listened and learned something from we have talked about and have done."  I thought as I turned to go into Jake's office, looking forward to joining Dalton and Tip for lunch.


"Tip," Dalton called out as he caught up with him, "Where is the bath house?"

"It's on the lake shore next to Shelmacher's boathouse, Dalton," he answered, glancing at me as I fell in step beside him.  "Lyle and I usually wear our bathing suits under out shorts, but we've used the bath house a couple of times," he said, slowing down a little and glancing at me again as he continued. "Sometimes there are older men walking around naked and rubbing their cocks, but they won't bother you unless you let them think you want them to. Have you ever let some old man suck you off?" he asked softly, leaning his head closer to mine.

"Hell no, have you?" I responded quickly, glancing around nervously to see if anyone was close enough to hear us.

"Nope, but if there is anyone there, they'll try to get you to.  I turn my back to them while I'm undressing so that they can't see my cock," he answered, laughing and chuckling under his breath.

"Don't they have booths we can change clothes in without someone watching us?"

"Nah...there's a long bench in front of the lockers, just like the locker room at the high school.  You've undressed with other guys in school when you had to do PT, haven't you?"  Tip asked, winking.

"Sure I have, and I've almost gotten a hardon watching some of them when we showered together; but those guys are our age, not like the older men that you're talking about,” Dalton said, feeling his cock twitch as he thought about Billy Edmonds.

"Me too," Tip said, pushing his shoulder against mine and laughing.  "Some of the guys in my school especially the football players, are built like brick shit houses and they like to show off.  There are only one or two in my class who have bigger cocks than I do, but I don't let them see me getting excited even though some of them make me horny; you know how guys talk about that stuff."

"Yeah; I do, and I do the same thing," I said, wishing I had worn my briefs so they would help hide my swelling cock as thoughts of Billy Edmonds standing naked under the shower flashed in my mind.

The bathhouse was a wooden nondescript white building with the words "Bath House 50¢ Pay at Boathouse" painted in black letters on the wall between the men and women's entrances. It was only a few feet past the boat house and built on pilings over the water.  A grizzled unshaven older man dressed in overalls and a dingy long-sleeved white shirt was sitting on a wooden box beside the screen door entrance to the boathouse.  He had a faded well-worn captain's cap on his head, and he seemed to be tying different knots in a short length of rope.  When he saw Tim and me walking toward him, he let the rope fall loosely in his hands and said gruffly but not unkindly, "Going swimming, Tip, or are you looking to hire a boat; I've only got a couple left? Where's your brother?  Hardly ever see one of you without t'other around somewhere."

"Lyle had to work, Mr. Shelmacher, but we don't want a boat; we're going swimming," Tip answered cheerfully as he reached into his pocket pulling a one dollar bill out and handing it to Shelmacher as he continued to say, "This is Dalton, a friend of mine.  He lives in Richmond, but he and his brother are renting the Anderson house for a week. We need only one locker between us."

As he took the money from Tip, Shelmacher looked at me quizzically and said, "I'll still have to charge you for two, Tip, even though you're only going to use one locker."

"I know, Sir, same as when Lyle's with me," Tip said, standing with his hand outstretched while Shelmacher took a key attached to an elastic wrist band off of the board nailed into the wall over his head.

"You're from Richmond, you say.  I've been here in Gaston for nigh on to fifty years, and I don't recall seeing you before," he said as he put the key in Tip's outstretched hand, saying, "Use number twenty-two against the back wall; Tip, you know where it is."

"Yes, Sir," Tip said as he took the key hesitating and looking at me as I answered the query.

"Carlton and I used to come here with our parents, Mr. Shelmacher; but that was a long time ago when my brother and I were younger, and we didn't use the bath house.  My Dad said we could save money by changing clothes in the car."

"I can believe that," he laughed, displaying several gaps between yellowed teeth. "Lot's of folks did back in those days when money was tight.  You wouldn't know what is was like back then, but I can tell you some stories."

"We'd like to hear them, Mr. Shelmacher; but we don't have much time right now," Tip said quickly, pulling on my arm and moving in the direction of the bath house.

"That's the trouble with kids today, always in a hurry," Shelmacher grumped, returning to his piece of rope and grunting, "You boys be careful, the lifeguard don't come on duty for a couple of hours yet."

We both scampered away without acknowledging his warning, grateful to be gone.


The bath house was a rough shingled building without windows, but there was a narrow screen-covered opening at the top of the walls under the eaves of the roof that provided ventilation and only minimal light. 

An almost overwhelming odor of chlorine, which made me cough and blink my eyes rapidly, assailed us as I followed Tip into the building.   Tip heard me cough behind him, and he turned his head saying, "You'll get used to it after awhile, Dalton; but, if you breathe through your mouth until you get used to it, it's not so bad."

"Whew!" I exclaimed.  "Whoever cleans the place sure uses a lot of it."

"I guess he has to because of all of the people who use it,” he answered.  "Come on; follow me; our locker is this way," he said, turning to his left and starting down a narrow aisle between lockers and the outside wall.

Hesitating for a moment before following him, I looked around to see if there was anyone else in the building, not realizing that there could have been someone in the aisles between the lockers.  The rough damp floor was concrete, and I was glad that I was wearing the rubber shower clogs that Carlton and I had bought the previous evening.  It did surprise me that the floor was concrete since the building was built on pilings. On the wall to the right of the entrance there were three free standing urinals and two commodes without partitions to provide privacy for their users.  Further along the wall, in the corner, there was a roughly six foot square area with a raised concrete lip and with two shower heads hanging down over it from pipes that ran up the wall and had been attached to one of the rafters.

"Tip," I called out as I turned to follow him after looking at the rough conveniences. "Does all of the water and stuff from the showers, the urinals, and the commodes empty into the lake?" I asked without realizing how ridiculous the question was.

"Nah," he answered, laughing loudly as I approached.

"I was wondering," I said, blushing and feeling a little foolish as I caught up with him.

His eyes twinkled with amusement when he saw my face. "It's not very fancy, and I guess a lot of people think that when they come in here the first time. I did hear that the shower water did once, but he had a tank underneath that collected the other stuff.  The county made him hook the building up to the town's sewage system.  He bitched a lot about all of the money he had to spend after they took him to court, but he had to do it or they would have made him tear the place down," he explained, stopping in front of the locker we would be using. I gave a mental sigh of relief that he didn't kid me about being a "Tourist."


Tip opened the locker, and, after placing our swim suits on the bench, we placed our towels inside on top of my clogs and his sneakers.  We both were wearing white t-shirts and shorts; but, when we dressed at the cottage, I didn't put on briefs since Tip wasn't wearing any.  Pulling the t-shirts off, we threw them in the locker, and facing each other we both hesitated for a moment before taking our shorts off.

I felt a tingling sensation and a feeling of anticipation surging upward from my balls, and my breathing quickened as we took our shorts off and put them in the locker.  I could hear Tip's breathing become more labored; and, glancing at him quickly, I saw his smoothly muscled chest expanding as he inhaled deeply.  He sighed almost audibly as he exhaled, and the tingling feeling of excitement surged through the length of my hardening cock as we both turned and gazed at each other.  His circumcised cock swayed gently as it lengthened, growing harder, and his dark brown eyes gleamed as they roamed over me.

"Jesus, Dalt," he whispered, moving closer and using Carl's nickname for me as we embraced.  His eyes gazed deep into mine, and his arms held me tightly as he lay he head on my chest and whispered softly, "You're built better and are more beautiful than anyone I've ever seen."

Moving my hands upward over the hard smooth muscles of his back, I took his head between my hands, lifting his face to mine and gazing into his soft brown eyes. A warm feeling spread in my loins; and, remembering how Carlton and I had kissed, I lowered my partially parted lips to his, whispering as our lips touched,  "You aren't too bad yourself."

His eyes brightened, and then his eyelids closed slowly as his lips parted.  I felt his muscles tense and then relax as a wave of titillating excitement washed over us. Moaning deep in the depths of his diaphragm, he pushed his tongue between my lips with the speed of a fencing foil; twisting, dueling and searching the hidden recesses. Our kiss and the hardness pressing between us told me that he was experiencing the same sensual feelings of desire that were enveloping me; and, lowering my arms around his chest while we kissed, I held him tightly tasting the sweetness of his mouth as our tongues twisted.

"Jesus, Dalt, you're really terrific," he said, leaning his head back from mine as our lips parted.

"So are you," I replied, feeling his hands moving down my back to the cheeks of my ass.

Smiling with a sultry impish glint in his eyes, he spread his fingers over the round firmness of my cheeks and pulled me closer; and, pressing his cock against mine, he started slowly rotating his hips. He grinned when I inhaled deeply almost gasping at the electrifying feeling of his cock rolling over mine; and, pulling me tighter with his hands on my ass, he whispered, "I like the way it feels, Dalt; your cock and mine pressed together, don't you?"

The electrifying effects of my cock trapped with his in the thick silky hair between was creating the same warmth that I had felt when Carlton and I had dry fucked each other.  I knew my cock would explode if he kept on doing it; but, the erotic sensation of his cock rubbing against mine was overpowering; and, moaning softly, I replied, "Jeez, Tip, it feels like I'm almost ready to cum."

"That's the feeling I like, Dalt," he said huskily, breathing in deeply; and, pressing his body tightly to mine as he slowed the movement of his hips, looking into my eyes and whispering. "I love the feeling of jerking off and being almost ready to shoot my load.  I stop before I do shoot so that I can feel my cock throbbing, filled with cum ready to explode, and my balls tightening up. You like that feeling, don't you?"

 "Sure I do, Tip; but someone might come in, and catch us," I whimpered, weak from the ecstatic feeling of our cocks rolling between us.

"We'll hear the door open if they do," he said, his voice still husky with emotion. Lowering his arms and moving back slightly, he took my hand; and, turning around, he pulled me toward him as he leaned back against the wooden lockers and slipped his arms around my waist. As he pulled me against himself with our cocks pressed into the silky soft pubic hair between us, I felt the electrifying feeling of our balls touching. The shock of his balls touching mine shot through me; and my muscles tightened, arching my back and pressing my hard cock tighter against his.  His eyes glistened with lust as my body yielded to the hot waves of excitement rushing through me; and, gasping for breath, I rested my forehead against his.

"Yeah, I can feel it, Dalt, you like it the same way I do, "he hissed between his clinched teeth.  "Lie against me and move your hips the way I was; I love the feeling of you on top of me with your cock pressing against mine."

I was so hot and filled with desire and excitement that I didn't care who came in.  I wanted to feel the exquisite pleasure of my throbbing cock shooting my load with Tip. I wanted to feel his muscles and mine tightening as we both reached our climaxes shooting our hot sticky sperm to mix between us.

Spreading my legs slightly, I put my forearms on the locker door on either side of his head and pressed my hot body against his. His lust filled eyes glistened with excitement; and, as I started to rotate my hips, he pushed his pelvis into me and dropped his hands to my ass.  Gripping the cheeks of my ass and holding me tightly against him, he started hunching into me; his trapped cock sliding up and down between us.

The feeling of his hot throbbing cock rubbing against mine sent thrills of pleasure deep into my loins.  Leaning harder into him, I was almost panting from the electrifying excitement of the synchronized rubbing of our cocks against each other and from the intense up and down movement of our hunching hips. 

His eyes were closed; and, as the intense friction of our cocks touching and sliding through thick pubic hair increased, his lips parted slightly, and he moaned softly increasing the speed of his hunching hips to meet the driving power of mine.  I felt the tantalizing feeling of the pre-cum flowing between us as we raced furiously to reach the peak of ultimate satisfaction.  A feeling of euphoria and oneness enveloped us, and I felt my cock and his hardening at the moment that he gasped, "I'm ready, Dalt."

"Me too," I whimpered as the muscles of my body tightened.   The arching of my back pushed my gushing cock tightly against his groin,  and my legs shook as the hot sperm from my tightening balls flowed between us mixing with the flood that exploded from the crown of Tip's steel hard cock.  Tip's fingers dug into the soft flesh of my ass, and his head rolled from side to side.  He moaned with each spasm of his cock, his chest heaving as he gasped for air.  His heart was beating as furiously as mine was as the thick hot cum spewed from blood-engorged heads covering our stomachs and soaking the thick hair between us. 

It seemed like hours passed before our throbbing cocks started to soften, but it was actually only a few seconds before we felt the last trickle of sperm and the feeling of euphoric ecstasy slowly draining from our tense sweating bodies.   Letting my quivering arms rest on the locker door again, I rested my sweating body on Tip. He moved his hands upward over my back; and, holding me gently, he rubbed his nose into the soft flesh under my chin; and, kissing my neck, he whispered softly, "That was fantastic, Dalton, I didn't think my balls would ever empty," he said, gasping for breath. "Jesus, it was the most totally awesome feeling I've ever felt."

We stood breathing heavily with me leaning against him for a few more seconds before I pushed away.  Still leaning against the lockers, he looked down at his stomach and then at mine; we both were soaked with sperm. Heaving upwards, he laughed as he put his arms around my neck, his lips meeting mine in a long gentle kiss.

I felt a feeling of warmth flooding over me as he leaned back with a look of devilment in his eyes and said,  "We can take our suits off in the lake and wash the mess off of or our cocks and out of our hair, but we better use one of the towels to clean it off of our stomachs."


Tip's bathing suit looked more like tight white cutoffs than an actual suit, but it did show the symmetry of his well-shaped bubble butt.  I noticed that if his cock hardened there was the distinct possibility that it might slip out if he didn't tuck it up closer to the top.  From the way he was strutting around while he buttoned the fly, he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was showing every thing he had.  I found it exciting watching him stuff his cock inside and then pull the "suit" up tight into his crotch.

Carlton and I had bought suits at a local store the evening after we had met Tip and Lyle.  When I shook out the one I had selected, his eyes widened, and he whistled softly saying, "Jeez. Dalt, that won't cover very much."

"Just as much as yours does," I answered, sitting down on the bench so I could put my feet in the leg holes before standing up and pulling the suit up over my hips.

"I don't know about that, Dalt. You'll have every fag on the beach drooling and falling all over themselves when they see you."

"They'll have more of a problem getting to me than you did," I said, grinning mischievously as I ran my thumbs around the inside of the tight suit, pulling it up tighter than it already was, showing the bulge of my still half hard cock.

"Oh shit," he said, imitating distress and groaning as he slammed the locker door shut and locked it. "If we stand here much longer, I'm going to get hornier than I already am; and we'll never get to swim.  Come on; let's, get in the water before this stuff dries and we can't get out of these swimming suits."

Running out of the bath house, I followed Tip across the small gravel beach to the lake's edge where instead of going right into the water, we stopped, breathing heavily from the run around the bath house to the lake.  It was warmer than it had been earlier, and the sun reflected off of the lake's gray-green surface.   As our breathing from the run subsided, we stretched our arms over our heads. I was inhaling deeply expanding my lungs before going into the water when Tip caught me by surprise and suddenly ran into the water laughing and hollering, "Last one in is a sissy."

"That's not fair, Tip.  You didn't give me a warning," I called out, furiously running into the water after him.

"Catch me if you can, Dalt," he said playfully as he dove under the surface.

We played a game of water catch for several minutes, frolicking and wrestling with each other like carefree teenagers. Tip's eyes gleamed with amusement; and every time I managed to get him in my arms he, like a slippery otter, would slip away laughing and kicking water at me.   Every now and then when we were close to each other, we grabbed each other's crotch and squeezed.  The water was cold enough there wasn't much of a chance that either one of us would get a hardon, but each time he squeezed my cock and balls he held on a little longer, and I felt my cock tingle and starting to swell. His eyes would gleam with excitement from the way he was teasing me; and, just as my fingers touched the bulge in his cutoffs, he would move away swimming partially on his back laughing; and the water would boil as he kicked his strong legs propelling himself backwards.  I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was having fun teasing me with his playful squeezing of my crotch, and I liked the feel of his hand squeezing my crotch, but each time he grabbed me, my hard cock ached from being restricted to the tight confines of the bathing suit.  I was having fun playing grab ass with him; but, even as good a shape as I thought I was in, treading water was tiring; and I gasped, "Let's get out, Tip and rest a few minutes."

"Got a better idea," he gasped, his chest heaving as he treaded water in front of me.  "Let's swim to the diving float; it's not far, and we can stretch out on the mats."

Tip struck out swimming in the direction of a float that I hadn't noticed as we were playing.  His strokes were smooth and powerful, but I caught up with him, and we matched strokes.   A leisurely swim became a race to see who would reach the float first. 

We reached the float in a tie; and, throwing our hands up on the top, we hung there, gasping for air.  "Damn, Dalt," Tip said, his chest heaving as he gasped for breath.   "You're a pretty fast swimmer. If the float were a little further out, you probably would have beaten me."

"I think it would have been the other way around, Tip.  A few more yards and you probably would have beaten me, I was about to give out,"  I said, not far off of the truth.  My lungs felt like they were on fire, and my legs felt like they were made of rubber.

"You're just saying that, Dalt; you're a better swimmer than I," he said, turning and facing the bobbing float.  He placed both of his hands on top of the float; and, waiting for the upward motion, he heaved himself up on the float. Water streamed off of him as he gracefully twisted his water-glistening body and sat on the edge of the bobbing float.

 I hung on the side of the float for a few more seconds while my breathing returned to normal; and, just as I felt like I could join him, he extended his hand to me saying, "Need some help?"

"No thanks, I can make it," I replied heaving myself upwards as he had done, duplicating his graceful maneuver and plopping down beside him.

"Hey, Dalt," he exclaimed.  "You did that really well. Sometimes Lyle has a hard time, and I have to help him."

"I don't think it is because he isn't strong enough, Tip; he looks like he has a pretty good build, but he does weigh more than we do,"  I said, breathing easier as the fire in my lungs receded.

"Nah, Dalt, that's not it.  He used to smoke cigarettes, but I think he has quit since Dad beat the hell out of him when he caught him smoking in the bathroom," he replied, leaning forward over the water, his body and jaw suddenly tightening.

"It is a pretty nasty habit, Tip; but I think your father should have talked with him instead of beating him like you said he did." I said quietly, glancing at him.

"Dad doesn't talk, Dalt...," he said shaking the water from his hair and sitting down, his voice trailing off.

I glanced at him quizzically as I sat down next to him. Tip didn't say anything else; and, remembering what Carlton had said about privacy, I didn't prod him.  We sat quietly looking across the water at the shore.  The boat house with its long pier and the bath house were built out over the water and clearly visible.  I could see the pavilion nestled in among the trees; but most of the other buildings, except for the taller buildings whose roof tops could be seen above the trees, were hidden from view.

Several grown-ups and their kids were swimming and playing at the water's edge; but, even though they were chasing each other around, I could hear only an occasional shout or squeal of pleasure.  Shading my eyes with my hand, I could see several other people sitting in lawn chairs, some with umbrellas over them, and some lying back trying to get a tan.

Except for those faint sounds and the squawking of birds flying over the water, there was only the sound of the water slapping against the float.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Tip had relaxed, and I looked at him.

"It's really peaceful out here, Tip," I said quietly as I kicked my cold feet in the water to help the circulation.

"It's my favorite place to come when I want to be alone and think," he replied, without looking at me.

"I can understand that; no one would bother you out here," I said.  "I don't have a lake with a float like this in Richmond.  When I feel like I want to be alone and think, I go to my bedroom in the basement. Usually it's stuff about school or the attitudes of the kids and how they talk about 'fags and queers' that really bothers me."

 "Yeah, me too, that and lots of stuff I can't talk about with anyone else," he answered as he raised his legs and, stiffening his arms, lifted his ass from the float, doing an inverted handstand.  His triceps and thigh muscles were bulging from the strain of holding his body in one position, and I thought he was going to sit back down when, suddenly tucking his legs under his body and then placing his toes on the mat, he effortlessly executed a graceful gymnastic move I had seen gymnasts do, and he was standing up.   Standing over me, he looked down and grinned, "I learned that in school."

"I'm not a gymnast, and my feet are freezing," I grunted, starting to stand up less gracefully than he had.

"Here, let me help," he offered, taking my wrist with one hand to provide leverage and slipping the other in my arm pit.

"Damn, Tip, that water gets cold if you stay in it long enough," I said, as his hand slipped from my arm pit, and I turned to face him.

We stood looking into each other’s eyes, and for a moment I thought he was going to put his arms around me; but, twisting away, he dropped down to the float in a pushup position.  Slowly lowering his body, he lay on the rough jute mats, tucking his hands under his chin and gazing out over the placid water.

The lean muscles of his still wet back glistened in the sun light, rippling smoothly under the glistening bronzeness of his skin.  His chocolate brown hair was darker from being in the water, and there was a streak of dark hair from his cutoffs down the back of his thighs to his knees.  Kneeling, I stretched out close beside him, and propping my head up with my arm and hand, I stretched my arm out, and lay my free hand on his back. 

He didn't move or say anything as I slowly moved my hand over the satiny softness of his warm unblemished back muscles. I stroked his back for several seconds, hoping he would say something; but he lay quietly.  Laying my arm over his back I dropped my other arm to the mat, I moved closer, almost touching him. Placing my chin on my forearm, I hesitated briefly before cautiously saying,  "We haven't known each other very long, Tip; but you can talk with me if you want to."

For a moment, I thought he was ignoring me; but, as I started to remove my arm from over his back, he turned his head toward me, and looking into my eyes he asked, almost whispering, "Do you ever talk with Carlton about how you feel, Dalton? Does he help you understand why you like sex with boys and you don't have the same feelings about girls?  Lyle and I have talked about it but we didn't know anyone who could explain it. Lyle doesn't know much more than I do, and he hasn't had much more experience. He talks a pretty good game; but, I know better.  It's...,it's like we're a couple of guys lost in the woods with no trails to follow or signs to show us the way out. Do you know what I mean, Dalt?    It's like when I met you; I felt something like a spark inside of me, and I knew I wanted to have sex with you, but I really didn't know what to do or how I could let you know how I felt.  I get that feeling when I'm around some boys, but I don't have a feeling like that when I'm around girls, Dalt. I like some of them but that's all I feel....," he said, his voice trailing off, his eyes void of emotion.

The thoughts of the first time Carl and I had talked about how I felt and of him showing me what having sex with another man is like flooded back into my head.  I had felt the same way Tip was feeling, but Carl had told me to be careful about whom I talked with and what I said.  The lack of emotion in Tip's eyes and the flat monotone in which he spoke made me feel like I needed to say something that might relieve him and help him know more about his feelings for other boys.

"Tip," I said softly, my hand involuntarily moving over the cheeks of his ass while I gathered my thoughts. " I felt the same way you do for a long time until Carl came home a few days ago.  He had called and told Dad he was on his weay to a new duty station, and he said he was coming home for a few days.  He asked Dad to pick himup at the airport In Indianapolis, but Dad sent me instead as a sort of surprise since we hadn't seen each other in six years. I think Carl was just as surprised as I was when we saw each other.  I had changed, and he was surprised at how much; but, when I saw him, he looked even better than I remembered.  His hair was as dark brown as mine but, he had grown a little taller and, he had put on more muscle than the last time I had seen him.  We talked a little about what we had been doing since we had seen each other and he was really happy to see how I had built myself up. It made me feel good hearing him say that; but, he was so good looking that I could hardly kep my eyes off of him on the drive back to Richmond.  We stopped for something to eat before we went on home where Mom and Dad were waiting.  After we got home, we  talked about pretty much the same thing he and I had already talked about.  Mom told him he would have to sleep in my bedroom while he was home since she had made his old bedroom into a sewing room.  It didn't seem to bother him to be sleeping in the same bedroom with his kid brother.  It really excited me that we would be together, and I wasn't even thinking about seeing him naked. Later though, I couldn't help by watch him as he undressed.  I got excited seeing him naked, just like I would when I saw the boys in the showers at school I already knew there was something different about me from the feelings I would get around other boys, and I didn't understand why I had those feelings; but getting the same feelings when I saw Carl naked, frightened the hell out of me.  Just like you and Lyle, I never had anyone I could talk about how I felt.  I was afraid to talk with my parents, and with Carl away there was no one else.  When Carl the way I was fidgeting and trying not to show how excited I was, he just smiled and sat down on the bed next to me.  I was so afraid of what he was going to say, that I began shaking and then started crying, but Carl just put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.  He didn't say anything or get mad like I had thought he would; but, it shocked me when all he said was, cry Dalt, get whatever is bothering you out of your system and then tell me what it is if you want to.  He was sitting next to me and holding me the way I had always wanted him to, and all of the pent up feelings inside of me poured out.  He listened as I told him how I felt about boys, and we talked and talked about why I felt the way I did.  He explained the reasons about why some men feel certain ways about other men and what they do together.  I still didn't really understand all of it; but, I sure felt a lot better after we finished talking."   

"You had seen him naked before that, hadn't you?"  he asked. "I've seen Lyle naked lots of times; and when he saw me getting a hardon or saw me hard, we would jerk off together," he said, turning on his side and propping his head up with one hand as he reached for my free hand.  "Sometimes we jerked each other off."

"No, I never saw Carl naked except for one time when I was about ten years old.  I peeked at him once when he was taking a shower while he was home on vacation.  He looked like one of those guys in the muscle magazines, but Carl looked better than any of those guys; at least, he did to me. He was all soaped up rubbing his hands all over his chest and down over his cock, and his bulging muscles glistened in the light.  I thought he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.  I got so excited watching him playing with his cock that I could hardly breathe and my dick ached so bad it scared me so I ran to my room.  I didn't know anything about why I got so excited; but, for the longest time after he left, the memory of how much I liked looking at him never left my head.  That's when I knew I wanted to look just like him, and I started working out in the gym with weights so I would look just like him.  He was my big brother, and I knew I loved him; but, as he was away in the navy, we only saw each other two or three times when I was growing up.  Even when he was home, we didn't do very much together since he was older than I.  It wasn't because I didn't want to be with him; but, hell, I was just his skinny kid brother; and what older brother wants to hang out with his kid brother?"  A warm feeling washed over me as I remembered that night, and my cock started to harden.

"Your getting excited now, Dalt," he said, releasing my hand, and running his fingers around the hardening outline of my cock.

"Not just me," I answered looking at the growing bulge in his cutoffs and breathing in deeply, my cock throbbing in reaction to his touch, and continued, "You're getting just as excited as I am."

"Yeah," he said softly, seductively, his gleaming eyes looking into mine as his fingers plucked at the tight waistband of my suit.

Leaning forward, he brushed my lips with his, the tip of his tongue like an electrifying dart sending shocks of heat down into my loins.  I felt his hand slipping down into my suit, his fingers touching my cock and the slick pre-cum oozing from its blood engorged crown; and, leaning against him, I moaned softly,  "Tippy," as waves of ecstasy filled me, my cock throbbing with the feeling of sperm starting to rise.  Suddenly pulling his hand out of my suit, he exclaimed, "Jesus, Dalt!  I forgot where we are. We can't do anything out here; people might be watching us with binoculars.  You are so damn sexy, and I got so fucking hot talking about sex that I couldn't help myself.

"Whew,” I replied weakly, straightening up, my chest heaving from the excitement of his fingers touching the head of my cock. "Talk about you getting hot and horny; my cock would have exploded if you hadn't stopped when you did."

"I'm sorry, Dalt, I know how that feels; but I really have seen people sitting on the beach and looking at the float when someone is out here," he said as he sat up beside me.

"Well, if there is anyone looking, they're probably wondering what we are doing," I said, inhaling deeply as I tried to re-arrange my wilting cock through the tight fabric of my suit.

"Yeah, if they are looking and they've figured it out, maybe they're just as horny as we are," Tip said, laughing; and I joined him, laughing so hard that my sides ached.

"Tip," I said, gasping for air from laughing so hard.  "We better be going in.  We're supposed to meet Carl, remember?"

"Jeepers, Dalt. I forgot all about meeting him," he said, grinning, his eyes sparkling.

"He won't mind if we're a little late," I chuckled, springing into the water.

"Hey, Dalt, that's not fair."

"You did it to me," I called out as I surfaced.

"Yeah," he answered, flexing his legs to dive in. "That was because I didn't know how well you swim."

I slacked up and waited for him to catch up with me, but I didn't realize how much of competitor he was, and we raced to the beach.