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Chapter XXXII

"Do you want anything before we hit the sack, Dalt?"  I asked while checking the door locks and turning off the outside light.

"I don't think so, Carl," he answered wearily, pulling his shirt over his head as he moved toward the bedroom.   "Swimming with Tip and then having dinner with Jake and Tracey have worn me out."

"You should be tired after swimming out to that float and then swimming back," I replied. "Go ahead and climb into bed, I'll be along as soon as I make sure everything is secure."

After checking the windows' locks, I made sure the coffee pot was unplugged before turning the lights off.  The light of the moon shining through the blindless windows lit the room with an almost ghostly glow, and I stood for a moment at the bedroom doorway looking around the large dual purpose room.  "Maybe Jake is right," I thought. "With a few changes, Mom and Dad would like coming here for weekends or a short vacation."

Dalton was standing naked with his back to me hanging his clothes up when I entered the bedroom.  His smooth unblemished back, buttocks and the calves of his legs shone a deep burnished bronze in the light from the orange shaded night light beside the bed.  Leaning against the door jamb, I watched silently, hIs shoulder and back muscles rippling smoothly as he put his shirt and trousers on a hanger and hung them in the closet.

"Dalton...," I started to say, stopping when he jumped and spun around exclaiming.

"Damn, Carl, you scared the shit out of me; I didn't know you were standing there."

"Only for a second," I replied, pulling my shirt out of the waistband of my trousers and moving into the bedroom.  "Dalt, I was watching when you and Tip were swimming back from the float.  You might have beaten him if you had had a few more yards to swim."  I said, as I was stripping and hanging my clothes in the closet.

"I might have, Carl; but Tip is a pretty good swimmer," he replied as he got into bed.  "He mentioned he had a swimming coach in school, but he didn't say whether he had swum competitively."

"If he swims in school, he more than likely has swum in inter-scholastic meets," I said over my shoulder as I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"That's one of the reasons he has such a lean muscled body, Carl,"  he called out while I was in the bathroom.  "He and Lyle used to work out, but his coach told him he wouldn't be a good swimmer if he built himself up.  My coach told me the same thing, but I wanted to be built like you are, so I gave up swimming."

I couldn't help but smile when he said that for not many kid brothers ever want to be like their older brothers. When I walked back into the bedroom, Dalton was lying on his back with his hands clasped behind his head, the thick light brown hair in his armpits darkened by the glow of the night light.  The results of his decision were more than obvious in the breadth of his shoulders and the thickness of his chest tapering to his narrow waist.  There was the hint of ripped abdominal muscles under the flesh of his flat stomach, and the sheet was low enough to reveal the line of golden hair that descended from his navel like a treasure trail leading to the silky golden bush that surrounded the thick base of his cock. 

"Dalt," I said, moving toward the bed.

"Yeah," he replied, turning his head to look at me.

"You and Tip must have talked quite a bit while you were on the float,"  I said.

"Yeah, we both did, and I hope you don't get mad at me about some of what we talked about," he said, turning on his side and holding the sheet up for me as I got into bed beside him.

"I can't think of any reason I should get mad, at least not yet," I answered as he propped himself up on his elbow.

He didn't say anything, but his finger sort of absentmindedly moving over my chest and stomach sent tingling sensations down into my groin; and I inhaled deeply, feeling the movement of my cock as my balls contracted slightly.

"You don't want to keep that up, Squirt," I said softly.

"Not really, at least not yet," he said, smiling and looking into my eyes.  "I was just thinking about me and Tip on the float and a couple of other things."

"What other things?" I asked, inhaling in an effort to control the feelings his finger moving over my chest were creating.

"First," he said, putting his hand in the middle of my chest,  "let me tell you what we talked about.  When we reached the float, he got up on it first while I caught my breath. He offered to help me, but I made it on my own.  While we were standing  on the edge of the float, he told me about how Lyle used to smoke cigarettes; and he would have to help him get up on the float."

"Used to smoke?" I interrupted.

"Yes, he used to smoke; but don't interrupt me, or I'll forget what I'm saying."

"Okay, Squirt, you're doing the talking."

"Well...Tip told me his dad caught Lyle smoking in their bathroom and beat the hell out of him."

I couldn't help murmuring, "Beat the hell out of him?"

"Yes, that's what he said; his dad beat the hell out of Lyle for smoking," Dalt replied, smacking my chest lightly in objection to my interrupting again. "I told him it was a nasty habit, but that I thought his father should have talked with Lyle about it and not beat him.  All Tip said was that his dad didn't talk..., and then he sat down on the edge of the float without saying anything else.  It kind of puzzled me; but, when I sat down next to him, I remembered what you said about a person's privacy; and I didn't ask him anything else,"  he said, moving a little closer and catching his breath.

"You were right, Dalt, letting him tell you.  He'll feel better about it and won't think you're prying,"  I said, enjoying the feel of his hand on my chest and his soft cock pressing against my thigh. 

"Tip's a little like I was that first time we talked, Carl.  I had a feeling he wanted to talk but didn't know how so just left it up to him.  We sat on the edge of the float looking at the beach and talking about nothing really until he said being on the float in the middle of the lake was one of his favorite places when he wanted to be alone and think.  I told him that I could understand why; but, since we didn't have a lake in Richmond, I would go to my bedroom to be alone.  We talked about the kids in school, and about how they would talk about 'faggots and queers' and about how much that bothered us.  He felt the same way I did, Carl; and, just like me, he didn't have anyone he could talk to except Lyle,"  he said, stopping abruptly, his voice trailing off wistfully.

I could see he was thinking about when we had first talked about how he had felt, and some of what I had felt when I was their age came back to me.  I thought, "How sad it is that young boys can enter into the formative years of their lives not yet knowing who or what they are sexually, and have no one with whom they can discuss the bewildering feelings they have about themselves and other boys and girls."

"What about Lyle?  Don't they talk with each other?"  I asked quietly, placing my hand over his and squeezing gently.

"Not really, Carlie, at least not like you talked with me after I told you how I felt," he answered, hesitating for a moment. "Do you remember the way Lyle was acting at the pavilion, showing his crotch?  Tip told me that Lyle acts like he knows a lot but he really doesn't know much more than he does."

"He was putting on a pretty good show, wasn't he?"  I answered, grinning and thinking about how Lyle was coming on to me until Tracey and Carla had returned.

"Yeah, he was; but, when Tip told me that he didn't have much more experience than he did, that surprised me.  He told me that they talked a lot about sex; and, when they got horny, they would jerk off and sometimes jerk each other off.   I got the feeling that Tip wanted to do more than that with Lyle, but he was either to afraid to do anything else or he didn't know how to ask him," he said, breathing in deeply.  "I sort of got excited while he was telling me about how he felt.  Tip was telling me about him and Lyle jerking off; and, with him sitting next to me wearing those tight shorts..., and well, you know, I felt myself getting excited."

"You sort of got excited!" I said teasingly and grinning at him.

"Oh..., you know what I mean, Carl," he said, grunting petulantly as he responded to my teasing by pushing his half-hard cock against my thigh.

"No I don't, Squirt; but I've got a pretty good idea."

"I'm sure you do; and, if you keep on teasing me, I'm not going to tell you anything else," he exclaimed, grinning impishly and flashing me a mock boyish look of irritation.

"I won't say another word, Dalt, I promise," I said, ruffling his hair and suppressing the urge to laugh and take him in my arms.

"Okay, but I doubt that you will stick to that promise," he said, punching my ribs playfully before continuing. "What really surprised me was when he  asked me if I had ever talked with you about liking boys more than I did girls.  I didn't know what to say at first; but then I didn't think it would hurt to tell him a little about you and me and about how we had talked about the feelings I got and the way you felt when you were my age.  I told him the way I felt when I was around other naked boys in the showers at school, and, how my dick would start getting hard; but, I'd hide it so no one would see.  I told him about when I was ten years old and how excited I got seeing you naked and jerking off when I peeked at you taking a shower in the basement, and how my dick got so hard it scared me."

"You told Tip all of that, Dalt?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" he answered. "He told me that he had seen Lyle naked lots of times and that, when Lyle saw him getting hard, they would jerk off.  I told him we had jerked off; but that's all I told him, Carl.  I had a feeling he was hoping I'd tell him we did more than that, but we both were pretty excited, and for a few minutes we forgot we were on the float in the middle of the lake.   Tip started touching my cock, and when he brushed my lips with his...well, that's when he realized where we were. If he hadn't stopped, I would have exploded just from the way he was touching my cock."

"There are some guys that wouldn't have, Squirt, simply for the thrill of doing something they shouldn't," I said.

 "I was horny from talking about sex, Carlie; and Tip was playing with my cock.  He is sexy, and I was getting hot; but I wouldn't have sex in public," he answered after thinking for a moment.

"Most young guys your age and Tip's, out in the middle of a lake lying on a float thinking no one could see them, probably would have, Dalt."  I said softly, a feeling of pride swelling inside of me.

Dalton withdrew into a reflective mood for a few moments, his hand aimlessly wandering over my chest while visions of him and Tip together flooded my brain.  He had a sort of far away look in his eyes until I placed my hand over his and said softly, "Thinking about being with Tip, Squirt?"

"Yeah," he said sheepishly.  "I kinda like him."

"That doesn't surprise me; I saw the way you looked at him when we met him and Lyle the other evening," I replied.  "Tip's a nice looking kid; you're both the same age; and, when he got here this morning, the first thing he asked was where you were."

"Yeah,"  he replied, grinning.  "I was drying off from the shower when he came in.  He didn't do anything, but I could see what he was thinking from the way he was looking at me.  It surprised me, and I was sort of embarrassed until he groped his crotch, and I saw him getting a hardon.  My cock was hard too, and he could see it, but he didn't do anything; he just kept on stroking his cock and looking while I finished drying off."

The picture of two horny teenagers checking each other out popped into my head, and I felt a tingling sensation at the base of my half-hard cock.  I drew one leg up to hide my growing excitement.

"How did you feel?"  I asked.

"I felt sort of tingly all over, and I couldn't help getting a hardon," he answered, quietly.  "The only other time I felt like that was when you and I were naked together for the first time.  It made me feel sort of special; the way you make me feel."

"You are special, Dalt.  You always will be; at least, to me you will," I said a little wistfully thinking about that first special night in the shower after he had hesitatingly revealed how he felt.

"I know that, Carlie." he replied, looking at me with soft brown eyes.  "I don't mean he made me feel that special way; I just liked the way he looked at me.   While we were having sex, I felt good; and I liked it. But I felt the same way with him that I did with Jeff; it was only sex.  I liked feeling him touching me and holding me, but that special feeling I feel when we make love wasn't there. It's the same way I told you about how I felt with Jeff, Carlie; I don't love them, at least not in the same way that I do you," he said softly.

"Whew, Dalt!" I exclaimed softly. I'm getting horny with all of this talk about sex."

"I can tell," he said a little huskily, his dark brown eyes gleaming as he put his his hand over my hard cock and squeezed.

"Oh, Jesus," I gasped, breathing in deeply, electric sensations shooting through me as he squeezed my cock. His eyes gleamed with devilment; and, when he threw his leg over mine, I threw the sheet back, growling, "You sexy devil, come here."


His eyes flashed brilliantly, and I could have sworn he squealed with delight as he rolled on top of me and locked my legs between his. Placing his hands on either side of my chest, he pushed himself upwards pressing his groin into mine and hovered over me, his eyes sparkling with excitement.  His cock pressing against mine felt like a hot steel rod, and the pressure of his balls resting on mine sent a wave of pleasure flowing over me. 

He was breathing was soft and slow, the beat of his heart visible in the pulsing of the soft flesh of the sternum between the hard smooth muscles of his chest.    Running my hands over the light hair on his forearms and over the velvety smoothness of his hard biceps and shoulders, I locked my fingers behind his neck pulling gently, yearning for the taste of his succulent lips and the touch of his tongue dueling with mine.  Smiling softly, Dalton resisted and started a slow tantalizing movement of his hips, rolling our cocks between us.  "Dalton," I growled, gently squeezing the back of his neck.  "You're teasing me."

"Yeah," he said huskily, suddenly lowering his chest to mine.   His lips were soft; and I held him tightly as our tongues danced, ecstatic passion building between us as he increased the intensity of his gyrating hips in sync with my upward thrusts.  When our lips parted, we both ceased the passionate movement of our hips; and, breathing  in deeply, we gazed into each other's eyes for a moment, our hearts beating as one.   I knew he could see the special flame burning inside of me that I saw in the depths of his eyes; and a thrill rushed through me when he said, "Carlie, I love being with you like this, just the two of us."

"That's the way I feel, Dalt," I said softly, running my hands over the velvety soft muscles of his back.  "Just the two of us."

Laying his head next to mine, he slid his arms under my shoulders clasping his fingers over the deltoid muscles of my shoulders; and, holding me tightly, he resumed the hunching movement of his hips, the friction increasing as I responded, again driving my hips upwards the heat of passion increasing with each movement of our cocks rubbing together.  Rivers of pre-cum flowed from the blood-engorged crowns of our throbbing cocks, our muscles tightening as the fires of erotic desire and lust consumed us. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over our straining bodies as the furious assault of Dalton's driving hips increased and I felt my cock hardening, swelling with sperm.

"Dalt," I growled gutturally, gasping, "I'm ready."

"Me too," he gasped, grinding his teeth and digging his fingers into my shoulders as he slammed his pelvis against mine.

He shuddered as his cock erupted with volcanic force spewing his sperm between us, and I felt the fire burning in my cock.   Holding his shuddering body tightly to me, I moaned softly, racing to join him in an abyss of rapture, every sinewy muscle in my body straining as my aching cock exploded, thick streams of my sperm mixing with his. I heard his moans of rapture as his gushing cock jerked, each spasm tightening his muscles as his sperm gushed in thick torrents, emptying his balls.

What seemed an eternity passed before the final spasm ceased and we started to slowly relax, drifting together in the soft afterglow of love and contentment.  Dalton lay quietly on top of me, and I could feel the softness of his breath on my cheek and throat.   I felt his heart beating slowly, his soft cock resting with mine in a sticky nest of sperm-soaked pubic hair.  Moving my hands over his back, I turned my head slightly and whispered, "You must like it that way, Squirt.  That's twice that we have done it."

"Yeah," he murmured, kissing my neck. "I like the feelings I get when you fuck me; that makes me really feel like we are joined together, but I like it this way too.  I like feeling our cocks rubbing together and you getting excited with me, and when we cum together, we both feel the same way.  It reminds me of the first time we did it, and I didn't really know what I was doing."

"You certainly know what you're doing now, Squirt," I said ruffling his hair and feeling the stickiness between us spreading.  "How about we get a shower; it's getting late, and the Lord only knows what time Tip and Lyle will be here in the morning.


Showering together was playtime, but in the smallness of the cottage's bathtub shower there was not enough room for two small boys much less one grown man and an almost grown man struggling to wash each other.  When Dalton's hand hit the wall behind me, I growled, "One of the first things we do after this place is ours is have a larger shower installed."

"You really are going to buy it, Carl?  I was afraid you were just kidding about buying it to sort of make Jake feel good."

"Nope, if everything works out, it'll be ours," I said, turning him around so I could wash his back, his hard cock waving as he turned.  After rinsing his back, I turned around so he could wash mine.  The sponge felt good as he scrubbed my back, and my asshole quivered when he lingered as he scrubbed between the cheeks of my ass.  For a moment, I anticipated that the next thing I would feel was his hard cock slipping between my cheeks; and I was a little disappointed when I felt the hot water washing over me, rinsing the soap away.

We played a little more as we dried each other; and, when I dried his cock, I gave it a couple of jerks; and, laughing, he squealed "Oooooooo, now who's being a tease."

"You like that," I said, kissing his lips quickly.

"Sure, but don't do it too much or you're going to have a sticky towel."

"The Lord save me from horny teenagers," I laughed, throwing the towel over his head.

"Hey, you were a teenager too, you know," he called out as I went into the bedroom.

"Yeah, I was and just as horny," I mused as I straightened the sheet out.


As we got into bed, Dalton turned on his side and asked, "Carl, will you know before we leave here whether or not the cottage is going to be ours?"

"We probably will, but it all depends on how fast Jake can get the papers ready.  Sometimes it takes the Veterans Administration a little while before they process a loan application.  If that happens, I'll leave Dad a power of attorney so he can sign everything, and I'll ask him to let me know when it is approved so I can start the allotment for the monthly payments."

"Do you think he'll do that, Dad I mean?"

"I don't see why not; I've never asked him to do anything for me before," I answered. "Besides, he and Mom will be able to use it; but it'll be your job to take care of it.  We'll talk about that before I leave."

"That won't be very long," he replied sadly, breathing in deeply and sighing as he put his arm over my chest and snuggled closer.

"No," I thought to myself, pulling the sheet over.   "There's only a few days left."