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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XXXIV

"Christ, Dalt," I exclaimed, glancing outside at the downpour as we sat up, a feeling of irritation welling up inside of me.   "They should have better sense than to come out in this weather."

"Yeah, but how are we going to get up without them seeing us naked?" he asked, looking expectantly at the door and then back at me.  "You know what they are going to think."

"I don't care what they see, Dalt.  They've seen both of us naked, just not like this,"  I answered, chuckling and grinning at the irony of the situation as I bunched the blanket up on the couch between us and reached for our briefs.

"I guess it won't make any difference if they know now or later," he said grinning at me with a twinkle in his eyes as he put his feet through the leg holes of his briefs, standing and pulling them up, his flaccid cock slapping against his stomach.

"It's what they have been asking about," I said, following his example. 

Glancing at the door, I adjusted my cock and balls in the briefs' pouch as I went to open the door for them, grinning at Derek following me with the blanket.


Wind and rain whipped through the door as I opened it, and Lyle and Tip rushed inside.  "What in Christ's name are you two doing out in this rain?" I exclaimed, slamming the door shut behind them.

Lyle and Tip stood quietly dripping water on the linoleum floor of the kitchen. They were soaked to the skin with water dripping from their matted hair.  Neither one was wearing a jacket or any type of foul weather gear, and I had to wonder if they had any sense at all.

"It's a long story, Carl; but do you have something we can put on and get out of these wet clothes first?" Lyle finally said, breaking the silence and giving me a plaintive look.

"Clothes?" I replied, hesitating, and looking at Dalton.

"Tip can wear some of mine, Carl; but yours might be a little too big for Lyle,"  Dalton offered.

"Well...," I said, retrieving our -T-shirts from the floor, and tossing Dalton his while putting mine on.  "Fit or not, you've got to get out of those wet things before you catch cold. Come on into the bedroom and let's see what we can work out."


"There are towels on the rack in the bathroom, Lyle," I said.  "While you're getting out of those wet things and drying off, we'll get dressed and see what we have that you can wear."

"Would it be all right if we took a hot shower?" Tip asked, looking back and forth between us.

"It's probably a good idea if you do take one after getting as soaked as you were," Dalton said, pulling his T-shirt on and glancing at me.  "I'll get you some more towels."

"Thanks, Dalt," Tip said, smiling at Dalton, and going on into the bathroom.

"We'll leave some clothes for you on the bed," I said, looking at Lyle as I pulled my jeans up over my hips, and stuffed my cock inside the fly.

"You don't have to do that, Carl," Lyle said, looking at my crotch, his eyes gleaming as he looked at me while he pulled his wet shirt off over his head.  "A couple of T-shirt and some briefs will be all right and another blanket, if you have one, so we can put it around us while our clothes are drying.

The lean wet muscles of his chest glistened; and he gazed at me, an impish smile playing at the corners of his mouth; and  I felt the telltale tingling in my groin.

"Okay...," I said, locking eyes with him and sitting on the bed to put on a pair of socks.   " But I think it will be awhile before your clothes dry."

"We'll use the blankets, Carl; there's no need to mess up your clothes,"  he replied, smiling faintly and breathing in deeply as he went into the bathroom.

I had the feeling that he was doing more than playing with me, and I thought about what he had asked about getting together again. 


Dalton found a mop in the small utility closet; and he was busily mopping up the water that had dripped off of Lyle and Tip, while I made another pot of coffee.   Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his muscles rippling under his shirt, his biceps bulging as he moved the mop across the floor; and I felt my cock swelling at the thoughts of the interaction with Lyle. 

"You're thinking about Lyle, aren't you, Carlie?"  Dalton whispered in my ear as he put his arms around my waist, laying his chin on my shoulder.

"Trying to read my thoughts, Squirt?" I said, reaching up and gently ruffling his hair.

"No...,but it was pretty obvious what he was thinking about from the way he was looking at you," he answered, squeezing me tightly, and letting his hand fall down over my hard cock. 

"And, I guess you weren't thinking about, Tip," I countered, turning around in his arms. 

"Of course I was; I like him, and I think he likes me even though he didn't look at me the way Lyle was looking at you and showing off," he replied, grinning impishly.

"You're learning, Little Brother, real fast," I quipped, chucking his chin gently.

His eyes twinkled as he breathed in deeply and leaned against me pinning my ass against the counter, the hard bulge of his cock pressing against mine.  Sighing softly as he exhaled and looking into my eyes, he pushed his groin tightly against mine, grinning saucily.  Brushing his lips over mine, he whispered, "I have a good teacher."

"Maybe so, Squirt; but..., we kind of forgot that we aren't alone," I said, breathing in deeply and glancing at the bedroom doorway where Lyle and Tip were standing with blankets around their shoulders.

"Oh, shit, Carlie, I did forget," he exclaimed, his voice a little panicky.  He pushed away from the counter and turned to look behind him, his face flushing blood red. 


"Who wouldn't forget, Dalton,"  Lyle said, grinning as he padded barefoot across the floor toward us, the blanket hanging loosely on his shoulders revealing his half hard cock.  "If I had a hunk like your brother in my arms, I surely wouldn't be thinking of anything else except maybe a cup of that coffee I smelled brewing."

"Help yourself, Lyle; how about you Tip, do you want a cup?"  I asked casually, smiling at seeing Lyle wasn't wearing the briefs that had been laid out on the bed.

"Lot's of cream in mine but no sugar," Tip responded, glancing at Dalton with a twinkle in his eyes, as he followed Lyle, clutching the blanket around him rather than letting it fall open.

"I'm going to have a glass of milk instead," Dalton said sheepishly, glancing at us and finally smiling.

Lyle and I sat down at the table while Dalton poured himself a glass of milk and lingered at the counter, his embarrassment fading as he watched Tip fixing his coffee.  Tip's  blanket fell open as he poured milk into the mug, and I saw Dalton's eyes brighten as he looked between the folds. 

I felt a twinge of jealousy at the way he was looking at Tip, and Lyle confirmed what I was feeling when he leaned over and said softly, "I think they like each other, don't you?"

"Dalton told me he liked Tip; and, from what he said they talked about yesterday when they were swimming, I think Tip likes Dalton just as much,"  I said quietly, breathing in deeply before taking a sip of my coffee.

"Did, Dalton tell you what they talked about?"  he asked, cautiously glancing toward Tip and Dalton still standing at the counter with their heads together.

"In general he did, Lyle; but it sounded like Dalton did most of the talking, and he told Tip about how we found out that we are both gay.  I already knew I was, but Dalton was struggling with his feelings toward other boys. We've been talking about it ever since I've been home, and he is feeling better about himself," I replied still hedging a little, undecided if I should tell him  about our involvement with each other when I glanced up, and saw Tip moving toward us while Dalton was going into the bedroom.

"Dalt said he had to take a leak, and then we're gonna lie down for awhile.  I told him that I was feeling kind of tired from riding my bike over in the rain and then taking a hot shower.  He said you two were talking and would probably be at it the rest of the afternoon and that he didn't feel like sitting around talking," Tip said, clutching his blanket around him tightly and smiling sheepishly, his eyes twinkling brightly.

"Are we going to sit around talking, Carl?"  Lyle asked, breathing in deeply and shrugging his shoulders while letting the blanket fall down behind him.

"That depends," I answered, feeling a hot surge in my groin at the sight of his lean muscled chest expanding, his abdominal muscles contracting into two hard ridges separated by a trail of silky dark reddish brown hair descending down from his navel, spreading across his pelvis and surrounding the base of his swelling cock.

"What depends on what?" Dalton asked, glancing at Lyle and then at Tip as he came out of the bedroom wearing only his briefs and carrying two pillows.

"Whether or not we will be talking the rest of the afternoon, depends on how long it will take Lyle to tell me the long story he mentioned when he and Tip came in out of the rain,"  I said, answering Dalton.

"Oh...,well, you guys can talk all you want, we're going to take a nap," he answered, glancing down at Lyle's crotch and grinning at Tip.


"You don't think they are really going to take a nap, do you?"  Lyle asked softly as we watched them go up into the loft.

"That's up to them, Lyle," I said breathing in deeply.

"Tip wants Dalton to fuck him.  Do you think he will?"  he said huskily.

"That is up to them, Lyle," I replied as I ran my hands over my chest and stretched my arms over my head, looking at him and asking, "Would it make a difference if he does?"

"No...,he told me he wanted to try it with Dalton," he answered, hesitating for a moment, looking at my chest. "Do you remember me telling you I wanted to fuck Tip, but he wouldn't let me because he thought my cock would hurt too much?"

"Yes, you said he thought you were too big,"  I said, interrupting and flexing my muscles, pretending to be getting the kinks out.

"That's why he wants to do it with Dalton first," he said, hesitating again, his breathing quickening as he watched my chest muscles ripple.

"Because he thinks Dalton is smaller than you are?" I replied, smiling and inwardly savoring the thought of Dalton's thick cock filling Tips ass. "He isn't much smaller than you are, Lyle." I said, running my hand down into my crotch teasing him.

"He won't hurt him, will he?" he asked, his voice a little tentative.

"A little, at first, it always does until you relax," I cooed softly as I stood and seductively slid my briefs down, freeing the blood engorged length of my cock.

He didn't move as I kicked the briefs from around my ankles, pulling my shirt off as I moved around the table.  I stood in front of him watching his cock swell and harden, jutting up from his crotch.   Leaning down, I slid my hands under his arms, and he stood as I lifted gently.  

"Oh, Jesus," he moaned, looking into my eyes as he slid his arms around me and molded his body to mine.

His lips were soft and succulent; his tongue a hot rapier, searching and dueling with mine.  His cock felt hot pressed against mine, and I felt the fires of desire building. 

"Oh, God, Carl, I've been wanting that," he said leaning back in my arms as our lips parted, a smoldering fire of lust burning in the depths of his hazel eyes.

"Is that all you've been wanting?" I asked running my hands over the velvety softness of  his back and kneading the hard flesh of his buttocks.

"That's up to you, Carl," he whispered.


The light was fading in the windows and the rain's intensity hadn't diminished.  "The long story will have to wait," I said to myself as I flipped the light switch, grinning at the sound of a low "Oh, shit, Dalt," drifting down from the loft.