My Kid Brother

By Lee Mariner

Copyright © 2003

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Chapter XXXV - Dalton & Tip

The sound of the rain beating on the roof muffled what Carl and Lyle were saying as Tip and I went up the ladder to the loft.  Tip walked to the small window tucked under the eaves in the gable of the cottage and stood quietly looking out at the grayness, clutching the blanket tightly around his lean supple body. 

Pulling my briefs off and arranging the pillows on the bed, I slid under the sheet and propped myself up on one elbow gazing at him for a few seconds before breathing in deeply and saying, "If that rain keeps up, you and Lyle might have to stay all night."

"It looks like that is what it is going to do," he replied turning away from the window and moving  toward the bed, his eyes shining brightly and a small impish smile playing at the corners of his pert mouth.

"Would that be bad?" I asked, turning the sheet back.

"No," he sighed after a few seconds.   There was a ravenous look of burning in the liquid depths of his dark brown eyes as he gazed down at me, his lips quivering.   Breathing in deeply, he let the blanket fall from his shoulders as he sat on the bed with his smoothly muscled back to me.  Hesitating briefly before turning and stretching out beside me, he moved into my arms and leaned his head back offering his soft succulent lips to mine.
His tongue was a rapier dueling with mine in the soft cavities of our mouths, and I felt the pressure of his arms around my chest increase as he pressed his hard muscled body against me.   The fires of an almost rabid excitement were building in my loins, and I could feel the pulsing of his heart matching the beat of mine as we rolled our throbbing cocks together.

  As I moved my free hand over the tense muscles of his back to the roundness of his buttocks, I felt his body tremble. "Dalton," he whispered hooking one leg over mine pulling us tightly together as our lips parted. "Do you remember what you were telling me about you and Carlton when we were on the raft yesterday?"

"Sure," I answered, breathing in deeply trying to suppress the rapid beating of my heart.  "You asked me about about the feelings I had for Carlton, and I told you I loved him, and you told me that you loved Lyle.  Brothers love each other, Tippy, it's natural."

"I know that, Dalt; and I love Lyle, but I don't think I love him the way you and Carlton love each other," he said.

"Sure you do, Tip; and I bet he loves you; it's just that he might have a hard time saying it," I replied, moving my hand over his tense muscles.  "I told you that Carlton and I had talked about sex and why I felt the way I do about boys and not girls, and you told me you felt the same way. Sometime when both of you are together, you should tell him how you feel; and he probably will say the same thing about his feelings," I said, choosing my words carefully and remembering what Carlton had said about letting Tip do the leading.

"I'm not sure that it is the same, Dalt.  Lyle and I have never really talked about why we feel about boys the way we do, and I'm not really sure he feels the same way I do. He's never really talked with me the way I've seen you and Carlton talking with each other, and he has never told me he loves me nor has let me know his feelings.  All he wants to do when we alone together and get excited is jerk off.   He talks a lot about wondering what it would be like to fuck another boy, and once he even asked me if he could fuck me," he said softly, pressing his body closer to mine and squeezing me tightly, his voice quivering with emotion.

I could feel his heart pounding, his breathing rapid, his muscles as tight as banjo strings; and I waited for him to calm down as I moved one hand over the velvety softness of his back and waist while I ran my fingers through his thick hair.  It seemed like an eternity before the pace of his heart and breathing slowly receded to normal and his muscles relaxed.   Slipping a finger under his chin, I lifted his head; and, looking into the softness of his eyes, I asked softly, "What did you do, Tip?"

"I didn't know what to say, Dalt; but, when he had asked me to let him do it a couple of other times, I kidded him about not wanting someone with a cock as big as his fucking me.  He tried to tell me it wouldn't really hurt too much, but I still wouldn't let him.  The last time he asked; he got mad when I said no and called me a fucking cock teaser.  From the way he looked at me and was clinching his fists, Dalt, he scared me. I've heard about boys being raped, and I don't think he would do that, but  I wasn't sure." 

I felt a shudder run though his body as he snuggled closer.  Carlton and I had not talked about rape although I knew what it was, and I hesitated briefly before replying hoping I was right.  "I don't believe that Lyle would do that, Tip.  Raping a girl or boy is dangerous as well as a very serious legal offense.  Lyle should know better than to do anything like that," I said, breathing in deeply and praying that I was right.

"Did, Carlton know what to do, Dalt?" Tip asked softly, his eyes searching mine.

"What to do about what?" I replied innocently, answering his question with another, not quite sure what to say but remembering what Carl had said about not discussing our relationship with others.

Leaning back in my arms, he smiled softly, teasingly tickling my ribs as he looked at me for a moment before saying, "Dalton, I saw you and Carl lying together on the couch when we knocked on the door; and from the way that I have seen the two of you look at each other, there is more between you than just loving each other like brothers.  Did Carlton know how to fuck your ass?"

A feeling of excitement rushed through me, and my cock stirred as I looked into the depths of his soft brown eyes. "Is that the only reason why you are asking me if Carl knew what to do, Tip?"

"No, it's not," he answered, grinning impishly, his eyes flashing as he moved his hips back slightly and slid his hand between us.

Gripping my hardening cock, he lifted his leg; and, as he pushed, I felt the softness of his balls sliding over my cock as it penetrated the hot recesses between his soft thighs. His eyes gleamed with the same passion I was feeling, and he started a slow piston movement.  I felt the pre-seminal fluid starting to rise, and a feeling of intense desire to sink my throbbing cock into the depths of his ass gripped me as I moaned passionately, "Tippy, Tippy, Tippy."

"Fuck me, Dalt, please," he pleaded breathing heavily as he increased the pace of his driving hips. "I want to feel what it's like having you inside of me."

"Oh, God, Tippy, I've been wanting to hear you say that,"  I groaned, rolling him over on his back, the head of my drooling cock resting on his balls as I straddled his thighs.

"I couldn't wait any longer," he said reaching up and squeezing the muscles of my chest, his eyes filled with the same intense lust and desire I felt raging inside of me.


Leaning forward, I kissed his lips gently as I slid my hand under the pillow and found the tube of KY lubricant that I had hidden there earlier when I fluffed the pillows.

When I laid the tube on his stomach, he lifted his head slightly looking down at it as I started to massage and squeeze the soft lean muscles of his chest.

"What's that?" he asked innocently, gazing up at me questioningly as his hands moved upward over my forearms and gently squeezed my biceps.

"It's a lubricant that will help us both,"  I answered, placing one hand on his hard flat abdomen and kneading his abdominal muscles gently while I stroked his smooth, straining cock with the other.

"Is that what you use, so it won't hurt so much?"

"Partly," I replied, releasing his cock, and stretching out beside him, grinning at his innocence as I propped myself up on one elbow.  "You asked if Carlton knew what to do the first time he fucked me, and the lubricant is only part of it.  It will help my fingers loosen your ass up so it won't won't hurt as much when my cock starts to go inside of you."

"Then he has fucked you!!" he said almost gleefully like a kid with a new found toy.

"We've fucked each other," I said as I squeezed a large dollop of the lubricant on one finger.  A feeling of warmth wafted over me as I gazed at his face; and I saw a flicker in his eyes that I hadn't seen before.  He opened his legs wider when he felt my fingers touch his balls; and, when my lubricant-covered finger touched his quivering asshole, he tightened up and giggled, "That's cold."

"Just relax, Tippy, I'm not going to hurt you," I whispered as I spread the lubricant, trying to curtail my building feeling of excitement at touching his virgin anus.  "He is just as tight as I was the first time," I thought, gently probing the entrance to his anal canal until I felt my finger slip in up to my knuckle.

"Jesus Christ," he moaned softy, his sphincter muscle tightening around my finger with the force of a vice.

"Easy, Tippy," I whispered, leaning down and kissing the hard nipples of his breasts.  "Relax, and don't fight it.  I know it feels like my finger is bigger than some of the terds you have probably passed, but relax, take a deep breath, and it will start feeling better," I said. 

Seeing how wide open his eyes were, I started slowly rotating my finger until I felt his asshole gradually relaxing. I used a slow piston motion at the same time to get him used to my finger being inside of him before going any deeper.

"Terds go out, not in," he giggled breathing in deeply.

"I know, but if you relax this will feel better," I said, grinning at him and feeling his sphincter relaxing as he giggled.

His body slowly relaxed, and I felt his asshole loosening as I finger fucked his ass the way Carlton had done with me.  After a few seconds, I slipped another and then another inside until he was completely relaxed and until I had three fingers slowly moving in and out of his asshole.

The heat  of his anal canal felt like my fingers were immersed in molten lava; and, as I was about to touch his prostate gland, Tip tightened the sphincter muscle and moaned softly, "God, Dalt, that feels awesome."

Lowering my head, and hovering over a single hard nipple, I said "Tippy, this is what awesome feels like;" and I bit his nipple just as I pressed my index finger against his prostrate gland.

His hips bucked violently, and his muscles tightened as he gasped loudly, "Jesus, oh shit, Christ." He groaned, almost whimpering, as I placed my hand under his drooling cock and pressed down on his stomach until he relaxed.  His breathing had been ragged as he gasped for air from the same electrifying sensation that had ravaged my body when Carl had first pressed my prostate.  For a brief moment, I wondered whether Carlton was doing the same thing with Lyle; and, holding my hand in place with my fingers buried deep in Tip's ass, I looked at his face and saw in his eyes the rapture that was filling his taut body. 

It was a few minutes before Tip's breathing returned to near normal, and I slowly extracted my fingers as his tight muscles relaxed. Slipping between his legs and lifting them slightly, I hovered over him breathing in deeply.   The desire to bury my aching cock in his ass built in my loins; but I hesitated when he grabbed my arms and said, "I don't know what you just did, Dalt; but it felt like I was going to explode."

"You did a little," I replied licking some of his pre-seminal sperm from the back of my hand and kissing him softly.

"Does it always feel like that?" he asked, breathing in deeply as our lips parted.

"It does when the prostate gland is touched.   Your cock feels like it is going to start gushing cum, and your whole body shakes from the sensation," I said, breathing in deeply as I scooted closer until I felt the head of my cock touching his slick quivering asshole.

He lay beneath me breathing slowly with his eyes closed.  Squeezing another dollop of lubricant into my hand, I greased my throbbing cock mixing the lube with the copiously flowing river of pre-seminal fluid.  Slipping my arms under his legs, I lifted them up onto my shoulders; and, guiding my cock, I leaned forward slightly pressing it's dripping head against his lubricant-slick asshole.  I was so excited that I was trembling with anticipation from the urgent desire to feel my cock filling his ass, and  I pushed too forcefully causing the head to slip inside suddenly.  Groaning involuntarily, I gasped at the sudden pressure of his sphincter clamping down behind the head of my throbbing cock; and an excruciatingly delightful pain shot through its steel-hard smooth unsheathed six-inch length into my contracting balls.  Biting my lip, I stopped as his hips bucked; and he quickly put his hands on my chest.

"Oh...shit," he groaned, pushing upward against my heaving chest, his eyes opening wide.

"I'm sorry, Tip; I didn't mean to hurt you," I said anxiously looking at his face and starting to lean back to pull my cock from his ass.

"No, Dalt, don't stop," he gasped breathlessly, grabbing my biceps and squeezing tightly. "You didn't hurt me; it just surprised me when I felt your cock going inside."

Breathing in deeply, I tried to relax and control my emotions before leaning into his legs again.  Slowly stretching one leg out at a time caused my cock to sink into the scalding nether regions of his virgin rectum until my pubic hair rested against the soft perineum flesh between his soft full balls and tight anus.

My full weight was resting on his legs, and the sweat was running off of me in rivulets dropping onto his heaving chest.  His partially flaccid cock lay placidly on his undulating stomach oozing a thin stream of sticky fluid which was mixing with our sweat.  The thick forest of silky brown hair surrounding the base of his cock blackened from the rivulets of  sweat and pre-cum.  His eyes were closed; his fingers were clutching the sheets; and the tightening and relaxing of his sphincter around the base of my cock sent sharp  waves of erotic ecstasy washing over me as I waited for him to relax.

Opening his eyes, Tip gazed up at me; and his soft brown eyes glowed with the look of wonder and adoration that I had felt when Carlton had taken me the first time. He didn't say anything; but, from the look in his eyes and from the way he touched my chest while he gazed at me, it was as if we had connected almost the same way Carlton and I had.   I felt a feeling of awe and warmth knowing that he had chosen me to be his first, and there was a sensual feeling deep inside of my gut that I was falling in love with him.  A feeling of euphoric wonder that anyone other than Carl could make me feel that way seemed to be engulfing me.

I didn't know whether Tip felt the same way, but the look of adoration in his eyes when I entered him made me feel as if he was experiencing the same feelings I was.  As I started to withdraw my cock, he clinched his sphincter muscle tight and whispered, "Dalton, I never realized that I could  feel the way I do; but, with your cock inside of me, it feels like we are joined; and I don't want to lose that feeling."

Shaking the sweat from my eyes, I gazed at him for a moment before removing his legs from my shoulders.  Placing them around my waist, I whispered, "Lock your ankles, and hold me tightly, Tip."

His eyes gleamed passionately as I leaned forward, and placed my hands on either side of his chest.  Sliding his hands up my arms, he clinched my biceps tightly; and, squeezing my waist between his legs, he licked his lips and said with deep emotion, "Fuck me, Dalton, fuck me slow and easy."


I don't remember how long we made love; but, after the first few plunges of my cock into the soft hot depths of his ass, his muscles relaxed completely; and, as he moaned softly, his hips responded, driving upward to meet each downward thrust.  I could feel the sweat rolling down over my back and ribs; and, as we fucked, the tempo increased with each thrust of my hips driving my cock deep within his ass.  Tip's straining muscles glistened with sweat, his chest heaving and his muscles tightening from the electrifying touch of my throbbing cock  brushing his prostate.  Thick streams of pre-seminal fluid flowed from his surging cock; and waves of electrifying ecstasy flowed through my veins at the feeling of the sperm churning in my balls, my cock swelling and hardening with each thrust. 

"Tippy," I groaned, breathing heavily and gasping for air, "I can't hold it much longer." 

His fingers felt like steel bands around my biceps, and his chest was heaving uncontrollably as he gasped for air.   I felt my senses reeling with pleasure, a burning lust controlling the frantic movement of my hips pounding against his upthrusting buttocks.  I groaned from the ecstatic feeling of my cock swelling, hardening, erupting violently, and filling the molten cauldron of his rectum with thick sperm.  From within the deep haze of lust that was controlling both of us, he clasped his arms around my neck and pulled my straining body to him wailing, "Dalton, oh Christ," as he crushed his lips to mine.  I felt the jerking of his cock spewing his hot sticky sperm between us, and our tongues were like hot javelins dueling as our cocks erupted draining the hot seed from our contracting ball sacs.       

Wave after wave of sublime rapture washed over our straining bodies, and I felt his asshole gripping and squeezing my wilting cock attempting to strip the last remaining drops of sperm as it slowly slipped free of the hot cocoon it had invaded.

I felt my body shudder as his legs dropped from around my waist.  Our lips reluctantly parted as I collapsed on top of his heaving chest.  A soft feeling of sublime ecstasy washed over me as we rested in the subliminal afterglow of contentment.  Time seemed to have stood still for a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity had passed as we reveled in the euphoric pleasure of enjoying the fruits of satisfying the cravings engendered by a mutual desire. 

"Carlton had told me that I would feel like this," I thought as the beating of my heart and breathing slowly returned to near normal.   Making love with Carlton had been exciting and stimulating, but sex with Tip had generated a feeling of power and exaltation that I hadn't felt with Carlton.  There was a sensuous feeling of being enamored with Tip.  It was a sensual emotion that I hadn't expected, but it was not the way I felt when I was in Carlton's arms after we had made love.  What I was feeling  with Tip was a feeling of warmth and affection, but it was not the intense desire to be a part of him the way I felt about Carlton, and I would have to ask Carlton, to explain why I felt that way.

I felt Tip stir as I was thinking to myself; and, lifting my head from the pillow, I gazed down into his eyes.  They were flooded with emotions and a sense of wonder.  "Are you all right?" I asked, gently nudging his nose with mine.

"Dalton, " he replied, raising one arm and running his hand over the small of my back.  "Is it always like this? I've...I've never felt so alive, if that is the right way to explain it," he said hesitating as he looked up at me smiling before continuing.  "When you were inside of me, I had the feeling that it was what I wanted.  It was nothing like some of the things that the guys in school said it was.  There was no feeling that your making love to me with your cock inside of me was nasty or dirty.
It felt like what I said; I felt alive; and I didn't want you to stop."

"That is the same way that I felt when Carlton and I made love the first time," I replied, softly pecking his lips before sliding off of his cum slick chest and standing beside the bed. 

Retrieving one of the towels that I had brought with me, I wiped the cum and sweat from my chest and stomach before sitting on the bed and wiping his soaked chest and stomach.  His eyes followed the movements of my hand using the towel; and, when I covered his limp cock with it, he giggled, his eyes twinkling as he said, "It is still sensitive."

"That does not surprise me, Tip.  From the way your cock was jerking and straining when you were cumming, I didn't think you were ever going to stop," I said softly, glancing at his grinning face as I gently wiped his swelling cock.  "It looks like you didn't do enough, Tippy," I breathed excitedly, engulfing the satin soft crown of his rapidly hardening cock with my lips. 

"Oh shit, Dalt," he whimpered, squirming, his hips bucking gently upward as I cleaned the head of his cock with my tongue.

 An intense feeling of excitement coursed through me as I tasted the residue of the sperm oozing from the head of his cock and as its smooth granite-hard length sank deeper into my throat. Feeling his hand groping for my cock, I held his cock tightly with my lips as I twisted around and moved closer.  His mouth opened greedily when the blood engorged crown of my cock touched his lips; and, holding his head with one hand, I pushed gently, his soft tongue a soft runway guiding my cock between his lips into his mouth.   When I felt the head touch the back of his mouth, he opened his throat as I gently pushed.  Tip's throat muscles and lips massaged each inch as it penetrated, stopping when my still sticky pubic hair touched his chin; and I quivered with excitement from the vibrations of a low groan resonating from deep in his esophagus.  

Hesitating briefly as we adjusted to the throbbing hardness deep in our throats, we withdrew and slowly re-entered repeatedly until our hips were moving in a steady synchronized tempo feeding each other the throbbing instrument that would deliver the elixir we both craved so soon after having just made intense love. 

The sounds of distant thunder and of rain lashing the window was subdued by the sound of our breaths escaping through flared nostrils and of greedily sucking lips as we raced to the heated heights of ecstasy, the tempo of our driving hips increasing with each thrust.   Subliminal feelings of desire and passion swept over us; and our straining muscles stiffened in concert as we fell into the erotic abyss of physical pleasure, swelling cocks hardening and erupting with volcanic force.   Our mouths swallowed the copious streams of bitter-sweet cream flowing steadily with each eruption.

Tip's tongue was a velvet lash washing over the glans of my cock; and my hips, reacting to the exhilarating thrills coursing through me, involuntarily drove my cock deeper into his throat until my cock started to soften.  His lips held tight; and he sucked relentlessly, reluctant to release the slowly wilting length as he drained the last drops; and I greedily responded, attempting to draw forth the essence of his contracting testicles.

"Oh, Jesus," he groaned as we released each other, soft cocks falling from trembling lips. "That was awesome," he exclaimed as we lay back; gasping for breath, our chests heaving as tight muscles relaxed. 

It was several minutes before the warm after glow of serenity that surrounded us faded, and I rose up and turned to stretch out beside Tip.   His lean muscled chest rose and fell evenly as he breathed, and his dark brown eyes gazed up at me with a warm glow.  Lowering my lips to his, we kissed tenderly, lovingly; the feelings of passion replaced by a feeling of warmth and pride that we had given ourselves to each other.  It was similar to the way I had felt when Carlton had taken me for the first time.

"Tippy," I said as our lips parted and I reached for the sheet and coverlet to pull over us.  "You were pretty awesome yourself."


Tip snuggled close to me, and we lay quietly in each other's arms for several minutes with his head resting on my shoulder.  Thoughts of the future after Carlton left to return to the navy and his next assignment were going though my mind when, as if reading my thoughts, he said, "Dalt, will I see you again after you and Carlton go home?"

"Why do you ask that, Tip?" I answered, trying to remember whether we had told him and Lyle that Carlton was buying the cottage.

"Oh...,you know," he answered, tightening his arm across my chest, hesitating before continuing.  "I really like being with you, and I would hate not seeing you again; that's all."

"Richmond isn't very far, Tip," I replied softly, running my fingers through his thick soft hair.  "After Carlton leaves, I'll probably be able to come up on weekends or holidays."

"Yeah," Tip answered, "you can do that; you have a car.  But where would you stay?  The motels are usually filled during the summer and are expensive."

"Welllll...,"  I said hesitantly, breathing in deeply, my heart skipping a beat, "What's wrong with staying here?"

"Here, in the cottage?" he exclaimed, releasing his hold on my chest, and pushing up on his elbow.  "You guys rented it for only a week," he said, his eyes gleaming brightly as he looked down at me.

"Carlton rented it for a week when we first got here,"  I replied, seeing and feeling the excitement radiating in his eyes.  "Since we've been here, Jake Ballard has been telling Carl that he could get him a good deal if he would be interested in buying it.  Carl hasn't told me all of the details, but he told me yesterday that he had told Mr. Ballard to go ahead and see if it could be arranged for him to buy it."

"Do you think he will get it?"  Tip asked excitedly.

"Carl said that he didn't see why not, and Jake seemed like he knew what he was talking about from what Carl has told me."

"I hope so, Dalt; I really hope he can." he said, bubbling with excitement. 

"I think he will, Tip," I replied, reaching my arms up to him.


Tip lay back down with his head on my shoulder, and I could feel the beat of his heart as he pulled me closer than he had before.   His breathing was not heavy, but I could tell he was thinking about what I had told him; we both were.  I was trying hard to remember whether we had mentioned Carlton's buying the cottage and, at the same time, hoping he would not get angry with me if we hadn't. 

It seemed like a long time before the muscles in Tip's arm laying over my chest relaxed, his breathing slowing as he slipped off to sleep.  I lay listening to him breathing, the sound blending with the rain beating against the window.  Slowly caressing the warm soft roundness of his shoulder for a few minutes longer, I mused about the look of adoration in his eyes and the feelings for him that I had felt.  It was not what I felt for Carl, but the feeling was warm and exciting.

As drowsiness slipped over me, thoughts of Lyle and Carl downstairs entered my mind; and I smiled as my eyelids closed.