My Kid Brother

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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XXXVI - Carlton & Lyle

Closing the bedroom door quietly, I turned around and saw Lyle already stretched out on the bed with one leg cocked up in the air.  He had one arm behind his head and his other hand laying across his stomach, his fingers moving slowly and tantalizingly in the thick reddish brown hair surrounding the base of his semi-flaccid cock.  His thick uncut cock was resting across the valley where his lean muscled thigh met his left hip joint, and his heavy balls were slack and hanging down between his thighs over the soft perineum between his ball sac and anus. 

"Comfortable?" I asked as I moved across the floor to the bedside lamp and extinguished it.  His hazel eyes shone brightly in the soft light cast into the bedroom by the bathroom light and followed me as I moved toward the bed.  HIs chest rose and fell in an easy rhythm as he gazed up at me standing over him, my hard cock waving gently like a thick truncheon.

"I will be," he answered, smiling seductively and softly patting the mattress beside his smooth muscled hip.

For an instant, his manner reminded me of other men that I had lain with.  Dalton had been hesitant and a little embarrassed when he told me of his feelings when we had first made love, but I wasn't getting that feeling from Lyle.  He was acting as if he were attempting to seduce me even though we had already sucked each other off. 

"I didn't get a really good look at you when we had sex the other day, Lyle,"  I said as I sat on the bed beside him, placing my hand on his velvety smooth sculpted chest. 

He lowered his leg, and his abdominal muscles tightened as he sat up and turned toward me placing his hand under his head for support.  "Neither did I,"  he replied, moving closer and looking up at me with lust-filled eyes as he placed his hand on my thigh and said huskily,  "I was so excited from being with you that I wasn't interested in anything except getting my cock sucked."

I felt the passion and emotions building between us, and my nuts tingled with excitement at the touch of his hand moving over my thigh. Turning toward him, I moved one leg up onto the bed, my hard cock waving only inches from his fingers.

"We don't need to hurry now, Lyle, as we've got all day to do whatever you want," I said softly, as I outlined the hard muscles of his velvety soft chest with my fingers, excitement surging through me from the tantalizing touch of his hand moving over my thigh.

"I know," he whispered leaning forward and breathing in deeply, his hazel eyes gleaming as he grasped my hard cock and lowered his head.

The touch of his lips on the blood-engorged head of my cock sent an electric shock racing to the depths of my nuts; and, as my cock sank deeper into his mouth, I entangled my fingers in his thick auburn hair groaning, "Suck it, Lyle." 

Lyle slipped his arm around my waist holding me tightly, and I felt his hard cock pressing against my backside when he curled his body around me.  My nuts contracted when he took them in his hand, and his mouth was a hot furnace engulfing my burgeoning cock.  His lips pushed the foreskin back exposing the sensitive under glans to his soft tongue, and his soft moans of passion sent shocks of ecstasy wafting over me as his fingers gently massaged my nuts while he greedily suckled on my swelling cock.  I was feeling an intense fire of passionate desire burning in my loins as I succumbed to the erotic desire to empty the hot sperm boiling in my contracting nuts down his throat when suddenly he relaxed his hold around my waist and withdrew from my throbbing cock, gasping for breath as he exclaimed, "Jesus, Carl, your cock is so fucking big that I can't get it down my throat."

"We're in the wrong position, Lyle," I said, breathing heavily and clinching my asshole tightly, attempting to suppress the ecstatic feeling of the sperm rising through the pulsing length of my cock. 

"Yeah," he said excitedly as he released my throbbing cock and uncurled from around me, stretching out on the bed.  "Why don't we lie the way we did before?"

My heart was racing with excitement; and I breathed rapidly, sucking deep draughts of air into my lungs, waiting for my emotions to subside before moving onto the bed.  "You had me pretty close for a minute, Lyle," I said suppressing my disappointment at his suddenly withdrawing from my aching cock.  "I wasn't expecting you to start sucking me off."

"I couldn't resist, Carl," he said, looking at me impishly, his eyes still shining with excitement. "You're so fucking sexy that the only thing I wanted was to suck your cock.

"Then finish what you started," I growled, swinging my legs up on the bed, stretching out beside him and pushing my cock toward his lips.

Without hesitating, Lyle flung his arm over my waist; and, placing his hand at the base of my spine, he pulled me tightly to him.  As he pushed his cock toward my waiting mouth, I felt the intensity of his passion as he greedily swallowed my cock until my balls rested on his chin, his nose buried in the silky soft hair surrounding its thick base.  "God," I thought, as he squeezed my cock with his throat muscles.  "He's a natural cock sucker."   A euphoric sensation of desire burned in my nuts as his cock slid down into the depths of my throat, and I relished the feeling of my throbbing cock deep in his throat.

I felt the warmth of his breath being expelled from his nostrils as he breathed and washed the hard length of my penis with his tongue.  His soft moans of pleasure created a tingling sensation in my loins, and waves of ecstasy washed over me as his tongue massaged the sensitive glans on the underside of my cock head.  I could feel the excitement he was experiencing by the tightness of his arm muscles as he held me tightly to him and by the urgency of his equally thick cock pulsing in the depths of my throat. 

I felt his balls resting on my chin with his smooth throbbing uncut cock buried in my throat.  As I inhaled through my nostrils, the pungent aroma of herbal bath soap emanated from the thick silky hair surrounding his cock's thick base.  Moaning softly, he shivered with excitement as he devoured my burgeoning cock; and I moved my hand over his soft buttocks kneading the taut muscles as I withdrew to the crown of his cock, my taste buds stimulated by the bittersweet stream of thick pre-cum flowing from its ethereal opening.  He reacted automatically to the movement of my hips withdrawing his cock to my lips; and, his hips moved with the well oiled precision of a pump driving his cock smoothly into the depths of my throat.  I could feel the excitement he was experiencing by the suction of his mouth on my cock and by the fingers of his free hand squeezing my balls.

Waves of excitement surged through me; and, as we sucked greedily breathing through flared nostrils,  I moved my index finger downward between the cheeks of his buttocks, searching for his anal rosebud.  As I brushed the tip of my finger over the entrance to his rectum, I felt it retract, and then relax as I massaged its quivering exterior.   Pressing gently I felt the cheeks of his ass tighten, and a low groan welled up from deep inside his chest when the tip of my finger penetrated his anus.  The intensity and tempo of his sucking increased; and I felt his muscles tightening, his cock swelling as I gently moved my finger in a circular motion. 

We both were at that subliminally erotic moment of no return, and I knew from the feelings in my hardening cock and the intensity of his increasing passion that we had reached the pinnacle of ecstasy.  Breathing in deeply through my nostrils, I drove my cock deep into his throat as I penetrated his ass with my finger touching his prostate. 

Lyle's hips bucked, and his arms tightened around my waist as streams of hot sperm exploded with volcanic force from his throbbing cock.  Grabbing his head with my free hand, I drove my violently jerking cock down his throat; and we greedily drank the creamy elixir pumping steadily from the depths of our loins until our cocks started to slowly wilt as the last drops dribbled onto our tongues. 

I felt Lyle's tight lips draining the remaining driblets from my cock as it slipped from his mouth.  Gasping as it slipped from between his lips, he fell on his back exclaiming, "Jesus, Carl, that was awesome especially when you shoved your finger up my ass.  God, I saw stars for a few minutes, and it felt like a bolt of electricity shooting through my cock as I shot my load."

"You liked that?" I asked, still breathing heavily as I swung around and stretched out next to him sliding my arm under his neck.

"Shit, who wouldn't!"  He replied excitedly, turning on his side and placing his arm over my chest snuggling closer.  "Does it always feel like that, Carl?"

"Always if your partner knows what he is doing," I answered turning to face him and placing my hand on his hip just below his ribs.  He flinched slightly; and then, snuggling his head close to mine, he relaxed moving closer as my hand moved down over the soft flesh of his buttocks.  Lyle reacted to the pressure of my hand on his soft cheeks; and, pressing his slick flaccid cock against mine, I could feel a latent excitement rippling through his body.

We lay quietly for several minutes, relaxing in each others arms.  The thoughts of what he had said earlier as he and Tip came in out of the rain filtered through my mind. He was breathing slowly, and I felt the warmth of his breath flowing over my chest. Breathing in deeply, I suppressed the excitement building in my loins created by the warmth of his body touching mine; and I was going to ask him what he had meant by "a long story;" but, for a moment, I thought he had drifted off to sleep until I felt him twirling a finger around the tip of my nipple. 

Breathing in deeply, my cock stirred reacting to the tingling sensation of his fingers moving teasingly over my breast muscles; and I said softly, "That feels good too, Lyle."

Kissing my neck with his fingers still rotating around my hardening nipple, he leaned his head back looking at me with a gleam in his eyes and, in a soft seductive whisper, said, "I know it does because I can feel your cock getting hard again."

Moving my hand up to his waist, I lowered my lips to his; and, kissing him softly as I pulled him tightly to me, I quietly asked, "Are you always this horny?"

"Yeah...,but," he replied huskily, his lust-filled eyes gleaming. "I haven't been in bed with any man except you to know  how good and exciting it feels to have sex with a man," he said, pressing his groin tightly against mine. "I've been horny ever since that first time with you, and that ended too soon."

I could feel the heat building between us, and the feel of his hard cock rubbing against mine was sending streaks of fire rushing down into my balls.  The desire to fuck his ass was almost overpowering; but, even though he hadn't resisted the penetration of my finger in his tight asshole, I wanted him so hot that he wouldn't resist the foreplay that would lower any remaining barriers.     

"Haven't you ever gotten horny and gotten a hardon when you looked at girl and wondered what it would be like to fuck her?"  I asked quietly.

"Girls...!" he exclaimed, releasing the pressure of his cock pressing against mine. "I've never seen a girl who would make me horny enough to want to fuck her or let her suck my cock." He said incredulously, leaning back and, looking at me quizzically.

"Is that why you were rude to Carla the other night?" 

"Nah," he answered as he adjusted his position, putting his hand under his head.  "Carla is a bitch.  She tries to make everyone think she is so fucking sexy, but she is nothing but a cock teaser.  I know a couple of guys who have tried to put the make on her; and they said that after she played with them and got them all hot and horny thinking that she is going to put out, she dropped them with some phoney excuse about being a virgin, and that all she wanted to do was play around."

"And that includes you, doesn't it?" I asked casually, trying not to sound as if I was interrogating him.

"Yeah, I guess it does; but she was making goo goo eyes at me, and it was the first and only time I thought about fucking a girl," he answered sheepishly.  "She got me so fucking horny the night I went with her behind the bathhouse that I almost shot my load in my pants.  I was so hot that I had to jerk off,"  he said heatedly.  "I think she got a kick out of doing it."

"That can be devastating when someone gets you that hot, but you said that she and Tracey were lesbians," I said quietly, conversationally, moving my hand over the velvety soft muscles of his back.

"Everybody thinks they are, Carl.  Whenever they are out together, they never seem to want to be around any of the guys," he said, hesitating and shivering as my fingers moved slowly down his ribs.

"Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't, Lyle; but rumors like that can be hurtful and ruin people lives," I said, picking my words carefully and thinking about what Dalton told me about Tip's asking questions about our relationship before continuing.  "It is a lot like you, Tip, Dalton and me, and the relationship that we have developed since we met.  It is no one's business if we are gay, Lyle; and it is something that we should not discuss regardless of what other's might think."

A stillness settled between us, and I could feel the steady beat of his heart in rhythm with his soft breathing.  The fear that he might be thinking that I was preaching entered my mind.  Slipping my fingers under his chin, I lifted his head; and, looking into his soft eyes, I asked, "You aren't angry with me for talking about Carla and Tracey; and the four of us are you?"

"No,..." he answered, lingering a second before continuing.  "I was thinking about what you said, and I hadn't really thought about it like that. Tip and I kind of figured you and Dalton were gay when we met you; but, when you said you were brothers and that you were gay, we sort of wondered if you had sex with each other."

"Whether we do or do not is something we won't discuss with anyone; but it is one reason that we didn't give either one of you a tumble the other night at the pavilion, Lyle."

"Boy, talk about having blue balls that night," he replied, chuckling lightly.   "I did everything I could think of short of pulling my cock out to see if you wanted to have sex with me because I surely did want to go to bed with you."

Smiling and remembering his antics, I said softly, "You did a pretty good job of letting me know it without doing that."

"Yeah, and Tip was just as horny as I was; he flipped over Dalton," he said, pressing his body tightly against me and grinning impishly as he tickled my ribs.

"I think they both like each other,"  I said, rolling on top of him, my swelling cock falling between his legs.

Lyle suddenly flung his arms around my neck pulling my lips to his as he threw his legs over mine.   Holding me immobile with his legs over mine and his arms around my neck, his cock was swelling and hardening between us as his tongue fought passionately with mine.  The passion in his kiss was infectious; and, as my cock hardened, I felt the head slipping out of its protective sheath, moving over his quivering asshole as it lengthened. 

As our lips parted, there was a gleam of lust in the hazel depths of his eyes; and, arching my back, I lifted my torso breaking his hold around my neck.  His arms fell to the side as I slid my hands and forearms under his shoulders, and he looked at me quizzically for a moment as I hovered over him. Breathing in deeply, I leaned forward as I withdrew my cock, the thick shaft pushing his balls up against the base of his cock.  There was a look of wonderment and pleasure on his face, and I felt his thigh muscles tightening as I drove my cock downward between his legs, sliding the head over his quivering asshole with each thrust.

Lyle's hands gripped the bed sheets; and he moaned loudly and passionately as his hips responded automatically lifting to meet each downward thrust, his passion increasing as his cock slid through the thick hair covering my pelvis.  I felt  the wetness of the pre-seminal fluid drooling from my throbbing cock head and spreading over his perineum as my throbbing cock slid between his legs, and the urge to drive my cock into the hot depths of his ass overpowered me; and I growled, " Move your legs, Lyle."

Gripped in the animal desire for copulation and unencumbered by the restraint of his legs holding mine, I spread his legs wider as I rose up and knelt between them.  His eyes were closed, and he lay panting like a small puppy, his chest heaving as he breathed.  Thick streams of clear pre-cum flowed from the unsheathed head of his cock, and I could see his balls contracting and retracting in reaction to the throbbing of his cock.

Filling my hand with his pre-cum, I slathered it over his asshole, pressing it with my forefinger as I did.  Opening his eyes, he gazed up at me with a momentary look of panic as my finger slid in his quivering hole, and I whispered, "Just relax, Lyle, don't fight it."

"Bu...,but" he started to say stopping when I took his cock in my hand and, stroking it, moved my penetrating finger in a slow circular motion until it was fully inserted.

His eyes glazed over from the erotic pleasure of his cock being stroked and the slow easy motion of my finger sliding in and out of his asshole, and he slowly relaxed releasing the tension of his sphincter muscle.  Lubricating my cock with pre-cum and saliva, I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and stretched out.  Then as I leaned forward, my cock touched his asshole and I felt his leg muscles tighten for a moment.   His fingers flexed gathering the bed sheets, and his sphincter muscle tightened automatically reacting to the pressure of my cock entering his virgin ass.

"Easy, Lyle, baby.  Just relax," I crooned softly, hesitating, and resisting the urge to drive my cock in his ass. 

"I'm trying, Carl; but you're so big that I don't think I can take your cock," he groaned, gasping for breath and gritting his teeth as my cock slowly spread his sphincter.

"Breath deeply and let your muscles go limp, Lyle," I cooed softly, breathing deeply and trying to control my own passion.  "It'll hurt for a second, but  that will subside after my cock's all the way inside of your ass," I said, wishing that I had used the lubricant within arms reach on the night table instead of letting my desire to fuck him control my emotions.

After a moment or two Lyle, breathing deeply, relaxed; and I could feel the panic he had felt subsiding. Leaning into his legs, I let my weight push my cock slowly, inexorably into the hot depths of his rectum until I felt the pressure of my pelvis pushing his balls upward.

Hesitating for a few seconds to let him get used to the feeling of my cock filling his ass,  I started a slow withdrawal until only the head of my cock was being held by the pressure of his sphincter.   I smiled inwardly, enjoying the sounds of soft, almost baby gurgles rolling over his lips; and for a second, the irony of Dalton's telling me that Lyle wanted to fuck Tip crossed my mind adding to the feeling of urgency to de-flower his ass with the same passion I knew Dalton was more than likely feeling if he was fucking Tip.

It seemed as if my stamina grew in concert with Lyle's moans of pleasure as he relaxed completely, his hips driving upward to meet the downward plunge of my cock with the same ferocity.  His muscles tightened as my cock brushed his prostate, and he groaned loudly tightening his grip on my biceps, his cock hardening, rivulets of pre-cum soaking the thick softness of his pubic bush.

Wave after wave of sublime ecstasy engulfed us in a euphoric aura of lust as we raced to the subliminal heights of male-to-male pleasure, searching for the moment when we would join as one.  My biceps ached from the pain of his vice like grip; and his guttural utterances of "fuck me, fuck me," served as an impetus to drive my cock deeper into his hot bowels, my nuts slapping against his ass with a delicious invigorating pain until we had reached the moment of extreme muscle-tightening pleasure.  Somewhere in the surreal atmosphere that surrounded us, I heard Lyle scream,  "Carl, oh, Christ, Carl, I'm gonna cum;" and, feeliing his muscles tightening, I glanced down at his cock exploding with a volcanic force jerking and spewing thick white streams of sperm over his chest and stomach.  The feeling of an overwhelming erotic savagery swept over me as my throbbing cock hardened, and I ravished his tight asshole with repeated thrusts as my exploding cock pumped steadily emptying the boiling sperm from my shrinking scrotum.

I wasn't aware of Lyle's legs falling from my shoulders until I collapsed onto his heaving chest gasping for air to release the tightness of my chest muscles.  His softening cock was still drooling the last of his sperm onto his stomach, and I felt his sphincter tighten as my wilting, spent cock slipped from his asshole. 

"Jesus, Carl," he said in an almost child like tone filled with awe, wrapping his arms around me and breathing heavily. "I didn't realize how good it would feel; it was so totally awesome that I lost it and didn't want you to stop.  Good Lord, what a feeling, is it always like that?"

"Usually, once you relax and let yourself get into it," I answered breathing easier and grinning at his exuberance as I slid off of his cum smeared chest, rolling over to sit up on the side of the bed.

"I was afraid it was going to really hurt at first; but after you started fucking me all I felt was a feeling of excitement spreading over me from your cock filling my ass," he said as he joined me on the side of the bed.  "Did it hurt when you did it the first time?" he asked, shyly, glancing sideways at me.

"Yes, it did at first; but I had a good teacher who was a little more gentle than I was,"  I answered.  "I should have used a lubricant to loosen your asshole and to make my cock slide better.   After all, a mans asshole isn't made for fucking like a girl's cunt is; she has a natural lubricant, and her cunt can spread open enough to accommodate just about any man's cock," I said, smiling inwardly at how excited he still was.

Standing up, he looked down at me, inhaled deeply and grinned as he exhaled, his eyes twinkling.  "I don't think I will ever find that out, Carl; but, I surely enjoyed being fucked, especially by you," he said, grinning impishy at me as he moved away to the bathroom.

"Lyle, bring me a washcloth and a towel, will you?" I called out as he went into the bathroom.


After we cleaned the cum off of us, Lyle returned the washcloths and towels to the bathroom.  There were a couple of spots of sperm on the sheets, but I was too tired to change them, and I slipped into bed.  Lyle returned from the bathroom exaggerating the swing of his semi-flaccid cock, swaggering as he moved toward the bed, and slid in next to me.  Placing his arm over my chest he moved close and pressed his cock against my thigh.

After a few moments, he moved his head back on the pillow and asked, "Carl, do you think Dalton will fuck Tip?"

Inhaling deeply, I pulled the sheet further up over us, knowing the answer but saying, "I don't know whether he will or not, Lyle; that's between them."

Laying his head on my shoulder, he pressed his hard cock tightly to my thigh, and said, "I hope he does."
Groaning inwardly, I said to myself, "Lord, save me from horny teenagers."