My Kid Brother

Copyright © 2003

By Lee Mariner

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Tip was almost finished dressing when Lyle and I walked into the bedroom.  Dalton swung around when he heard us and said, "Your clothes are on the bed, Lyle."

"Thanks," he answered as he slipped by me and moved toward the bed glancing at his brother and Dalton as he did. 

"The jeans are still a little damp around the waist band but your shirt is good and dry," Dalton continued good-naturedly while I stood off to the side watching and listening to the casual banter about nothing of any importance, but I could detect an underlying current of hesitation.

"They'll be okay," Lyle replied somewhat sullenly as he started to undress with his back to where Tip and Dalton were standing.

Dalton glanced over at me raising his eyebrows and shrugging his shoulders inquisitively.  Nodding my head negatively, I looked in Lyle's direction and silently mouthed "nothing."    

The scene was reminiscent of the last time that I had been with Jerry prior to my transfer from Boston. There was the undercurrent of  unsaid things that had lingered between us on that last night and the reluctance to say them.  When Shakespeare said, "Parting is such sweet sorrow;" he  must have been thinking of all of the world's lovers.  Jerry solved the problem of our parting with the three words that would always transcend parting, "I love you."  The worries melted into oblivion, replaced by the feeling that Jerry would always be a part of my life much as Dalton had become although not with the same intensity that had developed between Dalton and me.  

As I watched Tip and Dalton, I could sense the bond that was forming between them; and, even though I felt a twinge of jealousy, I knew it would be almost impossible to avoid during my absence. Dalton was a virile young man and I couldn't expect him to take a vow of celibacy. All that I could hope for was that he would use caution in any encounters that might occur.  What I could see developing between him and Tip was much like that which Dalton and I  had nurtured over the last few days as we learned more of our feelings for each other.  I couldn't imagine the development of a relationship between Tip and Lyle such as Dalton and I had.

Unlike Tip, Lyle seemed to have confused his sexuality with his feelings for his brother and for Carla.  He had professed a desire to fuck Tip and Carla; but his subsequent actions were contrary to what he had expressed that he wanted after we had spent the night together. His emotions were like the winds of a storm, changing intensity and directions without warning.   "No," I thought to myself, "Joining the army and leaving home won't solve your problems, Lyle; you still have a lot to learn about gay people and being gay."

"You are thinking kind of deep, aren't you, Bro?" Dalton whispered as he and Tip passed me on their way to the kitchen. 

"Not really," I replied, answering his question and glancing at Lyle who was snapping his jeans closed.  "I was thinking about what we have to do if we are going to be able to leave for home later today." 

"We thought you were going to leave tomorrow."  Lyle said as he slid his feet into his sneakers.

"We had thought about it, but I haven't spent much time with our parents since I have been home; and, with me leaving on Monday, I think I should, don't you?"  I said answering him.

"I guess so," he said as he finished lacing his sneakers. "If it were my parents, I don't think it would make any difference one way or the other."


Dalton stepped out onto the small concrete landing watching Tip and Lyle mount their bicycles while I stood in the doorway. Tip waved at Dalton as they rolled down the driveway, but Lyle accelerated recklessly on the downgrade and disappeared around the bushes at the end of the drive out onto the road with no seeming consideration to any oncoming traffic.

"He seems to be in a hurry," I casually remarked as we turned to go back into the kitchen.

"I don't wonder, Carl; you hardly said a word to him after they finished dressing."

""Does that bother you, Dalt?" I asked as I placed the sink stopper over the drain and started the water to wash dishes.

"Wellllll...," he started hesitantly, joining me at the sink as he continued. "They came out in a rain storm to be with us; we went to bed with them; and I guess...,oh hell, Carl, I don't know what I am trying to say."

"It is a little different when you think about it, isn't it?"  I said softly as I turned the water off and started to place dishes into the sink.  "There is a big difference in the personalities and mental makeup of Tip and Lyle.  They did come out in a rainstorm, but I don't believe it was entirely due to what they told us about their father.  That may be partially true, but they used it as an excuse to get away from their house; and I believe they would have come, rain or not.   I'm not trying to be arrogant or conceited; but Tip, Little Brother, has been hot for you ever since he first saw you; and I can't blame him for that.  Lyle, on the other hand, is an entirely different story," I mused softly, glancing at Dalt and hesitating before continuing.  "From his actions and, from what he has said, Dalt, I don't believe, Lyle knows exactly what he wants, at least for now.  When we first met them, he acted like a cocky homophobe; and then at the pavilion he was doing a good job of acting like a horny trick, showing his box and dropping hints.   You told me he wanted to fuck Tip, and Lyle told me the same thing. He also told me he wanted to fuck Carla, but when she turned him down he accused her of being a lesbian with no proof to substantiate the accusation other than she and Tracey seem to be unnaturally close to each other. When we were in bed the first time, he sucked my cock like a pro and wanted more; but then he talks about wanting to fuck Tip.  I can understand that; but, when he starts talking about Carla, he gets his signals mixed up; and it's hard to understand exactly what he wants.  Lyle has a lot to learn, but I'm afraid he will have a hard time deciding what he wants." 

"I knew about what he wanted to do with Tip, Carl, but not that stuff about Carla or of her and Tracey being lesbians,"  he said quickly, interrupting my train of thought.

"I'm not sure that even Tip knew that, Squirt," I said, chuckling loudly.  "Lyle has an on again off again macho image of  himself, and its not likely that he would admit to having been turned down by any girl or maybe any boy after last night."

"You fucked him, didn't you; you fucked Lyle?" he exclaimed loudly, almost dropping the plate he was drying in his excitement. 

"Well, he was the only one I was in bed with," I said, chuckling and glancing at him, his eyes glittering with excitement. "I didn't have to ask him or even get him worked up; he was ready before I was in bed."

"Yeah, he sure looked like it," he mused to himself for a moment before continuing.  "I couldn't help but see how excited he was when he stood up and his towel dropped to the floor as  Tip and I were going up to the loft,"  Dalton said softly almost absentmindedly as he finished drying the last of the glasses and placed them in the overhead cabinet.   "Tip was the same way after we were in bed; he was really turned on and he was wondering whether or not you would fuck Lyle."

"He wanted it, Dalt; or at least he certainly did not object," I replied as I finished wiping the sink and counter.

"Tip didn't object either," Dalton said sheepishly.

"And you are giving me the third degree?" I exclaimed, faking a blow to his shoulder before heading for the bedroom.

"Only because Tip was wondering whether you would, that's why," he said as he followed.

"You can tell him all about it the next time you see him."

"He will know all about it if I know Tip; he will worm it out of Lyle, but he told me that he still won't let Lyle screw him."

"Why not?" I asked as I pulled a fresh shirt over my head.

"Because, he told me he loves Lyle, but not in the same way you and I love each other and, not with the same feelings," he answered, slipping his arms around my waist and looking into my eyes after I had pulled the shirt on.

"And what did you tell him?" I replied, placing my arms on his shoulders and looking  into the soft brown depths of his eyes.

Pulling me closely to him, he gently brushed my lips with his and said, "There was nothing I could tell him, Carlie; he has to find that out the way I did; and if he doesn't feel about Lyle the way I feel about you, there is nothing I could have said that would help."

His tone and impish grin radiated sincerity, and I could feel the penetrating warmth of his body as he spoke and held me closely.  His eyes shone with compassion; and, in their depths, I saw a deep burning love that made me realize how deep the bond between us went, and how much I was going to hate leaving him.   "No..., Dalt," I started to say, chasing those thoughts from my head while running my fingers through his thick hair, "there isn't much you could have said that would have made any difference.  That is something he and Lyle will have to learn themselves, if they ever do; but, right at the moment, we need to finish dressing and packing the car.  It's going to take a little time at Jake's, and I'd like to get home before dark."

I felt his arms tighten around me and smelled the musky fragrance of sandalwood in his hair as he nuzzled his head into my shoulder whispering, "Do we have to leave today, Carlie?"

"No, we don't, Squirt; but I haven't really spent much time with Mom and Dad since I've been home.  Don't you think that I should spend a day or two with them before I leave?" I asked softly.

"I guess you should," he said as he lifted his head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes. "I just hate to think of you leaving again," he whispered, putting his lips to mine and sucking my tongue into his mouth.

Our tongues twisted, searching the inner recesses of our mouths in a long sensuous kiss, and I felt our bodies melding as if we were one.  Passion was rising between us, not erotic or needful, but the passion of two lovers emotionally rededicating themselves to each other.  As our lips parted I said softly, "I hate leaving you again, Dalt; but we have something to look forward to now, don't we?"

"Yeah, we do," he answered grinning broadly and giving me a quick sloppy peck on the lips as we separated.


It only took us a few minutes before we had the cottage secured and the car loaded.   The sun's rays were streaming through the trees and had dried most of the dew and dampness of the rain from the myriad of bushes, leaves and pine straw that surrounded the cottage. As I could see that Dalton was  feeling a little nostalgic and hesitant before we got into the car, I looked over at him and said, "Did you tell Tip that we were trying to buy the cottage, Squirt?"

"Yeah...," he said sheepishly, "I mentioned it after he asked me if we would see each other again.  You aren't mad, are you? "

"No, I'm not mad," I replied, continuing as we got into the car.  "It would have surprised me if you hadn't.  What did he say?"

"He was excited about it, and I was trying to remember whether we had told them that you were considering it, but I couldn't remember whether we had or not," he answered.

"It won't make any difference, Dalt, not if Lyle joins the army like he said he was going to do," I said, grinning to myself.   "We'll know more about it when we see Jake; and, if everything is okay and we do get it, it will give you and Tip a place to stay when you see him. Remember, it isn't just for you and me;  it will also give Mom nd Dad a vacation place if they want to use it.

 "I wasn't thinking about Tip and me or just us when I told him that you were thinking about buying it, Carl; but it would ne nice to have for all of us, wouldn't it?"  he said, glancing at me and smiling impishly as we rolled down the drive onto the highway.


The traffic was lighter than when we had first arrived, and we were able to find a parking space in front of Jake's office instead of parking in the lot beside his building.  Tracey was behind the receptionists desk and looked up smiling brightly when we walked in. 

"Daddy," she said cheerfully as she stood and looked over her shoulder. "Carlton and Dalton are here."

Jake was at his desk; and, when he heard Tracey, he looked up saying, "Great, saves me a trip."

"I hope you have some good news, Jake?" I asked a little tentatively.

"I think you'll like it, Carlton," he answered, continuing as he stood. "That was quite a storm we had last night; how did you guy's make out?"

"We were as snug as bugs in a rug, Jake," I answered, winking at Dalton and grinning.

"Good," he replied.  "We don't get late summer storms like that one very often, but when they come in across the lake they can be pretty severe. Why don't you take a seat, and I'll go over what we have done so far."

"I'll make some fresh coffee Carlton if you and Dalton would like some," Tracey said as we moved toward Jake's desk.

"That'll be great, Honey," Jake answered quickly.

"I'll have a soda if you have one, Tracey; but Carl doesn't use cream," Dalton said. "Just a little sugar."

"I'll bring both; Daddy likes more cream than coffee," she answered laughing lyrically as she went into the back room.


"Now then," Jake said as Tracey left.  "The Andersons have signed the proper acceptance forms, and the bank has advised that your loan has been tentatively approved at a 4.5% interest rate.  That is pretty damn good for recreational property, since it won't be your primary residence."

"Will your commission be included in the mortgage, Jake; or would you rather that it be paid up front?"  I asked.

"That depends on how you want to handle it, Carlton." he answered, moving a sheet of paper with figures on it across his desk.  "You can pay the closing costs up front if you want; or they can be rolled into the total loan, that is up to you."

"What would be the best way, Jake?" I asked, glancing at Dalton who was listening closely. "I've never bought property before."

"You are in for a bit of an education in property ownership," he grinned, looking at both of us.  "There are appraisal fees, transfer fees, title search, title transfer fees, and deeds that must be paid at closing; and, of, course there is a credit check that must be done.   My commission is included in the closing costs with the other fees for services. The Andersons must pay you the county and state taxes for the current year up to the date of closing as you will have to pay them when they come due.  Frankly, since a down payment is not required for a veterans loan and you have said that you have no indebtedness to be concerned with, it would be to your advantage if you could pay the closing costs including the required taxes up front since that would reduce your monthly installment payment quite a bit," he said, hesitating and breathing in deeply before continuing.  "Most home owners include the taxes and required home owners insurance in their monthly mortgage payments ; and then the mortgage holder will pay them for you when they are due.  It is up to you, Carlton; but I recommend that you continue the insurance policy that the Andersons currently have in effect as it is very good and is with a very reputable company."

"The easier it is, the better, Jake," I said as we sat down. "I don't want to have to write monthly checks; and, there aren't very many post offices available in the middle of an ocean."

"Ha," he said laughing out loud.  "I  can't say that I've ever thought about it like that."


We were in the middle of filling out more forms than I could ever remember being needed when I enlisted in the navy when Tracey returned with the coffee and Dalton's soda.  Jake glanced at her and said, "Set it on the empty desk, Honey.  We should be finished by the time you have it ready."

"Yes, Sir," she answered softly; and, true to his word, I had signed the last form when she was ready to serve.  Groaning softly, I leaned back in the chair and asked, "Do you always have this many forms when you buy or sell a piece of property?"

"Always, Carl," he answered, looking up at Tracey before continuing as she handed him his mug. "There won't be as many when we do the final closing, but I believe you said something about giving your father a power of attorney so he could sign for you since you won't be available."

"That's one reason we are going home today instead of tomorrow, Jake," I said, smiling at Tracey, and taking the mug she was holding for me.  "Since Dalton can't sign, Dad will have to unless you want to send the papers to me at my next duty station."

"If you did it that way, wouldn't it take a lot longer, Carl?" Dalton asked anxiously as he lowered his soft drink from his lips.

"It would take quite a bit longer, Dalton," Jake replied answering Dalton's question and looking at me, his eyebrows raised inquisitively for a moment before continuing. "I'm not sure that the Andersons would want to wait that long if you were to do it that way.  Your father's being able to sign would expedite the sale; and, while we are on the subject, I would suggest a limited power of attorney that would expire when the sale is consummated, but that is up to you."

"We will do it the fastest and easiest way, Jake," I said.  "I'll go over these papers with Dad tomorrow, and I don't know of any reason he wouldn't take care of it for us since they will be able to use the cottage to get away on weekends or a vacation.  Dalton will be keeping an eye on it, and there are a couple of things we've talked about that need changing.  I am pretty sure he and Dad will take care of doing that after it is ours."

I could see an expression of relief on Dalton's face as I was talking with Jake, and I knew what he was thinking from the look in his eyes.  He and Tip would probably be using the cottage more than our parents would.

"Well..." Jake said as he was folding our copies of the papers and putting them in a large manila envelope.  "It sounds as if you have been giving things some thought, and I can understand that.  I don't believe there have been any improvements made since Mr. & Mrs. Anderson built the cottage, and I'm sure there are some changes that could be made. In the meantime though, you have my number; and I would like to meet your parents and show them the property if they would like."

"You can bet that Mom will," Dalton said quickly.  "She'll probably want to put up curtains and who knows what else."

"She can do whatever she wants to, Dalt," I said, standing and taking the envelope from Jake.

"Just have them give me a  call, Carlton; so I can give them a tour."

"I will, Jake, and thanks a lot for all that you and Tracey have done since we've been here," I replied, glancing at Tracey.

"When are you leaving, Calton?" she asked.

"Next Monday, Tracey.  Dalton will drive me to the airport in Indianapolis, and I should be in Brooklyn that evening," I answered.

"That fast?" she said.

"Airplanes, Tracey," I answered smiling at her. "It is the only way to travel they are saying; but, in some ways, I prefer trains."

"It may be faster; but I believe trains are a lot more comfortable, if you ask me," Jake said as we walked to the door.

"Thanks again, Jake," I said as we shook hands.  "I'll have, Dad call you."

"Do that, Carl, please," he replied, giving my hand a squeeze.  "It's been great meeting both of you."

"You too," Dalton said looking over Jake's shoulder and smiling at Tracey as we left.


"Hey, how about you driving home, Carl."  Dalton said, tossing the keys to me as we walked to the car.

"Me!" I said, surprised by his suddenly tossing of the keys to me.

"Sure, why not?" he replied cheerfully.  "I've been doing most of the driving, and I don't' believe you will be doing very much driving after you leave.

He was right that I wouldn't be driving very much after I left; and, for a moment, I thought he might have an ulterior motive by asking me to drive.  That suspicion was quickly dissipated when, as I was pulling away from the curb, he twisted around in his seat and sticking his head and arm out of the window waved and called back at Jake and Tracey, "See you soon."

I glanced back over my shoulder as I adjusted the car to the highway and heard a faint, "We hope so."

"They were really nice, weren't they, Carl?" Dalton said as he turned around in his seat and cocking one leg up on the seat faced me.

"They really were, Dalt," I answered glancing over at him sitting relaxed in the corner and said, "Make sure your door is locked if you're going to sit that way."

"It's locked," he answered.  "Did you have fun, Carlie?"

"I did, how about you?" I replied,  increasing speed as we left the Lake Gaston limits.

"Sure did," he  answered cheerfully.  "I've had loads of fun since you've been home."

"Me too, Dalt,"  I said,.  "It has really been great.  Do you think, Mom  might have enough supper for two more plates?"

"She always does, Carlie; at least, I hope she will tonight, I'm starved," he said, straightening his leg out and moving across the seat.  Snuggling close, he put his right arm across my lap placing his hand on my thigh and resting his head against my shoulder. I tensed for a moment in unwarranted anticipation but his hand didn't move.

We rode quietly for several miles, each lost in his own thoughts as row after row of tall corn sped by.  Thoughts of Dalton and Tip together, swimming and laughing as teenagers did drifted through my head.   Lowering my hand from the steering wheel, and placing it on his thigh, I asked softly, "Any regrets, Squirt?"

"Only one, Carlie, you leaving me next Monday," he answered, snuggling a little closer and closing his eyes.

Squeezing his thigh and rubbing my cheek against his hair, "I whispered, "Me too, Squirt, me too."