By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about two brothers. One is gay, in the Navy and an adult. The other is a 16 year old boy in high school.  All characters are fictional and unrelated to any person or persons living or deceased. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF MATERIAL DEPICTING HOMOSEXUAL ACTS, PLEASE LEAVE.


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Chapter #4

Dalton followed me into the bathroom with the eyes of a puppy dog, his thick cock bouncing and waving with each step.  After I had adjusted the water I put one foot in the shower stall and took his hand.  He looked at me with a mixture of fear and desire in his eyes and I didn't pull him, I waited for him to follow.

"Are you sure you want to do this Carl?" He said in almost a whisper, moving just a little closer.

"Only if you do Dalton. We can stop right here and nothing will ever be said about it again but its your decision."  I said softly and I release his hand, stepping under the water.

His cock softened just a little while he looked at me under the water. I could almost read his thoughts between desire and uncertainty and memories of the first time I took a shower with Jerry rushed though my mind.  I had felt the same way Dalton was feeling and I waited.  

His beautiful chest rose and fell with a gentle rhythm and I could see the fear evaporating from his eye as they softened. Stepping under the water with me he slid his arms under mine, around my chest.  He squeezed and laid his head on my chest and as much as I loved him I fell in love with him at that moment. He wasn't my kid brother any longer.  I put my arms around him, feeling  his cock harden lifting my balls and sliding between my legs.

Kissing his wet hair I ran my hands over the velvety softness of his back. He whimpered  and I heard him quietly say,  "I love you Carl."

The emotions of hearing him say that rushed over me and I felt my heart swell, beating faster.
Moving back just a little I cupped his chin in my hand and he lifted his face to mine, closing his eyes from the water.  I brushed my lips over his and he parted them slightly as if inviting my tongue in but I controlled the urge and held back. He nudged my nose with his and I felt the tip of his tongue touch my lips before laid  his head back on my chest.  I let him feel the emotions he had kindled, whispering softly.

"I've loved you almost from the day you were born Dalton but I never knew how much until now."

He inhaled, slowly expanding his chest, his arms holding me tight and then he exhaled, softly sighing. We stood under the cascading water of the overhead shower holding each other feeling the emotions running through the both of us.  The amazing thing was that I wasn't thinking about sex, even as hard as we both were, I was enjoying the sensation of his hard muscled body against mine, his thick dick between my legs, throbbing under my balls.  I had held other men but there was not the feeling I was experiencing with Dalton in my arms. I felt an ecstasy I had never experienced  before, he was giving himself to me and not just because he was my brother.

"No reservations Dalton? No worrying about mom and dad or anyone else?"

"Unh unh." He murmured. " I just want you with me Carl, just you and me."

                                                              Part II

Filling the shower sponge with sandalwood bath soap,  I slowly washed him. His eyes were closed but he would moan softly when I touched certain sensitive areas and his muscles would tighten. He turned around so I could wash his back and when I pushed the sponge between his cheeks he tightened up. With my free hand I massaged his hard abdominal muscles and running my fingers through the silky soft thickness of his pelvic hair I scratched at the base of his dick until he relaxed before removing the sponge. Kneeling on one knee to wash his legs, he placed his hand on the top of my head moving his fingers slowly. His smooth steel hard cock stood proudly in front of my face and I put my free hand behind his back in anticipation he might move back when I put my lips on the velvety soft crown of his blood engorged cock.

He did but I held him close with the pressure of my hand against the small of his back I heard a low "Carlie" escape from his lips, his fingers playing with my hair. I dropped down on my knees while holding his ass cheeks with both hands and I  clamped my lips tight just behind the head of his cock and I could feel my teeth sinking into the soft  flesh from the pressure. Dalton groaned and grabbing my hair with both hands he arched his back thrusting  his hips forward, driving his cock deeper until he hit the back of my mouth.  Almost 4" of his cock was in my mouth and as much as I wanted to bury my nose in his silky soft pubic hair, the angle wouldn't let his cock go any deeper.  I held him tight with my lips  massaging his cock with my tongue. 

His cock pulsed with the strong beat of his heart and when I slid my tongue around its head over the always sensitive glans on the underside he moaned loudly. I felt him slid his hands to the back of my head as he leaned over me holding my head tight to his groin. Still hunched over me and holding my head he withdrew until his cock almost slipped from my lips and he started a slowly methodical piston motion whispering softly "Carlie, Carlie."  I held his cock loosely with my lips, running my hands over the smooth soft back side of his legs.  I was in a euphoric state of bliss and when I felt his cock swelling and hardening I started jerking off hoping to climax with him.  The driving force of his hips quickened every nerve in my body was charged with the intense excitement of ejaculation. Dalton's body tightened, his swelling cock filled my mouth and suddenly he jerked his cock gushing thick streams of his life giving sperm. I heard the cry "Carlieeeeeee" fill the air as hot  sperm rushing upwards from my ball sac through my throbbing cock exploding with volcanic force onto the shower floor.  I groaned deep within my esophagus as my seed flowed and wrapping my arms around his hips I swallowed greedily his wilting cock pulsing,  pumping,  draining his juices down my throat.  

I can honestly say I was shuddering from the ecstasy of sucking on my kid brothers dick. I don't remember ever wanting anyone as much as I wanted Dalton and never would again.  It is hard describing the feelings that were racing through me and the usual after effects that follow are not as enjoyable in a shower as they are in bed. His cock slowly softened and I rolled it around in my mouth tasting the last drops of his creamy sperm.  I felt Dalton trembling over me, still holding my head close to his groin.  I gently removed his hands and when I stood up he pressed his trembling body close to me holding tight, his head on my chest  and I felt his heart racing as he breathed deeply, slowly calming down.

The water had cooled so I reached for the knob and increased the flow of hot water. We stood under the warm shower completely oblivious to the fact that we had never finished showering. Right at that moment, it made no difference, there was something else more important than washing each other going on. The little soap from when I started had rinsed off of him and remembering my first time with a man, he was probably feeling the same way. It can be a traumatic experience when you explore the sexual unknown and from what Dalton had said, he was a virgin in every sense of the word with the exception of masturbation and the one time Eddie had brought him to a dry orgasm sucking on his dick.

When he stopped trembling and his heart and breathing returned to almost normal I lifted his face to mine. His face shined with innocence and there was an almost happy impish grin playing at the corners of his lips.  His eyes shined with a soft dreaminess and I lowered my lips to his, kissing him gently.

"Are you alright Dalt?"         

"Mmmmmmmm yeah." He cooed slipping his arms around my neck and kissing me below the ear.
"Do you think we might finish showering before the hot water runs out?" I asked.

"We better." He said squeezing me tight.

Dalton removed his arms and leaning over picked up the sponge.  Filling it with soap he started running it over me and I remembered the impish look on his face. He started playing, washing places on another man he probably never thought he would and I loved it.

The water was turning cooler by the time we finished.  Drying each other off, he brushed  his teeth while I opened my suitcase to find my toothbrush.

                                                                  Part III

Dalton was sitting naked on one of the beds when I came out of the bathroom, his soft cock and balls hanging over the edge. Even in a relaxed state his muscles were taut and his body gleamed golden.  Soft silky brown pubic hair surrounded the thick base like a nest and it stirred a little as he breathed. Who ever the doctor had been,  he removed Dalton's foreskin to where you could barely notice it. The head of  his cock matched the width, not bulbous like others I had seen. We both were built the same, thick at the base tapering to a bullet shaped head. Some guys would say we were made for sucking and fucking. I could agree with that, I didn't like large mushroom shaped heads.  

His eyes followed me as I took fresh skivvies and socks from my bag.  I laid the clothing on top of the bag and took my ditty bag into the bathroom.  He was still sitting like a gorgeous statue and had hardly said a word since we had entered the shower.

"You okay Dalt?" I asked turning the sheets back on the opposite bed.

"Carl, over here please." He said patting his bed.

I hoped he would ask but I didn't want him feeling I just assumed he would want me to sleep with him.  He wasn't some trick I had picked up on the street and I wasn't going to treat him like one. With a trick, you both knew what each other wanted and you did it.  With Dalton it was another ball game. As much as I wanted to sleep with him, I wanted him to be sure of what he wanted.

"You sure kid?" I asked still holding the sheets.

"As long as you are home Carl, I want to sleep with you. Nothing has to happen, I just want to feel you next to me that's all."

"What about mom and dad? If they should catch us in bed together. . . . .you know what might happen."

"They never come my bedroom when I'm home. Mom usually stands at the head of the steps and hollars."

Taking the pillow from the bed I tossed it over with Dalton's.  Grinning he pulled the sheets back and slid under them holding them up for me. Snapping the light off I laid down with him and he dropped the sheets over me leaving his arm across my chest.  Turning on his side, facing me he flexed his arm muscles pulling me closer and he laid his head on the pillow next to mine.  The glow of the bathroom nightlight left the bedroom in a soft semi-darkness and I could feel his soft warm breath on my cheek.  

We laid like that for several minutes, his soft cock pressing against my thigh, neither one of us really sleeping.  I turned my face to his seeing the reflection of the nightlight in his eyes.

"Can't sleep?" I said turning and putting my arm over him.

"I'm not sleepy." He said rolling over on his back.

Scooting up to the head of the bed on the pillows, I bent my elbow and leaning my head on my hand I looked down at him, laying the other hand on his chest.  He reached up and laid one hand on the top of mine, holding my wrist with the other.  He gazed into my eyes searchingly, moving the tip of his tongue over his lips

"Was I supposed to be queer Carl? Was I supposed to like men like you do rather than girls?" He asked quietly, almost in a whisper and I felt his hand squeezing mine. Deep in the depths of his soft brown eyes I saw the faint glimmer of the anguish and doubt he was feeling.

I breathed in deep remembering what he had said earlier about the feelings he had when he saw me jerking off and how he felt about  wanting to do it with me. He liked the feelings he had when Eddie sucked  his dick and he had wanted those feelings again when he was jerking off.  I remembered how frustrated I was when I was 16 but I guess it was the fear of being caught that prevented me from finding an Eddie.  

Gathering him in my arms, I wanted to tell him he wasn't "queer" but I wasn't sure.  He hadn't done anything except let me suck him off and we had kissed more like brothers than lovers.  Did brothers being in bed naked, giving pleasure that men felt between each other mean either one or both were "queer?"  There was a feeling that he had wanted me as much as I wanted him but hidden under that feeling, I had the suspicion he might have felt safer with me than with an unknown person. I know how nervous I felt my first time and how I hesitated much as he had.

 I knew men who were bi-sexual and liked both men and women but they didn't think they were "queer" because they liked both ways of having sex.  Dalton may be  bi-sexual and didn't realize it yet.  I knew I had to be careful with what I said and did or I could really screw him up.  

Leaning down I kissed  him on the forehead and whispered, "did you want Eddie to suck your dick when you younger?"

He laid with his head on my chest and holding me close with his arm over me, he raised his face to mine. "I think I did Carl. His hand was soft and warm when he was jerking me off and I remembered what I had heard some of the other guys saying about how good a blow job felt when their girl friends did it to them.  We were laying next to each other slowly jerking each other off when he suddenly put his mouth over my dick and I almost screamed it felt so good and I didn't want him to stop.  I held his head down on my dick while he sucked it  and the feelings were like white hot electric shocks shooting through me. It was so awesome I could hardly breath."

I felt his heart beating rapidly in rhythm with mine. He snuggled closer putting his leg over mine with his knee laying on my half hard cock.  Breathing deeply, I ran my hand over his velvet soft back trying to resist the tension that was building in my loins.  

We lay quietly until I felt that sensious urge receding.

"Has anyone else approached you since Eddie did it Dalt?"

"Once, in the bathroom at the drive-in. Some older guy standing at the urinal next to me showed me his hard dick, waving it around and skinning the foreskin back.  My dick got hard watching him but when he reached for my dick, I got scared and ran outside.  I was with some other kids and when the guy came out he just looked at me and then he got in his car and drove off and I was shaking. Jeff Morgan, a kid from school,  saw him and kidded me about letting the "old faggot" suck me off while I was in the bathroom. I told Jeff to "go fuck himself" but he just grinned moving his tongue over his lips acting like he was sucking."

"That kid Jeff, probably wanted you or he would not have done what he did after you told him off. That is pretty typical when someone seems like they are kidding you about letting someone give you a blow job."

"Jeff never did anything else after that Carl and I never saw the older guy again."

"Knowing if you like men or not Dalton depends on how you react and what you want.  If you get a hardon lookng at other boys or when you see another kid or man with a hardon on that could mean you are gay or you just like what Eddie did earlier.  Some guys like both men and girls, that is called being bi-sexual.  Have you ever been with a girl like Susie or another girl that gets you excited?"

"Not Susie but a couple of other girls I've dated have made me pretty hot. I didn't know what I should do though."

"Let nature takes its course Dalton, just be careful.  Do what makes you feel good but be careful who you do it with."

"I liked what we just did." He said nuzzling my nipple with his nose.  "Can I do what you did?"

"If you are sure that is what you want."

"I'm sure Carlie." He whimpered softly, running his hand over my chest and stomach. "I've been wanting to do it with you ever since I knew you were gay."

"Later Dalt, not now. There is plenty of time for that. Right now, a little sleep would be better."  I said placing my hand over his and turning on my side facing him.  

                                                              Part IV

I slid my arm under Dalton's neck and he pushed his leg between mine pulling his body closer to mine with his arm over me.  His hard cock pressed against mine and looking into my eyes he whispered "I love you Carl."

"And I love you." I said kissing his nose.

Dalton sighed deeply and closed his eyes. I held him close thinking about what had been said, thinking about the feelings I had for my kid brother.  Other men I had liked but they didn't rouse the feelings that Dalton had. . . . . . . . . .

                                                           * * * * * * * *