My Kid Brother
Copyright 2003
By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XLI

Dalton had managed to slip out of bed without waking me; but, when I rolled over and reached for him, his not being beside me woke me immediately. I sat bolt upright in bed looking around the room lit by the glow of the bathroom light radiating through the partially open door and  called his name.

"In here, Carlie,  I'm almost finished cleaning up."

"Damn, Squirt, why didn't you wake me?" I exclaimed grumpily, throwing the sheet back and swinging my legs over the side of the bed.  "Before we turned in last night, Dad asked if we would take care of the lawn for him."

"That shouldn't be a problem, Carl." he said as he came out of the bathroom buck naked, his semi-flaccid cock swinging teasingly over his balls like a pendulum. "One of us can run the new riding mower that Dad just bought while the other does the edging.  That way, we should have plenty of time to clean up after we finish and then take Mom and Dad to the lake to meet Jake and Tracey."

He stood for a moment, finishing the drying of his luxuriantly thick chestnut brown hair as he spoke.  My heart beat quickened as my eyes drank in the beauty of tawny teenage muscles rippling as he dried his hair, and I silently inhaled filling my lungs and watching the subtle swelling and relaxing of his smooth beautifully circumcised cock, his magnificently muscled body glowing with vitality as he dried off.  

"It's amazing that he developed so quickly in such a short time," I thought to myself as I gazed at him, a surge of love sweeping over me. I felt a deep pride in how gorgeous my kid brother had become and in his comfort with and acceptance of both of us being gay.

Throwing the towel over his shoulder, he looked across the room at where I was slouched on the side of the bed, my half-hard cock dangling over my balls. His dark brown eyes gleamed impishly as he moved toward me, grinning as he spoke. "You got something on your mind other than cutting grass, Carlie?"  He asked, placing his arm over my shoulders as he dropped down on the bed beside me.

"Nope," I answered, breathing in deeply before turning to look at him and chuckling softly as I placed my hand on his thigh, squeezing gently. "I was wondering whether maybe you were thinking we might run into Tip while we are at the lake."

Dalton's breathing quickened slightly; and, glancing down, I saw his cock rapidly thickening as it swelled, lengthening to its hard beautifully tapered six inches. His muscles tensed as I moved my hand slowly over the velvety soft flesh of his inner thigh, and I heard the soft hissing of air being inhaled between his teeth when the tips of my fingers lightly touched his full testicle sac.

Turning his face to mine and looking intently into my eyes, he said in a hushed voice, "I was a little, Carlie; but, mostly, I've been thinking about you." He hesitated for a moment before drawing his arm from over my shoulders as my fingers moved upward over his ribs and down over the velvety soft muscles of his back. 

Resting his hand on my thigh, he breathed in deeply, his soft succulent lips quivering slightly; and tears welled up in his eyes as he said, "All I have been thinking about is you leaving on Monday and what I'm going to do after you're gone."

His dark brown eyes glistened brightly through a sheen of tears as he looked into mine, and I could hear and feel the anguish in his tone of voice as he spoke.  Placing my hand on his warm  chest, I pushed gently, twisting him around slowly in my arms and pulling the towel off of his shoulder as he lay down on the bed.   His gorgeously developed chest rose and fell rhythmically as he breathed; and I could feel  the steady beat of his heart beneath my hand as I caressed the velvety softness of his breast muscles, his flesh quivering sensuously as I caressed the hardness of his nipples, trying, with difficulty, to suppress the desire building in my loins and trying to formulate an answer to his question.

"You will do what you were doing, Dalt,  before you learned more fully about yourself, about us, and why you were experiencing feelings of frustration when you were around boys but not when you were around girls.  You know more about those feelings now, sensual feelings of excitement that would result in getting a hardon, and you didn't really understand why.  Now you know why being around boys dressed or naked excited you, and you've experienced the exhilarating excitement of being wanted.  You've experienced sex with Tip and Jeff; and from what you have said about your suspicions about your school buddy Billy, you may learn more as long as you are cautious and prudent in your choices."

"Maybe, but that's because you taught me when we made love, Carlie," he said huskily, moving his hand over my rib cage as he looked up at me with a  coquettish gleam in his eyes while he tickled my chest with his finger tips, his voice husky with emotion.  "Sex with them was great, but there weren't the feelings that I have when you and I make love."

"That, Little Brother, is because you enjoy being with both of them.  You have said you like Tip more; but, you haven't fallen in love with either one of them. The feelings between us have always been there, Dalt, the natural love of two brothers; and now we have discovered a physical love that forms an unbreakable bond.  Sex is sex, Dalt, and the physical feelings and desires that you have had are a result of wanting sex.  Jerking off is only a way of temporarily satisfying those feelings, but it's not like being with another man, someone you like.  You enjoy it, and you feel better afterwards; but, with someone you love, the feelings remain long after the excitement of sex has passed.  However, don't confuse love with sex, Dalt.  Sex fulfills a physical need that is spontaneous while love fills the need to be wanted forever, not just for the moment."

"Tip is nice, and I like him." He responded, snuggling closer and rubbing his cheek on my forearm.  "But I know what you mean about the way I feel. When it's just you and I, I feel all warm and safe, wishing it would never end; but I don't have that feeling with Tip.  He makes me feel good, but he is still learning just like I am."

"It takes time, Squirt; it took quite some time before I understood why I felt the way I did about other boys.  You and Tip will do all right as long as you both use common sense and don't let your inner feelings control what you do." I said, sitting up and smacking him lightly on the rump and continuing to speak as I slid out of bed, and stood up. "Right now though, we have a lawn to cut." 

"We would," he growled as he rolled off of the bed. "I can think of something that I'd rather be doing."

"Me too, Squirt; but we have time for that later." I replied as I went into the bathroom to relieve myself and wash up.

"Not much." I heard him grumbling softly almost to himself as he started to dress.


Fortunately, the morning was cool, and the time went by quickly.  Dalton seemed to have forgotten his earlier disappointment, and he was like a kid riding the lawn tractor while I edged and did the trimming.  Mom and Dad had gone off after breakfast, returning just as we finished cleaning up and dressing for the trip to Lake Gaston.   After a light lunch, Dalton wanted to drive us in his car; but our parents weren't about to sit in what they called "almost a rumble seat."  Dad did let him drive his sedan while he and Mom sat in the back seat enjoying the luxury of being chauffeured. The conversation was mostly small talk about nothing in particular, and I was surprised that there were no questions about the cottage and our week together in it. 

Dalton slowed as we drove to Jake's office; and just before we reached it Dad said, "It really hasn't changed very much, Mother, has it?"

"The village doesn't seem to have changed much, William; but I don't recall there being so many homes and side streets."

"Jake told us that the village has grown and that there have been several summer cottages and a small subdivision built in the hills overlooking the lake, Mom."  I said, twisting around to look back at them just as Dad said, "That's progress, Mother, nothing remains the same."

"Unfortunately," Mother answered wistfully after a brief moment of silence.

Dalton glanced at me as he turned into the  parking area next to Jake's office building and said, "I think I saw Tracey in the office window, Carl.  It looked like she was sitting at a desk."

"I hope Jake is there." I said as the car came to a stop and I got out to open the rear door for our parents.

  Mom and Dad hesitated for a moment when they got out of the car, just like tourists do when they are in an unfamiliar location.   Looking around as she stepped from the car, Mother commented again about the difference from when they had been in Lake Gaston before.  Dad, who had already alighted, glanced at me and winked as he took her arm saying, "We can look around later if you would like; but, for now, you had better watch where you are walking on this uneven pavement, or you might twist an ankle."

With Mother holding tightly to Dad's arm, they moved onto the sidewalk ahead of us.  Dalton was walking around from the other side of the car doing his own looking around until he saw me looking at him.   Smiling knowingly, I had a teasing remark on the tip of my tongue and was about to make a comment; but, remembering we weren't alone, I grinned and winked instead of teasing him.

The door alarm similar to those used in country stores jangled as we stepped inside Jake's office, and Tracey looked up from the work she was doing at her desk.  Her expression was blank for a brief moment before she broke into a huge smile.  "My heavens, Carl, Dad didn't tell me that you guys would be here today."  She said enthusiastically as she stood up and moved toward us.

"He doesn't know it, Tracey." I responded, bracing for the hug that I saw coming as she advanced toward me.

Tracey's arms felt like steel bands as she embraced me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.  For a moment, Dalton seemed on the verge of flight but then succumbed to Tracey's enthusiastic greeting saying, "Gosh, Tracey, we were just here yesterday."

"I know, but that doesn't mean I can't give you a hug." she answered brightly. Without hesitating she stepped back to look at our parents and said, "I'll bet these two are your Mom and Dad, right?"

"Yes," I said, turning slightly to introduce them when Dad stepping forward and extending his hand said, "You must be Tracey, Mr. Ballard's daughter," he said glancing at the three of us and then at Mom who had moved to join him as he continued speaking.   "The boys have told us about you and your father."

"All to the good,  I hope, Mr. Evers, Mrs. Evers." Tracey said, glancing at us with an impish twinkle in her eyes as she finished shaking their hands. 

"Of course, Tracey," I said quickly. "Is your, Dad here?"

"He should be down in a minute, Carl, he's upstairs getting some fresh coffee." She answered as she held the swinging gate in the partition open for Mom and Dad to pass through.  "You know how he is about his coffee," she continued, glancing up as we heard footsteps on the stairs leading to their second floor apartment followed by the office front door opening.

The jangling of the spring mounted front door bells was followed by a hearty "Carl, Dalton, good to see you. I was thinking about giving you a call, but this is even better." He said looking at us and then asking,"  Are these your parents?"

I was about to introduce them when Dad, extending his hand to Jake and  said, "Bill Evers, Mr. Ballard, and this is my wife Evelyn."

"It's my pleasure, Bill; but call me 'Jake', please." He said, glancing at Mom and nodding as he and Dad shook hands.  "You've met my daughter, Tracey?"  He asked as he handed her the bag of Maxwell House.

"Yes, we have and please, it's 'Evelyn'." Mother answered quietly, smiling at Jake and Tracey.

"She introduced herself when we arrived a few minutes ago, Jake." Dad replied glancing at Tracey and smiling as he placed a chair for Mother to sit down.

"I knew who they were when they walked in, Daddy." Tracey replied as she took the bag from Jake's hand asking, "Do you still want coffee?"

Looking at us, he said, "not unless our guests do."

"Not right now, Jake," Dad said quickly, glancing at me and hesitating for a moment.  "We would like to see the cottage though, if that is possible, and perhaps we can discuss one or two of the things that Carl was telling us."

"Of course, Bill." Jake replied quickly, glancing at me briefly before continuing to speak.  "I saw only a sedan in the parking lot as I came in, so I am assuming that is your car.  That would be a little crowded for six people, so you can follow us although Dalton and Carl know the way."


The late afternoon sun filtering through the trees enhanced the short drive from the roadway to the cottage.  The carpet of mixed leaves and pine needles beneath the trees seemed to hush the crunch of gravel under the car's tires; and as the cottage came into view, Mother exclaimed softly but with a tone of excitement in her voice,  "Oh, Carlie, it's really beautiful here."

"I'm glad you like it, Mother.  Dalt and I knew we wanted it almost as soon as we saw it."  I said, instantly wishing I had thought before speaking of Dalton and me in the plural.

"From what I can see, it seems to be a good investment, Carl; but only one bedroom is a bit unusual." Dad said.

"Don't forget the loft, Dad." Dalton said quickly as he pulled in beside Jake's car. 

"A loft is good for kids, Dalton; but what about more than two adults?" Dad asked.   "Where are they going to sleep?"

"I guess...." I started to say when Mother cut in.

"William, it is a vacation cottage where people sort of rough it, not a home.  You haven't even seen the inside, and already you're picking it apart."

"Not really, Mother, just being practical." He replied, grinning and winking at me as he assisted her from the car.

"Being practical is all well and good, William; but for once don't be until you've seen what we came here to see." She said with emphasis as she straightened up and looked him in the eye.

"Yes, Evelyn." Dad replied as he took her arm to guide her to where Jake and Tracey were waiting at the back door of the cottage.

Dalton nudged me in the ribs with his elbow as we followed them and commented softly. "I guess we know who won that argument, don't we?"

The "argument" as Dalton called it was as close as Mom and Dad ever came to disagreeing with each other that I could recall; and, returning  Dalton's nudge, I said,  "I don't think that Dad looks on it as if he lost, Squirt; it's more like an understanding.  Besides, when can you remember ever hearing them really arguing?"

"Never." He replied.  "They always seem to know what the other wants or is saying, and they seem to agree by disagreeing."

"That is the art of compromise, Little Brother; learn when you should compromise and you will be a lot better off." I said softly as we approached the group.

"What were you two talking about so intently?" Mother asked.

I was caught off guard, not sure that she had been observing us or even whether she could have overheard what we were saying; and as I hesitated, Dalton interrupted my thoughts and spoke up.

"We were just talking about how much we thought you and Dad are going to like spending a vacation here, weren't we?"  He said answering her and looking at me a little impishly, his eyes twinkling.

Glancing at him, I continued his thinking. "Dalton is right, Mom.  After you and Dad have had a chance to spend a weekend or two here, I'm sure you will like it." I said, glancing at Dalton who had a triumphant gleam in his eyes and was looking smug.


Jake gave Mom and Dad the tour while Dalton, Tracey and I stayed in the kitchen area talking.  She surprised us when she told us that she had seen Tip earlier; and he had told her that, after a big fight with their father, Lyle threw some clothes into a bag, and took what money he had and boarded the bus to Indianapolis.  He told Tip that he was fed up with being pushed around, and he was going to join the army. 

"Damn, Carl." Dalton exclaimed. "You don't think they got into trouble because they stayed overnight with us do you?"

"Easy, Dalt, not so loud." I replied, looking over my shoulder to be sure we weren't overheard. "It might have been, but I doubt it was because of that.  Remember what they had told us about their dad drinking and giving Lyle a hard time."

"Yeah, but," Dalton started to say when Tracey intervened saying, "Tip didn't say anything about staying overnight with you guys." She said, looking back and forth at us before asking, "When was that?"

"Last Thursday, Tracey," I answered quickly glancing around to be sure we were out of earshot. "They were riding their bicycles and stayed over because of the storm." I said, shushing them when I saw Mom, Dad and Jake moving toward us.

"Damn, Carl, I really think you have made a good investment; and, from what Jake tells me, it can only increase in value." Dad said with exuberance as he joined us.

"I think he knows that, don't you, Carl?" Jake responded smiling broadly.

"I am sure he does." Dad replied, answering for me as it was his wont to do when he was in certain family situations and was excited. I grinned and nodded at Jake as Dad was declaring, "I still want to take a look at the loft if Dalton will show me the way."

"Sure, Dad." Dalton replied.  "The ladder is over here."

Dad and Dalton climbed the ladder to the loft over Mother's exclamations of "You two be careful."

A few minutes after they had disappeared into the interior of the loft, Dad called out, "There is more room up here than you might think, Evelyn, and  Dalton said it felt like he was on a Boy Scout camping trip sleeping out when he slept up here."

"Perhaps, William, but it will be the boys sleeping up there.  I'd rather both of you came down; it makes me nervous."  She replied, turning away and moving into the kitchen area to inspect cabinets and appliances.

I heard Jake asking if mother had any questions as he and Tracey joined her while I was thinking about what Dalton had said, realizing that he had warded off any possible complications by implanting the idea that he and I had not slept together while we had been here.  "Good boy," I thought to myself as I moved closer, in readiness to be of assistance as they descended the loft ladder.

Glancing over his shoulder at Mother after he stepped off of the ladder and moved to where I was standing, he said quietly. "Your mother can be a bit of a fuddy-duddy at times, Carl.  You would think she believes that I expect her to climb that ladder."

"I don't believe she was thinking about that, Dad; but you aren't a youngster anymore, and I think she was more concerned about that than your climbing the ladder." I said.

Turning to look in her direction, he replied softly, " I know you're right, Son; and I shouldn't get upset, but I guess that comes with getting older." He turned to face me and said as Dalton walked up. "I think you've made a good investment, and I like Jake.  He seems to be quite professional as well as a nice person, and both he and his daughter seem to have taken a liking to both of you."

"They're easy people to be with, Dad; and Jake has been really helpful." I said glancing at Dalton who was standing behind Dad looking at me with a broad smile.

"I'm sure of that, and I think we had better join them before we are in real trouble." Dad said as he turned on his heel and moved in their direction.

"Yes, Sir," I replied, soliciting a loud grunt from Dalton when I nudged him in the ribs with my elbow to get his attention saying, "Come on Squirt."

"Squirt...," He whispered softly. "I'll show you who is a squirt when we get home."

"You will?" I said mischievously, winking at him as I followed Dad.


After a few more minutes looking around, we stepped outside; and, as Jake was locking the door, he said,  "Tracey and I would love to have you for dinner if it would be convenient for you."

"It would be very convenient and nice, Jake," Dad said, looking at us as he spoke. "As a matter of fact, we had planned on dinner before returning home, and it would be a delight to have dinner with you and Tracey."

"Good, it's settled then." Jake said.  "There is a new restaurant out on Lakeside Road that we have been intending to visit; and if you like German cuisine, this would be a perfect time."

"Oh, yeah." Dalton exclaimed with his usual exuberance before we could say anything. "I do."

"Dalton!" Mother said reprovingly but laughing quietly. "You like food period, so I would not call it uncommon knowledge that you do."

"Awww, Mom." He said, blushing deeply with embarrassment like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Everybody laughed at his expense, and it was agreed that German food would be satisfactory.  As we were getting into the cars, Jake called out. "If you would care to, we can all freshen up at our place before going to the restaurant."

"Good," Mother said as we settled into our seats.  "For a few moments, I was wondering if we could wash up in the cottage, but I'm sure there is no inconvenience or Mr. Ballard would not have suggested that we do so."

"You could have, Mom," Dalton said, glancing at her in the rear view mirror. "There are towels and soap in the bathroom that we left behind."

"And, I am sure there are other things that will be needed as well." She replied.

"Only when you are using the cottage, Mother," I said.  "The cottage will be rented out when you aren't using it, and the renters will have to provide their own linens and towels."

"Rented out." Dad mused thoughtfully.  "That had crossed my mind but, I had forgotten to mention the possibility." He said, asking. "How does that work?"

"We can discuss all of that later, Dad; but it isn't complicated, and it might be better if you discussed it with Jake." I said as we pulled up in front of Jake's office.


The restaurant had been built of huge weathered logs with the lake as a backdrop, and when we entered the reason was clear.  There was a broad view of the lake through a wall of glass.  There were huge chandeliers hanging down from the vaulted ceilings which had the support and cross beams visible.  The interior and furniture were very rustic, and the tables were covered with red and white checkered cloths.  Each table had a small pewter lamp with a matching pewter shade containing sienna colored panels that cast a glow on the table that did not interfere with other patrons who might be sitting close by.  With the heads of various mounted on the walls of the bar and dining rooms, the owners conveyed the atmosphere of being in a hunting lodge. 

As we entered the restaurant, a suave, handsome middle age man  intercepted us, nodding and welcoming us to the Old Heidelburg.  As Jake was talking with him, I was assessing his obviously enticing charms.  His hair was a golden almost platinum blond, and his face was pure Teutonic.  He was broad shouldered and narrow waisted, and his black tunic style uniform trimmed in silver brocade fit perfectly revealing well shaped buttocks; but, unfortunately, his crotch was hidden by Jake standing in front of him.   As the maitre de' was talking with Dad, his eyes flicked between, Dalton and myself, and a sense of excitement welled up in my loins.  When I exhaled after breathing in deeply in an attempt to control my emotions, Dalton turned, and looking at me with a wicked gleam in his eyes, grinned and discreetly moistened his lips with the tip of his  tongue.

"That is going to cost me," I thought, subtlety winking back at him and grinning.

The meal was excellent; the service was above reproach, and the waiters were handsome well built mostly blond young men dressed as impeccably as the maitre de' in matching uniforms.  We discussed the prospects of renting the cottage; and of course, Mom and Dad wanted to know what their obligations would be. While Jake answered their concerns, Tracey and Dalton had their heads together.  I figured they were talking about Tip and Lyle, and I anticipated that Dalton would tell me later what they had discussed.   After all of Mom and Dad's concerns had been addressed,  there was a slight disagreement over who was going to pay for the meal; but Jake won out, and was profusely thanked for a wonderful afternoon and evening.  I had the suspicion that the cost would be deducted as a business expense which would be logical since we had discussed the cottage.

Tracey rode with us back to their apartment while Dad and Jake rode together discussing the arrangements that had to be made to finalize the sale of the property.  Mom and Tracey made small talk, and I could see from the way Dalton's head was angled that he was trying to overhear what they were saying.  When I punched his ribs, he glanced at me quickly, grinning with an innocent "what's wrong" expression on his face.


The drive back to Richmond was quiet with only an occasional comment from either Mom or Dad as we rode in the darkness. They were talking softly, and we couldn't hear what they were saying to each other; but, when I glanced at them, they didn't seem to be paying any attention to us.  When I looked at Dalton, he inhaled deeply as he sort of shrugged his shoulders; and, arching his back to seemingly relieve the tension of driving, he glanced at me as he suggestively ran his hand over his pelvis and down into his crotch.  I stretched arching my back as he had done and yawned before settling back in my seat moving a little closer so he didn't have any trouble running his hand over my thigh and pelvis, squeezing my hard cock. 

From the gleam in his eyes, I could see that he was feeling as horny as I was and as I slid my hand across the seat, I glanced at Mom and Dad, and they seemed to be asleep. I laid my head on the seat back and closed my eyes acting like I was dozing while I was giving Dalton's cock a vigorous rub down at the same time as he was squeezing and rubbing mine.

I could feel his thighs tighten when he was close to blowing his load, and I slacked off rubbing his cock, and kept him on the edge by squeezing his thigh muscles.  It was like we were playing a game, getting each other almost to the point of exploding before slacking off and resting until one or the other would start again.  Both of us were on the verge of an eruption when, giving my hard sensitive cock a final squeeze, Dalton removed his hand and said, "Mom, Dad, we are almost home."

"We are?" Dad said sleepily.  "That was a fast trip."

"It always is when you fall asleep, Dad; you and Mom both were cutting a few zeez's."  Dalton answered as he turned into the driveway, glancing at me and grinning as he spoke.

I was trying to be inconspicuous as I straightened up in the seat, trying to adjust my semi-hard cock as Dalton pulled into Dad's parking space turning the car's lights off as he rolled to a stop.  We were suddenly engulfed in pitch black darkness; and Dalton said,  "Jeez, maybe I should leave the car lights on while you and Mom go to the house, Dad." 

"That's okay, Son." He replied.  "You and Carl go ahead. It's been a long day, and it is a lovely evening.  Your mother and I are going to sit on the porch for awhile before going to bed."

"Okay, Dad, if that's what you want.  It's been a long day for all of us, and I'll be happy to crawl in bed."  He replied as we waited for a few moments while our eyes adjusted to the dark before we got out of the car.

We stood beside the car and watched to be sure that Mom and Dad made it across the graveled parking area and driveway to the front porch.  When they disappeared from view, Dalton glanced at me and said, "Ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready, and you are right." I said softly, putting my arm around his shoulder and hugging him tightly as we walked toward the house. "It has been a long day, Little Brother; but it's not over yet."

He looked at me, his eyes gleaming brightly, and said, "I know."