My Kid Brother
Copyright © 2003
By Lee Mariner

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Chapter XLII

"We had better leave the outside light on for Mom and Dad, Carl," Dalton said, as he reached up over the door where the key was normally hidden.

"Wouldn't they use the front door?" I asked, my eyes blinking violently in the sudden glare of the kitchen lights, when he flipped the wall switch beside the door jamb.

"Nah, they can't.  Mom keeps the storm door and the front door locked; but not the side door," he answered, as he put the door key back in its hiding place.  "If Dad or I are out late, Mom sits up and waits until both of us are home, and then she locks the side door.

"I don't think that is such a good idea, Dalt, leaving the side door unlocked."

"Yeah, I know, and Dad would agree with you," he replied, still talking as he opened the basement door. "Dad fusses with her about it, and every now and then I say something, but she still sits in the kitchen waiting.  If it is Dad she is waiting on and not me, she puts a pot of coffee on the minute she hears him driving up the driveway."

"No coffee for you?" I asked, kidding him, and following him down the stairs admiring the breadth of his shoulders, the smallness of his waist and the beautifully rounded curve of his enticing ass.

"Nah, milk mostly; and to tell you the truth, Carl, I don't really drink that much coffee," he answered, flicking the light off as he reached the bottom step. 

Total blackness enveloped us as the light went off, and stopping dead, I said, "Don't you think you should leave that on until you turn on the lights in your room."

I could hear his sneakers shuffling on the cement floor, and then the rustling sound of cloth as he spoke,  "Not really, Carl, I know every inch of the basement," he said with a slight chuckle.  "Just wait a second, and your eyes will adjust."

The dim light filtering under the basement kitchen door helped, and after a few seconds, I could see well enough to navigate the final two steps onto the basement floor.  When I looked in the direction of Dalton's room, he was standing two or three feet in front of me, half naked after removing his shirt.

"You devil," I exclaimed softly as he moved quickly toward me and pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it into the darkness.
"Even if I was, you would still love me," he gurgled as he slid his arms around my rib cage pulling us tightly together, his lips searching for mine.

His tongue was a steel rapier, searching and probing, and I could feel his cock surging to its full magnificent stature, pressing  against mine. Standing together and petting in the semi-darkness instilled an ethereal feeling of desire, stimulating the quickening beat of his heart, in sync with mine.  His arms were steel bands holding me tightly against the warmth of his hard muscled chest, and I could feel the hardness of his nipples pressing into my upper chest muscles.  The flesh of his muscled back felt like warm velvet, and when he broke the kiss, he laid his head against my breast ,whispering softly, "God, Carlie, I love you so much. I don't know what I'll do after you leave."

I had been asking myself the converse of that question, and I didn't like the answer anymore than I knew he would.  There was no way to soften the impact of separation except to accept the hope that time would heal the wound.  In a small way, I was glad that he had met Tip, and with his help and influence, the pain would be dulled somewhat for Dalton after I left...

"Hey, Squirt, not so fast," I said, softly nuzzling his silky hair and running my hands over the soft muscles of his back.  "We still have the rest of tonight,  tomorrow, and tomorrow night, so lets not rush it just yet, okay?"

"I wish it could be forever," he said, placing his head against my shoulder with one arm around my waist holding me tightly while walking the remaining few feet to his room.

"Forever is a long time, Squirt," I said, as we entered the room, and he released me to flip the light switch. 

"Yeah, it is, and I want all of it to be with you,"  he said, sliding his arms around me from behind, pulling us tightly together. Pressing his hard cock into the crack of my ass, and he laid his chin on my shoulder. The warmth of his flesh against mine permeated every muscle, and there was a sharp bolt of fire in my groin, as he whispered, "Fuck me, Carlie, please," he cooed softly, seductively.  "Fuck me the way you did that first time.  But this time, I don't want you to use anything."

Loosening his grip around my waist, and turning to face me, he smiled impishly, his dark brown eyes two liquid pools gazing at me, as I spoke,   "Nothing, Squirt, no lube or spit, nothing?"

His glowing eyes overflowed with an almost incomprehensible love that is not generally associated with brothers.  I felt the energy and excitement of that love flowing between us as he looked at me.   Laying his head on my chest, he  whimpered softly, "Nothing, Carlie, nothing that takes away the sensation of you taking me, loving me for who and what I am, but not because we are brothers.  I want the feeling that we are lovers, and that we belong to each other and no one else."

Dalton stepped back; his eyes locked with mine.  Muscles tensing and then relaxing at the light touch of a finger or the stroke of a thumb over a shoulder, intensifying the passionate fires of desire building between us.  Our lips met in a soft kiss, our tongues teasingly sparring as we  unbuckled our belts and unzipped our jeans letting them drop around our ankles as we embraced.  We held each other tightly, our hard cocks pressed between us as we consummated the delights of our passionate kiss.  Two hearts were beating as one, and our breathing became more labored with building passions. Twisting around with Dalton still in my arms, I broke the kiss and pushed him down on the bed. 

In a flurry of impassioned activity, clothing and sneakers were removed, and Dalton scooted up on the bed as I pulled his briefs off, his unfettered cock springing free and slapping loudly against his hard flat abdomen.  His magnificently developed chest rose and fell rapidly as he breathed excitedly, his eyes gleaming as he watched my briefs fall away, moaning softly as my throbbing cock sprang free from confinement.

His smooth circumcised cock, its' youthful beauty enhanced by his full balls hanging over the soft perineum between his testicles and his anus, resting on the silky nest  of soft golden hair that covered his pelvis, its tapered head reaching to his inny naval.  As I stepped out of the briefs, and moved onto the bed between his legs he lifted them onto my shoulders, and breathing in deeply, he whispered softly almost reverently, "Make love to me, Carlie.  Make me a part of you."

Placing my hands on Dalton's thighs, I pulled his ass tightly against my thighs.  When our balls touched, he ran his hands down over his chest and abdomen, gripping our cocks and squeezing them tightly, I waited as our pre-seminal fluids mixed, and he lubricated my aching cock.  His eyes gleamed as I leaned forward using my body weight to press his legs against his chest, my throbbing, pre seminal slick cock withdrawing from between his hands, and slowly moving down over his balls, sliding over the soft perineum, to the quivering entrance to the depths of his bowels.   When I moved my hand over his buttocks to guide my cock, he shook his head violently, slapping my hand away and doing it himself.  His anus tensed when he felt the head of my cock pressing against it, and then the sphincter muscle slowly relaxing, opening slowly as I gently, persistently, applied pressure with my slowly thrusting hips. 

Dalton's muscles tensed, tightening his asshole momentarily before slowly relaxing;  then he gasped, squeezing my forearms tightly as my cock entered, overcoming the sphincter muscles resistance to the invasion of my cock, and slowly penetrating to the depths of his bowels.  When I felt his balls being lifted as the thick hair of my pelvis pressed against his perineum, a surreal feeling of ecstasy swept over me at the sensation of his anus squeezing and working the base of my cock.  A sensual moan of ecstasy escaped my lips echoing the ecstatic moans of  my magnificent lover.

We lay quietly for a moment, enjoying the rapture of being joined as one.  When I started to slowly withdraw, he ran his hands up over my tricep muscles, gripping them tightly as he sighed, "yesssssssssss, oh yessssssssssss."    A bizarre love..., lust filled fog enveloped us as we enjoyed the mutual pleasure of giving and receiving of each other.   With each thrust of my  hips impaling Dalt with my swelling cock, he would writhe as if in agony but, it was the pleasant agony of prostate massage as my cock filled his rectal passage.

Sweat poured over us, running in rivulets over heaving chests following the flumes of exposed ribs, the muscle ridged spinal canal cascading through the chasm created by contracting and retracting buttock muscles as my swelling cock filled Dalton's rectal canal.  It seemed an eternity passed after we had succumbed to the lust and passionate desires that had overwhelmed us; until a white hot flash of eminent ejaculation surged with volcanic force from the boiling cauldrons within our loins.  Dalton's muffled scream, "Carlieeeee," penetrated the depths of my sexually mesmerized brain, his back arching violently. His legs tightened around my waist as his turgid cock gushed thick streams of molten semen; and, his powerful fingers dug into my biceps as each spasm of his cock sent volumes of his sperm splashing on his heaving chest. 

The erotic sight of my kid brother's magnificent cock spewing gobs of his sperm onto his heaving chest triggered the inevitable and irreversible force that pushed me over the edge, forcing my pulsing cock deep into the bowels of Dalton's ass. An involuntary groan painful pleasure escaped from my throat as my muscles tightened, and Dalton's asshole tightened around my  steadily pumping cock, emptying the molten sperm from my shrinking nuts into the cauldron of his rectum. 

Dalton's legs fell from around my waist as I collapsed onto his heaving sperm covered chest, his strong arms encircling my body as my wilting cocks slipped reluctantly from his tight anus.   Our lips met in a ravenous kiss, attempting to prolong the euphoria that had engulfed us; that golden moment in the eternity of endless time, when two, for a brief ecstatic moment become one with the other.   Seconds become minutes as we consumed the aphrodisiac of our saliva, until I felt  the racing rhythm of our hearts slowing, and our rapid breathing subsiding as tight muscles slowly relaxed.  

As our lips parted, I laid my head beside his, enjoying the afterglow of pleasure that washed over us.  Dalton's fingers moving over the vertebrae of my spine, created a tingling sensation in the depths of my groin. When I responded by nibbling on his ear lobe, he whispered, "Carlie, do you really love me?"

His question and the tone in his voice was something of a surprise, but not totally unanticipated.  He was still an uncertain youth, not yet fully aware of his sexuality or the charismatic power that would endear him to others than myself.   It wasn't a forlorn tone of sadness; it was the tone associated with knowing the answer before it was spoken, but still needing to be assured by words of endearment.   Sliding my arms under his shoulders, I supported myself on my elbows, hovering over him and looking into his eyes.  There was a incandescent softness and innocence in their dark brown depths.  A feeling of unrequited love spread over me as I lowered my lips to his, whispering softly before we kissed, "Little Brother, I don't think there is anyway that I could love you any more than I do now or ever will."  

"Why do you ask?"  I said as our lips parted.

I had a hunch what he would say, but like him, I wanted to hear it, I needed to hear it for my own self-assurance.

"No real reason, except...," he said as our l he teasingly running his fingers through my hair. "I like to hear you say it."

"And...," I replied as I slipped off of his cum slick chest, and sat on the edge of the bed, "I'll keep on saying it, but at the moment we both need a shower."  Showering together was much like the first night after I had gotten home, except we weren't exploring or experimenting as we had then.  We were lovers enjoying the pleasures of intimacy, the knowing what little pinch or suggestive word or touch would enthrall each other.   I was going to miss him, but deep in the depths of my heart, I knew I would never lose him.

Dalton snuggled closely to me as we settled in bed with his partially flaccid cock pressing against mine, and as I was tucking the sheet around him, he said, "Carlie, Mom is going to ask you to wear your uniform when we go to church tomorrow."

"How do you know that, Dalt?" I asked.

"I heard her asking Dad if he thought you would mind wearing it; and he told her all she could do was ask you."

I had had a feeling that Mother was going to ask me to go to church with them while I was home, but I hadn't thought about wearing my uniform.  The only reason was that she wanted to show me off to her friends, and that was reason enough not to disappoint her.  

"I'll break it out in the morning, Squirt, but instead of waiting for her to ask, I'll beat her to the punch.  What about that?"

Dalton's reply was the steady soft rhythm of his breathing; he had fallen asleep.

Smiling, I kissed his still damp hair.  Closing my eyes , and whispering, "I'll always love you, Squirt," as I laid my head on my pillow,  I heard a muffled "Me too."