My Kid Brother

Copyright ã 2003

By Lee Mariner


This ADULT fantasy depicts homosexual acts and erotic situations.  Should you not be of age in your locality to be reading this story or should you find such material offensive, please leave.

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Chapter XLIII

Dalton was snuggled tightly in the embrace of my arms, his broad velvety soft back pressed against my chest, with my semi-flaccid cock tucked into the warm velvety crack of his ass.  My arm was under his neck, and his head was resting on the pillow. A whimpering sound had awoke me from a sound sleep, but in my groggy state, I didn't detect any sound other than that of Dalton's deep even breathing.   Just as I was about to fall asleep again, Dalton's body jerked slightly and the whimpering sound that had awakened me was clearly audible.  He was having a bad dream that must have been disturbing enough to cause his subconscious to induce a whimpering sound of anguish.

I hesitated for a moment, holding my breath and listening, before exhaling slowly as I  moved my hand upward to his shoulder from his hard flat abdomen.  The nipples of his magnificently defined chest muscles hardened as my fingers brushed over them.  I shook him gently, whispering in a raspy tone, "Dalt..., Dalt, wake up." 

He stirred, moaning softly, and moving his hand over my forearm, he interlocked our fingers and pulled my arm tightly around him.  I felt his muscles tightening and then relax as he pressed his body against mine.  I shook him two or three more times before he roused himself.  Pressing his head against my shoulder and holding my arm tightly against him, he said groggily, "I don't want to wake up, Carlie." 

"Most people would rather not, Squirt, but you were having a bad dream," I replied as I affectionately moved my hand over the light bristle on his cheek.

Turning, he slipped one arm around my waist, and pushing the other under my armpit he wiggled and pulled us together as tightly as he could.  In the dim glow of the bathroom night light, I could see the  look of apprehension in his eyes, and the quickening rhythm of his heart beating against my chest. 

I felt a shiver wash over him, and running my fingers through his thick hair, and down over the tensed muscles of his back, I kissed his cheek and asked softly, "Was it that bad?"

His muscles tightened slightly for a few seconds, and then as he relaxed and snuggled his head under my chin, he said, "Yes, I was dreaming about the airplane you'll be on flying away from me. We walked together as far as we could to the fence where the guard stopped us, checking your ticket before he let you go on too the plane.  I watched you walk toward the airplane, and up the stairs.  You turned in the doorway waving, and I wanted to holler and tell you how much I loved you, but I couldn't say anything, the words wouldn't come out.  I could only stand by the fence waving until the airplane was out of sight. When I looked around, people that had been standing around me waving were gone, and I was alone.  It scared me, Carlie, being alone like that and not knowing if I'll ever see you again."

"Were you thinking about that last night when we made love?" I asked in a teasing tone, while playfully twisting my fingers in his hair.

Throwing his head back into the pillow, and looking me in the eyes, he grinned impishly as he replied, "I only think of how much I love you when we make love, but for awhile yesterday, I was wondering when all of those people that Mom invited for dinner were going to leave.  I don't think I could have answered all of those questions they were asking you, and if it had been me, I would have really gotten mad when Reverend Paulson made a smug comment about young men needing to find the right woman and settle down to raise a family.  He pissed me off when he said that, and I think Dad was upset with him too."

"If Dad was upset, Dalt, I didn't' notice; but as you grow older, you will learn how to handle comments such as those made by the preacher," I replied.  "Preachers can be expected to make general observations concerning marriage, and raising families.  That is their job.  The hard thing is listening to the snide bigoted remarks of your contemporaries, the people you work with and whom you think are your friends.  Their remarks can be the most devastating and even though you want to say something, you can't."

"I know," he said softly as he lowered his head onto my chest. "I've heard guys at school say things about, 'fags and queers' that really piss me off, but there was not much that I could do about it."

"How true," I thought to myself as I slowly stroked his hair while thinking about the visit with Reverend Paulson before and after dinner.


Sunday had not really been a very pleasant day.  Going to church was not something that I had  planned on doing the day before I left, or any other time for that matter; but Mother insisted there were people that wanted to see me even though there were not that many whom I could consider as friends of mine.   

After, Dad hollered down from the kitchen to wake us, he emphasized the time, and commented that breakfast would be ready in thirty minutes.

To save time, I shaved, while Dalton showered, smiling to myself as I listened to his ribald comments about the first time we had showered together. His remarks about how safe and protected had felt with my arms around him brought back memories of how I had felt when Jerry had held me as we showered together for the first time. 

 After breakfast, the house was bedlam. Dalton and I were dressing in his room in the basement but we could hear Mother fussing with Dad about what shirt he was going to wear with which suit, and then what tie he had selected.  Dalton rolled his eyes upward to the ceiling as he said, 'We go through this every Sunday."

"I think I can remember them fussing when I was younger," I said as I pulled my white jumper on over my head and searched for my black silk neckerchief.

"It's the only time they do fuss at each other that I know of, Carl," he said as he drew on his sports jacket, turning from in front of the mirror to face me.

The chocolate brown of his jacket  blended perfectly with the coffee-color tan of his trousers, and his light brown shirt enhanced the yellows, greens and faded gray on gray colors of his tie.  "Little Brother," I exclaimed softly as I finished tying the knot in my neckerchief.  "You look absolutely good enough to eat."

"You don't look so bad yourself in that white uniform with all of those ribbons on your chest, and a very noticeable bulge that someone might find exciting," he said, his eyes twinkling as he moved toward me.  "You found it exciting," I said as he melted into my arms, our lips meeting in a long passionate kiss.

As he broke away, smoothing his jacket, he playfully said, "I like you in your birthday suit."

As I was thinking of an appropriate retort when a shrill, "Carlton, Dalton, your father and I are ready." Interrupted my thoughts.

"We'll be right up, Mother," Dalton answered, winking at me and grinning impishly.


"It was a sort of messed up day wasn't it?" I asked after reflecting on the previous day.  "I think  Dad disappeared, and went out to the garage once but, I couldn't get away." 

"He did, I saw him sneak out," Dalton answered,  chuckling softly. He repositioned his head on my chest beneath my chin as he  snuggled closer and placed his leg over mine, his hard cock pressing into my thigh. "I started to follow after him but Mom had me helping her, and before I knew it he was back."

His fingers moving slowly over my ribs sent titillating thrills through me, enhancing the deliciously agonizing but muted pain building in my loins.  Catching my breath, I placed my hand over his, moving it downward through the thick hair covering my pelvis to my rigid cock.  Dalton lifted his head from my chest looking at my face, and I saw the deep expression of his love in the depths of his soft brown eyes.  As we gazed into each others eyes, I felt a gently humping sensation, and the feeling of his turgid cock sliding over my thigh.  There was an impish glint in his eyes, and placing  my fingers under his chin, I lifted his soft succulent lips to mine.

As we kissed, Dalton slowly stroked my cock, squeezing  gently, and increasing the intensity of his hunching movement in concert with his hand stroking my cock.  Our tongues danced together as we kissed, and I felt his powerful back muscles tensing and relaxing with each thrust of his hips.  The erotic feelings of lust within me intensified, and a need to feel him taking me as I had taken him was overwhelming.

Moving his hand from my burgeoning cock, and breaking away from the ecstasy of our lips merged in an intense kiss, I sucked air deep into my lungs.  There was a look of utter surprise in Dalton's eyes as I turned on my side facing away from him. Thrusting my ass at his groin, I growled, "Fuck me Dalt."

He said nothing, nothing else needed to be said.  Words were rendered superfluous by the ebullient feelings flowing between us. His eyes looking into mine created the psychic bridge between lovers, replacing words with the inner knowledge of mutual needs and feelings .  The feeling of his arms slipping around me, one over my chest, the other under my shoulder drawing us closer, and the erotic feeling of his thick steel spike probing the crack of my ass sent chills of ecstasy rushing over me.  The feeling of his hot breath on the nape of my neck as the head of his cock anxiously searched for the entrance that I, we, needed for him to enter...joining as one.  Moving a hand between his pelvis and my buttock, and panting with the salacious need to feel his turgid cock filling my ass, I guided his throbbing shaft to its target.  Pushing back to facilitate the entry of his dripping javelin, I growled, "Now, Dalt, now."

Sliding one hand down over my chest, he spread his fingers over the thick silky hair covering my pelvis, surrounding the base of my turgid cock while his other hand lovingly caressed my breast muscles, squeezing my hardening nipples.   I felt the hard nipples of his chest muscles pressing against my back as he inhaled, the pressure of his hand on my pelvis increasing as the head of his cock penetrated the tightness of my sphincter.  For a brief moment, thoughts of the first time that Jerry had fucked me flashed through my head and recalling his admonition, I relaxed as Dalton's cock slowly entered my ass, his soft moaning sounds of carnal pleasure replicating those that Jerry had spoke as his thick cock had painfully opened my ass - and me to a world of pain and pleasure known only to men who gave themselves to each other.

I moaned softly, as his burgeoning cock sank deeper into my ass, brushing my sensitive prostate. He hesitated briefly before continuing his descent into the cauldron of my bowels, until his forest of soft pubic hair pressed against my buttocks.  Sensual waves of pain and pleasure swept over me  as the feeling of his throbbing cock filling the rectal emptiness that had yearned to be invaded. His heart pounded in sync with mine, our chests heaving as our sweating bodies adjusted to the ecstatic catatonia created by the excitement of sexual pleasure. My cock twitched as he wrapped his fingers around its hardening length, and waves of euphoric rapture washed over me as he moved his free hand over my breasts, gently pinching their rigid nipples, and cooing softly,  "I love you Carlie, I always will."

As Dalton held me tight with his hand on my pelvis, he placed his leg over mine as he moved his hips  withdrawing his cock its full length to the point of exiting my rectal canal before re-entering.  Our animal instincts prevailed as his hard muscled body moved, setting into motion a rhythmic piston movement that my body eagerly responded to - enjoying the delicious pain of each thrust.  I reveled in the feeling of my kid brother almost savagely plunging his cock deep into my ass.  His sweat mixed with mine as we again consummated the physically electrifying feelings that he had  hesitatingly but eagerly professed the first night that we awakened the latent love that had been buried in the innermost recesses of our loins and hearts.

Time stood still as we soared to the cataclysmic heights of male love-making.  His arms held me rigid in steel bands of love, and I felt his muscles tighten with each thrust of his swelling cock.  His hand was a steel vice gripping my aching cock, his strokes matching each thrust of his hips.   We were willing sexual slaves ascending to the erogenous pinnacle created by the mutual need of animal copulation.  The scalding hot feeling of his hardening cock erupting, and filling my rectum with the nectar of his loins was met with animal growls deep inside my heaving chest, as my cock exploded, with volcanic ferocity, gushing volumes of sticky sperm over my chest and onto the sheets and pillows in seemingly endless spasms. 

A mental fog of ecstasy enveloped us as we relaxed in the after glow of physical pleasure, and I felt our muscles relaxing, our hearts and breathing slowly receding as reality replaced rapture.  Reluctant to lose the feeling of being filled by his magnificent shaft, Dalton moaned softly, almost dreamily; squeezing my sticky, flaccid cock as my sphincter tightened around his wilting cock.  Placing my hand at the base of his spine, I attempted to hold him to me;  trying with no success to avoid the physically inevitable loss that would be followed by a momentary feeling of emptiness as his cock slipped from the warm confines of my rectal canal.

As Dalton moved his leg off of mine, he gently pushed his hips against my buttocks trapping his cock in the crack of my ass.  He teasingly scratched the sticky mass of hair that surrounded the base of my cock, his warm breath wafting over my neck and shoulders.  "Carlie," he whispered,  "I love you."

A feeling of warmth spread over me, and I thoughtfully caressed the velvety softness of his thigh and hip before pulling away and sitting up on the edge of the bed.  Dalton lay with his head on one arm looking up at me as I removed the sperm covered pillow case from the pillow.  Folding it with the sticky side in, I turned pulling one leg up on the bed and after cleaning his cock, balls and pubic hair, I wiped my chest and groin.  I could see the inquisitive look in his eyes and when his lips parted to speak, I placed my index finger over them.  The inquisitive look was replaced with curiosity, and I could see the anxiety in his breathing.

"Since I've been home, and we've learned what we mean to each other, I've been trying to show you what it is to be gay.  But, there is only so much that you can be taught by someone else.  Most of what you need to learn and how you should act is learned by experience - but  with caution.  Learning what others want and how you should react to those that approach you, comes from observation - and caution. Believe me, Little Brother, as handsome and young as you are there will be many that will want you.  Be on your guard, and always use your head, be safe, and think before you do anything with anyone; and try not to let your feelings or hormones interfere. I know that is easy to say, and it may sound silly, but there are a lot of nuts in this world, and many of them will want to be in bed with you.  There are many that will want to hurt you only because you are gay, and unfortunately there are those that are gay who for their own mixed up reasons that will want to harm you and others," I said, breathing in deeply.  "No one in this world means as much to me as you do, Dalton, but I can't be here to protect you; and I can't ask you not to have sex while I am gone.  That would not be reasonable to ask of any lusty teenage stud.  The one thing that I ask, is that you take care of yourself and above all, be careful."

"That applies both way, Big Brother," Dalton said.

 As we dozed off, thoughts of the trip to Brooklyn and the longer trip to Panama drifted through my head.  I felt the occasional tightening of his arms around me as he snuggled closer, and there was a tinge of regret at leaving him alone