My Kid Brother

Copyright © by
Lee Mariner

This ADULT fantasy depicts homosexual acts and erotic situations. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading this story, or should you find such material offensive, please leave.

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Chapter XLVII

My still unknown benefactor preceded me to the elevator carrying my sea bag with little effort. I would have been made of wood if I didn't notice the smooth rhythm of his nicely rounded buttocks as he walked in front of me.  His tight jeans accentuated the cleft between them, and my cock responded automatically by swelling in the tight confinement of my jeans.

I swung my suitcase in front of me covering the bulge in my crotch when, after pushing the call button, he turned around to face me.

"Hey," he said, grinning broadly when he saw me holding the suitcase with two hands. "That suitcase must be heavy."

"Not really," I croaked nervously glancing up at the elevator floor indicator and changing the subject. "That sea bag will get heavy if we have to wait very long for the elevator."

"Nah, I can handle it," he said, flexing his shoulder muscles and bouncing the sea bag. "It might have been awkward if we had used the stairs, but it really isn't too heavy."

"I'm glad we didn't use the stairs," I exclaimed softly as the elevator door opened and two scruffy looking men exited.

We stepped aside, and they passed without comment, the odor of unwashed bodies drifting in their wake.  There was the strong aroma of antiseptic when we stepped inside the elevator, but that was not unusual for a YMCA or any of the places that provide shelter for indigent and non-indigent men and women.

Punching the button for the second floor and setting my suitcase on the floor, I was about to turn around when, I heard my sea bag thump lightly on the floor and then, "My name is Heath."

"Carlton," I replied. "Nice meeting you."

"The same here, Carlton," he replied squeezing my hand tightly, his dark brown eyes intently looking into mine.

His grip was firm, he shoulders were broad, and his open jacket revealed his narrow waist, hips and impressive bulge only millimeters from its counterpart.  He was wearing denim jeans with matching shirt and jacket.  The inverted apex of his shirt revealed smooth hairless flesh, and the strong steady beating of his heart was clearly visible within the sternum at the juncture of his chest muscles.

As our grip slackened a wave of desire swept over me and I uncharacteristically took the initiative. Sliding my arms around his waist, I moved closer until the mutual bulges in our groins touched.  He responded quickly, his eyes gleaming as he put his arms around my shoulders and increased the pressure between us by grinding his cock against mine and drawing me tightly to him.  " I wanted you the minute you got out of that taxi, Carlton." He growled softly as our lips met.

Experienced tongues explored the velvety interior of each other's mouth searching and tasting the sweet saliva of passion mixed with desire. The earlier nerve racking experience with Brett Hunter had kindled the fires of an intense sexual need in my loins. In Heath's arms with his solidly muscled body pressed tightly against me the need intensified,  generating ecstatic waves of an all consuming lust.

His arms were steel bands holding me tightly against him as we kissed, and I could feel rapid beat of his heart matching my own. Our heavy breathing combined with searching hands roaming over cloth covered bodies was overpowering. But for the, approaching floor, alarm indicating the elevator doors were about to open, we may have taken each other in the elevator. However reluctant our loins were, the alarm penetrated the surreal fog of animal lust forcing us back to our senses.

"Jesus, Heath, I'm sorry," I gasped, stumbling backwards over my suitcase as we parted.  

"What for?" He asked, grabbing the sea bag as the doors opened and following me into the semi-dark corridor. "You wanted me as much as I wanted you, didn't you?"

"Yeah; but I've never thrown myself at someone the way I just did," I replied.

Chuckling softly, he said, "You beat me to it by a few seconds."

"Really!" I exclaimed as I inserted the key into the door lock of my room.


The accommodations were standard for YMCA's: A single bed, small desk with chair, wash basin with medicine cabinet and a small, but sufficient, wardrobe with a few hangers for clothing and two built in drawers.  There was a single ceiling light for illumination; the walls were covered in a nondescript paper that had lost any color or pattern it may have had. The dim overhead light revealed that the floor needed a good scrubbing and waxing.  

Heath dropped the sea bag on the floor next to the wardrobe while I spun the chair around and placed the suitcase on it. Moving up behind me, he slipped his hands around my waist pulling me backwards against him.  I felt the impression of his steel hard cock pressing into the cleft between my buttocks. Blowing his warm breath into my ear, he sent shivers over me and had me leaning backwards and resting my head on his shoulder. I could feel the heat of his cock and the beating of his heart. Thoughts of when Dalton had fucked me last rushed into my head and the sudden urge to feel a man's cock in my ass was overwhelming.  Pushing my hips backwards and tightening my ass muscles, I kissed Heath's neck and whispered, "Is that what you want?"

"For starters," he growled, breathing heavily and nipping my ear lobe with his teeth while he unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my jeans.  

Twisting around in his arms, I pulled my shirt over my head as he knelt and, unzipping my fly, pulled my jeans and briefs down. When my drooling cock sprang free from the restraint of my briefs, his eyes lit up; and he exclaimed, "Damn, you're hot."  

I wanted to undress him; but when he knelt and I felt his mouth engulfing my cock and one hand kneading my balls, I gasped with surprise, grabbing his hair and groaning, "Not yet, Heath, I'm too close." Gripping my buttocks with both hands, he held me tightly as the ferocity of his sucking increased, and I succumbed, my hips responding automatically with an intensity matching his and driving my cock into the depths of his mouth.

The fire in my loins blazed with wanton abandon, and I fucked his sucking mouth, a vacuum drawing from my balls the elixir he so urgently sought and my burgeoning cock needed to give to him.  "Suck it, Baby, suck it," I growled hunching over him and, entangling my fingers in his hair holding his head tightly as my cock exploded with volcanic force filling his mouth with hot sperm.  Reveling in a surreal fog of lust as my surging cock emptied my balls, I felt Heath's hands roaming over my calves and up over the back of my thighs and my buttocks and his mouth sucking, draining the remnants that oozed from the aperture in the crown of my wilting cock until it slipped from his lips.

"Jesus, Heath," I gasped, inhaling deeply and sitting down heavily on the bed.  "You sure know how to suck a mans cock."

"Especially when I meet a man who is good looking with a body like yours and a man sized cock," he replied, grinning as he stood up from his kneeling position and began stripping.  

Scooting up to the beds pillow, I could see the fires of lust burning in the depths of his eyes as he undressed. Except for being maybe two or three years older, my first impression of his resemblance to Lyle Coleman was confirmed as he discarded each piece of clothing revealing hard, lean and beautifully defined muscles. Large pinkish aureole's enhanced the dark brown of his nipples. Ridges of hard abdominal muscles formed a channel filled with dark hair cascading from his inverted navel to merge with the silky thick forest surrounding the base of an impressive, uncut cock which stood proudly erect, its purplish blood engorged crown peeping from its protective sheath with pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethra aperture. At the base of this gorgeous missile hung twin walnut-sized testicles encased in sac of slightly ridged flesh with a sparse growth of dark downy hair.  

"Mmmmmm," I mused softly and appreciatively as I scanned his unblemished body, his tight muscles rippling as he tossed his clothes on the pile with mine. My heartbeat increased with anticipation when he placed one leg on the bed and with one foot on the floor stood over me. "You certainly don't have anything to be ashamed of," I said, licking my lips with anticipation.

"Birds of a feather," He quoted as he moved onto the bed and stretched out beside me.

Sliding one arm under my neck and placing his other arm over my chest, he flexed his arm muscles lifting my head and rolling my body against his. I instinctively placed my arm over his chest completing the embrace.  As our lips met, he pulled me close to him and threw one leg over mine locking us together in a passionate embrace.  While our tongues danced the duet of lovers, he rotated his hips rolling our pre-seminal slick cocks together, and I felt his heavily laden balls pressing against mine. Visions of making love with Dalton and sex with Lyle flashed through my head as I sank into a primordial fog of lust. The need to feel a man taking me was overwhelming, and, as our lips parted, I whispered,  "Fuck me, Heath."


The night was a euphoric dream filled with snatches of passionate, almost animalistic sex.  When I awoke, our legs were tangled, and one of his arms was under my neck with that hand gripping my shoulder and the other resting on my stomach with his fingers curled over the smallness of my waist. He was snoring softly, almost purring, breathing easily.  My flaccid cock rested on my sperm covered stomach, and I felt the impression of Heath's cock pressing against my thigh.  My head ached slightly, and when I groaned he snuggled a little closer, clearing his throat as he moved.

"Heath," I said softly, glancing at my watch. "We had better get up; it's after nine o'clock."

"It's what?" He asked, pulling us closer together and nuzzling my neck with his nose, his lips brushing my neck.

"It's almost nine thirty."

"We don't have to check out until eleven," he replied, running his hand down over my chest fondling my cock and balls and gently hunching my thigh.

"I know that, but I'm meeting someone at noon, and we both need to shower and clean up," I said, feebly trying to resist the erotic excitement that was awakened by tickling sensation of his fingers scratching the perineum flesh between my asshole and balls and by the feeling of his cock swelling against my thigh.

"Is it the guy you were talking to on the phone last night?" He asked while kissing my neck and increasing the movement of his hips as his fingers rolled my balls over the base of my lengthening cock.

"Yes, it is," I answered, my abdominal muscles tightening at the sensation of his hand moving over my body as his fingers pinched my hard nipples while his tongue penetrated my ear.  "You're still horny after last night?" I moaned, slowly giving in to his seductive tones and ministrations. 

"Ugh huh," he said as he pulled his arm from under my neck and rolled on top of me. Entangling his fingers in my hair, his eyes twinkled brightly as he moved his hips in a piston motion sliding our hard cocks in the thick hair covering our groins.  "You were hot as hell last night, and fucking your ass after I sucked your cock was the greatest."

"You aren't the only one who enjoys being with a real man who has a man sized cock," I replied as the motion of his hips rolling our swelling cocks re-kindled the fires of desire.

Erotic waves of passion were building between us, created by the rubbing sensation of our cocks. As I moved my fingers up and down his spine, he moaned softly. "God, you're good," he whispered, sliding his hands under my shoulder blades and lowering his lips to mine.

I felt the sperm rising from the friction of our moving cocks, and, moving my head to part our lips, I whimpered, "I'm close, Heath."

"So am I," he said and suddenly pushed up and off of me, spun around, and stretched out as he pushed his blood engorged cock at my partially parted lips.

Instinctively, I opened my mouth wider and guided his cock between my lips. I felt his muscles tighten as his cock slipped inside my mouth and then gasped as he swallowed my turgid cock, burying his nose in the thick pubic hair covering my pelvis.   For a few minutes before we reached mutual explosive ejaculations, we sucked each other's drooling cocks with the intensity of suckling pigs. With each thrust, I felt his throat muscles working its throbbing length, and electric bolts shot down into my balls as I reveled in the erotic excitement of draining our balls of the aphrodisiac we craved. 

Unexpectedly, as his pulsing cock spewed thick sperm down my throat, he placed a hand on my head as he drew his legs up clamping my head between his thighs in a velvety vice. When I moaned at the unexpected tactic, he hunched his hips pushing his pulsating cock deeper into my throat. 

Holding my head while I stripped the remaining droplets of his sperm, he gently worked his lips over the length of my slowly wilting cock.  The sensitivity increased as we sucked softening cocks, and we both moaned in sync as we reluctantly relinquished the source of our excitement.  

Heath lowered his legs, and we each lay with our head on each other's stomach wrapped in the golden fog of carnal satisfaction. Neither of us spoke for several minutes, and then chuckling deep in his diaphragm he said,  "Carlton, are you still horny?"

"Just as much as you," I answered as I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

"I bet you are," he replied as he sat alongside of me, and placed an arm around my shoulders. "Yeah," he said softly kissing my unshaven cheek, "I just bet you are."

There was a softness in his eyes, and I said, "God, you're good."

Laughing, he pulled me to him. "Touché," he said as we kissed.


Heath dressed quickly, and went to his room which was four doors from mine on the opposite side of the hallway. I slipped my jeans and shoes on and then met him in the communal showers.  We made small talk while we bathed and laughed as our flaccid cocks swelled when we washed our testicles.  Small kernels of sperm gathered in my pubic hair while I was washing the residue from my chest and stomach.  While scrubbing the hair around the base of my cock, it started to harden and lengthen, and Heath said, "If you're ready, I am."

He stood next to me under the warm water with his hips thrust forward slowly stroking his cock with one hand as he fondled his balls with the other.  "Damn, Heath, you're a glutton," I said.

"And you aren't," he replied in a teasing tone, his eyes twinkling as he reached for my throbbing cock.

But for two residents coming into the showers, we probably would have sucked each other off again, or, at the very least, we would have jerked off.

While we were drying off outside the shower, Heath nodded in the direction of one of the men who was attempting covert glances our way.  When we turned displaying our still semi flaccid cocks, he quickly turned away and returned to washing himself.  The guy appeared to be in pretty good physical shape, and he was probably in his middle thirties or early forties.  I couldn't help musing that with a shower and shave, he might not look too bad.


There was a knock at the door, and then Heath came in carrying a small overnight bag.  He had changed into dark blue Bugle Boy jeans and had a regular T-shirt under his Denim jacket. "Nice," I commented as I snapped the locks on my suitcase.

"Thanks," he replied. "You don't look bad dressed or undressed," he said, glancing to where my sea bag was resting against the wall by the wardrobe and asking, "Want me to help you with your sea bag?"

"I'll swap you, you take the sea bag, and I'll handle your overnight bag and my suitcase," I answered.

"Deal," he replied jauntily, tossing his bag to me and then shouldering the sea bag.

As was my wont to do, I glanced around the room to be sure that I had not overlooked anything.  Satisfied, I closed the door and followed Heath who was halfway to the elevator.  No one exited as we boarded, but the ever-present aroma of antiseptic hung in the air.

Heath punched the lobby button after I was inside and turned to me as the door closed.  "What time will your friend meet you?" He asked.

"Around noon," I answered, "Why?"

"I was thinking, if you were hungry, we might get something to eat at a small cafe down the street," he answered.  "It's too late now for breakfast, and the YMCA cafeteria will be closed until noon."

"Damn, Heath," I mused glancing at my watch as the elevator door opened and seeing the time. "It's almost eleven now."

"It's up to you," he replied, shrugging his shoulders. "You said something about meeting him at noon, and that gives us about an hour."

"Let's check outside first, Heath," I said. "Harold is pretty punctual when it comes to meeting someone."

A not unattractive young lady had replaced the indifferent clerk of the previous evening.  She was wearing a plain gray dress with a white puritan style collar and what appeared to be a frog broach made of semi-precious stones pinned to her left shoulder above her breast.  Her reddish hair was upswept into a bun held in place on the back of her neck by a plain black comb, and her blue eyes were bright and clear.  Looking in our direction, she put her pen and the few sheets of paper she was holding on the counter, and asked, "Checking out?"

"Yes," Heath and I answered in unison.

Chuckling softly, he leaned his head toward me and, hiding his mouth with the back of his hand, whispered, "See, we were made for each other."

"Especially in bed," I replied as covertly as he had.

He was about to make another comment when the young lady said, "Mr. Evers, Mr. Clarkson, everything is in order."

"Thanks," we both said again in unison, looking at each other and grinning as we took the proffered receipts from her fingers.


Unfortunately, Harold was waiting by the curbside as Heath and I exited the building, the Forest Green Cadillac gleaming in the bright sunshine.  Looking at Heath, I said, "I am sorry, Heath, it looks like we won't have time for breakfast, Harold is early."

"Har..., Harold!" he responded in a confused stammer. "Where?"

"Standing at the curb."

"You mean that guy there by the Caddy?" He exclaimed. "Nah, you're kidding me, he looks like a chauffeur."

"He is; he drives for a friend of mine in Boston," I said as we descended the steps.

"Really, he's here to meet you," Heath said, his voice trailing off.

"And he will drive me to Boston."

"Damn, he must be a big shot if he sends a limo this far from Boston to pick you up."

"He really isn't a big shot, Heath, he's just a good friend," I said as we approached Harold, reluctant to divulge too much information about Jerry.

"The traffic was lighter than I expected it would be, and I'm a little early, Mr. Carlton.  I hope you don't mind," Harold said as we reached him.

""No problem, Harold," I said, noticing his eyes shift to, Heath. "This is my friend, Heath; we met by chance last night."

"Nice meeting you, Mr. Heath," Harold replied nodding respectfully. Reaching for my suitcase and Heath's bag he said, "I'll put your bags in the trunk."

"Not the little one, Harold. It belongs to Heath," I said.  "The suitcase is mine, and he is carrying my sea bag."

"I'll put it in the trunk," Heath volunteered quickly.

"Thank you sir," Harold replied as the trunk lid swung upward.

"Thanks, Heath," I said, handing him his bag. "Last night and this morning was the greatest. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?"

Grinning broadly, he looked into my eyes, and said, "It's like I said, 'God, you are good', but you never can tell; we might hook up again."

"I wouldn't mind it if we did," I replied as we shook hands.

"Ditto," he said gripping my hand tightly and looking intently into my eyes before moving away.

"Ready when you are, Mr. Carlton," Harold said from where he was standing behind me with the car's rear door open.

Breathing deeply and suppressing a slight feeling of disappointment as Heath moved away, I turned toward Harold and said, "How about the front seat instead of the back, Harold?"

"Yes, Sir."