By Lee Mariner

July 2003

DISCLAIMER: This is the continuing story of two brother. Carlton is gay, in the U. S. Navy and an adult. Dalton is 16 years old and in high school.  All characters are fictional and unrelated to any person or persons living or deceased. The story does depict homosexual acts between brothers. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.


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Chapter VI

We passed A1 Autos on Commerce Ave., the same avenue on which Carlson's Cheverolet-Oldsmobile dealer was located on.  Dalton scooted forward to the edge of the seat looking at the cars on their "previously owned" cars lot.  There were several late model cars sitting on the front row along with a very sharp looking, dark blue two door Ford Mustang elevated on it's own platform. Most of the other cars had colored streamers attached to their antennas but the Mustang flew the American flag.  A neat sales gimmick to single it out as being special.

Dalton looked at me with pleading eyes and then looked back at the car.  It was a pretty sharp-looking automobile with very little excess chrome. Ford's trademark Mustang was on the hood and the chrome bumper shined. Other than that, the previous owner had customized the car. For a moment I was tempted.

"Dalt, let's see what Carlson has first. If Ed doesn't have what you want, then we will come back here, I promise."  

"He doesn't have anything like that pony Carl, I've looked. . . . . . . . ."

"Did you also check Carlson's or that other place, what did you call it, Acme?"

"No but they won't have one like it." He said, looking down at his hands, picking at his fingernails.

"Hold up driver, pull over to the curb."  I said.

"You don't want too go to Carlson's?"

"Give us a minute first."

"Okay." He said pulling over too the curb.

                                                             * * * * * * * * * *

The car pulled over too the curb about a block past A1 Autos.  Dalton twisted around, looking at me, his muscular chest rising and falling with excitement his eyes sparkling.  I was torn between giving in and going back for a better look at the Mustang when our driver turned and laid his arm on the back of the front seat.  

"It ain't none of my business." He said, "but I couldn't help overhearing you.  The kids pretty hung up on the Mustang ain't he?"  

At first I was a little put out at his interference but the look of genuine interest in his eyes softened the urge to tell him he was right, "it wasn't any of his business" and I hesitated before answering.  

"It seems like he is, Mr. . . . . . "

"Baxter, Dan Baxter. "

"Do you know anything about the car?"

"My kid brother is A1's mechanic and he told me the car would be a good buy. JImmy services the cars they buy at auction and he told me the car was a "repo" from some college kid over in Dayton.  He said it was a real cream puff but I'm not into those sport models.  My wife would have my head if I brought something like that home, we got 3 kids."  He chuckled, his cheeks crinkling.

"See Carl!!  Can't we go back and look at it?  We can look at it and if you don't like it, we can always go on and see what Carlson has.  Please Carlie."

"Jesus." I thought. "Everyone seems to have a kid brother and Dan's two-cents about his was not helping me with mine."  

Dalton's excitement was infectious and I felt it.  When I looked at Dan, our driver, he just shrugged his shoulders with a more or less apologetic look on his face.

"It looks like you put the nail in the coffin Dan. We can walk back from here." I said, starting to pull out my wallet.

"Nah, that's okay, I wanna take a look at that "cream puff" myself. I'll just call in for a pee break." He said grinning.

Dan did a quick "U-turn" and when he pulled up on the car lot he called his dispatcher.  "Tatem 3 too dispatch.  Dropping my passengers at A1 on Commerce and I'm gonna take a personal break while I'm here, 10-4.  I'll  check back in when available for service."

A sarcastic voice crackled over the car radio, "you mean you're gonna see your brother Jimmy. I thought you were headed for Carlson's?"

"No Oscar, that's not what I mean,  I'm taking a personal break.  My passengers changed their destination."

"Yeah, yeah, don't be long on that personal break.  You know we are short on drivers today."

"10-4."  Dan answered dropping the microphone on the front seat.

"Oscar hasn't changed a bit has he?" I said grinning, "He sounds just as arrogant as when we were kids in school."

"If you went too school with him then you know how he is. . . . . What is your name?"  He said giving me a quizzical look.

"Carlton Evers and this is my kid brother Dalton. I'm home on leave from the navy for a few days."

"Your dad's name is Carlton? I know him from over at Miller's. You must be a junior?"

"Not a junior but a lot of people think that.  Dad's middle name is Foster, mine is Lee."  I said as we followed Dalton who was trying to climb the ramp leading up too the Mustang.

                                                        * * * * * * * * *

Dalton was almost up to the car when some man walking towards us called out, "hey kid come on down from there before you fall."

"How can I look at the car from down there?" Dalton called back.

"We can bring it down if you're interested but we don't allow people up there."

"They are interested Mac." Dan answered as we walked around the end of the platform.

"Come on down Dalt."

"Dan, still working for Mr. Tatem?"  

"Of course, how's Jimmy?"

"He's out in the garage. Who is this with you, friends or customers?"

"Both Mac. This is Carlton Evers and that young pup up there is his brother Dalton."

"It's nice meeting you Mr. Evers, Ed McPherson."  

Shaking his extended hand I looked him over.  He was smooth shaven with a ruddy face, stocky build and a few inches taller then me.  He had light brown hair, slightly gray at the temples and gray eyes.  Probably in his mid too late 40's and the only ring he wore was a wedding band.

Dalton came bouncing up to where we were standing shaking hands. His eyes sparkled and he was breathing heavy from having climbed up and then down from the display platform.  I looked around for Dan but he had disappeared after introducing me to McPherson.

"Dalton, Mr. Ed McPherson. Ed, my kid brother Dalton."

"Nice meeting you Mr. McPherson." He said extending his hand his chest still heaving from the exertion and probably excitement.

McPherson held Dalton's hand for just a second looking at him. "Were you here last week riding a bicycle?"

"Yes sir, I watched you when you put the pony up on the platform.  I came back hoping no one would be around and I could look at it but you and some other man were on the lot."

"And you rode off. I recognize you now." McPherson said chuckling softly.

Dan walked up while we were talking. He was with a good looking, greasy, young blue eyed blond maybe 25 years old.

"Ed, how about letting Jimmy bring the car down so we can look it over?"

"Your kid brother Jimmy, Dan?"  I asked trying not to show any sudden interest, watching the kid starting to climb the ramp.

"Yeah." He said watching his brother climb up where Dalton had just been. "Strip your coveralls off before you get inside Jimmy."

"He forgets things like that when he's working on a car Dan. You should have taught him better."  McPherson said from behind us.

"He's still learning Ed. He's only been out of the army a year or so. Give him some slack."

"I don't think Carlton wants grease on the upholstery Dan.  It's leather but even leather will stain."

Jimmy stripped his coveralls off before opening the door and climbing inside.  He was wearing tight fitting jeans and a white T-shirt with grease spots at the throat from where his coveralls didn't close. Even looking up I could see the thick muscles rippling under his thin T-shirt and I swallowed, feeling that familiar twinge in my groin. 

When the car started you could hear the rumble created by the twin glass-pack mufflers. Some condensation spewed out of the twin chrome extensions when he gunned it, the rumble increasing to a deep throated roar before settling back to a deep rumble. The tail lights flashed a brilliant red when he stepped on the brakes and you could hear the clunk of the emergency being released before he started easing the car back down the ramp. 

I glanced over at Dalton, his eyes were sparkling and he was clinching his hands in excitement. I put my hand on his upper arm and his bicep tightened feeling like steel.  "Easy kid, it's not yours yet."  I said in his ear.

Turning his head sharply, his eyes locked with mine. "Don't tease me Carl, please.  Isn't she a beauty? Listen to those pipes." He said excitedly turning back and watching the car roll down the ramp.

Dalton ran around the car and stuck his head and shoulders through the passenger window.  "All kid and looking at his first car." I though to myself when Dan spoke behind me.

"Got yourself in a pickle Carlton."  That kid wants that car. You can see it in his eyes."

"What do you think Dan? You have a kid brother don't you?"

"Don't tell me about kid brothers!! Jimmy has been nuts about cars ever since he was able to crawl and play with the damned things on the floor. Sometimes I wish I had a kid sister but I wouldn't trade him in on one, not for anything. I think he is a bad influence on my kids though, they adore him. If I am not sadly mistaken that brother of yours feels that way about his big brother."

"It's funny how it works that way Dan." I said while thinking to myself. "Someone I've only known for a short time has Dalton and I pegged. Hopefully he wasn't thinking we were gay."

"Yeah, ain't it? Look Carlton, I gotta get back too work. Ed will treat you right."  He said calling out.  "Hey Ed, I gotta go. Take care of my friends."

"Thanks for bringing them by Dan. When you going to come work for me? The job is still open."

"Been with the Tatem's too long. Jimmy can handle it, I'll be seeing you."

We stood watching Dan lean over and slapping Jimmy on his thick bicep said something to him as he left.  I hadn't noticed it but Dalton was inside the car with Jimmy and every now and then the engine would race. It was good seeing no blue exhaust come from the twin pipes. 

"I've been trying to get Dan to work for me ever since his brother got out of the army.  Jimmy is a damned good mechanic but together they, they would be a terrific team. How long have you known Dan."

"Just met him today Ed. He seems like a pretty nice guy."

"He is. You want to take a test drive before we talk?"

"Dalton has his drivers license and it's going to be his car if he likes it.  Would it be all right if he and Jimmy took it for a spin?"

"Sure but I don't think there is much of an "if" to it.  He's like a kid in a candy store.

I had to admit McPherson was right and I felt the same way as Dalton.  He surprised me when he dropped the car into first gear and moved smoothly down the drive out onto Commerce.

                                                     * * * * * * * * *
Before Dalton and Jimmy were back, McPherson and I settled on a price of $5,295. When he asked me about financing and I said cash, his eyes widened and he dropped $700 off of his price.
Dalton stood behind me while I gave  Ed all of the information for the insurance and registration. Dalton was only 16 so the car had to be registered in my name and a rider was put on the insurance since he would be driving as an underage operator. It cost like hell but he couldn't drive it without the coverage.

McPherson gave me a loaner so I could get the money from Star National Bank.  I knew Dalton wouldn't want to go with me but I asked him anyway.  He wanted to stay and check things on his now pride and joy and I couldn't blame him.  I still had not been introduced too Jimmy but he and Dalton were walking to the car before I could say anything. I couldn't help but compare the two of them. Jimmy was a little taller but they both had broad shoulders and small waists. Dalton's ass looked a little tighter than Jimmy's but they both looked great and I wasn't sure which one was giving me a hardon, maybe both.

When I got back from the bank with a certified check, Jimmy was putting dealer plates on the front and Dalton was installing the rear plate.  After signing a 60 day insurance waver against the policy  we had just written, McPherson gave me a temporary registration explaining that as soon as he received the regular plates, normally within the 60 day period, he would call and we could return the dealer plates and pick them up. After all of the paper work was finished we walked out too the car.  Jimmy and Dalton were wiping her down and talking like they had known each other all of their lives.

"Carlton." He said placing his hand on my arm. "I'm in the business of selling cars and it is none of my business what my customers do with them but that is a hell of a lot of automobile for a young kid."

Those same thoughts had crossed my mind.  "You may be right Ed but he has to start somewhere.  My dad can't afford to get him a car and its for damn sure Dalton can't afford it. Besides, his birthday is next month and he is my kid brother."  I said extending my hand.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." He said squeezing my hand a little harder then before, a wistful look in his eyes. "I lost mine in Korea."

"Hey Jimmy, when your finished don't forget we still need to get that Lincoln cleaned up and on the ramp."  

"Sure thing Ed, I just want to show Dalton a couple of other things and I'll get right on it."

Walking up to where they were talking, I interrupted, "Jimmy, Carlton Evers, we weren't introduced in all of the excitement. "

"I'm sorry about that Carlton, Dan and Ed have a way of forgetting I'm around sometimes. Dalton told me all about you. He said you are in the navy?"

"Yeah, for a little while longer. Dan said you were in the army. You didn't like it?"

"Nah, it was all right. I just didn't like all of the spit and polish.  They put me through a good mechanics school and that is what I really wanted."

"Dan mentioned that, he said you were a really good mechanic. From what Dan and Ed said, I guess the army did a good job training you." I said looking into his deep blue eyes.

"Are you going to be home long?" He asked glancing in Dalton's direction.

"For a couple of more weeks. Dalt and I are going to bum around, catch up on things."

"He said something about Lake Gaston and you might go up there.  It's probably improved a lot since you were there last but there are still some places where it's not too crowded. The state built a few small picnic groves on the waters edge if you like privacy.  Most of the kids hang out at the casino.  If you get a chance, how about we get together for a few beers?"

"I'd like that Jimmy but I'm afraid Dalton will be sleeping in the car and I don't have one myself."

"No problem, give me a call and I can pick you up,  I'm here all day. I cover for Ed during lunch, 1200 to 1300 or so."  He said softly before turning away.

 I watched Jimmy walk away, his buns moving smoothly under his tight jeans, his coveralls slung over his shoulder and my cock started swelling, my nuts drawing up a little.  I breathed deeply a few times before getting in the car with Dalton.

                                                         * * * * * * * * *

Ed McPherson was right, but instead of in a candy store it was a toy store and I found myself hoping he would touch me the same way It was almost erotic the way he was lavishing his affections on his new toy.

I was really not surprised with the deft and careful way he drove. His excitement and the way he spoke about every new surprise he found made me feel really good deep inside.  I tried not to sound like a big brother when we talked about how he would be using the car; all I could do is trust and hope he would keep his promises.

I damn sure did not want to spoil his day and I didn't push the issues that hard but I tried to impress on him that I trusted him.  When we drove into the same drive-in and parked under the lights, several kids his age swarmed around him and I snuck out quietly, leaving the door open.

I went too the walkup window and ordered a drink.  Sitting down at one of the concrete tables, I watched enjoying the sight of his beaming face and the brilliant flash of his teeth as he talked answering all kinds of excited questions.  Kids were sticking their heads in the windows and a couple of boys got in on the passenger side while girls including Susie gathered around him.

After a few minutes he looked around and spotting me he headed my way.  His deep brown eyes gleamed and he was breathing heavily from the excitement, his broad chest rising and falling rapidly.  

"Hey Carl, what are you doing over here?"

"Watching my kid brother. You don't think that mob wants to see me do you?"

"I'm sorry Carlie." He said, sitting down still breathing hard. "I didn't think that many kids would be here on a Monday night. We should have gone on home. You aren't mad are you?"

"How could I be mad kid? Go on back to your friends and when your ready we can go home.  I'm going to get me a couple of cheeseburgers and some fries.  We haven't eaten anything since breakfast."

"Order me the same please. I'll be right back."

While I waited for our order, Dalton talked for a few more minutes with his friends and then they broke up and went back to their cars and he came back to where I was sitting, still beaming.

"It looks like you're going to be a real stud on campus kid."  I said kidding him.

He didn't say anything at first and then he looked at me with a serious look on his face. "When are you going to stop calling me a kid Carlie?"

At first it surprised me and then I realized what he was getting at, he wasn't a kid anymore.  No one had ever called me kid but I didn't have anyone who could.  Calling Dalton "kid"  sort of  came easy and I didn't think about how he might feel about it but he was still my kid brother.

"Probably never Dalt or at least as long as you keep calling me Carlie."  I said looking into his soft eyes.

He sat for a few minutes thinking and started laughing. "I guess I heard mom calling you Carlie so much it just seemed natural.  She seemed to call you that when she was trying to let you know how she felt about you and I feel the same way."

A couple of cars drove by honking their horns and he waved at them while I was thinking about what he had said.  When he turned back to me, I leaned over, "make you a deal Dalt. You can call me Carlie whenever we are alone and I'll drop the kid."

Leaning closer, he whispered "when's the last time I told you how much I love you big brother?"

"This morning in bed."

His eyes flashed and he grinned. "Let's go home Carlie." He said with a husky tone in his voice.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *