By Lee Mariner

July 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about two brothers. One, Carlton, is gay, in the U.S. Navy and an adult.  His brother Dalton is 16 years old and in high school.  The story will depict homosexual acts between brother's and it is intended for adult readers only.  IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO READ THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and there is no intended relationship with any person or persons, living or deceased.


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This work has been edited and proofed by my friend Sean and while you may not see the evidence of his efforts, I do.  Many thanks for your assistance Sean, the story is better because of you.


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Chapter VII

In the west the sun had set but a soft twilight lingered. Dalton climbed into the drivers seat and flipped on the car lights of his new pride and joy; the dash board lit up like a Christmas tree, all greens and reds with the exception of the AM/FM stereo radio dial; it was a soft yellow.   Dalton reached for the toggle switch that would turn it on but I beat him to it and with a flip of the switch the car was flooded with the music of Glenn Miller coming from 6 speakers.  The String of Pearls sounded great coming from 2 speakers under the dash, 2 on the door side panels and two in the rear.

"Someone liked good music Dalt."

"That's WSAI out of Cincinnati.  All they play is easy listening and dancing stuff.  Mom and Dad dance to it in the living room sometimes when they thought they were alone.  I'd be in my bedroom and when I heard it come on, I'd sneak down and watch them from the stairs.  They are pretty good dancers and I liked watching Dad holding Mom with her head on his shoulder."

"Did they ever catch you?"

"I think they knew I was watching. Every once in awhile Dad would look in my direction but he never said anything.  They don't dance as much as they used too."  

"Do you dance Dalt?"

"A little but not much.  Mom tried teaching me once; she said I had two left feet like her brother Uncle Clayton. Who taught you?"

"No one, I never learned. I faked it a few times at USO dances." I said, laying my head on the back of the seat, listening.  I must have dozed off for a few seconds until I felt Dalton shaking my leg.

"Wake up, were almost home."

The night was black as ink but the headlights cut a sharp brillient swath through the darkness.  It was only a little after 8PM but several of the houses on the block were half dark with only a few lights on. Our house was on an almost 3 acre corner lot and sat back from the street in a small grove of  oak and maple trees. When Dalton pulled into the gravel drive the headlights hit the house. It looked ghostly white.  The drive's pea gravel crunched under the tires and dark shadows danced around the car as we got closer to the house.  Following the drive around to the rear of the house he parked on the concrete apron where Dad usually parked his car.

"It won't hurt for tonight Carl.  I'll clean out the garage before he gets home and park there."  He said switching the lights and radio off. When he turned the engine off, the rumble of the twin pipes died away and we were sitting in total darkness.

As I started to get out, Dalton placed his hand on my arm, "Not yet Carlie."  He said softly, pushing the center gearshift up into the reverse position.  

Sliding across the leather bench seat he reached up with his hand and turned my face to his.  It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I could see the softness in his when he leaned closer brushing my lips with his.

"Thanks Carlie for being my big brother."

"Thanks for being my kid brother." I answered as his lips touched mine. 

Twisting my hips a little, I reached around him with my right arm and pulled him close.  His mouth opened and our tongues met twisting and tasting the nectar of sweet untainted saliva.  He felt soft and pliable in my arms and I could feel the soft steady beat of his heart increase as we kissed.  My cock swelled in the pouch of my briefs and I let my hand fall into his crotch.  He drew his head back a little gasping when I squeezed the hard bulge that I found there.  He pushed his arm down between my chest and arm and squeezed the hard aching bulge in my crotch.  I groaned his name, "Dalton. . . . . ."  He knew what he was doing to me and his dark eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

                                                          * * * * * * * * *

There is not much room in the front seat of a stick shift Mustang but he slid back a little and reaching over, he pulled my T-shirt off. While I fumbled with the snap button and zipper on my shorts he pulled off his own shirt.  Shafts of moonlight penetrated through the trees illuminating his magnificently muscled chest in a soft shimmering silver sheen. My eyes devoured his beauty; my shorts were still only half way unzipped.  He unzipped his own shorts completely and I saw the muscles of his abdomen swell like thick ropes as he lifted up from the seat, pushing his shorts and briefs down over his thickly muscled thighs and calves to his ankles. His thick shaft proudly thrust upward from it's thick dark nest and as he leaned back, a pearl of pre-seminal fluid oozed from it's urethral slit.  

I started to lean towards him, lowering my head but he stopped me. "You want to Carlie?" He breathed softly his eyes gleaming. "I want to see you too."

My fingers shook as I unzipped the rest of the way and I could feel the tempo of my heart beat increase with excitement.  I reached inside my shorts and straightened out the aching length of my cock before sliding my shorts down like Dalton had done.  When I straightened up he moved closer again and running his hand over my chest, he nuzzled my ear with his nose.   I was on fire from the touch and caress of  his hand and when his lips met mine I ran my hands over the sculpted beauty of his chest and took his throbbing hot steel hard cock in my hand squeezing gently.  Breaking the kiss I looked into his eyes and whispered, "Now Dalt. now."

"Yeah Carlie, take it all before I explode." He said softly, his voice quivering with excitement, his chest heaving.

Leaning back with one arm on the steering wheel and the other over the seat back he looked at me, his eyes sparkling, brilliant white teeth flashing. The muscles of his chest relaxed and I could see the dark nipples of his large breasts jutting out invitingly.  His eyes followed my head and when my lips encircled his nipple his chest expanded; he sucked air into his lungs and his tit hardened between my lips.  I breathed, gently, holding it with my lips; I could feel him trembling when he exhaled.  I washed first one nipple and then the other feeling each of them harden in turn under my tongue.  I was tempted to bite down but I knew if I did that single pleasant pain and cock-electrifying shock could send him over the edge and I wanted to prolong as possible the pleasure coursing through both of us. I nibbled gently, his pectoral muscles tightened and in the still darkness of the night I could hear soft moans escaping his lips with each nip of my teeth.

Then, I began I slowly to lip-kiss his chest and the cavity of his flattened stomach, my tongue and lips following the soft dark trail to his thick silky bush. I laid my head on his stomach, lowering my lips onto his cock. Blowing my warm breath on it's soft blood engorged head  he groaned approvingly and I felt his abdominal muscles tighten as he leaned forward over me sliding his arm around my chest putting his hand over the hard nipple of my right breast, squeezing hard.

His cock slid into my mouth and when it reached the gag point I turned just a little and swallowed letting it slid down into my throat. I held its throbbing length tightly between my lips working the muscles of my throat around its head.  He moaned again, lifting his hips as I slid my right hand under his ass feeling for his rosebud with my fingers.

I didn't try entering his asshole, I just pressed against his it and at the same time started slowly sucking his cock. With each withdrawal he would lift his hips and I pressed his asshole when he relaxed on the downward thrust of my sucking mouth.  Dalton's hand was all over my chest and stomach, squeezing my breasts muscles and kneading the hard muscles of my abdomen.  He lifted his right leg slightly. When I felt his fingers around my cock I groaned from the intense feelings coursing through me.  I could feel the cream churning in my nuts from Dalt stroking my cock in unison with my sucking mouth.  I lost myself in lust. I craved to feel his cock explode filling my mouth and gut with his thick sweet nut cream. As my nuts began tightening, I moved my hand from under his butt, cupped his balls, and squeezed them tight.   

"Oh Jesus Carlie, Oh shit." He screamed; his cock hardened.  Instantly thick streams of hot cream gushed into my mouth. I drove his pulsing, pumping cock deep into my throat.  I began groaning uncontrollably and as I clamped down on its thick base with my lips, hot streams of cum erupting with volcanic force from my cock spewing and splashing over my taught chest and stomach. Dalton held my cock tight slowly draining its last drops while I held his wilting cock between my lips stripping it clean as it slipped from my lips.

Raising up I twisted around and leaned back in the seat my chest heaving.  Dalton released my cock and leaned his head on the steering wheel for a few minutes, his cum covered hand in his lap and the other on my thigh.  After a few minutes he also leaned back in the seat, his sweat covered chest glistening in the moonlight. We sat quietly thinking our thoughts, letting our emotions slowly fade.

"Call it incest, brother love, anything you want. I didn't care.  I knew I had never felt the intensity of emotions tht I had just felt with Dalton.  Where it was going to lead?  At that moment I didn't care. Dalton was who I wanted in the rest of my life." I thought until reality kicked in.  He was my kid brother,  still in high school, and I still had a navy career ahead of me.

"Are you thinking the same thing as me Carl?" Dalton asked rolling his head towards me.

"I don't know, what are you thinking about?"  

"You'll probably think I'm being silly if I tell you."

 Placing my arm on the back of the seat, I slid closer to him an put my hand on his soft cheek. "Dalton, at this moment, nothing you could say would sound silly."

He moved his head and brushed my lips with his whispering, "I was thinking about how much I love you, and how much I always have."

"Jesus Dalt, why do you have to be my brother?  Why couldn't you be some kid I met in a movie or a bar? I love you so much it hurts.  I didn't really know it until yesterday and it's not because of the sex. I probably should have gone on to my next duty station instead of coming home first." I said softly feeling the anguish inside of me.

"Don't say. . . . "  He started and I shushed him.

"Later Dalt, we both are a mess.  I can feel something very sticky and wet running down over my balls. Lets take our shoes off so we can get out of these shorts, it'll be easier to walk inside."

Taking our shoes off we pulled off our shorts.  I used my briefs to half-way clean up the man-juices running down into my pubic hair.  Dalton cleaned his sticky hand off with his briefs and wiped the little bit of cum I had missed from his stomach.  The interior car light was almost blinding when we got out but when we stood in the moonlight he was dazzling.  His body shimmered in the silvery moonlight delineating every smooth sculpted curve of each muscle.  His dark hair glistened almost black and for a few moments I was spellbound, drinking in his beauty with my eyes.

"Jesus Dalton, I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you." I breathed in awe.

"Look at yourself Carlie, we have the same genes." He said grinning an impish flash in his dark eyes.

"Yeah, but you are still growing. I'm already there."

"And I love every inch of you. Are we going in or do you want to stand outside naked all night? We could sleep on the grass under the stars, no one would see us."

"Inside and don't get sassy with me little brother."  I said waving my shoes at him in a mock menacing motion.

He laughed and led the way too the side door his still half hard cock bouncing, pointing the way.

                                                          * * * * * * * * *