By Lee Mariner

July 2003

DISCLAIMER: This is the continuing story of two brothers. One, Carlton, is gay, in the U.S. Navy and an adult. His brother Dalton is 16 years old and in high school. The story will describe homosexual acts between brother's and other young men. It is intended for adult readers only and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and there is no intended or implied relationship between them or any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter VIII

I had known early that there was a difference in my feelings between girls and boys but I never dreamed that difference would involve my kid brother.  Dalton was a baby when I left, hardly out of diapers but it was not a baby now walking briskly in front of me, smooth lithe muscles rippling with each step.  In eleven years the baby had become a vibrant, well-built muscular young man of sixteen.  He was still growing and had waited until I was home before revealing his feelings but he was still confused.  

At the drive-in he was the center of attention, partially because of the Mustang.  His school mates hovered around him like moths drawn to a flame, especially several young girls.  He was laughing and enjoying the attention and it made me feel good but I knew he needed to learn how to handle his feelings and popularity. From what he had told me, his experience was limited and I only had a few days to try and help him understand his feelings before I had to leave.

"Hey." He called from the doorway.  "Do you really want to stay outside or are you coming inside?"

"Inside smart ass, its getting damp." I said, moving towards him.

When I started to pass him in the doorway, he blocked my path.  Even in the darkness he was beautiful.

"Is something wrong Carlie?"  He said. "You looked like you were thinking on something pretty hard."

"Nothing wrong Dalt, just thinking about how much you've changed and how much I love you. That's all. Come on, lets get inside, I need a shower bad."

"Together?" He said in a soft coquettish almost seductive voice.

"Not if you don't let me pass you horny imp."   I growled softly a little amused by his manner.

                                                                * * * * * * * * *

When I was on board ship and at sea it was dark at night on the open ocean but we at least had the stars and passageway lights to guide us.  Mom's laundry room and kitchen were as dark as the pits of Hades.  I stood at the top of the steps leading into the kitchen and waited for Dalton to turn on a light.  He deftly maneuvered his way around the the kitchen island and table with his clothes under his arm while I waited.  I heard the click of the switch on the stove vent-canopy and the room was flooded with the soft glow of the hidden 25 watt bulb.  Dalton stood by the stove his naked body bathed in the soft pinkish light from under the canopy.

"I wonder what Mom and Dad would say if they saw you standing in the middle of the kitchen naked as the day you were born?"  

"They would probably not say as much as if they saw both of us." He answered grinning.  "I did it a few times when I was younger.  I've been sleeping naked ever since Dad and I built the rooms in the basement. I'd get hungry and since they were sleeping, I'd run up and get something out of the fridge.  It was exciting, like I was getting away with something." He said.

"Dad would probably have said more than Mom if I know him.  Let's get that shower kid, I feel sticky as  hell."

"Get the light switch at the top of the steps and I'll switch this one off." He said.

 He walked around the table as if he always paraded naked through the house. In the soft light as he moved his muscles rippled smoothly, his thick flaccid dick hung limply over his balls.  I watched, fascinated by his beauty and youthful innocence.  

Just as he started to pass me, I dropped the clothes I was carrying and slipped my arm around his waist, pulling him tight against me.  For a moment he had a surprised look on his face until my lips touched his. I heard his clothing and shoes hit the floor with a thud as he put his arms around my neck  His tongue was like a hot rapier dueling inside of my mouth, his cock, instantly hard, pressed against mine.  A hot flame of passion surged upwards from my loins and I dropped my hands to his hard cheeks pulling him ever tighter; his hard cock and mine pressed against each other.

A low muted moan, "mmmmmmm" welled up inside of him as we kissed; he leaned his weight into me pushing me back against the door jamb. I felt his heart beat quicken and his cock became a hot steel rod pressing into the thick hair covering my pelvis, while his soft pubic hair felt like a thick cushion.  

When we broke the kiss Dalton took his arms from around my neck and leaning back a little he placed his hands on my chest his thumbs just below the hard nipples.  In the dim glow radiating up from the basement light I could see the passion blazing in the depths of his dark eyes his eyes; he moved his thumbs over my hard nipples pressing them into the hard pectoral breast muscles.

A sharp pleasant pain shot down into my groin and I groaned, "Daltonnnnnn."  He applied pressure with his thumbs and squeezing the pectoral muscles with his fingers he rotated his hips slowly rolling his cock over mine.

"Dalton." I whimpered feeling myself succumbing to the intense pleasure he was causing.

"You started it Carlie." He whispered still squeezing and rotating his hips.

I could feel the telltale signs as he moved is hips, the rolling of my cock and his over soft pubic hair agitated the intense inexorable feelings that were building between us.  He had me pinned against the jamb and I couldn't move without breaking the ecstatic feelings that coursed through the muscles of my body.  I held him a even tighter.

"Keep it up Dalt and there will be mess between us." I whispered weakly.

"I know, I can feel it too." He moaned his chest heaving.  "Cum with me Carlie." He whispered leaning his forehead against mine and he put his arms around my neck again.

The tempo of his rotating hips increased and I locked my fingers together at the base of his arching spine.  For an instant my mind flashed back to when an unknown man had sucked my cock in the secluded doorway of church.  I was excited by his sucking mouth and the erotic setting of being almost in the open in a church doorway.  It didn't compare to what I was feeling with Dalton.  Sex with my kid brother in the doorway leading to a basement had an erotic quality that neither he nor I had experienced and I for one wanted it.  I wanted him to feel the passionate pleasure created between two muscular young men just by touching.  I wanted him to know the feeling of hard muscular bodies tightening and racing to the pinnacle of masculine pleasure, the peak of mutual sex in the single act of just being together without oral stimulation or anal penetration.  

I felt his cock swelling and harden between us just as he slammed his pelvis into mine, his straining body arching tight in my arms. A plaintiff wail welled up from deep in his chest escaping from his lips as hot thick streams of his seed erupted between us "Carlieeeeeeeeee".

I suppressed a deep groan holding him tighter.  The intense feel of his cock throbbing, gushing thick streams of his seed over my stomach; it sent me over the edge and my throbbing cock spewed molten hot sperm with the intensity of a volcanic explosion.  We both gasped with each spasm feeling the hot sticky sperm covering our chests and stomachs running down into thick pubic hair.  Slowly we relaxed and Dalton leaned his sperm covered chest against mine, his head on my shoulder.  Our breathing became almost normal and racing heart beats slowed as we held each other enjoying the closeness that was becoming increasingly more intense.   I ran my hands over the rigid velvety soft muscles of his back, feeling their thickness slowly relaxing. 

After a few seconds he lifted his head and moved back from where he had me pinned. Looking down at the both of us, he looked into my eyes and grinned.

"I guess we need that shower even more now?"

"Looks like we do little brother."  I said softly.  

We went down the stairs forgetting the clothes we had dropped.   We showered together and he washed me and I washed him.   The small bath mat was soaked with the water dripping from us by the time we finished drying each other off.  

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

We got under the sheets together and Dalton snuggled close laying his head on my chest his arm holding me tight.  His still slightly damp hair smelled sweet from the herbal shampoo we had used and his body fit tightly against mine, it felt good having him next to me. I could tell he was not sleeping from the way he was breathing. His chest rose and fell against mine with an easy rhythm and occasionally he would draw air into his lungs in a sort of semi-soft sigh.  He was thinking instead of falling off to sleep.

"A penny for your thoughts Dalt."

"You'll probably think I'm being silly Carlie but I was wondering if what we have done together last night and today is really wrong. I don't feel like it is but other people might."

"You answered your own question Dalt.  If you don't feel it is wrong then it isn't.  People say lots of things about what others do. Some of it is just gossip or talked about because they don't really understand something they can't feel.  Not everyone feels the same way Dalt and those that don't understand or don't want to understand will never understand or know the feelings that two men can have about each other or two women for that matter.  There are women that are gay and feel about another woman the same way lots of men like us, feel about other men.  I don't know the reasons why some men and women feel the way they do about each other but the fact is, they do, and that is not going to change.  I knew, probably earlier than you, that I liked being with men more than women.  Don't ask me why, I just did."

"Is that why you went off and joined the navy? You said you showered with other men. Don't you get a hardon when you do?"  He said raising up and moving so he could lean on his elbow. He was silhouetted against the soft light of the bathroom night light and I could see he had a soft inquisitive look in his eyes and his messed up hair gave him an even more tantalizing boyish look.  

"No Dalton!! What give you that idea?"

"I was just wondering.  I get excited sometimes in the showers at school and I can see some of the other guys getting excited from the way their dicks start getting hard."

"Most men do get a little excited when they wash themselves Dalt, it's natural.  When you wash your cock and balls you will stimulate certain sensitive parts of your cock and it will start getting hard.  It's a lot like when you jerk off especially when warm water is flowing over it while you are washing.  Most men ignore it as being a normal function and they don't think about it.  Gay men learn how to control their feelings when they are around a bunch of other guys; for example, they don't stare at another guy's cock especially when showering together. Doing that can cause the thought process to start working and it's hard to control your cock when your thinking and looking at someone who is attractive."

"That seems awfully hard to do Carl.  I've seen some guy's get fully erect and they don't seem to mind anyone seeing them.  I try and hide mine but that's getting harder to do since I've grown older."

I couldn't help but grin at the absolutely innocent look on his face, remembering the fear and anguish I had felt in school.

"And that problem little brother might become even harder as you grow older, much harder."

He blushed crimson at my referring to his adolescent problem as becoming harder and I could see the movement under the sheets.

"And I guess you don't have the same problem?"  He squealed, reaching over and placing his hand over my stiffening cock.

Quickly sitting up, I twisted sideways and reaching for him I pulled him down across my lap on his back, cradling him with one arm while I reached for his hard cock.  He looked up at me with an impish look on his face, his eyes glistening in the dim light.

"Don't you ever get enough?  What were you doing before I got home?"  I said grinning and squeezing the hot steel-hard length of his cock.

"Jerked off two or three times a day, waiting for you." He said softly.

Lifting him up again, I looked into his eyes. "Dalton I love you and there will be plenty of time for this.  There is a lot we have to talk about and it's not all about sex.  There is a lot you don't know."  I said breathing in deeply and trying to subdue the rising passion I again felt.

He looked at me for a second or two before an innocent grin spread over his face. "I know Carl, believe me I do.  It's just that I have wanted you ever since I had a feeling I was gay and not just for the sex.  I really wanted it but I wanted you with me even more so we could learn more about each other like brothers.  Your my big brother and I'm your kid brother but that isn't all of it Carl.  I needed someone to whom I can talk with and you know how Dad is.  I was afraid to try or to talk with anyone at school knowing how people feel about faggots in this town. I can't help it if I get excited looking at you Carlie.  I'm afraid if I wake up you won't be here."  He whispered softly.

"Come here Dalt." I said gathering him in my arms.  "I'll never run out on you again.  We've got three weeks to learn and love each other.  After that I'll always be closer than I have."

He snuggled closer, his head against my chest and murmured. "I know you won't be home for always Carl, just hold me tight."

I held him close and rocked him gently until he fell asleep.  When I moved to lay him down he mumbled and stretched out as I laid his head on the pillow with my arm under his neck I pulled the sheets up over us stretching out on my back.  His soft breathing lulled me off to sleep.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *