By Lee Mariner

©July 2003

 This is the continuing story of two brothers.  The story will depict homosexual acts between brother's and other men.  It is intended for adult readers only and IF, UNDER THE LAWS OF YOUR LOCALITY,  YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU SHOULD FIND SUCH MATERIAL TO BE OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All of the characters are fictional and there is no implied or intended relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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This work has been edited and proofed by my friend Sean and while you may not see the evidence of his efforts, I do. Many thanks for your assistance Sean, the story is better because of you.


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Chapter IX

The internal cock buried in my sub-conscience roused me, unwillingly, from a deep untroubled sleep. The digital clock on the bureau registered six zero zero in large numbers. I couldn't distinguish the smaller letters AM or PM though through my sleep-filled eyes I saw that it was morning.   During the night Dalton and I had shifted positions and he was spooned against me. My piss hard cock rested invitingly between the soft cheeks of his ass and I didn't want to move for fear of disturbing him. His head rested on the pillow next to mine and my right arm was under his neck with the other arm over his waist just below his rib cage. His right arm was extended out over the edge of the bed with his hand hanging down and he was holding my hand clasped to his chest with his other hand.. His breathing was quiet and even and his soft hair filled my nostrils with the scent of the Sandalwood shampoo we had used in the shower. As much as I didn't want to move, nature was registering a strong complaint in my bladder. There was no way I could avoid disturbing him since the bed was against the wall of the room and I had to climb over him.

When I tried to extract my arm from under his neck he murmured unintelligibly and buried his head deeper in the pillow but when I tried to disengage my hand from his he snuggled even closer.  As good as it felt, my bladder would not be denied and I climbed over him.  I looked down at his smiling face as I started to pull the sheet back over him and he opened his eyes saying impishly,  "morning bro."

I pushed his shoulder playfully; "you devil. You've been awake all the time I've been trying to get out of bed without waking you up."

"Yeah." He purred, stretching like a tawny cat. "It felt so good lying next to you."

"It wouldn't have felt so good if I had pissed between your legs." I called over my shoulder as I hurried into the bathroom.

I had just started to piss when he joined me depressing his equally piss-hard cock. We both sighed loudly as golden streams hit the commode water with a sound not unlike Niagara.  

"Isn't it funny how your cock can be so hard and then so soft after you've pissed." He said.

"Your cock getting hard because you need to piss is nature's way of holding the flood waters back Dalt" I said while milking the last few drops out of my wilting cock."

"Yeah." He said matching my stroking motion. "I'm not sure which feels better, pissing or shooting a load."

"Don't try and figure it out little brother, enjoy both ways."  I said while turning on the shower water for a nighttime rinse off.

Dalton didn't hesitate joining me, as he had earlier, and we started soaping each other.  I enjoyed the feel of my hands moving over the smooth curvature of his chest muscles and down his ribs to his flaccid cock. It stirred as I gently soaped it and his balls and he sucked his flat stomach in as I lingered. It didn't take much to rouse him at his age but I was feeling playful and I wanted to enjoy the satiny beauty of his developing body. 

When I dropped down on one knee to wash his thighs and calves his beautifully tapered cock jutted out proudly from its silky soft nest and I placed my lips over it's crown sucking gently but firmly and running my tongue over and under it soft steely hardness. My cock was just as hard as his and when he gripped my shoulders and moaned I withdrew and stood up again. Driving my cock between his legs and lifting his balls I pulled him tight to me and kissed him gently trying to restrain the passion I was feeling. His heart was beating like a trip-hammer and I could feel his cock throbbing between us.  Breaking the kiss he leaned his head back gasping.

"Jesus Carlie, why did you stop? I was ready to blow."

Running my hands up and down his back I grinned and nuzzled his nose with mine. "It's called foreplay little brother. Relax and let yourself go. Feel the pleasure of being wanted and wanting someone yourself. Sex is only part of making love and when you have learned what makes the other person, your partner, feel good and he has learned your little secret places it feels better when you do make love to each other. You like having your cock sucked but there is a great deal more to it than just doing that."

He looked at me with his soft brown eyes and slipped his soapy arms around my neck. "I've still got a lot to learn Carlie." He said softly, nuzzling my nose like I had done his.

"It takes time Dalt. You'll learn." I said feeling him tighten his thighs around my softening cock.

"When will you teach me what it feels like to be inside someone." He asked a little sheepishly. There was a hint of hope and expectation in his voice.

The shower water was turning cool and I pulled his arms from around my neck as I said, "that comes later you horny devil.  Let's get rinsed off before the water turns ice cold."

Dalton laughed like a pixie and splashed water at me. We grappled under the cooling water a few minutes. His laughter was like music and his face beamed, writhed in a broad smile.. For the first time I noticed golden flecks flashing in his eyes and the warm feeling in my chest deepened.    

                                                            * * * * * * * * * *

Dalton was still in a playful mood when we got out of the shower. He faked snapping my ass with his towel while I was bent over drying my legs and I glanced up at him. "That will get you in deep shit kid." I said grinning. "You might hit the wrong thing and then what would you do?"

"Nurse it back to health with tender loving care."  He said breathlessly as his beautifully muscled chest heaved from the exertion of playing and drying off.

"You learn quickly."  I said trying to dry my back with my towel behind me.

He caught me off balance and wrapped his arms around my chest, pulling us together.  His arms were like steel bands compressing my chest, his eyes sparkled and I could feel the rapid beat of his heart. He held me tight, our bodies and soft cocks pressed together but he just held me looking deep into my eyes.  "I love you Carlton." He said softly with a deep feeling that matched what I felt.

Time stands still in those moments when someone tells you they love you with the depth of feeling that Dalton expressed. Looking into the soft depths of his eyes to his very soul I could see that love looking at me. Only brothers can feel that love for one another. He laid his head on my breast and caressing his head I raised my face to the ceiling and offered a silent prayer, "Thanks God for making Dalton my kid brother."

I never was big on religion but what Dalton said was as if my prayer was immediately answered through him.

"I'm glad you're my big brother Carlton."

"And I am glad you are my kid brother Dalton." I said, gently lifting his face to mine. "I don't think you will ever know how much you mean to me."

"I do." He said giving me a quick kiss and releasing me from the bear hug he had me in.

It amazed me how quickly he could revert from a gentle loving young man to a young kid of sixteen. He draped his towel over the top of the shower door and taking mine he spread it over the towel bar. I followed him into the bedroom and we started dressing.
"I'm starved Carl."

"Okay, where can we get breakfast, Friends?"

"Not on Sunday. They don't open until after church. Do you want to go to church?"

"Not unless you do." I said a little surprised.

Pulling on his shoes he looked up at me grinning, "if Mom & Dad were here we wouldn't have any choice. You know how they are about church."

"Oh yeah, that's right." I groaned rolling my eyes in mock exasperation.

Our parents weren't religious fanatics but they both believed Sunday's were for family togetherness and that meant going to church. The best thing about Sundays was going to the afternoon movies at the Emory Theater, the only theater in town.  There was always a Tom Mix or Lone Ranger movie for the kids along with two or three cartoons. I always thought the theater had it that way so parents could get the kids out of their hair for a few hours.

"We can get away with not going today but you wait until next Sunday.  They will want you to wear your uniform so they can show you off. They talk about you all of the time and where you have been." He said standing up looking like a newly minted shiny copper penny.

"Oh Christ, I'd forgotten about that." I groaned. "I'll have to get one out. Is that Chinese laundry still over on Maple?"

"Sure is, still in the same building. I go to school with his son Charlie. He is a real looker. Not much in the muscle department but he is built solid. The only hair he has is on his head and around his cock."

"You notice those things do you?" I asked kiddingly.

"Can't help it Carl, we swim together. He is about as big as me."

"I thought you said he wasn't much in the muscle department." I said while zipping up my shorts.

He looked at me and blushed. "You know what I mean."

"I guess I do." I said grinning and punching his shoulder. "If you're ready, lets go."

                                                       * * * * * * * * * *

Dalton grabbed a tattered terry cloth towel from a stack of rags and a chamois from a utility cabinet in the mudroom. Grinning, he tossed the towel in my direction before opening the outside door. The sun was nine o'clock high in brilliant blue sky, not a cloud in sight. Dew still hung heavy on the grass and the Mustang looked as if it had rained during the night.  

I followed Dalton with the towel as he wiped the dew off of his new toy with his chamois; it took us at least twenty minutes before he was satisfied. His excitement reminded me of when my Dad had bought me my first and only two wheel American Flyer for Christmas. I was just as excited over that bicycle as Dalton was over the Mustang.  

When we were finally finished he stood back while looking at his new toy wit his hands on his hips.  "Isn't she a beauty Carl?" He said excitedly turning to look at me, his eyes sparkling.

Buying the car had made a dent in my bank account but it was worth it seeing the look in his eyes and hearing the excitement in his voice.  "It's just a car Dalt." I said handing him the wet towel.

"Yeah it's just a car but you gave it too me, that's what makes it special." He said wrapping his arms around me in another bone-crushing bear hug.

His arms squeezed the breath out of me and I reached behind my back trying to unclasp his fingers saying, "easy bud my ribs aren't made of steel."  He released me quickly and I gasped sucking air back into my lungs. The pressure of his steel muscled arms around me lingered even as my chest expanded. 

"I'm sorry Carl, I didn't mean to hurt you." He said, an anxious look on his face.

"You don't realize how strong  you are little brother." I said gently slapping his cheek with an open palm.

"Yeah, a guy told me that at school once when we were wrestling.  I get too excited sometimes."

"Remind me not to wrestle you if you get that excited over a car.  Let's go before I starve Dalt."

Dalton wasn't finished with the car just yet.  He threw the chamois in the back and wiped the leather dashboard. I noticed a few crusty spots of cum on the passenger seat and when I finished wiping the seat clean and sat down he started the engine. I was glad to see he didn't race the engine like so many kids his age did and after the initial roar it settled down and idled with a deep rumble.  I couldn't help but wonder what Mom and Dad were going to say when they saw the car.  

                                                                * * * * * * * * *

"Dalt, is Milton's that little mom and pop Greek restaurant still over on Ethridge Ave? They served breakfast there or at least they did the last time I was home.  Pretty good food as I remember."

"Over by where Dad works, it's still there. We stopped there for lunch the week before last, they make the best hamburger's in town. I'd forgotten about it, they serve breakfast all day."

Milton's was a step up from being one of the railroad dining cars that had been converted into restaurants. There was nothing fancy about the decor.  Sturdy wooden tables with blue and white checkered table cloths and a mix match of chairs.  There was a long low-slung counter with stools just about the length of the dining room and a glass candy and tobacco case with the cash register at the door. Hand written and printed menus were on the back counter wall and the usual opening in the wall where food orders were handed out.  

Mrs. Abydos was sitting on a high stool behind the cash register and Mr. Abydos looked out the serving window when he heard the tinkle of the bell set off when we entered.  Several customers were sitting at the counter eating and a couple of them glanced our way out of curiosity and returned to their food.  A slim black haired boy about Dalton's age was behind the counter filling a coffee cup and he looked over his shoulder smiling.

We heard Mrs. Abydos say, "sit anywhere, Alexander will be with you shortly."  Her thick accent revealed her Greek ancestry.  We sat at a table next to one of the large windows. While I was looking over the breakfast menu on the wall, Dalton leaned over and whispered, "Alexander is their grandson. We go to school together."

"He's a nice looking boy Dalt.  Are you in the same class as him?"

"Alex is a year ahead of me, he graduates next year. He's a good basketball player, first string on the school team."

"Aren't you on the team?"

"Yeah but I'm not as good as Alex. You should see his moves on the court; he's like greased lightening. A couple of college scouts watched him last year and he really screwed up. I think he was nervous."

"That happens." I said watching Alex move from behind the counter carrying two glasses of water with an order pad tucked under his arm.  He was wearing a black pullover that showed off his slim muscular build but the white apron around his small waist covered the rest of him but it showed his narrow hips.  His thick black hair gleamed from a pomade or hairdressing and his black eyes didn't waver as he walked towards us. He moved with an almost effeminate athletic grace and his Greek ancestry showed in the smooth olive complexion of his face.

"Hi Dalton." He said softly, almost lyrically.

"Hi Alex. This is my older brother Carlton."

"Nice meeting you Carlton, Dalton has told me about you."  He said his black eyes boring into mine.

"All good I hope Alex."

"Always." He said smiling.  "Have you decided what you will have for breakfast?"

"Pretty much.  I'll have eggs over soft with bacon, toast and some of those potato pancakes with a glass of orange juice and coffee.  Are the pancakes still as good as they were?"

"Gramps still makes them." He grinned. "How about you Dalton?"

"I'll have the same Alex but fix my eggs hard please and milk instead of coffee."

"I'll bring your coffee and milk while Gramps is fixing it unless you want it with your meal."

"Bring them with the food Alex, I like the coffee hot."

"I like it hot too." He said looking between Dalton and I before moving away.

That, I thought, is a cruise innuendo if I had ever heard one but I didn't know whose benefit it was for.. Tight white jeans covered the roundness of his cheeks and there was a slight sway to his walk.  My "gaydar" clicked in as I watched him move away but I didn't say anything to Dalton.

You said Alex was scouted for basketball Dalt. Is he going too college on an athletic scholarship?"

Dalton took a sip of water before answering. "He told me has submitted scholarship applications too Purdue, Notre Dame and the University of Chicago. I don't think he is applying for an athletic scholarship though since he was scouted last year and never heard anything from them. He keeps an A minus average. When he isn't working here or playing basketball, he's in the school library studying."

"There is nothing wrong with studying Dalt. Maybe he realizes basketball is not what he is best at and he's shooting for an academic scholarship. Have you thought about what you want to do after you graduate?"

"Not really.  I mentioned college to Dad once and all he said was we'd cross that bridge when we come to it.  You know how he is?"

Yeah. I thought to myself, watching as Alex deftly maneuvered his way towards us with a large tray loaded down with dishes, glasses and cups.  Dad was content in a one-horse town. Vacations at Lake Gaston or trips to Uncle Bill's.  Other than that, the outside world meant little to him.

Alex had hardly placed our food on the table when his Grandmother called him and he looked around. She was trying to get his attention to one of the counter customers. He rolled his eyes with a grimace on his face.

"It's always something." He groaned softly. "I'll see you later Dalton, nice meeting you Carlton."

"It was nice meeting you Alex. Maybe we'll stop in for lunch or dinner while I'm here."

"Here's where you'll find me at least until school starts."  He said moving away to take care of the customer at the counter.

Dalton was wolfing his breakfast as if he hadn't eaten in a month.  "Easy bud, there's always seconds if you want more."

"Sorry Carl." He said grinning with a mouth full of Greek potato pancake. "I didn't know I was so hungry. What do you want to do after we eat?"

"I thought maybe we could take a ride up by the school and then maybe a movie this afternoon. What's playing at the Emory?"

"Ben Hur." He said his eyes sparkling. "Have you seen it?  Charlton Heston is supposed to really be good in it."

"No." I fibbed. It had been shown on board ship before I was transferred but I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

Alex disappeared after serving the counter customer so we didn't get a chance to see him again before we left Milton's.  He was a cute kid but a little more effeminate than I cared for.  His actions indicated he had an interest in Dalton but he seemed oblivious and never made eye contact with Alex.  

Dalton drove past buildings and business that brought back memories until he reached the high school. Memories from the days I had walked up the massive stone steps through the wide doors at the top flooded back. I could almost hear the kids hollering and kidding each other on their way to classes. Teachers, looking very stern, stood in the hallways waiting for their charges to be at their desks before the final bell. Memories of good times and bad times. At least they seemed bad at the time but they really weren't all that bad.  More bruised ego than anything and the worst part was explaining to Dad why I was in trouble.


"Umm yeah, what?"  I said absent-mindedly.

"You've been pretty quiet since we left the restaurant."

"I was just thinking back to when I was your age and in that building.  Lots of memories Dalt. Good ones, bad ones. Some of the best days of our lives are spent inside buildings like that one but we don't know it until after we graduate and start making our own decisions. What's the addition on the back?"

"That's the new gymnasium and swimming pool. The state regional swim meets were held there the year before last for the first time." Dalton said while parking behind the building under a large pecan tree that had been there since I had attended school. The parking lot was empty.  

"There used to be rows of bicycle racks and the only parking lot was for teachers."  I said, gazing around the school grounds. "There used to be a back entrance to the girls and boys locker rooms."

"It's still there Carlie, on the other side of the gym." Dalton said softly as he slid across the seat putting his arm behind my neck.

I turned to look at him and his lips met mine. Reaching for him I pulled him close and felt him slide his hand over the soft inside of my thigh and under my shorts searching for my hard cock. The kiss was long and passionate and left me gasping for breath when we separated. His eyes were sparkling and when he started kissing my neck and squeezing my hard cock, I groaned,  "Dalton."

"You started it this morning Carlie."  He whispered, nibbling my ear lobe.

"We weren't out in broad daylight then Dalt, we were in the shower." I whimpered softly trying desperately to control the desire sweeping over me.

Lowering his head he bit the hard nipple of my breast through the thin cloth.  A streak of fire shot through me into the depths of my loins.  He looked at me grinning devilishly.

"Let's go home Carlie."  He said seductively as he ran his hands over my heaving chest.

Ben Hur was forgotten.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *