December, 2000

All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage please leave immediately....



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The sweetest dog on the Net.

   I felt the water creep higher, reaching up to my swaying balls, soothing the loaded globes with its cooling caress.... magnifying the coolness of the night air. But my prick was plunging in and out of a raging inferno, the churning cauldron of the kid's gripping ass hole, nibbled and chewed by the fiery ass walls, as it quaked and shuddered, devouring me in its insatiable hunger.

  I closed my eyes and hugged him tighter as I fucked the writhing boy with a jolting force, slamming my hips downwards between his spread thighs, jarring his open ass mouth as my groin slapped against his upraised ass cheeks, and my balls whacked his wriggling bottom. I was not content with halting my withdrawal at his ass mouth, but drew the bulbous head through the convulsive grip with each stroke reentering the slippery channel with a violent shove that filled his belly with the complete 10 inches of pulsating hardness, making him groan with pleasure, whimpering for more! I reamed the delicate mouth of his ass slit, making him cry out and push back with force as his legs bent at the knee and his hands reach back to caress my flexing buttocks.

  I was dangerously close to the peak, unable to bear the sheathing grip of the kid's ass. Gripping a handful of his hair, I pulled his head back to crush my lips to his open and salivating mouth, sucking in his tongue. He gurgled into my mouth as his nails raked my pistoning ass, his reawakened cock humping into the wet sand beneath him.

  His overworked colon bubbled around my rampaging cock, coating it with more slime as it worked up the intestinal juices, now blubbering noisily as the shaft traveled in and out carrying us both higher and higher on the exquisite wings of carnal pleasure of ass fucking.

  Time ceased to exist for both of us and the rising water was forgotten. There was only the blinding pleasure of the ultimate coital fusion, only the sharp, agonizing ecstasy of each 10 inch plunge of pulsating manhood into the wildly churning well of my kid brother's tight, virgin ass. Lust ripped through my belly like a hot poker and I increase the speed of my entry and withdrawal, fucking my brother with shorter, more vicious strokes that kept half my enormous cock inside the hot clutching embrace of his no longer virgin ass. I slammed into him with every stroke and he worked his ass in youthful eagerness and abandon that kids have, increasing my own desire and the need for release.

  Grunts and whimpers, moans and obscenities filled the quiet night air, drowning the roar of the ocean, combining with the slapping of wet flesh against flesh, and the squishy sound of the ultimate union of penis and ass hole. Biting his lower lips I shoved in one last time to unleash a torrent of boiling hot cum into the gulping chute that was my younger brother's cute bottom.

  As the tremors subsided and the quacking ass relaxed he moaned softly and let go of his second load into the lapping waters of the sea..... I waited for a moment before pulling out my wilting cock from his ravished bottom to flop by his side on the wet sand, exhausted yet happy.

  I had finally made a man out of him !


  It was the day after my 18th birthday, I was home for the Christmas holidays, that I came out to my parents and told them I was gay. To my utter surprise and disappointment, they both blew their tops and there was the usual scene, the accusations and recriminations, simply HELL ! Well, I was immediately thrown out of the house and told never ever to return - they disowned me !

  I packed and moved out, taking the next bus back to campus. Well, returning to campus during holiday season and that too Christmas can be real scary..... but I had no other option. And seeing the world celebrating around me made me feel very lonely and the whole thing extra painful.... Having lost everything, everything that I knew as my own, I was suddenly so alone. I managed to get a small job at the local eatery to see me through the present, before I could get something more paying to get me through the rest of the year. Fees and all that wasn't a problem as my parents had already provided for it and they couldn't stop it now, but I needed money for my other needs which they had made amply clear wasn't forthcoming.

  I was angry, very angry, at them for the way they rejected me..... never even trying to understand me.... I had been honest with them and this was my reward. And also angry at myself for letting the hurt bite me ! I hated them for it. But I really missed my kid brother, Mohit, I adored him and loved him more than anything in this world..... I was 3 when he was born and I just couldn't get over the immense joy I felt as I saw that tiny little bundle of gurgling flesh for the first time. He too loved me and we were very close. He looked up at me and practically worshipped me. I loved and cherished him and was extremely protective about him and promised myself every day to give him all that he could ever desire. And the saddest part was that he wasn't there when I got thrown out that day. He was out with his friends, partying and I was too upset to meet him before I left, I regretted it.

  He called me the next day and told me how angry he was with the folks and that he still loved me as always and I would still be his idol..... He promised to come and meet me, as soon as he could and that we should keep in touch with each other. His words took a lot of the pain away and I felt much better after that. We spoke every other day over the next few months and he told me how he hated to continue staying there..... how it constantly reminded him of the injustice done to me. He fought with them but could do nothing. He did mention about running away and coming over to me but then he knew I had a tough time taking care of myself and I obviously couldn't do a thing for him. He also told me about his thoughts and growing pains.... Our bonds seemed to grow stronger and then suddenly two days before the summer holidays he stopped calling! I was confused but more worried..... but I couldn't call home, so never knew what happened until suddenly on the second day of the vacation I opened my door to find him standing there!!!

  He smiled and we hugged. He told me that he wanted to see me, spend the vacation with me and also, there was something he wanted to tell me. I was happy as I led him in. I decided to give him a real nice time here, during his stay. But never in my wildest dream had I expected what was to ultimately happen.

  He seemed happy to be with me and chattered non stop about his school, friends and all the usual things that a 15 year old is expected to be interested in....... but somehow he also seemed a bit lost, somewhat troubled..... I asked him but he laughed it away, saying he would tell me, later.... A week passed and I seemed to have forgotten all my troubles and pains as I took him around and enjoyed the days. And then he threw the bombshell that left me stunned.

  It was late night and we were at the beach. I had promised him a late night 'beach party' and had packed food and drove to the lonely sea front about 2 kilometers outside the little town where my medical school was located. We lit a bonfire and were sipping coke when he looked at me and said....

  "I want you to make love to me." looking straight into my eyes.

  I was stunned. I sat staring at him, my mouth open but unable to utter a single word.

  "I know you're gay and I think I'm too...... I've been thinking about this for quite a while now and I want it to happen with you." he said, never blinking once, "I have loved you all my life and as I grew up I realized it wasn't just brotherly love..... but much more." He paused for breath before adding, "Will you fuck me?" eyes large and questioning.

  "I..... you..... I mean....." I could hardly speak as I blubbered, sitting there on the sand, listening to the ocean roar in the background. "You're my kid brother.... how could I possibly do something like that?" I finally managed.

  He kept quiet for a while, as if thinking and then looking straight into my eyes asked, "Don't you love me?"

  "Of course, your the only person I have..... and I have always loved you more than anything in this world."

  "You've always said, on more than one occasion, that you would always be there whenever I needed you...... that you would always help me out..... do whatever I wanted, haven't you?"

  "Well yes, but....."

  "I know I'm gay..... and I desperately need to find out...... Do you want me to go out and do it with some strange guy ? Just have sex, without any human feelings.... faceless, anonymous sex..... cold and lacking all emotions ? And then...... ? The pains, the rejections..... ? You want me to be exploited by the other guys..... ? Maybe even do drugs to cope with all of it......? Do you want me to go through all that?" he paused, "And what about the horrible diseases..... do you want to push me into that hell ?"

  I just sat, staring into the fire.....

  "I always wanted it to be you and only you. If you already have a lover I can understand..... but at least do it to me once, just once and I will go away...."

  I groaned...... God! I loved him, he was my kid brother.... I could do anything for him to make him happy, but...... but this.....! I didn't have a lover, never found one whom I could really love..... The few guys I had slept with meant nothing to me.... and after coming out to my parents and getting thrown out I had even stopped that, never sleeping with anyone anymore. No, I wasn't feeling guilty or anything like that but I just didn't want to.... maybe I was also punishing myself by denying my needs, hurting myself in the hope that somehow it would also hurt them, my folks, fat chance though - huh! But to do it with my own younger brother...... My head swam.

  'Silence is acceptance' or so people say and my brother took my silence as that - my willingness. Through the corner of my eyes I saw him get up and walk over to my side and place his hand on my shoulder.... he sat down and nuzzled close. We have been hugging all along but this time an electric bolt shot through me as his arms wrapped around my shoulders and I felt his lips grazed my cheek. I shuddered..... and to my consternation I felt my cock stir and throb !

  "Mohit...." I groaned weakly pushing him away, "Please.... don't...."

  He got up and started walking away, along the water's edge...... into the darkness. I sat there looking at his retreating figure..... feeling bad, guilty..... terrible. I just can't see him sad, never could and now I was the cause..... but..... 'Shit,' I got up and ran after him.

  I caught up and grabbed his hand, "Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you...."

  "Its OK," he said looking at me, "I'll try and understand..... Maybe it's good for me, rejection the very first time.... it will teach me what to expect..... if I take people for granted, if I ask for too much..."

  I groaned inside.... this kiddo knew how to wrench the heart..... emotional and melodramatic..... I smiled and hugged him.

  "You were NOT rejected, I didn't reject you. I still and always will love you.... and I'll love you more for being honest with me...." he didn't allow me to finish.

  "Then why refuse me ?" he asked, eyes piercing points of light.

  "Mohit..." I started..... Suddenly he lunged forwards and covered my mouth with his, hands going around my waist in a tight grip !

  Well, though he was only 15 and three years younger, he was as tall and about the same weight. I just stood totally taken by surprise, my hands limp at my side. He crushed his open mouth into me, pushing, famished..... his arms squeezed me as he pushed his tongue into my mouth, beginning to rub his crotch against mine..... I was gasping for air and moaned involuntarily....

  He as suddenly pulled back and grinned at me, then laughed at the look on my face - the look of horror, shock..... and a large measure of awe !

  "See....." he said gleefully, pointing at my crotch.

  I looked down, dumb stuck, seeing the front of my loose shorts tenting, utterly embarrassed.

  "You are just denying yourself..... " he said triumphantly, reaching out and touching my crotch.

  I flinched. He was right, but hey, he was also my kid brother.... and I just couldn't get over that fact! My tradition, my conservative upbringing.... hell, I may be gay and comfortable about it, but my values didn't allow me to fully accept this, doing it with my own brother..... !

  He took my hand and led me back to the place we had been sitting and pulled me down. Suddenly everything seemed so quiet, so peaceful..... the roaring sea seemed to go calm.... the waves lapping gently, the wind silent.... I sat, as if frozen stiff as Mohit kissed me.... nibbling my ears, licking my neck, cheek....

  He turned my face and again kissed me on the mouth and this time I opened and stuck my tongue out..... the blood boiling, passion raging in my heart.... My pent-up emotions, my needs, taking over, blinding my senses, as our hands groped and touched..... We started to moan as we slurped away, smacking noisily, hungry.....

  His fingers worked at the buttons, opening them as we continued to kiss, tongue probing deep, as if searching every nook and cranny of each other's oral cavity. He tugged at my shirt and I helped him by shrugging it off and then he reached for my shorts, undoing the single button before pulling the zip down. I raised my hips as he pulled it off along with the tiny brief, over my rump and I sank back on the cool, moist sand..... Our mouth never parting for a moment.

  And as my hands caressed his face and hair he pulled off his T-shirt and undid his jeans before pulling away and standing up. He looked down at me as I stared back and with a smile he pushed the pants down and stepped out of them before standing up again....

  I gasped..... God, my little brother had really grown, he was absolutely ravishing ! I looked at him as he stood by the seashore, hands on his hips, grinning at me, his eyes sparkling in the light of the fire. I gaped at him, taking in every bit, every details of his young manhood..... He was just magnificent ! I hadn't seen him naked since he was a tiny toddler and suddenly now, after all these years an exceptionally handsome young man stood before me and I was awestruck ! He was perfect, perfect in every sense.... standing against the dark night sky, lit by the flickering flame of the bonfire, his pubescent muscles simmered and his soft, smooth skin glowed.... and his exceptionally long cock stood erect, proud and tall, from a lush patch of dark pubic bush !

  He dropped on his knees and I took him in my arms, our mouth uniting once again with a moan, and as he took my rampant cock in his soft hands I circled him in a tight hug, squeezing him closer, as if trying to fuse the two bodies together.... He pushed me back and I fell on the cool sand and he quickly moved down, between my sprawled legs. He held me in his hands, squeezing the throbbing shaft, his hot breath washing over the partly exposed glans. He held the thick base with one hand while his other peeled back the foreskin like a banana.

  "Wow, your so big !" he exclaimed with wonder seeing my massive cock close-up.

  Mohit looked up at me and smiled before burying his face in my groin and I felt his wet tongue lash out to lick at my cock head, sending a shiver up my spine.... I groaned lustily and thrust back at his mouth. He held the retracted skin tautly at the hairy base and fluttered his tongue up and down the throbbing length of my shaft, licking the hot pole of flesh, making me strut my hips up at him. And as my hands grabbed his head his other hand took my loaded globes in a hot embrace, playing with them while he continued to lick me.

  I was gasping at the familiar sensation, the familiar tingle, the heat.... and suddenly he opened his mouth wide and swallowed me ! I nearly screamed as I felt his luscious lips stretch around the bloated head and slide down the pulsating length..... I pulled at his hair, blabbering incoherently, thrusting back at him. And by the time his nose hit my lush bush I was seeing stars ! He gagged on the immense length and pulled back, retching and coughing and I quickly got up and took him in my arms, slapping his bare back, smothering him with wet kisses.

  "You shouldn't have tried to take it whole..." I said soothingly.

  "You're so big...." he finally said with awe in his teary eyes. I smiled and hugged him.

  "Now your turn kiddo, just lie down and relax..." I said.

  Grinning and happy he lay flat on his back and spread his legs wide, his large boy cock sticking out, pointing towards the high heavens. He looked so cute, so incredible I just stared.... thrilling at the whole thing. I got between his legs and lay down, my raging dick nestled in the wet sand. I kissed his pubes..... the inner thighs and then finally his hard cock, smacking audible. He just closed his eyes and moaned, squirming his ass, rotating his pelvis, pushing ever so slightly at my slobbering mouth.

  I ground my face into his scrotum, inhaling the fresh teen aroma..... the intoxicating boy smell of aroused pubes and my tongue slithered out to lick the tingling globes of his boy testes. They were so round and full.... so delicate..... Opening my mouth wide I took one inside and sucked on it.... making him moan louder and squirm faster. I sucked the ball long and then spitting it out I took the other one in and repeated some more.... I got his ball sac wet and sloppy, saliva running all over, coating my chin and his thighs before I left his sac and raised my face from between his parted legs. I stared in fascination at my kid brother's awesome boy erection..... his cock was standing tall and throbbed with each pulse of his heart. I held it with tender fingers and kissed the wet, leaking head and finally took him in. He groaned some crazy and shoved his hips right off the sand and into my mouth. And as I quickly opened wide to accommodate him, he hit the back of my throat, his hands reaching down to grab fistful of my hair, pulling hard.

  I clamed the tight muscles of my throat and felt him shudder, I squeezed him and then relaxed the grip and moved up...... I let my tongue tickle his piss slit, licking the exposed cock head before sliding back down to the very base. I sucked his cock like a sugar-candy stick making him thrash and moan and soon I felt him shudder and shake...... he gripped my hair tighter and pushed higher, raising his rump off the ground, arching his young body like a taut bow before going stiff and then screaming exploded in my mouth. My brother's cum tasted so fresh, so sweet that I gulped like mad in my effort not to loose even one single drop of his awesome honey..... He stayed that way till finally his cock twitched and stopped to gush and only then did he go slack and fall back with a satisfied groan. I released him and immediately glued my mouth to his pubes..... kissing and licking all traces of boy juice from there, relishing every bit of his creamy cum. And as I finished my chore and lifted off him he pulled my head close to his face and kissed me hard.

  "Now fuck me please...." he pleaded his eyes wide with lust.

  I was very doubtful about he being able to really, completely take me...... well, I had 10 solid inches of man meat and he was so young.... so tender..... But I was hot too and totally ensnared by lust. I crawled lower and back to his groin, I lifted his legs high and pushed them wide...... and as his sand covered cheeks parted I saw the tiny ass slit..... Oh, so pink, so delicate, peeking from between the deep valley of his virgin ass crack. I groaned and shook with emotion and desiring to make it as easy for him as possible I craned my neck forward and glued my mouth to his totally hairless anus. He yelped, bucking wildly.... and as my tongue began to lick the deep cleft he rolled his head asking for more.....

  Already the slit was wet from all the saliva that had rolled down from his cock and balls and as I pumped in more, working my fingers and tongue in and around his tender opening, massaging...... loosening, I felt him relax and his ass mouth flutter open..... and as I probed it with the tip of my tongue, the tight ring grabbed at it. He was open enough and ready.... now it was only a matter of trying to enter the orifice and pray for the best !

  I got up and into position between his widely spread thighs and lifting them high placed them over my shoulders looking deep into his eyes..... "Are you sure your ready for this....?" I asked, suddenly very uncertain about the whole thing.

  "Yeeesssss....!" he whispered in a hoarse voice as he grabbed my throbbing cock and guided it to the twitching ass mouth, fitting the broad head to the tiny anal opening.

  I gripped his thighs and brought my hips forward and as I applied pressure I saw his eyes widen and his mouth fly open..... his hands released my dick and rose to grip my arms. And as I persisted, he grimaced and snarled, growling, shaking, tears of pain already filling his eyes.

  "AAaahhh....!" he cried, "It..... it hurts..... God.... your so biiiigg !"

  I paused and debated whether to pull it out when he grabbed my taut ass cheeks and pushed back at me, "Don't stop..... oh, please..... do it to me..... make me take it !" he whimpered.

  "I..... I don't know..... I don't think you can take it...." I was burning with lust, need..... but also apprehensive about forcing myself into the tiny bottom of my young brother.

  "God.... YES! I can...... I will !" he yelled, "Just shove it in.... please do it.... I can't wait any longer.... I need you..... FUCK ME !" he screamed, digging his nails into my ass cheeks.

  I closed my eye and braced myself for the assault. With flexing ass I summoned my full strength and rammed in..... his fingers raked my ass and he hollered, thrashing his head on the sandy beach....... yet pushing back at the plunging cock !

  I was sweating and panting as finally the cock head slipped in forcing the extremely tight sphincter open and I felt it snap over the large head, gripping. I paused..... and opened my eyes to look down at my brother..... he had his eyes closed shut and his full lips were stretched over the clenching teeth, the face all screwed up in pain and tears were streaming down his soft cheeks..... his nipples stood straight, pointed and his chest rose and fell, gasping for air. His just exploded cock lay soft on his flat stomach, glistening and the two large balls hung loosely in their silky sac over it.

  "Don't.... ah, don't.... stop...... Take me completely..... and do it fast....." he panted, pushing at my ass.

  I steadied my hips and still looking down at him shoved forward for total entry and felt him suddenly open up and swallow me. He shrieked once more and then fell silent as my pubes slammed into his upturned cheeks and I was completely in - in my brother's virgin ass hole ! It was exquisite..... incredible...... awesome!!!

  I held still for a moment and then started to pull back and heard him whimper..... and let out a low growl and as my cock head reached the tight ring at his ass mouth I shoved in once more. We were both shaking now as I started the delicious stroking.... pulling back and then thrusting right in and as my cock moved in and out of that gripping hole, churning up his bottom, the intestinal juices rushed in to lubricate the tight passage and the invading cock, making the movements easier and more pleasurable.....

  I shoved in harder now...... stabbing forcefully into the pliant ass chute and he answered each thrust with an amazing slam of his plump ass cheeks as he kept grunting for more....

  "Oh yeah..... oh yeah...." he chanted like some ancient mantra...... and, "Yeaaah, fuck that ass wide open.... do it harder...!"

  I just closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the intense eroticism, humping my little brother with jolting force..... if he wanted it, was offering it to me, who was I to refuse, to complain......? We fucked that way for nearly half an hour before I pulled out, wrenching the massive pole with a savage force from the vice grip of his rectum and rolled him over and as he turned back to look at me in confusion, questioning, I pushed his legs apart and pulled his hips towards me.... And as his ass cheeks parted I gasped at the sight before me, his tiny hole was gaping wide and twitched as I looked on..... the tender linings glistening in the flickering flame of the dying bonfire. I closed my eyes and shoved my hips forward and with one single thrust located the ravaged butt hole, sinking in deep.

  He howled at the reentry and his face ground into the wet sand, but his ass slammed back at me, taking me in completely........



  He went back home after the holidays but visited me again during September school break and we renewed our brotherly love. And again during Christmas holidays he was back in my arms...... and this time after he returned home he came out to our parents. They were stunned and totally shattered..... but they didn't throw him out, instead my parents acknowledged his sexuality and accepted him, though reluctantly. He called me the same night and told me about it and three days later my dad called me and asked me to return home. I went, not very sure of what to expect and was overjoyed to have them take me back, accept me.

  Now we are together and happy. And as for us, Mohit and I, we don't need to go out in search of mates or lovers.... we have each other and its just GREAT !


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