My Kid Stepbrother and Me

My names Daniel and I'm now 21.

In 1998, when I was 11, I gained a brother, his name is Chris and he was 9 at the time.

Chris had to share my room, as there was no spare room in the house. He would sleep on an inflatable bed to start, until we got bunk beds.

Just like any other kids, we would play fight and run riot in our room.

Soon we got bunk beds and a TV. We could never get to sleep and would watch any crap that was on TV. The bunk bed had a bed on top and a settee below, which pulled out into a double bed.

One night, we both sat on the bottom bunk under the covers, while watching TV. The remote went missing and we both looked for it, feeling around under the covers. Our hands moved around all over the settee and around each other.

Chris blamed me for hiding the remote as I found it under my leg. We were fighting for the remote and control of the TV. All the time we kept quiet, as everyone was asleep in the house.

I gave in and let Chris have the remote. He flicked though the channels and found some crap and stopped. After 5 minutes, I was getting bored with Chris's choice of channel.

I said, `pass me the remote, thing channels crap'.

Chris said, `No Dan, you've got to find it'. He gave me a smile as I put my hand under the covers and felt around for the remote.

Having no luck, I threw the covers to the floor so could see better. The remote was nowhere to be seen, so I knew that Chris was sitting on it. He sat there laughing as I tried to force my hands under his legs in search.

He was holding tight and I needed a way under him.

I knew he was ticklish so went for his feet, but he didn't budge. Next I tickled the inside of his thighs that were clenched together hiding the remote.

Tickling didn't work so I forced my hands between his legs.

Without noticing, my hand was slightly rubbing the front of his pyjama shorts. I could kind of feel his balls as I rubbed my hand past. Chris didn't seem to care and just sat there laughing.

I finally felt the remote and forced my hands under him to get to it.

`Yes' I said as I sat back and changed channel.

`That was fun' Chris said, still laughing to himself.

After all that messing around, I was feeling warm, so pulled off my vest and threw it to the floor.

Chris said `what you doing?'

`I'm really hot after that' I replied.

`Me too' said Chris, pulling his pyjama top off and tossing it to the floor too.

`That was fun' he said, `now it's your turn'

`My turn to do what?' I questioned.

`Your turn to hide the remote!' Chris said which an excited smile. He pulled the covers back over us and covered his eyes with his hands.

I slipped the remote under in between my legs, hoping Chris would touch the front of my shorts just like I did to him.

`Ready' I said.

Chris took his hands from his eyes and started looking around the room for the remote. He the realised `you didn't even get up to hide it'.

I just laughed.

He pulled back the covers just as I did.

`You copy cat', Chris said as he came towards me with his hands aimed for my legs.

I guarded my legs with my arms and he struggled to get under my legs with his arms.

He then remembered how I got the remote from under him and forced his both hand between my legs.

Just as I did to him, he was rubbing past the front of my shorts. I was enjoying the sensation of his hands touching my balls.

Chris looked and smiled and I could tell he knew that he was rubbing me.

I smiled back and released the grip on my legs his hands run past my balls again and he grabbed the remote.

I could see Chris looking down at my shorts, he pointed and laughed.

Looking down I could see I had a full on boner. Chris hands rubbing me had made me hard.

`It's your fault', I told him, `you were rubbing it with your hands'.

`Can you do it to me?' Chris said with a grin on his face. `Ok' I replied, reaching my hand out for his shorts.

I stroked the inside of his thighs with both my hands. He spread his legs wider as I got closer to his package. I rubbed him through his pyjama shorts. I could feel his little balls and willy.

All the while, I was still sporting a boner in my shorts.

Looking for an excuse to see inside his shorts, I said `they're in the way'.

Chris replied, `What are Dan?'

`Your shorts are.' I replied.

`Ok' Chris said as I helped him pull his shorts down to his knee's.

I looked up and saw his willy and balls. Chris was sitting there completely naked.

He was semi hard as I rubbed my hands closer up his legs.

I finally touched his balls with my fingers; he smiled and said `Look it's working!'

His willy was getting harder as my hands rubbed his balls. Mine was still making a tent in my shorts.

I kept rubbing Chris until his willy was totally hard and pointing straight towards his belly button.

Chris pulled on my shorts and told me to take mine off just like him.

I pulled my shorts down and threw them to the floor.

My willy pointed straight up just like Chris's.

We both looked at each other's naked bodies and smiled.

I really wonted to touch Chris's willy so just came out and said `Can I touch it?'

`Yeah! can I touch yours?' Chris replied.

With an agreeing smile, I reached my hand to his hard willy. I too it in my hand and squeezed it.

Chris then took mine and did the same.

It felt weird but really good to have someone else's willy in my hand, and having someone else's hand on mine.

We then heard a door across the hallway open. We both froze and looked at each other. We let go of each other's hard willies, and reached for our pyjamas.

The toilet flushed and footsteps came to the door.

My step dad opened the door and could see us both innocently watching TV in our pyjamas.

`Get to sleep you two.' He whispered as he turned the TV off.

Chris climbed to the top bunk as his dad said good night and closed the door.

My willy was still hard. The thrill of nearly getting caught made me smile.

Chris whispered `goodnight' and I returned the gesture.

I fell asleep with a smile n my face, I'm sure Chris did too.

By Daniel Jay