My Little Brother

By Angyl


My little bro is a hottie. I know is a bad thing but I cannot control hormones.

My name is Ainsley Scott. Most people call me Ains. I am 17 years old. I have long black har and green eyes. My skin is pale, I hate the sun LOL. I am thin, but not as mom calls it anorexic thin. I like dark form fitted clothes. Mainly skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. I first realized I was gay, thanks in part to being forced by my older step-brother to suck him off every night, when I was younger, well up until he moved out last year.

My brother is Jasn Scott. Mos times I call him Jay. He is 15 years old. Short blond hair spiked. Brown eyes. He loves the sun and is always outside, giving his skin a dark complexion, and giving him a toned body. Unlike me he like loose baggier clothing.

So what first attracted me to my little brother? Well nothing in particular at first. I really had no interest in him. Up until for some reasonhe started parading around naked. Started this when he was 14. By 15 and more developed I really started to notice. I started leaving the door to my room partly open so I could see. My room was positioned perfectly to see both the bathroom and his room. I was impressed when I saw his cock for the first time. I guess he was bigger than me, but who cares. Plus I saw his ass on more than one occaision. He has the hottest little bubble butt. Why people call it that is beyond me. It was like to perfectly formed mound. My cock would rise to the occaison everytime I had thoughts of fucking that ass. I know wrong on so many levels.

For a long time my little bro would come and sleep in my bed after bad nightmares. He would never really talk about it, but he said he felt safe in my bed. It was on one of these night a few weeks ago things changed. Jay had come in my room about two in the morning, shaking and frightened. He crawled in bed with me and I put my arm around him. Nothing out of ordinary. Well as we lay there, I turned slightly and began slowly rubbing his tummy. My hand slowly moving downward. Eventual I was at the top of his boxers. Slowly I worked my hand down inside, and eventually took hold of his cock. When he made no effort to stop me I began stroking his cock. His cock grew in my hand. Jay let out a little grunt as he shot his load in his boxers and on my hand. I figured he would leave after that, but he just rolled over and I think he was crying to himself. I felt guilty, yet not really. I rolled over and licked his cum off my hand. The next morning Jay acted as if nothing happened.

The next night he did not come to my room, actually it was two days later when he did. I was not going to do anything, but like a fool, as soon as I could my hand was in his pants again. He'd cum, and the roll over crying. I'd lick the cum off and go to sleep. He'd act as if nothing happened. This went on for a few more days. Then one night as we lay in my bed and I was stroking him, I decided I wanted to suck him off. So when he was hard I moved down and took him cock in my mouth. He let out a breath of air, but did not stop me as I began bobbing up and down on his cock. I am pretty sure he was crying. If he was he never let on. I kept going til he came, and then moved back up and rolled over. Jay did not leave me bed, but I could hear him crying. I really was feeling guilty. I rolled over and tried to sleep.

Jay seemed distant the next day. He would not even look at me. This worried me greatly. That night I could not sleep. I was surprised when without word Jay crawled in bed. He lay there and sighed.

"Ains I used to watch Jack make you suck him off." He said without hesitation.

"You what?"

"I saw Jack making you suck him off."

"Oh shit bro I am sorry you saw that."

"It scared me."

"How old were you?

"6. I watched every night."

"Did he try stuff with you?" I ask out of concern.

"No he never did."

"Umm...does what I have been doing bother you?"

"Kinda but no."

"So you want me to stop."

Jay got quiet for a bit. I think he was thinking about it.

"No." He whispered.

"Are you sure?"


As we lay there I was worried about Jay. I was not sure if Jack had tried anything with him. I was angry at myself for not realizing this.

"Jay I think you should know Jack used to fuck me every night."

"I know I saw."

"You saw?"

"Yeah a few times."

Wow this was too much to handle. I was kind of freaking out. More so cause I am pretty sure Jack had done stuff to Jay.

"Jay I really need to know, has Jack tried anything with you?"

Again silence. Jay got overly quiet. I knew Jack had tried stuff with him. Bad enough he made me do stuff, but to do it to Jay was totally different.

"What did he do to you!?" I demanded sitting up.

Jay had started crying. I took him in my arms and held him.

"He used to suck me off, and then the night before he moved out he forced me to let him fuck me." He whispered.

"Why did you never say anything to me?"

"I was scared you'd hate me."

"I would never hate you Jason."

I held him while he sobbed. I was so angry at Jack. I had never said anything to anyone, because they would deny it all. Now poor Jay had gone through what I had and that really pissed me off. I had to do something about Jack, but tonight I was looking after Jay.

Once Jay had finally stopped crying. We moved down and I held him. I dozed off until Jay moved.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah I am I think."

"That's good."

"Ains I want to ask you something."

"What's that?"

"I know you have been checking me out, and well, would you fuck me?"


"Would you fuck me? Not like Jack, but just fuck me?"

"I don't know are you sure you want this?"

"Yeah I am sure."

Without word Jay rolled over and took his boxers off. I just lay there not sure if I should or not.

"Please Ains?"

I guess if he wanted it that bad. I reached into the night table and tookout lube. I had no condoms though.

"Jay I have no condoms."

"That's okay I don't mind."

I moved behind him and lube up his hole. Puching a finger in to get the lube inside. Then I lined up and slowly began pushing in. Jay let out a sniffle and I stop and began to pull out.

"No don't stop." He said, as he grabbed my hips.

So I continued to push in. I was all the way in and I just lay there slowly working my cock in and out of him. I felt his body relax as I fucked him. His sobbing stopped and I worked in and out.

"Oh wow that feels so good." He said with a sigh.

I leaned down and kissed the back of his neck as I continued pumping. He turned his head and he kissed me. Something I had not expected from him. I returned the kiss. I did not stop fucking him. He let out his little grunt, which told me he had cum. His hot little hole was too much and soon I had emptied my cock deep inside him. I stayed in his as long as I could trying to get hard again so I could keep fucking him. Sadly my cock was not cooperating and I finally gave up and slipped out of him. I rolled off of him and he turned to look at me. He leaned in and kissed me again. The he snuggled into me.

"Thank you." he whispered.

"You're welcome."

After that Jay literally moved into my bed every night. I was satisfied with fucking my younger brother. A few days ago, and much to my shagrin, Jack moved back in. His first night he came into my room to try and get me to do stuff. I grabbed a knife and brought it up. I stopped short of running in right into his nuts.

"You come near me or Jay ever again I will cut them off next time." I snarled.

Jack looked at me.

"Fuck you queer."

I thought he was going to fight back, but he just got off and left my room. Jay quickly came into my room.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah I am and I don't think Jack will bother us anymore."

Jay smiled and crawled in bed with me, and offered his waiting hole for me. I fucked him slowly, and then we fell asleep together. When we came down the next morning, Jack was at the kitchen table. I glared at him. Luckily mom never saw this. He mentioned something about leaving again and going down to the coast and working for a while.

That was the last time we saw Jack. He came home for Christmas, but literally kept to himself. As for mom I think she knew what was going on between me and Jay, but she never said anything about it. Life went on, and Jay and I are still fucking. He has even begun to reciprocate then attention. I have let him fuck me a few times, and suck me off, but I prefer to fuck him. It is our secret life, and as yet we have not told anyone about it. Eventually we might, for now it is between Jay and I.

The End


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