My Nephew Mark – Chapter 4


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As I drove home from our camping weekend, after dropping Mark off at his parents' house, my mind was filled with conflicting thoughts. These persisted and intensified over the following days. Just what had I been doing? What possessed me to let my involvement with this boy go so far? What would happen if he started to tell people what had happened? Suppose someone picked up his phone and looked through the incriminating photographs? How would my brother Ben and his wife react? Or the rest of my family?

And yet, and yet ... The more I reflected on it, the more I realised just how much I'd enjoyed Mark's company. I kept replaying images of what had happened in the tent - on both nights - through my head. Every time I recalled the sight of his cum-splattered body lying on the mat, I became strongly aroused. Thoughts of him filled my daydreams as well as my nocturnal dreams. I knew these were lust, but they were strong, insistent and vivid. I kept imagining what else I would like to show him, introduce him to, and do with him.

I'd gone to live in south-east Asia a few years previously because I preferred youthful guys. In Bangkok and elsewhere on my travels, I'd enjoyed sex with plenty of young men. Asian guys tend to be slim, smooth, shy in public and less inhibited in private. Most looked a lot longer than their chronological age. I'd no reason to know that any of my partners had been 'under-age', and everyone had been very willing, but I supposed it was likely that some had been teenage. In the saunas and massage rooms, it was often so dark there was no means of visually gauging their age; just the sense of touch to explore height, waist, smoothness, dick size and bubble butt. I needed boys who could shoot their load and who were willing to take my cock. I loved looking at images and videos of such boys and young men. When I returned to the UK, that's all I expected to be able to do - watch on my screens. The risks were clear and well policed. Yet ... against all expectations ... and without any conscious initiation on my part ... I'd found myself involved with a mid-teen boy. A boy who clearly wanted to explore his sexuality; a boy who wanted to do that in the company of a man or mentor; and a boy who had exposed himself to me. If that wasn't enough, he happened to be my brother's eldest son, my nephew.

This was dangerous. I shouldn't be doing it. I needed to curb it before anything further happened.

It was time to set some clear boundaries with Mark.


From: Steve Hardy
To: Mark Hardy
Date: 3 June

Hi Mark,

I hope you enjoyed the walking and camping in the mountains last weekend. We had good weather for most of the time (which doesn't often happen in the Lake District). You did really well with the walking, carrying a heavy rucksack for some of the time, and covering considerable distances over rough ground. I was very impressed with everything you achieved. I hope you will want to continue walking and exploring the mountains, maybe with friends or perhaps by joining the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or something similar. I also enjoyed hearing about your life at home, your success in the football team, and some of your friends.

Like you, I'm now back at school again after the half-term holiday. My work is busy again and I've not really had time to contact you until now.

I'm very happy to be your friend and to talk with you about my experience of growing up, the places I've travelled to, and some of the things I've done. If it's helpful to you to have a different adult perspective to that of your mum and dad, or the teachers in your school, then I am very happy to offer it.

But you should realise that I am also ten years older than you. You're a teenage boy growing up to be a young man. I have a position and responsibility as your uncle. We can't ignore that. I need to behaviour carefully and responsibly with you. I hope we both know what I mean by that. I want to hear about your life, and continue being your friend, and stay in contact with you, just the same as before. I hope you understand this.

With my love to you, (Uncle) Steve


From: Mark Hardy
To: Steve Hardy
Date: 5 June
Attachments: image3752.jpg, image3754.jpg, image3772.jpg

Hi there Steve,

It's Markie here (grin). I got your message. Yeah, I know you're my uncle - and you're also my good buddy now too. Our weekend together happened and nothing changes that. I really want you to be involved in my life and my growing up. I'm learning so much from you. It's really great. I don't regret anything that happened. In fact, I think about it all a great deal (grin).

I've attached one of the photos I took from our tent, and the photo you took of me, and another one I took on the second night inside the tent. I hope you enjoy them. Haha. I look at the pictures a lot. And like I promised, no-one else is going to see them. They're safe with me.

Even though I've been 'practicing' (every night), I've not had the same intensity of experience that happened with you in the tent. I keep wanting it, but I can't make it happen. Even when I watch stuff online, it's nothing like the real thing. Do you have any more advice for me? How do I get that fantastic feeling back again?

Markie xxxxx


I stared at his email and read it through several times. Even after what I'd written to him, he'd not taken the hint. He was making it clear that he wanted to continue chatting in the same way with me ... and maybe was hoping for something physical to continue as well. Shit, what was I to do now?

I hesitated before opening the attachments. Somehow I thought that if I didn't look at them, they wouldn't exist. But when I went back to my computer that evening, I couldn't resist. The first image was of the young man from the other tent around the tarn where we'd been camping. He was standing naked in the water with his arm around his girlfriend. The photo had zoomed in on the couple just at the point where they'd embraced. The man's long cock was positioned against the smaller girl's hips. The shaft and bulbous head were very clearly visible; and he appeared to be becoming aroused against her. He certainly had a monster dick. I stared at it, as Mark must have done, in both fear and awe at the size and strength of it. The second attachment was the picture I'd taken shortly afterwards when I'd snatched the camera from Mark to flick through the images he'd taken. He'd become aroused whilst watching the couple in the water and pulled his briefs down to show me the evidence. That's when I'd quickly snapped a couple of photos of him. This was one of them. It showed a clear close-up of Mark's genitals: his hard young cock, his smooth tight ball-sack, and his little thatch of pubic hair. Staring at it now gave me an immediate and strong erection. I wanted to free myself from my jeans and stroke myself whilst devouring the image. He was the perfect sexual physique of a boy at the moment of transition. The photo was incredibly exciting. Could he have any idea what it would do to me? Finally, I clicked to open the third image. It was the one of his cum-drenched body taken as he lay on the camping mat with his own juices covering his chest and belly and then my own creamy jism splattered everywhere. In the photo I could make out his own spent shaft resting on his belly, and my own still hard cock pointing upwards from my thighs and positioned above his body. I zoomed the image and could make out a drop of sticky cum on the tip of my shaft and a thread of juice still hanging down to his bare belly.

I cycled through all three photos several times until eventually I saved them to my tablet. I wanted to be able to stare at them again, re-imagine the scenes I'd seen and taken part in, and fantasise more about what I wanted to do with this boy.


From: Steve Hardy
To: Mark Hardy
Date: 10 June

Hello Mark(ie) !!

I'm still not sure whether this email is coming to you from Uncle Steve, or from your new buddy Steve. I'm not at all sure how to respond to you. I know what I should say to you and a big part of me does want to say that. Whilst another part just wants to really enjoy your friendship, your photos and the good time we enjoyed together. Perhaps I'm still working it out in this email to you.

I'm just an ordinary guy. You know that I'm gay and that doesn't seem to bother you. It's great that you feel you can be so open and natural with me. I appreciate that. I guess you're trying to work out your own identity as you grow up more - what you like, your preferences, maybe your sexuality. All I can say to you about that is - take your time, keep exploring, don't get into any fixed ideas about yourself. You have your whole life ahead of you. There will be lots of opportunities for meeting new people, doing different things, creating new relationships, exploring the world.

Does that sound like I'm in 'Uncle' mode again? Sorry!

Looking at the questions you asked me, as your 'buddy' I would say this. Each experience with your body and your sexual experimentation will be different. It's not about trying to repeat something that happened before. Sex is about "living in the moment" - and just enjoying whatever it gives you. The great thing about sex is that it doesn’t stop. Your body keeps creating more sperm, so you can keep doing it as often as you feel like it. I once went on a personal development course and the tutor said: "Do you want to know the secret of sex? It's very simple. 'When you're hot, you're hot; when you're not, you're not.'" I don't know if you can follow that. But basically I think it means - take whatever you get as it happens - don't compare it or want it to be different or try to change it. Just enjoy it as it is in the moment.

Hmm, I think that's more 'Uncle' talk again.

I didn’t find growing up at your age too easy. But as I began to relax and accept things and let them be, it became a lot easier. Once I accepted I preferred being with other guys, it was just so much simpler. I could relax and just enjoy it. I did lots of things – mostly good, and some that I regretted afterwards, but it was all good learning. Now I feel pretty comfortable with myself and my sexuality.

So my advice to you, my friend Markie, is ... just be yourself, whenever you can, wherever you are, whoever you’re with.

You’re a great boy. Sorry,’ young man’. I like you a lot and I’m glad I’m your uncle and have the opportunity to watch you grow up and mature. You’re very good looking ( - well, I think so!). You’re cute. You’re bright. You’re outgoing and adventurous. You’re fit. What’s not to like about you!!!

Love from your friend and uncle, Steve

PS. Thanks for the photos. They reminded me a lot of our weekend together  ;-)  Like I said to you before – just be very careful with them.


From: Mark Hardy
To: Steve Hardy
Date: 14 June
Attachment: image3801.jpg

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your great email. It was good to read it. I like it when you’re being my buddy and talking or writing with me like that. I don’t want a third parent in my life (no offence to my dad, your brother – but you’re more like one of my mates). I really just like talking with you about all this stuff.

Yeah, I think I’m feeling more confident now. I just want to be myself and live life my own way – not how other people tell me or want me to be. I hope I’m getting better at that, with your help and support of course.

All this year I’ve been thinking about what I like most. Just now, I feel I’m more interested in boys than girls. I’m more comfortable when I’m around my mates. I’ve got some good girl friends in my year at school but I don’t think about them in the same way. Like when we were camping and that other couple were in the water. Most of my mates would have talked about the woman, but I was mostly interested in the guy with the long penis. I’ve tried wanking off whilst thinking about girls but it doesn’t seem to work too well. When I’m doing it in my bedroom, I tend to think about other lads, or guys I’ve seen on TV or in magazine, or that guy in the water, or you and what we did when we were together. Hope you don’t mind. Sometimes I wank watching some guys on porn sites as well. But the real thing is definitely better. Haha.

Glad you liked the photos. I’ve attached another one for you. Can you guess who this is? It’s not me. Hint: he lives in our house.

I have a rude question for you Steve. I know you said I shouldn’t ask personal questions. Hope you don’t mind this one too much. But you did say I was good-looking. Thanks for that!. What I want to ask is do you ever think about me like that?

Now I’ve got started, I have another question. When did you first realise you were gay Steve? When do you first do it with someone else?

Oh, and another one. You told me that when you were living in Thailand you had a couple of Thai boyfriends. Now that you’re back home again, have you got another boyfriend? What’s his name? Love to see his picture.  Sorry – am I being too personal again? You can always tell me to stop. It’s just what me and my buddies talk about with each other all the time (but mostly about girls, huh).

Did you work out who the picture is of? It’s Jack my little brother. Not so little now. Ever since he caught me jacking off in my bedroom a few months ago he says he’s been trying to do it himself. On Monday he ran up to my room very excited. He really wanted to tell me something. He said he’d just cum for the first time. I told him I wouldn’t believe him unless he showed me. Was that bad of me? I thought he was going to leave and slam the door. Anyway, he came back on Tuesday night and said he wanted to prove it to me. I could see he was all excited. I told him to do it then. I made him drop his pyjamas and he stood there with his dick all hard. Then he started wanking himself in front of him. I thought he was going to shoot all over the floor. I grabbed the small towel that I use and held it for him. I was amazed when he shot out two lots of sticky cum. Of course, I had to taste it. It was very sweet. And I took the picture to celebrate him growing up. He was very proud of it. I told him now he was becoming a proper man. I told him some of the things you’d told me – about growing up. When he’d gone back downstairs, I looked at the picture and I needed to cum myself. So I wanked myself quickly and made my cum mix with his in my towel.

Write to me soon. Kisses from Markie


Whatever my relationship was with Mark, he was clearly relating to me as his ‘buddy’. I could see that he was confiding in me, and that he was taking some notice of the advice I was offering him. I knew that I was still obsessed with him. He excited me. I saw myself as some kind of mentor to him. But the stuff I really wanted to do with him, in my fantasies, was much more depraved. I had visions of his face sucking on my cock, and of me covering him in cum (again!). I even tried to picture his butt as he’d stood in the tarn washing himself, and what it would be like to stand close behind him.

I broke my reverie and went back to re-reading his email. I clicked on the icon for the photo attachment. The image was a close-up of a boy’s cock – pink, hard, uncut. A small hand was gripping it tightly. Beneath, the boy’s balls were drawn up tight into his body. I zoomed in to search but there was no hair to be seen anywhere. Still, the boy had a good, strong erection, maybe an inch shorter than Mark’s. And the proof lay in the face flannel that was held in front of it. Two little puddles of white, creamy juice lay on the towelled surface. So this was Jack, my other nephew, whom Mark had clearly encouraged to start playing with himself and who was now proudly displaying the first fruits. For a moment I fantasised about the two boys jerking each other in the seclusion of Mark’s attic bedroom. The fantasy made me hot and hard very quickly. I needed to do something about that – and preferably with a responsive and willing partner.

I stared at the image on the screen and reached for my phone lying beside my tablet on the table. I pressed one of the speed-dial buttons and listened to the ring tone until it was answered.

“Hi Chai. It’s me, Steve,” I said, though I knew he would have seen my name on his screen as he picked up.

“Oh hi Steve. How are you?” I heard.

“I’m really good. I was wondering – are you busy this evening? I fancy some company. Would you like to come round? I could get us some Chinese food and we could enjoy it together.”

“Oh yeah? Maybe you just want some Chinese sausage.” It was a joke and we both knew what it referred to. I laughed.

Mmm, maybe that as well. So, are you up for it?”

“Yes, OK Steve. I need to finish this assignment first; it has to be handed in tomorrow. How about I come round about 8pm. You could order the food for then.”

“Great. I’ll do that. Don’t be late!” We both laughed before I rang off.

I only had a couple of hours to wait. Time to get showered, fetch something to drink, and order a couple of our favourite meals from the local Chinese takeaway. I was definitely going to have some fun before bed.

I’d known Chai for a couple of months. Since coming back to Leeds I’d rejoined a couple of gay dating and hook-up sites. Living in a city like Leeds it wasn’t difficult to find guys on the hunt for some action. It was less easy to find guys who matched my particular interests.

Chai was a pretty close fit and we seemed to hit it off with each other from the beginning. He was a first-year overseas student at the university. His family lived in Thailand and that’s what first caught my attention. His father was something in the Thai army and his mother worked for the provincial government. Together they must have had a good income because they’d paid for Chai’s education through an international school and now they could afford to send him to the UK to get his English-language degree.

I’d noticed his profile on the dating site. He was quite reserved and didn’t say much about his background or his interests. It was the three profile photographs that really attracted me. Each was very respectable, one of his face and two of him fully dressed and engaged in different activities. He was around 5-foot-6 tall, slender build, around 9 stone in weight, well-dressed in casual clothes, and with neat, black hair. His profile said he was new to England and looking to make some social friends. Although he indicated he was looking for ‘friends’, his preferences also revealed that he was interested in guys aged 20-30 and who were ‘top’.

I sent him a message inviting him to check out my profile. He sent me a very polite reply and our chat conversation developed from there. He was impressed with my stories of living in Bangkok and even more surprised that I could speak reasonable Thai. After a week or two of messaging, we arranged to meet. It turned out that he came from the south of Thailand, relatively close to the Malaysian border. This area is less frequented by tourists, in part because of some on-going local conflicts. The Thais from the south quite often have a darker skin, more caramel in colour, and Chai was no exception. Although I didn’t ask directly, I reckoned he could quite probably be Muslim like a significant proportion of the population in the south.

I tend to know whether I like a guy from an early stage in our contact. Chai was a definite match for my preferences! He was Asian, young, attractive, slim, and ‘bottom’. If we’d met in Bangkok, I’d have gone after him. The fact that we’d met in Leeds made him quite special.

Fortunately, he seemed similarly interested in me. He’d come to study in Europe to get a good degree and because he liked ‘farang’ (white guys). He’d known he was gay from boyhood. Being Muslim could have been an issue, but in Thailand, the culture is very tolerant and his parents hadn’t raised any objections. He was a little lost in this new country and he was looking for someone to help him find his feet. After another week of chatting, he’d come round to my apartment. I’d made some Thai food for him – which he politely complimented – and inevitably, we’d ended up on the bed.

As with so many Thai youths, it didn’t take long for his shy reserve to fall away in private. He seemed to want me to take charge. I asked if I could undress him, and he swallowed and then nodded. There wasn’t too much to remove. He’d left his sandals at the door and he had a preference for wearing lightweight shorts. Every time I’d looked at him, I’d stared at his smooth, brown legs and noticed the way his thighs disappeared into his shorts. I asked him to stand and I approached close to him. I put my hands on his shoulders and bent my head down to kiss him. Within seconds, his lips had opened and my tongue had slipped inside. He didn’t move much but we spent the next few minutes engaged in very pleasurable kissing. He continued to let me lead. My hands moved down his back and I pulled him close in to my chest. He must have been able to feel my strong erection pressing through my clothes and against his abdomen. He put his hands around my waist and sighed deeply as he began to relax. I asked him if he was OK, and he just nodded again several times with a big smile. My hands slid lower until I was holding both of his narrow buttocks. I pulled him even closer and was rewarded by the push of his cock against my thigh.

I took hold of the hem of his crew-necked shirt and began to lift it up. He broke the embrace to lift his arms into the air and I pulled the shirt clear of his body. I let my hands run down his brown chest. There was not a hair in sight. I pushed my fingers into his armpits to discover just a light downy dusting of hair. One of the great attractions of Thai youths to me is that so many of them look a lot younger than their age. Chai was no exception! He could have been a high school student. I bent over to graze on his nipples, raising them into sharp, pointed mounds. He gave a sharp inward intake a breath and closed his eyes. His hands dropped to grip me at my hips as if he feared falling backwards. I let my mouth, lips and tongue play from his mouth to his nipples and back.

I was ready to undress the rest of him. I worked my face down to his navel before standing back up again. Looking directly into his face, my hands reached for the fastening on his shorts. I felt for the button and the zip, undoing both, then pushing his shorts down. I heard them fall to the floor and he neatly stepped out of them, kicking them away. I bent to kiss his face again and we engaged in more tongue probing. My hands slid down his body to explore his underwear. I started on his backside and immediately encountered two globes of bare skin. I slid my hands together and discovered he was wearing a tanga; a strip of fabric led from the narrow waistband down his crease and through between his legs. He couldn’t have done more to come prepared to excite me. I groaned in pleasure as my fingers followed the line of his crease, my finger tips brushing against his most secret places. He moaned. I moved my hands round to the front where an upturned triangle of mesh fabric covered his groin from the waistband down to his root. My fingers played across the fabric, touching and stroking his hardness and the two testicular sacks beneath, all squashed into the tight mesh container. “I think we need to remove these,” I whispered into his ear. Mmm, yes,” he murmered. I stepped back a little and pulled the front waistband forward to release his member before pushing the tanga down his thighs. He reached down to free himself and step out.

As he stood back up before me I stepped back to admire his body. His cock was average-sized, dark brown in colour, cut, with a flared glans, and pointing directly forward. Two good-sized and hairless balls hung beneath, resting against his smooth thighs. “Turn around Chai,” I ordered, and he made a slow pirouette allowing me to take in the glories of his body from every side.

“Do you like?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, very much Chai. You’re beautiful. I love the colour of your skin. And you have a great ass.”

“And now, what about you?”

He didn’t seem particularly interested in undressing me in the same way. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched as I stripped out of my clothes in a much shorter time, until I was standing naked and proud before him.

“You too are very good,” he commented, “Very strong, very manly, with your farang penis like that. I like. What is it you want to do with me?”

I stepped in between his legs as he sat on the bed. He took hold of my erection in one hand and started to feel me up and down. I looked down at him and imagined some of the things I wanted to do. “You have a very nice touch. You make me feel good. If you lie back on the bed I will do the same to you.” He stretched backwards and closed his eyes. I knelt down on the floor between his legs and started to touch and stroke him.  He was immediately responsive, wriggling his hips on the bed and thrusting up into my hand. Before long, I’d taken hold of the base of his shaft in one hand and lowered my face over the upright pillar of brown flesh. With my tongue I licked all over his exposed glans knowing how sensitive this would feel for him. I closed my lips around the head and continued to tease him with my tongue. I could hear his moaning. Then I slid down his shaft to take more of him into my mouth.

After several minutes I felt him pulling on my arms. He indicated that it was his turn and he motioned me to climb up his body. I knelt astride him as he lay on the bed. He raised his head and took me into his mouth. For the next few minutes he worked on me. I was in heaven. He’d clearly had plenty of experience as he was good at varying the pace and the focus of his attention. I started to thrust into his mouth getting even more excited. But this wasn’t how I wanted it to end. I withdrew from his mouth and leaned down to kiss his mouth, his neck and his chest. “Oh this is good,” I told him, “I’m loving what you’re doing to me. Now I want to give you more.”

I retreated down his body and started to work on his cock and balls again. I fondled and licked his ball-sack, relishing their smoothness and sucking each globe into my mouth. Then I started to move southwards, licking and kissing his perineum before using my arms to move his thighs even further apart. I wanted access to the deepest part of him. He didn’t resist. If anything, he tried to open himself even wider. I ran my fingers up and down his crease, pressing on his root before inching ever closer to his entrance. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and darted in and out of his crack until I could feel the pulse of his anal muscles. He was groaning in pleasure as his muscles began to relax. I broke away momentarily to reach for some gel and smeared it on my fingers and on his ring. My finger was able to enter him with ease so I added a second. We both knew where this was going. I quickly unwrapped a condom and slid it over my solid shaft, adding some more gel to the sheath. He held his legs up in the air, holding his knees and exposing his entrance. I placed his feet against my shoulders and lined myself up. As I entered him, the momentary grimace on his face was quickly replaced by a broad grin. It was one of the best fucks I’d had in ages. Despite his small stature he was able to accommodate all of me. His chute was tight enough to exert pressure on my shaft and increase my pleasure. He stayed hard throughout. I alternated speed and angle to see how it affected his response. He urged me on. Shortly before I came, I used my hand to bring him off and he shot a copious load onto his body. Then I ploughed into him a few more times and finally emptied my balls deep inside him. I was still hard as I lowered myself down onto his body and we kissed and cuddled for several more minutes.

That was my first time with Chai. Over the following weeks, we met up once or twice a week, sometimes for a drink or a meal, and always ending up on my bed. After I’d read Mark’s latest email, and looked closely at the photograph of Jack’s youthful orgasm, I knew what I needed. I’d invited Chai to come around for a meal and some fun. He knew about my family and had heard me talk about Mark. He knew also about our camping trip and I’d described in outline what had happened between us.

I showed him Mark’s latest email and photograph. “Oh, I can see why you called me tonight, Steve,” he said with a laugh. “He’s definitely got you all worked up. How long can you hold off? Do you want sex before or after we’ve eaten?”

As we made love that evening on the bed, my mind kept transposing images of Chai with memories of Mark. I was incredibly horny and needed urgent relief. I pulled the clothes of Chai and explored his body in a passionate frenzy using hands, mouth, nose and tongue. I knew him well enough by that time to realise that he was getting off on it too. When I couldn’t hold out any longer, I told him to turn over and get onto all-fours. I stood on the floor behind him and entered him doggy-style. I fucked him hard and for as long as I could make it last. He was moaning and urging me on beneath me. I looked down to watch my own maleness entering his body between the caramel-coloured globes of his slim buttocks. It still amazed me that he could take all of me. Between us, we made a lot of noise. I still don’t know whether my mind thought I was fucking Chai or fucking Markie.


From: Steve Hardy
To: Mark Hardy
Date: 20 June

Hi Markie,

You’re a BAD boy!!! Encouraging your brother Jack into the same ways as you! I hope he doesn’t go round telling everyone. And it certainly sounds like you’re working out more about yourself as you mature. Like I said to you before, just don’t force it buddy; everything will work out in its own time – and everything will be absolutely fine.

I guess I was aware of my sexual orientation was I was around 13/14 years old. I was certainly far more interested in other boys at that age than I was in girls. And that never changed as I grew older. I did have a girlfriend when I was in sixth form but that was more to make me fit in with everyone else. We never did anything together except a bit of kissing. I was messing around with other boys in high school – sometimes showing ourselves to each other, or wanking off together, but it was just exploring and having fun, nothing too serious. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I went to university at 18. I don’t think I could have had a boyfriend when I was living with my parents in Carlisle before then. When I was at university, life became a lot freer and easier. I could be more of my true self. Perhaps I started to make up for ‘lost time’. Since then, I‘ve had a few steady boyfriends both in Leeds and in Thailand.

Do I have a boyfriend now? Yes and no – it’s a bit hard to say. I started meeting up with a guy a few weeks ago. He’s an overseas student at the university and his family live in Thailand. I like him a lot and we meet up every week or so and do something together. His name is Chai. He’s quite shy and he sometimes finds it quite confusing to be living here in the UK. We haven’t talked about being boyfriends. I like him and he’s becoming a good new friend. Just have to see how it develops. I guess he’ll be going back home when his studies are finished. And no! I’m definitely not into taking pictures of him just to send them to you so you can get excited!

Of course I think about you. I enjoyed our adventure camp together and I liked being in your company. And, yes, I do think you’re a good-looking young man. I’m sure lots of people will find you attractive. I wonder who you get your good looks from? Probably from your uncle.  Haha.

It’s a busy time in school just now what with school exams and tests to complete and the end of term approaching fast. Not too long to go until the summer holidays and a rest. I might go off walking again, or maybe some travelling. Perhaps I’ll come and visit you all and see my parents again as well.

With love to you – Steve.


From: Mark Hardy
To: Steve Hardy
Date: 25 June
Attachment: image3842.jpg

Hi buddy,

OMG. Steve, so much has happened in the last week. I can’t believe it. Not just the end of term exams and stuff. Nor the cricket and basketball matches we’ve been playing and winning. Just so many things I don’t know where to start.

I told you about Jack. Well he keeps wanting to talk with me about it and asking me about how to do it differently. It’s like he can’t stop. He keeps coming into my room to show me. Every day he checks to see whether he’s grown any hair. Then he tries to check himself against me. I think mum and dad are wondering what’s going on. He used to stay away from me and now he’s always coming upstairs to find me.

Then another big thing happened last week. You can check out the photo I’ve attached for you. Hint: this time, it’s not anyone who lives in our house. But he has come to our house quite a few times. Can you guess who it is?

Thanks for the compliments about my looks. Do you think I could make it as a model then? But you know that’s not really what I meant. What I meant was do YOU find me attractive? I mean you got excited when I was doing stuff with myself in the tent. And when you were doing stuff it made me feel very good. I think you look really good - and sexy too. You’re like a proper man.

I liked reading about how you found out you were gay. I think that’s the stage I’m at now. But I don’t want to wait until I leave home or go to uni. So far I’ve only told one other person. He was really cool about it. He says he’s definitely gay or bi. We talk about it most days.

Now for the big bit of news to tell you. I’m so excited about this. At the start of the school holidays, mum and dad are driving to Cardiff for a few days. It’s a kind of holiday. They’re taking grandpa and grandma with them. They’re visiting grandma’s best friend from when she was younger for some big wedding anniversary. They want us all to go together. I pointed out there wasn’t enough room in the car for seven people. Really, I don’t want to go anyway. I think it’ll be boring hanging around a lot of older people for a few days with nothing to do. And dad said we’ll all have to share a couple of rooms whilst we’re there. I told them I didn’t want to go. Mum said I couldn’t stay at home on my own because she was worried something bad might happen. I asked my friend Rory if I could stay over at his house, but they’re going on holiday too at the same time. Then I had a brilliant brainwave. I told mum that you could come up and stay for a few days. That way I wouldn’t be in the house on my own. And it’s your school holidays too. But I wasn’t sure if you would want to stay. Then I had an even better brilliant idea. I could go and stay with you in Leeds. Just for a few days at the start of the holidays. I could take the train direct to Leeds so you wouldn’t even have to come and fetch me. What do you think Steve? Please say yes. I’d love to explore the city. You could show me around. And if you won’t send me a photo of Chai, then I could meet him for real. And of course we’d be sharing your flat too.

Did you check the photo? Shall I tell you who it is? It’s my friend Rory. He’s older than me and in the year–group above me but we’re in the same sports teams. A few months ago he told me he thought he was gay or bi. We’ve become mates. I go over to his house to do homework some evenings, and he comes across to ours at the weekend to listen to music and stuff. I really like him. We can talk about everything. It’s just great having a friend that I can share this stuff with. As well as you, of course, my best buddy friend.

Please, please, please let me know about coming to Leeds to stay with you.

Love from your buddy Markie xxxxx


This time there was no delay before I clicked on the attachment. The image showed  the body of a well-developed boy from his knees to his navel. The waistband of a pair of white briefs was just visible around his knees. The boy was holding a medium-sized cock in his hand. He seemed to be circumcised with a large bulbous head. Hanging below were a pair of good-sized testicles. What clearly distinguished him from Mark was the good growth of dark brown pubic hair that formed a wiry bush above his cock and was already sprouting from his balls. I zoomed into the photograph to search for more evidence of what he might have been doing, but the photograph was a tantalising tease. I found myself wishing it had been a video clip.

So Markie and this Rory were comparing cocks. Rory claimed to be gay or bisexual. They were spending evenings and weekends together. It didn’t take much to put two-and-two together and work out what they were getting up to. I wondered how far they had gone: just mutual wanking ... or something more? Just the thought of these two boys together was turning me on.

I went back to Mark’s email and read it a couple more times. Two phrases jumped out at me. ‘Do YOU find me attractive?’ How could I tell him the answer to that one? ‘And of course we’d be sharing your flat too.’ He wanted to spend more time with me – just the two of us – and he was proposing that we share my flat in Leeds. I closed my eyes for a moment to try and imagine it. Whichever way I looked at it, he seemed to have one thing on his mind. If we were alone together he would want to continue with more buddy-talk about sex. And I didn’t doubt that he would be looking for more guidance and experimentation. That’s what he seemed to be suggesting was happening with Rory. And if I was his ‘best buddy’, he’d most likely be wanting something with me too. My flat was a relatively small studio apartment. It wasn’t as though I could accommodate him in a spare bedroom; there was just the bed and the sofa, about ten feet apart from each other.

The situation offered too many possibilities. I needed time to think how to respond. If I replied immediately, it would make me seem very keen to participate in his scheme. On the other hand, I couldn’t ignore him. I would sleep on it for a night or two.


Predictably, those two nights of delay were filled with a wild mix of vivid and erotic dreams and fantasies that seemed to involve all of Mark, Chai, Jack and Rory. Mark even sent me a text asking if I’d received his email. In the end, I played for time.

From: Steve Hardy
To: Mark Hardy
Date: 27 June

Hi Markie,

I did receive and read your latest email. And yes, I did check the attachment. I said before that you’re becoming a BAD boy. Now I can only add that you’re also a NAUGHTY boy too. But I’m glad you’ve found a good friend to share your thoughts and feelings with. I’m hope you’re both sensible about what you’re doing together. I wish I’d had someone like that at your age that I could really trust. Just take it easy with Rory and, like I said to you before, don’t rush into things too quickly. It’s probably a lot better for everyone if you share this stuff with Rory rather than your younger brother.

Now for your request about me coming to stay with you whilst your family is away, or you coming to stay with me here in Leeds. I’ve been thinking carefully about this. The first thing I must tell you is that my apartment is a great deal smaller than your house. It’s only really a studio flat – and that means there is no spare bedroom here. This block of flats is only really designed for single people or couples.

If your parents want you to go away with them, then I think you should consider this carefully. Family holidays are really important times together. But if you are adamant about not going, then I will phone your mum and dad this weekend to discuss what they would like to see happen instead. I’m not making any promises here. It would be great to see you again soon – but it has to be their decision.  I know that sounds like your ‘Uncle’ talking. I hope you can understand the difficulty of the situation that could arise. This is up to your mum and dad, and they have to feel comfortable with whatever alternative arrangements are made.

I’m still your buddy, and send you my love, Steve


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