My Nephew Mark – Chapter 5


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And the outcome of my discussions with my brother Ben and his wife Debbie about their son Mark coming to stay with me? They agreed. In fact, they seemed quite relieved. They realised their car would be somewhat over-full if everyone was to travel together to South Wales, including our parents. Mark was clearly not very interested in making the trip. They didn’t want to leave him on his own.

“If you’re really sure that you’re prepared to have him stay for a few days, Steve,” they’d said, “Then we would be really grateful. We’re sure Mark would enjoy spending the time with you – he really seems to respect you and learn from you.” If only they knew what he was beginning to learn. Of course, they’d known about my sexuality and they were both very open and tolerant of diversity. I’d wondered if they had any sense of Mark’s emerging identity and preferences. Certainly the teenager seemed very interested in the ‘male form’ and was clearly experimenting with other boys, including his own brother.

And what was I feeling about all this? There was no doubt that I found Markie incredibly physically attractive. His youthful body appealed to me in so many ways. Images of him featured lustfully in a lot of my wanking. Just the thought of what I would like to do with him was enough to give me a strong erection. I was still seeing Chai a couple of times each week. He had a sweet, slim Asian body and he loved to suck on my cock before most times he encouraged me to fuck deep into his ass. Yet I still desired access to Markie’s firm rounded butt.

A couple of days before Mark was due to arrive for his stay, Chai was visiting my studio apartment. As usual, we enjoyed a meal together before our love-making. Chai was aware of Mark and we talked of my involvement with him. Chai wanted to see a picture of him and I’d shown him one of the more innocent images. He’d examined the picture closely, perhaps trying to discern something of what it was like for a young European to be discovering and exploring his own identity. He expressed a desire to meet Mark at some point during his stay. I wasn’t so sure about this. On the one hand, for Mark to meet another lad who was closer to his own age and confident in his self-identity could be reassuring and instructive. On the other hand, Mark was so interested in all men that he might want to take the meeting in a different direction. I remained conscious of my responsibilities towards my nephew and the trust that had been placed in me by his parents. At the same time, my own feelings and desires were building in intensity ... and I couldn’t be sure quite what would happen when we were living together for a few days in the seclusion of my apartment.


The school holidays arrived and a few days later my brother’s family were setting off for South Wales on a visit to relatives, and Mark was embarking on his journey to Leeds. Ben and Debbie were collecting our parents for their journey so they took Mark to Carlisle railway station. From there he boarded the scenic cross-country train known locally as the ‘Settle-Carlisle line’ which took three hours to chug its way through the Yorkshire Dales, across several viaducts, through various tunnels, past remote country stations until it eventually arrived in its final destination – the urban metropolis of Leeds.

I had plenty of time before meeting him so I decided to walk the couple of miles from my apartment building to the city centre station. It was a beautiful sunny, summer day and I was feeling good and upbeat. I wasn’t too sure about quite how Mark and I were going to approach our time together. Our developing friendship was strong and I enjoyed being in his company; but the sexual tension between us – the fact that we were going to be sharing my small apartment for a few days – was never far from my mind. The previous night I’d also enjoyed an explosive wank on my bed as my lust for the boy had taken a firm hold on my imagination.

The train was only a few minutes late into Leeds and I waited by the barriers for Mark to appear. He came walking down the platform towards me, a rucksack on his back and a big grin across his face. I gave him a friendly hug and he began telling me stories about the other people on the train as we made our way across the station concourse to the roads outside.

For the next hour or so I gave him a little walking tour of Leeds city centre: up to the Headrow where the main civic buildings are located, then back down through some of the old shopping arcades and into a couple of the larger stores. Since Mark lived out in the country, and Carlisle was fairly limited as a shopping centre, I thought he would be interested to feel the vibes of a large modern city centre. Together we wandered through several stores checking out games, clothing and gadgets. He told me he’d brought some spending money but he just wanted to get an idea of what was available before returning another day to make any purchases.

Later in the afternoon I suggested we catch a bus back towards the neighbourhood where I lived. We made our way to Briggate to catch the bus. Twenty minutes later, we alighted and walked the final few hundred metres to my apartment building. I lived on the sixth floor of the block, and we took the lift up from the entrance. I’d tried to warn him that my flat was quite small. It was sold as a ‘compact studio apartment’ and it was all that I could afford a few years before when I’d got my first job. The front door opened into a tiny lobby with storage cupboard, and a door led into the main living space. A galley kitchen took up the wall to the right with a sofa and dining furniture to the left. A glass door led out onto a tiny balcony, just large enough for a small aluminium table and chairs. At the far end of the main living space was a bedroom area, partially screened by a wardrobe unit that projected into the room. This unit provided a minimum of visual privacy though sounds would clearly pass throughout the entire space. Beyond the double bed, a sliding door led into shower room and toilet area, with some more storage cupboards on the opposite wall.

“Hey, this is cool, Steve. It’s got everything you need. And it’s a whole lot bigger than my bedroom at home. I don’t think you need any more space than this.”

I suggested he put his rucksack through in the bedroom area to keep the living space as clear as possible. I still hadn’t resolved the sleeping arrangements and reckoned that the best idea might be for Mark to have the big bed whilst I made up another bed on the sofa. I thought I’d wait before suggesting this to see what was going through his head.

He flicked on the TV and surfed through several channels. He asked for my wifi password and checked his messages from friends and his Facebook account on his phone. He called his mother to let her know that he had arrived safely and I heard him giving a glowing account of where he was staying and how much fun he was going to have on this solo-trip. It all seemed innocent enough.

I asked him what he’d like to eat for dinner and he quickly replied that he’d love some fish-and-chips if there was a take-away close by. He explained that living where he did, it was several miles to the nearest chippie. I said that was fine, and that we’d go out to buy some, together with some fizzy drinks and perhaps some ice cream for dessert, before returning to the apartment to eat them in front of the TV.

Mark chatted away with me quite happily. He showed me some photos on his phone of school games and teams that he’d been involved with. Some of the pictures included his brother Jack who was also quite sporty. The conversation was entirely innocent: no mention of the sexual play with his younger brother, nor of any of the other topics we’d shared during our camping weekend together. I wondered if he’d really taken the hint that our buddy-friendship was fine, but the physical stuff was inappropriate and going too far. I looked across at Mark as he talked and didn’t know whether I felt relieved or disappointed. He was lounging around on the sofa in a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt looking as cute and attractive as ever. I couldn’t help but notice the muscles just beginning to develop in his upper arms and his shoulders, the firmness in his thighs, nor the bulge of his crotch beneath the slim-fitting shorts. For a few moments I was distracted by wondering how I might be able to wank whilst trying to sleep on the sofa if he was resting just a few metres away on the bed.

We talked about some ideas for what we could do over the next few days. I suggested visiting some museums and parks around Leeds. He wanted to check out some more shops. And we agreed on a couple of trips out in the car to visit places of interest in the local countryside. Mark had to read some books by the Bronte sisters for his English studies, so I suggested a trip to Haworth to see the vicarage where they had lived and the wild countryside around that had inspired so much of their writing.

Eventually, I could put the awkward moment off no longer as the evening was getting late. “Perhaps we should think about getting some sleep then, Markie,” I began. “Why don’t you sleep in the bed – then you’ll be next to the bathroom if you need it in the night. I can make up a bed on the sofa here. That’ll be absolutely fine for the few days that you’re here.”

“Oh ...” he began, and stopped. Then “I don’t mind sleeping on the sofa. I mean, this is your home, so I should just fit in around you. I don’t want to create any trouble.”

“It’s no trouble, Mark. I’ve been looking forward to your visit ...” – maybe I shouldn’t have said that quite like that – “I want you to feel comfortable and at home, even though the space is much smaller than your own home. I really want you to enjoy your little holiday here and have some fun.”

He brightened considerably as I spoke. “Yeah, it’s really nice being away like this without my family for the first time. And it’s great to be sharing it with you Steve – a bit like our camping trip – except here we’re in your home. I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun. It feels very grown-up to be here like this. I’ve been excited about this visit ever since you agreed to do it.” This statement was open to several interpretations but I decided to let it go for the moment. I definitely didn’t want to read more into the situation than the boy intended.”

“OK, Mark. So you make yourself comfortable in the bedroom area. I’m going to get out the spare duvet and make up a bed on the sofa. You’ll find a couple of drawers for your clothes if you want to take them out of your rucksack. Please treat the place just like your own home: if you need something to drink or eat, just help yourself – you don’t have to ask every time. Then you can get yourself ready for bed – get changed, clean your teeth, and everything. When I’ve made up this bed, I’m going to have a shower before I sleep but I’ll try not to disturb you.”

He gave me a long look that I couldn’t quite interpret as he stood up and began to put the plates and rubbish away in the kitchen area. Then he went through into the bedroom alcove and I heard him opening his rucksack and taking things out. I busied myself making up the spare bed on the sofa. I drew the curtains and turned the lights off or down.

I walked through to the bedroom area expecting him to be already under the covers. There was just the sound of running water from the bathroom. I debated briefly what to do and decided that if I was to set the tone of ‘treating the place like his own home’, I should continue through to the bathroom rather than waiting for him to finish. The door was open and I stepped inside.

Mark was standing at the basin brushing his teeth. He looked at me in the mirror. He was wearing a pair of blue briefs that outlined his youthful bubble butt perfectly. “I packed light,” he said, continuing to brush, “I didn’t bring any pyjamas ‘cos I can sleep in these for a few nights.” How was I going to manage seeing him walking around in pants every day?

And now I had a dilemma. I’d said I wanted a shower. I was standing in the bathroom but Mark showed no sign of finishing up. OK, I would have to behave just the same as on our camping trip. I pulled off my shirt and socks and dropped them in the laundry basket. I unzipped my jeans, lowered them and stepped out. I looked down to see that I’d put on a mesh jock-strap that morning as my underwear for the day. Mark was staring at them in the mirror. “Wow, what are those Steve?” he enquired.

“These, you mean?” I responded, as innocently as I could. “This is a jockstrap. It kind of keeps everything in place but is very comfortable and easy to wear against the skin.” As I spoke, I turned away from him slightly and slid the jockstrap down and off before stepping into the glass-walled shower and turning the water on.

The next time I looked up, wiping soap from my face and shoulders, Mark had finished cleaning his teeth and was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, still wearing his briefs. He’s picked up my jockstrap from the floor to examine it. “Hey, these are really good,” he tells me, “You looked good wearing them,” and he grins again. Next he lifted them to his nose and sniffed: “I can really smell you in them – a real man’s smell.”

I was facing him now, with the soap suds and the water running over my body. I was acutely conscious of my cock hanging in front of me, water streaming off the end, and the first tentative movements of an imminent erection developing.

“Can I try them on please Steve?” he asked.

I stepped out of the shower and reached past Mark for a towel. “Sure, if you like.” I draped the towel in front of me as I dred myself. Mark stood up, pushed his briefs down to reveal his cock and balls, and then stepped into my jockstrap, pulled it up and adjusted the straps across his bum. He stood in front of the mirror and I felt torn between watching his face in the reflection and his incredible bubble butt behind him. Now my cock really was beginning to engorge.

“What do you think?” he asked, showing himself off.

“I think you look really good, as always. But you probably need a size or two smaller. Your waist is quite a lot smaller than mine just now.”

He turned towards me. “Yeah, but I need something that can hold my manhood.” He laughed, and pulled the waistband away to reveal that he was semi-hard. “See – these things have an effect on a guy!”

I didn’t know what to say. We were both in the semi-confined space of the bathroom, both nearly naked, and both semi-aroused. A big part of me just wanted to pull him in towards me and hold him.

“Steve ... can I tell you something ... and promise me you won’t get angry with me, or shout at me, or act like my parents?”

“Well ... err ... that all depends ...”, I hesitated.

“I just don’t want to sleep in your bed – if you’re sleeping over on the sofa,” he began. “I mean, I thought we could sleep in your bed, together – so that we’d be next to each other, like we were when we went camping before.”

“And you know what happened then, don’t you?”

“Yes. But there’s nothing wrong with that. You said so. You told me never to be ashamed or embarrassed about my feelings. And now I’m getting a hard-on wearing these things – and being here with you like this – and I’m going to have to cum anyway tonight, otherwise I’ll never get to sleep.”

“Of course it’s all right for you to wank yourself. You’re a sexual young man. It’s entirely natural. You don’t have to stop yourself.”

“I know. I’m going to!” and he pulled the front of the jockstrap away from himself again. “And what goes for me, goes for you too. You can cum. We could do it together – on your bed – that would be such fun and really exciting too.”

I looked at him, standing there in front of me. His fist was already holding his shaft.

“Don’t you want it too, Steve?” The tone of his voice had lowered and quietened. “Don’t you get excited too, when we’re like this? You told me all about the sex-smell before in the tent.”

“Yes, Markie. You always look attractive. And when you get excited like you are now, then of course my body starts to react as well. It’s just natural.” I stopped for a moment and looked at him. I could almost see the hunger in his eyes. “Come here, Markie, let me give you a hug.” And perhaps with a sense of relief he stepped into me and I put my arms around him, feeling the bare skin at his back. I don’t know how long the embrace lasted, but it was quite some time. He seemed to relax in my hold. He pressed his body into mine. I could feel the roughness of the damp towel still between our bodies. What was it hiding? Who was it fooling? He’d even photographed me in the tent. I already knew he was fully aroused. And he must be able to sense my erection too. I pushed my body backwards a little to let the towel drop to the floor.

He rested his head against my chest and I could feel his breath against my skin. I lowered my face to kiss the top of his head. My hands slid up and down his back. “Oh Steve,” he began quietly, “I want you to feel me like this. I’m loving it. This is what I wanted. Please can we sleep in the same bed tonight? I know that you’re hard too just now – I can feel it. Like you said to me before; - ‘you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed about it’.”

My hands slid lower until I was holding the exposed globes of his butt held within the jockstrap. I kissed his head again. “I know, Markie. I’m not ashamed. You’re a fantastic looking boy and I do get turned on around you when you’re like this. But I also remember I’m your uncle – and I’m responsible for you just now.” I stopped, wondering whether he would reply. He continued to wrap his arms around me and rest his face against my chest. “Come on – we can’t stand here all night. You go and get into the bed whilst I brush my teeth.” He released himself from our hug and I watched him walk out to the bedroom area. I turned on the basin tap and quickly brushed my teeth. My cock was still three-quarters erect as I turned out the bathroom light and walked to the side of the bed. Mark was watching me from under the cover. He was clearly relieved that I was coming to the bed.

“My dad’s a lot hairier and darker than you, Steve. But your body is so firm and good-looking.”

I climbed under the sheet and lay on the bed next to Mark. He wriggled across until he could place his head on my chest again.

“Mark, we need to get a few things really clear. I’m glad that you enjoy spending time with me so much. I want to be your friend and someone you can trust. But I am also your uncle. You know that I’m gay. I completely respect that you’re growing up and have lots of questions to ask and I’m happy to do my best to answer them. And you are very attractive. But I’m not sure I should allow this to go any further.”

“I know you’re worried about this, Steve. But you don’t have to be. I know what I’m doing. Really, I do. I mean ... I don’t know all about the sex stuff – that’s what you can help me with – but I know that I want to be here with you like this.”

“How can you be so sure? You’re just exploring everything.”

“Steve – I’m not a kid anymore even though I am a teenager. I know what I like and I know what I want. And right now I want this with you.” His hand moved under the sheet and he grasped my cock, stroking it gently as it quickly re-filled with blood. The tips of his fingers played over my balls and up and down the shaft. It felt exquisite – and he must have sensed it from my intake of breath. “I really want to explore with you.”

“Mmm, that feels good, Markie. But you should be exploring this with boys your own age.”

“Yeah – I do as well. You’ve seen the photos. Jack and I have been fooling around a bit since he discovered how to cum. And a couple of months ago my friend Rory got it together with me; it’s really great with him. But how am I going to learn anything with boys who don’t know any more than me?”

“You just learn by experimenting, Mark. You try stuff out. You ask for what you want. If you like it, you do more. If you don’t like it, then maybe you try something else.”

“I know. I really like experimenting just like you suggest.” He stopped and lifted his face to look up at me. “Can I tell you something?” I nodded slightly. “Well ... I feel like I’m gay too, like you, Steve. I only seem to get excited about guys. You’ve seen what happens to me when we’re together. Guys who are a bit older than me really turn me on. I look at young men on porn sites. I sometimes follow young guys in the street. There were a couple of young men when we were walking through Leeds this afternoon. Girls don’t do anything for me. I’m only really interested by guys who are proper men – with a man’s cock ..” and he gave me another few strokes, “...who are fit and confident ... like you.” He stopped and looked at me again.

“If you don’t stop touching me soon, Mark, I’m going to cum,” I whispered to him.

“Yeah, I want you to,” he laughed. “But seriously, Uncle Steve, since you came to stay and all this started, since we went camping together, I think about you every time I wank. Sometimes I get hard in school if I start thinking about you. I know what I want, and I really want you to do stuff with me.”

We both stopped talking. The bedside light was quite low. The only sound was the low noise of traffic from outside. I reached my arm underneath him and hefted his body up until he lay on top of me. His smooth thighs were between my outstretched legs. His belly rested on mine. I could feel we were both very hard. His face looked down at me, smiling.

“I get that you want this,” I told him. “I can feel how excited you are. I believe you when you say you’ve jerked off thinking of me –“

“Do you think about me sometimes when you’re wanking?” he asked quickly.

“Uh-huh, sometimes.” I could feel pre-cum leaking from my cockhead. “You’re a very sexy boy.”

He wriggled against me, causing our genitals to rub closely together, even through the fabric of my jockstrap I could feel he was still wearing.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” he began, “When you came to stay at Easter and slept in my bedroom, you left some underpants on a pile of dirty clothes one day. I saw them, and when you were in the garden, I went in and took them. I love sniffing your smell from them, and sometimes I wank off into them.” He grinned.

“And I have something to tell you, then,” I said in reply, looking up at him. “When I stayed in your room, I discovered that you like to wank in the shower next door. I found your cum on the mirror and the basin one morning.” He looked down at me and nodded. “And I found the towel you use to wipe yourself in the drawer next to the bed. I had to use it myself one time.”

“Oh, wow, that’s great. That’s so exciting.” And he rubbed himself against me several more times.

“But now for some serious stuff, Markie. I want to get some things straight with you.” His face began to crumple a bit, fearful of what I was about to say. “I don’t mind what you get up to with your friends – just provided you respect each other and don’t do anything that hurts them or makes them do something they don’t want. Understood?” He nodded. “But with me, there is some more stuff we need to agree. ‘No’ means No. If either of us says ‘No’ at any time, that must be respected. ‘No’ means Stop, Don’t Go There, No Questions, No Arguments. There are limits to what can happen. And you’re still quite young, so there will be things that are No.”

“Hmm, all right, I suppose.” And then he added: “And you can always raise the limits as I get older!”

“And ... I know you get horny a lot – most lads your age do – but you don’t have to cum every time. It’s one of the things you get to learn with more experience. So you might as well start practicing now. You can feel horny and just enjoy the feeling without doing anything about it. It’s like the energy builds up inside you. When you cum, you release all that energy and it goes away. If you don’t cum, the energy gets more intensive – and this can give you a bigger orgasm through your body when you finally do cum.”


“Yes, really! It’s something you can practice. Beginning tonight! I know you like to wank before you go to sleep. And you probably want to do it tonight because I’m here as well. This is one of the first ‘No’s. So this is a good night to practice. You’re all excited now. Just keep it like that without doing anything about it. You can touch yourself but stop before you cum. Let all that energy flow right through you and around inside you. You might feel hot. It won’t go away. It just makes everything last a whole lot longer.”

“Oh, I’m not sure I can stop myself like that.” He looked very disappointed.

“You can. And I’m not going to cum either. Tonight, we just sleep. We’ve done plenty of talking today. You wanted to share the bed tonight. So those are tonight’s rules. No wanking. No cuming. Got it?”

“Ok, just so long as I can sleep like this – touching you and being very close to you – and you touching me also.”

For a moment I closed my eyes, remembering just how much I wanted to touch him and explore his hot body. I touched him with my hands: he was still lying on top of me. Could I really resist doing what I had been lusting for?

“Now I think it’s time for some sleep, matey. You can share the bed and lie beside me – and we can talk a whole lot more in the morning.” I encouraged him to roll off from on top of me. I wondered just how much sleep I would be getting, with him lying beside me.

He curled in beside me, lying on his side with his head resting again on my chest. I put my arm behind him with my hand resting on his hip. “Can I sleep like this then?” he asked. Then added, “Thank you so much, Steve. I do love you – as my friend, my buddy, and my uncle.” He lifted his head and gave me a little lip to lip kiss.” I stroked the skin of his hip with my hand. His hand travelled down my front until he touched my cock again. I was only half-aroused by then and it was very pleasurable as he gently touched me for a few moments. I lay awake for quite some times reviewing all that had happened and how I had handled it, whilst Mark’s breathing slowed and he went off to sleep quite easily.

When I woke next time, it was dark. I was still lying on my back but Mark had shifted his position and was now lying in the bed next to me on his stomach. One thigh rested against mine; the other knee was pulled up on his other side. I reached out my hand and placed it on his lower back. He made a sound in his sleep. I could feel the waistband of the jockstrap. I couldn’t resist moving my hand lower until I was stroking his buttock. My own cock began inexorably to fill again and the shaft rolled up my thigh. My finger slipped into his crack. He shifted his knee up as if to give me more access until I was touching his root. A muffled murmur could have been something like ‘Mmm, yes’ but his face was turned away from me.

I awoke again several hours later. I turned my face to see where he was. He was lying on his side, facing away from me, curled up with his knees pulled up. I rolled towards him almost in a reflex action until my torso was resting against his back. I slipped my arm around him to hold him as he slept. I could sense how horny I’d felt all night with my cock semi-engorged and lying against his slender buttocks. I was drifting off again when I felt his body move slightly. His hand had reached backwards and was feeling my up-turned hip. He slipped his hand between us and took hold of my tumescence. He adjusted his position slightly until he could manoeuvre my cock to point between his thighs. Within seconds I’d reached full hardness sensing my cockhead lying against his balls. Neither of us moved or said anything. Mark remained motionless. I could only savour the heat in my groin until eventually I drifted off into another doze.

There was light coming through the curtains some time later. I opened my eyes and rolled onto my back. I looked around. The bed was empty and the cover was pushed back on Mark’s side. I couldn't see any movement from the living area so he must be in the bathroom. Sure enough, I heard the sound of the toilet flushing and then of water being run in the basin. A few moments later, Mark appeared through the door and approached the bed. He must have dropped the jockstrap into the laundry basket as everything was now on display.

"Hi Steve - are you awake now?" he asked, kneeling up on the bed.

"Mmm, yes, but still a little sleepy. How did you sleep?"

"Good. Every time I woke up I could feel you against me. That was really nice. And I can't believe I didn't cum before going to sleep; that's not happened for ages. Like you said, I kept feeling hot, especially when I touched your body, but I tried to keep my hands away."

"It's called 'edging' when you get horny and excited but don't cum - when you bring yourself close but stop before anything happens."

"I've always been too excited to stop before. And now it's going to happen again. Look - I can't control it."

I looked down his body and sure enough his teen cock was already at half-mast and rising, the head pushing against the opening in his foreskin. "Very nice. But you don't have to do anything about it," I suggested, "You can just enjoy the sensations of being aroused - like showing it off."

"Yeah, I like the idea of showing it off - and you watching me - that's exciting. But I'm gonna feel frustrated now if I don't cum. Can I wank myself whilst you watch me doing it?" His shaft was pointing upwards at 45 degrees to his young body and his hand moved to wrap around it.

I gave him a smile. "If you want. I don't think anything I say now is going to stop you anyway."

"Mmm, great. I want to. Let me get into a good position then." He stood up on the bed and stepped over my prone body beneath the sheet with one leg. Then he squatted down to kneel astride my waist. "How's that?" he asked with a laugh. I had a perfect full-frontal view of his face, chest and genitals.

"You look really good," I told him again. He started stroking with his right hand whilst his left hand cupped his balls. He was working himself as fast as he could. I watched his face as he screwed up his eyes with pleasure and gasped in air.

"Slow down, little man," I said to him, "It's not a race. You can just go slow and enjoy the sensations more." He slowed a bit but I could tell that at this rate he wasn't going to last long.

"Steve, would you touch me please - like you did in the tent that time?"

All of his naked body was exposed in front of me and within easy reach. "Only if you slow down, Markie, and relax into it." It was as though I was bribing him - for my own pleasure. He nodded and one hand came away from his balls, whilst the other eased off the pace. I rested my hands on his smooth thighs kneeling on either side of me. The skin was silky to the touch, thrilling me as my own penis responded to my desire for him. My fingers trailed up the inside of both thighs, touching lightly with the gentlest of sensuous pressure until they came to a halt just beneath his ball-sack. I knew he wanted me to touch him there - but I resisted. I wanted him to savour his own build-up. After a few moments I lifted my hands to him. One hand reached for his chest, pinching his nipple and giving it a twist. He made a sharp pain-pleasure noise so I did it a few more times with variations. My other hand reached up to his face. I held his cheek and gently stroked my palm across his skin. His whole head rested into my hand. I slowly moved my hand down until I was touching his chin, and then on down to his throat and his chest. I lifted my hand again and placed two fingers on his forehead. Then I gently stroked the fingers down over his eyebrows and closed eyelids, down either side of his cute nose and onto his lips. He licked my fingers with his tongue. Then he opened his mouth and my fingers slipped inside as he closed his lips again. His eyes opened and he looked down at me. There was no doubting the pleasure he was experiencing. He lifted his free hand and reached forward to touch my face. I licked his fingers in turn and when I opened my mouth, he pushed them in. Despite all that had happened between us previously, this felt the most intimate we had ever been.

I removed my fingers from his mouth and placed both my hands on the smooth skin of his chest. I played with both his nipples before teasingly drawing my fingers down his torso. He watched as I stroked his belly button and then touched his abdomen. We both knew where this was going. His hand lifted off his shaft and he placed both palms on the bed beside him in order to push his groin outwards towards me. His cock was like a flag-pole, the glans now fully exposed and wet, his balls pulling up into his root. I held eye contact with him as my fingers drifted lower. For several moments, I played with the short patch of pubic hair above the base of his shaft - always such a totemic sign of developing maleness. One hand moved to stroke up his inner thigh again, this time without stopping until I was fondling his balls. He tried to stretch his thighs further apart to give me more room. My fingers slid through to touch his root, pressing on that sweetest of spots. I watched as pre-cum leaked from the end of his shaft. Finally, I slid my other hand up from its resting place in his light pubes until I could hold him.

"Oh shit Steve - this is just so fucking fantastic. You're ace at it. Even Rory doesn't touch me the way you're making me feel." I noticed how his belly was quivering, his breath was coming in short bursts, and he was trying to thrust his hips up into my hand.

"Now maybe you understand more about what it's like to take your time and not cum in a hurry."

"Oh I'm so fucking HOT!" he almost screamed. "My dick's on fire. Make me cum, Steve - make me cum. I can't wait any longer."

But I did nothing to increase the pace. If anything, I slowed down and stroked his balls and thighs more. "Do you really want to cum now - or shall I stop for a bit?"

"Cum, cum," was all he could say.

"Then let's move the sheet out of the way first; then I won't have to launder it afterwards to clean up your juices." My tone was more serious, but he responded quickly. He lifted himself to one side and grabbed the top of the sheet where it had been covering me. He threw it down the bed. He was about to climb back on me and resume his astride position when he saw my full erection lying on my abdomen.

"Wow, Steve, you're really horny too. You're so big and hard." His hand reached out automatically to grab me. His pumped me several times with his fist. "I want you to cum too. I loved it when you let me touch you and play with you last night. And then later I could feel you against my bum. It felt fantastic 'cos I think you got hard again and I could feel this solid part of you." He stood over me again and squatted back down to his kneeling position. Only this time he positioned himself astride my hips. He lowered his butt until my hard shaft was covered by his crack. He rubbed himself up and down against me several times. "Oh God - that's SO good!" I smiled up at him, not wanting to say more, wondering whether the friction from his butt was about to make me shoot.

"Let's focus on you, this morning, my horny young man," I commanded, "Scoot back up here and let's finish off from where you'd got to before." I detected a little resistance as he slid himself forward until he was further up my body again but this quickly disappeared when I resumed attention on his torso. One hand worked his nipples and chest moving downwards; the other stroked his thighs again working upwards until it was focused on his root. Then both hands played slowly with his rigid boyhood. I looked at the desire on his face and then down at the wetness leaking from his glans. This boy definitely needed to cum. "Move forward some more," I ordered him, and he duly obeyed. I lifted my head from the pillow and pulled his shaft downwards until it was pointing directly at me. Perhaps he truly didn't know what I was about to do, but I savoured the moment of being about to take him. I opened my mouth and pushed the end of my tongue forward. I touched the tip of his cockhead with my tongue. He started with a jump and then groaned. "Oh, fuck," escaped his lips. I touched the tip again, then I licked the wet, purple glans, until eventually I licked all the way along his length. It was like he knew instinctively what to do (although I couldn't be certain whether he’d experimented like this with Rory). He took hold of the base of his shaft and held it forward, pointing at my face. At last, I took him into my mouth. He was very hot. I could taste his sweet boy wetness all around my mouth. I felt his balls with my hand and discovered they were full and tight to his body. I sucked slowly on his shaft as he moaned and groaned above me. This boy was in ecstasy. His hips were moving to push himself in and out of my mouth. I moved my hands around behind him until I could squeeze both rounded buttocks. I slid my mouth all the way down his boyhood until my nose was brushing the light hair of his pubes. He smelt and tasted like a very turned-on boy who was losing control of himself.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I can't stop Steve. I'm gonna cum." He pulled himself out of my mouth and sat back slightly.

"Go ahead Markie," I replied quietly. He'd grabbed his cock but it didn't need any further stimulation. A jet of white cum erupted from his cock-head and landed somewhere on the bed-head behind me. Several further blasts followed but he'd held his cock more upright and they flew into the air before falling back onto my chest. A final two or three pumps leaked out over his fist. He continued to hold himself, eyes closed, for several more moments until eventually he rested back down on me.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. I stayed quiet. "I've never experienced ANYTHING like that. That was so intense. I can’t describe what it was like when you were licking me like that. My cock didn’t know what was happening at all." I simply smiled back at him. I reached for the tissues that I kept on the bedside table and began to wipe up. I held his cock gently and wiped the head. I gave him some more tissues to wipe his hands. Then I pulled him down until he was lying on top of me again, our bodies pressed together. I sensed that he didn't really know what to say, so I held him to reassure him. I kissed his head a few times.

"That's what it can be like if you save up the energy and take your time, without rushing." He nuzzled his head into my neck and mumbled something which could have been 'thank you'. I let him rest and calm down. Eventually, I suggested we might shower and then get ourselves some breakfast before enjoying the rest of the day.


In the shower, he looked spent. I was still semi-hard with the thrill of what had just happened. We squeezed into the glass-enclosed shower together. He kept taking hold of my cock – which was really nice – but did nothing to help me lose my erection. I was pointing out directly at his body and kept making contact with him. He urged me to cum as well, saying how much he wanted to see me do it, and how he could help me, but I told him that I was in no hurry. I still wanted to hold the energies and save it for later. I’m not sure whether he was disappointed at the lack of an immediate performance, or relieved at the prospect of some further action later.

We stepped out of the shower and I reached for some shorts to wear. He asked if he needed to get dressed when we were in the flat together. I told him he could wear whatever he wanted – or nothing, if that’s what he liked. He said he wanted to see what it was like to ‘let it all hang out’. He stepped back into the bedroom and picked out a skinny tee-shirt to wear which came down to his waist; everything else was on full view. I pulled him into another hold and kissed his head again. “You look great like that, Markie,” I told him as my hands cupped his ass-cheeks again. I knew he would be able to feel my arousal through the thin fabric between us. He told me what a great time he was having and how it he was glad that he was staying a few more days with me.

After breakfast we decided upon a day-time visit to Haworth – the home village of the Bronte family – and then a possible trip into Leeds for Mark to wander round some more shops. I told him to go and put on some clothes! He laughed and jumped up to rummage through his bag. I watched him go across the room, staring at the smooth globes of his ass, wanting to hold them yet again.

The day passed in great good humour. There was almost no talk of what had happened between us. We were just two guys hanging out together. I drove us to Haworth and we spent the rest of the morning wandering around the old vicarage where the Bronte sisters had been inspired by the landscape around them and done so much of their writing. We walked up onto the moor to get a sense of the wilderness captured in Emily’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, and then we walked around the stone-built village to find something to eat.

Later in the afternoon, I drove back into Leeds and we parked close to the city centre. Mark was keen to look round further. We had a quick look inside the city art gallery but it didn’t hold his interest for long. We wandered through some of the narrow lanes exploring the range of shops and department stores. Mark bought a couple of tee-shirts and some shorts. Then he asked me where he could buy a jockstrap like the one I’d been wearing. We looked in a couple of sports shops but he didn’t like the conventional jocks sold for protection during games. I told him that I’d ordered mine online. There were none to be found in the ordinary men’s clothes-wear stores. I knew that the only other likely retailer in the city was probably one of the gay stores. He seemed amazed at the idea of a shop that catered exclusively for gay customers and asked to see it. We walked to the area and I pointed out the shop to him. He wanted to go in but I warned him that because of the pornography on sale inside, he would probably be refused admission as being under-age, or else he might feel very uncomfortable being the youngest person by far inside the store. He wanted to walk up to the shop and look at the window display. As well as the usual books, cards, rainbow flags and novelties, there were also some more discreetly packaged sex aids and plenty of clothing.

“Steve, I’d really like a proper jockstrap of my own. Could you go in and buy me one if I give you the money, please?”

“Where are you going to wear it? What would your mum think if she found it in the laundry?” I asked.

“I can wear it when I’m with you – or with Rory, or my other friends. It’ll be fun and make me feel so good. I don’t think anyone else will have one like that. I can always wash it myself in the bathroom. But I don’t think mum would mind anyway.”

“OK, if you’re really sure, I’ll go in and look for you.”

I went inside the store, and sure enough there was an extensive display of male underwear on sale featuring several of the big brand names. I found several ranges of tangas and jockstraps and made a mental note of what was available. I went back out to report.

“OK, they have several pairs in different colours and sizes. I reckon you probably need a small size just now. They’re all made with elastic in the straps so they will stretch. And then you have to choose a colour.” He told me what colours he liked and I went back inside. A few minutes later I walked back out with my purchase and gave it to him.

Mark immediately opened the bag and looked inside. “You bought two pairs! They look fantastic – but how much do I owe you?”

“You don’t owe me anything Markie. I’ll buy them for you as an early birthday present. I just hope you like them. The two styles are slightly different, but they will probably look very similar on you.”

“Wow, thank you. That’s just so fantastic. I can’t wait to try them on. Thank you.” And he hugged me in the street and would probably have kissed me if I hadn’t tried to push him away slightly. There were a couple of guys coming out of the shop and I couldn’t tell whether the look that passed over their faces was one of surprise or jealousy.

Time was moving on, so I suggested that we went to an Italian restaurant that I knew and liked for our dinner. Mark readily agreed and we walked a little way back towards the car before turning into a narrow street where the restaurant was located. The food was just as good as ever. It seemed that we’d enjoyed a really good day together – and that I’d been able to fulfil my ‘uncle’ role towards my nephew, showing him new places, taking an interest in him, treating him to one or two things, and generally looking after him. We chatted about the day over our meal and it was evident that Mark had been enjoying himself. By the time I settled the bill and we walked back to the car, the evening was drawing on towards dusk.

Back at the apartment, I flopped down onto the sofa. Mark went to put his shopping down in the bedroom area and came back towards me. He sat astride my legs and leant in towards me. “I’ve had a really good day. It’s been terrific – seeing new places, doing new things, sharing stuff with you – thank you.”

“I’ve really enjoyed it too,” I replied.

“And now we have another night together,” he giggled. “This time can it be my turn to make you feel good?”

“Well ... I’m not so sure ...” I began hesitatingly.

“I know what will make you more sure though,” he answered quickly and ran off to the bedroom area. “I’m going to try out the underwear you bought me.”

I could hear him pulling off his clothes and opening the packaging. Within a few moments he reappeared wearing nothing but a bright blue jockstrap to stand in front of me. I looked at his smooth torso and abdomen with his silky thighs below. In between was the V-shaped triangle covering his teenage genitals. The bulge was so enticing. “I think you really like looking at boys, Steve, so I hope this is turning you on. How do I look?” and he did a complete slow turn to show off his youthful body. I could feel my own body react as his bum passed before me.

“You look cute, sexy and hot, Markie,” was all I could say.

He stepped forward to sit astride my lap again. “Good. And you’re the sexiest guy I know.” He pushed his genitals in towards mine. My hands went up to hold him, rubbing up and down his exposed back. It didn’t take me long to move them lower and beginning touching his smooth cheeks as he continued to sit on my lap. “Mmm, that feels so nice,” he said in response. Then, “Are you getting horny yet? You’ve been saving all that cum for two days now. It’s going to be a big load when you let it go.” His hand reached down between us to feel me. I could feel his fingers on my jeans over my shaft as he tried to adjust my position. “I hope you don’t cream it in your pants.” He stood up and moved to undo my belt and buckle. I let him undo my zip and he tried to open the gap and push my clothing down. I found myself wriggling on the sofa as he pulled my jeans and pants down towards my knees. Then he turned himself around and sat back down on my lap, his back to my chest and his bare bum pressed into my thickening cock.

“You certainly know how to excite a guy,” I whispered to him, realising that I was not going to resist his advances for very long. My arms went up around him until I could use my fingers to play with his chest. He moaned slightly and relaxed into me. We cuddled for a time like this as he let me run my hands over him. I kissed him on the top of his head but before long, he turned his face up to mine and we were kissing mouth-to-mouth: not the innocent uncle/nephew style of familial kiss, but a direct contact between two people who were becoming increasingly intimate. I remembered how he’d taken my fingers into his mouth earlier; now he opened his mouth and my tongue slipped in to meet him.

I could feel him moving a little backwards and forwards on my lap and realised he was making my cock rub against him and his bum was gaining some friction against my thighs. Again, he pushed his hand down between us and took hold of me. He lifted himself slightly and pushed my cock down until it was aligned beneath him. When he resumed sitting, I could feel my shaft stretching along the line of his crack between his legs. My hand began to fondle him within the taut fabric of the jockstrap. Very soon, my fingers released him sideways and I could grasp his upward pointing length. I rubbed my palm across the head and discovered he was already wet. With my other hands around the other side of his body, I could cup his balls. The fingers of this hand could also brush against my own engorged head as it poked through beneath him and pushed upwards against his balls. The awareness of my thick shaft rubbing against his boy crack and ass was really turning me on. For a moment I remembered the times I’d fucked deeply into Chai’s slender ass and I wondered what it would be like to push my way into Mark’s tight, virgin hole.

“Oh, your cock feels so good beneath me,” Markie murmured, “I hope this is just as good for you too.”

“Mmm, yes, you know how to make a man feel happy.”

“Good,” he replied, turning around to look at me, “Because tonight I really want to discover what it’s like with a proper man cock.” As he spoke, he stood up from my lap and for a moment I could see lines of my own glistening pre-cum streaked across his pink bum. He turned around to face me and I could see his strong boyhood standing erect from the side of his jockstrap. “I want more of this!” and he dropped onto his knees between my legs and took hold of my shaft. Immediately, he started licking up and down my length, his tongue reaching forward, his face pushing forward to get close in to my thighs and my pubic area. I watched as my shaft rubbed against his cheek, his chin, his nose and sometimes up towards his curly hair.

“Oh, shit, Markie. If you’re going to do that to me, let me at least get my jeans off so I can open my legs.” He moved backwards and started to tug my jeans and underwear down and off my legs. When that was done, he pushed my knees apart and put his head right in between my thighs to start licking on my balls. My hands went to his head and I pulled him into my groin. He was licking all over me, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I moved my foot between his kneeling legs and tried to play with his erection at the same time.

My groin was starting to thrust towards him. I grabbed my shirt with my hands and quickly pulled it up over my head. I wanted to be fully naked in the presence of this boy who was so exciting me. “Oh, fuck, yeah, you’re so hot, Steve,” was all he said as he broke away momentarily to look up at my body. I decided to just lie back and let him work on me. It was way too late to try and stop him anyway. His tongue was running up and down my shaft. Then I felt him take hold of me in one hand, force my cock towards him, and take my purple head into his open mouth. The kid was taking me in! I looked down my body to watch amazed. Around half my length had now disappeared into his mouth. He must have felt completely filled. His lips started to slide up and down on me.

“Oh, god, that feels good,” I whispered. “I didn’t know you could do that. Don’t stop please.” I moved my hands to hold his head and caress his face as he worked on me. I lifted my legs to try and hold his body close. My toes rubbed across his backside. I couldn’t believe what this boy was doing to me. His arms reached up and touched my nipples. I squirmed as he pinched each of them in turn. He tried to look up at me, without removing his mouth from my shaft; his eyes were smiling at me. He was clearly enjoying all that he was doing. One of his hands stayed with my nipples, the other went down to hold my balls. If there is one thing I love more than any other touch, it’s to have my balls and perineum tickled; he’d just hit the spot. I knew it was 48 hours since I’d last cum and this was likely to be a big eruption. As Markie worked on me for another couple of minutes, I could feel the head of steam rising within me. I tried to breathe into it, to dissipate the energies, but I was too far gone to make much difference. I wanted to warn him: “Markie – I’m gonna cum pretty soon.” He grunted something in reply without removing his mouth from me. I was thrusting involuntarily into him. It was like I was fucking into his mouth. My hands moved to push his head away, but he fought my arms away. Then he gripped my shaft with one hand and tried to take even more of me into his mouth. His other hand gave several big squeezes to my balls. It was enough. “Markie, I’m cuming,” I shouted. His mouth stayed in position as I felt an enormous blast of jism fly up and out of my shaft. He took it in his mouth and I watched amazed as my cum started to leak out from his lips around my encircled shaft. My second and third shots erupted from me. By this time his mouth was partially opened and I could see my cum land on his tongue. He held his face in position and more jism landed on his lips and became smeared across his chin. Another burst landed across his cheek and nose. I was covering the boy in my cum. Finally, the remaining juice started to ooze down my shaft. He looked up at me and opened his mouth again. He pushed me back into his mouth and I could feel his tongue as he licked around the highly sensitive tip of my expended cock. My hand went to his face and my fingers trailed through the lines of cum on his cheek.

“That can’t be the first time you’ve done that,” I murmured in appreciation to him. “Where did you learn about sucking a guy?”

When he’d finished cleaning my shaft, he replied: “Well, Rory showed me the first time. And then I just remembered how it felt when you did it to me this morning.”

“Come up here then Markie,” and I indicated for him to lie back on top of me again. I pulled him in close to my body, my hands raking up and down his back and over his bum. “That was just amazing. No-one’s ever done that to me quite like that.” I kissed him on the lips and then started to use my tongue to lick some of the cum off his face. When we kissed again, I could taste my own cum within his mouth.

“Steve, I really need to cum too,” he said after a minute or two. “Can I jack off all over you again please, like I did this morning?”

“Sure – shall we move to the bed?”

“No, I want to stay here. Let me sit on you again. I want to feel that thick cock of yours against my bum whilst I wank.”

I was half-sprawled along the sofa by now and he pushed his jockstrap off before sitting himself back astride me with his ass resting on my shaft. He started to rub against my length as he took hold of himself and began to jerk quickly. “Touch me, Steve – anywhere, everywhere.” I moved my hands to his chest and played with his nipples before moving downwards. I thrust upwards pushing my cock into the crack of his ass, using the stickiness between us as a lubricant. Then I pushed his hands away.

“I can finish you off,” I urged as my fist began to pump him up and down. I let the whole of my palm slide up and down his shaft, covering his head and twisting on the ridge of his retracted foreskin. My other hand started to play between his legs, grabbing hold of his balls and twisting them, then pushing through to press against his root. I varied the pace a bit but he kept urging me to go faster. He was thrusting his boyhood into my hand as his ass rubbed against my shaft. His whole body was being overtaken by desire and heat. I tickled my fingers in his light pubes and then resumed playing with his balls. I used my palm to excite his highly sensitive glans.

I was listening for his breathing to change, but his eruption came without warning. All of a sudden he let out a loud cry and boy-cum spewed forth from his cock. It streaked across my upper chest and then several bursts landed on my belly. I kept stroking him hard to force every last burst out of him. He was almost whimpering from the exertion of pumping out so much fluid.

Eventually, he began to calm down. He looked at me and then slowly folded himself forward until he was lying back on top of me, his cum almost sticking us together. He kissed me – deeply and tentatively. “I love you Steve. And I love everything that you do with me.” He put his head back on my chest. He lay still there for several minutes and I wondered whether he’d fallen asleep. My hands stroked his back gently and playfully touched his ass.

“Come on, Markie, I think we need to get you cleaned up.” He grunted but didn’t move. I struggled to move myself into a sitting position with him still lying against my chest. “Put your hands around my neck,” I ordered. Then I moved my hands beneath his delicious bum to hold him whilst I attempted to stand up. I finally managed it, and walked through to the bathroom whilst he hung around my neck and waist. With one hand I managed to open the shower door and turn on the tap. I stepped inside, still holding him, and as the warm water began to run over us both, he slowly lowered his legs and released his arms to stand up. I bent forward to kiss him again, and he pulled me into a fierce mouth-to-mouth kiss and embrace. “I’ll never forget today,” he murmured, “Ever.”


I think we both slept well that night. We shared the double bed again with me curled around his body from behind. He loved the feeling of my thick maleness against his bum. I loved the feeling of my cock being so close to his boy crack. My arm rested over him and my fingers touched his chest. From time to time through the night, my hand would travel down to his light pubes where my fingers frequently encountered his semi-rigid shaft. Like so many boys of his age, he seemed to have an insatiable appetite for staying hard.

I woke up to him nuzzling my mouth with his lips and tongue, his hand exploring my genitals, and his member pressing into my side. We tongue kissed for a time. I pulled him on top of me to make it easier. He rode up my body until my erection was poking through between his legs. My palms were stroking across his smooth buttocks pulling them gently apart to give my fingers access to his crack. I let my finger tips touch across his secret entrance and then press on his root. He just wanted me to do more. I knew he wanted us to have sex again and I had to work hard to dissuade him, encouraging him to hold onto the feeling and the energy for later in the day. Eventually, we got out of the bed and shared a shower together, our cocks still hard and sword-fighting each other whilst I took pleasure in soaping him (especially his bum and his genitals) and he kept trying to stroke me off.

Over breakfast, I explained my plan for the day. I suggested we went to York for the day, to wander round the city walls, explore York Minister or the excellent interactive Viking Museum, and explore the medieval city. I knew that Chai didn’t have any classes that day, so I asked Mark whether he would like me to invite him along as well – or whether he preferred it to be just the two of us. Mark was keen to meet Chai – or my ‘boyfriend’ as he kept referring to him – so I duly called Chai and arranged to pick him up from his lodgings in 30 or 40 minutes time. We cleared up the breakfast things, made the bedroom look presentable again, and packed a day-sack with some drinks and snacks.

I drove the four miles to Chai’s student hostel and found him waiting outside in the sunshine for us. He was all smiles and laughs. Mark was sitting in the front passenger seat, so Chai climbed into the back. I introduced them to each other, wondering whether there would be any awkwardness between the two boys. Both knew of the existence of the other and both were aware of my ‘involvement’ with the other. I reckoned Chai was about three years older than Mark but his Asian frame was probably slimmer and lighter than Mark’s. They started chatting together almost immediately. Mark was quizzing him about where he came from, how he found life in England, his studies, his sporting interests, his favourite foods, and a whole lot more. Chai seemed to accept the torrent of questions without complaint, doing his best to answer, and occasionally wanting clarification about the meaning of a word or a question. Chai was more restrained in his questions, preferring to listen to Mark talking about his school and his friends. He did ask what we’d been doing in Leeds and Mark gave a run down on our trips from the previous day – omitting any reference to the sexual play. Just two engaging boys getting to know each other.

It’s not easy to park in York so we left the car at some distance outside the city centre. We climbed up onto the city walls at one of the bar-gates to the old city. It’s a popular circuit that gives an excellent view across the whole city. As we walked along the parapets, the boys kept looking out of the defensive slits imagining what it might have been like to besiege the city. I stood back a little to watch my two ‘boys’. Mark was wearing his skinny blue jeans that stretched across his thighs and bum and showed them off to perfection. Chai was wearing a pair of knee-length shorts that concealed his slim figure rather more, but I relished the soft brown colours of his skin and the knowledge that I’d had full access to every part of his body. I wondered what everybody else was thinking when they saw me in the company of these two cute young men; and then I realised that I didn’t care. I loved them both, for the exuberance and excitement that each of them offered me. I felt strangely proud of them both, for being so self-assured, so confident in their emerging personalities, so determined to develop the lives they each wanted.

After an hour exploring the walls, we descended to explore the narrow streets of the city. These led us eventually to the banks of the River Ouse as it slowly flowed through the centre of the city. Chai suggested that we buy some food from a bakery for a picnic and then hire a rowing boat to go down towards the meadows just a little way downriver. Markie agreed enthusiastically and we shopped at a bakery and a mini-market for supplies. Back at the river, I hired a boat for a couple of hours and the boys took up position to row the craft out onto the water. It was a bit haphazard to begin with, but after a few minutes they got their act together and we drifted down the river. Rowing can be quite tough and I wasn’t too surprised when they started looking for a suitable place to tie up for our picnic. They selected a quiet spot with some trees overhanging the bank and a grassy area behind.

The sun was shining, the grass was warm and dry, the meadow behind us was rippling in the gentle breeze – and the three of us spread the food out on some plastic bags on the ground, found rocks and logs to sit on, and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch together. Afterwards, I lay down on the grass to sunbathe. A few minutes later, Chai followed and lay on my left side, his head resting on my outstretched arm. It wasn’t long before he turned his face to me to tell me how much fun he was having, and then gave me a gentle kiss on my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Mark watching us intently, still sitting on a stone where we’d been eating. I wondered if he would be embarrassed or jealous, but his reaction was more one of studying us, perhaps to see if there were some techniques he could learn from. I waved at him with my hand and he walked across towards us. The next thing I knew, he’d lain down on my other side, moved my arm out and was resting his head on my other side from Chai. Both boys started talking together about something completely ridiculous for the situation – films, or music or something – whilst I remained acutely conscious of these two boys lying close on either side of me. Chai moved his head to kiss me again and when he’d finished, Markie moved in to plant his mouth over mine. I just lay there! There was a chance that people walking by across the river might see us – but nothing they could do about it. Then a surprising thing happened – although in retrospect, perhaps it was inevitable. As Markie lifted his face up again from me, Chai moved in towards him and offered to kiss him. It was a sweet, gentle, affectionate kiss, but it was definitely mouth-on-mouth.

“Oh, I see you two are getting to know each other more,” I said, as an awkward joke.

“Mmm,” Chai responded, and moved across me more to get closer to Mark. “Want another?”

Mark didn’t need any more prompting. He leant in, mouth open, and the two of them were tonguing each other above me.

“Oh, don’t mind me than,” I said, watching the two of them extend their contact.

“We won’t,” said Chai, breaking the connection, “But you already know how both of us taste, so we have some catching up to do.”

“And I need as much practice as I can get,” chipped in Markie, “Especially with experienced guys.”

“I’m not sure introducing you two was such a good idea,” I said.

“Too late now,” added Mark. The two of them kissed each other again, open-mouthed.

“You told me your nephew was very cute,” Chai offered, “I can see why you find him attractive Steve. He’s developing into a very good-looking young man.”

“And your boyfriend is very sexy,” added Mark. “I don’t know any Asian guys to compare him with but if Chai is typical of Asian men, I might have to go back to Thailand with you Steve on your next visit.”

The two boys fooled around for a bit longer, kissing each other and sometimes me (so I didn’t feel left out of it). A little later I reminded them that we needed to get the boat back on time and that it might take longer to row back up-river. We packed up the lunch debris, adjusted our clothing, and climbed back into the boat.

Back in York, we spent the afternoon wandering around a couple of the city’s very impressive museums. They’re good because the displays are all very hands-on and interactive. We ended up at the National Railway Museum getting very close to the enormous collection of steam engines and luxurious carriages from a bygone age, as well as a few more contemporary exhibits.

On the way back to Leeds we stopped at a supermarket for some food. I’d offered to make an evening fry-up meal and we bought sausages, burgers, chips, eggs and several cans of beer and cola. Chai wanted to extend the day with me and was keen to come back to the apartment. I wasn’t too sure quite how this was going to work out, but the two boys seemed to be getting along very well together and there was no sign of jealousy or competition between them.

When we got home, I started to prepare the food in the kitchen area. Mark was intrigued by Chai’s Asian habit of leaving his shoes at the door and then removing some of his outdoor clothes. Chai always preferred being dressed in lightweight shorts when indoors. Even though he’d been wearing conventional shorts all day, he took these off to reveal a body-hugging pair of bright blue nylon and lycra shorts underneath. I could see Mark staring at these open-eyed for a few moments. Indeed, they didn’t leave much to the imagination. They must have been a small size to fit his slender frame but they clung to the curves of his butt. At the front, the tube of his penis was clearly outlined across his left thigh ending in the helmet of his obviously circumcised head. Looking at a lad nicely outlined in speedos or stretch lycra is always a joy.

The two boys sat on the sofa with my laptop between them. They started off playing some game together online and this held their attention for quite some time. Then as I was finishing off the meal, I became aware of them giggling and exclaiming more.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Chai’s showing me some porn sites,” Mark answered. “He says you and he have looked at these before. He found them in your Favourites lists.”

“What are you showing him Chai? Mark’s too young to be looking at those sites.”

“I just found that hot clip on xvideos that you showed me – the one you like – of a naked farang in some hotel in Thailand with three boys together on the bed.” I tried to give him a look to discourage him from saying any more. “Anyway, I don’t think Mark’s quite so young and innocent as you think Steve. He’s just shown me one of his favourite sites with a video of two studs going hard at it. One of them looks pretty much like you; and you should see what he’s doing to the other guy.”

“Yeah. After seeing you like that last night, Steve, he really does look like you,” added Mark.

Chai looked from Mark to me and back again. “Oh, like that then is it between you two? And I thought I was the young one for Steve!”

“Steve likes young lads, don’t you Steve?” chimed in Mark. “I saw him checking you out in those nylon shorts. And I know you two do stuff together – probably a whole lot more that Steve and I have ever done together because I’m new to all this. That’s why I was keen to meet you Chai. Maybe I can learn some more from you – and Steve. But I think Steve’s really sexy; the fact that he’s older and more experienced is great for me. And I’m learning how to get him excited. If I change into my new jockstrap just now – like your shorts – he’ll really like that.” Chai nodded to him in encouragement and Mark jumped up from the sofa to go through to the bedroom.

“Hey, you two, stop talking as if I’m not here. Remember, you’re both my guests. I can throw you out at any time. The fact that you’re both cute and hot won’t make any difference.”

Mark was pulling off his jeans and his underwear in the entrance to the bedroom area. We both looked across at his appealing bum as he bent into his bag to pick out one of his new jockstraps. He stepped into them, adjusted the straps across his skin and turned around. “What do you think, Chai?”

“Mmm, very nice package you have there.”

Chai got up and came across to me in the kitchen. He held me close and looked up to kiss me. “Don’t get upset, Steve. It’s been a lovely day and we’re going to have a great evening too, I’m sure. Mark’s very cute and lively. But his cock is not going to match your beautiful tool for size just yet. And I really want to feel you inside me tonight, Steve. My ass is all hot – and I really need a good fucking. I need you.” And he kissed me again, passionately.

I tried to look at him, to warn him about what he was saying in front of Mark – but it was too late.

“Wow – Steve – is that what you do with Chai? Oh I want to see that. I’ve only seen it in porn.”

“Well, I don’t know. I think this conversation may have gone too far. I’m not sure you should be aware of fucking and such like.” I wanted to add ‘And I can’t imagine what your parents would say’ but realised that would sound entirely crass. So I ended lamely, “Come on, dinner’s ready, so let’s sit down and eat.”

Everyone came around my small breakfasting table – Mark in his jockstrap, Chai in his revealing nylon shorts, and me fully dressed. Mark helped himself to some cola but when he saw Chai and me opening beers, he asked if he could have one too. I relented. The tone of the evening was already set. We were all enjoying ourselves after a great day out.

The conversation around the table was light and full of laughter. After we’d finished eating I asked the boys to clear the table and wash up whilst I went to the bathroom. When I came back most of the work was done – and Chai was holding Mark in a pretty close embrace, their mouths together, and his hands on Mark’s exposed bum cheeks.

“Er hem,” I began, “Am I interrupting something boys?”

“No, I was just getting-to-know Markie a little better. And he’s not fighting me off, I notice.” Mark grinned.

“Have you phoned your parents today?” I asked Mark. “I think you should, just to let them know you’re all right.”

Mark broke away from Chai and went to look for his phone. Chai came across to me. “Don’t be hard on the boy, Steve. He really likes you a lot. He thinks you’re sex-on-legs. And I pretty much agree with him, as you know. We both want to play with that man-cock of yours. I know he’s young – but in my opinion, he knows what he’s doing. You’re not doing anything he doesn’t want.”

“I know, I know. But somehow I still feel responsible for him.”

“I can see that. And you are taking good care of him, it’s obvious. I want to ask you something. Have you fucked him yet?”

“No, no, I wouldn’t,” I exclaimed.

“But I can see you’ve thought about it. He’s got a really cute boy’s bum – and you keep looking at it. And he told me he loves it when he can feel you hard behind him. Maybe I should try fingering him a little – to get him used to the idea.”

Just as Chai said this, Mark came back into the living area after making his call. “Have you guys been talking about me again?” he joked, pulling off his tee-shirt and dancing around us in his jockstrap.

“You’re just like a boy dancer in one of the clubs,” offered Chai – and this made Mark pose some more. “Well, I’d buy you for the night if you were performing in a club. Come over here.” And Chai stood up, opened his arms, and put them around Mark. The two of them bumped and ground together for a few moments, their faces touching. “Come on Steve, join us. Let’s put Markie in the middle.” I held the two of them, with Mark between us, my front pressed against Mark’s back and butt. I could feel myself beginning to respond.

After a few moments of this, Chai suggested we change places and he put himself into the middle, facing me. He turned his face up and I gave him a long, hard kiss on the mouth. I could feel Mark’s hands around his waist as he checked to see if his new friend was getting aroused. I could see over Chai’s shoulder that Mark himself was already excited. Another minute or two of this and the two boys wanted another swap to put me into the middle. Even though I was still fully clothed, they turned me around a few times to feel me up with their hands all over. Chai pulled his shirt off so that he too was wearing nothing but his skin-stretched nylon shorts, showing off all his delightful assets in clear outline. The two of them manoeuvred me over towards the bedroom area until we all fell over onto the bed.  Chai tried to pin me down by sitting across my hips. He started to undo my shirt whilst behind him I could feel Mark fumbling with the belt buckle and fastening to my jeans. I tried to put up a playful struggle, but the two of them were determined. I could have used my strength to defeat them and get myself off the bed ... but a whole part of me just wanted to enjoy what might happen next. It wasn’t long before they’d stripped me down to my boxer shorts – and Mark was clearly keen to remove those too if he could.

He was kneeling between my legs and tugging at my boxers. As soon as he’d freed my tackle, he lowered his head to take me into his mouth. The sensation of his warm enclosure quickly brought me to full hardness. I sucked in air as the boy began to work on me. Meanwhile, Chai’s package was sharply outlined in front of me in his shorts as he continued to straddle me. My hands moved to feel him up, from between his legs to the wet tip of his penis.

“Take them off, then Chai,” I ordered, and the young man stood up over me on the bed and pushed his shorts down and off. His smooth, brown skin was just as I remembered it. I already knew that I wanted him.

Mark looked up as Chai stripped off. It was his first sight of the other’s fully naked body. “But you don’t have any hair on you!” he exclaimed. Chai was kneeling on the bed again beside my outstretched body, his genitals at eye-level for Mark. His slender cut cock was sticking straight out.

“No. Being Asian, I don’t have any hair on my balls anyway. But I shaved my pubic hair off again last night. Steve prefers me like this.” Mark looked towards me for an explanation.

“When a guy shaves his pubes, it can make his cock look bigger and longer. And I enjoy using my mouth all over that area too,” I offered.

“And ... Steve gets turned on by the boyish look, don’t you?” Chai added. As he spoke, he brought his cock up against mine and wanked us together for a few moments. You love the idea of being a man with a boy.” He turned to Mark for a moment: “That’s one of the things that excites him about being with you.”

Mark lowered his face again and pulled Chai’s cock into his mouth, then swapped to mine, and finally tried to take us both in together – though his mouth wouldn’t really stretch wide enough. “And anyway,” he said, coming up for some air, “I love being with you two guys just like this.”

Chai took charge of the scene for a time. “Scoot up the bed, Steve, and give Mark some more room to work on you. He seems to love it so much, you should just let him get on with it.” I smiled and pushed myself back up the bed. I remembered the earlier scene in which I’d covered Mark’s face in my cum, and he’d cleaned my cock in his mouth. “Now, Mark, lie down on your front between Steve’s legs where you can be comfortable as you get your mouth right in there.” Mark did as he was told, and Chai moved to the end of the bed between Mark’s feet. I looked down over my torso, first at Mark with his tongue all over my cock, and then beyond him to Chai’s slender nude body with his cock swaying in front of him. As I watched, Chai bent forward and began massaging on the back of Mark’s thighs. As he rubbed, stroked and pressed, he worked slowly inwards and upwards. Mark responded by opening his legs further and Chai’s fingers and palms worked their way towards his root. The attention to his sensitive areas must have been having an effect on Mark because he redoubled his efforts to suck on my balls and my cock. Chai’s palms moved up onto Mark’s rounded globes. He was pressing them and kneading them, gradually pushing the rounded mounds apart to expose his crack to view. The view of his crack, and of Chai’s erection in close proximity, made me even more aroused, if that were possible.

“Are you ready for me to remove your jockstrap Mark?” asked Chai quietly. Mark didn’t reply verbally; he just lifted his hips to enable Chai to take hold of the remaining garment and slide it back down his thighs. As the boy raised himself up, Chai’s cockhead came into contact with the boy’s smooth buttocks. Chai’s hand went through between his legs and grasped his shaft. He gave him several strokes and then played with his balls as Mark kept his hips in the air. With his other hand, Chai helped to pull the jockstrap below Mark’s knees until he could finally rid himself of any restriction. Now Chai could use both hands to play all over with the boy’s ass, crack, balls and shaft. Both of them were clearly loving it.

Chai signalled to me to pass him the lube from the bedside table. I shook my head: I didn’t feel that Mark was anywhere near ready for his first fucking. He continued to gesture to me as he ran his fingers up and down Mark’s crack. As he poked his finger repeatedly into the air, I realised what he intended to do, and finally passed him the lube. Chai squeezed some out and spread it on his fingers. Then he resumed his massage of Mark’s most intimate areas. By this time, the boy had given up sucking on me and put his face down into the bed between my legs in order to focus on all the sensations rushing around his body. Chai was running his gelled fingers between his balls and his butt crack. Mark was gasping into the mattress. I watched for a couple of minutes as Chai expertly raised the heat in Mark’s ass, and encouraged his crack to open and relax. The pink fold of his secret entrance was in full view. Slowly Chai worked towards it until his fingers rested over the entrance. Then, ever so gently, I watched as he pushed. For a moment, Mark’s body began to drop away from the pressure and towards the bed. Then, the muscle ring relaxed and the first digit of Chai’s finger slipped inside.

Mark gasped loudly, "Aarghh!" He lifted his head to look behind him. "What are you doing?"

Chai replied very softly, "It's all right Markie. Just breathe and relax." He rested his finger just inside the entrance waiting for Mark to get used to the feeling. When Mark put his head back down again, Chai very slowly resumed his penetration. I watched as his finger almost imperceptibly slid into Mark's ass. The sight was immensely arousing. I took hold of my rigid member and stroked myself as I watched. Chai was doing what I had never dared to do with Mark. His finger was already two to three inches inside. As I watched, he began to slowly move his finger in and out.

"Ah, fuck!" The exclamation came from Mark's head buried in the mattress. His hips and bum were still held upwards in the air. "It feels like I need to shit, and it feels so fucking good." He breathed hard as Chai encouraged him to keep relaxing. "I've seen this in videos but could never imagine what it would feel like." Chai's other hand had moved to stroke his buttocks and reach through to his balls and cock. "It's like I'm on fire!"

I watched amazed. This boy was being finger-fucked in front of me. He was in some kind of ecstasy. There was no resistance to what was happening. His lean young body was learning a whole new world of sensation. And all I wanted to do was get in there ... with my fingers ... and then with my cock. Oh how much I wanted this boy's beautiful ass.

Chai looked up at me and held my gaze. "You're getting really horny aren't you," he said as a statement rather than a question. "His ass feels so soft and hot. And mine's needing lots of attention now." He smiled at me. "Are you ready? Can you give my ass what it needs right now?"

For a moment, I questioned whether we could have sex in front of Mark - and then I realised it was far too late for that kind of uncertainty. I nodded my agreement.

"Mark, just relax for a moment. I think that's enough for your first experience of something inside you. Chai's going to remove his finger and you can just lie on the bed and recover." I nodded to Chai who slowly withdrew his finger as Mark groaned at the resulting vacuum. I moved my body to one side and Mark lay flat out on the bed, his legs still wide apart and his ass on full display.

Mark climbed onto the end of the bed and lay on his back pulling his legs up into the air. I stood between them and pushed back on his thighs, bringing his butt up off the bed. My head dived down and into his root. I spread his smooth legs to give myself as much room as possible. I licked up and down his shaft, over his balls, and pushed my tongue into his perineum. I worked quickly in my lust to devour his intimate areas. I pushed my nose into his shaved area to absorb the smell of him. I noticed Mark turning his head on the bed to watch us but I was too far gone to stop. The tip of my tongue ran back from his balls and into the join of his thighs. I placed his feet against my shoulders and used my fingers to prize apart his slim buttocks. Then I held his feet up again and pushed my face into that most hidden crevice. My tongue touched his anal ring and his body spasmed. I licked up and down and then went back to tongue his entrance again. His whole body twitched. I sensed his muscle relaxing and my tongue was able to just reach into him. Somebody's hands were grasping my shaft and for a moment I wasn't sure whether it was Chai or Markie.

"Go on, Steve, I'm ready for you." It was Chai urging me on. With his hand he pushed a condom foil towards me that he must have grabbed from the table. I put his feet back on my shoulders whilst I ripped the packet and unrolled the sheath onto my rigid member. I felt a hand rubbing my shaft with slippery lube. I pushed back on Chai's thighs until his bum was raised level with my cockhead. Looking down, my cockhead looked swollen: it always amazed me how such a thick tumescence could enter such a seemingly small hole without doing a lot of damage. But Chai was used to my penetration. I held my shaft to line myself up. I placed my head against his ring and started to push. He responded, trying to move himself back onto me. My sheathed glans entered into him as his anal ring muscles relaxed and opened. There was a deep sigh from Chai as he felt me enter into him. I continued to push, knowing how much he enjoyed the sensation of being filled. I gave him a few backwards-and-forwards thrusts until eventually I’d penetrated him completely.

Mark lifted himself from the bed and positioned himself to watch. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked intently at the sight of my cock buried deeply in Chai’s upturned ass, the ring of his muscle gripping me tightly whilst my pubic hair and balls brushed against the smooth, caramel brown skin of his ass-cheeks and thighs. I began to move my hips in a circular motion to push against every part of his canal, knowing how this would stimulate his prostate gland. Then I began to withdraw and push back in again. Chai was holding his hips up in the air with his hands pushing against the mattress. In this position I could enter him deeply and with immense satisfaction and pleasure, but in my excitement, I wanted more.

“Lower your legs,” I commanded him. And when he was lying flatter on the bed, I told him: “Now try to sit up more and put your arms around my neck and your feet on either side of me.” He struggled to move into this position, but he was light enough for me to be able to help until eventually he was almost hanging off my neck. I stood upright, lifting him up off the bed with my hands. His feet clasped around my thighs with his butt still impaled on my rigid cock. I moved across from the bedroom area to the living area and laid him down again, on his back, on the dining table. I knew from previous experience that this was just the right height. As he lay back, he opened his legs wide and I could see my cock buried deep within his ass. I began to fuck him with long, deep strokes.

I looked down at one of my favourite sights. An entirely nude, smooth-skinned, slim young man was lying vulnerable before me, his shaved cock and balls available for me to play with, and my hard cock pumping in and out of his receptive ass. I felt incredibly horny and hot. I used my hands to force his thighs apart and give me even more room. I could feel my own buttock muscles clenching and releasing as I thrust myself into him. All the while, I was aware of Markie watching me giving Chai a good, hard fucking.

“Oh, fuck me, Steve, fuck me,” he urged. “Give it to me hard.” His arm moved away from his side to feel for Mark. He took hold of the boy’s erection and began to stroke him. Markie responded by putting his hand on Chai’s chest and playing with his nipples. “Oh yes, don’t stop.”

I kept thrusting into Chai. He opened his eyes and looked at Mark. “Come round and stand behind me,” he commanded. He dropped his head back off the other end of the table as Mark moved to stand just above his head. From there Chai opened his mouth to try and take Mark. When Mark realised what he was doing, he stepped forward and angled his shaft downwards towards Chai’s mouth until eventually he could take his head. My cock was pumping into his ass, whilst Mark’s young cockhead was being sucked at the other end. Any of us could blow at any time. Who was going to cum first?

After several moments, Markie stepped away and came back down to my end of the table. He took hold of Chai’s cut cock and began to stroke him in time with my thrusts. I realised I wanted even move effort to make me cum. “Reach up again,” I ordered Chai. As I maintained my rhythm, he pushed himself into a sitting position on the table and put his hands around my neck. I kissed him roughly and then lifted him up again until he was clear of the table, my hands beneath his ass cheeks. I pushed him against the living room wall, holding him in position with my weight and my hands. Then I began to thrust my hips as hard as I could, forcing myself upwards from below and deep into him. We must have made some noise with the exertion but we were both too far gone to notice. I knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer. Chai found my mouth and opened himself as my tongue pushed in. He began to moan and wriggle against me. A deep sound escaped from his throat and I felt the hot sensation of his jism erupting from his cock and squeeze itself out onto our stomachs as they pressed together in our vertical hold.

It was enough to send me over the edge. I could feel the juice rise from my balls as the heat spread throughout my groin. I gave several final deep thrust into him, pinning him against the wall, as my cum was forced upwards and outwards. “Oh, fuckkkk!” I shouted, “I’m shooting!” I felt the warm juice erupt to fill the end of the condom deep within him. I continued to thrust until every last burst was expelled. Only then did I slowly release the hold I had on him. The excitement of fucking young men like this never ceased to amaze me. It always gave me the greatest pleasure. And this time, I’d done it not only with Chai but in the presence of my young hot nephew. I carried him back to the bed and laid him gently on his back onto the mattress. I reached down to hold the base of my cock and slowly withdrew from Chai, keeping the condom in place. My cock remained thick and fully engorged.

I started to pull the condom off and as I reached for a tissue, Mark dropped to his knees and took my sensitive, wet cockhead into his mouth. “Mmmm,” he said, between slurps, “That was amazing to watch. Now I want every last drop of your cum, Steve.” My cock felt incredibly raw after the hot fucking of Chai, but the sight of Markie going down on me again was thrilling. I held his head as he worked on cleaning my shaft.

Chai looked across from the bed at us. I passed him a tissue to wipe himself. “Did you cum yet little man?” he directed the question at Mark.

“Nope, not yet. Nearly though. I couldn’t believe how you managed to take the size of Steve inside you.”

“It’s easy really. You just need a little practice in relaxing and breathing. And I just love having a guy’s cock deep inside me. It makes me so horny.” He looked up at me, a smile on his face. “But your balls are going to burst soon Markie if you don’t cum. Do you want to cum inside me? I’m ready to take another one if you want.”

Mark glanced between us with a look of concern. “I want to cum – but I’ve never done that. I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s just natural, Markie,” offered Chai, “You’ve seen it in videos and you’ve just watched us. I’ll make it easy for you. You’re smaller than Steve, and I’m all lubed up, so you won’t have any difficulty. Steve – why don’t you help him with a condom? He’s rock hard already.”

I picked up a condom packet from the table and ripped it open. “Come and stand in front of me, Markie, if you want to do this.” The boy quickly moved to stand before me. “Turn around, face away,” I ordered. He turned to face Chai. I reached down over his chest to place the condom against his cockhead and then began to unroll it down his shaft. The movement pushed him back into my body and I could feel my still swollen cock rubbing against his sweet ass.

“I’m going onto my hands and knees on the bed, Mark,” said Chai, “That’ll make it easier for you to fuck me from behind this time.” He turned over and got himself into position on the edge of the bed. Mark stepped in close behind him. He grabbed his cock and aimed at Chai’s ass-hole. After the sex that he and I had just enjoyed, his muscles were already relaxed and Mark had no difficulty in making entry. He pushed in, asking Chai if he was hurting him. Chai just encouraged him to go all the way. He pushed back towards Mark until the boy was fully buried in the young man. I couldn’t believe what Mark was doing. He still looked so young and naive about all this! But already he was withdrawing and then pushing in again. Chai was giving him lots of feedback and verbal encouragement.  I could see him holding his own stiffening cock again and beginning to jack himself off.

“Oh yeah, I can do this,” murmured Mark, “This is great – it’s all hands-free.” And he placed his hands on Chai’s lower back to give him some leverage. I took the opportunity to stand in close behind Mark – on the pretext that he might need holding up – but also because it again brought me into intimate contact with Mark’s smooth butt. I didn’t think I could cum again so quickly, but I wanted to be up-close with this boy as he experienced his first fuck.

Chai was rocking and pushing back. Mark was finding a rhythm. The speed was picking up. The two of them were immersed in the sensations of anal sex. I stood back momentarily to pick up my camera and take a few sneaky pictures of the two of them together. They were shots that I would look at many times in the future. After two or three minutes, I could tell that both of them were building to a climax.

“I’m going to cum again,” said Chai with his face close to the bed. “Pass me a tissue so I don’t make too much mess.” I duly obliged, taking the opportunity to stroke him a few times underneath.

Meanwhile Markie had his eyes screwed tight shut. He was pistoning into Chai. After all that had happened to him during the evening, he couldn’t be far away. I heard Chai exclaim with his second release. This made Mark speed up even more and then he juddered and slowed as his orgasm took over his body. He thrust twice more into Chai and held himself there. The moment of release went on and on. Neither of them spoke. I watched as slowly Mark bend forward over Chai’s body until he came to rest on his back. Chai, in turn, lowered himself onto the bed. The two of them rested, breathing deeply, one on top of the other, with little beads of sweat running down their sides. I got onto the bed and lay beside them, my hand over Mark’s back. Nobody moved for quite some time.

“Oh my God,” was all that Markie was eventually able to utter. “Oh my God.”


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