My Nephew Mark – Chapter 7


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From: Steve Hardy
To: Mark Hardy
Date: 18 August

Hello Markie,

Thanks for your email. It’s lovely to hear from you. I’ve been doing several things here in Leeds since you left. And Yes, I have seen Chai once or twice. He was asking how you were and whether we had been in touch. But I realise you are in direct contact with him on Facebook, so I’m sure you’re having plenty of private conversations together without me!

I’d definitely not forgotten your birthday. And if you’re having some kind of family party to celebrate, I would love to come. It would be another opportunity to spend time with you all, and I would hope to see my parents as well.

You will need to BEHAVE! There will be lots of other people around and I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression. You’re getting quite grown-up now, so this will be an opportunity to practice all those adult skills. But seriously – I shall look forward to seeing you and Jack and Charlotte again. Please ask you mum whether I should bring anything to help with the party – food, cake, drinks .... or a little birthday present for you.

With much love from your Uncle Steve.


Mark’s birthday celebration was a week or so later. I drove away from Leeds on the Friday afternoon and arrived at my brother’s house in the middle of the evening. Just as I’d expected, Mark and Jack rushed out to greet me when they heard the sound of my car turning into their drive. I’d not seen Ben, my brother, and his wife Debbie since my previous visit at Easter. They made me very welcome. Before long, we were all gathered in the dining room for a sort of rolling buffet of food, to which I’d contributed a couple of bottles of wine. The conversation was noisy and varied as the three younger ones dashed in and out of the room, phone calls were received, some programme was playing on the TV, and there was general excitement about a visitor in the house and the prospect of more people coming the following day.

Later in the evening, Mark insisted on taking my bag upstairs and showing me where I was to sleep.

“You’re going to be in Jack’s room on the first floor this weekend, Uncle Steve,” he began. I was pleased that so far he’d remembered to call me ‘uncle’ in front of his family. He led the way into his brother’s room and pushed the door nearly shut. I remembered that this was the room where I’d first seen Mark lying spread out on the bed in his underwear and where he’d subsequently wanked himself off in front of me, making me very horny in the process. A lot had happened since then. “Of course, I’d love it if you could stay in my room upstairs – with me – but mum won’t allow it. She says you must have a room to yourself. And tomorrow, Rory’s going to be staying over, so he’ll sleep on the floor of my bedroom. Last time he did that, we had a lot of fun together.”

“And what about your brother. This is his bedroom. Where’s he going to sleep?”

“Well, tonight, he’s going to sleep on the floor in my room. I guess that means we’ll both see each other cum again. And then tomorrow, he’s going round to a friend’s house in the village for a sleepover because he’s refusing to sleep on the sofa downstairs. I don’t blame him: I wouldn’t want to sleep where everyone walks through – there’s no privacy for a growing boy.”

“I see. Well that’s very generous of Jack to give up his bedroom for me.”

“Well, you could always invite him to share the bed with you. He might jump at the chance. He’s well able to spunk now – and you could have some fun with him,” he suggested.

“I don’t think so, Mark. For a start, he’s far too young.”

“Not like me then, eh? I’m a respectable young man now!” He came close to me and put his arms around me, lifting his face to mine. “How about my first birthday kiss then Steve?” and he put his mouth on mine.

“Mark, we can’t do anything here. Anyone could come upstairs and find us.”

He pushed me back against the bedroom door. “Just for a few moments, Steve, please. I’ve missed you. And I’m thinking about everything you taught me and showed me.” And he put his mouth back on mine and pushed between my lips with his tongue. We deep kissed for several moments. “Oh, Steve, you’re turning me on already. Feel me,” and he grabbed my hand and placed it over his groin. I explored with my fingers and sure enough the firm, hard outline of his cock was readily apparent to the touch.

“You need to get rid of that before we go downstairs,” I urged him.

“Well, you could always give me a quick wank.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Well we’re going to have to find some way of seeing each other in private this weekend. I’ll work something out.” He made a grab for my crotch. “But before we go, I just need a quick reminder of what I’ve been missing.” Before I quite realised what was happening, he’d pulled open my belt and was unfastening my trousers to push them down. I tried to stop him but he persisted. He dropped to his knees before me and grabbed my hipsters to yank them down. I watched as my cock fell out into his face and he rapidly took me into his mouth.

“Ooohh,” I groaned as the sensations started to flood through me. I leaned back hard against the door to make sure it couldn’t be accidentally opened by anyone on the landing. My cock was quickly filling to full size as Mark tried to take me into his throat and his hand worked on my balls. “Mark, if you keep that up for long, I’m going to shoot a load of cum all over your face and hair again – and then you really will have difficulty in explaining that to everyone downstairs.” I pulled him back up onto his feet and reached down to stuff myself back in my pants and trousers. He looked disappointed. “That’s very nice – but this isn’t the time or the place. If we were in my flat in Leeds, then maybe, but we can’t just do that in Jack’s bedroom with all your family around.”

He backed away from me and grinned. “I’ll find somewhere, this weekend,” he promised.

“So now, you go back downstairs and I’ll just go to the bathroom and make myself respectable again. Thanks for bringing my bag up. And I need to thank Jack for letting me use his bedroom. I’ll see you downstairs shortly.”

I opened the door for him to leave and then sat on the bed for a few minutes. This weekend could get very complicated if Mark kept up his attentions. I made my way to the bathroom and then descended to re-join the family a few minutes later as if nothing had happened.


Saturday was the day of Mark’s birthday. We all gave him cards and gifts over breakfast. I’d been back to one of the stores he’d liked in Leeds and bought him some gift tokens. His immediate response was that he’d need to return to Leeds and stay with me in order to spend them. I hadn’t quite foreseen that outcome.

Saturday morning was a regular basketball coaching session for Mark and the other boys in his team. They were able to use the sports hall at his school which was available for community use throughout the year. Apparently, around 15-20 boys often showed up as part of two teams and the two-hour session was led by a sports coach. His parents were going to get some shopping for the evening party. Mark asked if I would take him to the coaching session in my car and afterwards we could pick up his friend Rory and bring him back to the house for the party. “You’ve not met Rory before – but you’ve heard me talk all about him. He’s my best friend. I’m sure you’ll like him.” I wasn’t sure if this was said for my benefit, or his parents’ benefit.

We climbed into my car and I reversed out of the drive and set off towards his school. In the privacy of the car, Mark reached across to put his hand on my leg. “What was it like sleeping in Jack’s bed?” he asked.

“It was fine – very comfortable – just quite a bit narrower than I’m used to at home,” I replied.

“Did you hear us upstairs?” I shook my head. “I got Jack to wank me off. I had my eyes closed and was thinking about you doing it to me. Then I watched whilst he did it. He made some noise and I was worried it would wake people up. Were you thinking about me last night?”

“Um, I thought about you. But you know me – I don’t have to do it all the time – I can save up the energy.” He gave me a grope but I told him that I needed to concentrate on driving on the country roads.

When we arrived at his school, he directed me round to the car park outside the sports centre. He led me inside carrying his kit in his bag. “I need to get changed in here,” he said, pointing to the male changing rooms. “If you go through those doors and up a few steps, there’s a spectator area next to the court. You can watch us from there and tell me how good I am at scoring. We’ll be out for the coaching class in about ten minutes.”

I walked around inside the building and found a vending machine for a drink. Then I went up to the spectator area. There were one or two parents occupying the back row but they seemed more engrossed in their newspapers and their phones than having any interest in the sport. I took a seat where I could watch the game. I didn’t know much about basketball, other than the general principle of trying to score hoops, but I reckoned I knew enough to follow the game.

A few minutes later, around fifteen lads came through onto the court accompanied by an older man, early thirties, dressed in a coaching tracksuit. He divided the lads into three groups, two of whom were to play each other and the others were told to sit on the benches and be substitutes as the teams were rotated. The boys were all wearing shorts and singlets. Most seemed to be around Mark’s age or a year or two older. He was actually one of the smaller boys on the court. It wasn’t difficult to spot his friend Rory: they came out together and I saw Mark pointing me out to him. So this was the gay boy whom Mark regarded as his first ‘boyfriend’. Mark had earlier sent me a teasing photo of his genitals at close range a few weeks before. Now I could see him, he was a little taller and more filled out than Mark, with long wavy hair and a tendency to gesticulate with his arms. He and Mark were playing on the same team. In the first few minutes I was able to look over all the lads. Most were obviously quite fit; some had clearly matured into young men; others were still in that transition phase. There must be quite a difference in their relative strength and stamina I thought. Overall, it was quite a feast for the eyes. If I’d seen most of their photos on some gay dating site, I would certainly have clicked their profiles to discover more.

I watched Mark as he threw himself around the court. He was certainly agile and fast. I felt like I knew the contours of his body beneath the shorts and singlet. He still looked young and naive – yet this was the boy who, just a few weeks before, had sucked me off and then had fucked Chai doggy-style. I turned my attention to Rory. Perhaps because he seemed older, he had more obvious muscle development. He wasn’t as fast around the court, but he had strength both to withstand the attacks from opponents and to throw the ball around the court. His legs and his shoulders were fuller. I tried to imagine what it might be like to see him and Markie together in some more intimate situation.

The coach kept making regular changes to the teams to bring in the substitutes. Each time he made a swap, he would give out instructions about what they were to try and do. I could see that it was a tiring game yet the coach was urging them to play as fast as they could. Eventually he blew his whistle and called everyone together into a huddle to give them some feedback and further instructions. One of the lads passed some bottles of water around the group. Then the whistle was blown again and two sides with different compositions faced up to each other. This time, both Mark and Rory were sitting on the substitute benches. I changed my focus and looked around at the new lads. A very slender lad was now playing; he must have been around Mark’s age, and quite small. He seemed quite physically immature compared to the other lads on the court. He was getting barged around by the bigger boys, but his skill lay in being able to dart about very quickly and turn on the spot with the ball. As I watched him, my mind started to mentally strip him. He was very wiry and I reckoned he would be almost smooth; I imagined his tackle as being comparatively small, in keeping with his frame; despite his agility, I thought he might be quite shy and passive – someone who would need some coaxing and ‘coaching’. The other lad who caught my attention was a much taller and older youth. His long legs made him a great asset on the court, able to jump and almost place the ball into the hoop. His skin was relatively dark and I guessed he was of mixed parentage – perhaps with some North African or Caribbean blood in his family. He wore long shorts down to his knees which gave away little of the underlying physique.

The coach changed the teams around again. He was quite physical with them, using his hands to hold a boy back or encourage him to jump higher; whenever a lad had done something well, he would offer a high-five or a fist-knock or an embrace around the shoulders. Eventually, he blew his whistle to indicate the end of the session. The boys gathered around him for a final coaching talk and then they all made their way off towards the changing room.

Before they disappeared, Mark came across in my direction. “How did I do? Did you enjoy watching us?” I grinned and offered him some words of encouragement. “Come on down to the changing rooms Steve. You can meet the coach. There’s only our group in the centre this morning, so it’ll be all right if you just come through the door. We’ll be a few minutes getting showered and dressed.” And he disappeared off through the changing room door after the others.

I wasn’t sure what to do. It didn’t quite seem right to enter their changing room. But he had invited me ... and I might be able to see one or two of the other lads at closer range. I descended the steps and pushed open the door to the male changing room.

The room was a large space with the usual benches and hooks around the walls, and two rows of lockers to one side. At the far end were the showers and toilets. As I entered, there were seven or eight lads in various states of getting dressed. Some were clearly in a hurry to get away – maybe their parents were waiting for them outside. I recognised several of the lads from their appearance on the court; mostly they had already pulled shirts on, or were wrapped in a towel. As I stood there, trying to look disinterested, I saw Rory coming out of the shower. He was some way away across the room, but I could distinctly see the dark hair of his pubes and the shaft of his cock hanging over his balls. He was certainly more developed than Mark, with evidence of muscles in his abs and thighs. He reached up for a towel from some hooks, wrapped it around his waist, and made his way over to the lockers. A few seconds later, he was followed out by the unmistakable body of Mark, with water still running off him. As he stepped out, he turned around and said something to someone still in the showers. I couldn’t help but stare at his smooth buns and remember what it had been like to have access to his body. He turned back and caught sight of me by the door. He waved for me to come forward. He’d obviously not taken a towel to the showers because he walked naked towards the lockers and pulled one out to begin drying himself. He said something to Rory who was sitting on one of the benches. Mark brought Rory across to meet me.

“Hi Steve. Did you enjoy watching the game then? This is my best friend Rory. Rory – this is my Uncle Steve from Leeds. I’ve told you all about him.”

I looked to Rory as he stood there next to Mark, with a towel still wrapped around his waist. Close up, I could see the muscle development in his chest and arms. I managed to resist looking down to see if anything was pushing out his towel.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” he said, very politely. “Mark tells me he really enjoyed his trip to Leeds.”

I glanced over his shoulder and noticed the coach standing close to the entrance to the showers, looking around the room at the various boys. As his glance took in Mark, Rory and me, I saw him pause, and – it might just have been my imagination – but I thought he was taking in the sight of Mark’s back and backside. At that same moment, the taller, mixed-race youth appeared from the showers. The coach looked to him and the two exchanged nods of recognition. Then the youth stepped out into the changing room. The coach’s eyes followed him every step. I wasn’t surprised as my own eyes had been caught too. He was a tall, fit young man, with brown skin and a narrow waist above strong thighs. But between these two areas was a patch of wiry black pubic hair and one of the longest cocks I’d ever seen on a lad. It arced out and over his hanging balls and as he walked the cockhead bobbed rhythmically from one thigh to the other. He was uncut, but I could see the pink glans beneath the semi-retracted foreskin. Both boys turned to see what had distracted me.

“Hey, Ali, over here,” shouted Mark, waving towards the youth who sauntered towards us without bothering to cover himself.

The youth approached and slapped Mark on the back. “What’s up Mark?” he said in a deep voice. “Who’s this then – your Dad?”

“No, this is my Uncle Steve – he’s quite a lot younger than my dad. He’s staying for the weekend and likes sport, so he brought me to the sports centre this morning.” I marvelled at Mark’s ability to create a story out of nothing, but I did nothing to correct him. Mark turned back to me: “This is Ali, he’s a couple of years ahead of me in school, but he’s our best player.”

I was about to reach out my hand to shake his, but then thought better of it. It didn’t quite seem right to shake hands with a naked youth. I noticed the coach was still watching us all.

“Yeah, the littl’un is pretty good too,” Ali commented, patting him on the head playfully. “We make a pretty good team together, don’t we?” he added.

“Hey, how about a photo then – the three best players – will you take it for us please Steve?” and Mark ran back to his locker to fetch his phone. I looked quickly at the other two lads to check their reaction to this suggestion. Rory was tucking in his towel to make sure it was secure but Ali was doing nothing to cover his modesty. Mark returned and thrust the phone towards me; he’d already opened up the camera app and I could see the three of them on the screen.

Mark stood in the middle, hung his towel around his neck, and put his arms around both friends. “Are you sure?” I asked. I was busy lining up the phone screen to take in every part of all three lads.

“Oh, don’t mind me, mister,” replied Ali, “Lots of people want my picture. I must be famous or something. Or maybe they’re just jealous. Of this,” and he grabbed his cock briefly to make it swing between his legs. I ran off three quick shots on Mark’s camera, guessing that he’d probably set me up to do this.

“Thanks,” said Mark, releasing his hold on the others. Ali turned around to walk to his locker, and I quickly took another shot of his finely sculpted backside. I handed the phone back to Mark after quickly shutting down the app.

“OK, boys, you get yourselves dressed and I’ll wait for you outside.” It seemed too pervy to hang around any longer amongst so many youthful bodies.

A few minutes later, Mark and Rory appeared together. Rory was dressed in shorts and Mark in his joggers. We walked out to the car park together. “Rory came here on his bike,” said Mark, “So he’s going to ride it home and we’ll follow him. It’s only half-a-mile from here. Then Rory can pick up his things and we can all drive back to our house in your car together. Is that OK?” I nodded and offered to take Rory’s kitbag in the car. By the time we’d climbed into the car, Rory had a head-start to us on his bike.

In the car, Mark asked me what I thought of Rory and Ali. I told him they both seemed very nice lads. “And what about Ali’s body?” he continued, “Did you like that? He’s the biggest boy in the school, I think.”

“Is that why you wanted me take a photograph of the three of you?” I asked.

Mark fished his phone out from his pocket and opened up the image gallery. As I drove, he saw him swiping and zooming through the images. “Hey, you took four pictures! You can see he’s so much bigger than me. I’m like a child beside him.”

“Well, I don’t remember you looking like a child, birthday boy,” I responded.

“No. And Rory says I’m not either. But I really wanted a picture of Ali’s cock so I could check it out for size. Shall I send you these pictures too?”

I was saved the necessity of answering because we were approaching Rory’s house and Mark had to give me directions. We pulled into the drive just ahead of him, but by the time I’d retrieved his kitbag from the backseat, he’d pushed his bike around the side of the house and opened the front door. He waved for us to follow him in.

“I’ll get us something to drink,” he said as we entered the living room and he disappeared through another door, presumably in the direction of the kitchen. I looked around at a comfortable family living room, with photos on the wall, a large sofa and a cinematic-sized TV hanging on one wall.

“I’ll go and give him a hand,” added Mark, and followed his friend through.

“Where can I find your bathroom?” I shouted after them.

“Upstairs, on the left. Please excuse the mess,” came the reply from Rory.

I made my way back out into the hallway and up the stairs. I looked through an open bedroom door and guessed that it belonged to Rory. The bed was unmade, there were boy’s clothes scattered about, a laptop and TV on the desk, some weights on the floor, books, and a couple of bags. I briefly considered stepping inside and decided that that was abusing the hospitality on offer. Instead, I stepped along the corridor and found the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later, I descended again. I’d not heard anyone else in the house and there was no other car in the driveway. There was no-one in the living room – and no noise of activity from the kitchen. I walked past the sofa to look through the door into the kitchen. The two boys were standing next to the fridge kissing each other.

I gave the door a discrete knock. “Ahem, would you like me to help with those drinks – if I’m not disturbing you two?”

Rory gave a start backwards to break the hold. Mark was more reluctant to release him. “It’s OK Rory. Steve knows about us and that we do stuff together. I told you that I’d told him. And anyway, it’s pretty much what Steve and I have done with each other before – and a whole lot more.” Mark walked across the kitchen towards me and put his face up to mine. I kissed him tentatively on the lips and he pulled me in for something much deeper. I held him gently by the hips. My eyes looked up to see Rory watching us in open-mouthed amazement. Mark broke the kiss: “And anyway, this is the first time this weekend that my family have been out of the way. Last night, Steve had to sleep in Jack’s room and Jack slept on the floor of my bedroom. Definitely not what I was really wanting.”

“Really?” Rory said in surprise, “You mean, all that stuff you told me about you and Steve really did happen?”

“Yeah, we’ve been wanking together and having sex. Just like you and me have been doing. Where do you think I learned some of that stuff, eh?”

“Holy shit, Markie.”

“But that doesn’t mean I want to stop doing what you and I have been doing. I want to keep experiencing more stuff with Steve, and then we can do more with each other.” Mark went up to Rory and put his arms around him; he offered his lips to Rory and began kissing him again.

I saw the tray on the worktop with some cool drinks already poured. “I’ll take this through to the living room then, until you two have finished.” I carried the tray through.

A few moments later, the two boys came through as well. “So, can I ask ... are you gay then Steve?” Rory asked.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve known since I was about 11 or 12. I’m very happy being gay.”

“Yeah, well ... I am too, I guess. I mean, I’ve told my mum and dad that I am. They were a bit shocked to begin with, but now they seem fine about it. I’ve always been looking at other guys. I’ve done stuff with a few boys – like with Markie here – but I’ve never talked with an adult gay guy before.”

Markie chirped in. “Helloooo ... Rory – meet Steve. Steve – meet Rory. You have a lot in common.” Rory made as if to hit him but he ducked out of the way. “Anyway, that’s a big part of why I wanted this birthday party. I wanted to invite the two guys in my life to come to it. And since you’re both sleeping over at our house tonight, I’m hoping for lots of birthday surprises!”

“Oh, I nearly forgot – it’s your birthday,” Rory said. He moved behind the sofa and picked up a small wrapped packet which he gave to Mark. “Happy birthday, sexy. I hope you enjoy it.” Mark tore at the wrapping paper to look at the DVD inside. “It’s that film you said you wanted to see. Now we can watch it anytime.”

“Great, thanks. And do I get anything else to celebrate my birthday?”

Rory moved in on Mark and kissed him on the lips. Markie responded and before long the two of them were tonguing each other and using their hands to feel each other.

“And one other thing you should know about Steve,” broke in Mark as he came up for air, “He’s also a gay man who likes younger lads. You should meet his boyfriend Chai: he’s a student in Leeds and he shaves his body completely smooth. I’ve been with him as well!”

Rory looked across at me. I tried to interpret his expression – part intrigue, part surprise, part uncertainty. By the time he looked back to Mark, his friend was making a big play for another mouth-on-mouth exploration. “It’s my birthday; I can have what I want,” he murmured.

I watched as the two boys started to lose themselves in each other. They seemed relatively unselfconscious of my presence in the room. Rory, the taller boy, was holding Mark’s head as they tongued each other. Mark was running his hands up and down Rory’s back and then moving down to hold his ass-cheeks. I wondered if Mark was doing this for my entertainment. It wasn’t long before Mark was putting his hands inside the waistband of Rory’s shorts. Any thought about drinking from the glasses on the tray seemed to have been forgotten. I watched as Mark began groping Rory inside his shorts – and Rory responded with several more guttural noises, pulling Mark’s face right into his body as his mouth moved to rub around his ears, face and neck.

“There’s not much room in these shorts,” said Mark. His hands moved to the front, between their bodies, and he fumbled to release the fastening and the zip of Rory’s shorts. As he pushed them down Rory’s legs, I could see the black boxers beneath. “Shall we go upstairs to your bedroom?”

“No, no need,” Rory replied, “My parents are out for the day, and the garden hedge stops anyone looking in if they’re passing by.” Rory was giving himself up to the pleasure that Mark seemed intent on giving him.

A few moments later, Mark pulled on the black boxers and they too descended to the floor. I stared at Rory’s exposed backside as Mark continued to grasp it, kneading and pulling on the flesh. He was more well-built than Mark, with thicker thighs and legs covered in a light hair. His buttocks were firm and more defined. As Mark pulled on them, his crack opened slightly and I could see a few darker hairs beginning to grow there.

Mark’s hand grasped Rory’s shaft and gave it several tugs. Then he dropped to the floor and took him in his mouth. Rory gave an involuntary gasp. Mark started sucking on him. Several weeks before Mark had sent me a photo of Rory’s genitals so I knew he was cut. I could see the shape of Rory’s helmet pressing against the inside of Mark’s cheek, his generously-sized balls were swinging towards Mark’s chin, his dark pubic hair almost catching against his nose. Rory groaned again. The two of them had clearly done this before.

Rory turned his head to look at me.

“Don’t mind me,” was all I could say. “You two just finish each other off if you want.”

Mark released Rory from his mouth for a moment. “Steve will be enjoying this. Aren’t you? Just like I bet you enjoyed the view of everyone in the showers and changing room this morning. Are you getting excited yet Uncle Steve, watching Rory here?” It was a teasing question; Mark knew me too well. Rory turned his head around to look at me again, this time with a grin across his face.

“Yeah, you two look very good together,” I said, and moved to stand closer to them both.

“Can I see ... please?” Rory said, still looking at me and glancing down at my crotch, “I’ve never seen a man’s dick hard before, except in porn videos.”

“Hey, you’ve seen mine quite a lot,” interrupted Mark, momentarily breaking away from sucking on Rory. He resumed his tongue attack on Rory from his position on the floor. Then he must have found this too uncomfortable because he stood up and pushed Rory back against the side-arm of the sofa. When the back of Rory’s legs were pressed against the arm, Mark kept pushing until Rory was forced to topple backwards over the arm with his back on the seat cushions. This left his legs hanging over the arm and Mark went back in between his knees to recommence playing with him.

“Oh shit, Markie, you’re getting me all worked up again,” said Rory from his position on the sofa.

“That’s the general idea!” he replied.

“Are you going to get your cock out too?” Rory pleaded.

Mark didn’t need to be asked twice. He pushed his jogging pants down below his knees and then his briefs. He stood in between Rory’s legs and let his semi-hard shaft rub against him. Then he pulled his shirt up and over his head. I couldn’t resist moving in behind Markie and playing with his nipples, whilst my trousers brushed against his cute bum. These two boys were definitely getting me worked up too.

Rory had his eyes closed by now and was breathing deeply as the energy started to heat up around his erogenous areas. “Oh, don’t stop doing that, please,” he instructed Mark. Mark just kept it up, using his hands to alternately stroke and squeeze his friend, whilst letting his hardening cock rub all around his most sensitive areas. Rory was definitely thicker and more developed than Mark with a large helmet on the end of his shaft that was beginning to look a little wet. He wriggled upwards against the arm of the sofa to make more of his ass available to Mark to play with.

A few moments later he opened his eyes and looked up at both of us. “Oh fuck,” he began, “You’re making my ass feel really hot now. One of you is going to have to fuck me soon.” He reached down to find his shorts on the floor and pulled out a condom sachet from the pocket. “Here – I was saving this for tonight, Mark, but you’re going to need it now.”

Mark took hold of the foil sachet with one hand whilst still working on Rory’s shaft with the other. He passed it back to me. “Can you open this, please Steve, and put it on me?” he asked. The boy was fully hard now. I couldn’t move for a moment, stunned by the prospect of young Mark fucking into his friend’s firm butt whilst I watched. I tore open the packet and slid out the rubber. I reached around Mark and found his hardness rubbing against Rory’s thighs and poking into his root. I held it and used my other hand to slide the latex down over this head and length. I put some spit on the palm of my hand and started to smear it over the condom. “Thanks,” he smiled.

I watched as Mark pulled him forward a few inches until his buttocks were resting on the edge of the sofa arm. He lifted his legs and pushed them wide apart before standing in between them. Then he lined himself up against Rory’s join. The lad must have been familiar with being penetrated because he seemed to let Markie enter him relatively easily. Before long, I could see his shaft disappearing inside the older boy.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he said, “I just love the feeling of doing this.”

I just stared as Markie began to work his way in and out of his friend. Rory clearly loved the sensation of being penetrated. He was working his butt muscles to give added pressure to Mark; he was moving around as he lay with his legs hanging over the arm of the sofa. I could see the developed musculature in his thighs and hips responding to all that was going on. I put my hand out to squeeze Mark on his ass-cheek. Then I had to give him a short slap, forgetting for a moment that he wasn't Chai who liked that kind of attention. It spurred Mark to thrust more strongly.

"You can join in Steve," he said, "Rory wanted to see what you've got - and he just loves having his cock sucked."

I moved closer to the boy on the sofa and put my hand down to grasp his shaft. He looked up at me through dreaming eyes and nodded his consent. I rubbed my palm all around his helmet to spread some of the liquid that had already appeared. I started to stroke him slowly, trying to find a rhythm that matched with Mark's thrusts. Rory reached his hand out from his side to feel my leg. We didn't speak. His hand moved up my thigh and I adjusted my position to make it easier for him. Before long, he found my crotch. He started to fondle my balls and my cock through the fabric of my trousers. He was squeezing along the length of my rapidly engorging penis. It didn't take him long to reach up for my belt buckle, unclip it, and then fumble to release my trousers. Because of his prone position, impaled on Mark's cock, I had to help him. I opened up my fly and pushed down my underwear. His hand immediately grabbed my length and started to jerk it.

"Oh, wow, you're the very first man-cock that I've ever held," he said with a grin. "It's amazing. You're nice and thick, and I can pull your foreskin back, just like I can with Markie." He tried to reach his head forward to take me but the distance from his position on the sofa was too great.

I bent forward towards where all the action was happening around his genitals. I pulled his shaft upright and put my mouth around his head. I heard him give a deep moan as his hand continued to play with me. I let my mouth move up and down on him as Markie began to increase the pace of his fucking just beside me. These two boys certainly knew how to enjoy themselves - and I was in the lucky position of being right there with the action. I used my fingers to tickle Rory's balls and then brushed them through to stroke his perineum. This sent Rory into an involuntary lift up from the arm-rest. I continued to press on his root, whilst my fingers could also touch the base of Markie's shaft as he thrust himself into Rory.

"Oh, fuck! Do that again! I'm gonna cum big time!" I pressed into Rory again and squeezed his balls as a spume of spunk erupted from the head of his cock and flew out onto his chest, closely followed by a second and third blast.

"Nice one," commented Markie as he continued to plough into him. "Squeeze me some more and I'll shoot into you too."

I put my hand around Markie's backside and squeezed his ass-cheeks. Then I pushed my hand through between his legs to grab his nuts. "Oh, yeah, that's good." There was sweat running down his back as he pumped more erratically. I could feel his balls pulling up and knew he was close. Then the tightening of his facial muscles showed that his orgasm was underway. He pushed Rory so deeply that his ass almost fell off the arm-rest. I tried to hold him in position as Mark emptied himself inside Rory until gradually the action subsided.

Both boys were spent. Mark withdrew from Rory and pulled the condom off to wrap it in a tissue. He ran throught to the kitchen to fetch some paper towel to wipe Rory and the spilt liquids from the sofa.

"What about you, Steve? Shall we make you cum now?"

"No, there's no need. It was just great to watch you too like that. Mark knows that I like to save it and wait for later; the longer I can resist, the bigger the final orgasm when I let it go."

Rory seemed reluctant to let me go. He sat up on the sofa and examined me from very close quarters. "It looks really good, Steve. I hope mine develops as much as yours."

"I'm sure it will Rory - you're almost there already. You've got a really nice cock."


"Right, well if you two lads are all finished for the moment, how about we all get dressed again and then I'll take you out for something to eat and then we'll get back to Mark's house to help set up his birthday party."


By the time we arrived back at the house in the afternoon, the preparations were well underway. Mark had decided upon a barbeque in the back garden and his parents had agreed to allow some cans of beer and cider provided that no-one took too much advantage and made a fool of themselves. Mark tried to organise everyone in putting things where he wanted them, but Ben and Debbie tended to over-rule the more extreme suggestions in order to protect their garden. The barbeque grill was all set up together with several tables for the food and drinks. An assortment of garden chairs and benches had been assembled from various places. Mark was trying to string some Christmas decoration lights amongst the trees. An amplifier was set up in the dining room with the speakers facing onto the garden from the windows. The downstairs toilet was stacked up with towels and toilet rolls. Jack was deputed to try and organise the parking in the street.

I gathered that Mark had invited around 15 friends, mostly from school but also including one or two others who lived more locally in the village. The start time had been established as 8pm.

In late afternoon, Debbie drove off to Carlisle to pick up my parents. They’d been invited out of courtesy to uphold the family aspect of the party – although it wasn’t expected that they would stay to the end. Ben was to stay in charge of the barbeque, and Rory had been co-opted as his assistant.

During the lull between finishing all the preparations and the first guests arriving for the party, there was an opportunity to catch breathe. We had been sitting in the lounge for fifteen minutes, when Markie announced that he was going upstairs to get cleaned up and changed. Rory stood up to follow him, picking up his overnight bag on the way. As he went through the door, Mark signalled to me to follow them upstairs a little later, suggesting he had something he wanted to say to me in private and away from the ears of his family.

A few minutes later, I made my way upstairs to the bathroom outside Mark’s top-floor bedroom. I overheard them talking about me and what had happened at Rory’s house in the morning. I listened briefly and was relieved to hear that it was all complimentary! I knocked on Mark’s bedroom door. The voices stopped and Mark came across to open the door. “Oh – hi – come on in.”

I stepped inside and Mark pushed the door closed behind me. He came close and gave me a full-mouth kiss. Rory was standing on the other side of the bed and looking a little awkward.

“We were just talking about this morning,” opened Mark, “How was your trip into town?”

“I thought both you boys were excellent at basketball – much more skilled than I was at your age. You both seemed very fit and athletic on the court.”

“And how about in the changing rooms afterwards? I bet you enjoyed that – seeing all us boys there together. Ali’s always wandering around like that showing off his dick; he likes to let everyone see how long he is. But it is pretty impressive. I wonder how much longer he gets when he’s hard.” Mark turned to Rory. “Perhaps we should ask Natalie. That’s Ali’s girlfriend. I’ve invited both of them tonight. Natalie is younger than Ali – and about half his size. I can’t imagine how she manages to cope with something as big as that.”

Rory had been getting changed before I arrived but he’d stopped, as if embarrassed by my presence. Markie continued: “I’ve sent you an email with the photos you took of the three of us – just in case you want to check him out again.”

“Thanks, I might enjoy that,” I said, looking at the two of them. “And you two young men seem to have got something together then between you. I’m sure you take good care of each other. How long’s that been developing.”

“Just over the last two months or so,” Rory answered, a little relieved – perhaps because the subject was finally being talked about. “I’ve always liked Markie, and I’ve know I was gay for ages – but I didn’t know he felt the same way – or that he might want to get something on with me. I think it was after he came back from the camping trip you two did together. That’s when something changed in him. Perhaps I should thank you, Steve, for encouraging Mark.”

“I don’t think he needed any encouragement. Maybe just gain some confidence. If anything, I think he was the one who started things with me. And he certainly seems to have learned a lot in a very short time based on the evidence from this morning. You two boys were well into it together on the sofa. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“Um ... it did feel a bit strange to begin with, having you there. I mean, it’s only ever been me and Mark before. But, well, with Markie doing all that to me, and a grown-up gay man there with us – well, that was pretty exciting.”

“Yeah, I knew Steve would like it,” chipped in Mark.

“You both looked very horny and very attractive,” I added.

“We were – and we are!” added Mark, “I wasn’t going to stop once I got going. I can’t do what Steve does when I’m right in there; I can’t stop myself from cuming.”

“And I loved it that you let me touch you, Steve - that was special.” Rory was holding himself down below as he spoke, and looking across at my genitals as if hoping they would be on show again. “And when you went down on me and put me in your mouth, I couldn’t stop myself cuming with both of you touching me like that. I guess your balls must be aching Steve, ‘cos you didn’t cum.”

“Oh, I hope you’re saving it all for me Uncle Steve – as my special birthday present later this evening.”

“Hey, I thought you two were going to get cleaned up and changed,” I reminded them. “I should be getting back downstairs – your family will be wondering what’s happened to me.”

“OK, OK,” Mark said, pulling off the rest of his clothes. “How about we have a shower together Rory before we get dressed?” He started to pull the t-shirt off Rory. The youth stood up from the bed and reached for his towel from his bag. “Pants as well,” Markie laughed, “Nothing that Steve and I haven’t seen already.” Sheepishly, Rory started to remove his well-filled Y-fronts. Both boys were now naked again. Mark threw me his phone. “Take another picture of us together Steve – then you can tell me later which body you like most.” I took his phone and played with the settings. The boys were standing next to each other, arms around each other’s shoulders. Mark was shorter, slender, almost smooth, still boyish, with a light patch of pubes above his uncut cock. Rory was significantly more developed, broader-chested, tauter abdomen, with a forest of dark pubic hair above and around his helmeted cut cock. As I delayed the moment by looking through the screen, his cock was already rising beyond half-mast. I shot off two quick pictures.

“Go on, get in the shower. And don’t do anything in there that I wouldn’t do!” I said. As the boys stepped around me, I gave each of them a slap on the backside in order to feel their firm flesh. As they opened the bathroom door, I managed a quick final photo of their rear views.

I went back downstairs, stopping for a pee on the way in the other bathroom to allow my own tumescence to subside a bit. The thought of the two boys showering together above my head was more than enough to make that difficult. When I got back to the living room, my brother asked for my help to get the barbeque going and this did distract me. We lit the charcoal in the burner out in the garden and helped ourselves to some beer. Jack and Charlotte were playing around in the garden, excited by the prospect of the party.

It was an hour or so later that Mark’s friends started to arrive. My parents were the first, collected from their home in Carlisle by Debbie. They greeted me warmly. Shortly afterwards Markie appeared wearing a crazy-patterned shirt and some jeans. Just behind him was Rory; he gave me a quick grin as he passed by me as if to acknowledge the secrets that the three of us had shared. I watched him go: he filled his jeans very well – a rounded bulge at the front and a very firm ass at the back – the ass that Markie had penetrated just a few hours before and that I was now beginning to fantasise about. Mark opened the presents from his grandparents – some clothes that Debbie must have helped them choose and some app store vouchers to download games and music onto his phone.

Everyone went out into the garden and the other guests started to arrive. Soon the party was in full swing. I was introduced to quite a few of the guests, most of whom seemed to be students from Mark’s school around his age or a year or two older. Several I recognised from the basketball coaching session that morning. Ali came up to me looking very mature, and fully dressed this time. “Hi, man,” he said, “You’re Markie’s uncle aren’t you. He came to stay with you in Leeds. This is my girlfriend Natalie,” and he introduced me to a very slight girl who was the exact physical opposite of Ai. “Her grandmother lives somewhere near Leeds, but I don’t suppose you’d know her.” We chatted for a bit before they wandered off to grab some food.

I talked to several others but mostly the youngsters were happy to chat and drink and eat with each other. Some had brought extra booze to drink. A surprising number seemed to be smoking in the garden, and the unmistakable smell of something stronger also drifted across the party – although I don’t think my brother and sister-in-law were able to recognise it.

I consumed my share of the food and drink talking mostly with other members of my family. I tried to keep an eye on Jack who was managing to drink more beer than his parents realised. After a time, we left Mark and his friends to get on with enjoying themselves and went back inside the house where Ben produced a bottle of whisky and started to pour out several measures.

The party gradually wound down after a two or three hours. One of the older lads had a car and was taking several friends off to a late night club. Ali and Natalie drifted away. Those who lived locally in the village went off home. Realising that Mark and Rory were unlikely to be able to do very much, I offered to help Ben clear up in the garden but he said most of it could wait until the morning. He announced that he was going to take our parents back to Carlisle and that he might be gone for some time. Jack was starting to get his second-wind, and Debbie said she would take him round to his friends where he was sleeping the night, and she would stay there until he was asleep.

“Steve,” she said, “Would you mind looking after things here for a time, until we get back?” I nodded. “Charlotte’s already in bed. She’ll probably be asleep by now. Just look in on her when you go up. Normally she sleeps very well so I don’t think she’ll be any problem. I’m not so sure about Mark and Rory. They’re still out in the garden and they’ve probably had several cans. Do you think you could encourage them to come in before too long and make sure everything’s quite safe out there? He does seem to take notice of you. I reckon they might just crash out when they get upstairs.”

I agreed, although I wasn’t too sure Debbie was right in her last prediction. People climbed into cars and disappeared. Suddenly I had the house to myself. I walked through to the back door to see what was happening in the garden. It was almost dark out there. There was a couple necking at the far end that I thought might be Mark and Rory until I saw them standing together near the drinks table talking to another friend.

A few minutes later, all the remaining party-goers drifted away and I walked out into the garden to join Markie. “Did you enjoy your party then?”

“Yeah, it was great, having so many of my mates around. And having you and Rory here to help me celebrate is really special – the two special guys in my life. Shame that Chai’s not here as well – though I’m not sure how I would explain him to mum and dad.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” I said, “Anyway, I think he’s working this weekend.”

“But imagine what the four of us could do together,” he laughed.

“Not in your home with all your family around.”

“No, but tonight I’ve got the whole night with Rory,” and he planted a kiss on his friend, “We can do anything we want – and no-one expects us to get up early in the morning.”

“Then you better be quiet about it,” I offered.

“Lots of people brought me gifts and stuff. I’ll need to look at them in the morning as well. But there’s one present I’m still waiting for.”

“What’s that?” I asked, before realising I’d walked into his trap.

“That special present from you Steve. Come on, it’s getting cool. Let’s go upstairs before the others get back.” And he grabbed Rory and dragged him inside.

I spent a few minutes putting some of the rubbish into a black bin-liner and checking the barbeque was safe. There were one or two wine bottles that I removed inside. Everything else seemed OK but it was too dark to really see. I went back inside and shut and locked the backdoor.

As I was switching out some lights, Mark came downstairs in his briefs. “Where’ve you been? I’ve been waiting for you. Come on, follow me upstairs Steve.”

“I need to check on Charlotte. And your parents will be back soon.”

“She’ll be OK. She never wakes up until breakfast. Mum and dad won’t be back for nearly an hour, so let’s not waste any more time.”

I looked around before going upstairs. I looked into Charlotte’s room and she was sound asleep. Mark was waiting for me half-way up the next flight of stairs leading to his bedroom. Rory was half-undressed and lying on the bed. Mark pulled me into the room and closed the door. He moved to open the window slightly and closed the curtain: “That’s so I can hear mum or dad coming back.” He turned off everything except the bedside light. He looked at me. “Now – how about my big birthday present?”

“Don’t you remember: I gave you a gift this morning, and those jockstraps when you came to stay. I don’t have another present for you,” I said seriously.

“Yeah, well, you have something I really want.”

“What’s that?”

He came up close to me and pulled our mouths together. I felt his tongue press into me. I opened my mouth and we deep-kissed for a time. Rory was watching us intently from the bed. Markie started to feel my body. He undid the buttons on my shirt and then moved his face in to lick and bite on my nipples. I put my hands on his head and kissed into his hair and forehead. From there, my hands inexorably slid down on his back, and then lower to hold his briefs-enclosed buttocks. If he was wanting to get me aroused, he was certainly succeeding.

“Oh yeah, feel me there Steve,” he murmured to me, “Put your hands inside my pants.” I did as he asked and felt the smooth texture of his slim buttocks. He was undoing the rest of my shirt and trying to push it off my shoulders and down my arms. Rory was sitting up on the bed by now, still watching us.

“I’m not sure this is such a good idea,” I offered in mild protest.

“Yeah, it’s a great idea. Now my ass is starting to feel really hot – just like Rory’s this morning. Don’t stop what you’re doing.” I let my arms play across and between his ass-cheeks. “Oh, fuck yeah, that’s so good.” Then, “Push them down, Steve. Strip me.”

I took hold of the waistband of his briefs and pulled them out and down, letting them slide down his thighs until he kicked them away. I felt his hard knob throbbing against me.

“Will you give me my real birthday present, Steve?” he asked, looking up at me. I looked back at him, knowing he was talking about sex but unsure quite what he planned. “Will you fuck me tonight – on my birthday – my very first time? I really want it to be you that does it to me. You can do it here, on the bed, before mum and dad get back. Look, I’m all wet already. I’m gonna make a mess on your jeans unless you take them off quick.” He pushed away from me to demonstrate just how excited he was already.

I looked at him and we stood like that for several moments without words as Rory looked on. This was a moment of decision; something that could never be ‘undone’ in future. It was clear that he knew what he wanted, that he’d thought about it, perhaps planned it, and was well aware of what it meant. I’d been dreaming and fantasising about him almost since I’d got to know him at Easter. I wanted him. There was some crazy mixed-up combination of love and lust going on within me.

Finally, I spoke. “I don’t want to hurt you Mark. I don’t want to do anything that you might regret later. And I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“I know,” he replied. “I know it will probably hurt, but Rory says I will get used to it if I can relax. And I want to try. I do know what I’m doing. This is something that I want. I know you want it too – I’ve seen you looking at me, like the way you look at Chai. I’m not doing this to please you though. I’m growing up now. I want something that we can both enjoy; something that will bring us closer together. It’s really important to me that it’s you – because I trust you. Even if it does hurt a bit, I know you’re not doing it to hurt me. And, if it’s too much and I ask you to stop, I know you will.”

I looked at him again for several more moments. Then I pulled him into a close embrace. “OK, I whispered into his ear. If you’re sure you want me to. And if you promise me you’ll tell me to stop.”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Then he broke our hold and began to eagerly undo my trousers, pushing them to the floor, as if he couldn’t wait any longer. He tried to pull them off me and I fell onto the bed. Rory stood up to create some space, clutching himself in his own Y-fronts. My trousers and underwear were pulled off until I was as naked as Mark. My shaft lay thick against my thigh.

“I want to do it like you did with Chai,” he said, “With me on the bed and you coming into me from behind.” He climbed onto the bed and took up a position on all-fours.

“OK, but you need to be prepared first, Mark. It’s not something that can happen straight away.” I turned to Rory. “Can you pass me that tube of gel that Mark keeps in the bedside drawer please?”

He reached across and gave it to me. I squirted some onto my fingers. “This might feel a little cold.” I began to touch him with my hands, stroking his inner thighs, rubbing his back, gradually working towards his buttocks until I could massage across them. “Just try to relax as much as you can.” His ass looked as appealing as ever. I could feel myself becoming fully aroused behind him at the prospect. My fingers ran into his crease and I started to stroke my fingers up and down. I wasn’t using any pressure, but each time my finger tips passed over his entrance I was aware of a little gasp from him. Rory moved closer to watch. His hand reached out to touch my shaft until eventually he’d gripped it in his fist. I looked sideways at him to acknowledge his touch and let him know it was OK. His own penis was tenting out his Y-fronts. My hand went lower to stroke Mark’s perineum and then through to his balls, giving us both an exquisite feeling. I was using both hands by now so I asked Rory to squeeze some more gel onto them; I wanted to ensure he was fully lubricated. I resumed attention on his crack, gradually pulling his ass-cheeks apart until his pink entrance was fully visible. I ran the edge of my hand up and down his crease, then used my thumb to slowly rub along the crevice, moving very slowly across his hole. After another minute or two, I let my thumb rest over his hole; it was almost quivering in anticipation of what was to happen. I gently increased the pressure on my thumb. I felt him trying to let me in but nothing happened. I told him to try and relax and breathe out slowly and consciously. On the second attempt, the end of my thumb slipped inside. He gave out an involuntary ‘Arghh’ and his hips buckled forward but I kept my thumb in place.

“Keep breathing deeply,” I urged him, “I know it hurts to begin with and you’ll try to push me out. Just hold everything as it is and you’ll quickly get used to the feeling.” I let my thumb rest there and after a short time, he pushed his ass back towards me a little. Slowly, I let my thumb slide in further. I kept my other fingers on his skin, gently playing with him. I sank my thumb into him. “There, that’s my thumb all the way into you. How does it feel now?”

“My god, it’s weird. Like I’m going to shit – but I’m not really. And I can really feel you pressing on me.”

I started to move my thumb around inside his canal giving him more and more sensation. After a few more moments I started to slide my thumb out a little and then back in. He knew the motion from what he’d done himself to both Chai and Rory.

“Oh, yeah – that feels amazing!”

After a time, I told him I was taking my thumb out. He didn’t want me to, but I quickly replaced it with two fingers whilst his anal muscle was still relaxed. I asked Rory to squirt some more gel onto my fingers. The youth had pushed his underwear down and was holding his erection openly in his hand, stroking himself again, with his purple helmet pushing beyond his fist. He added some gel to his own hand. I tried to insert a third finger and managed to get the tip inside but I could sense Mark’s resistance to the awkwardness of the penetration. I kept my other fingers there to help his ass relax and get used to the expansion.

“How does it feel now?” I asked after a time. “Do you still want me to do more with you?”

“Uh-huh. I don’t want to stop now. Go for it Steve.”

I motioned to Rory to put some lubricant onto my shaft and he was only too eager to comply. He rubbed my full length for me. I didn’t want to mess around between withdrawing my fingers and entering him. My cock felt rigid at what was happening; heat was emanating from me; it was almost like a dream to be engaged with Mark like this. But it wasn’t a dream. The boy’s butt was open before me and he was willing me on.

I took a deep breath myself. I withdrew my fingers and immediately lined my cockhead up at Mark’s entrance. I held his hips steady and exerted increasing pressure against him. I could hear him gasp with the force of me against him but I didn’t stop. My glans pushed through his muscle-ring and I was inside.

“Aarghh – fuck – that hurts!” His voice came sharply but quietly. I stood there between his legs maintaining my position.

“Breathe, Mark, breathe. Tell me if you want me to pull out.” I heard his breathing and a little sob.

Eventually, he spoke again. “It’s almost like my ass is burning. It feels so full and hot. Just take it real slow. I don’t want to split open.”

I held his hips steady again and began to slide inwards as slowly as I could. I withdrew a little every few moments and then slid back in again. I looked down and couldn’t really believe the sight of my hard shaft disappearing into his slender backside. In many ways he was the same physical size as Chai, who’d clearly had plenty of experience of being fucked; only the skin colour was different. Another two inches and I was buried deep within him. “That’s it, Mark, that’s all of me.”

“Oh god, I’m completely stuffed. It’s so full.”

“Doesn’t it feel amazing Markie?” said Rory beside me, now openly wanking himself with one hand whilst putting the other onto Mark’s back in reassurance. “I love that feeling – that another guy can get right inside you. Try giving your muscles a squeeze on him.”

I felt Mark flexing his buttock muscles and the constriction was transmitted through to my shaft. I started to rotate around within him with little circular movements as well as in-out thrusts.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Markie,” I said into his ear. “You’re right – I have wanted to do this for ages. You’ve got an amazingly cute ass. I almost can’t believe I’m going into you now.” His ass was tight – almost too tight for me. It must have been hurting him, so I tried to keep it gentle. My pubes were brushing against his skin and I could feel my balls against his thighs at the end of each stroke.

“I wanted this. Even though it’s hurting a bit, I’m loving the feel of you.”

“Lower yourself onto the bed,” I told him. “I’ll stay in you – it’s just more comfortable for you if you lie on your front on the bed.” I held onto his hips whilst he lowered himself from all-fours onto the bed-cover. I had to lean forward, taking my weight on my arms, to stay in position above him. “That’s it. Now bend one of your legs at the knee and move it sideways; that will just help to open you up a bit more and make it less painful.” He manoeuvred himself into this new position. I lifted my hips above him, sliding out a little way and then pushed back in. “Is that any better?”

“Yeah, that’s good,” he mumbled into the bed-cover, “I want to feel what it’s like when you cum.”

I started to thrust down into him. The slender boy was beneath me, my thighs against his smooth thighs, my shaft in his ass. For the first time, I was fucking this boy. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, this feels so good.”

Rory moved around the bed so he could watch us from the other side. I looked up at the strong, proud cock rising in front of him; he was wanking himself furiously as watched the two of us coupling on the bed. Mark lifted his head and grinned at him: “Now I know what it feels like for you when I’m doing it to you.”

“Yeah, it’s good isn’t it?” He paused a moment and then added, “Oh, I wish I had your cock in me now, Steve. My ass needs it again.”

“I can only do one boy at a time!” I replied. Mark’s ass was getting very slick by now. “And that’s not going to last much longer. Turn around Rory – let me see your ass as well.” The youth obliged without slowing his stroke. I was thrusting full depth into Mark and looking at Rory’s firmly muscled backside as his breathing intensified.

“Oh, fuck, fuck” he said, turning back towards us, “I’m cuming!” as he fired gobs of white cum out of his helmet, some landing on the bed and several on the floor.

I tried to scoop us some on my fingers and taste his saltiness. Then I thrust again into Mark, knowing I was very close. I felt my shaft expand to its maximum size and urged Mark to grip me. “Do you want me to cum inside you, or pull out?”

“Just do it Steve – cum inside me.”

It was too late anyway. Sperm was rising from my root. I shot into him with two, three, four blasts. I could feel the liquid filling him and then seeping around my cock as some of it leaked out beneath him. “Oh, fuck yeah,” I whimpered as the intensity abated and I lowered myself down onto him. I took a few deep breaths. Like most orgasms, the experience is beyond words.

Conscious of my weight on his body, I tried to hold him and turn him over until he was resting on his back on me. I put my lips to his neck and head. I spoke into his ear. “That was even better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much, birthday boy. How are you now? Is it hurting a lot?”

He lay there on top of me. “No, it’s not too bad. Maybe a bit sore. But like you said, it got a lot easier after a minute or two.”

I felt down his body and took hold of his cock. He was only half-hard, which didn’t surprise me too much given all that had happened. “Did you cum?” I asked.

“No. I wanted to, to begin with, and then the feeling went. I was just thinking too much about what you were doing. And now I don’t need to cum. Maybe a little later perhaps.”

I slowly withdrew from him and asked Rory to fetch us some tissues to clean us up. He came and lay on the bed next to us.

“This is a birthday I’m never going to forget,” said Mark. “I hope it’s the start of a whole new, exciting part of my life. And I really want you two guys to be part of it with me – best uncle and best friend.”

I kissed him again on the head. We lay like that together for several minutes. After a time I heard a car approaching from the distance. “That’s probably your mum or your dad returning. I better pick up my clothes and get down to my bedroom before they come looking for me. And you boys better clean up and pretend to be asleep or something. This room is going to smell of sex: I’m sure you don’t want your dad walking in and finding you like this.”

We got up hastily and I grabbed my clothes. I dashed down the stairs, remembering that Charlotte was asleep in her room. I was quietly closing the bedroom door on the first landing as I heard the house front door open.


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Boy – The Mentoring of a Gay Teen

The Complete Works
All the above, and more, in one bumper pack

My Nephew Mark (in preparation here)

Paradise Boys (coming next)

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