My Nephew Mark – Chapter 8


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My exciting and adventurous birthday party weekend with Markie and Rory didn’t quite end there – with me scampering back to my guest bedroom and the two boys cleaning themselves up from our mutual pleasuring as Mark’s parents returned home. In fact, there was a ‘surprise bonus’ early the next morning.

It must have been around first light. The house was totally quiet with everyone sleeping in their various rooms. I was sleeping in Jack’s bedroom on the first floor when some noise must have woken me up. I was aware of the door to the bedroom quietly opening and then closing again. Next I realised that someone was lifting back the duvet cover and trying to get into the bed with me. As it was a single bed, this clearly wasn’t easy! As I opened my eyes to work out what was happening, the light coming through the curtains was still quite dim.

“What the ...?” I began.

Sshhh, not so loud Steve. I don’t want to wake anyone else.” I recognised Rory’s voice. “I just wanted to see you again after last night. You’re my first adult man. And watching you fuck with Markie like that – well, that was just amazing. I couldn’t believe it. It made me so horny I came all over the carpet.”

My mind began to recall the scene of a few hours before. Markie was insistent that I should be the first person to penetrate him, and I’d got completely carried away fucking his tight, smooth boy ass. Rory had been watching us. We were all three naked on Mark’s bed and very aroused.

Rory pulled the cover back over us as we lay squashed up together in the narrow bed. “I hope you don’t mind Steve. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I just needed to touch you again.” His hand rested on my side and he started to move it downwards. “Oh – you’re not wearing anything in bed,” he exclaimed quietly.

“No, I always sleep like this,” I replied.

“Oh, that’s so hot. I normally wear these shorts. But now I want to take them off.” There was a movement in the bed as he struggled out of them. I felt his legs and abdomen pressing in against me, together with pressure from something that could only be his cock. “Can I touch you again, please?”

I tried to roll onto my back. “We can’t do anything here. You’re supposed to be upstairs. And I don’t want anyone to find you here with me. It would cause no end of trouble.”

“I know. They won’t. I’ll be very quiet.” His hand had moved down into my groin. “Oh, you feel so good and manly, Steve. I really want to explore you.” His hand was grasping my shaft and I could feel the blood pumping back into it again. As I reached a full erection, Rory sat up again, swung his legs off the bed, turned around and went down on me with his mouth. I wasn’t expecting it, so I let out a groan. His hand quickly moved up to cover my mouth and silence me. He was gripping me with his lips as his mouth started to slide up and down me.

I reached out towards him as he bent over me and encountered his own tumescence. His cut helmet was pointing urgently forward towards me, his balls hanging lose and heavy beneath. I could feel the dark hair that covered his groin. “Do you want to climb above me on the bed Rory?” I asked. “Do you know what the 69-position is?”

He lifted his head briefly off my cock. “Yes, I know.” Almost without missing a stroke, he got back on the bed facing the other direction. He straddled my shoulders with his knees and held himself in a doggy-position with his arms. His heavy cock and balls were in my face. I took hold of his mature boy cock with my hand and pushed him into my mouth. His exposed helmet almost filled me. I used my tongue, lips and hands to raise his heat.

Meanwhile, at the other end, I could sense he was taking me deep. His lips were a long way down my shaft as my cockhead was held somewhere in his throat. The sensations were exquisite and hot. I pulled my head back briefly. “Where did you learn to suck like that?” I asked.

“I’ve had some practice,” he joked quietly, “There are a few boys at school that like me doing this to them.”

“Well, you certainly give good head.” I went back to work on him, in an effort to copy his efforts. After a while I pushed his hips forward, knowing that he was mainly an ass-boy. I ran my hands all over his firm, muscled buttocks. He was developing a more adult physique. I held his balls whilst running the edge of my hand up and down his crease. He groaned in pleasure from the other end of the bed. I let my finger run along him as his cheeks began to relax. Finally, I wet my finger and pushed on his secret entrance to gain admittance. It was as though the muscles knew what was happening because they opened in almost no time. I pushed in and started to slowly finger fuck him as he held position above me.

In the circumstances of the quiet house, with people sleeping all around us, there was little more we could do. I didn’t want to risk the uncontrolled sounds of an orgasm. Much though I would have like to cum into his mouth, I decided it was best that we should end what we were doing after a couple more minutes. “Rory, you know I’d love to do more – but this isn’t the time or the place. I think we should stop and you should go back upstairs to Mark’s room before anyone else wakes up.”

He was reluctant to go. I was reluctant to let him go. But I insisted. “OK, Steve,” he said eventually, “I’ll go – but this is unfinished business. I hope we get another opportunity soon to do some more.”

A few hours later and everyone was up and about. The debris from the evening party was cleared up. Jack returned home from staying with his friend down the road. I drove Rory back to his house, accompanied by Mark and Jack, so there wasn’t any opportunity to talk more privately. And by mid-afternoon, I’d said my good-byes and was setting off back to Leeds.


From: Mark Hardy
To: Steve Hardy
Date: 1 September

Hi Steve,

It was really great that you came to my birthday party. I wanted you and Rory there so much. You guys are the guys in my life! And you gave me the bestest present I could have – you know which one I mean. I was a bit scared about doing it with you. It hurt a bit but that didn’t matter. Now I know what it feels like. And I’ll never be a virgin again hehe. There were so many feelings when you did it. Now I can imagine how Rory feels when I do it with him. My bum was sore for a day or two afterwards but it’s fine now. I just can’t wait to do it again. I know it will be easier next time. So when’s that going to be?

Rory told me what happened with you in the morning. How he went down and got into your bed with you. I was mad with him for not waking me up so I could see you two together. I don’t think mum and dad guessed anything about what was going on that weekend. Maybe they realise there is something between me and Rory ‘cos we spend so much time together, but they’ve not said anything.

Rory and I got together a few more times in the holidays. I normally go over to his house because when his parents are out at work we can do whatever we want. That means I can get a lot more experience. Rory lets me do whatever I want with him. And sometimes we just lie together on the bed and do some cuddling and kissing. That’s nice too.

You met Ali right? He’s the big guy from our basketball team. You took photographs of him that I sent you. And his girlfriend is called Natalie and she came to my party. It turns out that Natalie’s Gran lives somewhere near Leeds. She and Ali are going to visit her one weekend later this month. So I thought ... how about we all come down together to Leeds – me, Rory, Ali and Natalie – that would be fun. Ali and Natalie could stay with her Gran. Rory and me could stay with you. Then you get two for the price of one! I reckon you’d like that.

I’ve been chatting with Chai on Facebook. He says he’s been spending more time with you too – like you’re becoming regular boyfriends. If we come down for the weekend he wants to meet up. That would be cool. Just like the last time, only this time with Rory as well. Can you imagine it?

What do you think? Shall we do it? I’ll let you know when Natalie has fixed up which weekend.

Love you. Miss you – especially the feel of that big bit of you.  Markie.  xxxxx


Markie was right about one thing: Chai and I had been seeing quite a bit more of each other. He regularly slept over at my place at least once a week. And I’d been back to his student residence a few times. I’d even met one or two of the other overseas students who shared his accommodation. I don’t know if they’d worked out what was going on between us but none of them seemed to object.

Chai seemed to love sex almost as much as me. He kept wanting to try different things. Before he’d always walked around the place in his shorts. Now he seemed to like stripping those off as well and letting me see his cock and ass on permanent view. That gave me plenty of opportunity to play. I would touch his shaft when we were close, or bend down to give him a lick. And he loved it when I slapped his ass playfully. I was more and more interested in slapping his butt – not too hard, but enough to make a good noise. I was discovering how much it turned me on. A couple of times we’d been sitting together on the sofa and I’d pulled him across to lie face down over my lap. Then he let me play with his ass as much as I wanted. I would smack him with my hand or push my fingers into his hole. All the time my cock would be really hard and pushing up into him.

We’d driven out one evening in my car and parked on the top deck of a multi-storey car park where we’d tried to have sex on the back seat. That wasn’t too successful as the space was too small. Another night I’d driven out into the country and parked up on the moors. I’d taken a blanket and we made love together over on the other side of the wall with the cars passing by about twenty metres away.

What I loved about Chai, apart from his smooth, brown-skinned, shaved, Asian body, was his adventurousness. When I’d first met him, he’d been shy and reserved. He still was outwardly, or if we went somewhere together in public. But when we were together more intimately, he seemed completely uninhibited. He would undress, let me touch him anywhere, and be up for all sorts of experimentation. That’s what excited me most about him. I sometimes wondered if Mark was developing something of a similar attitude. Although he was younger, he did seem to keep wanting to push the boundaries of what we were doing.


The visit of Ali and Natalie, Rory and Mark, to Leeds was finally arranged for the end of September. The gang of them were due to travel down by train on the Saturday morning and return home again on the Sunday afternoon. Mark and his friend were due to stay over at my flat. I’d phoned Ben to check that he was happy about this, and I’d asked him for the phone number of Rory’s parents because I wanted to check that he was coming away with their permission. Everyone seemed to know – though whether they quite realised all the implications was something that I doubted. I guess I was under few illusions about what was likely to happen once Mark and Rory were spending the night together in my small flat.

I went down to the station to meet them on their arrival. The four teenagers were all excited about their short trip away; they’d been joking and fooling about on the train. I sought to calm them down somewhat as we stopped in Burger King for something to eat. Mark had arranged to meet up with Chai and to introduce him to Rory. They’d fixed on some student cafe as a meeting place. Mark said he would go there first with Rory, and then later in the afternoon they would phone me to all come round to my flat for the evening. The boys picked up their bags and disappeared out of the burger bar.

I turned to Ali. “And you two are off to Natalie’s Gran’s house I understand.”

There was a pause before Ali replied. “Yes, that’s right,” and then another pause, “But ... well ... her Gran knows that I’m her boyfriend, but she’s a little uncertain about me. I guess it might be a bit of prejudice, you know? And last time we went, she wouldn’t let us stay in the same bedroom. Natalie got to sleep in her spare room and I was on the sofa. It was all a bit awkward. She was watching us very closely to make sure we behaved properly. We’ve been together for more than a year now. My mum doesn’t mind, and Natalie’s parents are fine about it. It’s just her Gran who is a bit old-fashioned.”

“I see,” I said, looking from one to the other of them, “That must be a bit awkward for you on a trip like this.”

“Yes, it can be,” Ali responded. “That’s why we wondered – I mean – we wanted to ask – whether you would do us a favour. Mark says that you live not too far away in a flat. We wanted to ask ... could we go there for an hour or two, you know, so we can be together, before we go to her Gran’s?

“Ali, let me see if I understand what you’re asking. You want to borrow my flat so that you can spend some time with your girlfriend Natalie. I’m guessing that you mean in private – and I’m assuming that you two already have a physical relationship with each other.”

“Yeah,” he confirmed, “We do. We have almost since the beginning. It’s legal, you know. At least it is now: Natalie’s old enough since her last birthday – though I’m nearly two years older than her. And her mum knows about it.”

“I see. And you want to use my place for some sex together this afternoon. But my place is really small. It’s just a studio really. The bedroom is just off the living area. It’s not very private.” In my mind, I was replaying the sight of Ali in the changing rooms, with his darker skin, firm muscles, and long cock bouncing off his thighs when Mark had called him over. Later Mark and Rory had expressed surprise about Natalie because she was so petite and small compared to Ali.

“That doesn’t matter Steve, honestly. We just want to enjoy being together on this trip.”

“I’m not too sure about leaving you alone in my flat,” I said, expressing my concern.

“It’s OK, you don’t have to leave us alone. I mean, I don’t mind you being there. If you’re like next door or something.” He stopped and looked at his girlfriend. “Actually, we’ve done it a few times when other friends have been around – like at parties and such like. Some of us are into group sex. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist – like when you saw me before. And I think we both get turned on a bit when other people are around – except her Gran of course.”

“And what about you, Natalie?” I asked, “Do you still want this with Ali, even if there isn’t much privacy?”

“Yeah, like he says, I’ve been around my other friends when they’re doing stuff together. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Well, I don’t really mind, if that’s what you want.” The prospect of being near to Ali and catching a glimpse of his ultra-long cock was getting to me. “But maybe you should see the flat first before you decide.”

They both agreed and we made our way back to my flat. I opened the front door and showed them around – the kitchen, the living area, the bedroom area to one side, and the bathroom. “Like I said, it’s really small and not very private.”

“It’s neat, man,” said Ali, “Very comfortable. Don’t need anything more. We’ll be fine here – so long as you don’t mind.”

“You go right ahead then. I’ll watch something on TV so I’m not intruding on you two.” I sat down on the sofa, leaving them free to use the half-concealed bedroom area, and flicked through some TV channels.

Ali walked across to Natalie, pulling his shirt up and off his head as he did so. I couldn’t help but look at the line of his strong, brown back and the taut curves of his jeans beneath. He leant forward to kiss with his girlfriend. He came back up and turned to me. “Thanks mate – we don’t mind what you do. We’re used to other people being around. I mean, we’re like in this relationship ‘cos we like being together but we’ve both been with other people as well. Nat likes being with older guys, don’t you babe? So if you fancy fucking with her after me, I know she’ll be well able to orgasm again. She’s good that way!”

I looked at him. “Thanks Ali, but no thanks. If you haven’t worked it out already, I’m gay and not really into females.”

“Hey, that’s cool, man. I did wonder. Like when Markie got you to take those photographs of us. I guess you and him have got something going together too and that’s why he wants to stay with you again. I’m good with that.” As he spoke, he casually undid the fastening on his jeans and stepped out of them to reveal his incredibly well-packed ribbed hipsters.

Shit – this young guy was not only hung like a stallion, he was also very relaxed about all kinds of sex.

They were standing together by the end of my bed. After some more necking together, Ali pulled Natalie’s sweater off to reveal the bra holding her small, pointed breasts. She reminded me of some of the wiry, thin Thai girls that are so numerous on the streets and bars of Bangkok. He undid the clip of her bra and it fell to the ground.

“You gonna make me hard for you then, babe?” he said to her as he pushed his hipsters down. I stared across at his long, dark meat arcing out over his equally large ball-sack. Natalie sat on the edge of the bed. It took both her hands to hold him. She lifted his half-exposed head and pushed him into her mouth. She could really only manage the head. His hands held onto her shoulders as he started to thrust himself gently into her. The movement sent muscle waves through his firm buttocks and down his thighs. He turned to look at me and grinned: “Bet you enjoy someone working on you, eh?” His shaft was extending even further as Natalie stayed on him until eventually it was pointing horizontally outwards. “Yeah, that feels fucking good, Nats. Just keep going. You’re getting me hot for you.”

I tried to turn away and focus on the TV but every few seconds I had to glance back over at them. This young man really was a stallion. There was no way that Natalie could accommodate all of that! Natalie had broken off from him to stand up and wriggle out of her skinny jeans and panties. She looked like a young girl in comparison with Ali. Ali pulled her down on top of him onto the bed where the top part of their bodies were obscured by the wardrobe screen. Natalie was lying spread-legged above him and his shaft was held between her thighs and stretching upwards. Again, I tried to go back to focus on the TV screen.

A few minutes later and the sound of their movement on the bed had me looking across again. Now Natalie was on her back and Ali was attempting to mount her. He held himself on his knees and arms whilst Natalie guided his shaft into her. I heard her moans as his fully exposed head made contact with her vaginal entrance and started to push into her. I stared as he held himself in position and began to slowly push himself up and down on her. She was writhing and groaning on the bed. I reckoned that only about one-third of his massive length was able to penetrate her – but it seemed to be enough. Despite his strength, he was remarkably gentle with her, clearly wanting to avoid hurting her. It was mesmerising to watch. Even though I had no interest in girls, the sight of such a well-endowed youth performing like this was riveting.

After a time, he pulled out of her. “Turn over babe, get onto your knees – you know how I like it.” As Natalie was changing position he looked over at me. “There’s not many girls can take all of this,” he said, “That’s why I like doing it from behind – it just gives me more skin contact.” As Natalie held herself ready, spreading her legs as best she could, Ali bent his knees to lower himself and angled him shaft through her thighs and up into her.

As I alternated between watching and not-watching, the pace increased. The sound level increased as both of them began to get lost in the heat and the excitement. Natalie began to let out some soft screams as her orgasm started to take hold. By now I was watching Ali as he thrust into her. This was less gentle as his own climax approached. I looked at his face as his muscles began to screw up. Finally, there were several slow and deliberate thrusts as he ejaculated into her before they both subsided onto the bed.

Well, that was the first time anything like that had happened in my flat, I thought!

Half-an-hour later and the two of them had cleaned up, dressed again, expressed their gratitude for my ‘hospitality’ and set off across the city to find her Gran’s house.


It was some time later when my phone rang. It was Chai. He, Mark and Rory had been exploring more of the city. Now they were asking whether this was a good time to come back to my apartment for the evening. I readily agreed and asked them to pick up some food-stuffs on the way for us to make a meal together.

Half-an-hour later and the doorbell was ringing. I let them in and Mark immediately moved to embrace me. “Hi, sexy man,” and he walked through to the bedroom to drop his bag. Chai came and gave me a kiss whilst Rory was a little more reserved. This was his first time in my flat and Mark quickly showed him round. Chai did his usual act of changing out of his jeans and into his cotton shorts – stopping short of his recent preference for wearing no shorts at all. I guess he was a little less certain of himself with Mark and Rory around.

The boys unpacked some food onto the table and we set about preparing a meal of pasta, sauce and garlic bread with a large pizza on the side. I brought out a few cans of beer which the boys enjoyed, although Chai preferred fruit juice. There was lots of excited talk about where the boys had been and what they’d seen in the afternoon. It seemed that Chai had given them a tour of the university including the student union building and the sports facilities. Rory was talking about his choices for university applications.

Afterwards we were all sitting on the sofa, or leaning against it. Several hands were casually touching or holding neighbouring knees or thighs. The atmosphere was strangely awkward as no-one seemed to know quite how to make the next step happen.

“I know,” said Mark suddenly, “How about we all play a game together?”

“Like what?” Rory asked.

“Um ... have you got some cards Steve?” I nodded. “Then how about we all four play Strip Poker?”

“Strip Poker? I don’t know that,” said Chai.

“Oh, it’s simple really,” answered Mark. “We deal out the cards between us and you have to win tricks. The person who loses each game has to take off one of their clothes – like their shirt or their socks or their jeans. When you’re naked, you have to drop out and then the game continues with those who are left.”

“But that’s not fair. I don’t know how to play – and I’m wearing hardly any clothes to begin with.”

“Oh, that doesn’t really matter. I’ll teach you and help you. Anyway, we all want to get naked don’t we? I do. And this just makes it more fun.”

After a bit more explanation, I fetched the cards and Mark took charge of the game. The first few rounds were played fairly seriously with everyone trying not to lose. Mark did help Chai who managed to keep everything on except his shirt. I lost my socks and shirt but was still decently covered. Rory had to remove only his socks – although we wanted to count his watch as an item of clothing as well. But Markie was playing recklessly and was already down to his briefs. Everyone was looking across at him to check out his bulge.

The game started to get a lot more silly as one or two people started to lose games deliberately. Before long, Mark was entirely naked, jumping around the room to show himself off to everyone. His game was over and he tried to help Chai instead. I was down to my boxers. Chai was wearing his shorts. And Rory had managed to retain his shirt, trousers and underwear.

Chai lost the next game and Mark delighted in telling him that he needed to remove his shorts now. He stood up and quietly complied to join Mark in the buff. Rory looked across at him open-mouthed as he noticed the slender youth was entirely smooth-shaved. Mark explained: “Yeah, Chai likes to shave and keep his skin really smooth. Steve likes it that way, don’t you?” As he spoke, Mark reached out his hand to take hold of Chai. Chai responded by pulling Mark into him.

Rory and I continued the game for a short time but really we were too distracted by the sight of the two naked lads already fooling around with each other. I engineered it so that I lost a game and had to remove my underwear. I noticed Rory looking directly at my genitals with desire. When Mark realised that Rory was the only one with any clothes left, he jumped on his friend. “Come on, let’s get these off him!” he shouted and we all piled in to assist. Before very long, we were all in our birthday suits and at least one of us – Rory – was already very aroused.

At this point the door buzzer sounded. I was hardly expecting anyone – and certainly not ready to let anyone in to the flat with four of us in a state of undress. I tried to stop him but Mark rushed to the intercom phone to see who it was. It turned out to be Ali, on his own, who’d made his way back to my flat. I could overhear his voice from the handset.

“Hi Mark,” he was saying, “Can I come in? We’ve been over to Natalie’s Gran but she’s acting a bit strange and doesn’t seem to want me staying the night. She’s decided to stay there anyway, but I was wondering if I could kip on the floor with you guys?”

“Yeah, maybe – I’ll ask Steve – but you might find it a bit awkward or embarrassing. Rory and me are here, and Steve’s here with his boyfriend Chai, and ... well ... it’s just getting to the interesting stage, if you know what I mean.”

“Not sure that I do,” I heard Ali say, “but Natalie and I were there this afternoon and Steve seemed fine about us being there together.”

I looked around the others and then nodded at Mark. “OK, he can come up if he wants – but this might get very interesting quite quickly.”

Mark buzzed him up. He opened the front door of the flat to let him in, standing behind the door to stay out of sight from anyone outside. As Ali entered, I looked at his face as first a look of shock and then a grin spread across it. “Oh – like that is it with you guys? Well, I knew about young Rory here , and Steve told me he was gay this afternoon. But I didn’t know about you Markie – you’ve been keeping that a secret. Maybe I should have guessed from the way you were getting Steve to take those photographs.”

I saw Rory trying to cover himself. Mark and Chai were both trying to act unconcerned.

“Why don’t you grab yourself a beer, Ali?” I suggested.

“Yeah, don’t mind if I do. Thanks. And don’t mind me, you guys – just do whatever you want. Nats and I have been to some pretty open scenes before, so you’re not going to surprise me. In fact, if she was here, she’d probably jump right in there with you as well.” He helped himself to a can of beer from the kitchen area.

Chai led Mark into the bedroom area and before long Mark was lying on top of him deep kissing whilst Chai played with his smooth butt. I grabbed hold of Rory and pulled him into me. He was very intent on playing with my cock and before long, he’d dropped to his knees to take me into his mouth. I held onto his head as he started to work up and down on me, and I felt my cockhead slip into the top of his throat. This lad really was a good cock-sucker.

Ali gave my ass a slap as he walked past me back to the sofa. I looked at his and he gave me a wry grin, as if to say: ‘You were watching me and Nats this afternoon; now I’m watching you with all these boys’. What he actually said was, “Do you mind if I smoke a roll-up joint?”

Rory was getting me all worked up. I looked down at him and saw that he was already leaking pre-cum. I pulled him up and pushed him towards the bed. He stopped me at the edge. “I really want you to try fucking my bum this time, Steve. I’m not sure if I can manage you but I really want to try.

I grabbed a pile of condoms, some lube and some tissues from the bedside cabinet and put them beside the bed. I reckoned we might be using a few this evening. I pushed Rory down on the bed and started running my face and lips down his body from his face, over his chest and nipples to his belly and his genitals. He was moaning and writhing as I worked on him. I pushed his legs up in the air to get at his muscled backside. I moved my face in to lick his ball-sack and then worked downwards into the musky smell of his lightly-haired ass-crack. I was in heaven! I began licking along his crack, letting my tongue dwell for longer on the entrance to his ass. He was pulling his legs back towards his chest to expose himself even more. I spread some lube on my fingers, wiped it along his crack and then started to press with my finger into him. He opened up quite readily and I found myself finger-fucking the lad as he groaned more loudly.

He wasn’t the only one making a noise. I looked across the bed and saw Chai spread-eagled on his front, smiling at me. Markie was kneeling between his spread thighs. As I watched, his face went down into Chai’s ass and he started to moan in pleasure.

I managed to get a second finger and then a third in Rory. I reached down for a condom and unwrapped it, preparing to slide it over my rigid length. There was a movement behind me and I turned round to see Ali watching the action on the bed from beside the wardrobe. He was naked, his long member once again hanging out over his large dark balls.

“Hey man,” he said slowly, “What I say is – if you can’t beat them, join them. You guys don’t mind if I watch do you?”

Mark looked up. “Jesus, Ali, you’ve got such a big piece of meat. It’s kind of scary to see something so big. You would really hurt me if you used that on me.”

Rory looked sideways at him and I could see the desire in his eyes at the sight of such a manhood.

“Well, some girls and lots of guys like a big one. I guess it must satisfy them.” As he spoke, he was touching himself and I could see him becoming engorged and rising slowly. “Nats likes to feel the solid strength of it, even though she can’t take much of it in ‘cos she’s quite small. Not many women can take all of me. But that Mr Jones, our basketball coach, he likes to have a play with it sometimes.”

“What?” Markie said, interrupting his work on Chai’s ass.

“”Yeah, he likes to work on a big cock sometimes. He gives good head too. Didn’t you know he likes us boys? I guess that’s why he’s always trying to touch one of us, and why he hangs around the changing rooms and the showers. I quite enjoy teasing him when I’m walking around in the nude. I know he gets excited by it.”

“Oh shit,” said Rory from beneath me, “You mean that Jonesey has been looking at me when I’m getting showered and changed. I don’t know what I’d do if he came onto me. Shit, this is all getting so hot. I’m going to shoot a big load in a minute.” He was already stroking himself. “Come on Steve – try putting yourself inside me. I need a cock inside me.” As he spoke, his arm was involuntarily reaching out towards Ali.

I slipped the condom on myself and quickly spread a liberal amount of lube along my length. I reckoned Rory might not be so easy to penetrate but I was definitely wanting to try and get into his ass. I pushed back on the underside of his thighs and let my sheathed cock-head rest against his entrance. Then I began to exert some pressure. I felt his resistance so I pushed a little harder. Suddenly his muscle relaxed and I was inside. He gasped in both pain and pleasure.

Rory had screwed up his eyes as I entered him. Ali moved round the bed towards his head. When Rory opened his eyes again, Ali was just above him. “Do you want some more cock then?” he asked provocatively.

Rory pushed his head backwards and opened his mouth until he could touch the end of Ali’s long penis. The youth let his shaft slip into Rory’s mouth. Rory closed his lips around it and started to lick him.

Across the bed, Chai was shifting position to give Markie even greater access. The boy had asked me for a condom and was now lining himself up behind Chai. Clearly he was a fast learner! I already knew just how much Chai enjoyed being pleasured in this way. There was a hot raw energy in the room as Rory was being fucked by me in his ass and by Ali in his mouth, whilst Mark was mounting Chai from behind. I felt myself getting into a strong rhythm. Despite Rory’s anxieties about accommodating me, he was definitely enjoying himself. He was using his fist to grab hold of himself and jerk his cock as much as he could with his legs bent double and a large brown shaft filling his mouth. His excitement was mounting and I wasn’t too surprised when the combined efforts of myself at one end, Ali at the other, and his own fist led to him ejaculating a stream of sticky cum all over his own chest. As he slowed down from his own high, I relaxed my pace and a few moments later felt myself slipping out of his ass.

I handed Rory some tissues and moved away to give him some recovery time. Ali too stood back and went around to Chai’s head, perhaps in the hope of getting sucked off by another mouth. I moved around to stand behind Mark from where I could play with his chest and his ass-cheeks as he continued to fuck his way into Chai. Mark pulled Chai further to the edge of the bed so that he was more bent over. Mark spread his own legs further as he stood in position, and I let my own still-hard cock push through between his thighs until I could feel both Mark’s balls and Chai’s ass.

Mark turned around and grinned at me. “Try a three-some then – I’ve never done that,” he urged. I was too far gone to think any more about it. I grabbed for another condom. I was still hard and in need of a climax myself. I took hold of Mark’s hips and briefly stopped him from pushing into Chai beneath him. Mark’s ass was already wet. I pushed my finger into him, found that he was ready and accommodating, and then replaced the finger with my own shaft. He stood still as I slowly eased my way in. There was little resistance this time. I felt myself burying my cock in the boy’s slim, smooth butt. “Oh, fuck, yes,” was all I could manage to say. As he got used to the sense of fullness in his ass, Mark began to move his hips again, simultaneously sliding forward into Chai and off me, and then pulling back from Chai and deeper onto me. I tried to hold his hips steady to keep in position but I didn’t need to do much else. It was like he was a natural at being in the middle. Ali meanwhile was kneeling on the bed close to Chai’s head. His cock was now at full extension, projecting out from his body. Both Mark and I could stare down at the size of the youth’s manhood. He was holding it in one fist, with over half the length extending beyond his fist and the wet glans glistening in the bedroom light. His eyes were closed as he put on a display of slow stroking.

I could sense that with so much going on, Mark was approaching his climax. His pace was varying from fast to slow and then back to fast again. I used one hand to pay extra attention to his chest and to help keep him upright. I didn’t have to do much myself to maintain the heat in his ass. He started to cry out as I felt the muscle spasms in his butt that signalled the eruption of his cum into Chai. I’d wondered whether I would climax at the same time but my body had other ideas about saving it for later. I held myself in position inside him until his energy was spent and he wanted to subside. As he withdrew from Chai, I felt myself sliding out of Mark.

The first hour of our evening together had been hot. Rory, Mark and Chai needed a little recovery time and went off to the shower to clean each other up. Meanwhile Ali got to lay on the bed with me. I was keen to see if I could take his massive cock in my own mouth, but he was so big I was only partially successful. The cleaned-up boys rejoined us on the bed and we lay and cuddled and kissed and touched for some time.

Then – surprise, surprise – the boys re-started the action again. I don’t recall all the combinations that were experimented with that night. I do remember a long and sensual fuck session with Chai that led to both of us cuming. I remember Mark lying motionless on the bed whilst all the rest of us played with and teased his body at the same time. And I’m sure that later Mark gave his friend Rory another fucking. Meanwhile Ali was just wandering between us, showing off his body, getting himself sucked off and very occasionally giving his mouth to another body. I half-wondered whether anyone would ask to get penetrated by him, but I think most guys were just too scared of such a monster.

It was a long and memorable night. I don’t think I’d ever experienced something like that before. The bed felt pretty crowded with five of us lying, kneeling and standing on or around it. Closer to midnight there was some sleep, but with lots of hands and touch each time someone moved or turned over. As energies and arousals returned, another pairing would quietly start up again, trying not to disturb those who were sleeping. No-one got too much sleep,

Ali was the first one to rise in the morning. He called to Natalie to see how his girlfriend had spent the night. He was remarkably reticent about what we’d all be up to in the flat. Natalie arranged to make her way over to the flat by late-morning. Gradually, the other boys woke up, got showered and started looking for a few clothes. I opened all the windows to get some fresh air through the room. I asked the boys to strip and remake the bed and to tidy up as much as they could before Natalie arrived. It was time to make some coffee and some brunch.


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