My Nephew Mark – Chapter 9 - Epilogue


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These were an exciting few months. I ‘discovered’ my nephew Mark just in the period when he was awakening to his own sexuality. From our early camping trip and occasional wanks together, we had gradually developed into an intimate relationship. Looking back on it all, I’d fantasised about him so often. He’d featured in so many of my dreams and my solo wanks. Then I’d met Chai and his smooth, slim, youthful body – and his sense of adventurous play – had excited me so much whenever we got together. Through these two boys I’d been able to recognise and explore my desire for teen boys. Someone taught me that this was ‘ephebiphilia’. Whatever that was, I loved it!

Throughout the following year my relationship with Chai continued to develop. He slept over at my apartment every couple of weekends. We usually met once or twice each week. We even went on holiday together to Scotland for a week. It was a time when the boundaries between us got pushed and extended more and more. He loved being fucked. And it always excited me to oblige him and watch my own hardness slide in and out of his slender, smooth ass. I’d already discovered that he liked a bit of slapping; the smack sound of a hand against a boy’s buttock has always been a turn-on for me. We’d experimented with more ‘risqué’ locations – enjoying sex on the balcony, in the car, in the park, and – when we were in Scotland – on beaches and hillsides. To all this, he now introduced a degree of ‘submissive’ behaviour. This was quite unusual in my experience of Asian guys, but Chai was well up for it. He loved being stripped of his clothes and spending the day naked in the apartment. Then one day he brought some cord with him when he visited and asked me to restrain his hands. He asked me to strip him as usual and then tie his arms to the bed with his legs spread and his butt upwards. He wanted me to enter him as and when I felt like it, without necessarily cuming each time. Just the sight of his naked ass, ready and waiting for my attention, was sufficient to keep me aroused. I found myself entering him several times over the period of an hour or two until finally I could hold out no longer and filled him with my juice. I’d always regarded such behaviour as somehow controlling and abusive, but watching the pleasure it gave to Chai convinced me that – with a willing partner – it could also be incredibly arousing and enjoyable for both participants.

At the same time, I was continuing to see my nephew Mark. He’d told his parents that he thought he was gay and attracted to other boys. He went on to tell them that he’d started a relationship with his friend Rory from school. My brother and his wife may have guessed that the time he’d spent with me may have had some influence on Mark’s growing up, but they never blamed me or criticised me for this. On the couple of occasions that we did talk about this together, they seemed relieved that I’d been able to provide some kind of positive role model of a gay man to their son! I don’t think that either Mark or I mentioned that anything had actually happened between us. They’d got to know Rory through the school connection and sports teams and they seemed very comfortable about his presence. Rory was welcome to stay over at their home and share a bedroom with Mark. And they continued to be happy for Mark to spend time with me.

Mark would take the train to Leeds two or three times each term, usually for a weekend or at half-term. He would stay over at my apartment, sharing my bed, and we’d enjoy a wonderful uncle/nephew time together. Mark was becoming increasingly confident and assertive about what he wanted. He too wanted to experiment – though not quite in the same ways as Chai liked to do.

From an adolescent boy to a maturing youth, I was able to watch – and experience – Mark as he grew and developed over an eighteen month period from our first tentative encounters. I looked back on our first ‘fumblings’ – in the bedroom of his home and on our camping expedition in the hills – with fond memories. Little did either of us know how these first tentative steps were to develop. With each weekend visit to me, Mark had grown and developed a little more. From the slender pubescent boy, his body was filling out in shape and musculature. His beautiful ass became more rounded, more firm, and even more attractive. His face developed a more angular and defined structure. He grew more hair – on his legs and under his arms. But the transition that I watched with most interest took place in his genitals. Gone was the boy who was afraid to pull back his foreskin because it was so tight. Instead, here was a boy who revelled in the touch and pleasure of his cock – in all its states of arousal. When first I saw him naked, he had a thin patch of light pubic hair. Over the succeeding year, this grew – in length, in coverage, in thickness and in darkness – until he had a boy’s full pubic covering. Then, on one weekend visit, he delighted in showing me that he’d shaved it all off and was once again completely hairless. He did this in the presence of Chai who had always shaved himself down there. Both boys knew that I really enjoyed the sight of a hairless or shaved crotch. From wanting to grow his pubes in order to demonstrate his maturity, now Mark was exposing himself without any hair again. The result was amazing. His cock was developing into that of a strong and virile teenager: it had lengthened a little but also really filled out in thickness; his balls were larger and hanging in a perfect sack beneath his cock. The absence of hair only served to focus attention on his genitals and to emphasise the potent power and masculinity of his assets.

I asked both boys to stand next to each other in the nude so I could fully compare them. Chai’s body was slightly older and more developed; he was slimmer from shoulders to waist; his cut cock was longer and more slender. Mark on the other hand could boast a boy’s developing body and an uncut cock that now hung out over his balls with a thickness and firmness that belied his age. As I watched the two of them standing there in my living area, Chai looked down and across at Mark, and his cock began to rise. It took just a few moments for him to reach half-height. His hand reached down to hold Mark’s thickness and my nephew instantly responded to the touch. As both boys became erect, they turned towards each other. Their mouths came together, their hands pulled each other’s buttocks into a tight embrace. Their cocks were pressed together. Two perfect specimens of horny boys locked in desire for each other.

I sat on the sofa and watched the two boys lose themselves in each other. I unzipped my jeans to release my own cock for some self-pleasuring. Chai looked across at me briefly and smiled.  A couple of minutes later, he’d turned himself around to offer his back and his butt to Mark. The invitation was clear and Mark didn’t hesitate to respond. He pushed Chai forwards and bent him over across the back of the sofa. He used his fingers to lubricate and open up the older boy. Then he lined his engorged helmet up against Chai entrance and pushed himself in. I watched as Mark filled the rear entrance of the older boy with his tool. With no pubic hair any more, I could see the whole of his thickened shaft slide up into him. By now, Mark had developed strong self-control and was able to ‘edge’ and restrain his own orgasm. The sight was immensely arousing. I pushed my jeans and underwear down and off my legs to give myself more freedom. Mark looked over Chai’s shoulder at me and nodded. It was an unspoken invitation to join the scene and the action. I stood up and moved around behind both boys. Mark pushed out his firm ass towards me. I let my firmness push through between his legs, reminding myself of the sensations that this boy could give me. I looked down at his crack and let my fingers run up and down his join, tickling his entrance as I passed over it. I sensed the relaxation in his own muscles as he continued to thrust into Chai in a slow and steady rhythm. I pushed my fingers into him, pressing against his young prostate and fingering along the length of his internal canal. I knew what he wanted. After a few minutes of opening him, I pulled my fingers out and lined up my own shaft. Entering the boy never ceased to excite me. By now I had so many photographs and video-clips of us engaging in sex together that often fuelled my solo nights. But nothing compared with the real thing – that moment of pushing my tumescence deep into my nephew’s sweet, smooth ass. And so it was this time. He held his breath as my large helmet pushed against and through his muscle ring. Then after a few deep breaths, he led me slide deep into him. He held himself still whilst I penetrated him. Once I was all the way home, and using my hands to feel around him and excite his nipples, he resumed his steady fucking of Chai’s ass beneath him. He was the only one who needed to move. Chai could take the steady thrusting from above whilst each of Mark’s thrusts resulted in me sliding in or out of him. I moved my hands to his hips to enable me to give him a little extra thrust. By now I knew just how he liked it, so I developed some rotational moves to stimulate every part of him. The resulting climax was inevitable for all three of us. My load shot deep into Mark; Chai fired another big load all over the back of my sofa and the floor beneath; and Mark held himself off until he could give a few final deep thrusts to unload himself deep within Chai.

It was the first afternoon of another memorable weekend together.


Throughout the year, I got together regularly with Chai and periodically with Mark. Sometimes Mark would arrive with Rory, his friend and boyfriend, and we would enjoy a three-way or four-way evening. But mostly Mark preferred to come to me without Rory, perhaps because he simply enjoyed our ‘special time’ together. He would ask me questions that became more adult and more daring as the year unfolded. Despite the age difference and familial relationship, it increasingly became a friendship of equals. I loved every minute of it!

Once, when I was visiting my brother and Mark’s family, I got to meet Ali again (without Natalie). He asked politely about how I was doing and referred to the ‘orgy’ night that he’d spent with all of us in Leeds. I discovered later that he was still regularly ‘servicing’ the team’s basketball coach after their weekly sessions and games. I also learned that on one occasion, Mark and Rory had stayed behind to help clear up after a coaching session and that the two younger boys had engaged in sex together in the changing rooms, whilst the coach had watched them in a state of mounting excitement until Ali had joined them and fucked the coach again with his massive tool.


By the following summer, after almost a year-and-a-half of this developing relationship with a sexually maturing Mark, the circumstances for all of us were beginning to change.

Mark was growing up fast. He had another year or two to do at school before deciding on his future.

Rory was in an older class at school and had already applied for university and been accepted at – of all places – Leeds University. I wasn’t sure how much of this was due to his contact with me, but he was determined to come to study in Leeds. It meant he would still be relatively close to home, and to Mark whom he now regarded as his regular boyfriend – although he was still occasionally involved with me, with Chai, and who knows who else.

Chai had another year of studies of his own in Leeds. He’d decided to return to Thailand for the summer and visit his family.

And me? Well after two years living back in England, the wander-bug had returned. I wanted to travel again. I missed the heat and excitement of living in Asia. I’d handed in my notice to the school where I was teaching in Leeds and decided that I was going to return to Thailand for a time. I would fly out to Bangkok at the beginning of the summer and pick up on life again there. I could almost certainly get a job teaching English with all my experience, and I had enough contacts to help me get re-established.

When I announced this decision to everyone, all sorts of other cogs and wheels fell into place. Rory asked me what I was going to do with my studio apartment. When I told him that I would probably rent it out again, he asked if he could stay there and take on the lease. He offered to pay me a reasonable rent. I thought about this briefly, and since he already knew how the flat worked and had stayed there several times, it seemed more sensible to rent it to someone that I knew and trusted than go through the hassle of letting agents and strangers. I told him that I would be delighted if he took on the flat. He then mentioned that he might want to share ... and that he’d already talked with Chai about the two of them living together. Chai had one more year or studies to complete, and since the two of them got on so well, this seemed like a really practical suggestion. It also meant that if I didn’t settle down in Thailand and needed to come back in a few months, we could probably work something out together. So I was to leave for Thailand and Rory and Chai would take on my apartment.

Chai then said that if we were both going to be in Thailand at the same time over the summer, he hoped we could spend more time together after he’d visited his family. Tantalisingly, he also hinted that his younger brother might be around for some of the time and that I “might enjoy meeting up with his brother as well.” He wasn’t prepared to say more, but I guessed at the direction he was hinting at.

And finally, not to be left out of these changing plans, Mark asked me whether he could come and stay with me for a few weeks in the holidays in Bangkok. He was excited at the prospect of his first extended holiday on his own – and at the chance of exploring a new and exotic location. I wondered what his parents would say at this suggestion but they seemed to take it in their stride. They must have known that with their son’s emerging sexuality, he was embarking on an adventurous trip, but they also seemed to trust me to keep him relatively safe from too much trouble. So it had been agreed that I would leave for Bangkok when my job was finished for the summer, that Chai would come and visit after he’d spent time with his family, and that Mark would also fly out for a three week stay later in the summer.

It was both an ending and also a new beginning for all of us.


To tell you the full story of all that happened next would take a whole new book. Although I’d had boyfriends before when I’d been living in Asia, this situation was utterly different - mainly because my relationships with Chai and with Mark were already established – and because they were younger.

This is very much the epilogue to this part of my story, so perhaps one illustration of the way in which things developed will have to suffice.

I managed to re-establish myself in Bangkok pretty quickly. I spend a few days staying in a cheap hotel after I’d left England, and from there I took out a month-to-month lease on a small two-roomed apartment. In that respect, I was moving from one small living space to another. But it had a good-sized bed, a small balcony, a kitchenette, and a shower room. I started to call around my contacts from two years before. Some had moved away but many were still living in the city. We began to meet up again and I started to explore the options for picking up some kind of paid work as a tutor or teacher or language trainer.

Chai and I were in regular touch by phone and messaging app but he needed to spend more time with his family who lived in the south of the country and whom he’d not seen for more than two years. He kept promising me that he would come up to the capital soon and telling me how much he wanted to see me again.

Two or three weeks later, I made my way out to the airport to meet Mark off his international flight. It’s around 14 hours from the UK with one transit stop en route and I guessed he might be quite tired and disorientated. But he bounded out of the baggage reclaim area into the Arrivals Hall, spotted me from some distance away amongst the throngs of waiting people, and rushed up to me. He dropped his bag, gave me a huge embrace and kissed me quite publicly on the lips. Several people in our immediate vicinity looked at me with concern. Such public displays of affection are definitely uncommon in Thai culture. I took him back to the apartment in a taxi from the airport, and, as I’d expected, he quite quickly fell asleep on the bed after he’d had a shower.

Over the next few days, I showed Mark around the vibrant city, taking him to some of the best temples, showing him the markets, eating out on the streets to enjoy the local way of life, and impressing him with the shopping malls. And, of course, our sex life resumed from where we’d left off in Leeds. He was a randy and fairly insatiable teenager. He loved the heat of the city which meant that he could wear shorts and tee-shirts outdoors and next-to-nothing indoors. He seemed to need to cum twice each day. He loved sucking me off and kept insisting that I fuck him in as many different positions as possible. Public nudity is not allowed in Thailand, so swimming naked was not really an option. But if I took him into a shopping mall, he would insist on browsing the jeans and shorts and then taking me with him into the changing rooms in order to strip off and play in a near-public place.

I was beginning to wonder whether I could maintain this momentum with Mark when I received a message from Chai. He was going to arrive in the city in a couple of days’ time and hoped that he could still stay with me. When I replied and explained that he was very welcome, and that Mark was already staying with me, he said that – as previously hinted – his younger brother was also coming with him on this trip. When I asked if his brother really understood that we were all sharing one small Bangkok apartment, and that we might be living very close together, I received a very smiley reply. ‘Yes – he knows – it’s why he’s very keen to come and meet you – I think you’ll like him – a lot!’

This time we travelled out to the Southern Bus Terminal to meet Chai and his brother off the long-distance coach from the south. Chai gave me a big smile as he descended from the bus; he turned to Mark and gave him a hug. Then he introduced us to his brother. “This is Noi, my younger brother. He’s still at school and a bit younger than Mark. It’s only his second time in Bangkok.” We all turned to welcome the new youngster as he got off the bus. He had long black hair that hung around his face and accentuated his shyness. He kept his eyes lowered as he made a small gesture of greeting. The boy was slender and small – probably only around 50kgs – and with a dark skin complexion, dressed in slim jeans and a tee-shirt whilst carrying a few possessions in a backpack. Chai too had always been slim and I reckoned his brother was probably a younger version, showing how Chai would have looked a few years earlier. But the contract between Noi and Mark, if there were of a similar age, was considerable. Mark was physically maturing and filling out; Noi still looked boyish and thin.

We took a taxi back into the city and helped the new arrivals carry their bags up to the apartment. It didn’t take long to look around the small space, but neither Chai nor Noi seemed phased by the absence of space nor the one and only bed in the place. The afternoon was hot. We shared some drinks together and then Chai and his brother disappeared into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. Noi closed the door behind them. As we waited for them to re-emerge, Mark looked at me and wondered how this arrangement was going to work out between the four of us. I didn’t have any immediate answers and just had to trust that Chai knew what he was doing.

Nothing physical or intimate happened between us through the remainder of the afternoon and evening. We went out for some food together and afterwards Noi asked to be taken to a MacDonalds for some drink and ice cream. It must have been around 9.30 when we all arrived back at the apartment. There was then an awkward few moments as everyone wondered what was going to happen about the sleeping arrangements.

“I don’t know what you guys were expecting,” I began. “There is only the one bed, though it’s quite large. Mark and I have been sleeping in it together. It might be a bit crowded and we’ll have to get used to other people moving about.”

“That’s OK,” replied Chai quickly. “I’ve shared a bed with you and Mark before in Leeds. And back home with my family, Noi quite often sleeps in my bed with me. He likes the feeling of being close – don’t you?” he asked, turning to his brother. Noi nodded and smiled. “He’s not as innocent as he looks, you know,” continued Chai, “He knows all about boys being together and what goes on in bed.”

“Really?” said Mark, “Well, that could be fun then. I’m going to have a shower and then I’m up for whatever happens.” That said, he started to undress – which given how little he was wearing didn’t take long. He pulled off his shorts and underwear and started to walk towards the bathroom. Noi was staring at him open-mouthed. Maybe this was the first naked ‘farang’ that he’d seen. He seemed genuinely shocked by the size of the youth’s appendage hanging between his legs. “Are you coming to join me Chai?” asked Mark as he entered the bathroom.

“Sure – just give me a moment to get ready,” replied the older boy, quickly undressing and then joining Mark in the bathroom. I heard the sound of the shower and then some giggles as the two boys clearly began to get under the water together.

I sat on the bed and patted the sheet beside me as an invitation for Noi to join me. I tried to talk with him a little in Thai but the conversation was a little stilted and slow; he made only short answers to my questions. After a few minutes, his hand did creep out from beside him and he started to touch my leg, in a gesture that was both friendly and reassuring.

When the two boys had finished their shower, I used my hand to indicate that Noi should go next and use the bathroom. I reckoned he might prefer to do this on his own or with his brother. He took up the invitation and closed the door behind him. Chai and Mark discarded their towels and joined me on the bed. They were already touching and kissing each other in a resumption of their relationship from Leeds. I could see Mark becoming visibly aroused.

Noi emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later wrapped in a towel. Even when he took it off, he was still wearing his tight white briefs. I walked across to the bathroom and left the three boys to whatever they wanted to do together. I took a leisurely shower and cleaned my teeth. I thought about putting some clothes back on but realised this would only confuse the situation more. I walked back out to the bedroom with a towel and then hung it over the back of a chair.

All three boys were on the bed together. Noi was still in his underwear but was receiving lots of attention from Mark who was kissing and groping the boy. Noi gave every sign of enjoying the attention. Meanwhile Chai was touching and fondling Mark from behind. I stood and watched them for several moments. Eventually Chai looked up: “Are you coming to join us Steve?”

I walked two steps to the bed and climbed onto it. Chai moved aside to give me some room next to Mark and Noi. What followed was a melee of kisses, tongues, touches and gropes in which everyone became aroused. No-one made any move to disrobe Noi of his underwear, preferring to let the boy find his own time to expose himself. I suspected he was somewhat overawed by the display of older and more endowed guys around him.

Mark and Noi found themselves in a close kissing and touching embrace that Mark had clearly engineered to enable him to explore more of the newcomer. His fingers were deep inside Noi’s briefs as he felt up his backside. Chai had turned around onto all-fours and was offering me his butt to fuck for the first time in several weeks. I couldn’t resist and reached over to the bedside cabinet for some lube. I knelt up between his thighs and lined up the helmet of my engorged cock to enter him. Noi broke away from Mark and sat up to watch. He was wide-eyed at the sight of a large farang cock penetrating his slim elder brother’s ass. He reached out his hand to hold my shaft as I slide slowly in. His hand could only just reach around my girth. As he watched, Mark was busy fondling Noi’s cock inside his briefs whilst displaying his own rampant erection.

“There’s something I want to do tonight,” Mark said to me.

“What’s that?” I asked, looking across at him as I sank myself to the hilt in Chai.

“In all the time we’ve played together, I’ve never fucked you. I’ve always loved it when you’ve done it to me – from that very first time in my bedroom on my birthday last year. And I’ve fucked Chai and Rory, but I’ve never been inside you. Will you let me try it? Please?”

By now I was starting my rhythm with Chai and Noi was starting intently at the action in front of him.

“Yes,” I answered, “If you want to. I’d love to go that extra step with you Mark.”

A few minutes later we rearranged ourselves on the bed. Having broached the request I could see that Mark was eager to carry through on it quickly. I disengaged from Chai and Mark got me to lie on my back at the edge of the bed. He positioned himself between my legs and slathered some lube along his own length and into my crack. Then he lifted my legs up into the air and rested them on his shoulder. I looked up at my nephew as he prepared to enter me. There was an expression of amazement and delight right across his face. I could feel his cockhead against my ring as he prepared to enter me. Then I sensed the pressure of his thrust against my muscle and a feeling of sudden penetration as he slipped past the entrance. Mark was being assertive and taking control. He hoisted my legs further into the air and continued to push his extended cock all the way into my canal. I was filling up with the boy. This was perhaps my ultimate fantasy: to be entered and fucked by my gorgeous and cute teenage nephew. He was turning into a man with me. His shaft was thicker and stronger than I’d ever known it. I was going to get a man-sized fucking. His eyes were glazing over with the sensations throughout his groin. Chai had stepped off the bed and stood behind him, caressing Mark’s nipples with one hand and playing between his legs with the other to tug on his balls and rub into his join.

I squeezed my ass to apply some pressure on Mark’s shaft. His eyes looked down on me in response. I shuffled around on the bed to alter the angle of his penetration. He quickly got the hang of it and started to rotate his own position as well as changing the depth and pace of his penetration. “This is amazing, Steve,” he said quietly, “I can’t believe I’m doing this to you ... and you’re enjoying what I’m doing so much.”

“Keep doing it Mark – it’s great – I’m loving having you inside me like this.”

I noticed Noi kneeling beside me on the bed watching what was happening intently. I took hold of my straining cock with one hand and gently stroked myself as Mark began to push into me more forcefully.

“Do you want to do this to me?” I asked Noi. He nodded and I took hold of his hand to guide him onto me. He grasped me again and began to jerk me up and down. I looked at his briefs and saw where an extensive patch of pre-cum had leaked out of his cock making the fabric almost translucent. I reached across with my hand and started fondling his genitals as he knelt there.

Chai said something to his younger brother in Thai. The two boys looked at each other. Then Noi slowly lowered his head over me and placed his mouth over the head of my cock. A large dollop of pre-cum oozed from my helmet in response. The boy wanted to suck me off. I was in heaven!

Only one thing could enhance the situation even further. With my arm, I tried to pull Noi’s body towards me. He briefly looked up from my groin wondering what I was trying to do. I motioned what I wanted to him. He face went back down onto my shaft and sucked me deeper into his mouth. His knees started to move towards my shoulders as I lay on the bed. A few moments later I was able to lift one of his legs across my body until he was straddling me on either side of my shoulders facing down my body and towards Mark as he continued to plough my ass.

With my hands I stroked up and down Noi’s back and legs, running my hands across his briefs-enclosed slender buttocks. Then I hooked my fingers into the elastic waist of his briefs and – without any resistance – slid them down his thighs to expose his caramel-coloured, smooth, slender ass. There was an awkward manoeuvre as I managed to pull the briefs off first one leg and then the other until the boy was as naked as the rest of us.

With his knees planted so widely across my body on the bed, the crack of his slender ass was already pulled wide open and I could stare directly at this pink entrance hole. I moved my head up to sniff at him. I took hold of his hips and moved my face into his crack. I sensed the intake of breath from the boy as he felt my breath and then my lips on his most secret area. I pushed out my tongue to taste him. He almost chewed on my shaft in his mouth as he pushed his ass back into my face.

It was just one moment in a long, hot night. Mark was finally getting to fuck my ass with his thick, teenage cock. His friend Chai was fondling my nephew, two of his fingers pushed up inside his butt. Young Noi was feasting on my shaft and I was about to blast a load of hot cum into his willing mouth. And I was rimming his sweet young ass at the same time before I guessed he was going to receive more attention from one or more of us – perhaps including his first fuck ....

In the more lucid moments of that evening, and the days that followed, I remembered some of the highlights since Mark and I had first starting playing with each other. A whole new world of sexual adventure had opened up for me, as well as for these boys. I’d never thought such activity would be possible in Britain. Now here I was back in Thailand again, embarking on another new phase in my life. I felt certain that these boys would continue to be present and active with me in whatever was going to happen next. A whole new world was opening up for me. I might be the oldest guy in the group, and the teacher or mentor, but it was these youths who had taught me and shown me all the pleasures I’d recently come to experience. Life was good in every respect.


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