Copyright 2012

By The Mariner


This true erotic story is intended for ADULT readers only. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading erotic material or should you disapprove of such material, PLEASE LEAVE.



"No, Ryan, me and you," Collin replied. "Jerking off with Eddie was okay but, since I watched you jerking off, I've felt there was something different about the way I felt about other boys. When Eddie sucked my cock, something inside of me told me that I was gay and girls would never be as satisfying as making love to another boy and besides, Eddie there is only one boy that I've wanted be with,," he said, exhaling explosively and breathing rapidly for a few seconds before he continued. "Good or bad, Ryan, I think you love me the same way I love you and that is all that, I want."

My legs buckled at the knees and for a moment I thought that I might collapse but, recovering quickly, I pulled Collin up and encircling his waist with my arms, he slipped his around my neck. Pulling his satiny soft body against mine, I brushed his lips with mine and whispered, "Are you really, really sure that is what you want? Because, Collin, once we cross that line, there is seldom any going back to the way things were."

His eyes glistened for a moment and, I felt his hard cock pressing against me as he thrust his hips forward and said.

"There is nothing that will ever change how I feel."

"Let's get that shower," I whispered.



What is an older brother to do when his younger brother seduces him? Nothing except go with it and see where it leads. With Collin, it was an eye-opener. His being a novice in gay love was quickly replaced by an experienced lover. He became more and more expert in the art of male-copulation and every thrust of his magnificent shaft into my rectal passage displayed the vigor in his learning. He became equally proficient in oral-copulation as his ability to deep throat my cock was quickly mastered. Our initial experience in the shower was replaced by his mastery of fore-play. He had the ability to tease and excite me until I almost reached the point of no return only to be disappointed when he changed his tactics and we raced to the pinnicle of excitement on a different tangent.

Did, Collin stay committed to our relationship? Alas, no. During his time in college, he was unable to deny the temptations of the flesh, and he met a young man almost his equal in every way except fidelity. But, Elliott was not the only young man that he met and seduced or was seduced.

Fortunately, during this sort of coming out period, he took my advice and used protection, thereby avoiding any undue complications.

When I retired from the Navy, I took real estate courses at the local college and eventually, I went into the real-estate business and became successful in my second career.

Collin graduated college, magna cum laude, and entered law-school. After law school, he joined a firm with several offices in other cities including Philadelphia and New York City. Except for an occasional birthday or Christmas card, I seldom heard from him. Even that thin string of communication was broken on several occasions when cards were missed.

The years have passed and even though, I had several short term relationships, none were long lasting. The hope that Collin would return held sway.

We saw each other twice when our parents passed away. Except for the usual affection shown between brothers and a ribald story or two, that was the extent of our re-union.

I had almost given up the hope that we would ever get back together when, being the eldest, I was called home to handle the final disposition of our parents estate. I didn't know that Collin would be there.

When, I walked into the lawyer's office, Collin was talking with the lawyer who was involved in the probate of our parents estate. "Ryan," Collin exclaimed, rushing toward me. We embraced in what was almost a bear hug and all the while he was hugging me, he was whispering, "God, how I have missed you."

"Me too," I replied a little less furtively than he.


The meeting at the lawyers served a twofold purpose, we settled our parents estate, which we shared equally, and we reestablished the relationship that had started when he was sixteen-years old. We had a lengthy dinner after the legal business was finished and, Collin told me about everything that had transpired since he had graduated law-school and went to New York City. The relationships that failed, the many one-night rendezvous that usually left a sour taste in his mouth, no pun intended. It sounded like we had been on parallel paths that would and did lead to our returning home where it had started...Collin's basement bedroom.