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By The Mariner


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We were in the fifth week of training when, I learned there was at least one other guy that felt the way I did about other men. His name was Sheldon and, he slept two bunks down from mine in the top bunk, same as me. I knew, Sheldon but not well. He was good-looking, probably the same age as me and, he marched in my platoon two rows behind me. He was dark-haired, almost auburn, with blue eyes. In the showers, it was not difficult to see that he must have lifted weights. He had a better than average build, smoothly tapered, well muscled and, like me, he was uncircumcised.

Flaccid, the pink tip of his cock peeked out from under its foreskin. As he showered and washed himself, the length of his cock would stretch and the crown of his cock was more exposed. By comparison, he was a little larger than I was but, not by much. I had measured myself at seven inches hard, four inches soft. Like mine, Sheldon’s cock rested on his heavy balls. It wasn’t difficult to realize that Sheldon, under other circumstances, was someone that I would have liked to know better or that he felt the same. I didn’t realize how soon I would get the chance.


During the next few days, it was difficult to keep my mind on training exercises on the parade ground or in the class rooms. Sheldon kept popping into my head at the most difficult times and that didn’t help my concentration. Night’s were worst, he was sleeping less than fifteen or so feet from me.

One Wednesday evening after evening chow, I was sitting at our barracks community table with several other guys reading one of he manuals that we had been told to read in our off time. Finishing a page, I inhaled deeply and, I glanced up and saw Sheldon, with a towel around his waist and carrying his dirty clothing, heading for the wash room.

Instantly, my thoughts turned from ships armaments to the view of Sheldon’s beautifully shaped rear-end and its erotic movement as he walked down the passageway, his rubber-shower shoes slapping the heels of his feet with each pace.

Thoughts of battleship guns were replaced with my single gun and what I would like to do with its load. ’Down, Boy’ I mused to myself, squeezing the muscles of my loins tightly, attempting to control the rising feelings that just the thought of sex aroused in the depths of my groin.

Closing my book, I turned and lifted one leg over the wooden bench. Spinning smoothly, my other leg followed and I stood up with a probably foolish thought in my head…I had dirty clothes to wash.

Stowing my manual in my locker, I quickly stripped and wrapped a towel around my waist and slipped on my shower clogs. Gathering the few dirty clothes in my laundry bag, I closed and locked my locker. There were still a couple of guys sitting at the table as I passed.

Nichols, one of the guys from another platoon was standing the watch at the main barracks entrance. As I passed, he nodded and said off handedly, “doing your laundry?”

“Yeah, gotta clean up the dingle berries,” I replied, receiving a knowing grin and a nod as I walked on.

The water was running in the shower room and Milton, a guy in my platoon was finishing up at one of the scrubbing boards. He looked up and said, “damn glad that’s done…at least for now.”

Milton was a neat guy, probably the same age as me or maybe younger. He had strawberry-blond hair, broad shoulders, well-formed chest and arm muscles. His abdomen was like a washboard, rows of ridged muscle. He more than likely had been an athlete in high-school or had worked out and his efforts either way showed. He was close to my height, five foot ten inches and weight, one hundred and fifty five pounds.

Scanning the washboard, I said, “It only looks like you washed your skivvies.”

“Yeah, I do them every night after showering,” he replied, looking at what I was washing before saying, “It doesn’t look like you are washing that much,” he said as he opened the door to the heated room that was used for drying clothing.

I had barely dampened my first piece of clothing when the dryer room door re-opened and Milton stepped back into the washing room.

“Damn, Milton, that didn’t take long,” I exclaimed, glancing at the exquisite sheen of his well muscled torso from the perspiration created by only the short time he had been in the room.

“Yeah,” he replied, shaking his head slightly. “Sheldon was using the back wires for his stuff but, I only needed a little space on one of the front wires for my skivvies.”

“Sheldon is still in there?” I asked, feeling a surge in my loins and continuing to rapidly scrubbing my skivvies.

“Yeah and by the time he is finished, he‘ll need another shower,” Milton said as he passed me but not before I had quickly glanced at the bulge hidden by his towel.

“I guess he had a lot of stuff to wash,” I said, musing as to what might be hidden by the towel as Milton passed.


Quickly finishing my wash and squeezing as much water as I could from the clothing, I gathered them and, looking about me, I opened the dryer room. The air was warm and dry and except for only a little space, the front two wires were full. Milton had said that Sheldon was hanging his clothes on the back wires, so, I leaned down to look under the low hanging sheets and towels. I could see Sheldon’s legs and from the stance, it looked like he was leaning against the wall. Moving under the low hanging clothes to get closer, I detected a soft slapping noise and a low moan.

“He’s jerking off,” I mused to myself, my cock starting to stiffen.

Moving closer to the wall that Sheldon was leaning against, I pulled the large mattress cover back as quietly as I could. He must have been deeply engrossed in pleasuring himself when I pulled aside the last barrier between us.