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By The Mariner


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Quickly finishing washing my skivvies, I gathered the pieces and glanced around the washroom. Opening the dryer-room door, the air was warm and dry. Except for only a little space, the front two wires were full.

Milton had said that Sheldon was hanging his clothes on the back wires, so, I leaned down to look under the low hanging mattress-covers and towels. I could see Sheldon's legs and from the sideways stance, it looked like he was leaning against the wall. Moving closer to the wall and sliding along it, I detected a soft slapping noise and a low moan.

"He's jerking off," I mused to myself, my cock stiffening.

As quietly as possible, I pulled the large mattress cover, that separated us, back. He was so deeply engrossed in pleasuring himself that when I removed the last barrier between us, he did not notice for a moment.


Chapter #4

When, I gasped, he jumped, dropping his towel and exclaiming, "Christ, Ryan, where did you come from?"

For only a brief moment, I was mesmerized by the beauty of his engorged cock thrusting from his groin. The large base was surrounded by a thick silky bush and, his nuts hung down loosely. I dropped my towel releasing my equally engorged cock and whispered "Shhhhhhhhh, I am not going to tell anybody."

We stared at each other, our raging hard cocks thrusting from our groins as if ready to engage in battle. My breathing was heavy and it took a moment before Sheldon's widened eyes relaxed and returned to normal.

"You scared the shit out of me," he said, still nervous.

"I'm sorry but, I knew you would be in here and, I just had to follow," I said just as nervously.

"And, you know if we are caught like this, we are in big trouble," he said as he wrapped his fingers around his cock.

Scared of not, it was obvious, at least to me, that he really wanted to empty his loaded nuts and seeing him naked and just as horny as me was what I had hoped for.

"Yeah," I replied, grasping my aching cock. "But, I'm just as horny as you."

Stroking my cock just as vigorously, I joined him. The sight of his hand moving rhythmically over the magnificent length of his cock was what I had envisioned when I jerked off in bed. I felt the increasing tingling feeling in my loins and, I knew blowing my load was only few strokes away.

Grinning impishly he moved closer and whispered, "Is this the first time for you?"

"In here it is," I said softly, noticing the movement of his hand had slackened some as he spoke. "I've been jerking off in bed."

"Me too but, while I was hanging my clothes I started to get a hard-on and I just had to do it."

Before, I could answer, Sheldon's well proportioned, muscled body tightened, his knees bent slightly and with a soft low moan, thick streams of milky white semen gushed from the aperture in the crown of his seven inch cock. The sweat of excitement and exertion was pouring off of us in rivulets. But, the sight of his thick burgeoning cock spewing creamy streams of his life's fluid from the depths of his tightening balls sent me over the wall and the pool of semen on the floor was enlarged by several thick spurts gushing from my cock-head. My cock thickened and ached from the feelings of excitement that washed over me and I saw the look of pleasure on Sheldon's face as his stream of semen slowly diminished.

We were panting heavily before our orgasms finished but, we continued the feelings when we milked the final drops remaining in the urethral canal.

Glancing around furtively as if we were not alone, Sheldon grabbed a towel off of the line and wiped up the rapidly deteriorating liquid. Wrapping clean towels around our waists, Sheldon twisted the dirty towel so as not to get any on his hands as, I exclaimed, "Damn, Sheldon, I'm sweating like a fucking pig."

"Me too, he replied," squeezing my bicep tightly and looking into my eyes and inhaling deeply he exhaled as he said, "Damn, Ryan, I wish we could do more but, gimme a minute before you leave and, I'll meet you outside, ok,"

I nodded my head and counted to one hundred before following Sheldon.


My cock was still half hard when I opened the drying-room door and, I felt remnants of my semen sort of seeping from my cock. Sheldon was rinsing our `cum' towel and when he saw me, he nodded his head in the direction of the shower-room. I glanced quickly to see of the passageway was clear before crossing at an angle to enter the, hopefully, empty room. We were in luck.

It was only a minute or so before Sheldon joined me and turned on the shower next to mine. His cock was half-hard and when he looked down and saw I was in the same condition, he softly said, "hey man, it looks like you aren't finished."

Soaping up my cock and balls, I grinned and replied, "not really but, I`m okay for now."

Soaping his torso and groin, he glanced over his shoulder and said, "shit, I am never just okay but, maybe we can do it together again... when you're ready."

The thought of jerking off with Sheldon sent a surge of excitement through me and, I inhaled deeply to suppress the feeling of my cock starting to harden again but it did no good. Switching to a cold spray, I gasped as the water struck my loins and, I heard Sheldon chuckle softly.

"Most of the time that helps me...a little."

"Yeah, me too," I replied as I turned the water off.

Drying off, our soft cocks slapped from side to side. Soft, Sheldon's cock wasn't that much larger than mine. His pubic bush was much thicker and spread over his lower abdomen with a dark hairy trail cascading downward from his navel and his balls looked like they hung about the same as mine. I didn't have as much hair as he had and very little in a trail from my navel to the bush surrounding my cock, but, I didn't feel that bad in the cock department although, I knew there were some guys a lot bigger.

I was knotting my towel around my waist, when Sheldon placed his hand on my forearm and said, "Uh, Ryan, it's not that late and we still have a couple of hours before lights out. Want to go to the canteen for a coke or an ice-cream?"

The thought putting on the undress uniform just for a couple of hours was not that inviting but, the impish look in Sheldon's eyes was.

"Sure, why not," I replied, a feeling of sudden excitement rushing through me.