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By The Mariner


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Drying off, our soft cocks swung vigorously from side to side. Soft, Sheldon’s cock wasn’t that smaller than mine. His pubic bush was much thicker and spread over his lower abdomen with a dark hairy trail cascading downward from his navel and his balls looked like they hung about the same as mine. I didn’t have as much hair as he had and very little in a trail from my navel to the bush surrounding my cock, but, I didn’t feel that bad in the cock department although, I knew there were some guys a lot bigger.

He was well-built, not bulgy. His hair was a dark brown and his eyes matched the color. I particularly enjoyed the smooth symmetry of his hard rippling torso muscles and the way his biceps flowed from shoulder through his forearms ending in his long-fingered hands. His waist was tight, small and his loins and buttocks held the form of his upperbody, all within proper proportion including his thighs and calves.

I was knotting my towel around my waist, when Sheldon placed his hand on my forearm and said, “Uh, Ryan, it’s not that late and we still have a couple of hours before lights out. Want to go to the canteen for a coke or an ice-cream?”

The thought of putting on a ill-fitting undress uniform just for a couple of hours was not that inviting but, the impish look in Sheldon’s eyes and the grin playing on his lips was.

A sudden feeling of excitement swept my feelings of uncertainty and, I said, ”sure, why not.”


Chapter #5

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sheldon opening his locker. Pulling the door open, he glanced in my direction as he dropped the towel from around his waist. His cock was partially hard.

Opening my locker and removing a pair of jockeys, I dropped my towel and turned slightly to give him a better view. I could see we were visibly excited.

It took us very little time to dress and then we were signing out at the front desk indicating that we were going to the base canteen. The guy sitting at the desk glanced at the register and then said, “don’t forget, 2200 is lights out.”

“Yes, Sir,” we replied in unison.


It was a short walk to the canteen, a large square building with entrances on all four corners and tons of windows. I had thought we were going to go inside but, Sheldon steered us to a bank of semi-sheltered snack and soft-drink machines. One of the florescent lights affixed to the ceiling of the shelter was out but, with the machine lighting, there was sufficient light to make selections.

As Sheldon dug in the pocket of his uniform tunic, I said, “I thought we were going inside.” “Nah, this is easier,” he replied as he produced several coins.

When he selected a Sprite for himself, he looked at me and, I said, “The same for me.”

After handing me my drink, Sheldon opened his drink. Removing his white cap and tucking it under his dark blue tunic, he moved around the end of the last machine into the darkness. I followed, doing the same as he had done; and, I was surprised to see how dark it was on the back wall of the canteen.

The backside of the building was windowless and there were no lights. Once my eyes became to the darkness, the outline of two double doors on the back of the building became visible. A red exit light over each door did very little other than indicate that there was a door under them. The warm autumn darkness was just as intense. The ground was level, grassy, and in the distance trees and bushes were visible. On the other side of the other side of the trees, the muffled sounds of work being done in the galley and mess Halls was discernable.

Where we were, the grass had either not grown or had been worn down where someone had left two milk crates. Sheldon squatted and glancing at me, he nodded at the other crate as he sat down.

We had not spoken that much as we walked too the canteen but, as we sat down, there was the audible sound of Sheldon exhaling and, I glanced at him.

Taking a long pull of his drink, he said, “I’ve been here a couple of times and it sort of relaxes me.”

“You have?” I queried softly, glancing a little nervously around our surroundings.

“Yeah,” Sheldon replied. “All that hollering, marching to breakfast, lunch and dinner. More marching to classes and then more marching. It gets me all tensed up and I sorta got to get away somewhere.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I can understand that but, how did you find this place?”

Glancing to one side and looking at me sort of furitively, he whispered, “last week, I was coming back from the canteen when, I smelled smoke as I was passing the machines.”

“And,’’ I said maybe a little to urgently but, Sheldon’s clandestine tone had struck a note of excitement.

As if he was teasing me, he hesitated, took a sip of his drink before continuing. “I walked on past and when I was in the shade of those bushes, I glanced back and saw three guys.”

“Smoking’s not allowed,” I exclaimed.

“We all know that, Ryan; hell, they tell us often enough but there as some guys that can’t or won’t try to quit. That’s why they were hiding and not in the barracks where they were bound to be caught.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I agreed, leaning back against the building and taking a long drink.

We sat quietly for a few minutes, drinking or soda’s. Sheldon was right, it was sort of relaxing and my initial nervousness had subsided. It sort or reminded me of when I was younger and often times, I would sit with my grandfather on the front porch of his house, overlooking his farm as the sun went down. He would tell me things about when he was a young man during the Great Depression. How hard it was trying to raise a boy, my dad, by himself and work his farm. My grandmother had passed away from the causes of diphtheria. It was a pretty bad disease back in those times.

The solitude and a feeling of nostalgia swept over me and I was feeling a little lonely when I heard Sheldon saying my name.

“Ryan, did you like what we did earlier in the dryer room?”

“Yeah,” I replied, the earlier events of us jerking off together filling my mind. “I didn’t know it was you,” I lied. “But, when I was hanging my stuff and I heard a slapping sound, I knew someone else was in the room with me. But, I didn’t know it was you or what you were doing until I looked under the hanging clothes and say your legs.”

“How did you know I was jerking off?”

“Because, you can’t hang clothes when you are leaning on the wall,” I whispered, glad to myself that it was dark or he would have seen me grinning.

“Yeah,” he replied studiously. “Hadn’t thought about that but, you scared the shit out of me when you whipped that mattress cover back.”

“I didn’t mean to,” I said, apologetically.”

“I thought I was really busted but, when you dropped your towel and started jerking on the biggest boner I’ve ever seen, I felt a lot better.”

I didn’t see Sheldon spreading his legs until his left leg pressed against my right. Glancing at him, I saw the movement of his hand over his crotch. My cock had responded to the talk about what had happened and, I pressed my leg against his receiving the response that I had hoped for.

“I bet your cock is just as hard as mine is right now,” Sheldon whispered.

Glancing around quickly and breathing in deeply, I whispered, “there is one way to find out.”

I didn’t know if Sheldon would go for it or not but, I wanted to feel another guy touching my aching cock. For a few moments, I thought he wasn’t until I felt him reposition himself and then the tentative touch of his fingers inching across my thigh.

Trying to scoot out and give him room, the crate made a scraping noise and we both froze. For what seemed an eternity we didn’t move and then, Sheldon’s fingers flattened over the thick bulge of my cock. My asshole tightened at the pressure and, I moved my right hand over his loins until I felt his thick cock. We responded, simultaneously squeezing each other’s hard cocks and a feeling of electrified ecstasy swept over me.

I was so excited that, I felt pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethral canal opening in the crown of my burgeoning cock. I heard the soft intake as Sheldon inhaled and, I was sure he was experiencing the same feelings that I was.

“Sheldon,” I whispered, “let’s move a little further along the wall in case someone want’s a smoke.”

Audibly exhaling, Sheldon said, “yeah that’s not a bad idea; at least if someone does come around the building, we can always say we were taking a piss.’

“Oh, yeah,” I chuckled softly. “That’s if they don’t see us both with a hardon.”


Moving fifteen or twenty feet further into the darkness, we sat our drinks on the ground. Both of us looked around for a full minute before turning to face each other and slowly, we still were not used to the thirteen button front of our new uniform pants, undid the buttons. The flaps dropped down and twin hard bulges encased in white cloth emerged. As if thinking the same thing, we quickly stuffed the whiteness inside our pants, allowing our cocks to sway in the autumn coolness.

Sheldon moved a little closer, I was looking around to be sure we were alone. When I felt the warmth of his fingers wrapping around my cock, the feeling was all enthralling and, I inhaled deeply, hearing Sheldon whispering, “God, you are big, Ryan, bigger then mine.”

“Let’s see,” I mewed softly, the rapture of Sheldon slowly squeezing and stroking my cock subsiding some at the sound of his voice.

Sheldon’s cock felt hot and thick as I encased it’s throbbing six or seven inch length within my fingers. I felt the slickness of pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethral opening in it’s satiny soft crown. From the feeling, my cock was probably a little larger but, I didn‘t want to tell Sheldon it was. I remembered from experiences in the school showers how guy’s felt when they were teased about being small and, I damn sure wouldn’t do that to someone else.

Squeezing tightly and leaning forward a little, I whispered, “hell, Sheldon, we are just about the same size.”

“Damn, Ryan, is all we are going to do is just stand here and squeeze each others hard on, jerk off or jerk each other off?

“That’s up to you,” I replied, responding to the slow pumping motion of his hand on my cock.

Sheldon hesitated for several moments before sliding his free hand around my waist. Pressing his hand against the small of my back, he pulled me closer. Looking around quickly, he said, “ do you want a blow-job?”

My cock jumped and the beat of my heart quickened when I heard him. ‘Damn,’ I thought, not quite sure what I should say even though I had been wanting someone to suck my cock ever since I had watched two big-cocked boys doing it in a porn film.

Finaly regaining my composue some, I said, “that’s up to you, Sheldon. Suck my nuts dry but, first, I don’t suck cock.”

“Shit,I don’t give a damn about that, man, I just want to suck that schlong or your’s,” he replied. “You can jerk me off after I eat your meat.”

Wave after wave of excitement surged over me and, almost in a swoon, I said, “go for it.”

My new-found cock-sucking friend squatted before me and slowly engulfed the throbbing eight inch length of my cock. When I felt the crown pressing against the entrance to his throat, I grasped his head with both hand as he attempted to swallow all of me. After gagging twice, he pulled off and whispered, “just fuck my face.”

Leaning over his head, I gently inserted my cock and then, started a rapidly ascending pumping motion. I was so hot, it didn’t take long until I felt the hot semen boiling in my nuts and an electrifying, almost surreal felling of pressure building in my loins. I may have swooned from the intensity of the moment but suddenly, it felt as if I had reached the cataclysmic moment that I had dreamed of and, my nuts exploded. Great thick streams of my semen filled Sheldon’s mouth and, I held his head tightly trying to urge more of my cock into his mouth. When I heard him gag, I quickly released his head and exhaled explosive. Feelings of utter ecstasy flowed through every sinew of my body and, I leaned back against the building, my spent cock spilling from Sheldon’s mouth.

It was a moment that I had never felt before and would probably never attain again but, I had experienced my first blow job of what I was hoping would be the first of many.

Standing side by side, Sheldon spit several times before saying, “Jesus, Ray, you just shot a load back in the barracks’ but, I didn’t think anyone could shoot that much junk.”

Grinning, I looked at him and said, “Horny country boys are like that, Sheldon.”

“Well, I’ve got to meet some more country boys,” he replied.

“Well…,” I replied, letting him think a bit about what he had said as, I took his still rigid cock in hand to jerk him off.


A copious amount of semen gushed from Sheldon’s burgeoning cock and for a brief moment, I was tempted to return the favor. But, having just had my first blow job, I wanted to enjoy the feeling until I finally reached that point or met the right boy.

As nice, well-built, handsome and hung as he was, Sheldon wasn’t the boy.

We only managed one further rendezvous while we were in training. As much as I wanted to feel my cock sliding down and filling his throat, it didn’t happen.

That came later from an entirely unexpected source.