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By The Mariner


This true erotic story is intended for ADULT readers only. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading erotic material or should you disapprove of such material, PLEASE LEAVE.



A copious amount of semen gushed from Sheldon’s burgeoning cock and for a brief moment, I was tempted to return the favor. But, having just had my first blow job, I wanted to enjoy the feeling until I finally reached that point or met the right boy.

As nice, well-built, handsome and hung as he was, Sheldon wasn’t the boy.

We only managed one further rendezvous while we were in training. As much as I wanted to feel my cock sliding down and filling his throat, it didn’t happen…at least no then.

That came later and from an entirely unexpected source.


Chapter #6

It was about three weeks after our first rondevous that Sheldon and I were able to arrange another in the same location. We had been teasing  each other almost daily in the showers, resulting in a late night jerk off in bed. We wanted to get together behind the canteen but the chance of getting caught more or less restrained us. Sex or no sex, I didn’t want to end my career before it was even started and Sheldon felt the same way but, we decided to chance it one more time. 

This time, we left our barracks individully instead of together.A little cloak and dagger but our second opportunity to further enjoy mutual sex was more than worth it. Jerking off could not relieve the tensions that had built up.  Sheldon sucked my cock, I jerked him off and, we did kiss a little more than before. The intensity of feeling and the excitement solidified the knowledge with me that sex with a hot man was my choice.  But, feeling that way and liking Sheldon as much as I did, I couldn't bring myself to suck his cock. There was still the hint of thinking it was not quite right even though, I enjoyed him sucking me off…immensely.

As much as I enjoyed the physical contact and the intensity of making love to Sheldon, I couldn’t bring myself to engage in the cocksucking aspect of male sex…not yet.


Even though we were unable to make further inroads in our explorations into sex, we remained close during the remainder of training. We still teased each other but that was the extent of it…teasing on a more restrained basis.

After graduation, we were given our orders to our next duty stations. We were hoping that we would be assigned to the same duty station but, Sheldon was sent to the Electricians School in Great Lakes and, I was assigned to a ship that was in Norfolk, Virgina.

The personnel office at the training center made all of our travel arrangements for us. We were given ten days leave while enroute with a couple of days travel time. Our orders had to include where we would be staying during our leave time and, I indicated my home address. It took some time before I learned how to handle travel time and personal leave allocations when I was transferred to a new duty station.

Even though Sheldon was only going a few buildings away from the barracks we had been housed in, he was also given the same leave time. I learned later that it was standard procedure to allow graduating recruits time off to visit friends and family before going to their new stations.


While we were no longer recruits, we were not quite finished with marching; we were marched to the railroad station where we would catch the train to Chicago.

The departure between Sheldon and me was almost tearful. We had learned a lot about each other, personal and physical. But, he was not going the same way as I was, his home was in Michigan.

Unfortunately, outside of letters which slowly waned, we did not see each other again. I have often thought about him but, more because, I learned from him what sex between two men was and, what two men could do for each other.


The train ride home was uneventful except for meeting a much older man in the observation car. There were several couples and a few single men enjoying drinks. I was still only eighteen and drinking not yet allowed, if it ever would be.

I was in uniform, fortunately it had been altered while in training, and it fit fairly well. The man sitting next to me, we were separated by a sort of end-table, struck up a conversation. It started out with the usual questions about being in the service, his service time during the Great War, etc, etc. Boring for the most part with little usuable information until he leaned closer and whispered, “you have pretty big feet.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, acknowledging his comment.” His reply surprised me more than the question.

“Did you know you can tell the size of a man’s cock by the size of his feet?”

“No, Sir,” I answered, unconsciously wiggling my one dangling foot at the ankle. “I’ve never heard that.”

Glancing furitively around him, he leaned a little closer, “It’s true and from the size of your feet, you must have a whopper and I bet the girls love it; don‘t they?”

I was so surprised by his being so forward that all I could do, even though I was sure he was wrong, was say, “I guess so.”

I leaned away a little from the older man although in a much lower tone of voice, while glancing around us to see if he was overheard, he continued to make nonsensical sexual comments. I admit that some of the things he said caused the tell-tale pre-erection tingling at the base of my cock but, I never achived a complete erection if that had been his intent.

I learned there were men known as ‘perverts’ and ’pedophiles’ and, they enjoyed sex with children and in ways other than physical contact with another person. These people could enjoy sex just by talking about it and create a mental fantasy that would result in ejaculation.


Meeting the man on the train, a complete stranger, was strange but, it did cause me to do one thing. I had a visual idea of the size of my cock, about six or seven inches. But. after listening to him and looking at the size of my feet, I determined to actually measure the length and girth of my cock.

It did measure to be seven inches in length and two and a half inches in girth. It did grow very little as I grew older.




The encounter with my traveling companion would not be the last of many such encounters.

Over the years and after traveling around half the world, I met men from Italy, Greece, France, Germany, England, Malta, and of course, American. Did I learn anything? Well, I am almost twenty-seven years old, had one short-lived affair while stationed in Boston, but, I’ve lost count of the men. Oh, I’ve met many that were exciting and memorable and I’ve met some that were nothing but one night-stands. We all have days when nothing seems to come down the pike.


Eventually trains would fade into the past and airlines would take their place. For instance, I was traveling from Norfolk, Va. too Washington, D.C.. I noticed a young, nice looking, red-headed man sitting in the same waiting area. He appeared to be in his twenties, was casually dressed, loose knit sweater over a blue checked shirt, khaki trousers and a pair of black penny loafers.

‘College boy,’ I silently mused to myself, noticing that he was obviously taking my measurements as I was his.

It was a chance encounter that just happens. Sometime they worked into something but, more often than not, nothing except frustration. On this occassin, while I was taking an Advanced Instructors Course in Shipboard Firefighting School in Norfolk, my ship was sent to Washington, D.C.. Orders, with an airplane ticket included, for me to report onboard in Washington, had been sent to me. I remember thinking that someone had a wicked sense of humor. The flight departed Norfolk at five-thirty in the morning and, I was to report on-board two and a half hours later at eight o’clock. When I landed, there was supposed to be a Shore Patrol booth in the main terminal that would direct me to a Navy bus that went direct to the Naval Station.

When the plane was aloft, there was an empty seat next to mine. After the pre-flight passenger check was made, he spoke to the plane hostess and then shifted to the empty seat.

He sort of ’whooshed’ as he sat down or better still he exhaled audibly. We sat for a few seconds stealing side glances at each other before he turned and flashing a brilliant smile, he said, “Hi.”

“Hi,” I replied, trying to smile just as brilliantly but at a loss for any more words. I hadn’t fully learned the art of casually meeting someone with the thought of picking them up.

“I’m Jeff,” he said softly, extending his hand and looking into my eyes.

“Ryan,” I said, as we shook hands, gazing as intently into his blue eyes.

We made small talk, mostly about our destinations. I told him I was in the Navy which didn’t seem to surprise him even though I was not in uniform. He said he worked for one of our congressmen and, he had been sent to Norfolk on business. I told him that, I was returning to my ship that was at the Washington Naval Station, Washington, D.C. to help in the Veterans Day celebrations.

While we were talking, his leg and shoulder started to press against mine, and his left hand seem to come into more contact with my hand and forearm. Every now and then, he would say something, look at me and then his eyes would drop down and he was looking at my crotch. Maybe it was the touching since he hadn’t said anything about sex. But, from the feelings that were spreading throughout me or maybe it was his physical appearance… I liked the guy and, I was having a difficult time remaining unaffected.

The flight was not that long and, he did more talking than I did as well as touching and feeling. It wasn’t until we almost in Washington, D.C. that he asked, “Do you have to go back to your ship as soon as we get in.”

“Yeah, eight o’clock,” I said.

Jeff hesitated for several minutes and then said, “Damn, that’s a bitch.”

“What is?” I asked.

“Well, I haven’t eaten and I guess maybe you haven’t and, I thought maybe we could have breakfast together at my place. It’s sort of on the way to the Naval Station but, you won’t have time since you have to report in early.”

“I guess not,” I replied.

A feeling of dejection spread over me and my cock had reached more than a semi-flaccid condition. I was creating visions in my fertile imagination about what Jeff was implying as he spoke.

The idea of maybe something happening with Jeff was suddenly erased as realization set in and, I felt the hardness of my cock starting to recede. He hadn’t spoke directly of sex but, I knew what he was saying from his actions, eye-contact in specific places and the subtleness of the hints about him being single, living alone.

Nothing else was said until the plane landed and we were unloading. As the passengers were moving off the plane, he pulled a card from his wallet and extended it to me saying, “If you are going to be here long, how about giving me a call and maybe we could get together and have some fun.”

“Sure,” I said as I took his card. “I’d like that.”

“Me too,” he said soft, winking as he stepped into the aisle.

Jeff was going through the plane’s doorway before I was able to get into the flow of passengers. In the terminal causeway, I saw his red head only a few feet ahead of me. For a moment, I thought about catching up with him but decided against it. I did see him turn to look at me and then pointing to a sign on the wall, “Men’s Room.”

Like a beacon, I saw his red head disappear into the doorway with the sign and figuring from the way he had indicated with his pointing that he wanted me to join him…he did.

The entry was a double-door with a space of maybe five-feet between the first and second door. When I passed through the second door, the door swung shut behind me and, I saw Jeff standing at a urinal to the right. His right arm was moving in the tell-tale pumping motion that any man would recognize, he was jerking off.

Moving along side, I unzipped my fly and pulled my quickly hardening cock out while glancing down to see what Jeff was displaying. A beautiful uncut, ruby crowned, maybe eight-inch shaft extended from his fly. When I saw this, I inhaled deeply and Jeff looked over at me, looking down as I was.

My cock had reached it’s full blood engorged length and, I don’t know if he was impressed or not, but, he sucked air into his lungs between his teeth. Exhaling, he moved his free hand into the space between us reaching for my cock.

Leaning back a little to give him access, I heard, “Christ, Ryan, I thought you might be big and man, I was right.”

The compliment made me feel good and the hope that he might suck me off entered my mind. But, what ever he did, I had built up a need to get my rocks off. Jeff’s fingers wrapped around my burgeoning cock and as he turned toward me, he indicated by his hand movement that he wanted me to face him.

When we were facing each other, I got a better look at his cock. It was probably close to being the same as mine with the exception that it’s coloring was not quite as the sort of tan color mine was.

He shuffled closer, hesitating when I said, “I don’t know, Jeff, it looks like we might be the same size.”

“Maybe so, but, I want to suck your’s before someone comes in,” he said as he shifted his had around to the cheeks of my ass pulling me closer as he bent down.

My cock slid into his mouth and for a brief moment, it felt like I was about to swoon from the intensity of the feeling of my cock sliding between his lips. “Oh, Jesus, Jeff, Jesus that feels good,” I moaned softly, feeling his mouth sucking my engorged cock while his fingers dug my balls out of my pants.

For several moments there was no sound except for an occasional slurping sound or a soft moan sliding from my lips. The intense waves of ecstasy were combined with the accelerating feeling of my semen boiling and slowly rising.

Jeff must have sensed my impending ejaculation. The intensity of his sucking increased and ever now and then, I felt my cock slam the back of his throat at the entrance to his esophagus and, my hips involuntarily thrust forward, the desire to fill his throat with my cock and semen almost overwhelming. But, Jeff would pull back a little each time but the intensity of the emotion was so great that my hips continued driving my cock into his mouth.

Leaning forward and down, I stroked Jeff’s hair and whispered, “I’m pretty close.”

Jeff’s sucking increased and the closer I felt to shooting my load the more pressure he put on my balls. Squeezing them gently but firmly, I felt my semen rise through the urethral canal of my thickening cock just before exploding in a volcanic burst of energy, filling Jeff’s mouth with gushing volumes of hot semen.

I heard him moaning softly as I uttered, “Jeff, Jeff, Jesus, Jeff.”

My cock pulsed several times before the intensity started to slowly subside. Jeff didn’t relent in his sucking. As if determined to drain every drop, he sucked and with his lips pressed tightly around my slowly softening cock, he drained the final pearly drops onto his tongue.

I loved the caressing feel of his lips tending to my cock but the sensitivity became so great that I had to withdraw. When my cock fell from his lips, his hand caught it. Standing, he looked at me with a look of pure pleasure, his hand holding my semi-flaccid cock. Moving a little closer he leaned his head toward mine and his lips caressed mine. Whispering softly, he said, “I wish you could stay longer.”

Touching his lips with mine, I whispered, “me too.”

The scraping of a door broke the moment and we turned quickly to face the urinals. A man with a young boy by the hand glanced in or direction before heading to one of the enclosed toilets. Jeff, grinning and winking quickly finished jerking off.

Outside the restroom, we walked together until the Shore Patrol kiosk came into view. Nodding my head in its direction, indicating that, I had to go there, he said,

“I guess this is it.”

“Only for now, I hope,” I replied, patting my pants pocket containing his card as I spoke. “I really enjoyed what just happened but, I’ve got your card and, if I can, I’ll damn sure give you a call.”

“You better,” he called over his shoulder.


Union Station is big but, I had wired my parents what train I would be on and when it would arrive. They were waiting for me with my younger sister Susan and my younger brother, Collin.

When they were looking in my direction, I waved. Mother saw me waving first and waved back. She and Dad were walking side-by-side and, I could see, Susan’s chestnut brown hair. I had thought they might bring Collin with them and for a moment I felt depressed until I heard, the sound of a health, husky voice calling, “Ryan, Ryan.”

Bursting from the slow moving melee of people a young, well-muscled boy emerged running towards me. It took me a moment before I realized it was Collin.

Hitting me like a ton of bricks and wrapping his thickly muscled arms around me, the impetus of his running into me almost boweled me over.

He was making muttering noises as he squeezed me in a vice like grip. I felt the strength of his muscles with each squeeze. I worked out and kept myself in good condition but Collin was very well built. His body felt like steel against mine and, I felt a bulge in his loin area pressing against my still partially flaccid cock.

Pulling his head back after only slightly relaxing his grip around my chest, he looked into my eyes and for a moment the words seemed to run together as he spoke, “Boy, it’s good to see you, Ryan. When Mom told us you were coming home, I didn’t think today would ever get here. How have you been?”

Collin was almost six years old when I joined the Navy. I had seen him on the short after training leave and a couple of short ones after that. He was a little past twelve when we had last seen each other and, I could seen he was on the edge of ’puberty.’ That was then but, the sixteen-year old hanging onto my arm was or should be well past knowing what puberty was.

After shaking hands with my Dad and kissing Mother and Susan, we headed for the exit into the parking lot. The use of airplanes for traveling was starting to take effect. The parking lot was only half full. Flying was great but, I preferred trains. I guess from remembering the man who had spoke to me when I was eighteen-years old stuck with me.