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By The Mariner


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Union Station is big but, I had wired my parents what train I would be on and when it would arrive. They were waiting for me with my younger sister Susan and my younger brother, Collin.

When they were looking in my direction, I waved. Mother saw me waving first and waved back. She and Dad were walking side-by-side and, I could see, Susan’s chestnut brown hair. I had thought they might bring Collin with them and for a moment I felt depressed until I heard, the sound of a health, husky voice calling, “Ryan, Ryan.”

Bursting from the slow moving melee of people a young, well-built boy in jeans and a tight pullover shirt emerged from the crowd running towards me. It took me only a moment before I realized it was Collin.

Hitting me like a ton of bricks and wrapping his thickly muscled arms around me, the impetus of his running into me almost bowled me over and I staggered for a moment.

Collin was making unintelligible muttering noises as he squeezed me in a vice like grip. I felt the strength of his arms with each squeeze. I worked out and managed to keep myself in pretty good condition and, it was obvious from the feel of his hard body against mine and the strength in his arms that, Collin was very well built. His hug kept our bodies tightly pressed together and, I felt the hardness of his body against mine as we hugged and a bulge in his loin area pressing against my still partially flaccid cock.

Pulling his head back after only slightly relaxing his grip around my chest, he looked into my eyes and for a moment the words seemed to run together as he spoke, “Boy, it’s good to see you, Ryan. When Mom told us you were coming home, I didn’t think today would ever get here. How have you been?”

I had seen Collin on the short after training leave and a couple of short leaves after that. He was a little past twelve when we had last seen each other and on my last visit, I could tell from his actions when I was dressing or undressing and his questions that he was on the edge of ’puberty.’

But, that was then and the sixteen-year old who was hugging me tightly was not a boy, he was a well-developed young man and was or should be well past knowing what puberty and its aftermath was all about.

After shaking hands with my Dad and kissing Mother and Susan, we headed for the exit into the parking lot. The use of airplanes for traveling was starting to take effect. The parking lot was only half full. Flying was great but, I preferred trains. I guess from remembering the man who had spoke to me when I was eighteen-years old stuck with me.


Chapter #7

The walk to the parking lot from the terminal took about fifteen minutes. Mom and Dad were walking to my left and Collin was hanging onto my right arm, his fingers gently squeezing my biceps. Perhaps he was doing it unconscientiously but, the feeling was creating a tingling sensation in the depths of my groin, a feeling with result that I was well acquainted with.

Susan was walking just ahead of us.

When I had saw her last, her development into an attractive young lady was unavoidable. Her long, dark chestnut hair was being done in a style more to her age and not the tastless pig-tails that most younger girls wore. Her dress no longer hid the development of her body, it’s smooth lines and rounded hips, and her breasts were very obviously on the verge of bursting into full bloom. I love her dearly but for some reason, we had never developed a strong brother-sister relationship. I was pretty sure, I knew the reason was Collin. He had been my favorite almost at his birth. When Susan was born, I was hoping for a brother but, I was disappointed. That may have been partially the problem that I didn’t become friendlier with Susan. I played with her as a baby but as we grew older, I withdrew.

Fortunately, our mother did not object and that suited me. I enjoyed playing with Collin.

Sometimes when he was still a small baby, mom would ask me to give Collin his bath. I didn‘t mind since realizing that, my interest in boy’s was manifesting itself, I enjoyed seeing him naked. Quite often when I was washing Collin, my hands would rub his very small circumcised penis and I liked the feeling of his warm penis on the skin of my hand. Several times it grew hard the more I rubbed it and Collin would laugh so loud that I threw the blanket over him just in case mom heard him and came in the room.

When, I was thirteen, my cock was a little over four-inches when it was hard but, unlike Collin, I was uncut. Once, I asked mother why Collins ‘thing’ was different than mine and she very brusquely answered that it was because it was cleaner.

Once when Collin was three-years old, I was watching and helping mom to give him a bath when the telephone rang. Shaking her hands and drying them on a towel, she told me to hold him until she returned. Sometimes when she was talking to one of her church group friends, she would be on the phone for a long time and, I was afraid, foolishly, that if Collin stayed in the water that long, he might turn into a prune. So, after finishing his bath, I moved him to a small table that mom had covered with a blanket. After, I dried his chubby, little body, I laid him in the middle of the bed and ran to the top of the steps to be sure mom was still on the telephone. When I heard her still talking, I checked to be sure that Sue was not around and, we were alone.

Collin was still laying where I had left him. Laying down beside him, I rubbed his chest and tummy and, I played with his little penis until it hardened. Collin giggled, laughed and kicked his legs but when I put my lips over his penis, he quieted down and his legs straightened out.

I sucked his almost two-inch penis and, I tongue licked it while I held it at it’s base with my lips and, I finger tickled the loose, empty scrotum flesh where his balls would be. Collin giggled and, with his little hands reached for my hair while I sucked on his penis. His little penis was just big enough to fit between my lips so I could tongue it but, I learned later that would change considerably as we both grew older.


I didn’t realize during our walk to Dad’s car that, I had been answering the usual ’arriving at home type’ questions automatically, without thought. My mind was racing from thought’s of Collin even though I knew that I shouldn’t be thinking incestuous thoughts about my brother. Fortunately, his pulling on my arm and his voice brought me to reality when I heard him hollering my name and asking, “Ryan, how long are you going to be home.”

Glancing quickly at mom and dad before answering, I said, “I’ll be home for two weeks if you guys can put up with me for that long.”

That comment brought a quick response from Mother.

“Pssh, Ryan, you know this is always your home and you can always stay as long as you like.”

Looking at Mother, I said softly, “I know Mom, I was just joshing Collin.”

“Maybe boxing his ears would be better,” Dad responded, unexpectedly.

“Oh,” I replied, playfully ruffling Collins hair as I spoke. “Have you been up to no good little brother?”

Collin’s grip on my arm loosened a little before he said, “Nah, I don’t think I have, not really. Susan gets mad when I tease her about her new boyfriend and Mom and Dad get on me be about it, that’s all.”

‘A boyfriend,’ I mused to myself but thinking at the same time that, she was old enough and knowing our mother, she had discussed the do’s and don’t’s of dating boys along with what could happen if she or any girl succumbed to the advances from boys.

“Hey, Sis,” I called out. “Are you dating now?”

“Not,” She replied in a peeved tone. “I’ve dated a couple of boys but not seriously.”

Collin opened his mouth and the friendly banter started between young brother and sister. Looking at me, Mom and Dad rolled their eyes; grinning.


Mom ‘shushed’ them several times but, the discourse between Sue and Collin continued until we reached Dad’s car. He was still driving an ancient Oldsmobile sedan. The same car he owned when I enlisted.

It could have stood a new paint job and maybe some interior work but other than that, it was in good condition. After stowing my gear in the mammoth trunk, Sue, Collin and I slid into the back seat as our parents took their place in the front.

I felt like a piece of art stuck between two bookends. The big difference was Sue sat quietly while Colling hung onto my arm as if he were afraid I would escape and, avoiding the hardness of his thigh pressing against mine was impossible.

Mom carried on a running dialogue about the family and the changes that had occurred. I could see as we drove home that some changes had been made in the town. A store where I had once worked was gone, the old drugstore was now a huge Walgreens and Kroger’s Groceries had taken over the rest of the block where Holman‘s Paint store and others had been for years. It all served to bring back memories.

Every now and then, Collin would ask a question that caught my attention and I would glance in his direction. The vantage point offered in looking at him revealed that the impressive bulge that I had felt earlier seemed to have enlarged some. I didn’t know if that signled anything or not but, the difference was notable…for then, Collin had changed physically.


When Dad turned into the driveway, I saw that new windows had been installed and a pale gray vynil siding with matching forest green trim had been installed. My first thought was that the green was a bit over the top but what the hell, it was Mom and Dad’s choice. They lived there and if they were happy with it, who was I to complain.

The still dilapidated garage still stood in the rear corner of the property, it’s roof beam sagging noticeably. Mom’s vegetable garden was still behind the house and, thick stand of pine and fir trees around the property insured privacy.

When we entered the house by the rear door, as always, it surprised me when I saw Collin heading down into the basement with my luggage. Dad saw my look of inquiry and interceded. “We did some remodeling, son. Susan was outgrowing her room, and with only one bathroom upstairs, there was just not enough room for her and Collin so, we built a room with a bath in the basement for Collin.

“We?” I asked.

Dad smiled, knowingly, as he said, “Collin helped quite a bit.”

Collin hollered, “a lot,” and Dad and I grinned at each other.


Collin and Dad had done a really good job of building a room in the basement. It was, at first glance, about fourteen by fourteen feet and there was a small bathroom.

Two twin beds with five-drawer chests were in opposite corners and there was a small night lamp and table included. There were several posters of well-known bodybuilders on the walls with a few smaller pictures taken of Collin wearing a bathing suit and showing his development as he grew older.

An open area with a ceiling to floor half-wall with an extending steel rod between the half-wall and the original basement wall was filled with shirts, jeans, jackets and miscellaneous clothing. The concrete floor was covered in a thick dark blue carpet and at the head of one of the beds was a small student desk with a chair and shaded light for studying.

Collin helped me with my unpacking and every now and then he would put a sweater, a shirt or pair of jeans on a hanger and, pushing some of his things together, he made space for the few things that, I had.

I couldn’t help but notice that each time he stretched down or up his pullover would tighten, revealing the thickness of his arm and back muscles. He had really improved his physique in only a few years.

After we had finished with the unpacking and stowing of my suitcases, Collin was showing me the weight area that he had built with Dad’s help. To avoid cracking the concrete basement floor, they had built a twelve by twelve foot by eight inch high platform. Another carpet had been stapled to the surface to further dim the clanging of the weights, which I could safely assume that, our mother had insisted on.

Collin got on his back on the bench-press bench. There was a one-hundred pound weight already in position and, with little effort, he did three quick presses. ‘Impressive,’ I thought, watching the smooth expansion of his chest, the impressive thickness of his biceps and forearms bulging as he pressed the weight and the flatness of his abdomen with a very noticeable ridge of muscles as he inhaled. Most noticeably was the bulge in his crotch as his hips lifted and then relaxed as he pumped the weight.

He, of course, dared me to match his lift and just as I was about to straddle the bench, mom called. “You two quit messing with that contraption and get cleaned up. Supper will be on the table in ten minutes.”

Recalling the accuracy of her predictions, I slid under the weight and did three reps with one added on. Collin didn’t say anything…not then. Later was to be a revelation for both of us.